Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What I Would Say At This Year's Agudath Israel Convention!



I need no introduction Chaim Dovid, but thank you anyway.

I believe in Jewish Exceptionalism, not necessarily in the orthodox sense of the term (of course!). We were destined to be a great people only if we act as a great people. The same applies to us as Americans. We are a great nation because of the vision of the Founding Fathers' wisdom in setting up the rules and regulations called the Constitution, with the ability to add Amendments if deemed necessary, only after great scrutiny and consideration....And act with dignity in implementing the very basics of human needs with the understanding that societies can only exist if what is good for the individual members, is good, or should be good for society as a whole.

Perhaps the greatest of their visionary thinking, after vicious religious persecution that forced the Pilgrims to flee their country, was establishing a State with freedom of religion, or no religion; under these parameters did America become the greatest country to ever inhabit the planet, and scientific inquiry was able to flourish without the scrutiny of the ignorant and vile Church, creating and leading up to advances in medicine, for example, unthinkable a mere fifty years ago.

But as Jews we have the added privilege to have the Torah.

And as Chazal tell us, we didn't really want any rules. We were content initially, (before the Torah was forced on us), to worship false idols, many gods, Golden Cows, any cow, and Edward G. Robinson --- [born Emanuel Goldenberg; עמנואל גאָלדנבערג (Erev Rav - Cecile B. DeMille's version)] --- style leaders.

Leaders that lied to us, wreaked havoc on our value system, caused dissension among the desert nomads we once were, and guilty of every human weakness and acting out on that failing. Hashem, after offering His Torah to the rest of the nations, and being turned down, forced us slaves and nomads to accept the Torah, the literal and the implied, or he was going to lift up Har Sinai, and crush us to death. We were ingrates. Nothing He did earned our trust or respect. We acted like sub-humans regardless of all the chesed that He bestowed upon us.

And we are NO better today; you will be FORCED to accept the rule of law and protect our children first under all circumstances!

Our Erev Rav, want to tell us that the societal freaks that plague gentile children, don't plague Jewish children. A mere five years ago, a man who is the spiritual advisor to a whole city in New Jersey, told you publicly, that perhaps "one of those (freaks) slipped through his fingers, but that he/they had the matter under control according to his Torah".

Scroll down to the weekend program!

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky is a featured speaker on Shabbos. Chaim Neuhoff is a co-chair of a session that will discuss safety for your children. Rabbi Kaminetzky is another featured speaker, the man that moved Moshe Eisemann in middle of the night from his Philadelphia Yeshiva to Ner Israel in Baltimore once he confirmed the allegations of Eisemann's raping of boys in his yeshiva. And the bozo that is giving the keynote address Motzei Shabbos has in his kollel sitting today, a man who rapes baby girls in his family, and Shmuel Kaminetzky knows about it. Chaim Neuhoff, under the instruction and psak din of Sruli Belsky, participated viciously and with malice, in the cover-up for Yudi Kolko and Lipa Margulies & Co. (See hazmana below that was intended to stifle Eli Greenwald from speaking to the parent body of Torah Temima about Kolko)

Parents trusted their kids to these types that used their kids as "objects" - either making money off of them in their schools, summer camps, seminaries etc., and as we now know, that in every yeshiva and girls school, many kids were sexually, physically and emotionally abused by staff members, principals, teachers --- and these crimes were covered up by criminal circus midgets with long beards, like the ones sitting at your dais here tonight.

I look around this room and I know many of you; I find it incredible to believe that you are here showing support for this criminal enterprise. In effect, you have created "a race to the bottom" of what was once a beautiful heritage and tradition. Have you no shame? What will your legacy be, if not leaving the world a much worse place than how you found it? Your kids are ashamed of you --- and are voting with their souls, hearts and feet " out of here!"

Who do you think you're kidding? They see through you! They know that there's not a darn thing about your lifestyle that they want to have anything to do with!

Hashem had sent His messenger to America in September 1913 to set up shop with a model that would work for American Jewry. And a model that was mostly foolproof until the end of time. Children were to be cared for and loved by how you educated them and protected them from evil forces, within and outside our community. They were to be first and foremost bnei Torah in all its glory. Being a mensch was not optional! They needed to spend most of their school day with model rebbes/humans... not some garbage can with a lid that the sanitation department would refuse to pick up!

They needed to be educated as proud Americans, with full knowledge of most every subject taught in American secular schools (at the time). They needed to understand that they would one day need to go out in the world and either be a proud supporter of Torah institutions, or become a member or founder of a Torah institution. There was no gray area;... in order to support Torah, you had to appreciate what you learned as a child. And you had to love it, not loathe or fear it! In order to "stay in chinuch" you had to excel in your abilities, in your emunah, in your middos, and wisdom of the printed Torah and its spirit. And that required that you had to give up the so-called good-life, "without ever having to say you're sorry!" There had to be mesiras nefesh, knowing that your ben Torah neighbor that has gone to work, may have a nicer car than you.

Look at you! Look at what you have become! Either felons, or felons that have not been caught yet!

You trusted your kids to lowlifes, degenerates and perverts! They'd sell you down the river in a second, the second you stopped giving them money, or not as much as they wanted from you! And then your kid would be out on the street too, because he "did not measure up"! Which guy at the dais here has to be concerned about mundane issues like paying their mortgage, or tuition? Do they even have a mortgage? Or was it paid off with your money combined with whatever they could steal from Uncle Sam?

So why are you here?

There was a reason that Dr. Joseph Kaminetzky was appointed the head of Torah Umesorah. He graduated from Columbia University and had the wisdom needed in every area of education, and was rightfully in charge of the curriculum in each and every Torah Umesorah affiliated school.

It was no coincidence that Dr. David Stern was selected as menahel/principal of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. He too was a graduate of Columbia University and a rabbi at one of the early Young Israel synagogues.

And when Rabbi Alexander Linchner z"l left his position at Mesifta Torah Vodaath to focus full time on the building of Boys Town Jerusalem, he hired Rabbi Moshe Lonner PhD, to be the high school secular studies principal; with the same intent, gusto and spirit that his father in-law had in appointing Drs. Kaminetzky and Stern to their respective positions.

So how did we get here? What group of ignoramuses led us down this path of "the more ignorant, the more uneducated, the more dumb" -- the better? "Where are the lomdim?" an ultra-orthodox rabbi recently bellowed! Where are the Torah scholars?

What have you done to your kids and their kids?

Go back to the original model set up by Hakodesh Baruch Hu Himself; pick the few select students to toil in Torah, to stay in chinuch, and to be a model for your grandchildren. Get rid of the gangsters running the American yeshiva system and its affiliated organizations -- they have already destroyed two complete generations.

You will hear from the likes of psycho misfit Avremel Schorr, who will tell you the "dangers of the new technologies". "GET RID OF THEM" - he will hyperventilate! And I say...it's here to stay and only in the developmental stages --- you must educate your children with love and patience about the appropriate uses for these devices....BANS DO NOT WORK and are the products of sick and ignorant minds!

Supporting Agudath Israel in any way, will only encourage them to continue to run a parallel justice system to shield themselves and their institutions from illegal and nefarious conduct --- with total disregard and abandonment of societal protections that we must have in place for the safety of our kids, ourselves and our Jewish families. You saw what transpires under the bais din system run by these very criminals.

And finally...

My advocacy for the causes that are close to my heart are who I am, proudly. I have no other motive other than to see the betterment of all of humankind. I am a product of an illustrious family and upbringing, and would have preferred to do my work anonymously - as a true chesed shel emes, in the realm of a mes mitzvah. Those that I work with, know I spurn the spotlight, have distributed my own funds to the necessary professionals and costs associated with protecting kids, under a pseudonym, and postmarked from cities that I hoped could not be traced back to me. My father and grandfather sat in the back of the shul as I do. That was not meant to be - but the only "being" that I will explain it to when the time comes, is THE "Yodea Machshavot" - but of course, He already would have known that.






Anonymous said...

Why is every orginazation, from chofez Chaim to Torah Umesorah, putting up fliers to paticipate in their AMEX scam?

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov the speaker on erev Shabbos is a public defender of alleged pedophile Rabbi Ephraim Bryks who also ran a school with Bryks.

5 Towns said...

Even before Bungalow Putz Neuhoff gets up at the podium, the first speaker on "protecting children" is Aryeh Zev Ginzberg from Chofetz Chaim Cedarhurst. He is the talmid muvhak of Rav Scheinberg who lied to his shul when there was an uproar over the no penetration psak. He denied that Rav Scheinberg said it, without providing any further explanation.

Anonymous said...

The blogger Ah-pee-chorus is alleging that R' Yaakov Kaminetzky covered up for Sobel, that after Sobel allegedly had sex with a bochur when he was mashgiach of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim Monsey, R' Yaakov sent him to start Nevei Tzion.

I don't believe the story and think UOJ would know what really happened there.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Rav Yaakov zt"l knew nothing and was only informed after the fact about Sobel. He vehemently disagreed with R' Elya Svei and Rav Shach that moving Sobel to Israel would solve the problem. He told me exactly what he told R' Elya.

