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Rabbi Kranczer is believed to still be hiding-out in Israel, he may have changed his identity and shaved his beard. Anybody with information on the whereabouts of Kranczer, please contact me at:a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com. Your anonymity is guaranteed. A generous monetary reward will be sent to you for information leading to his capture!


Rabbi Gershon Kranczer And His Sons Accused Of Sexual Abuse!

Brooklyn rabbi Gershon Kranczer, the former head of Yeshiva Tehila L'Dovid, and his three sons were recently accused of sexually abusing four female relatives, according to the New York Daily News. The incidents may have started 15 years ago, and detectives suspected the 58-year-old rabbi of attacking two underage relatives while his sons abused the other girls.

Authorities investigated the rabbi's home in Midwood after the oldest victim, a 20-year-old woman, told a coworker about having been sexually assaulted by Gershon Kranczer. The 20-year-old revealed that she had been repeatedly molested by the rabbi during the last 15 years. The coworker reported what she had learned to the police and said that the other three victims, who were ages 8, 17, and 19, had also been allegedly abused in Kranczer's home.

Police sources said Gershon Kranczer's wife may have dropped him off at the Kennedy Airport without having any knowledge of the alleged sexual abuse incidents. The rabbi's 21-year-old son, Asher Kranczer, has also escaped to Israel and has not yet been found. However, 24-year-old Yechezkel Kranczer and his 15-year-old brother turned themselves in to the NYPD last week.

Yechezkel Kranczer was charged with 70 counts for sexually abusing relatives who were ages 17 and 20, while the 15-year-old brother was charged for sexually abusing an 8-year-old relative. It is not clear whether the suspects have found an NY criminal defense attorney to counsel them through this case.

Detectives are still uncertain if other female relatives may have also been abused by the rabbi or his sons. A cultural silence in the Orthodox community may keep other victims fearful from disclosing additional information.


Anonymous said...

While this monster is certainly the villian, there is a hero in the story - the person who had the courage to take the story that she heard to the police. Not to anyone else. Just the police. May others follw her example.

Q said...

Aharon Shlechter is behind this drek. May they both rot in hell.

AP said...

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) New York Senate sends gay marriage bill to floor vote; state may become 6th to legalize it.

Anonymous said...

uoj. contact his brther in queens . He may have updated info for you.

Kranc Iz Er ("sick is he" in Yiddish) said...

The tale of Gershon Kranczer, the Krancer aka Kranc-iz-er.

Yup. That's him all-right. Kudos to UOJ on the scoop of getting that mug shot!

But take a close look, and what do you see? Not a pervert. Not a molester. Just a "saintly" looking sage -- and that is just how crafty Kranczer fooled the world. He spouted the wisdom's of his "rebbe" Avigdor Miller. He spoke high and mighty about "gedoilim" and made his listerners feel like worms.

He learned in Chaim Berlin Yeshiva for many years and his chavrusa was his cousin Sholom (Steven) Weiss who was from Scranton, PA, and became a blind chosid of Aron Schechter. Sholom Weiss and Gershon Kranczer learned gemora for years in the Chaim Berlin Kollel. Now Sholom Weiss lives in Jerusalem and acts as some sort of "boichen" for Rav Dovid Soloveitchik of Brisk.

There is no way that Gershon Kranczer could be hiding in Israel without the help of his cousin Sholom Weiss.

The police and investigators should go to Sholom Weiss first and take it from there.

In the USA Kranczer got lengthy haskomas for his narishkeit kuntreisim about "mussar" and "hashkofa" from his two sources of "daas toireh" -- Aron Schechter of Chaim Berlin Yeshiva and Leizer Ginsburg of Mirrer Yeshiva in Brooklyn. They were his rabbis and they must know something about his fate, how he manage dto skip town, and whereabouts. Knock on their doors first and ask them, do not give up until they cough up some credible information, after all he is their talmid and they are his rabbis!

Anonymous said...

Former Agudah head Rabbi Shmuel Bloom just wrote one of the most twisted columns ever, even by Yated standards.

He beats around the bush for half a page about how gevaldig he holds the Agudah is before getting to the point that he felt ill when the menuvol Anthony Weiner got up at the recent Agudah dinner to plopper the words "Am Yisroel Chai" when Weiner is married to an Arab shiksa whose family are members of a terrorist affiliated group in Saudi Arabia.

