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The Shomrim - Gotham's Crusaders!

Luzer Twersky still remembers the day he came back from shul to his Borough Park home to find his father waiting for him with an important question.

Twersky's father, a Hasidic rabbi, had just received a disturbing report. One of his employees had walked in on another rabbi, Duvid Greenfeld, molesting a young boy in the mikveh, the ritual bath.

Twersky's father knew that his young son had also studied with Greenfeld until the year before, when he moved to a different shul. He wanted to know if Luzer had seen anything similar from Greenfeld.

He had.

"Greenfeld abused me from age nine to age 12," Twersky says, smirking bitterly. "My father asked me about it about a year after we ended our 'relationship,' if you want to call it that."

The man who caught Greenfeld red-handed in the mikveh was connected to the Shomrim, the community patrol that functions as a sort of auxiliary police force for the Hasidic and conservative Orthodox community in Borough Park.

But although the Shomrim are pledged to protect the innocent and work closely with police to catch criminals, that isn't what happened this time. Greenfeld was the son of a close adviser to Rabbi Mordechai David Unger, seen by many as the head of the Bobov Hasidic dynasty and one of the most influential men in Borough Park.

So when the Shomrim associate discovered the abuse, he told his rabbi and left the matter at that. The police never learned of the incident, and Greenfeld continued to teach in yeshivas, working with young children for a decade until he was finally arrested for molesting a 15-year-old boy in 2009.

Nine years after he watched the neighborhood protector turn a blind eye to Greenfeld's abuse, Twersky decided he had to leave the Hasidic community altogether. He left Borough Park, divorced his wife, and cut ties with his parents and friends.

Talking about the incident now, he says he doesn't hold any ill will against the man, still a member of the Shomrim today, who learned of Greenfeld's abuse and didn't tell the police.

"He's a good guy, in his way," Twersky says. "He's a baby who likes playing cops—that's a lot of what the Shomrim is. I've got nothing against patrolling a neighborhood, and they do a good job at it mostly: Borough Park is a very safe neighborhood for adults. It's just not very safe for kids."

The question of children's safety in Borough Park came under renewed scrutiny this summer in the aftermath of the grizzly murder of Leiby Kletzky, the eight-year-old boy who vanished in Borough Park on his way home from camp.

Kletzky's parents called the Shomrim when he didn't make it home, and the organization flooded the neighborhood with a hundred volunteers searching for the boy. But Kletzky was never found alive, and when his dismembered body was ultimately discovered in the home of a Borough Park resident, the Shomrim found themselves in the center of a contentious debate.

Community leaders and politicians praised the way the Shomrim flooded the streets in search of the young boy, calling the response a source of community pride even in the face of terrible tragedy.

But critics noted that the Shomrim's efforts hadn't saved Kletzky or indeed even caught his killer. It was an unaffiliated concerned citizen, not the Shomrim, who thought to check the surveillance videos from local businesses that showed the boy being lured into the Honda of Levi Aron, a supply clerk who lived nearby.

More pressing was the question of why the Shomrim had waited three hours to notify the police of the missing boy. It wasn't until after Kletzky's parents had called 911 themselves that the Shomrim made contact with the NYPD.

Speaking to the press after Aron had been arrested and made a confession, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the Shomrim's delayed notification of police was a long-standing issue.

"We have no problem with the Shomrim being notified," Kelly said, "but we'd like to be notified as well."

But Kelly was careful not to antagonize the Shomrim, adding that the delay probably wouldn't have made a difference in the Kletzky case.

Jacob Daskal, the founder of the Borough Park Shomrim, agreed, but less diplomatically.

"It wouldn't have mattered," Daskal told The Wall Street Journal. "And the police wouldn't have come right away."

The first Shomrim group in Brooklyn started in Williamsburg in the late 1970s, as the fast-growing community of Hasidic and Eastern-European Orthodox Jews—collectively known as the Haredi community—sought to protect themselves from the petty crime then common in Williamsburg.

Shomrim means "watchers" or "guards" in Hebrew, and as the Williamsburg Jews carved out their own self-contained domain in the middle of Koch-era Brooklyn, guards were a good thing to have.

Soon the model was replicated in other Haredi outposts throughout Brooklyn. Today, there are independent, unaffiliated Shomrim groups in Williamsburg, Flatbush, and Borough Park. In Crown Heights, an acrimonious split among the Lubavitcher Hasids has led to the creation of two competing Shomrim groups.

Shomrim groups also patrol Haredi neighborhoods in Monsey, Baltimore, Miami, London, and elsewhere..........




