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One day the boys were assigned chavruses (studying partners). R. Goldbrener and R. Blum paired me up with this kid, I didn't want to study with, so I told them that I would like to learn with someone else. The response was NO you have to learn with him. I argued back, of course, and R. Goldbrener took me into a nearby room and slapped me once, then he asked me "are you gonna partner up with that kid, yes or no?" so my answer was "no", so he slapped me again, this went on for a while (maybe 15-20 minutes) as he kept on asking "yes or no?" and my answer constant "no". (Wasn't he giving me a choice by asking me yes or no? I answered his question!) The beating got harder and more violent, (the entire time I was thinking, if only R. Blum would find out what R. Goldbrener is doing to me, he would get in trouble from R. Blum) so after about 15-20 minutes R. Blum came into the room and asked R. Goldbrener if I already answered and he responded that "no he didn't" so then came the worst; two adults started beating on me. After another ten minutes of two adults beating on me, I of course answered yes and they stopped. Later on, R. Goldbrener told me that I was a stubborn child & he would knock it out of me, but little did he know that he ruined me for life and I'm now more stubborn than ever.

Shortly after I turned thirteen, my parents sent me to a "sleep-away" yeshiva located in Monsey, where we lived. By the afternoon of the first day, I was calling home in tears, begging my mother to come get me. In trying to describe the physical and emotional abuse that went on there, I'm doing the place a disservice. Beatings were so normal a sight, they were ignored by other students. Rebbeim bragged about how much they intimidated us, and kids walked around with bruises, welts and all sorts of marks.

Besides the physical abuse, there was the mental pressure put on us, every second of every day was controlled, starting with waking up at the crack of dawn, to the fifteen minutes we had to run to the mikvah, haul ourselves back and be seated at our spot, (Heaven help you if you were seconds late) to laying down on the left side and waking up on the right. Not tolerated were: laughing, talking about anything aside from what we were studying, contact with the outside world, no food or snacks outside of the three meals served to us (fifteen minutes per meal, no talking), no personal books, tape players, etc.

When I say beating, I'm not referring to a little slap or even a backhand to the head. I'm talking about all out, go for broke: fists, elbow, sticks, anything handy were all fair game. I've seen coffee jars used as weapons, heads slammed through drywall, chairs and trash cans thrown - all in one session!

I could fill a book with all the stories that happened to me and other bochurim. It got to the point where we were immune to the beatings and we bragged about how badly we got hit that day. I even remember thinking to myself one day that today was the first time an entire day had gone by without begin hit once. That day was one and a half years into my time there.

My parents, being naive, as so many parents are, believed that anyone with the title Rebbe, Rosh Yeshiva or Menahel could do no wrong. No matter what I said to them, the answer was the same, "He's a Rosh Yeshiva, he must know what he's doing".

I eventually gave up trying to convince my parents to remove me. After I left the yeshiva, I made a conscious effort to forget and get over my experiences there and to a large extent, I was successful. I moved on, for the most part blocking the whole thing out of my head, but certain things wouldn't go away. to this day, I never sit with my back to the room. I get jumpy and easily startled and I flinch when people "high five or back slap" me. I avoid talking about the whole experience because when I do, I get physically ill (as I am typing this, my heart is pounding and my hands are shaking).

I don't know how many of you know the difference between a 6 slice yarmulke (kippa) and a 4 slice, but that R. Blum sure does know the difference. One fine afternoon it all seemed to be going well, I went into town and bought a new yarmulke. I went from a 6 slice to a 4 slice (one difference is that the 6 slice was soft & the 4 was more stiff) I threw out the 6 slice and I rolled into yeshiva with my new 4 slice yarmulke. I didn't pay much attention to my new yarmulke, just that it was more comfortable on my head. All of a sudden R. Blum comes up to me and tells me to get rid of the 4 slice yarmulke and wear the 6 slice. I explained to him that I like this one and that I threw away the other, then R. Blum took my yarmulke off my head and left me with nothing on my head, so I was like if the so called rabbi can remove my kippa and if I'm doing a sin, it's on his responsibility. Then the he started pounding my head with his fingers and he kept on saying "put on a yarmulke put on a yarmulke" and I was like, "so give me back mine", but he refused. Then while his hand is knocking on my head, I put my head down on the table (like taking a nap) and the pounding got stronger and harder. Then he asked one of the boys for a blade, and he cut my yarmulke in to 4 pieces and there was my yarmulke all cut up and I'm not wearing any, that made him even more angry because I kept on asking and I was upset that my yarmulke was cut, so the pounding continued until it got real ugly.

