Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Clergy Abuse Victims File International Complaint Against Vatican!

In a related story: UOJ will request prosecution of the Agudah this Rosh HaShanah from the Bais Din shel Maala

September 13, 2011
By Nathan Koppel

A group of victims of clergy sexual abuse has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate the Vatican for alleged crimes against humanity.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) filed a complaint today with the international court alleging that Vatican officials have tolerated and enabled the concealing of “child sex crimes,” according to this statement by SNAP’s attorneys at the Center for Constitutional Rights.

“SNAP wants to prevent even one more child from being raped or sexually assaulted by a priest,” the group’s president Barbara Blaine said in a statement.

“We hope that victims around the world will know today that they are not alone and that it is safe to speak up and report their abuse.”

Counsel for the Vatican have said that there has never been a Holy See policy requiring concealment of child sexual abuse.

The Vatican did not respond to an immediate request for comment from WSJ about today’s filing with the International Criminal Court.

The ICC filing marks the most substantive effort yet to hold the pope and Vatican accountable in an international court for sexual abuse by priests, according to this report in the New York Times.

Experts in international law, the Times reports, consider it unlikely the court will agree to prosecute the case, but it might investigate whether the matter is within its jurisdiction, which could elevate the issue internationally.


Battered Billionaires said...

The millionaires and billionaires of the 9th Congressional District are happy today, their candidate millionaire TV executive Bob Turner has won a one year term in Congress.

The wealthy yeshivishe Haredim such as the Herzkas, Fruchthndlers, Schrons and their kind who live in this district, the wealthy from upper-class gated communities like the ones Turner lives in, and no doubt rich Italians and Catholics who share Turner's views are rejoicing that dear old Bob at 70+ years of age will now go to Congress to preach his gospel of cutting the Federal Budget by a third, slashing social programs, and suggesting that New York Sate should not send its tax revenues to the Federal government because it should keep it for itself. And of course that great line "putting people back to work" by extending benefits to corporations and handing them tax cuts and loopholes so that the wealthy avoid paying their taxes and dues to society who are the the ones that serve them, buy their goods and mop their floors among many things.

All very nice! But what does this have to do with solving the financial collapse that started under Bush in 2008, the collapse of the housing market, the crushing near 10% unemployment in the USA, ensuring that the unemployed just live until they find some work, that the impoverished underclasses who subsist on government programs will not die of hunger or burn down the cities out of anger, that the crushed middle class who (unlike the rich) can't pay their bills get relief from the taxes taken out of their pay checks (unlike the rich) whether they like it or not, while the billionaires and millionaires walk off with their profits since they can afford tax lawyers and accountants who guide them to hide their wealth?

Instead of rejoicing with "Tea Party" the silly and naive Billionaires and Millionaires and those who are partying with Bob Turner today should beware that right-wing Fascism and echoes of the Ku Klux Klan and draconian Bible-thumpers are more dangerous than left-wing Social Democracy and Liberalism or anything the left can realistically come up with.

For Jews, especially religious Jews, this is a lose-lose scenario, but too bad many now think that Catholic Bob Turner will now solve all their problems and issues.

Bob the Catholic said...

As a devout Catholic, will old man Bob Turner support this:

"A group of victims of clergy sexual abuse has asked the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate the Vatican for alleged crimes against humanity."

Does anyone know? Is he willing to saying anything on the record?

1 in 6 Americans is BROKE said...

One in every six Americans living below poverty line, U.S. Census Bureau announces (NY Daily News. September 13th 2011)

"More than 3 million New Yorkers are among the 46.2 million Americans trapped by the tanking economy as the U.S. poverty rate hit its highest level in 27 years.

The stunning 15.1% figure for 2010 meant one in every six Americans - and New Yorkers - were living below the poverty line, the U.S. Census Bureau announced Tuesday.

The number, up from 14.3% in 2009, was the highest since 1983 as U.S. household income dropped by an average 2% last year.

"It's disappointing that the poverty rate is going up," Mayor Bloomberg said. "We have got to make sure that globalization and technological automation doesn't take away the ability of people to be self-sufficient."