BUT THEN he tortures himself to be matzdik using logic from another planet. He mentions that R' Yaakov & Rav Schach assered dealing with intermarried politicians but pulls a Lakewood Vaad and says that the Agudah obviously has a heter from an adam gadol - except he doesn't know who. You would think that someone like Bloom who headed the Agudah for decades (and was powerful enough to set the protect-the-molesters-policy according to non-Agudah rabbonim who begged the Agudah to stop it) would be able to make a phone call to find out who gave a "heter". (Note that he ignored the issur of the gedolei hador to protect pedophiles who abuse children and no gadol hador has stated that there is a heter to do so).

To top it off, Bloom is now self-confident that Agudists have done nothing wrong and has the chutzpah to move on to attack the modern orthodox who he says are promoting Weiner's intermarriage - without a heter. He mentions journalist Jeff Dunetz writing in a 5 Towns Jewish newspaper that Weiner should do teshuva and make up with his wife. I will assume that Rabbi Bloom is just ignorant and not outright lying about the facts here. Dunetz is a Washington Post syndicated columnist who is not frum whatsoever. He writes in the Jewish Star, which is not a 5 Towns paper, it is a general South Shore of Long Island paper. The Jewish Star has also changed hands and over a year ago went from modern orthodox to Conservative.

Anonymous said...

There was another Sholom Weiss who burned down his plumbing showroom at Ave I corner McDonald for insurance and then fled the country after stealing hundreds of millions more dollars. We he was finally arrested in Vienna he was living with a prusta shiksa.

Anonymous said...

WHo is putting up the money & how much?
You will get some of the biggest coverupers in the community to give him up if the check is big enough.
Somehow those people who shout mesirah ttone down when they see green, like a bull seeing red, or a monkey seeiung bananas.
Are you putting up the money yourself? If yes kuddos for putting your money where your pen is.
If he broke such acute Torah violations repetedly, and the Torah gives him a death sentance, why would anyone assist in a cover-up?

Anonymous said...

it is time for the two largets group of hypocrites to close shop

after aguda and the OU failed to protect the jews and helped elect these groups that assisted gay marraige they should be spit on and vilified in the streets

how could they in good faith not fight to protect jewish children from being molested yet argue about marrraige

have they no shame

they collect money give hechsers and have given us zweibel belsky and shafran

yes what an accoplishment


in the know said...

Be very wary and careful of rabbi riesman from flatbush . He is gagging the family and kids not to talk . He is making them feel even worse by convincing them that they would be doing a tremendous rishus to talk to anyone including the media . Rumor has it that he knows where he is hiding out .

Anonymous said...

The Madison neighborhood is a very sad place. I left Reisman's shul not because of the modern guys chewing gum and walking their dogs but because of a bizayon that the rov wouldn't do anything about.

Rottenberg's shul (Kozover) is full of guys who are convicted fraudsters or who stuff their faces with candy like little kids before kiddush. They are a bunch of huge snobs in any case.

Rabinowitz (Partzever) is a huge weirdo besides that he was caught plagiarizing a sefer from an obscure 1800s Reform rabbi.

Scheinerman, well, need I say more? Where's Boog when you need him to rip into someone?

Toiv, talk about the biggest bunch of losers & lowlives in town that made Toiv seriously consider shutting the place down.

Klohr is hot item for the readers of this blog.

London's building was confiscated by the Feds long ago.

Hirsch is that bochur rov where Gil Student and 11 other guys daven on a good Shabbos and not trying to hook people walking by for a minyan.

The Naroler Rov has an older crowd but at least he's a nice guy and not corrupt.

Hugo Chavez about to Kick The Bucket one less rosha in the world said...

Fox News.com:

"Report: Hugo Chávez in Critical Condition In Cuban Hospital

By Adrian Carrasquillo

June 25, 2011 | Fox News Latino

Hugo Chávez extended stay in a Cuban hospital is because he is in critical condition, according to a report in El Nuevo Herald.

The Venezuelan president, who was last seen in public June 9 and last heard from on June 12, on a phone call with Venezuelan state television, was said to have been treated for a pelvic abscess in Cuba.

During the call Chávez said that medical tests showed no sign of any "malignant" illness.

But according to the report in El Nuevo Herald, Chávez finds himself in "critical condition, not grave, but critical, in a complicated situation."

The Miami newspaper cited U.S. intelligence officials who wished to remain anonymous.

Chávez silence has led to chatter and speculation in Venezuela that the socialist leader is actually suffering from prostate cancer. Intelligence officials could not confirm a diagnosis of prostate cancer but Chávez family did go to Cuba in the last 72 hours, according to wire service EFE.