He threw me on the floor and started kicking my head (it looked like he was playing soccer with my head as the ball). I can tell you one thing, I was beaten..... I don't even remember the end of the story. I just know that I'm still alive to tell the story and nowadays I proudly wear only 4 slice yarmulkes. It did leave a trauma because I wouldn't change that style for anything. It goes so far that my daughter once came home and said that her friends were making fun of her that her dad is wearing a 4 slice yarmulke. My wife gave me that look like she would appreciate if I would change it, & I explained to her that I suffered so much for that yarmulke, even nearly lost my life over it, and I hope she understands, she did understand. And that's where this story ends. May they never have a peaceful day.

This weekend I saw an invitation for a Tea Party for a yeshiva in Monsey. After reading it thru, I noticed something that all of a sudden started heating my blood and I felt my pressure rising. The trigger was a name on there: "Shimon Goldbrener". After reading that, I started having flashbacks from back in the day when I went to the yeshiva of Moshe Lazer Blum & Shimon Goldbrener. At the same time, the left side of my neck was killing me and that got my blood pumping even more. I started remembering what had happened in that school, I don't think about it every day and can even go by years that I don't think of it, but at that moment it hit. The story with the hurting shoulder/neck/back was as follows: (when I do think about that man, I will never forget the details on the story and nor will the kids that watched it either) On May of 1994 there was a ceremony in Brooklyn and I wanted to attend, so being that the yeshiva was in Rockland County, I asked the administration (Rabbis Blum and Goldbrener) if I could go tomorrow to Brooklyn and they said yes. Next morning came and I woke up a bit late, I rushed to mikvah and then rushed into shul. They were already in middle of davening (basically, I was late) so after davening, one of those two came up to me and said to me that I cannot go to Brooklyn because I arrived late to prayers. I tried arguing that we didn't make any kind of deal like that and that he can't stop me from going but it still didn't help and he said no you can't go. Later after breakfast and just about walking into class, R. Goldbrener told me that he would allow me to go but on one condition; he will give me 50 punches on my shoulder and back and after that I can go (mind you this guy was about 250 lb and I was a little 13 year old, maybe 125 lbs tops). And me wanting to be a hero said no problem it's a deal.

Having all students sitting around one big table (a few tables put together, about 15-20 kids) he started punching one after another. I was sitting next to him on his right side & my left shoulder was his punching bag, as he kept going one after the other, and the students counted with him, 21, 22, 23 and so on. When it came to 33, the students counted that # twice. I was like "that's not fair" but my screams were disregarded. When it came to 49 the guy stopped and said that I cannot go because he didn't give me FIFTY punches. We argued and argued, he even at one point threatened me that if I don't stop arguing he would beat me up. At the end, the students stuck up for me and they said that when counting they counted one of the #s twice so that means that really it was 50 not 49, so I was granted permission to go. In Brooklyn, at the ceremony there were so many people and there was lots of pushing going on, and when people were pushing on me it hurt so bad that while the trip almost wasn't worth it, it was still worth it since I had gotten through that. This is only one of the many, many stories I myself had there, G-d is my witness that I'm not making this up.

One day during a Shiur, MLB. ‘hinted’ to us that the building we were in wasn't suited for such a Chushiveh Mukom Torah like ours, and if only we could make this one burn down, we could collect on the insurance policy…

We immediately started making plans to burn the building down. It started out as an open secret, that only our class knew about, but eventually everybody was in on it. MLB helped with planning the job, and made sure we didn't make it look like an arson. The plan was to disconnect the oven from the gas line, and leave the pipe open over the Channukah vacation, meanwhile we lit a yartzeit candle in a far corner of the room… The Sifrei Torah ‘should be’ secure because they were in a safe at the opposite end of the building, but the rest of the seforim would have to be collateral damage if we wanted to get away with it.

Before I go on, I have to point out that the building we inhabited had been a shul for many years, and MLB had only bought it a few years before. Part of the deal was that the congregation - which mostly used it on Shabbos and Yom Tov - let us use their siddurim, seforim, and sifrei torah, all week, but it still belonged to them…
L’Kavod Channukah we got released on thursday afternoon - instead of the usual friday afternoon, and we sprang into action. We filled several trash bags with “the important stuff” we didn't want to lose, and hid it behind the Viznitz girls school (why specifically there - I’ll never know). We set up our sophisticated Jewish lightening rig, and ran home.

Sunday morning came, and the building was still there! Our master plan hadn't worked. The candle had gone out, and all we were left with was a building that smelled so bad, we had to stay out of the top floor for days.

