Friday, July 15, 2011

Miserable Opportunists!




Q said...

The entire Hatzola and shomrim orginazations are all opportunists.

Dovy said...

What's with the dashes in some of the Hebrew words?

ben Moshe Tuvia said...

They are too holy to chas v'chalila put a yud next to a hey. More foolish piety. Then again, I'm not one to put a dash in the middle of the word God. My father's middle name has a yud next to a hey and my last name has a yud next to a yud.
I am an anti dasher.

MURDER In The Air At Skver said...


"Cops said the way Aron dismembered the boy showed some proficiency...it looks like he went through the joints, like he knew what he was doing...You don't kidnap a kid for the first time, tie him up in your house, leave, go to work, then come back and kill him then...Investigators said they were confident that Aron attended Monday's wedding reception for Dina Munk and Yakov Morsel at Ateres Charna catering hall in New Square, but did not know if he took the boy in with him, or left him at his attic apartment, or kept in his car outside."


Why is it any wonder that in a place like Skver Town where RIGHT NOW the air is filled with the stinking stench of attempted murder by chasidim/thugs of the Skver Robber who sent his thugs to burn down the house and murder the family of someone much weaker than him who wanted to daven in a another minyan, that at that same place another murderer comes to dance at a wedding like a COLD-BLOODED BLOODTHIRSTY DRACULA as he gets ready to slice up an eight year old chasidishe boy as if he were a salami sandwich???!!!

The Skver Robber should be locked up and tried with Levi Aron because they are one and the same in their callous sociopathic delusional disregard for human life and Jewish blood no better than low-life animal Nazis, in fact they are worse because while the Nazzis were goyim, the Skver Robber and Levi Aron (what a crazy name for a murderer) are so called "frum" Jews what a disgrace!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong if Misaskim has the family's permission

Anonymous said...


A woman who lives three doors down from "the Butcher of Brooklyn" said yesterday that the madman had tried to kidnap her young son right off their block, but that she scared him away with her screams.

"The story is true. We're going through a lot of trauma here," Zisa Berkowitz told The Post from her East Second Street home, steps from where Levi Aron admittedly suffocated 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky with a bath towel in Aron's Kensington attic apartment.

NYPD detectives spoke to the mom on Wednesday, just hours after Aron was arrested for Kletzky's murder and dismemberment.

The alleged kidnap attempt occurred within the past two years, sources said, and is further evidence of Aron's longtime freakish fascination with young boys.

A former neighbor who grew up across the street said the "oddball . . . used to give kids rides in cars."

Aron later moved to Tennessee, where his creepy stare freaked out customers at the kosher deli where he worked as a butcher. He was married briefly before bolting back to Brooklyn.

A Facebook "friend" told the iPad news publication The Daily that Aron had written on the site that "he likes Brooklyn more than Tennessee because there are more boys here."

Aron went after another local boy in a failed kidnapping attempt about a week before the Leiby murder, sources told The Daily.

Sources yesterday described the subsequent butchery in greater detail.

They said Aron cut off the boy's entire legs so the body would better fit in a small suitcase. He then severed the feet and placed them in the freezer as a sick souvenir.

He spent yesterday in the Bellevue Hospital prison ward undergoing a court-mandated psychiatric evaluation. He wasn't allowed any visitors, and no member of his Orthodox Jewish family even tried to see him.

Anonymous said...


BROOKLYN, NY (PIX11)— "He told the boy, come into my car, come into my car, and the boy was very afraid, and he was 11 and a little smarter and he ran away."

That shocking statement by an Orthodox Jewish woman on Wednesday, on the day Levi Aron was arrested for dismembering an 8-year-old boy in his attic apartment--apparently rattled the NYPD when it appeared on YouTube.

The woman was telling Hamodia, a community paper in Borough Park, about Levi Aron attempting to lure a neighborhood boy on his own block, East 2nd Street, two weeks before Leibby Kletzky was snatched on 18th Avenue in Borough Park.

Simon Gifter is a reporter for Hamodia. Late Wednesday morning, Gifter's colleague asked Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly, if there had been a previous kidnapping attempt by Aron. The Commissioner was unaware but vowed a thorough investigation.

The woman told the newspaper Hamodia that 'Shomrim', a volunteer Orthodox safety patrol, might have been told instead of NYPD. And today--the mother of the 11-year-old boy confirmed the attempted luring to the New York Post, saying "The story is true. We're going through a lot of trauma here." The Post said NYPD detectives spoke to the mom Wednesday, the day Leibby's dismembered body was discovered 3 doors from her own home.