Chávez daughter Rosinés and his mother Marisabel Rodríguez "urgently" left the country and headed to Cuba in a Venezuelan air force plane.

Cuba's state media website, Cubadebate, released photos on June 17 that showed Chávez posing with Fidel and Raul Castro in his hospital room. Chávez smiled for the camera in a track suit, while a frail-looking Fidel clutched Chávez arm.

Before the report that Chávez was in critical condition, his brother sought to reassure Venezuela that he was recovering well.

"In response to all the rumors, I can give faith that the president is recovering in a satisfactory manner," Adan Chávez, who is a state governor, told state television Wednesday. "The president is a strong man."

Adan Chávez added that "it's not clear" when his younger brother would return home, but said the president is expected to leave Cuba within 10 to 12 days.

Possibly to stave off rumors of bad health, Chávez personal Twitter account went active on Friday, for the first time in 20 days.

"I'm here with you during the hard battles every day! Until victory always! We are winning! And we shall win!" he tweeted in Spanish.

The Associated Press contributed to this report."

Anonymous said...

must be that the miami paper gets its news from " rabbi eli schmeltczer " the groper rosh kolel who moved to montreal but his wife didnt go with him

it is amazing that he showed up in north miami beach asking for his old job back . rumor has the DA may be investigating him for the groping of students

Atlanta said...


By Marcus Garner
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

June 21, 2011

A doctor is in hot water for allegedly bilking Medicare & the IRS of roughly $16 million dollars over 5 years.

The U.S. Dept of Justice indicted Dr. Lawrence Eppelbaum, claiming that he charged the federal health care program for unnecessary treatments.

Authorities accused Eppelbaum of using a bogus non-profit to provide handsome travel kickbacks to patients, funnel money through a Jewish day school to disguise his funding, and file false charitable deductions to avoid paying taxes.

In an interview with Channel 2, Eppelbaum, 52, said he did nothing wrong & will prove his innocence in court. “I will win 100%,” he said.

But Marlon Wilbanks, an attorney for one of Eppelbaum’s patients who sued the doctor on behalf of “every American taxpayer,” said the Atlanta doctor violated a federal law that prohibits providers from luring Medicare patients for treatment.

“Medicare wouldn't have paid one penny if they would've known people were induced to come to Atlanta with free meals, travel & entertainment,” Wilbanks told Channel 2.

Wilbanks said Eppelbaum preyed on Russian-speaking people with back pain, enticing 100s of them – paying for their trips – to Atlanta for treatment & to hot springs in North Carolina or Florida.

“They don’t speak English, they’re totally responding to this fairy tale & they’re being offered all this stuff for free,” Wilbanks said.

Reginael McDaniel, special agent in charge of the Atlanta Region IRS criminal investigations, said Eppelbaum cheated taxpayers.

“The illegal activity alleged in this indictment, including tax evasion & abuse of charitable organizations, harms all Americans.”

According to the 41 page indictment, Eppelbaum runs the Atlanta Institute of Medicine and Rehabilitation & the Pain Clinic of AIMR in Atlanta.

“That’s part of the treatment,” Eppelbaum said when asked about the hot springs.

The indictment goes on that Eppelbaum entered into an arrangement with Tora Jewish Day School in Atlanta, having parents pay their children’s tuition to the Back Pain Fund as a “donation.”

He would in turn “donate” the full tuition to the school, plus 25%.

A representative for Tora told Channel 2 that no one knowingly participated in any wrongdoing & the school is cooperating with federal investigators.

The court accused Eppelbaum of entering into similar agreements with other organizations & even invited patients to make their co-payments to the Back Pain Fund to receive a charitable receipt.

From 2004 to 2009, he billed Medicare in this fashion. And from 2006 to 2008, Eppelbaum is accused of writing off as charitable contributions all the payments he made to the Back Pain Fund, Tora and other business partners - to the tune of about $1 million - despite profiting.

But when asked why he was indicted, Eppelbaum insisted he was the victim.

“I don’t have any idea,” he said. “It’s because I’m a successful rich guy.”

Anonymous said...

A Brooklyn teen, accompanied by his rabbi and a lawyer, surrendered today in the molestation of a youngster in the basement of a Borough Park synagogue.

Menachem Deutsch, 19, was charged with unlawful imprisonment and child endangerment in the June 22 attack, authorities said.

Deutsch, dressed in traditional Hasidic attire, allegedly lured a 12-year-old boy walking home from school into Simcha Hall, in the basement of a synagogue at 15th Avenue and 50th Street, authorities said.