Anonymous said...

this article makes no sense historically. unger was not a pwerful person in 1999. no one heard of him until after reb naftulche was nifter.

Battered Billionaires said...

Who would have thought years ago that Israel, yes the Yiddishe medina, would be the home to many millionaires and even billionaires?

But the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the olden days, newcomer olim used to resent the old-timer "vatikim" who hogged all the levers of state power and all manner of protektzia and benefits that could be squeezed out of life in Israel.

Nowadays, while Israel "officially" boasts a "sound" economy, and the financial successes of multiple Israel billionaires are trumpeted in its media all the time, yet the masses of the middle class are striking on the streets of Tel Aviv. (There are no more true "working" classes because that's done by cheap foreign labor since Jews, even Israeli ones, hate getting their hands "dirty" with some honest hands-on work.)

Now what is going on here? It's simple! The billions of shekels, dollars, pounds and Euros that the Israeli neuvau riche are making is not trickling down to the middle class masses. The billionaires have and are hoarding it for themselves. Or they blew it on a billion and one useless luxuries for their select few friends and family.

End result? As in the USA and Europe. Not everyone is impressed or happy with the billionaires. The Israeli masses are taking to the streets and that must make a lot of billionaires nervous:

As reported by Bloomberg News a couple of days ago: "Israel Stock Index Declines Most in a Month on U.S. Growth Risk, Protests (Sep 4, 2011) Israeli shares slumped the most in almost a month amid concern the U.S. economy may slip into a recession and after more than 400,000 people demonstrated against the high cost of living in the Middle East nation...Discount Investment Corp. (DISI), billionaire Nochi Dankner’s holding company, retreated 5 percent..." and this goes for all Israeli billionaires they are all being hit hard where it hurts, in their profit margins!

Israel's billionaires are not happy campers today and it's not because they are worried about other people, such as their 400,000 fellow brother Israeli Jews who can't make ends meet, it's because they are about to see lots more of their billions go up in smoke.

Now why is that exactly?

Q said...

Shomrim is legally obligated to report all calls to the NYPD. And not after three hours, not after a day or two, but IMMEDIATLY.
This article makes Zweibel and Kamenetzky proud.

Anonymous said...

Eat shit, Zwiebel.

Low Klass said...

The Jewish Press which is usually on the wrong side of every issue has not surprisingly endorsed pro-gay Weprin for Congress.

Larry Gordon says that 5 Towns Jewish Times will make an endorsement tomorrow as if it's not obvious who he's backing when he is acting like Weprin's campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Pinny Lipschutz signed with the Flatbush and Queens askonim against David Weprin and he actually used his real name this time instead of "Avi Yishai". With every one of these letters where Agudah is involved they still manage to do something stupid like allow a convicted criminal to sign or that fake "rosh yeshiva" who R' Yaakov Kaminetzky was mazmin ledin for stealing when quit as Torah Vodaas bus driver to start his own yeshiva. In this letter, there is one name, which I don't know if more than one person has the same name. The one that I am familiar with was a bum that was first thrown out of Satmar. Then after he was arrested for some kind of big genaiveh that made him rich he moved far out even past Flatbush where today he is kimat modern orthodox.


I cannot believe my eyes that Agudah honcho Chaskel Bennett writes in an op-ed piece today, major recognition of the blogs. I bet that Shafran and the Novominsker are going to scream at him. He says that to make sure Weprin doesn't get elected, the heimishe cannot just feel frustration or watch the blogs vent against him but they have to get out and vote for Republican Bob Turner to stop Weprin.

Margo's accountant said...

In a letter dated August 31, 2011, the US Department of Justice demanded that Switzerland provide the US with all information relating to US taxpayers who deposited at least $50,000 in Swiss accounts between January 1, 2002 and July 31, 2010.

To back up this demand, the Justice Department threatened to bring charges against many Swiss banks such as Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, Wegelin, Zurich and Basel. Similar charges that were previously brought against UBS caused UBS to hand over information about thousands of accountholders.

Taxpayers who have deposits in these and other Swiss accounts should give serious consideration to joining the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, the deadline of which comes to a firm end on September 9, 2011.


Also of note, but perhaps more ambiguous, is a Statement of Cooperation between the Bank of Israel and the Fed Reserve and FDIC that was released at the end of August. The statement says that the two countries are going to “establish a mechanism for the transfer of information between the authorities in the context of the authorization process of establishing cross-border banking activity in the US or Israel.”

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

Ignore the Queens Vaad operatives who have been posting misleading information on blogs, that "Weprin is going to win anyway" and other such nonsense.


