Sunday, April 03, 2011

Can't Happen To Your Kids? Are You Sure?


Anonymous said...

why is rabbi pincus webberman using his connections to try and get the charges dropped in nyc on his cousion nechemya

what kind of person tries to protect a pervert

Anonymous said...

Juravel was arrested by the FBI for these crimes.

Thinking Jew said...

Halacha vs. Chumra - scouce of so much power playing and corruption today.


One year since Troppers fall 18 said...

Tablet Magazine:

"Tropper Resigns From Yeshiva: Will Monsey’s faithful ever forgive disgraced rabbi?

By Marc Tracy Feb 3, 2010

Rabbi Leib Tropper—the Monsey, New York, ultra-Orthodox conversion guru whose alleged sex scandals were broken in part by Tablet Magazine—has resigned from the Monsey yeshiva he had continued to lead even after these stories emerged, Failed Messiah reports.

The resignation is not an admission of guilt, but is likely a sign that, even within the ultra-Orthodox community—which has been extremely reluctant to condemn Tropper—his problems are not going away any time soon.

Meanwhile, the Beit Din—or formal rabbinic court—that is investigating Tropper has received threatening phone calls over the past few days (among the threats was that the caller would pray for the rabbis’ downfall).

This is not tangential to the larger story: the ultra-Orthodox establishment’s main stated justification for not yet passing judgment on Tropper is that, rabbis say, to do so before a Beit Din rules on the charges would violate Jewish law. The threats have not disrupted the court’s probe.

You can read Tablet Magazine’s four-part series on Tropper here."

One year since Troppers fall 19 said...

Tablet Magazine:

"Sex, Lies, and Audiotape: A collection of our stories on the scandal surrounding Rabbi Leib Tropper

By Tablet Magazine Jan 20, 2010

Con Game: How a New York rabbi tried to remake the rules on converting to Judaism, until a sex tape—and a family feud between his wealthy backers—brought him down

Tale of the Tapes: Orand’s dirty phone calls with the man she says is Tropper

Converted: When Shannon Orand asked Rabbi Leib Tropper to help her study to become a Jew, he asked for sexual favors in return, she says

Prodigal Son: Guma Aguiar, together with his billionaire uncle, who’s the board president at the 92nd Street Y, bankrolled a New York rabbi trying to control the standards for conversion to Judaism. Now, amid a messy family feud, he’s been committed to a mental hospital.

Among Friends: Leib Tropper spent his way into the rabbinic elite—and, even after his fall, those other rabbis are unwilling to condemn him"

American technology helps Islamofascist reactionaries said...

Fast Company:

"How American-Made Tech Helped Middle Eastern Governments Censor the Internet

By Neal Ungerleider Mar 31, 2011

A new Harvard University study details how American and Canadian companies provided Internet filtering and monitoring software to the Iranian government, Mubarak's Egypt and other repressive states. It's still going on.

Internet users in Egypt and Libya found themselves disconnected from the outside world thanks to “kill switches” that shut off network connections during civil unrest. The tech was made in the U.S.A., according to a new report.

Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society is alleging, via the OpenNet Initiative, that government censorship of the Internet in the Middle East and North Africa depends primarily on American and Canadian technology. McAfee, Netsweeper and Websense are all accused by the report of selling censorware to the governments of Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Tunisia and others.

In one case, software funded by the United States government was revealed to have been used for Internet censorship. According to the Berkman Center, Syrian ISPs Inet, Teranet, and Zad all use the popular Squid software to block users from viewing politically sensitive and pornographic websites. Squid is designed as a web caching aide, but the Syrians appear to have repurposed the software to censor objectionable websites. Squid is GNU freeware and was funded by American taxpayers via the National Science Foundation...."