Sources from Hamodia say an NYPD captain showed up at their offices the same day to discourage a report about a previous kidnapping attempt by Aron.

Anonymous said...


WPIX is the only media outlet to report that Leiby Kletzky was autistic. That explains a lot as even adults who are autistic are very gullible.

Anonymous said...


Aron was working as a clerk in a hardware store near his home. Fellow co-workers at the hardware store said he came to work Tuesday, a day after the 8-year-old boy went missing. According to one of those employees, the suspect took part in prayers Tuesday, that Leiby would be found, a day after the boy went missing. He even corrected the pronunciation of the missing Leiby’s name when it was mispronounced during that prayer.

Woodmere said...


Mugshot of Isaac Zucker from Aish Kodesh

Isaac Zucker, 47, of Westwood Road, Woodmere, was ordered held on $300,000 bond or $150,000 cash bail after pleading not guilty to charges he stole more than $600,000 from Congregation Aish Kodesh

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Nothing wrong if Misaskim has the family's permission


The child's funeral was Wednesday night July 13, and the advertising campaign was up on Thursday night...with all the graphics and art work. Do you think they asked the Kletsky family can we turn your child's horrendous murder into a business?

Fact Checker said...

What's the truth with the allegation that Aron tried to kidnap the Berkowitz kid a year ago?

WPIX besheim Hamodia is casting it that there is a police cover up.

Eckstein is casting it that he is in agreement with the police that they think Mrs. Berkowitz makes up stories.

I tend to think that WPIX is more accurate. We already have BP Shomrim being moydeh that their rabbonim tell them not to call the cops when the perp is heimish. Even if the cops were made aware, there may have been a cover up through the office of Charlie Hynes like where we see whenever Belsky and Iggud Harabbonim are nearby.

Ed Koch said...


He turns 87 in December, he's been out of office for 21 years, yet he has more fire in the belly than most prime-time pols. Ed Koch still stirs the drink.

His latest bold stroke aims to punish his Democratic Party for backing President Obama's policy on Israel. Hoping to pry Jews away from Obama, Koch is offering to endorse the Republican in the special election for the House seat formerly held by the disgraced Anthony Weiner.

"If Jewish New Yorkers and others who support Israel were to turn away from the Democratic Party in that congressional election and elect the Republican candidate to Congress in 2011, it might very well cause President Obama to change his hostile position on the State of Israel," Koch wrote in a recent commentary. In an interview, he admitted to me he is disappointed the bid hasn't gotten more traction. But, as always, he remains firm in his determination to shake up the status quo.

He is also happy to embarrass the Jewish Dems in Congress who refuse to publicly criticize Obama, even as they privately claim they lobby behind the scenes to get him to change course. Koch scoffs at their timidity, comparing them to "mice."

"I don't understand why people aren't standing up and yelling and screaming," he said of top elected officials. "They are much too quiet. Sooner or later, the Jews will wake up."

The heart of his criticism is that Obama is pushing Israel for concessions without demanding that Hamas, the terror group now part of the Palestinian government, agree to stop using violence and recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Koch is right -- all of Obama's demands are on Israel, which has the perverse effect of legitimizing Arab violence. It is also a denial of the truth that the real problem is a Palestinian culture still bent on destroying Israel.

Anonymous said...

How is Levi Aron a cousin of the Munks from Far Rockaway as the Rockland Journal News claims when another newspaper says Aron's parents are baalei teshuva? The other paper quotes his Israeli-Bucharian ex-wife that Aron was always bitter that he was given the shaft in shidduchim because in his view he was being passed over due to his parents being BTs. Does anyone know if Jack Aron is one of those weirdos like Michael Hersh who passed through Rabbi Brog's BT shiur in Chaim Berlin?

Anonymous said...

Here something for investigators to take a closer look at. The Skverrer catering people told reporters and police that no one at the chassuna knew yet that Leiby was missing. But the Rockland Journal News interviewed the guests from Far Rockaway who said everyone at the simcha already knew.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Aron left a trail of crime and destruction, the police have yet to uncover it. A 35 year old guy does not became evil overnight. I urge law enforcement to investigate Aron's time as a student in Yeshiva Torah Vodaath - 425 E.9th St. Brooklyn.

Memphis said...

