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by Michael J. Salamon, Ph.D.

The New York Times got it right. In an editorial published on Thursday May 19, the Times castigated the Vatican for issuing "flimsy guidelines" for combating the sexual abuse of children by the clerical hierarchy.

According to the Times, the Vatican "issued nonbinding guidance," giving authority to local bishops which in effect bypasses the need to report the criminal offense of sexual abuse, or for that matter any abuse performed by an official of the Church, to the proper legal authorities.

In essence the report places Church doctrine ahead of the law and allows the local diocese the religious right to shield abusive priests from prosecution. At about the same time the guidelines were released, a study, funded primarily by Church sources, was released. The study allegedly reviews the causes for the sexual abuse scandal in the Church and, in an interesting twist of propaganda, blames the social climate of the 1950s, 60s and 70s for priestly indiscretion.

Taken together, this bizarre approach to coming to grips with the depth of the problem and working to set up parameters to prevent further transgressions is not just counter-intuitive, it's absolutely backward.

The law is quite clear. Individuals who are mandated reporters must report any suspected abuse to the proper authorities. In most states mandated reporters are teachers, doctors, lawyers and child care workers. In many locales clerics are also mandated reporters. Apparently the Church feels that reports are not mandated by Church doctrine and that the best needs of society are secondary to religious doctrine. This could be humorous if it wasn't so sad. Unfortunately, the Church is not alone in this folly.

Last month Agudath Israel of America held a conference for professionals at which the topic of how and when to report suspected abusers was discussed. The presentation of the topic included a good deal of source review and explanation. The presenter was knowledgeable about the issue. But, shockingly, the position advocated by the Agudah sounds astoundingly similar to that promulgated by the Vatican.

The conclusion stated in the Agudah position is that you must first ask a senior rabbi with experience or "even better, you should ask a full beis din" before you can call the proper authorities to report suspected abuse.

As a mental health professional I am a mandated reporter. What this means is that if I am made aware of a situation that raises a reasonable a measure of suspicion that abuse of any type is taking place, I am obligated by law and my professional license to report the situation to the proper authorities.

Nowhere in my professional training are rabbis considered proper legal authorities in this matter. In fact, if I report only to a rabbi, I put not just my professional license in jeopardy but also the welfare of the individual who is being abused.

Rabbis are not generally trained in forensics or police work and simply have no authority to intercede in any legal capacity to aid the abused person or apprehend the abuser. In addition, I may be breaking certain HIPAA laws related to confidentiality if I discuss a situation related to someone I am treating with someone who has no legal standing.

It is important to understand that most professionals do not have to report often, and certainly they do not do so lightly when they feel the need to report. Further, the reporting system, at least in New York and several other states, allows for a discussion with the agency to which the professional reports in order to better determine if a particular case merits investigation.

A professional can discuss in total confidence what he or she sees as suspected abuse - without providing any identifying information - if there is any uncertainty about the situation being a reportable offense. The specialist helps the mandated reporter determine what is reportable. The system is not generally set up as an immediately reflexive and overwhelmingly reactive response - unless there is clear and obvious abuse.

By issuing the doctrine of rabbis as the first report, Agudath Israel has put my license, my parnassah, my professional integrity and the law of the land in jeopardy. And while that alone is sufficient cause to ignore the position, there is one even more imperative justification for not following the mandate. So manyposkim, from Rav Elyashiv to Rav Hershel Schachter, have declared that individuals who abuse children are in the category of a rodef (a pursuer) and should be reported to the police.

I will go by my legal mandate and the psak of my rav. When I suspect abuse, as a mandated reporter I will follow the law. So will most of my colleagues.

Dr. Michael Salamon, a fellow of the American Psychological Association, is the founder and director of ADC Psychological Services in Hewlett, New York and a board member of Ptach. He is the author of numerous articles and several psychological tests and books including "The Shidduch Crisis: Causes and Cures" (Urim Publications) and "Every Pot Has a Cover" (University Press of America). His new book on abuse will be available shortly.


Anonymous said...