In addition, Sobel was in my home, when I gave him a working over over the rumors about him....when R' Elya called. I told R' Elya that the man is ghastly sick - and must be banned from chinuch publicly!

I found out later that R' Elya's idea of solving Sobel's problem was to move him to someone else's backyard!

And that's the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

....And I grilled the bochur traveling with Sobel...he swore that Sobel did not do anything untoward to him....otherwise I would have IMMEDIATELY called the police!

Queens insider said...

Shlomo Nisanov was co-head with Bryks of Yeshiva Berachel David in Kew Gardens Hills. After the RCA strong armed Bryks out of chinuch and the yeshiva closed, Nisanov has been promoting the "innocence" of Bryks and facilitating Bryks giving shiurim to the greater Bucharian community.

The Agudah is pulling the same stunt with Nisanov now that the Queens Vaad pulled earlier. They are cynically using Nisanov (who they know is the blithering idiot that he is) to suck money out of the Bucharian community numbering 60,000 people.

In Queens, Nisanov was made President of the Vaad to impress his followers. When the yeshivish crowd started getting angry about all the Bucharian restaurants with treif food and mixed dancing, the Vaad threw Nisanov under the bus to protect their own reputation. The Vaad only cares about money - not kashrus. They certify these kinds of places anyway but they fired Nisanov to heap the blame on him. Nisanov then took the accounts and started his own kashrus agency.

There is still an odd arrangement at Young Israel of Hillcrest, led by Queens Vaad Co-President Rabbi Dr. Richard Weiss. The pre-school in the building is under Nisanov's hashgocho. Because Nisanov does not know his head from his foot, there has been treif food served to the children there. The pre-school operators try to pitch the school as frum but most of the parents are completely frey and pressure the school to allow their kids to eat treif mamash from home. The school also uses a free program that sends in part time teachers who happen to be Black goyim. These goyim have been feeding treif snacks even to the kids from frum homes. Richard Weiss incidentally, was one of the main players in protecting the continued Vaad membership of Bryks.

Anonymous said...

What exactly was Rav Schach's involvement in the Sobel case and what was his justification for allowing him to continue in Chinuch? Were there any safeguards put in place that Sobel circumvented?

Lakewood said...

"has in his kollel sitting today, a man who rapes baby girls in his family, and Shmuel Kaminetzky knows about it."

Who is this nefarious rapist?

DOT said...

I wonder how that's going to go over, Bokharians hanging out at the Agudah convention with the Boro Park Hungarians. They are both pushy & obnoxious but the Bokharians are more rude and they are tougher by far. Bokharians completely block peoples' driveways all the time with their cars and if you try to stand up for your rights, they fight like primitive Arabs.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Who is this nefarious rapist?


Ask Shenky....he had the police report go missing under instruction of the Kotlers, Salomon and Kaminetzky!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

What exactly was Rav Schach's involvement in the Sobel case and what was his justification for allowing him to continue in Chinuch? Were there any safeguards put in place that Sobel circumvented?


R' Shach told Svei to send him to Israel --- where he'd keep an eye on him. Right!

Anonymous said...

Nisanov was supporting a group that accused Yeshiva University of being homophobic.


Does this mean that Agudath Israel is taking a 180% turn on gay rights?

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time accepting Rav Schach could err so badly. What was he told that Sobel did?

Ner Yishmoel said...

Eisemann is accused of groping. Since when is he a rapist?

Anonymous said...

Over 15 years ago BMG knew about over 50 molesters in town and had them in therapy. It of course doesn't always help especially when the shrink is an unlicensed jerk like Shimon Russell. Russell covers up for a friend who is a worse molester than Kolko's nephew

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

"All convention sessions are free of charge and open to the public."


Agudath Israel of America-89th National Convention: East Brunswick, NJ November 24th-27th, 2011
The 89th convention of Agudas Yisroel will take place, be’H, at the Hilton East Brunswick, Thursday through Sunday, November 24–27. “The theme, ‘Ish es re’eihu yaazoru ul’achiv yomar chazak: Facing challenging times with unity and strength’ is more than just a catchy title,” says Rabbi Labish Becker, executive director of Agudath Israel. “It is a mandate that compels everyone to participate. And coming to a convention—you might say that’s the first step in carrying out this year’s theme.”
All convention sessions are free of charge and open to the public. For reservations and other inquiries, contact the Agudah convention office at 212-797-7380 or convention@agudathisrael.org.

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Here's another version of the convention schedule from November 15, 2011.

Anonymous said...


BMG knew about over 50 abusers which included perverts and those with anger management & sadism issues that hit and did not get sexual gratification.

Anonymous said...

russel was not in lakewood 15 years ago. he was in chicago. what are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Of course Russell was in Lakewood. As far back as 17 years ago he already had built up a clientele of over 500 patients. He also went to school before that in Rutgers NJ while commuting from Lakewood.

Gumshoe said...

Does UOJ know if Sobel's object of desire in the Monsey yeshiva was of age? Rav Schach would therefore not be shuldiks for any subsequent pedophilia at Nevei if the Monsey bochur was a consenting adult.

Anonymous said...

Shimon Russell is British. He also learned in the BMG kollel under R' Shneur. When did he ever live in Chicago?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I, of course would have no way of knowing what R' Svei told R Shach.

But what I do know is that R' Svei knew exactly what both Sobel and Mondrowitz were doing and sent them BOTH off to Israel - I guess Israeli kids don't count as long as he did not have to do the real dirty work!

Svei was well aware of the allegations against Kolko in the early 80's --- and Eisemann being handed off to Baltimore was his way of dealing with pedophiles.

A long and ugly record of what really mattered to him!

Colmo the Homo said...

Who says that any of Sobel's playmates were minors? There may have been the odd 16 year old in Nvei and some 17 year olds but who most talmidim are 18+.

Anonymous said...

Queens County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-137096-10/QU

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 033214/2009
Case Type: Other Torts Negligence

Vaad Harabbonim of Queers said...


When Rabbi Shlomo Nisanov was President of the Vaad Harabbonim of Queens he signed a statement together with radical gay rights advocates attacking YU for not being pro-gay enough. Nisanov went so far to say that being anti-gay is disgracing the memory of the kedoshim in the Holocaust.

The Queens Vaad elevated Nisanov to President so they could suck money out of the 60,000 strong Bocharian community.


Now the Agudah has the same intentions by appointing Nisanov to speak at the upcoming fresser convention.

Vaad Harabbonim of Queers said...

Paysach Krohn who is shvogger of Ephraim Bryks is speaking on Shabbos at the Agudah fresser convention.


He performs brissen with a Gomco clamp that the gedolei Eretz Yisroel say possels both the mila and the mohel. That clamp is excruciatingly painful for the tinok.

Artscroll had to revise one of Krohn's "Magid" series books after he lied when he wrote that (convicted child rapist) Lipa Brenner (shver of Bryks) was nunt with Rav Pam ztl.

Artscroll should also revise the title of Krohn's books to The Butcher speaks.

Chaver of UOJ and Boog said...

Thank you, JWB, for bringing the full Convention program to our attention.

See below. For many decades, the motsei Shabbos session highlighted only the best. I remember two or three speakers. Years ago, Rav Moshe, and Rav Yaakov, ztl; and Rabbi Sherer. Later, another Rosh Yeshiva and Rabbi Bloom. The last couple years, they tried to highlight Zwiebel. Now, below, as they fail and fail, Zwiebel is diluted, surrounded by demagogues like Perlow, Kotler, and Bennett.


Great essay, UOJ - as usual.

Motzoei Shabbos
Taking Stock at Year 100
The Timely Message and Timeless Mission of Agudas Yisroel
Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler
Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
Rabbi Aaron Schiff
Rabbi Shimshon Sherer
Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
Chaskel Bennet

Anonymous said...

Go to the Daas Torah blog, and watch a ten minute video about the Six-Day War. It will make you want to spit the next time you see an Agudist like Zwiebel and Company. Fuck them.

Yeshiva World Writes all kinds of crap said...

Rav Kanievsky: Your Zivug Hasn’t Been Born
(Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011)
A man seeking a shidduch visited HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita seeking advice and a bracha, one of the many persons who visit with the Gadol HaDor during the afternoon hours. The man, described to be in his 30s, visited the rav about two months ago, Kikar Shabbat reports. The teary-eyed man explained he cannot find a shidduch, asking Rav Kanievsky for a bracha. The Rav probed the man’s details somewhat and reportedly responded “Your zivug hasn’t been born, bracha V’Hatzlocha”, leaving the man in tears, apparently despondent over hearing the rav’s words.

The man recently returned to the rav, this time with a smile on his face, announcing “I am engaged”. Those present were somewhat surprised, wondering how he accomplished this in two months after hearing the rav’s words. The chosson explained that his bride-to-be is a giyoress who converted a month earlier, explaining the rav’s words “your zivug has not been born”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

The Voice Of Justice said...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rabbi Yitzchok Frankfurter, editor of Ami Magazine, attacks author Dr. Michael Salamon, without reading the book.