The depressing numbers add up to trouble for President Obama, whose 2012 reelection campaign will undoubtedly center on his handling of the nation's fiscal nightmare.

The President is pushing for a $450 billion job creation package to get the economy back on track as the national unemployment rate stays above 9%.

The amount of people living in poverty was the highest since the bureau began tracking the figures 52 years ago - and the third straight year the number increased.

"Rather than sit around and complain about it," added Bloomberg, "government's got to do something about it."

In New York State, more than 3 million people are living beneath the federal poverty line: $11,130 per year for one person, $14,218 for couples, $17,374 for a family of three and $22,314 for a family of four.

The New York number was 16% living in poverty, a jump from 15.8% in 2009 and 14.2% in 2008.

"Families are struggling to put food on the table, and they don't have the purchasing power to help the economy recover," said Isabel Sawhill, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Working-age Americans - people ages 18-64 - were battling to keep their heads above water. The number living in poverty increased to 13.7%, up from 12.9%, the figures showed.

Since 2007, the number of men pulling down full-time, year-round paychecks dropped by 6.6 million - and the corresponding number of women fell by 2.8 million.

The U.S. poverty rate between 2007-10 grew more than any three-year stretch since the early 1980s, a further indication of the long and lingering effects of the recession.

The grim economic situation also led to an increase in doubling up - households with an extra resident 18 or older, many moving back with their parents.

By the spring of this year, 5.9 million people ages 25-34 were sharing space with parents, compared with 4.7 million prior to the recession - an increase of 2.4%.

There was even more bad news for the American worker and his family - the average household income was $49,445 - a 2.3% decline.

For blacks, the number of people living in poverty increased from 25.8% to 27.4% in 2010 while the number of Hispanics jumped from 25.3% to 26.6%.

Child poverty was up as well, from 20.7% to 22%, the statistics showed.

The spiraling numbers could have been worse if not for government safety-net programs that extended unemployment benefits after layoffs.

The extra cash spared about 3.2 million people from falling into poverty, while Social Security kept more than 20 million Americans afloat, the Census Bureau noted.

"If these programs are cut back in the future, poverty rates are likely to rise even more," warned public policy professor Bruce Meyer."

Poverty highest in USA since 1993 said...

The new second Great Depression is with us, it is just a matter of admitting it.

Poverty level in US climbs to its highest point since ’93: 15.1% living below line as recovery stalls Joblessness is driving force (Boston Globe/New York Times. September 14, 2011)

"The Census Bureau says 46.2 million people now live in poverty, and soup kitchens are busy. Last year, about 86 million people of working age did not work even one week out of the year.

WASHINGTON - The percentage of Americans living in poverty last year rose to the highest level since 1993, the Census Bureau reported yesterday, fresh evidence that the disappointing economic recovery has done nothing for the country’s poorest citizens.

Another 2.6 million people slipped below the poverty line in 2010, meaning 46.2 million people now live in poverty in the United States, the highest number in the 52 years that the Census Bureau has been tracking it, said Trudi Renwick, chief of the Poverty Statistic Branch at the Census Bureau.

That figure represented 15.1 percent of the population, up from 14.3 percent in 2009, and 11.7 percent at the beginning of the decade in 2001. The poverty line in 2010 for a family of four was $22,113.

And in new signs of economic distress among the middle class, median household incomes adjusted for inflation declined by 2.3 percent in 2010 from the previous year to $49,400. That was 7 percent less than the peak of $53,252 in 1999.

The report comes as President Obama gears up to pass a jobs bill, and analysts said the bleak numbers could help him make his case for urgency. But they could also be used against him by Republican opponents seeking to highlight economic shortcomings under his watch as the election season gets under way.

“This is one more piece of bad news on the economy,’’ said Ron Haskins, co-director of the Center on Children and Families at the Brookings Institution. “This will be another cross to bear by the administration.’’

The annual report by the Census Bureau offered a portrait of the US economy one year into the economic recovery. Its findings, which included figures for poverty, median income, and the number of uninsured Americans, were bleaker than many economists expected and reinforced the worry that the economy has a long way to go before middle-class families feel any improvement.