I emailed the NYS Bar regarding Zweibel's comments. Here is the reply:
This is in response to your inquiry to the New York State Bar Association regarding the comments of Mr. Zweibel.

If Mr. Zweibel is a lawyer (I don't know whether he is), you can submit a complaint against him to: Grievance Committee for the Second and Eleventh Judicial Districts, Renaissance Plaza, Suite 2400, 335 Adams Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201. If you want to call the Committee, the number is (718) 923-6300.

UOJ fan said...

UOJ: I recall a humorous post you once did about a hysterical conversation between Bishop Nolan and David Zweibel. Can you repost?

UOJ gets results said...

Weiner's Penis Photo Dispute To Be Settled In Small Claims Court by Ann Coulter

06/01/2011 Sometimes I wonder if Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., is too nice for his own good.

An evil swine hacks into Weiner's Twitter account and posts an embarrassing photo of spindly legs topped by a small erect penis draped in dingy gray briefs no male over the age of 11 would wear -- and Anthony just wants to forget the whole thing!

Instead of angrily demanding an investigation like anyone else would, Anthony has gone all St. Francis of Assisi on us.

He doesn't want an investigation! How big-hearted is that? Talk about a forgiving nature! He's almost too magnanimous. I wish I had that kind of forbearance.

Maybe he's ready to live and let live, but speaking as one of Anthony's biggest Twitter followers, I am not. Otherwise, Weiner's hacker is just going to go out and hack and hack again.

So while I admire Anthony's selfless refusal to be "distracted" by this issue, I would urge him to reconsider.

Only a full and complete investigation will show that he had absolutely nothing to do with that humiliating photo of the tiny stub of a male organ sent to a 21-year-old coed from his Twitter address last Friday night.

Anthony needs to remember that hacking is a serious crime. In fact, there probably will have to be a federal investigation whether or not our gentle Anthony requests one.

Another example of Anthony's amazing forbearance is how he has not retaliated against CNN for its malicious editing of Weiner's press conference on Tuesday.

CNN obviously sabotaged the tape to make it look as if he was refusing to answer the simplest, most direct questions. (I confess I did not see the entire conference live; I was too busy sending private messages to the hundreds of college coeds I follow on Twitter, just like Anthony.)

Through sheer trickery, CNN made it appear as if Anthony kept lurching back to the same irrelevant story about a heckler in an audience of 45,000 people.

Anyone could see there was something off about the video because no matter what reporters asked him, CNN kept looping back to that clip of Anthony telling his long, pointless parable about a heckler in an audience and how he'd respond and then demanding that he be allowed to finish, when he obviously had already finished.

This falsely suggested that he was stonewalling reporters. Perhaps the CNN tape was hacked, too.

It's time for Anthony to stand up for himself, if you'll pardon the expres -- Hey, wait a minute! Now my column is being hacked!!! -- and demand an investigation of both the hacker and CNN.

You don't need to apologize for anything, congressman. Your only problem is, you're just too damn nice.

UOJ gets results said...

But knowing Anthony, he'll probably forgive CNN. There's a reason why, year in and year out, Anthony Weiner has been voted Congress' most forgiving person.

I try to be a good Christian, but it took Anthony Weiner to show me what true mercy is. I salute you, congressman! ...

The preceding several paragraphs are what we call "irony," i.e. saying one thing while meaning the opposite.


The reason the congressman is so eager to forgive the hacker is that there is no hacker. He cannot have an investigation for the simple reason that it will show that he posted the photograph himself.

In a panic when he saw he had hit the wrong button and sent a private tweet of his pecker to his entire Twitter following, Weiner blurted out the hacker defense, quickly typing: "FB hacked. Is my blender gonna attack me next?"

Unfortunately, there was no lawyer in the room to tell him: "Don't say that! They'll have to investigate!"

On Sunday, his staff followed up with a press release, saying: "Anthony's accounts were obviously hacked."

So he can't now claim he didn't say it.

After hiring a lawyer, Weiner quickly backpedaled from the "hacker" claim and began insisting, in another press release: "This was a prank. We are loath to treat it as more."
If it was a prank, then why did he hire a lawyer?