Aron left Memphis to live for one year in Little Rock, Arkansas. He became engaged to a girl there but it broke up a week before the wedding. Little Rock does have one officially orthodox synagogue but it is a very strange place. It is a magnet for New Yorkers that have serious issues. Why else would they be interested in such a weird place. The shul goes through more rabbis than Skokie yeshiva. One of the recent rabbis, Kalman Wennick who's now in LA, wore a purple hat with a pink feather that looks like a cross between a cowboy hat and a pimp hat. He first received orthodox semicha but then also Conservative & Reform in a bizarre quest to unite all Jews. Incidentally, St Louis which is to the north of Memphis also attracts weird New Yorkers including the black sheep of a prominent Agudath Israel family.

Memphis said...


The ex-wife of a man accused this week of killing an 8-year-old boy in New York asked Memphis authorities in 2006 for protection from him, saying he'd punched her with a closed fist, threatened to ruin her name in the community and have her children taken away.

According to court records, Deborah Parnell Aron claimed her then-husband, Levi Aron, had been diagnosed with a behavioral disorder and that he took medication for the condition.

On Dec. 18, 2006, she said, her estranged husband showed up at her home and was let in by a family member. She told authorities he approached her as she was trying to sleep and asked her to have sex with him. She refused.

Earlier that day, Levi Aron had called her and told her that if she didn't sleep with him he would kill himself, court records show.

Deborah Aron told police she'd received roughly 100 phone calls and many text messages -- including some that called her derogatory names -- every day for three months. She also said he used profanity in front of her children.

The order of protection was dismissed in January 2007 at Deborah Aron's request. The couple divorced the same year.

Anonymous said...


Aron was constantly trying to hook up with non-Jewish women through Facebook

Anonymous said...

Dr. Phyllis Chesler, emerita professor of psychology and women's studies at the City University of New York and frequent op-ed contributor to Arutz Sheva offered her perspective on the psyche of mentally disturbed individuals. "Loner men; 'strange' or 'weird' men are often trouble, not only to themselves but to others". While she said that there is no one template for an abuser or killer, she did say that "one who talks to himself, lights fires, tortures animals and has no friends are traits that are often present in the profiles of serial killers" and called on the community to courageously confront these aberrant behaviors.

Avremel Schorr Habor said...


Lipa Schmeltzer is trying to capitalize on Leiby. Does anyone know how to reach into a computer and rip apart a YouTube clip?

Leopold Margulies said...

"has no friends are traits that are often present in the profiles of serial killers"

I never killed nobody, at least not beyudayim. UOJ says I have no friends ober tziz nisht emess. I am friends mit Belsky.

Avrohom Rabinowich said...


I am coming forward to expose the truth and the share the injustice that my children & I have suffered at the hand of Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich. The purpose of coming forward at this moment is to put an end to the abuse & pain inflicted upon us by my ex husband & hopefully give strength & hope to other woman & children who suffer at the hands of people in positions of religious & political power.

I was married to Rabbi Avraham Rabinowich for 4 years, arranged by a prominent Rabbi In Boston with the expectation that I was devoting my life to a moral & ethical standard. The guise of propriety began to unravel shortly after our nuptials. The anger & abuse both physically & emotional began to emerge as I became fearful as to what life I was living. Further information began to emerge about his criminal history of arrest, abduction by his father which caused his mother not to see him for 20 years, false rabbinical degree, arrest record for stealing with minors, monetary illegal conduct & disorderly conduct.

After I filed for divorce my ex & his father threatened to kidnap the children and threatened my life if I was to press the issue, I sought protection from the NY Family Court & was granted an order of protection against both my ex-husband & his father in 2004. As a Clinical Health Psychologist, it was clear to me that my children were being negatively impacted by ex-husband’s abuse & unwillingness to seek therapy for his sociopathic behavior.

After my ex refused to grant me a get for years, the divorce was finalized in August of 2004 after he was caught on tape with prostitutes. He was subsequently exiled from the Orthodox Community & sought refuge in the conservative jewish domain.

My ex-husband took me to court again in 2007, making false abuse allegations, filing false CPS reports which have ALL been unfounded, lodging numerous complaints against me including one before the Nassau County Family Court where I was interning as a Psychologist and Child & Family Advocate of Hofstra Law School, going into my 2nd year of law school. I was forced to leave my employment at the court & put my studies on hold.

Rabinowich has also engaged in violating orders of protections, investigating me day and night, harassing the children & I, my family, my employment & even my synagogue.