The first independent poll in over a month (which means it is not conducted by either side) shows Turner beating Weprin by almost 5%. Part of Weprin's problem is that some of his radical left supporters - over 3% of projected voters - will be voting for the candidate named Hoeppner who is running for the Socialist Party. Large parts of the 9th District have also become Russian which even though they are not frum, they tend to vote Republican.

Bob Turner has now picked up the endorsements of the NY Post, NY Daily News and George Pataki.

The NY Times might sway Upper West Side Liberals but they do not live in the 9th District.

Weprin himself is a carpetbagger that does not live in the 9th. He is completely out of touch in his Eastern Queens cocoon of Left wing Queens Vaad shuls where some of the members are mechalel Shabbos. Weprin is so out of touch with reality that he whined to a secular Jewish newspaper that all the attacks against his toayavadik hashkofos are coming from Charedi forces "outside the district in Lakewood, Boro Park & Monsey". The dumfkop hasn't figured out yet that Charedim live in Kew Gardens & Flatbush too?

The money grubbing huckster Ezra Friedlander should also be ignored. His gantze zich is taluy on being paid to deliver votes and he knows this is his last chance to make himself relevant after failing miserably in previous local Brooklyn races. He is getting desperate to deliver on the money that Weprin paid him or else no one will be goraiss him in future elections. The guy is so pathetic that the only endorsement he could garner for Weprin is some has-been and minor politician in Israel that no one here has heard of.

There are also heimish newspapers that cannot show they support pro-gay Weprin so they pull a dirty trick by bashmutzing Bob Turner with lies. This may include the modern orthodox askan Dr. Richard Altabe who is campaigning for pro-abortion Assembly candidate Phil Goldfeder in Far Rockaway. He is saying something about Turner that may or may not be an attack on him. Keep in mind that Goldfeder campaigns almost every day together with Weprin and they are both endorsed by the same commie labor unions and left wing radicals.

Newspaper columnist Larry Penner makes some interesting points this week. The only time Weprin has ever won any election is when the Party bosses like his brother and Mommy in Queens fix it so no one can run against him. Even for this election, he promised the Party's supreme boss Joe Crowley to be a stooge for a year until Democrats eliminate the District and Weprin further promised to then not run against Crowley and Gary Ackerman in the remaining Districts. Penner notes that Weprin has never had any kind of support from any normal politician in the past. Schumer, Cuomo and the rest are only endorsing Weprin this time because he is keeping the seat warm for a year until it is erased. (Don't be discouraged for voting for Turner because they can only eliminate it if it's won by a Democrat). Penner goes veiter that the only endorsements Weprin has had in previous elections - every single one of which he lost and usually came in last place - came from the biggest losers, radicals and irrelevant figures in politics like Fernando Ferrer and David Dinkins who the Wall Street Journal has called the worst political leader in American history.

Kol Kevudah Bas Melech Penima said...

Shalhevet has a basketball team called the Sparks that competes in a league against boys schools. A Conservative Jewish newspaper profiled the team with a picture that shows Rabbi Friedman does not require them to wear to the most basic of clothes to cover themselves while they jump around the court with bochurim.

This complete disregard for tznius can then explain the mechutan David Weprin campaigning in front of a "Gentlemen's club" in Queens as Washington's Roll Call newspaper puts it, which is a polite way of describing a place where baalei tayvah go to watch women with no clothes at all.

The Roll Call article goes on:


Weprin does not strike observers as a particularly good communicator.

"Weprin isn't much of a candidate," one Democrat with knowledge of the district said dismissively.

In a five minute interview with Roll Call outside the subway stop, he uttered the phrase "you know" more than 40 times.


20 minutes ago

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is dropping a $500,000 TV ad buy in New York — a sign of growing worry among party insiders that they could lose next week's special election to replace ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D).

A Republican source confirmed the DCCC buy, first reported by National Journal, to Roll Call. The buy was reported within hours of the news that the Democratic group House Majority PAC is also going up on TV to try to boost state Assemblyman David Weprin's (D) campaign.

Recent polling has shown the 9th district race between Weprin and Republican Bob Turner to be unexpectedly close.

AJ Stefansky said...


Yudel Shain thinks he's some big detective. Now he is accusing the Stefanskys of running Dagim like the Moish Finkels of the fish industry.

Anonymous said...

Most of the left wing meshugoyim are afraid to attack Bob Turner because he adopted the child of AIDS infected drug addict out of rachmonus which is something the lefties want to see more of. Huffington Post and others are basically saying dont yell at him in public like we would encourage against other Republicans. You can even shake his hand because he is a mentch but as a Republican he is terminally flawed so please don't vote for him

Anonymous said...