“A full year into recovery, there were no signs of it affecting the well-being of a typical American family,’’ said Lawrence Katz, an economics professor at Harvard. “By late 2010, the economy was sort of dead in the water, and that’s where it’s remained.’’

Joblessness of 86 million in USA said...

Poverty level in US climbs to its highest point since ’93: 15.1% living below line as recovery stalls Joblessness is driving force (Boston Globe/New York Times. September 14, 2011)

Joblessness was the driving force pushing more Americans into poverty, economists said. Last year, about 86 million people of working age did not work even one week out of the year, Renwick said, up from 83 million in 2009, a trend of increasing long-term joblessness that economists say puts families at greater economic risk.

‘’Once you’ve been out of work for a long time, it’s a very difficult road to get back,’’ Katz said.

Median household income fell across all working-age categories, but it was sharpest among the youngest Americans, ages 15 to 24, who experienced a decline of 9 percent.

According to the Census figures, the median annual income for a male full-time, year-round worker in 2010 - $47,715 - was virtually unchanged in 2010 dollars, from its level in 1973, when it was $49,065, said Sheldon Danziger, professor of public policy at the University of Michigan. Particularly hard hit, he said, were those who do not have college degrees.

“That’s not about the poor and unemployed; that’s full time, year-round,’’ Danziger said. “The median, full-time male worker has made no progress on average.’’

The recession continued to push Americans, particularly young people, to double up in households with friends and family.

The group of 25- to 34-year-olds experienced a 25 percent rise in living at home in the period between 2007, when the recession began, and 2011. Of that group, nearly half were living below the poverty line, when their parents’ incomes were excluded.

“We’re risking a new underclass,’’ said Timothy Smeeding, director of the Institute for Research and Poverty at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. “Young, less educated adults, mainly men, can’t support their children and form stable families because they are jobless.’’

More Americans fell into deep poverty, defined as less than half the official poverty line, or about $11,000, with the ranks of that group increasing to 20.5 million, or about 6.7 percent of the population.

Poverty also swallowed more children, with about 22 percent of all children living below the poverty line, up from 20.7 percent in 2009.

“It was a surprisingly large increase in the overall poverty rate,’’ said Arloc Sherman, senior researcher at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. “We see record numbers and percentages of Americans in deep poverty.’’"

The Rich Get Richer while The Poor get Poorer said...

What do Marie Antoinette and Bob Turner have in common? They are both Roman Catholics and their advice to the masses is the same "Let them eat cake!" while living in a gilded cage and a fool's paradise.

From Wikipedia:

"Robert L. "Bob" Turner, (born May 2, 1941) ...Turner's most notable position was President of Multimedia Entertainment...sold to Gannett Corporation for $2.1 billion in 1995 with Turner helping to orchestrate the sale...He also reorganized and redirected the successful program Baywatch and launched new versions of Family Feud and To Tell the Truth. Other positions held by Turner include President of LBS Communications, a division of Grey Advertising...While in his early 60s, Turner retired from full-time business activities but continued to manage his own investments including a hotel business in Orlando Florida. He sits on several Boards of Directors...Turner states he came out of retirement to run for Congress to: "fix what’s broken and go home. End subsidies. End government dependencies. Dramatically cut the budget by 30 or 35 percent. Slash capital-gains taxes down to zero. Cut taxes across the board."...he has said he would cut federal spending by 35 percent by eliminating of the U.S Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency and reducing the size of the Department of Education. Turner signed the Grover Norquist pledge of "no new taxes under any circumstances" in 2010, but in his 2011 campaign he has said that revenues can be increased through closing tax loopholes. He supports the elimination of the capital gains tax and government subsidies. He also supports raising the eligibility age for Social Security. Turner has expressed a need to change Social Security, suggesting that the minimum age for eligibility should be increased..."