We had to rethink our methods,so we decided to go with the old faithful boiler. A little while later, the Yeshivah put on a Melaveh Malkah as a fund raiser in Yeshiva Spring Valley which is just a few hundred yards down the street from our building.
This time we came prepared, we had two-way radios, spotters, and scouts. We laid out a haphazard-looking row of towels from the boiler to a wooden table, and then dropped some paper towels into the pilot. We waited till we saw flames, and then left the building.

We went across the street to the Bais Dovid parking lot, and watched. This time it worked. It didn't take long for flames to start shooting out of the windows. Eventually the sirens started, and the fire department showed up. The fire wasn't that big, and it didn't take them too long to put it out, but we weren't satisfied. We waited for hours till everyone was gone, and snuck back into the building, and lit it on fire again! We again waited till we saw substantial flames, and then went home. Early the next morning I ran as fast as I could to the Yeshiva building, and sure enough, it was destroyed. Part of the roof had caved in, and the inside was completely burnt out.

Long story short, MLB and company got away with it. We went on Galus for a while, roaming from shul to shul, but when the money finally came in he bought a house, and (illegally) converted it into a Yeshiva building. We had all the amenities, indoor mikvah, beis hamedrash, dorm rooms, big kitchen, and dining room. Once in a while we had to hide the fact that we had converted a residence to a school, if the ‘suits’ showed up we’d rearrange rooms, and hide half the kids. But we obviously did a good job, because he was never caught.

R. Shimon Goldbrener is currently a Maagid Shiur in a Yeshivah, and R. Moshe Lazer Blum is currently opening a new Yeshivah. Would you send your kids to study under them? If you care for your children, pass this along.


Yudi Kolko said...

I like the part of the story with the boiler room.

UOJ gets results said...


Eight additional people were arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation into the fraud at the Claims Conference, which now tops $57 million.

The arrests Oct. 12 brought the total number of arrests in the case to 30.

Gumshoe said...

What was the name of that yeshiva and how many years ago was this?

With a name like Moishe Lazer Blum it sounds like he may have Kashau yichus and Kashau does have a substantial presence in Monsey.

Yankel Applegrad said...

Yudi, you dumb putz! Don't give your hundreds of victims any ideas with all the memories you gave them next to the boiler. Next time Margo scrutinizes the petty cash account, I'm going to have to explain why I had to buy a padlock for that room down there.

The Life and Times of Matisyahu Pickwick Salomon 4 said...

Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon of the Lakewood yeshiva is a nice man. An avuncular sort that everyone would love as an uncle or zeide grandpappy.

But how does such an out-of-touch goody-two-shoes get so much attention? Especially when he makes pronouncements that his own employers at his yeshiva and the hard core rabbis over at the Agudath Israel of America don't listen to a thing he says and don't care what he says as he is powerless before them because they have tougher and crueler taskmasters over them in the vaunted scary politburo Moetzes council of Torah sages?

Who thought of the idea to bring him over from ye merry olde Victorian England to the super hyped up USA?

It must have been someone's idea.

But whose?

When his predecessor in the same post Rav Noson Wachtfogel z"l passed away who started brainstorming that aha, ye good ol Matisyahu Salomon happily ensconced in far, far, far away ye quaint olde Gateshood would be just the man to fill the shoes of old time Litvish rov Noson Wachtfogel?

Was it a Kotler kin who thought of hiring him?

Was it someone over at Aguda?

Was it some unknown layman?

Just how does anyone get noticed enough in the shadowy Lakewood yeshiva world to come into the running to be plucked from total obscurity and irrelevance to get pole-vaulted into a position as mashgiach ruchani (spiritual advisor) to America's largest post high-school yeshiva and become its most touted and self-assured spokesperson?

Has anyone been told the truth especially since whenever he opens his mouth he does not sound a ki hu zeh scintilla like anyone listening to him in thought, speech or even in his actions as one pictures him standing there with an English brolly and bowler hat straight out of the 18th or 19th centuries where he has last spent time appearing in Charles Dickens novels as the doppelganger to the quaint Pickwick.

Farakhan mourns Gadafi and Osama Saddam and the end of his gravy train said...

Chicago Tribune:

"Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan condemns killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

By Ryan Haggerty, Tribune reporter

October 26, 2011

Controversial Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan condemned the killing of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday, warning that America and other Western powers will soon face severe consequences for their support of the uprising that led to the dictator's death.