Weiner isn't a celebrity: He's a CONGRESSMAN. Whoever can hack into his Twitter account may be able to hack into other congressmen's accounts -- or into Weiner's briefing files from, say, the Department of Defense.

(Indeed, unless the alleged hacker is arrested, who knows how many Anthony Weiner penis shots could start circulating on Twitter?)

But when one of Weiner's colleagues, Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Fla., requested a congressional investigation into cybersecurity based on Weiner's self-proclaimed computer attack on his Twitter account, Weiner denounced and insulted Stearns.

The best Weiner can do now is try to take his utterly humiliating penis photo out of the realm of criminal law by eliding "hacked" into "pranked." Legally, it's not clear what the difference is.

He's stuck angrily announcing that he wants to move on, there's important work to be done, and calling a CNN reporter a "jackass" merely for asking if Weiner sent the penis photo or not.

For a guy who's suddenly taking the position that this was all just a harmless prank, he seemed pretty bent out of shape at that CNN press conference. If that condition persists for more than four hours, congressman, consult your doctor.

Skver Mafia 3 said...

Lower Hudson Valley, lohud.com:

"Rabbi's follower clashes with New Square burn victim's family

May. 26, 2011

NEW SQUARE — Relatives of a man who was severely burned in an arson attack were shouted down by a resident of this Hasidic enclave Wednesday for going against the will of the community's grand rebbe.

A lawyer for Aron Rottenberg, the 43-year-old plumber who suffered burns on half his body Sunday, held a news conference in front of the Rottenberg home to call for state and federal investigations into the arson attack.

Lawyer Michael Sussman, joined by Rottenberg's son and son-in-law, said that Rottenberg was harassed for months by the Skver Hasidic sect that runs New Square because he would not pray at the main synagogue, as required by Grand Rebbe David Twersky.

"This is nothing other than religious bigotry," Sussman said. "If it doesn't stop, it will get worse."

Early in the news conference, a six-year New Square resident, Shulem Sofer, began screaming that Sussman was lying. He yelled out that Rottenberg broke the community's rules and that it was justifiable to try to burn down Rottenberg's home, but not to injure the man.

"The rabbi never said to do fire to people," Sofer screamed in a high-pitched voice. "It's anti-Semitism. It's anti-New Square."

Sussman countered that people in the United States are free to pray where they want, but Sofer said he followed the grand rebbe's rules.

"I am from Jew land," he said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

Rottenberg's son-in-law, Moshed Elbaum, asked Sofer what his father-in-law had done wrong. Sofer replied, "It's the wrong thing to go against the rabbi."

As close to 50 people watched, mostly men in wide-rimmed black hats, Sussman and Rottenberg's relatives retreated onto the lawn of the home, and police used tape to separate them from Sofer.

Shaul Spitzer, 18, who formerly worked in Twersky's home and is the cousin of the village's deputy mayor, has been charged with first-degree attempted arson, second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault in the attack on Rottenberg.

After Wednesday's news conference, the men on the street sharply disagreed about who was at fault, Rottenberg for not following the grand rebbe's rules or Twersky for not speaking out against violence before the attack.

Menasha Luftig, 33, said that Rottenberg knowingly angered the community.

"He abused us more than was done to him," Luftig said. "We told him a few times not to go against the rebbe. Mr. Rottenberg was ready to fight. There is a saying in the Bible, 'Watch out when you play around with your spiritual leaders. You can get burned.' "

Ezrel Zarkowsky, 25, said he received great support from Twersky and the community when his 2-year-old daughter was killed in a traffic accident before Passover.

"This is not just a village; it's a family," he said. "Mr. Rottenberg came, and his whole goal was to split this family."

Skver Mafia 4 said...

"Rabbi's follower clashes with New Square burn victim's family

But Pinches Dirnfeld, 26, who attends Columbia University, blamed Twersky for letting the violence get out of control and said he looked forward to leaving New Square.

"This kid couldn't have the means nor the courage to do this all by himself," Dirnfeld said. "He must have had help. I don't think the rebbe determined what happened. But he knew there were terror attacks carried out in his name and did nothing about it, so I hold him responsible."