Asher Lipner, Ph.D. said...

When Sobel was finally outed by many bochurim, Svei pretended he had not known about him and I recall friends of mine who had learned at Nevei and were then learning in Ner Yisroel (circa 1985) going to a secret meeting with Reb Elya to "testify" about what apparently he did not want to admit knowing. He then got Rav Shach to finally ban Sobel from chinuch.

Here is the part that I remember like it was yesterday. Ner Yisroel felt that the Yeshiva had to address the fact that so many of its bochurim were now traumatized to learn that their "Rosh" as they called him, was a homosexual predator. They were not going to address it in the beis medrash, so they had a meeting for all Nevei guys in the Ezras Nashim to comfort and console and bring healing.

Three guesses who was asked to facilitate the discussion?

You give up? Yes, it was the Mashgiach Ruchni, of course. Rabbi Moshe Eiseman.

You really and truly could not make this stuff up if you wanted to write a movie script.

Just like the story that Hush is based on where a boro park chassidish ten year old boy drank bleach after being molested and "hushed". The parents told everyone it was an accident and he thought it was milk. They did not get him help because there was no problem because his abuse never happened. Unfortunately it did, and the boy ended up hanging himself. Hashem Yikom Damav!

Gerrorist said...

Duvid Olewski vet redden bei der fresser convention Shabbes morgen.

Can you count that high how many molesters he is covering for?

Anonymous said...

Did Aguda forget about Mike Tress, I dont see any mention of his works

NY Foreclosure Mill Steven Baum to SHUT DOWN said...

Man bites dog!!!!

Bloomberg News:

"Steven J. Baum PC, New York Foreclosure Firm, to Shut Down

November 21, 2011

By Thom Weidlich
(Adds firm background starting in the seventh paragraph.)

Nov. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Steven J. Baum PC, one of the largest law firms specializing in home foreclosures in New York state, is shutting down after losing business from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The Baum firm notified government entities, including the New York State Department of Labor, that it planned mass job cuts, it said in an e-mailed statement today. Earl Wells, a firm spokesman, confirmed that it’s closing.

This month, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the mortgage- finance companies operating under U.S. conservatorship, dropped Steven J. Baum PC from their lists of law firms eligible to handle foreclosures. Home-loan servicers including Bank of America Corp. and Ally Financial Inc. also stopped using the firm, which last month agreed to pay the U.S. $2 million and change its practices to resolve a probe of faulty foreclosure filings.

“Disrupting the livelihoods of so many dedicated and hardworking people is extremely painful, but the loss of so much business left us no choice but to file these notices,” Steven J. Baum, who owns the firm, said in the statement.

Baum wouldn’t comment further, Wells said.

The firm has about 67 full- and part-time employees at its headquarters in Amherst, New York, just north of Buffalo, and 22 full- and part-time employees at its Westbury, New York, office on Long Island, according to the statement.

Lawsuits, Fines

The agreement with the U.S. government concluded an investigation into whether the firm filed misleading pleadings, affidavits and mortgage assignments in courts, according to a statement by U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in Manhattan. The settlement didn’t constitute a finding of wrongdoing.

Steven J. Baum PC has attracted lawsuits and fines for its actions during the housing crisis. It has been accused of overcharging, filing false documents and representing parties on both sides of a mortgage transfer. On Oct. 28, a New York Times column reported that the Baum firm held a Halloween party last year during which employees dressed as foreclosed-upon homeowners.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the Baum firm, two people familiar with the matter said in May. Danny Kanner, a spokesman for Schneiderman, declined to comment on the investigation last week.

Earlier this year, Florida foreclosure firm Law Offices of David J. Stern ceased processing home-seizure cases after Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and home-loan servicers, including the largest U.S. banks, dropped it.

Lawrence Grayson, a Bank of America spokesman, and Gina Proia, an Ally Financial spokeswoman, last week confirmed that their companies no longer use the Baum firm.

State attorneys general and federal regulators are negotiating with banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America to try to reach a settlement over faulty foreclosure practices."

Talmidei Margo said...


The story paints the picture of a coach who is willing to go to great lengths to place the overall health of his football program above justice, and a university (or an Agudah) that is willing to back Paterno in those efforts.

It is hard to come away from this story with any conclusion other than that of Paterno going to all costs to protect his football team.

Paterno appears to be a megalomaniac that had near-total control of the university

This story promotes the idea of a petulant coach acting like a dictator

Its all Over for the EurO said...


"Euro on ‘Death Watch’ After Investors Spurn German Bonds

23 Nov 2011

By: John Melloy
Executive Producer, Fast Money & Halftime

Investors began to fear the worst for the euro after unusually weak demand at an auction for bonds from Germany, the region’s largest economy. One analyst went so far as to put the currency on a “death watch.”

Germany sold just 60 percent of the 6 billion euros in 10-year bunds it brought to auction, about the weakest demand seen for the country’s debt in the currency’s 16-year history, economists said. The rejection of debt from Europe’s safe harbor marks a new stage for the crisis.

“No bunds wanted equals no Euros wanted equals the Euro death watch,” wrote Mark Steele, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets. “We have seen many poor German auctions. This is not the issue. The issue is how badly the euro is doing after the weak auction.”

The euro [EUR=X 1.3374 0.0031 (+0.23%)] fell more than 1 percent against the dollar to a 7-week low against the Greenback. The currency threatened to break through the October lows that came amid the height of turmoil in Italy and Greece. Both countries would go on to install new Technocrat leaders, lifting confidence in the currency briefly.

The European Financial Stability Facility does not give the European Central Bank the same firepower or freedom of the Federal Reserve, which it utilized in the aftermath of the U.S. credit crisis with two rounds of massive purchases of Treasurys (QE) [cnbc explains] . Germany has been reluctant to follow the Fed’s lead and buy up other countries bad debt because of fear over inflation.

German Chancellor “Merkel has been opposed to using the ECB as a monetizer of debt,” said Dennis Gartman of The Gartman Letter. “Germany doesn’t even like to think in these terms, but they may not have a choice.”

Recent reports have hinted at different workarounds of the euro treaty being discussed to effectively replicate quantitative easing in Europe. One option discussed was for the ECB to lend money to the IMF, which in turn would buy the toxic debt before it could spread to yet another country.

“It’s too late for a bazooka,” said Mitchell Goldberg, president of ClientFirst Strategy. “Now we need inter-continental ballistic missiles. This is getting worse very quickly.”

Beyond the money

Investors had kept buying German bonds as they fled crisis after crisis in the region: first in Ireland, then in Greece and Italy, and now in Spain and Belgium. But Wednesday, 10-year bunds dropped significantly after the failed auction, pushing the yields above 2.05 percent, but perhaps more importantly above the U.S. treasury with the same maturity for the first time since early October.

We are seeing the end of the euro currency as we know it,” said Brian Stutland of Stutland Volatility Group. “I don't see a single thing that causes the euro to rally other than the Fed announcing a ‘QE3’ in which they buy euro foreign debt.” "

Bye Bye Murdoch Jnr NO More Phone and Email hacking for you said...

The London Evening Standard:

"James Murdoch departures 'may herald his exit from papers'

Gideon Spanier

23 Nov 2011

James Murdoch has dramatically quit as director of the companies that publish the Sun, The Times and the Sunday Times and analysts said he could soon sever all ties with the troubled newspaper group.

The surprise move, which has seen Rupert Murdoch's son resign a string of directorships at News International, also raises questions about parent company News Corporation's commitment to its newspapers.

[Photo caption: Under pressure: Despite his resignations, Murdoch is still embroiled in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal]

Companies House filings show James Murdoch has stepped down from the boards of both News Group Newspapers Limited - publisher of the Sun - and Times Newspapers Limited, which operates The Times and Sunday Times. NGN used to operate the News of the World and remains embroiled in legal action over phone hacking. NI insisted that James Murdoch was not walking away from the UK newspaper arm.

A spokesman said: "James Murdoch doesn't step back from NI. He remains chairman." He is also still a director of key holding company NI Group Limited and of Times Newspapers Holdings - the editorial board set up in 1981 to ensure the independence of the paper when Rupert Murdoch bought it.

However, those close to Murdoch say he now has a more hands-off role.

Claire Enders, analyst at Enders Analysis, said: "It may well be there's no further good from having James Murdoch as chairman of News International. "It's been clearly flagged up by John Whittingdale that the Culture, Media and Sport select committee is not satisfied by the explanations of James Murdoch even though they don't think he's been mendacious."

The departures come as James Murdoch faces calls to quit as chairman of BSkyB at next week's AGM. His decision means no member of the Murdoch family now sits on the boards of the flagship UK papers. Rupert Murdoch used to be a director of NGN and TNL but stepped down after his son took over as NI executive chairman in 2007. James Murdoch has also quit at least one other subsidiary, News International Holdings.

Tom Mockridge, former boss of Sky Italia who replaced Rebekah Brooks as NI chief executive in July, has taken over from him at NGN and TNL.