"I know something of the good of Moammar Gadhafi that made me to love him as a brother and to feel a great sense of loss at his assassination," Farrakhan said during a two-hour interview with radio host Cliff Kelley on WVON-AM.

Later in the show, he said: "Gadhafi died in honor, fighting for the Libya that he believed in."

Farrakhan and Gadhafi, who was killed Thursday by rebels in his hometown of Sirte, were allies for decades. Gadhafi was buried Tuesday in a secret grave in the Libyan desert...

...Gadhafi addressed Nation of Islam members via satellite, calling Farrakhan a "courageous freedom fighter" who galvanized African-Americans at the Million Man March in Washington and Muslims in nations around the world.

During that speech, Gadhafi criticized America for taxing poor people, who the Libyan leader said do not benefit from space exploration or support of "a Hebrew state," a reference to Israel.

Chicago's Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam's international headquarters, was purchased 40 years ago with a $3 million loan from Gadhafi, but Farrakhan said his admiration of Gadhafi was not tied to Gadhafi's money or power

Farrakhan acknowledged that Gadhafi had killed people, but he said all other world leaders, including President Barack Obama, are responsible for the deaths of others.

"Did he kill people? Well, hell, did our president kill people? Talk back to me!" Farrakhan said, prompting some of his supporters to say, "Yes," in reply.

"You have made your president an assassin, that the only value that he has now is that he was responsible for the death of (al-Qaida leader) Osama bin Laden," Farrakhan said, his voice rising. "He was captured without a weapon. He should have been brought to America, put on trial for the American people to see this man. But he was executed so you will never know the real truth."

Farrakhan blamed Obama's advisers — whom he called "wicked demons" — for what he sees as a flawed American foreign policy that he said serves the interests of the powerful international corporations, not working-class Americans.

"Now, Moammar Gadhafi and his sons lie dead," Farrakhan said. "Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his sons lie dead. Well, what about your sons?..

...now (U.S. military) drones are in Pakistan, drones in Somalia, drones in Yemen. When will it stop? America, do you think that you can get away with this?"

Farrakhan said the American media, which he said is controlled by banks, willingly tarnished Gadhafi's image. During a commercial break, he said the media "is bought and paid for."

...Farrakhan also said that America and its allies are "in for a shock" if they think that new governments in Libya, Egypt and other North African and Middle Eastern countries will automatically be pro-U.S.

Instead, he said, the U.S. could find itself with a revolution of its own. He pointed to the Occupy Wall Street movement as evidence of growing unrest in the U.S.

"This is going to happen all over the world," Farrakhan said. "I want you to know that you're through as a world power. Through, through."


Creeping control of the Internet by US government proposed said...

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Breitbart.com reports:

"'Rogue websites' bill introduced in US House

Oct 26, 2011

US lawmakers introduced a bill on Wednesday that would give US authorities more tools to crack down on websites accused of piracy of movies, television shows and music and the sale of counterfeit goods.

The Stop Online Piracy Act has received bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and is the House version of a bill introduced in the Senate in May known as the Theft of Intellectual Property Act or Protect IP Act.

The legislation has received the backing of Hollywood, the music industry, the Business Software Alliance, the National Association of Manufacturers, the US Chamber of Commerce and other groups.

But it has come under fire from digital rights and free speech organizations for allegedly paving the way for US law enforcement to unilaterally shut down websites, including foreign sites, without due process.

House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith, a Republican from Texas, said the bill "helps stop the flow of revenue to rogue websites and ensures that the profits from American innovations go to American innovators.

"Rogue websites that steal and sell American innovations have operated with impunity," Smith said in a statement.

"The online thieves who run these foreign websites are out of the reach of US law enforcement agencies and profit from selling pirated goods without any legal consequences," he said.

"The bill prevents online thieves from selling counterfeit goods in the US, expands international protections for intellectual property, and protects American consumers from dangerous counterfeit products," Smith said.

Howard Berman, a Democrat from California who co-sponsored the legislation, said it is "an important next step in the fight against digital theft and sends a strong message that the United States will not waiver in our battle to protect America's creators and innovators."

The House Judiciary Committee is to hold a hearing on the bill on November 16.

The Washington-based Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) said the House bill "raises serious red flags.

"It includes the most controversial parts of the Senate's Protect IP Act, but radically expands the scope," the CDT said in a statement. "Any website that features user-generated content or that enables cloud-based data storage could end up in its crosshairs.

"Internet Service Providers would face new and open-ended obligations to monitor and police user behavior," the CDT said. "Payment processors and ad networks would be required to cut off business with any website that rightsholders allege hasn't done enough to police infringement.