A note posted in Hebrew at the main synagogue Wednesday condemned violence of any kind.

"Much effort was made to settle the matter amicably and peacefully, and there is no justification why private people should take such an action," it said.

On Tuesday, Twersky was visited in New Square by Rabbi Meir Lau, a former chief rabbi of Israel and current chief rabbi of Tel Aviv, according to the blog FailedMessiah, which reports on Hasidic communities. The blog showed pictures of Twersky and Lau talking and laughing over a plate of fruit.

Rottenberg's wife, Ruth Rottenberg, told reporters in her home Wednesday that the family had been harassed since her husband started attending prayers at a nearby nursing facility around the High Holidays in the fall. She said he believed prayers were too long in the main synagogue.

Their 15-year-old daughter was soon kicked out of school, she said, and their home and car windows were smashed. A week before the attack, an anonymous phone caller said their house "won't be worth a penny," she said.

Calls to the police went nowhere.

"It sounded like this was acceptable, to police, to everyone," she said.

Her husband had more than eight hours of surgery, including skin grafts, Tuesday at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla. He has third-degree burns on half his body.

Aron Rottenberg encountered Spitzer with flammable liquid outside the family home early Sunday, police said. They struggled, and both were burned.

Spitzer, who was released from custody Tuesday on $300,000 bail, is in the Cornell Medical Center burn unit in Manhattan for severe burns on his hands and arms.

Sussman called for state and federal investigations. He said that "cowardice" characterized Rockland and state politicians who are too indebted to the Hasidic voting bloc to push for justice.

New Square, an enclave deliberately cut off from the outside world, is home to the fast-growing Skver Hasidic sect. The village's population increased by 50 percent to 6,944 between 2000 and 2010.

Twersky became grand rebbe in 1968, succeeding his father, Rabbi Yakov Yosef Twersky, who had established New Square with a small group of followers in 1954. The Skver Hasidic sect dates to the late 1700s in the City of Skver in modern-day Ukraine."

Skver Rebbe and Iran Ayatolas have identical mindsets said...


"U.S. demands answers in death of Iranian dissidentFrom Elise Labott, CNN State Department Producer

June 1, 2011

Washington (CNN) -- The State Department called on the government of Iran Wednesday to investigate the death of a human rights activist this week, reportedly after security forces got into a confrontation with mourners at her father's funeral.

Haleh Sahabi, an opposition activist and women's rights advocate, was arrested during Iran's 2009 post-election crackdown and was given a two-year jail sentence. She was allowed out of prison to attend the funeral of her father, noted Iranian dissident Ezatollah Sahabi.

According to opposition websites, Sahabi was pushed to the ground during a scuffle between mourners and security forces and died of cardiac arrest. She was in her mid-50s.

The opposition web site Kaleme said that security forces tried to interfere with the carrying of the body, confronting Sahabi and other mourners. She was clutching a photo of her father to her chest and fell when the security forces tried to take it from her, Kaleme reported.

Another opposition site, Sahamnews, said one of the security forces punched her in the abdomen.

"Both Haleh and her father suffered in life for their political activism including imprisonment," deputy State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. "We call on the Iranian government to investigate the circumstances of her death. If reports are accurate that government security forces contributed to her death, this would demonstrate a deplorable disregard for human dignity and respect on the part of the Iranian authorities."

Toner questioned the presence of security forces at the funeral and said the initial reports that Sahabi's death was related to the scuffle between the mourners and the security forces need explaining.

"Why Iranian security forces would have been at this event is question number one, and question number two is whether there was some kind of physical altercation that caused her to suffer," he said.

Semi-official news agencies like Mehr and Fars said that Sahabi had not died at the hands of security forces, but rather due to a pre-existing heart condition.

Sahabi's death comes just two weeks before the June 12 anniversary of the 2009 Iranian election, in which the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad angered supporters of Iran's opposition movement and sparked massive protests that were followed by a crackdown by the Iranian government.