Enders said Murdoch still faces intense pressure as the police investigate hacking at the News of the World. "He can step down from all these positions but he won't stop any of the other issues surrounding his stewardship," she said.

Enders dismissed talk News Corp would sell the UK papers."

More frum ramblings about the Internet said...

Yeshiva World News:

"Maran Rav Kanievsky Warns To Stay Away From The Internet

(Monday, November 21st, 2011)

Once again, Gedolei Yisrael Shlita [The Seven Dwarfs] are calling on the tzibur [oilemgoilem] to distance itself from the internet, warning against the dangers to a Jewish home from the internet. In an sharply worded letter, one being described as “unprecedented” by the daily HaMevaser [HaShkran], HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita [Alzheimers Afflicted Demented Moron] states the internet is in the category of ‘yahereg v’al ya’avor’ [azoy], stating the internet must be avoided at all costs.

The Rav [Shmo] is quoted as adding that while the induction of females into the IDF is also in the category of ‘yehereg v’al ya’avor’ [stay home and bake cokkies], the internet is far more serious today. Rav Kanievsky [Alter Kakker] is quoted by HaMevaser [HaShakran] as saying that there is no excuse to permit the internet for those claiming it is essential for a livelihood since rabbonim have already ruled the threats that are associated with the internet are simply too great and one must simply distance oneself from it.

The report adds that even after filtering has been installed, there is no heter for internet in one’s home, even for a livelihood, warning one who brings internet into one’s home brings the yetzer hora into the home.

NOTE: YWN has not seen this letter, and is simply quoting a repor in the Hamevaser. [So why report it at all?]

(YWN [yawn] – Israel [Palestine] Desk, Jerusalem)"

VizhNITS go NUTS over IPhones will revert to CUNEIFORM said...

Yeshiva World News:

"HaRav Yisroel Hager: Hand Over Your iPhones

(Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011)

HaRav Yisroel Hager [Harlot Kunni Lemel], son of the Vishnitz Rebbe [Shnitzel Rabbit] of Bnei Brak [Alice In Wonderland], was in Brachfeld [Soccerfield] on Monday night, taking part in a chanukas habayis of a new Vishnitz [Shnitzel] beis medrash in Modi’in Illit. During the rav’s [rabbit's] address, he mentioned the prohibition of using an iPhone, which he said is being used by chassidim in the kehila, instructing them to hand them in to him following the address. [Then rabbit will sell them on the blackmarket]. But this is a chutzpa.]

He instructed Yungerleit [Redeyedrabbits] present not to go directly home following his address, but to deposit the iPhone in the room before leaving, Chadrei Chareidim [Sheker Shakronim] reports. The rav [rabbit] announced he was remaining for an additional two hours, permitting those who wish to go home [rabbithole] and get their phone to forfeit it.

There is no mention as to how many iPhones were collected as a result of the rav’s [rabbit's] appeal.

In his post-Tishrei [inner-Tushi] address, the rav [rabbit] addressed the prohibition of using the internet, warning chassidim [redeyedrabbits]they must not have internet in their homes.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)"

Boruch said...

I saw a leaflet in shul this morning. It called for parents, teachers and yeshivah administrators to demand the fair share of tax funded education money to be dispersed to yeshivas. It mentioned that over 100,000 yeshivah students, in Brooklyn alone, would overwhelm the public school system if the yeshivahs and girls schools closed. Okay, let's enlighten ourselves. First the Catholics have tried this ploy and were unsuccessful. The public school system is perfectly capable of absorbing the students by taking over the buildings they are presently in through eminent domain. They are also perfectly capable of dealing with split sessions in all schools as they did during the Koch fiscal fiasco years. If you really want your naive yingle/maidel to be exposed to drugs, violence, modernity, tzinus issues beyond your wildest dreams and a public school system ready and willing to turn your beliefs on their pinheads, go ahead and make good on this empty threat.
The public school system would love to have the opportunity to show your children the real world. You will definitely get your money’s worth. They will not have the opportunity to daven, learn Torah, and eat Kosher. They will be exposed to dinosaurs, monkeys, and Darwin, oh my. They will read novels and short stories that depict the world as a place where only the pursuit of personal pleasure is worthwhile with an occasional altruistic moment. They’ll visit a nursing home for appearance sake. They will be required to attend extra-curricular activities on Shabbos as they will join concert bands and choirs (mixed choirs). Hedonism will be the new Judaism, sort of like in the times of the Yevonim. Oh and as far as separation of church and state –your yingle/maidel will bring home homemade holiday cards for every conceivable holiday.
Time off – that’s no problem. There’s no Succos or Pesach vacations to Florida unless they coincide with a State holiday. Everyone writes on Chol Hamoed so the farfrumpt are going to join the real world too.
Let’s stop and realize that there is no valid reason for the State to pay more into our religious education system then they are presently mandated. There is also no reason for us to accept their lower standard of moral and ethical education. Maybe we should look at our dynastic institutions and redress how we open and maintain our system. That may change the needs we have to support it.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for Ben Hirsch and don't mean to pry into his personal life but now that he has publicly identified himself as an abuse survivor in the Jewish Star, let's revisit the tripe that is repeated around the East 20s in Flatbush about him. It was being murmured from YTT & Weinfeld's shul corners that Ben had a personal axe to grind with Kolko because of some relatively recent events. Maybe Ben has good reason to hate Kolko's guts reaching back to way earlier. I hope someone takes a copy of the article and shoves it in the face of Geldwerth and all the other idiotic Kolko supporters.

Lipa Geldwerth said...

I was wondering why a masked meshuggener attacked me tonight and tried to shove a copy of the Jewish Star down my throat.

Probably Eli Greenwald.

Bentzion Schiffenbauer said...

Oh, that's what newspaper it was? I coughed it out after being attacked myself but I couldn't make out what it was.

The attacker must have been a UOJ agent and he was wearing a Zorro mask.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


The commanding officer of the Norfolk-based aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush is disputing that problems with the ship's toilet system are as serious as a handful of sailors have made them out to be. Still, he says the system needs to be upgraded to reduce outages.
The issue with the toilets -- "heads" in Navy-speak -- was first made public by a blogger, Mary Brotherton, who is the mother of a Bush sailor. On Tuesday, The Virginian-Pilot and the Navy Times each ran stories on the subject.
Brotherton's son, Petty Officer 1st Class Richard Frakes, told The Pilot that he has searched the ship for nearly an hour on some occasions to find a working toilet and that he has at times limited his food and water intake so he would need to use the bathroom less often.

The Navy Times quoted sailors describing instances in which the carrier had no working heads. Some on board told the paper they've resorted to urinating in showers, sinks and bottles, while others reported developing urinary-tract infections after resisting urges to use the bathroom.

Shmuel Cohen said...


A former Belvedere man was convicted of 29 counts of wire fraud, money laundering and tax evasion for telling investors his technology company was about to be bought by Microsoft, federal prosecutors said.

Samuel "Mouli" Cohen, 53, was acquitted of four counts of wire fraud and two counts of money laundering during a trial in San Francisco. U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer ordered Cohen to be taken into custody after the verdict Wednesday afternoon.

Cohen, who lived in Belvedere before moving to Bel Air in 2009, was accused of defrauding 55 investors of some $30 million between 2002 and 2008. Authorities said he spent enormous amounts of money on personal luxuries, including private jet rentals, jewelry, vacations in Italy, France and the Caribbean, a Rolls Royce, an Aston Martin, a Jaguar, and the monthly $15,000 rent on his home in Belvedere.

"Finally, despite collecting tens of millions of dollars from victims and spending huge amounts to live a lavish lifestyle, Cohen reported almost no income on his tax returns and paid zero taxes," U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag's office said in a statement.

The case involved Cohen's company, Ecast Inc., which he falsely claimed was about to be acquired by Microsoft, prosecutors said.

Vanguard's investors sued in 2009, claiming Cohen stashed the money in hidden bank accounts or gave it to family members, including his wife, Stacy Cohen, a writer whose works include "The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe" cookbook.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Thanks for hopping on-board Berel!

by Rabbi Berel Wein

"I think that one of the more difficult situations that exists in the Jewish world of today, especially, in my humble opinion, in the Diaspora, is the widening disconnect between the vast bulk of the population and the rabbinic leadership. While there are many rabbinic pronouncements on the minutiae of Jewish law, customs and observance there is very little that is said and heard about the major problems that face the Jewish world – the security of the Jewish state, the dire financial situation that threatens the entire system of Jewish education, the astounding rate of poverty and unemployment (voluntary and involuntary) in religious Jewish society, children at risk because of one-size-fits-all educational institutions, growing rates of divorce and family dysfunction, an unhealthy and misogynic system of dating and marriage, growing anti-Semitism and a seemingly unstoppable rate of assimilation, secularization and intermarriage that guarantees a shrinking Jewish population in a few generations.

Rather than address these terribly difficult issues, Jewish leadership is engaged in fighting over – again - the battles that destroyed the Jewish world of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries....

Monsey said...