"The bill represents a serious threat to online innovation and to legitimate online communications tools," it said.

The Obama administration has come in for some criticism for shutting down dozens of "rogue websites" over the past year as part of a crackdown known as "Operation in Our Sites."

US authorities in November, for example, shut down 82 websites selling mostly Chinese-made counterfeit goods, including golf clubs, Walt Disney movies, handbags and other items.

Somethings Very Rotten in Skver said...

Lower Hudson News:

"New Square man accused in murder try arrested on charge of violating court order

Oct. 26, 2011

The 18-year-old New Square man charged with trying to murder a village dissident through an arson attempt was released this afternoon after being arrested on a charge of violating a court order to stay away from the family.

Ramapo police arrested Shaul Spitzer this morning after he left the Rockland County Courthouse in New City following an appearance on felony charges of attempted murder, arson and assault.

Police accused Spitzer of walking outside Aron Rottenberg's Truman Avenue house on Oct. 4 at 3:15 p.m. in violation of a court order to stay away from family members, their home and business, Ramapo police Detective Sgt. John Lynch said today.

Spitzer, who lived in Grand Rabbi David Twersky's house and worked as his butler, appeared before Ramapo Justice Rhoda Schoenberger this afternoon on a misdemeanor count of second-degree criminal contempt.

The Rockland District Attorney's Office recommended no additional bail, believing the $300,000 on the felony charges was sufficient, Lynch told Schoenberger.

Schoenberger noted she got the case because the New Square judge was unavailable. She released Spitzer, who is scheduled to appear in New Square Justice Court on Nov. 21 at 6 p.m.

Defense attorney Kenneth Gribetz, said after court that Spitzer would plead not guilty to the misdemeanor charge at that time.

A community member took a photograph of Spitzer and some friends in front of the Rottenberg house. The individual sent the photo to the Rottenbergs, who sent the photo to the police. The police investigated and after finding the community member and doing interviews, they made the arrest.

Gribetz said Spitzer made an "innocent mistake" and has been told in no uncertain terms he's not to go near the Rottenberg house. Gribetz said the synagogue and the grand rabbi's house are near the Rottenberg home.

Rottenberg's son-in-law, Moshe Eilbaum, said the family was pleased the police took action.

Spitzer has pleaded not guilty to charges of arson and attempted murder that accuse him of trying to set Rottenberg's house in New Square on fire at 4:15 a.m. May 22. That case was adjourned today until Jan. 11 for possible trial.

During a confrontation outside the house that May morning, police contend, an incendiary device of Spitzer's exploded, burning Rottenberg over 50 percent of his body.

Rottenberg was hospitalized for months with third-degree burns, undergoing skin grafts and other medical procedures. Spitzer suffered severe burns to his hands and arms.

Rottenberg and others had been the target of street protests and vandalism last year for not praying in Twersky's synagogue. Rottenberg led a contingent that prayed at the Friedwald Center on New Hempstead Road, less than a mile from New Square.

At the time of the arson attack, Spitzer lived in the grand rabbi's house and did butler-type work for the Hasidic Jewish leader. The rabbi later condemned the violence.

There also are accusations being investigated that young men like Spitzer enforce the edicts of the grand rabbi and his inner circle, including social rules, like dress codes, and worship practices. The Ramapo police have been investigating the vandalism against Rottenberg and any conspiracy to deny him and others their rights to practice their religion. The FBI has been monitoring the case."

i was there said...

Rav matisyahu was brought to lakewood well over a year BEFORE rav noson passed away on r nosons request and rav shachs recomendation...

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The Lakewood business model of the 80's will come crashing down like all the other Ponzi schemes based on charismatic, smooth-talking, promise you Heaven, types.

Salamon is not even a pikeach, he's nothing but a eloquent, feel-good, Hope & Change figure.

The 99% of Lakewood that are struggling to put food on the table crowd, will eventually become the Occupy BMG Movement - because there will be noone to keep pouring in their entitlement money, like their parents and in-laws, and their kids will have gone OTD because any such movement eventually goes BUST!

Next Mashgiach may even be Ben Bernanke, the gelt printer; he's got the gray beard, nice smile, bald head; the only investment for BMG would be a hat and a rekel.

Controversial Internet Censorship Bill Introduced In House said...

CCIA: Computer & Communications Industry Association:

[CCIA is an international nonprofit membership organization dedicated to innovation and enhancing society's access to information and communications. CCIA promotes open markets, open systems, open networks and full, fair and open competition in the computer, telecommunications and Internet industries.]