The Obama administration has increased pressure on the Iranian regime over alleged human rights violations, imposing sanctions recently on individuals believed to be responsible for violence against the opposition."

Weinfeld's shul said...

Does anyone know what's going on with Yudi Kolko?

He currently has three active criminal cases, 2 because he violated probation after the 2 old arrests and now something new.

Kings Criminal Court
Case # 2010KN092455

This case is from an arrest at the end of 2010 for contempt of court in the 2nd degree. Does that also stem from violating probation or is it something entirely different?

All this is keeping Kolko busy as he has been in court 10 times in the last 6 months.

Congressman Anthony Weenie said...


Dr. Miringoff added that Mr. Weiner’s “non-denial denial” in deflecting questions about whether the photo in question was, in fact, of him, reminded him of former President Bill Clinton’s use of the word “is” in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Both versions of the story are correct said...

Google said Wednesday that hundreds of users of Gmail, its e-mail service, had been the targets of clandestine attacks apparently originating in China that were aimed at stealing their passwords and monitoring their e-mail.

In a blog post, the company said the victims included senior government officials in the United States, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries, military personnel and journalists.

It is the second time Google has pointed to an area of China as the source of an Internet intrusion.

On Thursday, the Chinese government rejected suggestions that it was linked to the attack.

Last year, Google said it had traced a sophisticated invasion of its computer systems to people based in China.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Thursday that the government had no involvement in any such attacks, declaring that it “consistently opposes any criminal activities that damage the Internet and computer networks including hacking and cracks down these activities according to law.”

“Hacking is an international issue, and China is also a victim of hacking,” according to an official transcript of a Foreign Ministry spokesman’s remarks. “The claim that China supports hacking is completely created out of nothing, and is out of ulterior motives.”

The official Chinese news agency’s report on the episode repeatedly cast doubt on Google’s own credibility and past practices, saying that it “arbitrarily pointed its finger at China” with “baseless complaints.”

Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said the White House was looking into the matter.

China’s foreign ministry further said linking the Chinese authorities to such attacks was “baseless, highly irresponsible and hype with ulterior motives.”

This year, the Chinese government has stepped up its controls over the Internet within the country, with increased scrutiny of news and blog sites, particularly in the wake of political upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East.


UOJ said Wednesday that 100s of readers of his blog had been the targets of clandestine attacks apparently originating in YTT's offices that were aimed at monitoring their e-mail.

In a blog post, UOJ said the victims included senior government officials in the United States, anti-molester activists & journalists.

It is the 2nd time UOJ has pointed to YTT as the source of an Internet intrusion.

On Thursday, Torah Temimah rejected suggestions that it was linked to the attack.

Previously, UOJ said he had traced a sophisticated invasion of his computer systems to people based in YTT.

Bungalow Putz Neuhoff also said Thursday he had no involvement in any such attacks, declaring he “consistently opposes any criminal activities that damage the Internet and computer networks including hacking and of course molesting of any kind.”

“Hacking is an international issue, and Dr. Neuhoff & YTT are also victims of hacking,” according to a hazmana from Belsky to the Blogger service demanding to know more details. “The claim that Rabbi Margulies or Dr. Neuhoff support hacking is completely created out of nothing, and out of ulterior motives.”

The official Agudah response by Avi Shafran on the episode repeatedly cast doubt on UOJ’s own credibility and past practices, saying he “arbitrarily pointed his finger at YTT and so called molesters” with “baseless complaints.”

A spokeswoman for JBAC, said several advocacy groups were looking into the matter to see if any victim accounts were compromised which could lead to illegal harassment by agents of Margulies.

Yankel Applegrad speaking on behalf of Margulies said linking YTT authorities to such attacks was “baseless, highly irresponsible & hype with ulterior motives.”

This year, the Agudah in concert with YTT has stepped up its controls over the Internet, with increased scrutiny of blog sites, particularly in the wake of upheaval of molesters at various yeshivos.

Frankel's shul mizrach shvantz said...

It's very easy to be found in contempt of court. That old crook Abramcyzk got slapped with it after he cursed the judge in his criminal case to go 6 feet under. Although the judge was a secular Jew he understood what Abramczyk was saying in Yiddish.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...