Hopping on board? Gimpel Wolmark is running Berel Wein's Shaarei Torah yeshiva in Suffern. Do you know the rumors about him? He also signs Belsky's toilet paper endeavors like the false bittul kiddushin.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

For Berel Wein the lawyer turned rabbi, who scrutinizes every word he pens a 101 times - to come out as a fierce critic of the Diaspora establishment, is not to be underestimated!

Rubashkin truck driver said...

"most of those people are still employed there, so bankruptcy is still a success"

Like Sholom Rubashkin's family members who might be Meshichist like he is.


Nov 23, 2011 (The Gazette - McClatchy-Tribune Information Services) - The regional bankruptcy trustee whose office oversaw the bankruptcy of Agriprocessors in Postville and thousands of others is retiring to take a role with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Habbo Fokkena of Clarksville will retire effective Dec. 4 as U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee for Region 12, which includes Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas. He will join a Wells Fargo default services unit that is working to resolve thousands of mortgage foreclosure cases amid a changing backdrop of federal requirements.

The bankruptcy of Agriprocessors in late 2008 was one of the more closely watched cases in Region 12 during Fokkena's tenure, partly because of the company's notoriety associated with a major immigration raid. The U.S. Trustee's Office managed to keep the company in operation and facilitate the sale of the company's assets to Agri Star in a long, costly and difficult bankruptcy process that is still continuing under Judge Paul Kilburg.

"There were a lot of people who got hurt by that whole mess," Fokkena said. "There were a lot of people who had trauma. I remember being in the middle of a group of very very angry workers who had not been told accurate information and I didn't have good news for them either."

While many creditors and workers lost money, Fokkena defended the outcome as a testament to the bankruptcy process. The kosher meat processor around which much of Postville's economy revolves remains in business.

"The key thing is there were people who needed a job and most of those people are still employed there, so bankruptcy is still a success," Fokkena said.

Moetzes Resign! said...


Bloomberg LP reporter Jonathan Weil may have uncovered the biggest Wall St scandal yet.

The MF meltdown had a lot to do with malfeasance at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and by Jon Corzine personally. Weil thinks there might be a huge cover up at Goldman Sachs with ties to both former CEO Corzine & PWC and even at PWC client JP Morgan Chase.

Since Goldman & JPMC are "too big to fail", taxpayers would presumably be on the hook.

Five Towns Yid said...

What is the story with the frum landlord who closed down a shul in Lawrence and put the mispallelim on the street?

Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kleinmans said...

UK Daily Mail:

"Kardashian Khristmas is cancelled! 'Holiday TV special scrapped' in wake of Kim and Kris split

By Eleanor Gower

25th November 2011

There are some things, it seems, that the Kardashian [Kleinman] clan aren't keen to broadcast on television [yatedhamodia].

And with the backlash still fresh after Kim Kardashian's [Yossi Kleinman's] divorce filing from Kris Humphries [Ms Saftlas], the reality show family have scrapped plans for a Holiday [Yomtov] TV [yatedmodia] special, it was reported today.

Scheduling conflicts also played a part in the decision to abandon The Kardashian Khristmas [Kleinman Chanuka] on U.S. network E! [OY!] according to the New York Post [Flatbush Jewish Journal].

[Photo caption: Kardashian [Kleinman] cancelled: The reality show family, pictured on last year's Holiday [Yomtov] card, are reported to have scrapped plans for a televised Christmas [Chanuka] special]

An insider told the newspaper that family members including sisters Kourtney and Khloe [Malkiel and Aronjnr], brother Rob [Ganev], and parents Kris and Bruce Jenner [Brochie and Ellie] had 'too many commitments' to film the special show.

'It didn’t look promising due to schedule conflicts, but once Kim’s [Yossi's] divorce happened it was definitely not possible,' the source said.

But a Karadshian [Kleinman] representative told the paper: 'I haven’t heard anything about [it].'

Kim [Yossi], 31, has largely been keeping a low profile after filing for divorce from 26-year-old Humphries [Saftlas], just 72 days after their lavish California [Heimish] wedding.

[Photo caption: Altruistic: Kim Kardashian [Ellie Kleinman] volunteered to help feed the homeless on Wednesday at the Los Angeles Mission [Boro Park Shtiebel] in the Downtown [Frum] area of the city]

However, she did make a public appearance on Wednesday when she volunteered to feed the homeless at the Los Angeles Mission [Boro Park Shtiebel] in honour of the Thanksgiving holiday.

She was also spotted in the audience of Dancing With The Stars [Freilich With The Rabbunim] earlier this week, as younger brother Rob [Jackperlow] came runner up on the TV [Yatedmodia] talent show.

Despite the reported scrapping of the Christmas [Chanuka] special, the Kardashians [Kleinmans] will be returning to TV screens [Yatedmodia screeds] this Sunday in the form of spin-off series Kourtney & Kim Take New York [Brochie and Ellie Take Bnei Brak].

[Photo caption: Split: Kim [Yossi] filed for divorce from Kris Humphries [Ms Saftlas] just 72 days after their fairytale wedding]

The new show is said to feature a few tense moments between the newlyweds with a recent preview clip showing Kris [Yossi] struggling to lift Kim [Ellie] up, before telling her: 'God [Gevalt] you ate a lot of wedding cake [kugel cholent].'

Elsewhere, Kim's [Yossi's] half sister Kendall Jenner [Gedlaya Weinberger] will also be getting a slice of the TV [Yatedmodia] action.

It has been reported that the teenager will be the focus of a special programme on E! [Assur] showing the weeks leading up to her 16th birthday [mazel tov!].

[Photo caption: Serving up: Kim [Yossi] has made few public appearances since her [his] split, but looked relaxed as she [he] served food [kishka] on Wednesday]"

Harborview fresser said...

Which shul in Lawrence is that? I only know about the guy suspected of funding the shiksa's lawsuit against the shul here. He was kicked out of the shul and made a pariah.

Harborview fresser said...


I was always suspicious of this crook's yichus. He even grew up in Lawrence son of a Poilishe survivor.

UOJ gets results said...


Syracuse University announced Sunday night that associate men's basketball coach Bernie Fine, under investigation for child molestation, has been fired.

The decision was Chancellor Nancy Cantor's and came in a statement from the school. It came just days after a third man went to police to accuse Fine of child sexual abuse and on the same day ESPN's Outside the Lines aired an audio recording of an accuser's 2002 telephone conversation with Fine's wife, Laurie.

On the recording, a voice identified as Laurie Fine's told accuser Bobby Davis, "I know everything that went on, you know. … Bernie has issues, maybe that he's not aware of, but he has issues. … And you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted."

Anonymous said...

the best kept secret in the 5 towns is the secret construction at dovid weinberger's "shaarey" shul. they are not allowed to have a shul on central ave unless they built an underground parking lot. so build a parking lot they did and then converted it into a kitchen. apparently one kitchen was not enough to accommodate all the fressers so the garage conversion was for a 2nd kitchen. the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so do you think anyone is interested in knowing if there's any truth to the kol when they are fressing good food and lots of it every week by kiddush?

this maamar about getting to a man's boich was written in a letter in 1814 by the 2nd president john adams father of john quincy adams. it also explains a lot about people who dont care about kashrus when the food tastes geshmack

Lawrence said...

The new shul in Lawrence, Heichal Dovid / the W shul.


What's the real reason why the rov is leaving, Elisha Horowitz, eidim of the Novominsker?

NussBUM said...

I have a feeling that Heshy Nussbaum from Toronto is related to Yehuda Nussbaum from YOB / Boro Park shatnez.


A lot of the Nussbaums around are all cousins that come from Tarnobrzeg in the Carpathian foothills on the Poilisher side.

And Yehuda Nussbaum is an eidim of a rov from Toronto.

Yudi Kolko said...


Thank you! Thank you, Avi L. Shafran for waking up this past week and issuing your second attack on the Robert Kolker / NY Mag piece on me! But why the 6 year lapse? You should have been doing this every week in the last 6 years!

Yudi Kolko said...

And thank you! Thank you, Avi L. Shafran for not allowing Cross Currents to publish the letter that Robert Kolker wrote in response to you!:

November 16, 2012
From: Robert Kolker
To: Editor, Cross-Currents

Dear Editor:

It is depressing to see Rabbi Shafran recycling, in his essay in Cross-Currents, the same arguments he's been using for years to silence the vulnerable people in his community who might otherwise expose abusers.

I am the author of the piece in New York magazine that Rabbi Shafran has apparently found so objectionable. For my part, I can only respond by saying what I said the last time he tried to villify me in print: Any society that shies away from open discussion of certain issues is a society that allows problems to fester longer - and abusers to stay in business longer. As one abuse victim told me, "Whether it's Jewish or Amish or Mennonite or Catholic or Muslim, it doesn't make a difference. I feel like this is kind of like a fungus. It grows in the dark."