NY Times


Aides to Mr. Turner have sounded loud duck calls at events for his Democratic opponent, David Weprin, to highlight his reluctance to participate in debates.

They have offered $1,000 to anyone who can decipher Mr. Weprin’s position on the Palestinian Authority, in an effort to portray his thinking as muddled. So far, they said, nobody has won the money.

And they invited children to stand in front of the national debt clock in Midtown Manhattan to remind voters that Mr. Weprin once stated incorrectly that the federal deficit was $4 trillion, rather than $14 trillion.

“I do have an appreciation for shtick,” Mr. Turner, 70, conceded with a mischievous laugh. “It draws attention to the race & makes the mundane newsworthy.”

But he insisted that there are lines he would not cross. “Like sending a dozen IHOP waffles to Weprin,” he said, recalling an aide’s recent suggestion; “I just thought that was a little over the top.”

The theatrical approach appears to be working: Mr. Turner has captured the attention of national Republicans, who are salivating at the chance of winning a House seat in the blue 9th Congressional District of Brooklyn & Queens, and of Democrats, who fear he may spoil a special election in which the party had taken winning for granted.

It is a heady time for Mr. Turner, a crossword buff & amateur mountain climber, who long viewed politics & public office as a strange & distant universe. “Cynical is how I would describe it,” he said.

He proudly calls himself a “citizen candidate” with the business background & outsider mentality required to fix Washington.

After college, when a lucrative offer arrived from AT&T to enter management training, he opted instead for lower-paying work in the advertising department of ABC.

He rose quickly, displaying what colleagues recall as keen instincts & a blunt, unvarnished style.

Not everyone took to him. At CBS, where he landed in 1981, Mr. Turner refused to sugar-coat problems for William Paley, the network’s much-feared chief executive. “He wouldn’t even look at me,” Mr. Turner said. Mr. Paley stuck around; Mr. Turner did not.

He was retired & uninterested in a 2nd act when he caught an episode of “The O’Reilly Factor” in 2010. The guest was Mr. Weiner, a Democrat who used the airtime to defend President Obama’s overhaul of health care in what Mr. Turner saw as “such a nonsensical, arrogant way.”

Mr. Turner called the only person he knew in New York politics, Michael Long, chairman of the state Conservative Party, and asked who was running against Mr. Weiner in the next election. “I want to send them a check,” he told Mr. Long.

The answer it turned out, was nobody. “From that point on,” Mr. Turner said, “it was me.”

He performed well for a Republican in a solidly Democratic district, collecting 39% of the vote in the 2010 race against Mr. Weiner. He figured his adventure in politics was over until Mr. Weiner was caught engaging in sexual banter with women.

This time, it was the local political operatives who turned to Mr. Turner, not the other way around. “They asked me to run,” he recounted.

The electoral math was still daunting, but Republicans had just retaken the House & had the president on the defensive. What had previously seemed unthinkable — a Congressional seat in Brooklyn & Queens falling to the Republican Party — no longer appeared so far-fetched.

“I am running,” Mr. Turner said, “because I feel this is a winnable race.”

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate if other readers can help me get to the bottom of this. I remember something about David Weprin attending public school. Maybe he dropped out of his modern and possibly at the time co-ed yeshiva? He is making it sound like in interviews with frum newspapers that he attended yeshivos the entire time through elementary and high school. His brother Mark Weprin who is Conservative (and has an openly gay chief of staff) boasts all the time that he and his children all attended public school.

Their father Saul Weprin who became NY Assembly Speaker in 1991 was a Conservative Jew who was a member of the Conservative Hillcrest (Queens) Jewish Center. It's not like he would care about chinuch.

Saul Weprin as Speaker pushed through the original NY State "gay rights" bill which is why the degenerate Mario Cuomo loved him so much. David doesn't fall far from the tree. Saul was also caught in a scandal of mesachek bakuvya of playing poker with lobbyists in Albany.

David Weprin's oldest brother Barry has also been a NY State political appointee and works at the Milberg (Weiss) law firm that was caught up in a huge fraud scandal with some of the partners going to jail.

David Weprin's uncle Jack Weprin was the founder of the Reconstructionist temple on the Upper West Side, West End Synagogue next door to Shlomo Riskin's Lincoln Square Synagogue on Amsterdam Ave. He also bought and ran the Bridge Cafe, one of the most famous treif restaurants in Manhattan, near City Hall, which is now operated by David Weprin's cousins.

The Lies the Hockers told me said...

Asher Taub while on his big ego and self-promotion trip wrote a public letter that "not one single rov supports Bob Turner".

5 Towns Jewish Times publisher Larry Gordon wrote in his personal column that many rabbonim wanted to support Bob Turner but decided to withdraw before their letter was made public.