Once inside, Deutsch brought the boy into a basement bathroom and allegedly groped and molested the child over the course of an hour.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/brooklyn_teen_surrenders_in_abuse_xwjJD7yRjH0FiiIzYw4zFK#ixzz1QQIP11ZT

Ivankala Trump-Kushner said...


Ivanka Trump's Husband Wants to Pay Peanuts

By Lisa Johnson Mandell

Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, married Jared Kushner, real estate heir in his own right and owner of The New York Observer weekly newspaper. The couple is expecting a baby in late summer/early fall, and Kushner also is expecting to launch the new New York Observer magazine -- once he finds a qualified managing editor who will work for $30,000 per year, according to a job posting on mediabistro.com.

Perhaps they inadvertently left a zero off that number? If so, they need to pay their copy editor a little more too.

"This is a great position for a new journalist who is looking to take on a management role and gain valuable experience regarding all aspects of producing a magazine from start to finish," reads the ad, so apparently they're looking for a managing editor who is a newbie to the publishing industry, although the ad states that two years of experience are required.
At least the new person in charge will have "a team of five interns" (unpaid, perhaps?) to help produce the magazine. Those interns will come in handy as the new managing editor will also "oversee various other publications and sections, including Observer Philanthropy, The Educated Observer, real estate magazines and travel magazines."

It's more than likely that Kushner has never had to make ends meet in New York City on $30,000 per year. But if he's serious about launching a new city magazine, he might want to loosen the purse strings a little bit. Would he allow his future son or daughter to work for a paltry salary like that?

Yudi Kolko said...

I wonder if Margo was also laundering some of my payments through the Atlanta day school because my good friend Yonason Tendler's brother Eli has a shteller there.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

Of course there's a different set of rules when I fix cases at my personal beis din or with Mendel Epstein at Iggud Haganovim


According to Rabbi Yisrael Belsky, ― It is rare – almost to the point of being nonexistent – that
after one listens to a Dayan, one fails to understand what went on in the bet din or that he was
indeed treated fairly.

China learns from petrodollar Arabs it wants to buy back Europe with the trillions it made off it and its own slave labor said...

The Telegraph:

"Enter the dragon 'to save the euro’

It is in the interest of cash-rich China to help resolve the eurozone debt crisis, but Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, who is visiting Britain and Continental Europe, will want a share of the West’s buying power in return.

By Malcolm Moore, in Shanghai, Peter Foster in Beijing and Andrew Cave in London

25 Jun 2011

As Wen Jiabao, the Chinese premier, stepped off his plane in Birmingham on Saturday, it was difficult to avoid the feeling that the UK, and Europe, have never looked weaker in Chinese eyes.

In private, senior Chinese diplomats are now openly scornful of Britain’s economic prospects and have even asked why Mr Wen should grace such a weak trading partner with three days of his time...

Yesterday, at the start of his European visit in Hungary, Mr Wen gave a strong pledge of China’s support for the embattled euro, saying that China will buy Hungarian government bonds and “consistently” support the euro as Europe attempts to fight its way out of a sovereign debt crisis. “China is a long term investor in Europe’s sovereign debt market,” he said at a press conference with the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban. “In recent years we have increased by quite a big margin our holdings of government bonds. We will consistently continue to support Europe and the euro.”

Whilst in the UK, the Chinese are determined to be aggressive with their British counterparts in private discussions during three days, demanding access to every area of UK technological expertise. China feels it now has the whip hand, after years of eyeing the West with suspicion. The West’s need for Chinese goods and investment (China has a significant current account surplus) are increasingly outweighing concerns about the way China does business or the low value of its currency. The UK knows it has to compete for business with other EU members as well as North and South America, the rest of Asia, Australia and Africa...

For Chinese leaders, who are used to instructing their state-owned companies in how to conduct business, the apparently laissez-faire attitude of the British Government towards its companies, is a black mark...

China also has its own issues to contend with. Economic analysts at Credit Suisse last week revised down their forecast of China’s GDP growth for 2012 from 8.9pc to 8.5pc, still well above European levels. They said they believed that persistent inflation, slowing growth and continued fiscal tightening are likely to play out not only in the second half of this year but also well into 2012.

They also expect the financial stress in China’s small and medium size enterprise sector to spread to other parts of the economy. If the situation does not improve soon, they expect weakened demand and rising debt...

This time, the constant theme of how to resolve Europe’s debt crisis will run behind the diplomacy. China, which has invested heavily in Greek infrastructure, is likely to cast itself as a magnanimous saviour.