And this is the guy who is now going to "solve" poverty and unemployment in America by throwing the broke and unemployed out on the street and giving, slashing their programs by giving tax breaks to the rich as if this is the dawn of the long gone golden Reagan Era and not the 2nd Great Depression.

No wonder the millionaires and billionaires love this guy, he's one of them!

And just see how Weprin was pure cannon fodder for this quiet media savvy tycoon who ate him up for breakfast. The unending and unforgiving personal attacks by hired media hacks, non-stop mudslinging and character assassination of Weprin, as witnessed on this blog alone, is testimony to Turner's savvy strategies, media powers and reach. He knows how to align with the slash and burners.

But the Democrats have themselves to blame for enabling the Weiner catastrophe and then pushing Weprin into an unenviable role of defending his own record when Turner had NONE in politics!

Like Mayor Bloomberg and a long line of millionaires and billionaires before him Turner must have poured in a small fortune of his own money to attain a strategic political edge by figuring out all of Weprin's weak points and then he and his surrogates hammering away at them non-stop, making Weprin the issue and allowing people to forget that Turner must and will be ultimately accountable to the people as well.

Let them eat cake as France joins the trouble said...

The 2nd Great Depression is virtually here:

"Europe's banks are staring into the abyss. (UK Guardian. September 13th, 2011)

Where now for European banks? Sir Howard Davies, former chairman of Britain's Financial Services Authority, said on BBC Radio's Today programme on Tuesday morning that he thought the French government was only days away from having to recapitalise the country's banking system for a second time. It's hard to disagree.

The panic seems to have been temporarily stemmed by a statement from BNP Paribas to the effect that it wasn't having the problems widely reported of finding dollar funding. There was also an emphatic denial of discussions over state intervention. But no-one is kidding themselves. Italy had to pay the highest spread since joining the euro to sell its bonds on Tuesday. There are growing fears over whether Europe's largest borrower can stay the course.

The eurozone sovereign debt crisis is meanwhile exacting a devastating toll on the European banking system as a whole, the UK included. With their high exposure to eurozone debt, the problem is particularly acute for the French banking goliaths, BNP Paribas and Societe Generale...

Much of the selling pressure on European banks has come from the US. American investors and lenders look at Europe and see a Continent apparently incapable of gripping its problems. With the debt crisis approaching some kind of self evident denouement, there's no-one in charge, only denial and blame. Policymakers seem more concerned with the irrelevancies of moral hazard than on finding solutions. If it wasn't so tragic, it would be laughable. Europe is fiddling while Rome burns...

You only need to take one look at what happened to Ireland to see why. In the early days of the crisis, the Irish government promised to stand behind all banking liabilities. By doing so, it ended up pushing the entire country into bankruptcy. No. France and Germany need to recapitalise their banks. The sooner they do so, the sooner the wider programme of debt forgiveness necessary to set the European economy back on a sustainable footing can begin."

Bob divides and conquers the Jews said...

Today Bob Turner is having a good chuckle with his wife Peggy (notice how she is only unveiled now) looking like an incarnation of Martha Washington herself.

Bob: Peg, hon, that's a two-fer!

Peggy: What is Bob?

Bob: Ya know, dem Democrats, dey handed me da double victories!

Peggy: Like what hon, I'm watching Babewatch, I mean Baywatch, your fave.

Bob: You know what I mean, first dem Dems hand me dat sexting big mouth loser Weiner, and even doe I lose to him, he destroys himself, dat positions me for a come-back, so even doe I "lost" to him now dat I won against his replacement mister nice guy Weprin, I got de two of dem Dems, like for a two-fer!

Peggy: Oh, right hon, praise the Trinity.

Bob: Ya know what else babe?

Peggy: What, speak up, it ain't easy bein' 70+ ya know.

Bob: Remember me in does pics wid da "yamulka" on my head?

Peggy: Lordy, it was sooo cute, it reminded me of a beany, tee hee.

Bob: Well, When I went to see da big Rabs, like dat old guy Ayrone Shkakter at Campo Morriso in Woodridge, Sullivan County, his beany was bigger dan mine!