His greatest mistake is to argue that the fervently Orthodox community is somehow being singled out as inherently worse than others. In fact, it is the argument of this community's exceptionalism that is what has made matters worse for victims. Rabbi Shafran continues to completely (and, one can only assume by now, deliberately) ignore the cultural forces of shame and denial in his community that have kept alleged victims from going public for decades. Many people been waiting for years for him to take on the so-called shonda factor, lashon hara, shalom bayit, mesira, and chillul Hashem, all of which are invoked to keep victims from bringing their community unwelcome attention by the authorities.

This is the repression that silences victims. This is the repression that enables abusers. But those issues apparently don't warrant his attention. Instead of encouraging abuse victims to go to the police, and instead of opening his community's school's to the same mandatory reporting policies as the public schools, he would rather go after New York magazine again. As I said in 2006, the last time he made this argument in a public forum, Rabbi Shafran is obviously more concerned with defending Judaism from paper tigers - illusory enemies - than he is with actually dealing with the problems of his community.

I hope that someday Rabbi Shafran will understand that every time he stands up to make the case that the fervently Orthodox aren't vulnerable to abusers, he is contributing to a tragic chilling effect. How many people in his community are afraid to speak up, knowing that those in power won't even acknowledge that their community is the slightest bit vulnerable?

And finally, I hope that someday he realizes that if he spent half the effort giving comfort to the abused than he does defending the powerful, his community would have a real reason to be proud of him.

Yours truly,

Robert Kolker
New York Magazine

The BIG ME, ME ME ME ME said...

Can UOJ offer any insight into Shmarya's wild accusation here from his blog where he accuses Robert Kolker of stealing the YTT writeup from an unnamed freelance journalist? Never mind that Shmarya is the biggest ego maniac in history as you can see from the rest of his frothy rant.

Shmarya is hallucinating that he gets credit for nailing Kolko, to the delusional point where he doesn't even give an iota of credit to UOJ!

Here is Shmarya also attacking Robert Kolker for not making his letter to Avi Shafran all about Shmarya:

"Kolker didn't send his letter to *ME*, perhaps because New York Magazine helped the Forward falsely claim credit for much of the haredi child sexual abuse story the New York Times stole from The Jewish Week and from *FailedMessiah.com*.

[No mention of UOJ whatsoever? Incredible!]

*I* publicly stood up for New York Magazine when the Times ripped all of *US* off.

Kolker saw what *I* wrote and sent *ME* a note thanking *ME*.

Several hours later, New York Magazine posted the first of what became a short series of posts crediting the Forward for the work Hella Winston did for The Jewish Week and *I* did for *FailedMessiah.com*.

*I* sent Kolker an *ANGRY* email asking why he should expect *ME* to stand up for New York Magazine when it won't stand up for *US*.

He never answered.

And his letter to CrossCurrents ended up being circulated to the email list of Survivors for Justice, not *ME*.

And that very small audience is where it would have and should have stayed if *I* treated New York Magazine & Kolker the way they treated Winston, The Jewish Week & *FailedMessiah.com*.

And the fact is that New York Magazine stole the story Kolker eventually wrote from a freelance journalist who pitched it to the NY Mag's editors– something Kolker knows to be true. His editors gave him the leads and the basic facts they'd stolen from the freelancer and sent him out to confirm them and report the story.

So don't think Kolker's letter is posted above to somehow defend New York Magazine or Kolker – it isn't.

Kolker's letter is posted because it saves *ME* the time and energy *I* would otherwise have to spend refuting Shafran."

UOJ gets results said...

The only surviving al Qaeda attacker from the Mumbai massacre was hung by India this morning

Eitz Chaim Toronto said...

Who is the molester?


Late last year, Eitz Chaim was involved in a similar situation involving a different man whom Rabbi Pliner described to The CJN at the time as dressing in “a frum manner.”

In that incident, the rabbi warned parents via e-mail that “a man who was raised in the Toronto Torah community… has recently tried to lure teenagers from our neighbourhoods and our schools into inappropriate relationships and situations.”

Rabbi Pliner added that the man later left for a treatment facility in the southwestern United States.

Gumshoe said...

Cross Currents is run by Baltimore's Rabbi Yaakov Kenny Menken.

Has UOJ been able to verify Vicky Polin's claims against him that Menken admitted to R' Shmuel Kaminetzky that he had sex with at least one barely adult girl and that AFTER Lanner was convicted Menken was still attacking the people who brought Lanner to justice?

Paul Mendlowitz said...


I have no idea about the Menken/Kaminetzky goings on!

Epstein from Marmarosh? said...


ANTWERP, Belgium —

More ominously, in recent years, diamond traders have been accused of a range of violations, including tax fraud, money laundering and cheating on customs payments when buying and selling stones.

“This is our strength,” said Ari Epstein, 36, a lawyer who is chief executive of the World Diamond Center and the son of a diamond trader, whose father emigrated from a village in Romania in the 1960s. “We have the critical mass so that every diamond finds a buyer and seller.”

Omega Diamonds, a major market maker, came under investigation and its executives fled Belgium when an employee-turned-whistle-blower revealed in 2006 how Omega had traded diamonds out of Africa for years, avoiding taxes by transacting deals through Dubai, Tel Aviv and Geneva, then moving the profits back to Belgium.

“Because of global changes, the trade routes have changed,” said David Renous, 47, the whistle blower, who is now writing a book on the subject. “New hubs, like Dubai, the Singapore of the Middle East, sometimes close their eyes to criminality.”

A year earlier, in 2005, an Antwerp-based courier business, Monstrey Worldwide Services, which once had a near monopoly on diamond deliveries, was alleged to have misused customs-free zones in places like Geneva to smuggle stones. More recently, in 2009, investigations into possible tax evasion were begun regarding hundreds of diamond dealers, including many in Antwerp, named on lists of account holders at the Swiss branch of the British HSBC bank.

None of these investigations have led to trials in Antwerp, much less convictions.

Antwerp’s prosecutors, said Alex Kestens, who has covered the cases for the Gazet van Antwerpen, the city’s leading paper, “are slowest when diamonds are involved,” for fear of tarnishing Antwerp’s diamond business.

Indeed, in recent months there have been headlines about a struggle between a junior prosecutor, Peter Van Calster, who has pushed for more aggressive investigations, and his superior, Yves Liégeois, who sought to sideline Mr. Van Calster by bringing charges against him for alleged investigative errors. Mr. Van Calster is suing his boss in Belgium’s highest administrative court, in the capital Brussels.

“It’s a dirty war; everyone thought Van Calster was dead,” Mr. Kestens said. “It’s David against Goliath, and behind Goliath are other judges and politicians.”

AKO descending into Farce? said...

The basic summary of the AKO (umbrella org of kashrus agencies) conference amounts to this

OU's Menachem Genack had nothing much to say except to give a big shkoyech to the 5000 Lubav shlichim around the world (who are mostly Meshichist). Never mind that many of the shlichim even if not Meshichist are completely clueless in inyanei kashrus which is why KSA that completely relies on shlichim is a disaster. Read between the lines. The OU is going to rely more & more on the Lubavs, many of whom live in remote areas so that the OU doesn't lose any accounts where they don't have a normal mashgiach able to get there.

Chezkel Auerbach told the agencies to stop allowing extra virgin olive oil as group 1 with no supervision after he personally tested many brands and found almost all were adulterated. Will he be ignored?

RCC's Yaakov Vann criticized agencies who actually still have bug free vegetables because they are not relying on manufactured heterim from Belsky & Gissinger. He basically called them old fashioned and told them to abandon their kashrus standards to "get with the program". Nice try, Yaakov Vann, using this sick bottom line improving tactic to make it easier for yourself to push bug infested vegetables on consumers.

Sit down for this one. Yisroel Belsky gave a shiur on the halachos of one hashgocho taking away the business of another. Considering how many accounts the predatory OU takes away from all the smaller hashgochos, maybe it should have been called a propaganda speech instead of a shiur.

LBD's Avrohom Rosenfeld discussed new kashrus problems with bio-diesel.

cRc's Sholom Fishbane & COR's Yechiel Teichman discussed transportation problems.

OK's Shimon Lasker brought up a rarely discussed dirty secret in kashrus that most European plants are not up to American standards. It's a big surprise that OK of all agencies with so many European accounts would admit it. They are asking the other hashgochos help them pressure the Europeans to improve. What a pleasant surprise!

RCBC's Binyomin Taub broached the topic of chilul Shabbos by caterers. Yasher koyech, but why the phony diplomacy of calling the chilul Shabbos "inadvertent"?

Pinter Jr. said...

These sicko Hungarians from Boro Park, Max Greenblatt & his son, have been stealing for decades. They are not very heimish but scammed a lot of heimishe people. They are modern orthodox Boro Park Hungarians who moved a couple of times since. They later lived in Queens & davened at Young Israel of Forest Hills & most recently live in Paramus.


This is one of their earlier frauds.

And here is the latest:


Real estate con man Joseph Greenblatt sentenced to 6-18 years behind bars

Greenblatt used his connections in Orthodox community to find victims



A twice-convicted con man responsible for a $32 million real estate swindle will spend the next six to 18 years behind bars, a Manhattan Supreme Court judge ruled Wednesday.