Making sure that “certain European nations” overcome their difficulties is “extremely important for us”, said Fu Ying, the vice foreign minister, last week.

But while the Chinese media will sell any intervention as a grand favour to impoverished Europe, it is worth remembering that Europe remains China’s biggest export market. And with the latest surveys indicating that Chinese factories have slowed to almost flat growth, China needs Europe to keep on buying its goods or face difficulties in what remains one of the key pillars of its economy. China may be the world’s fastest-growing major economy, but it still needs moribund old Europe."

Skver Mafia 20 said...

The Olypmpian/Associated Press:

"Suspect in NY fire pleads not guilty

By JIM FITZGERALD | Associated Press • June 23, 2011

NEW CITY, N.Y. – An 18-year-old Hasidic student, listening to court proceedings in Yiddish through an interpreter, pleaded not guilty Friday in an attempted murder case that has brought unusual attention to a religious enclave in New York.

Shaul Spitzer of New Square is accused of severely burning a neighbor, Aron Rottenberg, outside Rottenberg's home. Rottenberg claims in a lawsuit that Spitzer was acting at the direction of the village's chief rabbi, David Twersky, because Rottenberg had stopped praying at Twersky's synagogue.

Rottenberg suffered third-degree burns on half his body in the pre-dawn hours of May 22 when he confronted someone carrying a flammable liquid outside his home and "we both just burst into flames," he said.

Family members said they had been monitoring a surveillance camera and fearing an attack because they had endured broken windows and threats ever since Rottenberg began worshipping at a nearby nursing home instead of the main synagogue.

Spitzer was arrested soon after, with burns on his hands and arms.

Rottenberg, who was hospitalized until Monday, was not in court Friday.

Spitzer, in black Hasidic garb - with a white bandage on his left hand - was accompanied by four bearded relatives as he was arraigned in Rockland County Court on charges of attempted murder, attempted arson and assault. His lawyer, former Rockland District Attorney Kenneth Gribetz, entered not-guilty pleas to all charges. He could be sentenced to 25 years in prison if convicted of attempted murder.

Gribetz said outside court that Spitzer did not intend to harm anyone or to burn down Rottenberg's house, as police have alleged. He declined to give a defense account of what happened.

"He's very remorseful, contrite," Gribetz said of Spitzer. "He's mentally scarred, most of the time he's crying." He called Spitzer's actions "childish" but did not elaborate.

Gribetz also said Twersky, who has decried the attack and has not been charged, had no involvement.

"The grand rabbi had nothing to do with this," Gribetz said. "There were no conversations, direct, indirect, off the record, on the record." He said Spitzer had done some volunteer work for Twersky but "is not a colleague, not a confidant."

New Square is an insular village of 7,000 people, nearly all of them members of the Skver Hasidic sect. The sect is named for the Ukrainian village of Skver, where its members had been decimated during the Holocaust and for which New Square is named.

Rottenberg's lawyer has requested a federal investigation into what he called "hate crimes" by the religious leadership.

Spitzer was allowed to remain free on $300,000 until a July 28 court date. But he was ordered to stay away from the Rottenberg family. And the judge told him to meet with police later Friday for fingerprinting, which wasn't done when he was arrested because of his hand injuries."

One Year Since Troppers Fall 45 said...

haemtza.blogspot.com/Rabbi Harry Maryles:

"Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tropper – Gone!

I have just been informed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman - who has been involved with this case very closely - that Rabbi Leib Tropper has resigned from his position as Rosh HaYeshva of Yeshivas Kol Yaakov and will no longer be involved with it in any way. And that he will cease to have anything to do with that school.

Just to quickly review the story surrounding this - Rabbi Tropper was a founder and prominent 'rising star' (albeit very controversial from the start) in the area of standardizing conversions to Judaism. He created an organization for this purpose called the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF). He was however recently recorded discussing sexual favors with one of his potential converts - implying a quid pro quo of sexual favors in exchange for her conversion to Judaism.

Tropper is now gone from any organization he ever had anything to do with. This is good news and ought to be applauded. Rabbi Hoffman has indicated to me that one of the prime movers in achieving this result was Rabbi Dovid Ribiat. I bring this up in light of the fact that I and many others were critical of his response to the Tropper issue. Many of us felt that nothing was being done and that that his publihsed responses were nothing more than apologetics.

This – I was assured – was not the case at all. Rabbi Ribiat quietly was in the forefront of this problem and at great peril. He was harassed by Tropper’s supporters with implied threats of bodily harm. But he was not deterred. He is an honorable man and has done the right thing. He has also been modest about it shunning any publicity. I cannot oblige him. People like this need to be publicly thanked for their efforts.