Peggy: Oh, my! How could anything be bigger than yours, I am in the middle of Boob..., I mean, Baywatch, hon, and it's soo much fun, thanks for producing it, do da Rabbis watch it?

Bob: Naa. But dats what I mean. I knock off one bunch of liberal phoney Jews, like Weiner the weeny and Weprin the wop, and all I have to do is smile and hook up with some of the big hitters in the ultra-Orthodox and make nice, tell em I love babies and hate homos dat kind of stuff, wham, home run wid does whaky guys. I let my media savvy and and big bucks do da rest. Goodbye Weiner & Weprin, hello Congress and oh yeah, tell da guys in Flatbush who wear black to call our archdiocese for directions to how to woik togedah.

Sore Loser said...

Hi, this is David Weprin. I haven't conceded anything to Turner yet on the advice of Al Gore.

I do have one other supporter in this lonely world. He is the busy blogger who hates Chaim Berlin and Tropper.

They just cant let go of hating Weprin said...

Hating Weprin won't change anything, it won't reverse the bills he voted for or anything else for that matter.

From Wikipedia:

In the 2010 U.S. House of Representatives general election, Bob Turner lost to Weiner with 33,330 to Weiner's 47,004 a 59% to 41% advantage.

In the 2011 U.S. House of Representatives special election Weprin lost to Turner with 29,688 to Turner's 33,785 a 53% to 47% advantage.

12 Hours Later, Weprin Concedes:

10:40AM EST: The following statement was just sent to YWN from the Weprin campaign:

I just called Bob Turner to congratulate him on a well-fought campaign. He will now have the honor of representing Brooklyn and Queens in Congress, and I hope that he will work every day to represent all of the diverse communities that make up the 9th Congressional district.

I’m incredibly proud of the campaign that we ran, and incredibly grateful to the countless volunteers who worked day after day to bring our message to voters. In doing so we raised the profile of issues like Medicare, Social Security, and tax relief for working families – issues that will be of critical importance for the next Congress.

Though we may not have won, our work is far from over. The challenges that face our nation are many, and I will continue to work with all of my supporters to ensure that middle class New Yorkers have a real voice in our city, our state, and our country.

(YWN Desk – NYC)"

British and French take over Libya said...

AP News/MyWaY.com Sep 15 2011

"UK's Cameron urges Gadhafi, followers to 'give up'


TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron has sent a strong message to Moammar Gadhafi and his followers still waging war in Libya to "give up" the fight, warning that NATO's mission will continue "as long as it is necessary" to protect Libyans.

Cameron spoke at a press conference alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday - the first world leaders to travel to Libya since revolutionary forces seized the capital and ousted Gadhafi. Both countries led international support for the rebellion.

To Gadhafi and his supporters, Cameron said "It is over, give up" and added: "Anyone who thinks Gadhafi has any role (in ruling the country) should forget it."

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy has promised to support Libya's new rulers, saying Moammar Gadhafi will be brought to justice but urging Libyans to avoid "vengeance."

Sarkozy has made the comments at a press conference alongside British Prime Minister David Cameron, who on Thursday became the first world leaders to travel to Libya since revolutionary forces seized the capital and ousted Gadhafi. Both countries led international support for the rebellion.

Sarkozy says Libyans should "preserve unity" and "seek reconciliation" within its people, urging "no vengeance, no retaliation."

(Maybe they could pay reparations to the Libyan Jews that were kicked out since the 1940s, it would be nice, since Libya has lots of great petroleum to pay for it.)

1945 Tripoli pogrom said...

"1945 Tripoli pogrom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Tripoli pogrom of 1945 was the most violent rioting against Jews in North Africa in modern times. From November 5 to November 7, 1945, more than 140 Jews were killed and many more injured in a pogrom in Tripoli. Together with previous persecutions of Jews by the pro-Italian Libyan government during World War II, the Tripoli rioting became a turning point in history of Libyan Jews. Shortly, the Jewish community of Libya ceased to exist, with most of its members fleeing to Israel and Italy.