Here is R' Aron Schechter joining R' Dovid Feinstein & R' Feivel Cohen in what basically amounts to telling off the OU for ignoring the issur on anisakis parasites from all the gedolei Eretz Yisroel from Rav Elyashev on down. This is also directed at most of the other American hashgochos that are hiding behind Belsky's heter for the OU.

Gee whiz, R' Aron Schechter, what about that other psak from all the gedolim that molesters must be reported to the police?

The Thinking Jew said...

I'm Back!


UOJ gets results said...

PLACERVILLE, Calif (AP) Wife of sex offender who kidnapped, raped California girl held 18 years gets 36 years to life.

Pathetic said...

Hamodia gave Belsky a chance to respond to the kol korey. He made it sound like there is a vast conspiracy against him, that he is the only who really knows what R' Moishe held.

That is really odd considering that R' Moishe's eldest son signed against him.

And according to R' Yudel Shain, Rav Elyashev is privately telling rabbonim like himself who visit him in person that they should not rely on any of Belsky's heterim.

Zurich Agudah Fresser said...

Abramczyk was arrested once before in Switzerland. The way the story goes, he wanted to convince the judge he is gut meshugge to get no jail so he pulls down his hoizen to take a pish in the middle of the court.

Anonymous said...

Belsky had it all figured out how to dispute Rav Elyashev. He tells everyone that R' Moishe told him privately that these worms are ok to eat. So why doesn't he sit down with Rav Elyashev to tell him what he knows? Maybe that would expose him so he comes up with a scheme to ensure the meeting never took place. He gave a ridiculous pre-condition for the meeting that Rav Elyashev would not agree to and which is an insult to he who is the gadol hador of over 100 years old amv"s.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Elyashiv believes Belsky is an oisvorf. Belsky flew to EY specifically to talk to RE about a year ago, they would NOT LET HIM IN THE DOOR!

kashrus insider said...

To expand on the comments of anon 2:36 and UOJ:

Rav Elyashev's gabboyim were originally not letting Rabbi Belsky in based on his spearheading the bittul kiddushin in Flatbush and his heterim for cow milk after surgical procedures and Far East vegetable oil stored in hot treif tankers.

A little later when the anisakis controversy exploded, RYSE was willing to sit down with Rabbi Belsky if it meant putting the myth to rest that all parasites are permitted, thus saving most of world Jewry from transgressing. This is when Rabbi B came up with the condition that no gabboyim be allowed in the room. The reason why RYSE reportedly did not agree is because he wants witnesses present during the conversation so that Rabbi B cannot twist things out of context upon returning to America.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Sounds exactly like Belsky! In brief, RE knows exactly how much Belsky can be trusted on anything!

Anonymous said...

There are poskim who allow the DA procedure milk including Rav Chatzkel Roth who is among the biggest.

Rav Elyashev is cholek on those poskim.

The problem with Belsky is that he is contradicting himself on DA milk with something that has zero basis in halacha. He admits the cows themselves are treif but dreys a kop that somehow the milk coming from them is not treif. You cannot imagine how many hours have been spent by roshei yeshiva and rabbonim who have engaged Belsky on this topic, only to come out scratching their heads because they cannot understand how the man is making any sense.

Anonymous said...

The scandal with the oil tankers is being covered up by both Belsky and Menachem Genack after Rav Hershel Schechter wrote a letter to them 10 years ago that there is no way to allow it. The letter was supressed for years until it was leaked to Rabbi Yudel Shain by a fed up insider at the OU.

There was supposedly a heter issued by Rav Moshe Feinstein in the 1970s but that was based on incomplete information presented to him by Berel Levy of the OK.

Nobody did anything about this apart from the Badatz who made sure their oils do not have the problem, until the London Beis Din came along last year to certify a tanker line.

Big shot from LA said...

comment on another blog,

ask rabbi bess he is the anisakas expert he made a parlor meeting in LA for chaim berlin thats why r,aron schechter was forced to sign $$$ kesef yana ess hakoel !!!!!!!!!!