Controversial Internet Censorship Bill Introduced In House


Several House members have introduced a controversial bill that could interrupt access to legal websites and compromise the stability and security of the Internet itself.

This bill would allow the Justice Department to blacklist Internet sites that allegedly facilitate intellectual property rights infringement, and not only cut them off from U.S. advertisers and financial services like credit cards, but regulate ISPs and search. This is accomplished in part through mandated manipulation of the Internet domain name addressing system (DNS). Current law (the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) already contains an effective notice and takedown process in which U.S. search engines and websites remove massive amounts of infringing material every day.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association, which fights Internet filtering and censorship at home and abroad, opposes this proposed Internet regulation because it will be ineffective at stopping the worst piracy offenders, yet unfortunately will create a host of new technical concerns that impact government initiatives to protect national security."

Controversial Internet Censorship Bill Introduced In House said...

CCIA: Computer & Communications Industry Association:

The following can be attributed to CCIA President & CEO Ed Black:

“There are ways to reduce infringement without compromising the stability and security of the Internet. Those who understand how the Internet navigation system works, realize this bill is akin to trying to block phones calls by ripping a page from a phone book. Those intent on reaching infringing content online can still get there. What this bill instead will do is create security issues on the Internet for everyone and Balkanize Internet traffic. While this presents risks for all Internet users, it also undermines both our own foreign policy against Internet censorship and our national security policy, which monitors the Internet for terrorist threats. By pushing Internet routing overseas and casting a broad net that will snare legitimate websites, the Internet is less secure – and so is the country.

“This Hollywood-backed bill is just not ready for release. Rushing through a bill that offers few real gains for one sector of the economy, while harming so many other legitimate US companies in these economic times is unwise. Even worse, this parochial legislation contradicts US trade policy, foreign policy and existing programs aimed at protecting national security.

“Common ground on legislation to combat copyright infringement is possible without serious collateral damage on the Internet. But to get there, more members of Congress need more complete information on how the Internet works and its vulnerabilities. The bill needs fixes based on recommendations of Internet engineers and cybersecurity experts who have written to Congress about their serious concerns.

“In many ways this bill is even worse than its Senate compatriot. It completely rewrites DMCA safe harbors that have allowed the Internet industry to flourish, its ambiguous definitions have the potential to frustrate large and small IT operations alike, and it lowers legal standards for censorship that have been expressly rejected by the Supreme Court. This bill is a disaster.”

The following can be attributed to CCIA Vice President Cathy Sloan:

“This legislation short circuits efforts to ensure members of Congress understand the baseline requirements for the smooth, secure functioning of the global Internet.

“The tech industry has worked together in the past with the recording and movie industry to reduce piracy through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But this new bill is inconsistent with parts of the DMCA, which contains no obligations to monitor or filter Internet content. The DMCA safe harbors and notice and takedown provisions have been considered effective enough at reducing real copyright infringement that we have signed several trade agreements this year based on the DMCA.”

Boruch said...

There will never be an occupy (fill in the blank) Yeshivah movement, not ever. Lemmings don't rebel. Lemmings don't question. Lemmings don't think.

I read through this posting and it occurred to me that the cult of personality was hard at work in this Yeshivah. Personality appears to be the updated attire of the Emperor who was clothes less. We have iconized and by extension created an avodah zarah equal to the generation of Nimrod. We have equated the shell with the substance and by doing little more than rewarding the loyal core followers enabled the most dysfunctional society since Sdom and Amorah. Angels won't visit us this time and there is no holy advocate to argue for our salvation.
This story should be a flashpoint. It should ignite ire. It should cause a mass scrutiny of our system and our community; it should scream as loud as a missing child. It's about missing a childhood. The story is about losing a precious part of a Jewish life - the geshmak.
There was a story, during the Yomim Noraim, about fainting. The Chofetz Chaim wanted to know why fainting didn’t occur when Klall Yisroel was in trouble, because boosha doesn’t exist anymore and the excrement that has crawled out of the bowl is now considered this generation’s gedolim. Let’s fight the nameless Internet, let’s ban Lipa, let’s kol koreh and rail against plony. Let’s not forget to scharf gelt from those who can least afford it. Let’s not deal with real issue – where’s the fight against abuse, smoking, obesity, obsceneness, poverty. Will there ever be a convention that addresses smoking and the issues that arise from that?
This kid and more like him were never the problem because they didn’t conform to the “system”. The problem will always be a “system” that doesn’t shape itself to the needs of those in it. Occupy isn’t an answer or a platform. These kids should come back to Yiddishkeit and open their own Yeshivas – the best revenge is living well. In this case it would be doing it right.