Joseph Greenblatt, 50, who has already served seven years for defrauding the Department of Housing and Urban Development, convinced retirees to invest in his company, Maywood Capital.

Greenblatt, an Orthodox Jew who milked his connections in the religious community, told pensioners his company would make them rich by flipping Manhattan properties.

But he had them investing in the same properties several times over. And he spent $2.3 million of investor money to reimburse the federal government for his 2001 HUD scam.

"He knew that when I entrusted this money to him, it was for the use of my daughter and disabled former spouse," Stephen Coffey, a Sarasota retiree said in a statement. "My former spouse Bonnie is now receiving money from Social Security, food stamps and Medicaid. My daughter is medically uninsured because I cannot afford to pay premiums for her health insurance."

Another investor, Lyle Maldoon, begged the judge to put him away for life.

"He should be held away from society for every day of his remaining life," he said. "If he ever gets a chance, he will start another Ponzi scheme and hurt many more innocent Americans."

Greenblatt, dressed in a grey sweatshirt and khakis, feebly apologized for his crimes before being lead away in handcuffs.

He's due back in court in New Jersey next year on additional check fraud charges in Bergen County.

Vekker said...

Is Shmarya comatose? This crook is a major donor to Chabad


By Anna Sheinman, November 8, 2012
Follow The JC on Twitter

Former City stockbroker Nicholas Levene has been jailed for 13 years for “unprecedented” fraud, running a Ponzi scheme worth £32m.

The former deputy chairman of Leyton Orient defrauded a string of investors, many of them Jewish or Israeli, and blew £18m on parties and holidays, as well as numerous properties in Israel.

Reportedly, when he was refused his usual presidential suite at the Royal Beach Hotel in Eilat, Israel, he moored a super-yacht outside the hotel, and hosted a string of lavish parties, culminating in a firework display designed to keep the hotel owner awake.

Israeli investor victims included Yigal Ahouvi, who was tricked into handing over £14.9 m; Micky Dorsman, the owner of the Hapoel Holon basketball team; and Moshe Allalouf, a shipping magnate.

Levene, who pleaded guilty to 14 charges of fraud, deception and false accounting, was criticised by the judge for his extravagant lifestyle, particularly his second son’s barmitzvah. Girl band The Saturdays performed at the event.
Organised by the company which put together Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday party, it cost £588,000.

The 48-year-old also gave money to Jewish charities. In 2006, in a JC feature on philanthropists, he said: “I will always give to Israel charities…. I promote Yiddishkeit in the UK. I like to give to Lubavitch and to help the elderly.”

The following year he attended a Jewish Association for Business Ethics seminar given by Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, entitled: “Private Equity, Ethics and Investing other people’s money’”.

Levene moved to Netanya from Stanmore at 15 when his parents, Anne and Martin, made aliyah. He was dismissed from the IDF for unknown reasons.

Properties that have been sold following his bankruptcy in 2009 include a $5.5 million Herzliya home, registered in the name of his wife Tracey, and a $700,000 Ramat Hasharon home registered in the name of his sister Sarah. Both were bought with Levene’s money.

British Agudah Fresser said...


a television investigation into the community’s approach to child sex abuse is currently in its final stages. The program, which is being fronted by journalist Annamarie Cumiskey, has been in the works for more than a year and a half, and The Times of Israel has seen evidence that suggests it will be aired on a major British network, Channel 4, as part of its “Dispatches” current-affairs show.

A looming TV report will apparently allege that sexual crimes are systematically covered up in the Haredi enclaves of London, Manchester and Gateshead
The program will apparently allege that sexual crimes are systematically covered up in the Haredi enclaves of London, Manchester and Gateshead, and will feature testimony from both victims still in the community and several who have left it.

Dr. Buffalo Putz said...

Why isn't Shmarya blasting the Hillel organization for protecting a Conservative rabbi in Buffalo, NY, who is a serial groper & adulterer? And the Conservative movement only disciplined this horndog when they couldn't cover it up anymore.



A local organization of rabbis has issued a statement condemning a former colleague’s participation in High Holy Day services at Hillel of Buffalo, on the University at Buffalo North Campus in Amherst.

The statement by the Buffalo Board of Rabbis, sent at the end of October to the leaders of various Jewish organizations in Western New York, expressed “deep dismay and disappointment” that Rabbi A. Charles Shalman was invited to participate in a leadership role during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services.

Shalman was expelled in 2008 from the Rabbinical Assembly over ethics violations related to an inappropriate relationship with a member of the Amherst synagogue where he served as rabbi, as well as previous allegations of misconduct dating from 1999.

Shalman served as rabbi of Temple Shaarey Zedek in Amherst from 1995 until his resignation in 2008, when he was accused by a member of the synagogue of having an inappropriately close relationship with the member’s wife.

It was the second time in his tenure at Temple Shaarey Zedek that Shalman faced allegations of misconduct. In 1999, an investigation by the Rabbinical Assembly’s ethics board concluded that Shalman had violated several principles of rabbinical conduct in his private counseling or teaching sessions with female members of the synagogue. The violations included improper touching and suggestive comments.

The congregation voted to retain Shalman, who had to undergo therapy and refrain from any future one-on-one teaching with women.

But following the 2008 allegation, the Rabbinical Assembly expelled Shalman, effectively meaning that synagogues affiliated with the Conservative Judaism movement cannot hire him.

Anonymous said...

can anyone update me as to the whereabouts of tzvi eli schmeltzer from miami and montreal

i am told theat after being removed from his posts there he know has found a home at torah temima . id be shocked that they hired this MAN WITH ALL THE RUMORS ABOUT HIM

YTT misnaged said...

There was already Kolko, the incestual monster Weingarten and one more pervert who has never been publicly identified. Maybe Margo wants to add to rogue's gallery.

Anonymous said...

According to the London Jewish Chronicle, the Kedassia scandal is so huge that half the oylam in Golders Green has stopped relying on them for dinei Torah & kashrus. The newspaper adds that a group of rabbonim wrote a letter to Dayan Padwa a few months ago to tell him that if he does not force out (the younger) Halpern, they will be mattir people to go to the police. The letter from the rabbonim added that 3 rabbonim had approached (the younger) Halpern as far back as several years ago to warn him to behave.

The beis din convened on an emergency basis early this week by Av Beis Din Ehrentreu consisted of 6 dayanim.

YTT = bais vaad l'znus said...

R' Gross from the early day UOJ board of directors once referred to the 3rd YTT mystery perp and I even heard one of the Savitskys (brother of YTV rosh yeshiva) mention it once.

Does UOJ know who this 3rd YTT bum is?

All the news that's fit for spit said...

People should boycott the NY Times for 2 reasons.

They have started ratcheting up their anti-Israel slant again.

The incoming NY Times CEO Mark Thompson is not so innocent in the BBC Jim'll putz it Savile scandal with at least 300 kids raped & molested then the cover up.


Mark Thompson, the former BBC director-general, is coming under sustained attack in his new job as chief executive of the New York Times. And some of the criticism is appearing in the New York Times itself.

Media Guardian reported last month on criticisms leveled at Thompson by the paper's public editor & by columnist Joe Nocera, which resulted in many readers urging NY Times owner Arthur Sulzberger to rethink the appointment.

But the hostility towards Thompson moved last week into the news columns with an article headlined Letter raises questions about when BBC ex-chief learned of abuse.

It tells of a legal letter sent to the Sunday Times by lawyers acting for Thompson, which threatened to sue for libel over a proposed article that Thompson had been involved in killing off Newsnight's investigation into Jimmy Savile.

According an aide quoted by the New York Times, Thompson "authorised sending the letter but had not known the details. The aide said:

"It's not clear if he was shown it, but he doesn't remember it."

This denial prompted New York Magazine to run a piece with a sarcastic headline, Mark Thompson had no idea what was in letter from Mark Thompson.

The letter was sent 10 days before Thompson left the BBC. Its timing & substance are regarded as significant, says the New York Times, because Thompson stated the following month that "during my time as director-general of the BBC, I never heard any allegations about Jimmy Savile."

The Sunday Times carried a story about the letter & put a copy of it online.

On 18 Nov, the paper returned to the matter with a story headlined "Former DG feels heat over lawyers' letter" which said:

"The former BBC director-general missed warnings about child abuse committed on BBC premises by Jimmy Savile & other stars."

Miles Goslett, the reporter who made all the running on the dropping of the investigation into Savile (see here), said Thompson's ignorance of the legal letter "has provoked incredulity in New York."

Thompson & the Savile saga has also been explored in great detail by Stewart Purvis, former CEO of ITN, on his blog.

Purvis, now professor of journalism at City University London, has drawn up a timeline.

A spokesman for Thompson sent a reply to Purvis's blog, which said:

"Mark will not be making any statement other to reinforce what was said to the Sunday Times, that he agreed to sending a legal letter, but was not involved in its drafting, or detail beyond the 'false' allegation he influenced the decision to abandon Newsnight's investigation into Savile."

I have a hunch that Purvis has more questions to raise with Thompson. Meanwhile, the Nick Pollard review into the cancellation of the Newsnight investigation into Savile continues.