I don’t know Rabbi Ribiat. We have never met. Although I do have a connection to his family having boarded for a short time with an aunt and uncle of his. I was an 8 year old attending Yeshivath Beth Yehudah in Detroit - his home town. My family lived in Toledo – 60 miles away. I came home for weekends. But that’s another story.

Though I do not know him he seems to have been the quiet hero through all of this and I salute him. More on this story can be found in the 5 Towns Jewish News."

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell us what is going on with the genaiva problem by Aish Kodesh in Woodmere?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Reisman met with Kranczer in Israel and brought back private letters to the children:
Warning them about the Issur of not being Mekaved one's father, and urging them to do Tshuva.
There was even a personal letter from Rav Eliashiv! (....right...)
The man raped and sodomized his own daughters, and Rabbi Reisman is his courrier! ...gotta wonder how some of us stay frum.

Anonymous said...

why arent the feds investigating. rabbi riesman?. reisman obviously has. zero clue of what it means to mess with the feds and the judicial system. perhaps. krancer knows about some skeletons in reismans past which is causing him to act this way. prutim yavou.

Anonymous said...

The modern orthodox will have to reword their prenup documents


New York divorce lawyer, Stephen I. Silberfein, anticipated a “rush” by gay couples to get prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, to spell out what had belonged to whom, given that “none of it was shared marital property.” Palimony — not a word often heard these days — could also be an issue. It’s conceivable, Mr. Silberfein said, that if a longtime relationship breaks up, one party may say: “We were partners for 30 years. I deserve to share in what was there before we were married.”

ferd said...

what does sruly reisman have to do with kranc iz er? reisman is not a chaim berliner, a miller mussernik or a little lazer chossid

Ben Brafman said...


I wish Strauss-Kahn had lunch at Le Marais. The OU would anything I need with the security tapes in a snap

5 Towns said...

What genaiva? That ridiculous sign in Aish Kodesh's mikva warning you are stealing from the whole kehillah if you don't leave a few bucks? (I say ridiculous mostly because of the all the other rules about not talking etc printed there)

Anonymous said...

UOJ - can you confirm this? Do you believe this?

"Rabbi Reisman met with Kranczer in Israel and brought back private letters to the children:
Warning them about the Issur of not being Mekaved one's father, and urging them to do Tshuva.
There was even a personal letter from Rav Eliashiv! (....right...)
The man raped and sodomized his own daughters, and Rabbi Reisman is his courrier! ...gotta wonder how some of us stay "

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

UOJ - can you confirm this? Do you believe this?



Anonymous said...

The biggest connection that Rabbi Reisman has is right under your nose. He heads an Agudah outpost in addition to being on the Agudah beis din. He might even still be the org's av beis din.

And don't forget that he defers to his senior YTV rosh, Belsky

French Bastard from Le Marais said...

Non! Strauss-Kahn was afraid of zee fish because even though Belsky is matir anisakis he was afraid of getting zee parasites breeding in his derriere.

Anonymous said...

Did any of the proceeds from the Christie's auction go to the baalei chov?


Lot Description
MARC CHAGALL (1887-1985)
Oncle Neuch
Painted in Vitebsk, 1914

Price Realized (Set Currency)

Dr. and Mrs. Julius Kuhl

Anthony Weiner said...


Check this out

Anonymous said...

What's with the rumor on Shmeckstein's website that the backstabber Republican State Senator Saland who kissed Andrew Cuomo's rear end with his pro-gay vote is an ainekel of R' Yisroel Salanter and was just honored at the Peekskill yeshiva dinner?

The Vaad to expose the Queens Vaad said...

Rav Reisman supports Ohel treasurer David Jacobsson in his criminal partnership with the Queens Vaad to rip up 1000s of kivrei yesomim and discard their bones to resell the plots to secular Russians for profit. Jacobson is a major financial supporter of Reisman. Despite all the evidence against Jacobson, not clear if Reisman even analyzed it, he calls Jacobson's chief critic a "rodef" even though that critic is a talmid chochem who took the evidence to Rav Elyashev and Rav Elyashev was confident enough to issue a letter attacking Jacobson and Queens Vaad, demanding that they immediately cease and fix the destruction they have caused. When the Queens Vaad ran to Israel to convince Rav Elyashev to retract the letter, he caught them lying and threw them out.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

He's ben achar ben from R' Shmuel Salant.