Here is proof that these sneaky agents for David Weprin were LYING as the letter was released almost 2 months ago through Jews for Morality, the organization of R' Yehoshua Leiman ztl.

The following well known roshei yeshiva and rabbonim announced bichsav everyone should vote for Bob Turner and that it is ossur betachlis haissur to vote for Weprin!:


R' Yisroel Belsky - Torah Vodaas
R' Elya Brudny - rosh yeshivas Mir
R' Yosef Eisen - Vaad of 5 Towns
R' Isaac Friedman - Tenker Rov
R' Osher Kalmanowitz - rosh yeshivas Mir
R' Shmuel Kaminetzky - rosh yeshiva d'Philadelphia
R' Yitzchok Landau - Veretzky Rov
R' Grainom Lazewnik - maggid shiur in Novardok before the churban
R' Avrohom Nelkenbaum - rosh yeshivas Mir
R' Yisroel Neuman - rosh yeshivas BMG Lakewood
R' Yechiel Perr - rosh yeshiva d'Far Rockaway
R' Mechel Rosenbaum - Kalisher Rebbe
R' Yaakov Rubin - Muszay-Ropshitzer Rebbe
R' Shlomo Stern - Debriciner Rov
R' Moshe Wolfson - Emunas Yisroel / Torah Vodaas
R' Hershel Zolty - rosh yeshivas Mir

Word for Weprin said...

Wepring sounds like a typical American Jew.

Since when do Charedim think that they are viewed as "normal" by the rest of the world?

Another thing, this is about politics and not morality.

Who was the last political "tzadik" in US history?

Is Giuliani the twice divorced transvestite or Koch the never married feigele any better or different to Weprin?

It must be that Weprin will not kow-tow to the Haredi mass media that's controlled by a cabal of Agudists, so now he becomes the butt of comments on blogs.

Who's this guy Turner anyhow? Another millionaire out of touch with what's happening to the man on the street

Something sounds very fishy with all this politicking against Weprin.

Since when are Charedim "Tea Party" animals?

They mooch all the social welfare programs under the sun that's given to them by the Democrats and now all of a sudden they are spouting off like Republican Bible-Belters many of whom are Ku Klux Klan dudes or who knows what lurks in the hearts of all those folks who want to cut all the government programs that the frummies live off?

Has anyone at Agudah really thought this through?

How could they? They are rich rabbis out of touch with the realities of the financial collapse of the middle and working classes.

The Jewish Press thinks otherwise said...

Weprin is getting the opportunity to express his side of the story on the front page of The Jewish Press online, see:

"Why I Am The Right Choice For Congress Assemblyman David Weprin Sep 07th 2011" and:

The Jewish Press also supports Weprin in its editorial: "Sept. 13 Endorsements Editorial Board Posted Sep 07 2011 Weprin For Congress In New York's 9th CD."

Meraglim said...


It’s getting ugly!

Republicans are accusing Democratic congressional hopeful David Weprin of sending spies to “volunteer” for rival Bob Turner’s campaign as a new GOP poll found Turner has pulled even in the race for Anthony Weiner’s House seat.

Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly charged that Assemblyman Weprin “is sending young people into Turner campaign headquarters pretending to be volunteers or college reporters. We have caught four of them already.”

“Only a career politician scrambling to save his hide would sink to such a low.”

Weprin spokeswoman Liz Kerr said, “I don’t know anything about it.”

She declined further comment on the explosive accusation.

The McLaughlin & Associates poll of 300 likely voters in the predominantly Democratic 9th Congressional District in Queens and Brooklyn showed the candidates tied at 42 percent after a July survey had Weprin ahead 43-35.


In an interview with NBC New York, Weprin tried to change the subject, saying the story is a "distraction" and that he can't be responsible for all the actions of his campaign workers.

"Let 'em spy," said Republican Bob Turner at a campaign stop on Kings Highway Friday. "It's a little underhanded and a little amusing."

Anonymous said...

Hey putz, take a hike.

Weprin gave a speech on the floor of the NY State Assembly that he supports abomination BECAUSE he is an "orthodox" Jew.

That is just as perverted as Kolko's lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz claiming he learned in daf yomi that he has to protect molesters.

Inside Info said...

The gedolim sent askonim to ask Larry Gordon why in the world he would write that they retracted their support for Bob Turner before it even became official, when the tzettel was public for over a month already. Larry is not a very honest person as his "terutz" made no sense and contradicted what he wrote in 5 Towns Jewish Times. Gordon also showed his true self by arrogantly admitting that he will not endorse Turner no matter what he holds because Turner would not buy ads in his 5 Towns Jewish Times newspaper.

