Tuesday, May 03, 2011

State Police charged Sullivan County man with sexually abusing boy!


Monroe - State Police at Monroe have charged a 52-year-old Kiamesha Lake man with driving a 14-year-old boy to the America’s Best Value Inn located in the Town of Woodbury and having sexual contact with the child.

An investigator said the case began after the mother of the boy came to the State Police barracks in Monroe to report the incident. Police said the investigation showed that Joseph Gelbman, 52, of 191 Gibber Road in the Sullivan County community of Kiamesha Lake, had been at the motel on April 14 with the youngster.

Gelbman was arrested April 21 and charged with third-degree sexual abuse, forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child, all misdemeanors.

He was arraigned before Town of Woodbury Justice David V. Hasin and released on $1,500 bail.


Anonymous said...

dear reb UOJ

we need to warn the people of montreal regarding the new hire in yeshiva gedola

the former rosh kolel of north miami beach took a position as a teacher in order to be closer to young boys

parents of klall yisroel beware of this menuval and ask yourself a simple question

why is a man resigning from being a rosh kolel and going to become a teacher outside the US

and why didnt his wife come with him

Anonymous said...

r. shmeltzer?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Vizhnitz has a year round yeshiva in Kiamesha Lake. Is he from there?

Deadbeat said...

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-028721-11/KI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 04/11/2011

Anonymous said...

yes the r shmeltzer

Tropper is a Rasputin said...

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Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I believe that the Vishnitz Yeshiva is where he works. It is known as Gibbers locally which is his address. Supposedly the work is that Gibbers is busy saying it didnt involve any of our boys.

By the way, I am the proud holder of a UOJ cap. I have decided that if I go to the next court appearance of Nechemya (Nechemia) Weberman on May 11 I will wear that cap.

2 funny comments on FM said...

I know Reb Yosef personally and he is a huge ba'al chesed to all of us here in Fort Wayne, IN. Here is a man who is the personification of "ah pintele yid"! I cannot believe that he is involved in any type of sexual abuse or untoward activity! I am personally, with the has'kah'mah of the heilege Va'ad Ha'Hishtalkus de Ha'Raban'im of Fort Wayne, IN starting a tzekdah Pidyon Shevuyim campaign to pay the $1500.00 bail which the anti-Semitic government and the frumma-Jew hating motel framed Mr. Gelbman with.

Shmarya, you're a self-hating Jew-baiting bastard for publishing this anti-Semitic story!


Oy, what is going on? Every day another arrest, every day another moiser. We used to let the rabbonim handle these matters internally. Now every day we have another chillul hashem in the goyishe news and the goyishe courts. The Agudah and Rabbi Zwiebel, who are hosting a halacha conference next week, need to grab the bull by the horns and put an end to this mesira once and for all! Whatever happened to the good old days when a heilige rebbe such as Yudi Kolko was allowed to continue teaching for 40 years without any moisrim reporting him? Or a Heshy Brier, AM Leizerowitz, Avrohom Reichman, Yehuda Nussbaum, Avremele Mondrowitz, Stefan Colmer whose cases were all handled brilliantly by the rabbonim, in tandem with Ohel. It's all UOJ's and Shmarya's fault, along with that rasha Nuchem Rosenberg who gave these fellow reshaim the idea that it is okay to be moiser a fellow yid. Let's bring back the glory days of free and unimpeded child molesters. Let's empower our batei dinim to rule on these matters as they did so in the past. Help us free Yisroel Weingarten, Baruch Lebovits, Meir Dascalowitz, Yona Weinberg, Dovid Y. Greenfeld, Yechiel Brauner, Yudi Kolko, Yossi Kolko, Emanuel Yegutkin, Nechemya Weberman, Yosef Gelbman, Stefan Colmer, and all those bearded men who have fallen victim to these moisrim. These are all pidyon shvuyim cases endorsed by our heilige rabbonim. Let's stop this power grab by the DA's and allow these breadwinners to remain free. Ohel has a wonderful, wonderful program that offers these victims of this dreaded machla, THERAPY! These chashuva yidden, many of which are mechanchim, are the true victims here. Just ask Jeffrey Schwartz, the attorney for Kolko and Michael Sabo. The moisrim and their families are the true criminals who go against the Agudah dictates and deprive the community of the services of these wonderful, wonderful educators. It's time for Agudah to learn from the Satmar community, who told Dov Hikind to take a hike when he demanded that they fire that wonderful, wonderful educator, Avrohom Reichman. Bring back our glory days, Chadeish Yameinu K'Keidem!