Anonymous said...

The blogger JWB recently dug this up from newspaper archives:

Student Rabbi expelled for 'causing unrest'

Toronto Star (Canada), Sat., May 31, 1969 p.6

An American student has been expelled from Ner Israel Yeshiva College on Finch Ave. for allegedly causing unrest among studentd at the associated Ner Israel high School on the same campus.

Faculty president Rabbi J. S. Weinberg said Joseph Markin, 22, a visiting student was "out permanently" for "deliberately provoking younger students into feeling that injustices had been done before discussing the matter with me."

Markin studying to become a rabbi, said he was accused of instigating a protest demonstration last Wednesday. He said he knew about the protest but did not suggest it or take part.

Rabbi Weinberg denied that there had been a demonstration, but said some people had tried to cause trouble. A mimeographed list of "abuses" by Rabbi Weinberg, including staff changes, was circulated at the high school and the college.

The rabbi said a high school student had been "interrogated against his will." He said he was taking disciplinary action against those responsible.

(NAME REMOVED), 16, a high school student, said he was assaulted by two college students seeking names of those behind the protest.

(NAME REMOVED) said he and 14 other students were suspended for a day on Wednesday morning to prevent them from holding the protest. Rabbi Weinberg said 15 students were suspended for oversleeping and missing morning prayers.

Analyst said...

I hope the NY Times will be knocked off their pedestal over the Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal. That arrogant jerk Sulzberger thinks he is invincible in his ivory tower, just a more sophisticated take on the way Margo thinks he can feif on everyone like the primitive Hungarian he is. Sulzberger doesn't get it that all his rivals in the media will put all their resources into bringing down the Times like some kind of once in 500 years hunting trophy.

The Sulzberger-Ochs family are Reform Yekkes who are ashamed they are Jewish. Some are intermarried so the current owner might not be a Yid. There are books written about this family refusing to publish accounts in WWII of the Nazis slaughtering Jews. They didn't want to make their WASP associates they were trying to impress uncomfortable or show that they are visibly Jewish by speaking out on behalf of their own kind, even if they were being exterminated.

It's about time this morally bankrupt publishing house was knocked off it's foundation. "Jim'll fix it" could be journalism's Hurricane Sandy to break them & give them what they deserve.

Australian Agudah Fresser said...

It is not illegal to name the parties if you are located outside Australia


By Dan Goldberg, November 23, 2012

Another major Jewish organisation in Australia is embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal, adding to the trauma triggered by recent revelations of similar cases involving students at a Chabad and Adass Israel school.

The name of the organisation, the defendant and the alleged victims cannot be revealed due to a court suppression order.

But it can be revealed that a man has faced Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on more than 25 counts of child sex abuse, including indecent acts with a minor and sexual intercourse with a child.

Newspaper of "record" said...


The official British Inquiry investigating the Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal is finally getting access to the new NY Times CEO Mark Thompson to interrogate him. Thompson's successor at the BBC, George Entwistle, has already resigned.

Not mentioned here is that the Inquiry will also be looking into hospitals that gave Savile a private suite while medical staff looked the other way as children were being sexually assaulted by Savile there. Savile was acting in concert with fellow pedophiles. British rocker Gary Glitter has already been arrested as the investigation continues.

There must be a way to force the NY Times to hand over their internal memos to see if Sulzberger is possibly helping cover up Thompson's involvement.

Anonymous said...

What is the criteria for "porn"? Avi Shafran once wrote that anti-Agudah blogs are also porn in his opinion.


What will my Rav see?

YishmorEini receivs a monthly report of all sites visited by each member. YishmorEini staff reviews each report and only the reports found to contain pornographic sites are delivered to the accountability Rav. If there are no pornographic sites on the report, then the report is not seen by the Rav.

Participating Rabbanim

Lakewood, NJ
Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen, K’hal Ateres Yeshaye
Harav Shia Gelbwachs, (Ridge)
Harav Shlomo Gissinger, K’hal Zichron Yaakov
Harav Yosef Greenfield, Chestnut
Harav Eli Herzka, Me’or Chaim
Harav Moshe Chaim Kahan, Bais Shalom V’Rayus
Harav Avrohom Kammer, Nachlas Yaakov (Central Court)
Harav Shloime Lowy, Presidential Estates Se’fard
Harav Avrohom Miller, B’M Kol Yehuda (Brookhill Ashkenaz)
Harav Menachem Mintz, Coventry Shul (Mishkoltz)
Harav Raphael Paschkusz, Bais Elimelech
Harav Yaakov Yosef Rotenberg, B"M Shaarei Shlomo
Harav Chaim Mayer Roth, Sterling Forest Se’fard
Harav Avrohom Shemano, Khal Torah U'tefilah
Harav Noach Witty, Khal Yaakov Akiva (Raintree)
Harav Moshe Shimon Wosner, Chateau Park Se’fard
Harav Yosef Zimbal, Westgate Community
Harav Aaron Zuckerman, K’hal Zichron Pinchas

Oak Park, MI
Harav Simcha Klein, Cong. Ahavas Olam

Brooklyn, NY
Harav Shmuel Wallerstein, Ohr Yitzchok

Monsey, NY
Kehillas Visnitz Monsey

Passaic, NJ
Harav Yitzchok Celnik, B’M Alumni Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic
Harav Menachem Spira, B”M Zichron Eliezer
Harav Menachem Zupnik, Bais Torah Utefilah

Harav Shmuel Weiner
Harav Yitzchok Kalifon

London, UK
Belz London, Va’ad Mishmeres Habayis

Venishmartem.com Community (Knas Based Accountability)

Bulvan said...

Are the rabbonim opening the websites to make sure they are in fact pornographic?

Rav's Daughter said...

REFLECTIONS ON AGUDAH CONVENTION 2012 Agudah chairman Rabbi Zweibel ushered in the weekend with the introduction to the theme which was “Shomrei acheinu anachnu” – “We are our brothers’ keepers!”. He asked what our responsibility is to our brothers in their time of need. While he enumerated many philosophical reasons why we as Jews should help each other, I found myself searching for a “quantifiable” expectation. I was reminded of a dvar torah I had once heard on what was the zchus of the Jews of Mitzrayim that tipped the scale to their redemption. The Torah says that Bnei Yisroel went out “Chamushim” which is translated as armed. Rashi however says that it can also mean one fifth. He elaborates to say that four fifths of Bnei Yisroel were not meritorious of redemption and they died during the plague of darkness. What if each family took on four people to take under their wing and give of their time and/or resources? If you are a lawyer, have four pro-bono cases running at any given time. When one completes find a new one. If you are a doctor, have four patients that you treat for free or at least with accepting their insurance as full payment. If you are not in a position to help financially with ma’aser, give 10% of your time, listening, helping with paperwork, taking them out for coffee once a week or inviting them over for a meal. Every person has something to give to someone less fortunate than themselves. It would also shift the focus from our own issues and maybe bring about a change in our priorities and what really matters in life.
The next speaker was Rabbi Reich who we were told was being whisked off to Lakewood immediately after his speech, to deliver a shiur. What I got from Rabbi Reich was that it was his belief that the reason New York City is having an issue with bris milah, is directly related to our alleged complacency regarding the legalization of gay marriage. I beg to differ. In my opinion, if he is looking for a “below the belt” transgression, I would sooner think our message is about rebbeim molesting yeshiva boys and violating THEIR bris Hashem. While we cannot control an Irish gay in Greenwich Village, we can control the Kolko’s of our chadarim. Hashem would sooner hold our nation accountable for nevalus that goes on with our Tinokos shel bais Raban, than a goy defiling himself in a pub in New York City. Let’s keep the focus on US and not project outwards!
Next came Rabbi Bender who was very effective in firing the crowd up with his “ma’asalach” about Rav Moshe Feinstein and Rav Pam. When Rav Hutner zatzal was being greeted at JFK following his rescue from captivity later known as “Rescue at Entebbe” Rav Moshe did not allow the band to play. He argued that so long as other Jews were still awaiting release it was not appropriate to go all out with a band. The story about Rav Pam involved a child finding a $5 bill and wanting to buy a game with the money. Rav Pam had the child wait a week, until the loser was no longer as distressed over his lost money. This way he taught the child not to be happy while another suffers. Rabbi Bender then presented modern day violation of feeling along with another’s sorrow with how Flatbush was selling sushi while Sea Gate wallowed in post hurricane destruction. He then hoped for the leap to be made that Far Rockaway was still suffering to recover from Sandy while the rest of the Jewish community went on. Rabbi Bender has a point to expect Jewish brethren to expand beyond their boundaries and perhaps after managing “aniyei ircha” to contribute towards Far Rockaway. However, in the pre-hurricane years, Rabbi Bender had his gevirim beholden to him and his causes, excluding Brooklyn and neighboring communities from sharing in their generosity. Further, Rabbi Bender is known for separating classes by “Lawrence” and “Far Rockaway” and giving the “Lawrence” class the better rebbe. He is also known for holding back on his commitment to talmidim who don’t pay full tuition.