Anonymous said...


Bank Of America Considers Slashing Roughly 40,000 Jobs

Dovy said...

>Is Giuliani the twice divorced transvestite<

Guiliani is a tranny? Who knew???

Yated Hypocrites said...

While the American Yated Neeman goes to town promoting 70+ year old Roman Catholic Turner who is a millionaire TV producer (is he Ted Turner's relative?) at the same time it shows its shameless hypocrisy as it publishes a photo in its "mini-gallery" of one Yossi Kleinman doing kiruv "lecturing" as part of an outfit called "Brooklyn Jewish Experience" (they emphasize the "X" for some reason, maybe it's part of a triple X hint), a guy who stole another man's wife and got away with it because his daddy money bags Eli Kleinman is there to back him up.

So Weprin is "no good" because he is a politician doing his job, but the Yated has no problem posting pics of fornicator and violator of Sota, while a responsible guy like Weprin gets "tarred and feathered."

By the way, Weprin gives a very good explanation in the American Modiah, that he "is not running for Rosh Yeshiva, or rabbi, or chief rabbi" and it's a matter of civil rights (nothing to do with his personal religious beliefs), which is the normative political position on gays in America today, who even argues about this?

The Yated and the rabbonim who came out for Turner would have a lot more credibility if they would come out openly and condemn the real menaces in their own yeshivas and kehilas, the Kolkos and Mandrowitz's of their world who they give free passes to rather than attack and project their hypocrisy on legit politicos like Weprin who hasn't done anything wrong.

Instead they glorify Yossi Kleinman/Eli Kleiman, Lipa Margulies, Aron Shechter and a rogues gallery of others while they promote the Catholic Turner, the young punk Yossi Kleinman and stop wasting everybody's time with their unctuous and hypocritical whining.

Shtikah kehoidaah said...

Tell me if I missed it but I didn't see a single Queens Vaad rabbi sign with the gedolim and anderra rabbonim against Weprin even though Young Israel rabbis from outside Queens were mishtatef.

So let's understand this. The Queens Vaad have said they don't have to listen to the gedolei hador because they are Israeli and according to the QV have no business interfering in American affairs. Now we know the Queens Vaad don't listen to gedolim even in the same city. And we see here that the Queens Vaad is even to the Left of Young Israel rabbis outside Queens.

Der Executive Drecktor of the Queens Vaad Chaimel Schwartz in his capacity as the head of Agudah's New England division once told a major newspaper in Boston that toyavah is a slippery slope that will lead to what the Torah calls "tevel hu".


After he was attacked by Reform rabbis for being "mean spirited and demeaning", maybe he changed his mind and agreed with the Reform and therefore the Queens Vaad will continue taking taxpayer funds steered to them by pro-gay Queens Vaad shul member David Weprin without saying a peep against bizayon HaTorah.

Anonymous said...

re Yated Hypocrites

They are hypocrites but as someone famously said about Belsky, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Is it NOT "normative" to be gaga about gay "marriage". Most Republicans are not. The greatest scam of this century is the 1% or at most 2% of the population that is gay creating the myth that are 12% and ramming their militant agenda on everyone through their Lefty Democrat sympathizers.

Weprin went way beyond the duties of his job, so cut it out. "Civil rights" my foot. Chazal say the Mabul came because of civil union contracts between gay men and because the leadership was promoting abomination as normal. Weprin is an imposter posing as orthodox. Do you know him? I do. There is nothing orthodox about him. He is a Conservative Jew who associates with left wing modern orthodox because of certain conveniences. But whether he is otherwise fully orthodox or not, he has no right to claim he is advocating an orthodox position on the floor of the State Assembly. That's just as perverted as Jeffrey Schwartz's "lomdus" why he protects Kolko. Shelly Silver, the lowlife with the same hashkafa as Weprin is otherwise orthodox. Guess who got him the Speaker job in Albany? Weprin's father.

Alter Mirrer said...

The anti-Weprin psak first gained traction in Mirrer yeshiva circles. While Belsky from YTV and some others are definitely hypocrites, the Mir has a history of barring entry to the premises to Colmer and other molesters.

Beware said...

Weprin is desperate because he has a very good chance of losing to a Republican for the first time in the history of the 9th district. First he sent spies to infiltrate the Turner campaign. Then the National Democrats panicked and gave him half a million bucks a few days ago to run prime time attacks against Turner on television that are full of lies.

Now he has jerks from the Queens Vaad who are going on to yeshivishe blogs to stump for him with their twisted logic.

Weprin Makes Sense said...