Posted by: steve | May 03, 2011 at 05:28 PM

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Vizhnitz.

Anonymous said...

Osama bin Laden should have hid in Vizhnitz

Chaim Yankel said...

+The Viznitz chasidim claim that it is all lies, however I know for a fact that the State Police have the surveillance tapes from the motel, where you can see both Gelbman and the boy entering the motel and the boy running out with his clothes disheveled, I also heard from 2 family members telling the story very graphically. I can assure you that it wasn't just touching, it was more than touching a specific organ. It seems that the KJ machers got involved and had the charges reduced.

Anonymous said...

Piece of drek.

He looks like evil.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the mountains we have to be careful in south fallsburg yeshiva because rav isser gorelik is a known pedophile and child molester I remember years ago when he was a 12th grade rebbe he would take bachurim for walks and fondle them there's still rubies that he has sexual relationships toward his students.the reason why he hasn't been brought to justice i bec reb abba gorelik would cover up for him

Fallsburg said...

I was in Fallsburg and never heard this but was there only for one zman.

Can anyone else give their two cents? I used to think R' Elya Ber was etzem zach but I'm now disgusted with his support of the menuvel Leib Tropper.

Anonymous said...

How did it escape UOJ's radar that the former menahel of Fallsburg was arrested for money laundering? He was the only person ever arrested INSIDE the beis medrash of BMG. When FBI agents showed up by shacharis, people came running to his seat to warn him. They put in a call to Abe Penzer Esq. and asked if he should slip out a side door and run. He said once agents are inside the binyan you should not loif. The agents graciously allowed him to finish davening shacharis. This same bum worked after Fallsburg for Yonason Tendler's former yeshiva in Sea Gate where the money gets laundered for Kolko and Margulies.

If you need any more hints, check out Yudel Shain's website where they discuss the Pollock species of fish being infested with parasites.

How do the Pollock brothers have so much power in Lakewood? Just because they do dirty work for the Kotlers? CEO Aaron Kotler was incidentally the executive director of the Fallsburg yeshiva until BMG pushed Barnetsky out to make room for him.

South Africa said...


Ilan Perry is an Israeli business person with a background in medical insurance, who was involved in setting up a global transplant scheme involving the intercontinental trafficking of paid organ donors and patients.

Now he is listed as a state witness in the Durban kidney case, though there appears to be little likelihood of his ever leaving Israel to testify.

After South African police swooped on St Augustine's Hospital in 2003 and made the first arrests in the Netcare case, Perry was sought for extradition.

He was arrested on a South African Interpol warrant in Germany in 2006 but later released to return to Israel because of a bungled extradition process.

He was investigated for tax fraud but cleared because at the time brokering overseas transplants using paid donors was not illegal in Israel.

She has been instrumental in exposing Perry's networks in South Africa and Brazil, as well as his links to associates such as Isaac Rosenbaum, an orthodox rabbi and alleged organ trafficker from Brooklyn, New York, and Dr Zaki Shapira and Dr Yusuf Sonmez, two of the world's most notorious transplant entrepreneurs.

According to a summary of substantial facts in the Durban case, Perry became involved with Netcare in early 2001.

At that time Belinda Rossi, the company's national transplant coordinator, travelled to Israel to attend meetings to assess the feasibility of performing kidney transplant operations on Israeli citizens in Netcare hospitals in South Africa.

A scheme was concluded whereby Israeli citizens in need of kidney transplants would be brought to South Africa for kidney transplants to be performed at St Augustine's.

The kidney suppliers for these operations were initially sourced among Israeli citizens, but later Romanian and Brazilian citizens were recruited, as their kidneys were obtainable at a far lower cost than those of the Israelis.

Anonymous said...

Pollock was arrested in the Weinstein sting. For some strange reason, the newspapers mentioned the arrest but failed to name him. Remember him snooping around the Fallsburg dorm trying to get bochurim in trouble? He was also the yutz who instituted the curfew and blackout policy. The bochurim got back at him a few times like when they cut the power lines to Yagdil housing. His brother does similar things in BMG because he thinks he has to implement all the retarded policies he learned at Long Beach.