In the late 1930s, the Fascist Italian regime in Libya began passing anti-Semitic laws. As a result of these laws, Jews were fired from government jobs, some were dismissed from government schools, and their citizenship papers were stamped with the words "Jewish race." Despite this repression, in 1941 some 25% of the population of Tripoli was still Jewish and 44 synagogues were maintained in the city. In 1942, German troops fighting the Allies in North Africa occupied the Jewish quarter of Benghazi, plundering shops and deporting more than 2,000 Jews across the desert. Sent to work in labor camps, more than one-fifth of this group of Jews perished.

Despite liberation from Fascist Italian and Nazi German influence, North African Jews kept suffering innumerous attacks. Arab nationalists were incorporating effective propaganda efforts and on November 2nd, 1945, an anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a widespread wave of anti-Jewish rioting hit the cities in Aleppo (Syria), Cairo (Egypt) and the most severe in Tripoli (Libya).[1]
The pogrom

Some of the worst anti-Jewish violence occurred following the liberation of North Africa by Allied troops. From November 5 to November 7, 1945, more than 140 Jews (including 36 children) were killed and hundreds injured in a pogrom in Tripoli. The rioters looted nearly all of the city's synagogues and destroyed five of them, along with hundreds of homes and businesses. In the aftermath about 4,000 Jews were left homeless, and 2,400 were reduced to poverty. Five synagogues in Tripoli and four in provincial towns were destroyed, and over 1,000 Jewish residences and commercial buildings were plundered in Tripoli alone.[2][3][4]"

1945 Tripoli pogrom said...

"1945 Tripoli pogrom

The British troops in control of Tripoli waited days before restoring order, with an unconcern reminiscent of their conduct in the Iraqi Farhud massacre. As in the Iraqi case, the Tripoli massacre inaugurated a train of events that would demoralize and in a relatively short time dissolve the Libyan Jewish community. The event caused the beginning of the Libyan Jewish exodus. Thus, Jews began leaving Libya three years before the establishment of Israel and seven years before Libya gained independence.[5]
Main articles: 1948 Tripoli pogrom and Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries

The situation further escalated with the eruption of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. In June 1948, anti-Jewish rioters in Libya killed another 12 Jews and destroyed 280 Jewish homes.[3] This time, however, the Libyan Jewish community had prepared to defend itself. Jewish self-defense units fought back against the rioters, preventing dozens of more deaths.[2]

The insecurity which arose from these anti-Jewish attacks as well as the founding of the state of Israel led many Jews to emigrate. From 1948 to 1951, and especially after immigration became legal in 1949, 30,972 Jews moved to Israel.[6]

During the next decade and a half, Jews in Libya were put under numerous restrictions, including laws which governed their ability to move around (generally outside to outside the country), their legal status and identification cards, and property issues; the Jews of Libya were discriminated against and oppressed through codified laws. More violence erupted after the Six Days War, leaving 18 Jews dead and many more injured. Following this, the remaining Jewish community of Libya, numbering about 7,000 persons was almost entirely evacuated to Italy, abandoning their property and homes. The last Jew in Libya, an old woman, was finally allowed to leave to Italy in 2003 after numerous tries by her adult son.
See also


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1948 Tripoli pogrom said...

"1948 Tripoli pogrom

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 1948 Tripoli pogrom was initiated by Muslim Libyans against the Jewish community of Tripoli and its surroundings in June 1948, resulting in at least 12 Jews dead and destruction of 280 Jewish homes.[1]


The Jews of Libya had already suffered severely during World War II and shortly after it ended, when the bloody pogrom in Tripoli claimed many Jewish lives three years earlier.