Anonymous said...


Saland is himself Conservative, and his district falls both north and east of ultra-Orthodox strongholds in Rockland County and the Catskills. But he is, according to people familiar with the Agudath campaign, directly related to Shmuel Salant, a prominent rabbi of the late 19th century who served as the Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem until his death in 1909. The Agudath has, accordingly, sweetened its appeals with references to the lawmaker’s family tree—and some enthusiastic supporters in Jerusalem are rumored to have gone so far as to have prayed at Salant’s grave in hopes of his intercession in the matter. It remains to be seen whether Saland, who said earlier this week that he is being bombarded with calls from both sides of the issue, will hear and heed their entreaties.


Agudath Israel Of America Goes Into Overdrive To Stop New York Same-Sex Marriage Legalization


Shmeckelstein is an idiot said...

I am suppose to be the expert on rabbonim gedoilim.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Vaad sat like stone statues when women were reading from the Torah and only acted when they were forced to because the women started making a public tumult. And even then, the VHQ member rabbis could barely gather enough votes to asser it al pi R' Moshe & Rav Soloveitchik. Believe it when you hear that these guys don't want Chaim Schwartz implementing a real kashrus standard. They just use his yeshivish appearance to fool everyone that they have a decent standard. Their main concerns are their own left-leaning ideologies and not wanting to rock the boat of their wealthy baal habatim who are even more to the Left.


N.Y. Times

Once a month, Sharon Kalker, an Orthodox Jewish woman, clears the basement of her house in Hillcrest, Queens, and unfolds 30 chairs. In the middle, she rests an overturned bookcase on a table, placing a cover over it.

On the following Saturday morning of Sabbath, Orthodox Jewish women arrive. They pray, sing & read commentary. But the highlight of the 3 hour meeting occurs when a woman opens the doors of a closet & brings out a Torah from its ark. The sacred scrolls are passed from woman to woman, kissed & laid on the table.

And then — a woman reads from the Torah.

Ms. Kalker volunteered to start the group in 1995 after she & 5 women discussed the need for one. She approached Rabbi Simcha Krauss, the head of Young Israel of Hillcrest (who proceeded VHQ co-President Rabbi Dr. Richard Weiss), who agreed to supervise. Rabbi Herschel Welcher, the Vaad posek / president, said his organization saw no need to get involved with the women's prayer group until it began affecting the entire Orthodox community in Queens.

That happened when an 11-year-old member of the group began planning a bas mitzvah with her mother. The event was to take place in a ballroom of a synagogue, and invitations were sent out to the girl's friends, including classmates at Yeshiva of Central Queens.

The yeshiva administrators were in a bind, Rabbi Welcher said, because the invitations said the girl would read from the Torah. Classmates from various synagogues wanted to attend, but (only) some were unsure whether they should. So the administrators asked the Vaad for a ruling.

Ms. Kalker met with many rabbis, who warned her things would "spin out of control."

The family went ahead with the bas mitzvah, and about 100 women listened to the girl read from the Torah.

"It's not our role to censure those who don't follow our prescriptions," Welcher said.


Sharon Kalker, of the women's prayer group Nishmat Nashim, in Hillcrest, Queens, said that since the rabbinic ban, she's received so many phone calls from women interested in attending the next gathering that "I hope I have enough chairs."

In its resolution, the 90-member Queens rabbinical organization recognized "the sincere desire of many women to express their devotion" & "highly commends this feeling, provided it's translated into action in the proper direction."

Fewer than half of the rabbinical group's members reportedly voted on the resolution at the meeting, which was attended by 47 rabbis. Several reportedly walked out before the vote. Almost all of those who remained voted for it, however 2 dissented & 3 abstained.

One, a rabbi from Great Neck, who supervises a women's prayer group in his synagogue, supported Krauss & resigned from the Vaad.

What a farce said...


Open Letter to Sen. Steve Saland on Same-Sex Marriage From a Gay Orthodox Rabbi

Senator Saland, you are a direct descendant of Rabbi Shmuel Salant who was known for his good sense and, for the times, his liberal sense of goodness and fairness. Unlike others, he honored all the Jews in Jerusalem, not only the powerful. He intentionally built his leadership on an inclusive vision of the community. I do hope that you make a similar choice, one that opens the way for my family and families like it to share in the goods of liberty and justice for all.

Rabbi Steven Greenberg

Hilarious said...