The children have suffered tremendously & the Children for Justice Foundation wrote a letter regarding their concern for the well being of the children, as well as physicians, teachers & more to the court.

Unfortunately, these facts have been overshadowed by my ex-husband’s manipulation of the system, a Judge who adjudicated my case for 7 years is currently being investigated for racketeering with a litigant & system that is corrupted & failing families daily.

Judge Laura Drager of the NY Supreme Court did not order child support, alimony, dragged the case for years, exhausting all my resources and causing my children & I emotional distress by having to be subjected to forensics, attorneys, false cps investigations & admitted illegal funds received by an officer of the court by my ex-husband to bias the custody decision.

The children have texted, asking to be located on GPS & are upset & worried about the circumstances Rabinowich has created.

Montreal said...


Rabinowich's name was originally Kislevich

Red Alert! said...


The Lubavitcher yeshiva in Australia that covered up for child molester Dovid Kramer, who was eventually arrested in St. Louis, covered up for two more molesters. Weekend Australian Magazine does not name them but one is currently in the United States and one is still working at the Melbourne yeshiva.


A victim of these molesters and enablers named Manny Waks has publicly come forward. While the Crown Heights Beis Din issued a psak this week being mechayev going to the police about molesters, there are elements in Lubavitch that are attacking and smearing Waks as a moiser, liar and the other usual nonsense.


Waks tells The Age newspaper that Australian police are currently investigating SEVERAL molesters in the frum community.

Bill Clinton said...

Ah can't say Ah remember Levi Aron from Little Rock but Ah do remember the good old days there when Ah had State troopers drive me to have encounters with Black prostitutes. Why d'yall think there's a kid runnin' 'round named Danny Williams who looks exactly like me in Black?


This is the story of Danny, thought by many to be Chelsea Clinton's half brother.

Bobbie Ann Williams was a prostitute in Little Rock who claims she became pregnant by Bill Clinton. Unlike Suzanne Coleman, whose 7 month pregnancy ended wth a gunshot to the back of her head, Bobbie finished her pregnancy, certain that it was Bill's child since he had been her only white customer that month!

Both Bobbie and her sister passed polygraph tests regarding Bobbie' relationship to Clinton and their belief that Danny is his child. The British press, amazingly enough, got Buddy Young, then a trooper, now #2 at FEMA, to admit he had driven Bill Clinton and Bobbie Ann Williams to one of their "sex orgies".

Danny is the result.

Click for full size image.

Bill had many black mistresses, including Lencola Sullivan, "Miss Arkansas" of 1981.

St Louis said...


David Kramer, who was described by former Yeshivah students & parents as a charismatic & much loved member of staff in the early 90s. He taught Jewish studies to boys from Year 5 to Year 8.

Accusations have been rife that Kramer had been sexually abusing boys & was forced by the Yeshivah, then led by the late Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, to leave the country. He subsequently travelled to Israel, where further accusations of improper behaviour were made, and then to the United States, where in 2008 he was found guilty of 2 counts of child molestation.

Today he is in a Missouri jail, serving a 7 year sentence after being dobbed in by St Louis rabbi Zeev Smason.

As yet, no charges have been laid against Kramer by Australian law enforcement, but it is understood that Victoria Police are preparing to extradite the former teacher once he is eligible for parole during the coming 12 months.

In the meantime, the force is calling on members of the community with any information on Kramer to speak to either the Moorabbin sexual offences unit or Crime Stoppers.

The AJN understands several people have already provided detectives with information. “We’ve had a good response so far, but would certainly encourage other people to come forward,” Detective Acting Sergeant Scott Dwyer said.

Yeshivah College, as well as community rabbis, are co-operating with police, and the Yeshivah Centre Va’ad Ruchni held a meeting with detectives on Wednesday.

Yeshivah principal Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler released a statement to the school community encouraging those with information to help police.

“The safety & welfare of our students, both past & present, is of paramount importance,” he said, adding that today, the school complied fully with mandatory reporting standards.

However, there have been allegations, particularly prevalent in the Chabad blogosphere, that Yeshivah dayan Rabbi Zvi Telsner was discouraging witnesses from stepping forward. Rabbi Telsner told The AJN this rumour was “absolute rubbish”.

The dayan delivered a sermon last Shabbat, which some congregants claimed was intended to persuade former Yeshivah students not to make statements to the police. “If people are conjuring out of that that I said they shouldn’t go to the police, there is something wrong with them,” he said.