The pogrom

The pogrom was a result of anti-Jewish attitudes throughout the Arab World and earlier Antisemitic incitements by Nazi propaganda, which intensified with the eruption of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. On June 12, Muslim mobs attacked the Jewish Quarter in Tripoli, Libya.[2] This time, unlike the previous Tripoli pogrom, the Tripolitanian Jewish community had prepared to defend itself. Jewish self-defense units fought back against the Muslim rioters, preventing dozens of more deaths.[3] Upon being repelled by Jewish self-defense units, the Muslim mobs turned upon undefended neighborhoods outside Hara, murdering thirteen or fourteen Jews, seriously injuring 22, causing extensive property damage, and leaving approximately 300 families destitute.[2] Jews in the surrounding countryside and in Benghazi were subjected to additional attacks.[2]


The insecurity which arose from anti-Jewish attacks led many Jews to abandon Libya and emigrate. The emigration, which was prompted by the 1945 Tripoli pogrom, had become a refugee "flood" with the ending of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. From 1948 to 1951, and especially after immigration became legal in 1949, 30,972 Jews moved to Israel,[4] which had gained independence.


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Jewish exodus from Libya said...

"Jewish exodus from Arab and Muslim countries: Libya

In 1948, about 38,000 Jews lived in Libya.[56][57] A series of pogroms started in Tripoli in November 1945; over a period of several days more than 130 Jews (including 36 children) were killed, hundreds were injured, 4,000 were left homeless, and 2,400 were reduced to poverty. Five synagogues in Tripoli and four in provincial towns were destroyed, and over 1,000 Jewish residences and commercial buildings were plundered in Tripoli alone.[21] The pogroms continued in June 1948, when 15 Jews were killed and 280 Jewish homes destroyed.[58]

Between the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and Libyan independence in December 1951 over 30,000 Libyan Jews emigrated to Israel. In 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Jewish population of 4,000 was again subjected to pogroms in which 18 were killed, and many more injured. The Libyan government "urged the Jews to leave the country temporarily", permitting them each to take one suitcase and the equivalent of $50. In June and July over 4,000 traveled to Italy, where they were assisted by the Jewish Agency. 1,300 went on to Israel, 2,200 remained in Italy, and most of the rest went to the United States. A few scores remained in Libya.[59][60]

In 1970 the Libyan government issued new laws which confiscated all the assets of Libya's Jews, issuing in their stead 15 year bonds. However, when the bonds matured no compensation was paid. Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi justified this on the grounds that "the alignment of the Jews with Israel, the Arab nations' enemy, has forfeited their right to compensation."[61]

Although the main synagogue in Tripoli was renovated in 1999, it has not reopened for services. The last Jew in Libya, Esmeralda Meghnagi, died in February 2002. Israel is home to about 40,000 Jews of Libyan descent, who maintain unique traditions.[62][63]

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Libyan Jews under Gaddafi rule said...

"History of the Jews in Libya:

Gaddafi's rule

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

By the time Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi came to power in 1969 only about 100 Jews remained in Libya. Under his rule, all Jewish property was confiscated, and all debts to Jews were cancelled. Despite emigration being prohibited, most Jews succeeded in escaping the country and by 1974, only 20 Jews remained in Libya.[5] In 2002, the last known Jew in Libya, Esmeralda Meghnagi, died and it was thought that the long history of Jewry in Libya had ended. In the same year, however, it was discovered that Rina Debach, a then 80-year old woman, who was born and raised in Tripoli, but thought to be dead by her family in Rome, was still living in a nursing home in the country. With her ensuing departure for Rome, there were no more Jews in the country.[6][7]

In 2004, Gaddafi indicated that the Libyan government would compensate Jews who were forced to leave the country and stripped of their possessions. In October of that year he met with representatives of Jewish organizations to discuss compensation. He did, however, insist that Jews who moved to Israel would not be compensated.[8] Some suspected these moves were motivated by his son Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, who was considered to be the likely successor of his father. In the same year, Saif had invited Libyan Jews living in Israel back to Libya, saying that they are Libyans, and that they should "leave the land they took from the Palestinians."[9] On December 9, Gaddafi also extended an invitation to Moshe Kahlon, the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and son of Libyan immigrants, to Tripoli, purportedly to discuss Jewish property in Libya.[10] In 2010, it was claimed that Gaddafi has Jewish ancestry. Two Israeli women of Libyan origin claimed to be distant cousins of Gaddafi, and their grandmother was a Jewish woman who converted to Islam and married Gaddafi's grandfather, a Muslim Sheikh.[11][12]"


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