Thank you, finally we are getting to the truth:

"Alter Mirrer said...The anti-Weprin psak first gained traction in Mirrer yeshiva circles.

All this heat Flatbush Frum against Weprin is nuts, and now we know why, it obviously comes from a nut job like Asher Kalmanowitz &Co probably aided from the outside by the one-issue Lew Levin the supposed Rav Millernik.

These are the same folks who gave us Tropper, Pinter, Kranczer, Colmer and went all out to back them up and not once have they ever spoken out about the real to'eivas that Tropper, Pinter, Kolko, Colmer, Kranczer committed.

But they have all the time in the world to send puppets to blogs that they assur just so they can get in stupid points for an unknown 70+ year old Turner a has been TV executive and ROMAN CATHOLIC (remember the Inquisition boys?) as if he is the new white knight to save klal yisroel.

What a joke.

This business with gays is all about what liberal America is about nowadays. Just IGNORE it!!! It's like trouble waiting to happen if you fight it on the POLITICAL level. Keep your homes and schools safe from gays, but stay out of political wars on the outside in America. It's like joining the Czar against the Bolsheviks. It will backfire. It is too hot an issue. Yes it is a toieva, but so is banning capital punishment, single motherhood, adultery, mamzerus, geneivah, and all the aveiros of the Torah. The mabul is all around us. Move to EY and become a meiah shearimnik and go smash, crash, thrash, bash and trash anyone and anything you don't like, but you are wasting your time in the U. S. of A!!!

Weprin is rooted in simple standard all-American liberal values, and just like women and kids over 18 finally got the vote, blacks got civil rights, and social programs were introduced by FDR and LBJ, that's what America is, it ain't going back to what the Ku Klux Klan or the Bible Belters or Rav Miller or Osher Kalmanowitz would like. What planet are they on in any case?

Yes America is sinking morally and it's a VERY modern and scary place, but Turner is not the answer the Weprin. Like saying we should choose the Pope as the "gadol hador" (lehavdil) because he is "pro-morality" or something absurd like that. P.S. Most Jews in America are either secular, Reform, Conservative or intermarried and you have to work with that.

At least Weprin respects Orthodoxy on some level. He is a lot better than Weiner was. Weprin is also VERY pro-Zionist and he was endorsed by Rabbi Pindrus of Jerusalem for his pro-Settlers work in the JP. Maybe that's the real reason Kalmanowitz & Co don't like Weprin he has a mind of his own and is not afraid of rabbinic bullying!

Anonymous said...

Hey Weprin-mania 5:03 am,

I know who you are. You are that anti-Chaim Berlin blogger that attracted the lawsuit through Michael Hersh. I used to have respect for you until I saw all this crap you wrote to support a lowlife shmuck like Weprin.

It did not start with R' Asher Kalmanowitz. It started with someone who is usually very quiet and non-political but he recognized the danger of what Weprin is.

Weprin is NOT "All-American". Are you NUTS??!! There is a chiyuv to fight against abomination. People that talk like you are just as bad as the militant gays from Act Up. Most of America is not pro-gay.

Not only are you a liar but you are a pathetic liar. "Rabbi" Pindrus from Israel is some low level has-been politician that almost nobody heard of. He was dragged in to give an endorsement by that LOSER Friedlander from Boro Park - PAID BY WEPRIN - who would sell his mother out for a few bucks. With all of Friedlander's wheeling & dealing the only endorsement he could reel in is a nobody like Pindrus.

Stop lying about Mirrer yeshiva to further your pro-Weprin agenda. Tropper never dealt with Mirrer yeshiva. The ONLY contact Tropper ever had with Mir was when one rov in the Mir called Tropper to confront him about a kashrus scandal with Tropper's talmid Barros. Tropper lied to disassociate himself from Barros. Pinter had nothing to do with Mir until recently. He ignored them for 30 years despite living right there. He started fundraising for them with an eye on making his hardly employable son a high school rebbe. As soon as R' Shmuel Berenbaum was given proof of Pinter's thievery, Pinter was banned from the yeshiva's office. R' Shmuel would not let Colmer step foot in the building. Colmer is a Lazer pet. R' Shmuel often did not listen to Lazer. Lazer has his own shul which is an offical Agudah outpost. R' Shmuel poked fun at the Agudah day & night. Kranczer is a Chaim Berliner so STOP LYING!

Vos zogt UOJ? said...

Didn't see it but there is a major write up about R' Shraga Feivel ztl in this week's Yated.

Flatbush Frummies panic said...

Anonymous said...all this crap you wrote to support a lowlife shmuck like Weprin."