Here is a video of the Black preacher turned State Senator Ruben Diaz joining chassidishe guys protesting against gays. The lesbian "rabbi" Sharon Kleinbaum from Greenwich village then showed up draped in a talis and put her arm around one of the chassidishe guys. The chassidishe guy lost it and started spitting at her. Even Shmarya admitted she shouldn't have touched him.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Getting back to the comment regarding Shmuel Bloom, the only good thing he did for the Agudah, was keeping Shimshy Sherer out. Otherwise, Bloom was a buffoon, a ZERO, a gornisht, a shtik drek from the basement of Ner Israel in Baltimore. Oh there was no basement? Exactly!

Queens Vaad Kindergarten said...

Chaimel Schwartz was at it again last week on Yudelstake.


who are YOU kidding?!? said...

So now we got the Chazon Ish and the Groiseh Zaideh (R' Shraga Feivel) defending the self-admitting bizayon (UOJ) of today's accepted gedolim.

You believe that the great zaddik the Chazon Ish allowed a 'shvantz' such as UOJ to critisize anybody!!!
You believe that the Heiligeh Zaideh ever thought to be mechayev ah einikele to treat gedolim worst the the shmootzig'sdeh paper on earth today????

Reb Shrah Feivel would of committed suicide (with the Chazon Ish's approval) if he knew he would have offspring like the "ain loi chailek l'oilam haaboh" nik.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Low blow Chaimel :-)

Anonymous said...

Does the Agudah get who they are dealing with, with Saland being a Conservative Jew? The Conservative mainstream is pro-gay and the "Keshet" faction within Conservative are radically pro-gay. Many Conservative rabbis are members of Keshet. Keshet is the Hebrew word for rainbow which is a gay symbol. How fitting when it is zecher leNoach and the mabul came because of promoting gays as acceptable.

Anonymous said...

R' Shmuel Salant took the name of his shver R' Zundel Salant, who was previously rov of the Yerushalmi yishuv.

I was once somewhere where R' Elya Svei got up with his trademark voice tone to extoll someone's virtues. Hot er gezogt: Der zayde hot gelernt by R' Lazer Yuda (Finkel) un er's geven a talmid fun dem Alter fun Slabodka un er's geven a talmid fun dem Alter fun Kelm un er's geven a talmid fun R' Yisroel Salanter un er's geven a talmid fun R' Zundel un er's geven a talmid fun R' Chaim Volozhiner (his voice got stuck in overdrive here) un er's geven a talmid fun Gaon.

Chicago Agudah Fresser said...

Oy vay!

4:19 PM

A jury in Chicago convicted the former governor of Illinois, Rod R. Blagojevich, of nearly all the corruption charges against him

Shmarya gets results said...


A YouTube video featuring a man who presented himself as an American gay rights activist disillusioned with the latest Gaza flotilla campaign has been exposed as a hoax.

The man in the video, who introduced himself to viewers as Marc and claimed that the organizers of the latest flotilla of ships bound for Gaza had rejected his offer to mobilize a network of gay activists in support of their cause, was identified as Omer Gershon, a Tel Aviv actor involved in marketing, by the Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian Web site.

Anonymous said...

Shmuel "Boom Boom" Bloom is also a Ner Yishmoel guy? Now it makes sense why he is so bent like Avi Shafran to protect all those horrible pedophiles and sex maniacs that learned there.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Where did Zweibel learn?

Vote Gershon Kranczer onto the Moetzes said...

...and put him in charge of choson and kallah classes aka "sex education" in the oilem goilem hateirah.

Look, if Kranczer could fool and twist and manipulate Aron Schechter, Avigdor Miller, Shmuel Brog (Kranczer's first rebbe in Chaim Berlin and Avigdor Miller's oldest son in law), Leizer Ginzbnurg and all the shmekel rabbonim who referred kids to his Yeshiva Bechiya LeGershon for 20 to 30 years, then the naive Reisman and 101 year old far-removed Rav Eliashiv are putty in Krnaczer hands.

After all this is a guy who got away with convinced his wife (who drove him to the airport to skip the country) and sons and daughters (who he had under his fists 100%) that it's "ok" for everyone in the family to have sex with each other, the girls were as much brainwashed into it as the boys were pushed into it.

This must also have been the type of family Kranczer and his wife, they are first cousins, came from, and sounds like a case of severe illness, immorality and something straight out of what Shabtai Tzvi would have "loved"!

Anonymous said...

In matters pertaining strictly to Chutz LaAretz, Rav Elyashev does not write letters himself. He refers the matter to members of inner circle. As is well known, some of those personalities are gangsters with bad agendas.

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