Rabbi Telsner called on the Yeshivah community to unite & help each other, rather than “sending emails around & making trouble”.

The Rabbinical Council of Victoria, the peak Orthodox group of which Rabbi Telsner is a member, declined to comment on the police investigation. Instead, the president Rabbi Yaakov Glasman referred to a statement released last year explaining that halacha obliges those with information about child abuse to make a report to secular authorities.

Haskel the Rascal said...

Nu, zol ich shiken a mazal tov on behalf of UOJ?

Sunday, 17 Jul 2011, 7:19 PM EDT


NEW YORK - Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have welcomed a new real estate heir to their growing clan, "The Apprentice" star tweeted Sunday.

"This morning @jaredkushner and I welcomed a beautiful and healthy little baby girl into the world," Trump wrote on Twitter. "We feel incredibly grateful & blessed. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!"

Trump did not disclose the baby's name. She is the couple's first child.

Trump, 29, is the daughter of real estate mogul Donald Trump and his former wife, Ivana.

Kushner is the son of billionaire real-estate magnate Charles Kushner. The 30-year-old businessman bought the New York Observer in 2006 and serves as the newspaper's publisher.

The couple tied the knot in October 2009 in a star-studded event. Famous New Yorkers on the guest list included N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Barbara Walters, Anna Wintour and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

East 2nd St said...

This was the 5th day that the dudes in space suits are taking apart Aron's 3 storey house and pulling out bags of mystery evidence. Looks like they will be there for a 6th day tomorrow.

itchiemayer said...

Mr. Memphis - I think St. Louis has a fairly chashuve community. I'm not sure about these crazy New Yorkers you mention.

Yes, I get protective about the town in which I was born and raised.

A few than less than savory characters such as Kramer, Goold, and Hermelin, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Anonymous said...

I think someone was taking a potshot at the brother of the Agudah's Rabbi Gertzulin who lives in St Louie

Boro Park said...

It's not like Boro Park Shomrim are such tzadikim besides covering up for child molesters. Check out these crooks


Auto body shop owner Elie Berger and his employee Hershy Greenberger were indicted today on insurance fraud charges surrounding an enhancement scheme that set out to intentionally further damage cars brought in for auto repair, in an effort to inflate the insurance bills.

The office of Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes held the press conference today at Renaissance Plaza in downtown Brooklyn to announce the indictments of the two ringleaders.

Berger and Greenberger worked out of the Perfect Collision shop in Borough Park. The District Attorney's office was contacted following a visit to Perfect Collission by a Geico claims adjuster who became suspicious that incidents of fraud were taking place at the shop.

The D.A.s office began an investigation, which included turning in for servicing at Perfect Collision an undercover damaged vehicle. Similar to the Geico claims adjuster, D.A. investigators noted the vehicle sustained more damages while under the shop's care. The full investigation would later lead to Berger's and Greenberger's indictments.

“These crooks thought they had found the perfect crime, but my Detective Investigators quickly put the brakes on, preventing another bogus collision,” said D.A. Hynes at the conference.

In addition to the enhancement scheme, the investigation, which started a little over a year ago, also revealed that the defendants were charging Geico for renting “replacement” vehicles, although no such replacement vehicles were provided.

Detective investigators executing search warrants on Perfect Collision and Berger’s home recovered more than $700,000 in cash, a 2011 application for public assistance claiming Berger earned $350 per week as an employee of Perfect Collision and other business records.

“We’re still finding cars used in this scheme, they found like 13 so far,” said Financial Investigator Kandi Conquest. “We’re still doing research on how many cars there are. And now we’re going to go through all the records and subpoena bank accounts, subpoena the company’s records and redo all the analysis and with a search warrant we’ll be able to do even more analysis.”

Evidence recovered in the searches will be used to investigate other crimes Berger may have committed, including insurance fraud and welfare fraud.

At the conference, Hynes expressed frustration at elected officials and current laws that do little to combat auto fraud. As a no-fault state, insurance companies must pay for damages regardless of who is at fault when an accident occurs in New York.

Hynes is working with several elected officials and district attorney in surrounding counties on proposals that would make it a C-felony to submit a fraudulent bill or recruit someone to stage an accident

The D.A.'s office also is seeking to increase penalties for fraud and allow insurance investigators more time to look at suspicious claims.

itchiemayer said...

A very undeserved potshot at Rabbi Gertzulin.