Anonymous said...

smoking? grow up boruch! (is that u boruch lanner?)

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10/27/11 7:01 p.m.

I did grow up in a generation that glorified rebellion and spit on authority. I grew up in a world where cool was the ikkur and privilege without responsibility was the mantra of the masses of the disillusioned. I grew up to watch a generation before me wither from chemotherapy. I watched 240 pound men die at 70 lbs and not in a lager. I watched women with fancy cigarette holders clenched between yellow teeth, have those teeth crack and break like brittle crackers when they were turning toward their golden years. I grew up. Most of the addicts (yes cigarette smokers are addicts, like crackheads) I grew up with are wheezing, can't keep up with their kids, and have been or will be attached to a variety of medical equipment. Smoking deserves a battle, obesity deserves a battle. Vices are vices regardless of which addicted Rav or Rosh you were attached to as a kid.

Boruch Lanner, no not I.

Anonymous said...

cmon uoj, have you ever exchanged 2 words with r matisyahu?
im not saying he's a perfect saint, but hes a good guy.

Anonymous said...


304 N.Y. 968 (1953)

The People of the State of New York, Respondent,
Al Keshner, Appellant, et al., Defendants.
Court of Appeals of the State of New York.

Argued December 1, 1952.

Decided January 21, 1953

J. Bertram Wegman, I. Maurice Wormser, Richard J. Burke and Myron L. Shapiro for appellant.
Frank S. Hogan, District Attorney (Richard G. Denzer of counsel), for respondent.
Concur: LOUGHRAN, Ch. J., CONWAY, DESMOND, DYE, FULD and FROESSEL, JJ. LEWIS, J., dissents in the following opinion:

Judgment of conviction affirmed; no opinion.
[ 304 N.Y. 969 ]

LEWIS, J. (dissenting).
A fire, ignited by a spark of unknown origin, erupted in premises on the fifth floor of a loft building at 9 West 18th Street in Manhattan — where the defendant Keshner conducted a coat and jacket manufacturing business — following his admitted attempt to commit the crime of arson in the second degree for the purpose of defrauding a fire insurance company.

In the fire that ensued, a police officer and two of the defendant's accomplices were killed. By reason of the death of the police officer the defendant now stands convicted of first degree felony murder upon an indictment under subdivision 2 of section 1044 of the Penal Law: "The killing of a human being * * * without a design to effect death, by a person engaged in the commission of, or in an attempt to commit a felony, either upon or affecting the person killed or otherwise * * *." (Emphasis supplied)

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November 5, 1958


Appeal from a judgment of the Supreme Court (James B. M. McNally, J.), entered March 20, 1956 in New York County and from an order of the same court (Joseph A. Gavagan, J.) entered February 21, 1956.

Botein, P. J. Breitel, Rabin and M. M. Frank, JJ., concur.

Author: Botein

This case arises as the aftermath of an explosion in a loft building, which occurred during an attempt to commit arson on the premises of the defendant Keshner, Inc., and resulted in the death of Detective Daggett and serious injuries to Detective Phelan, while they were in the act of apprehending the conspirators. Plaintiff Daggett, the father of the fatally injured detective, as administrator, and plaintiff Phelan, on his own behalf, have brought this action to recover damages, not only from defendants Keshner and Keshner, Inc., but also from defendants Berebitsky and Katz, the operators of a garage at which the gasoline used in the arson scheme was purchased............

The testimony adduced on both trials fully substantiated the allegations of the complaint, and provided an adequate basis for the recovery. It was established that in 1951 Keshner, who operated the Keshner, Inc. factory in a loft building in Manhattan, worried about his failing business, conceived the idea of having a fire to collect on his insurance policies. For this purpose, he hired Weiss and Shapiro, two notorious Brooklyn criminals. Weiss guaranteed to burn the whole place down so that Keshner would collect the full amount of his insurance.

On July 21, 1951 Weiss, whom Berebitsky and Katz knew well, came to their garage in Brooklyn and purchased 33 gallons of gasoline, 13 of which were pumped into the automobile gas tank and the balance into four 5-gallon cans. This was in violation of section C19-53.0 of the Administrative Code, since Weiss did not hold a purchase permit. Berebitsky entered the transaction in the books but falsified the records to conceal the fact that the sale had been made to Weiss. The sale was never reported to the Fire Commissioner as required by the code.