Shmarya groupie said...


Mamash an avlah

Anonymous said...

Like R' Belsky or not, he is no fool. And only a fool would let Rav Elyashiv's "Gaboyim" in on a meeting of importance. These guys have a great track record for abusing the Rav's clout and assuring everything they can, from Slifkin onward.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

A high IQ should not be confused with Belsky being a psycho.

He was always seriously crazy, just had an uncanny ability to disguise it like most psychopaths.

Think Ted Bundy and Ted Kaczynzki.

Just the facts, man said...

Just because you are bitter over the Slifkin affair, and you have a right to be, don't get carried away here.

Rav Elyashev needless to say is smart enough to know that Belsky is capable of trickery.

A lot of stuff goes on in Rav Elyashev's name without him necessarily knowing about it, as true, some of those gabbaim are like mafia, but this was different. One of the participants was going to be Rav Elyashev's grandson and it was probably going to be videotaped.

For those of us who don't believe much in coincidences, this was perfect cover if Belsky wanted to make sure the meeting would never take place. A meeting where Belsky could likely be unmasked when it is already highly suspicious that he claims to be the only person in the world who supposedly heard a psak of major significance from R' Moshe.

Old Torah Vodaas said...

At least the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski finished writing his lunatic manifesto while Belsky has been making excuses for years why he hasn't finished writing his "halacha teshuva" on why milk from treif cows should be mutter. One excuse he recently said at an assifa in Lakewood is that he hasn't had time with all the "meshugoyim" who keep distracting him with loaded questions.

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...


I am against serial killings of any kind



Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

I'm against bombing of any kind even innocent people.


Aron Schechters antics said...

"My Way or the Highway said...Here is R' Aron Schechter joining R' Dovid Feinstein & R' Feivel Cohen in what basically amounts to telling off the OU for ignoring the issur on anisakis parasites from all the gedolei Eretz Yisroel from Rav Elyashev on down. This is also directed at most of the other American hashgochos that are hiding behind Belsky's heter for the OU."

It's impossible to imagine that the veteran rosh yeshiva of CB, Rav Yitzchok Hutner zt'l, the rebbe muvhak of both Aron Schechter and Feivel Cohen would get involved in hashgochas and kashrus disputes let alone craft and sign public "kol kores" about disputed WORMS in fish of all things. Just shows the yeridas hadoros.

Rav Hutner was involved in signing the 1956 ban that forbid joining the Synagogue Council with Reform and Conservative clergy on it. That's the one type of ban he signed.

It's also surprising to see Dovid Feinstein sign with Aron Schechter when it is known that he has repeatedly affirmed and stood by his father's psak AGAINST Aron Schechter for the way CB kicked out its mashgiach ruchani the still living Rav Shlomo Carlebach (not the singer) who is still the official mashgiach of CB as Rav Moshe Feinstein paskened in writing.

"Gee whiz, R' Aron Schechter, what about that other psak from all the gedolim that molesters must be reported to the police?"

And how about coming clean and capturing CB alumnus Gershon Kranczer who raped his own daughters, or getting rid of CB insider and child kidnapper Michael Hersh?

Well at least we know what Aron Schechter's main targets are: banning wig stores in front of CB, banning Lipa Shmeltzer concerts, banning worms in fish (as if anyone wants to eat them), while he brazenly lets incestuous rapists like Kranczer escape, protects child abusers like Michael Hersh, and covers up for corrupt perverts like Leib Tropper, Nate Segal and Ephraim Lazerson. Very nice.

Yitz said...

"One of the participants was going to be Rav Elyashev's grandson"

The one who attended the recent event in honor of Tropper and his sefer on Taharas Yisroel?

Look, I'm not going to defend Belsky. But it's hardly as though the situation with Rav Elyashiv and his family/gabba'im is clean and honest.

Anonymous said...

this just in


Can we expect this type of stuff soon in judaism.

Anonymous said...