Fact Checker said...

Has UOJ ever heard anything about Isser Gorelik?

I find this story hard to believe because first of all, 12th graders are 17 years old, almost adults and more difficult to manipulate.

Fallsburg bochurim have also been generally known to have way above average kishron and street smarts. And finally, Fallsburg bochurim are also known for their independent and rebellious streaks who fight back hard when authority figures overstep their bounds. They so much as refuse to answer questions they don't like.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Regarding Fallsburg and other yeshivas:

At one time I had somebody tracking down what seemed like legitimate claims.

In just about all cases, he ran in to a brick wall, and was not able to get people to talk. Years back, he tried to meet with Abba Gorelick, but he would not give him five seconds other than to say it was a disgruntled student.

Similarly in Westbury, when push came to shove, even the parents of the alleged victim would not go on the record.

We'll never get information from the schools - parents and victims must go directly to the police.

Anonymous said...

Westbury or Waterbury?

blast from the past said...

a 15 year old fallsburg bochur was once holding a piece of paper that pollock thought might be treasonous by KGB standards because it had to do with a skit that made fun of some hanhala members. more than half the yeshiva was actually interrogated becuase r' abba & associates were so bothered by the skit and were desperate to read it. while tiptoeing around the dorm to eavesdrop his radar picked up on it and he suddenly charged in the room and tried to grab it. the bochur didn't know what the hell was coming at him like a raging bull when he instinctively managed to pick up pollock and throw him across the room. when pollock landed back first on a bed he was so stunned that he couldn't move for half a minute. a standoff developed leading pollock to run around to r' abba and elisha dorfman to expel the bochur for not handing over the stupid piece of paper. pollock was so bent on seeing it that he agreed to a deal where the bochur handed it over on his terms

i couldn't make this up if i tried. you just have to understand the nonsense that went on in that yeshiva

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Correction; Waterbury!

Why we need polygamy said...

Why we need polygamy:


Anonymous said...

The Waterbury case was thrown out of court, and for good reason. Ginsberg might be a BSer, shmuck, putz, Am Ho'aretz, or loudmouth, but molestor he isn't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's up with the polygamy shit?

Anonymous said...

Match.com will start checking its members against a national sex offenders registry.

The company expects to start the new policy in 60 to 90 days, Match.com told CNET this morning, and confirmed that the policy will affect both new and existing members.

Match.com has been considering the option for a while, but yesterday's decision was hastened as a result of the attention brought on by a lawsuit filed last week, spokesman Matthew Traub told the Associated Press yesterday.

A woman in California has sued Match.com, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a man that she met through the online dating service. Arguing that the woman had no idea her date had been convicted of sexual battery, the suit is seeking an injunction to stop anyone from joining Match.com until the company sets up a process to screen for convicted sex offenders.

Match.com president Mandy Ginsberg told the AP that the company had been hesitant to implement such screenings due to their "historical unreliability." But discussions with advisers over the past few days convinced Match.com that certain improvements have made sex offender registries more accurate, prompting the dating service to reverse its stance.

To conduct its screening, the company will tap into a national registry of sex offenders set up by the federal government. This registry pulls together information from the 50 states and other U.S. territories and lets users search for sex offenders by name as well as location.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares

Mishpacha Magazine said...

In this weeks Mishpacha magazine, there was an article about the Brisker Rav's escape from the Nazis. They quote a Rabbi Pervarsky who was on the train with the Brisker Rav. They claim the Brisker Rav was on a train fleeing from the Nazis and it was going to get into some town on Shabos. Then the Brisker Rav said Tehillim and "the sun stood still" and they got in a half hour before Shabbos.
Does Mishpacha think their readers are so stupid that they think the sun stood still instead of maybe the train making better/quicker time?
If you believe the sun stood still, I recommend you invest with Bernie Madoff - there is no way you'll lose any money!

Anonymous said...

I believe the story, and I don't care what you think. Okay????????

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that your belief in the sun not setting reinforces the pasuk - k'sil bachoshech yahalaichu - fools, in the darkness, they go.

Anonymous said...

I do believe that the sun would stand still for the Brisker Rav.

As far as I know, he was not a molestor.