On August 31 Weiss returned to appellants' garage with Shapiro and purchased 42.6 gallons from Katz. The gasoline was put in nine or ten 5-gallon cans. The cans were put in cartons in Weiss' car, which was left in the garage with Katz' consent. It was decided not to set the fire that night, and a few days later Weiss returned to the garage where one of appellants' employees took the cartons out and stored them in a locker covered with a painter's drop cloth. The next day, as Berebitsky watched, the cartons were loaded into the Keshner car. On September 10 the car was driven to Keshner's loft building. The cartons were brought up to the fifth floor where the gasoline was poured into a 55-gallon oil drum and then emptied by means of fire buckets and splashed all over the premises. Keshner then drove off but was apprehended by detectives who had been keeping Weiss and Shapiro under surveillance. Keshner told them of the arson plan and Detectives Phelan and Daggett went up to the fifth floor and apprehended Weiss and Shapiro. As they re-entered the loft to get Shapiro's coat and shirt, the explosion occurred, killing Daggett, Weiss and Shapiro and injuring Phelan........

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Keshner was sentenced to be executed by the electric chair. It was scheduled for March 12, 1952, in Sing Sing Prison. Two days before, on March 10, Governor Dewey commuted the sentence to life imprisonment.

US Banks smell the coffee over idiot fees said...

USA Today:

"Chase drops plan to charge fee for debit cards

By Sandra Block, USA TODAY


A month after Bank of America got pummeled by consumers and lawmakers for introducing a monthly debit-card fee, other big banks are backing off plans to charge customers for using their debit cards.

JPMorgan Chase has decided not to charge customers to use their debit cards, according to a source with knowledge of the plans. In February, Chase launched a pilot program that charged customers in Georgia and Wisconsin a $3 monthly debit card fee. The program will expire in November and Chase doesn't plan to extend it, according to the source.

Consumers Union applauded the decision and called on Bank of America to rescind its plans to start charging customers a $5 monthly debit card fee, starting in 2012.

"Consumers Union has heard from thousands of consumers across the country who are outraged that Bank of America is instituting the $5 monthly debit card fee," said Norma Garcia, manager of Consumers Union's financial services program.

"We always take into consideration feedback we receive from our customers," a Bank of America spokesperson said in response, "and are committed to being clear and transparent about our fees so that customers understand their options in paying for services and ways they can avoid fees."

Starting in November, SunTrust, a major regional bank, will charge customers a $5 monthly debit card fee. Regions Financial, based in Birmingham, Ala., has also added a $4 monthly debit card fee. Wells Fargo is testing a $3 monthly fee in some of its markets.

Banks that have raised their fees said a regulation that took effect Oct. 1 left them with no other choice. That regulation cut in half the fees financial institutions can charge retailers whenever consumers use their debit cards for purchases. The regulation exempted banks and credit unions with assets of less than $10 billion.

But other big banks have made of a point of publicizing the fact that they don't charge a debit card fee. Citibank earlier said it decided not to charge a debit card fee because customers made it clear that they didn't want to pay for the convenience of using their cards. TD Bank put out a press release Friday stating that it will continue to offer its customers debit cards with no monthly fee.

TD Bank said a survey of its customers revealed that 70% would discontinue their account if the bank charged a debit card fee.

Most small banks and credit unions don't charge debit card fees. In an effort to attract new deposits, some of those institutions have launched advertising campaigns urging angry customers of big banks to switch accounts.

A grassroots effort on Facebook has designated Nov. 5 "Bank Transfer Day" and is encouraging consumers who are unhappy with new bank fees to move their accounts to credit unions or community banks."

Spaced out BT said...

Please send the Moshe Lazer Blum story to Yudel Shain because he seems to regard the former as an expert on dinei toleim. A bit of irony, you might say.

Anonymous said...

Women, get in touch with dovid weinberger from Lawrence-ooh,aah.

Anonymous said...

Yudel Shain was of the opinion that the Kashoh Ravs sons are very erlich. This type of behavior is a chasidik sickness.

I know someone in a chasidik class got a not-entitled slap in class, he sent one back. It stopped this rebbei from continuing his rampages.

Social Services said...

This blum character has a shul in Monsey. He calls himself Sikso Rebbe. He lives on Grove St.
He does counseling for couples.

Anonymous said...

he is not a son of tha kasho rav

Der Shygetz said...

WHAT!?!?! This arson story is better than anything I could cook up (and yes, this really is the Creedmoor Chronicler posting)! Ditto for the 50 punches story.

These real-life Creedmoorer Chassidim need to be ostracized. Yes, a tzibur is tzadikim-benonim-reshoim but reshoim are supposed to be at the bottom, not the top.