Lower East Side said...
If you know anything about R' Dovid Feinstein, you will know that where there is machlokes or discord, he likes to be very pareve and low key about things. It is exactly his style to sound vague in a case like this. He does the same thing when the shvogger Moses Tendler distorts the tatten's psokim. He did the same thing when a relative of his was making a churban of restaurant hashgochos in Manhattan. And he tries to avoid saying a cross word to Chaim Berlin even when he was forced to verify by the Carlebach mishpocho that R' Moishe's sruv against Chaim Berlin still stands, when Fruchthandler was running around town making up stories that it was taken off.
Thu Jun 02, 10:35:00 PM 2011

Skver Rebbe starts to smell the coffee said...

Posted on FM blog:

"June 03, 2011

Skvere Rebbe Says Anyone Who Commits Violent Acts Will Cause More Bad Things To Happen To Me Than Victim's Attorney Ever Could

The Holy Mesivta of New Square publishes a letter in the name of the Skere Rebbe, David Twersky, that says anyone who commits violent acts against dissidents will cause worse damage to Skvere and the Rebbe than attack victim Aron Rottenberg's attorney, MIchael Sussman, ever could.

Originally posted at 11:34 pm CDT Thursday, June 2.

Sussman is hated because he has called for a federal investigation into the attack on the Rottenbergs, and because he is known as an attorney who has successfully handled other hasidic disputes.

This letter was posted on HydePark (scroll down), the Israeli haredi forum. It was copied from there and sent to me by a reader.

Here is a rough translation:

We wish to announce what the Rebbe, may he live a long life, commanded the chief judge of the religious court of New Square, may he live a long life, today:

"Publicly announce in my name that people will say that they [the Rebbe and New Square’s rabbinic and political leadership] condemned violence only because the Rebbe is giving up his honor [i.e., he is under great external pressure so he has to look as if he opposes violence, and has to make himself appear as if he must follow secular law], but we must continue on [with the violence and harassment] and be willing to sacrifice ourselves for the Rebbe’s honor [by doing what he really wants: harassing dissidents].

"I want to tell them that if they commit violent acts [now], it is very bad for Skvere and for me, more than anything the lawyer Sussman might do. Do not make harassing telephone calls [to dissidents, or to Sussman], and do not even talk badly [about them].

"In the merit of listening to the words of the sages [i.e., the great rabbis / the Rebbe] we will receive the holy Torah with all of its good results [i.e., we will be protected from Sussman, the federal and state governments, etc., we will live prosperous, healthy lives, etc.]."

Hey rebbenew, you should have thought of saying this a lot earlier, teaching it to your chasidimlach, and practice what you preach. It's too late for this baloney now because the cat is out of the bag now and you're gonna pay for your foul deeds.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a cover up with Anthony Weinie. If it was a cybercrime against a Congressman, the Capitol Police and FBI would be investigating.

And the AP is reporting that the putz who is married to an Arab woman was the one following the girl on Twitter, not the other way around of her following him.

New Jersey said...

Anyone know if a Tendler was involved?


A woman who may have been engaged in sexual activity in a township cemetery Tuesday evening was injured when a tombstone fell on her leg, police said.

The 39-year-old woman was not badly hurt, and the administration of Ahavath Israel Cemetery declined to press charges, according to police.

The woman was with a male friend in the graveyard off Cedar Lane just before 7 p.m. visiting the grave of a relative. When the two engaged in some “extracurricular activities,” one of the grave markers rolled onto the woman’s leg, Capt. James Stevens said.

The woman was taken by ambulance to Capital Health Regional Medical Center for treatment. Police did not know the extent of her injuries.

Cemetery management was contacted, but no criminal investigation of the two was launched after the administration decided not to file a criminal complaint.

Ansakis Bullshit said...

R' Moshe was matir them, because they are Shratzim that are nolad B'mayim.

Anonymous said...

Cut it out already. The only one who claims R' Moishe was matir is Belsky. Don't you think it's kind of strange that he would be the only person who supposedly heard it from him?

Nolad bemayim. Yeah. Do you know any halacha or are you parroting some terminology you think you understand? Whenever new information comes up that restricts consumption of food, all you fressers come out of the woodwork to find excuses to keep stuffing your faces and filling your stomachs.