Until about a month ago most people never heard of Weprin or Turner. Now Weprin the Jew is a "rosha" and Turner the goy is a "tzadik". All of a sudden Weprin is no good, but millionaire bob Turner is great. Weprin will continue helping the Jews and everyone else, what's Turner gonna do? No one knows.

"It did not start with R' Asher Kalmanowitz."

It's not the point, it's what he stands for, dummy.

"It started with someone who is usually very quiet and non-political"

Yeah? So name him. Since when do people follow ghosts? No matter how many robo calls and puppet spokesmen he pays for.

"but he recognized the danger of what Weprin is."

Like what? That Weprin's pro civil rights? So now Catholics like Turner are "tzadikim" even though his Church has produced the most pedophiles? No one even knows Turner or what he stands for.

"There is a chiyuv to fight against abomination."

Right O. So condemn Tropper, Kranczer, Colmer, Kolko, etc etc, all the frum avaryanim from around the corner FIRST!

"Most of America is not pro-gay."

Most America is not pro-Jews either or pro-Blacks or pro-Mexicans either. There is no "most America" anymore. It's a split up country. Where did you study American civics, civil liberties, and political science? Obviously it did not go beyond your yeshiva ketana rebbe. What will the frum worl get by getting involved in this issue in America? they will call us "HOMOPHOBES" -- look it up dummy it could become a new blood libel. Weprin will stick to the government programs all the frum in need live off while Turner will cut them, but obviously the millionaires supporting Turner could care less about that. In America it's live and let live, and that how Yidden survive.

"Not only are you a liar but you are a pathetic liar."

Insults are no substitutes for logic, so stick to that.

Flatbush Frummies love Catholics like Turner said...

""Rabbi" Pindrus from Israel is some low level has-been politician that almost nobody heard of. He was dragged in to give an endorsement by that LOSER Friedlander from Boro Park - PAID BY WEPRIN - who would sell his mother out for a few bucks. With all of Friedlander's wheeling & dealing the only endorsement he could reel in is a nobody like Pindrus."

So what, it showed that Weprin will be VERY pro Zionist and the State of Israel, something you will not get from Agudists.

"Stop lying about Mirrer yeshiva to further your pro-Weprin agenda. Tropper never dealt with Mirrer yeshiva."

Boy are you out of it. There is no "agenda" here, just a discussion. Osher Kalmanowitz ganged up with Tropper to "ban" Noson Slifkin. They hatched lies and worked on it together. Now Weprin is getting the Slifkin, and VIN, treatment from the same guys. Pathetic.

"The ONLY contact Tropper ever had with Mir was when one rov in the Mir called Tropper to confront him about a kashrus scandal with Tropper's talmid Barros."

Yeah Barros, another to'eiva, is the guy even Jewish? Have you heard about his phoney conversions while in San Francisco. No condemnations against him though.

"Tropper lied to disassociate himself from Barros."

Tropper ONLY lies, was he ever condemned for that?

"Pinter had nothing to do with Mir until recently."

yadayadayadayada, ho ho ho ho, ha ha ha heee!

"As soon as R' Shmuel Berenbaum was given proof of Pinter's thievery, Pinter was banned from the yeshiva's office."

Rav Shmuel was a tzadik and he stayed OUT of politics too! Something his younger relatives don't understand.

"R' Shmuel would not let Colmer step foot in the building. Colmer is a Lazer pet. R' Shmuel often did not listen to Lazer."

So who did to Colmer like they are doing to Weprin now? Do you get my point or you just want to be an ox?

"Kranczer is a Chaim Berliner so STOP LYING!"

Kranczer was always a 100% Rav Avigdor Miller chosid. Chaim Berlin took him in and he was a star talmid or Rav Shmuel Brog, Rav Miller's son in law, at Chaim Berlin. Right before the Kranczer scandal became public Brog was let go once and for all because smart Fruchty knew what was coming. But you miss the point, and that is, just as "charity begins at home" so does the kind of attacking politicians for moral sins that are not condemned at home by the Flatbush Frummies who have ZERO credibility.

Bob Turner vs David Weprin for NY 9 Congress said...

35 minute YouTube video:

Click on:

Election's Today: Debate: Bob Turner vs David Weprin for NY's 9th Congressional District

"'Inside City Hall' Hosts Debate for NY9 Congressional Race. Inside City Hall's Errol Louis moderated a debate between Republican Bob Turner and Democrat David Weprin, the candidates battling in the special election for the 9th congressional district that includes Brooklyn and Queens and which was the former seat of Anthony Weiner."


NY1 Online: "Inside City Hall" Hosts Debate for NY9 Congressional Race