Friday, February 03, 2012

"I Feel Like Killing Them, Killing Them, Killing Them 50 Times......"


Joel said...

And what does she feel about the rabbis who allow this crap to go on with impunity?

Anonymous said...

you gotta love the bts! this is a terrible story but it does not change the fact that she's a weirdo. thanks again aish!

Convulsions in Israel said...

One of the details and sub-texts of the video an outraged yet still pathetic mother describing the deep hurt and pain she feels about her children and others' kids being molested by gangs of Israeli pedophiles, is that "The Yankees are coming!!!" In fact, they are here and there already!!!

American Olim will ultimately kick in the rotten door of whatever is corrupt with Charedi and any other kind of moral and social corruption that will bring down the whole rotten structure.

American Orthodox Jews and many Charedim are imbued with that typical American "free spiritedness" that while they may be willing to follow rabbis, they will not allow themselves to be beaten down forever. Every new American family that moves to Israel, will speak out at one time or another much more than any of their Israeli-born counterparts.

The inherent sense of "autonomy" and "independence" that all Americans have been imbued with, multiplied by tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, is already becoming a strong voice that will only become louder and louder in Israel.

The easy access to the Internet and all forms of quick and easy instant communications will allow even the seemingly "weak" women, who have classically been browbeaten down, to raise their voices and be heard, until lots and lots of pedophiles and sex maniacs will land up behind bars for a very long time.

The times they are a changin' !

Road to war with Iran 34 said...

UK Guardian:

"Iran 'trying to attack Israeli targets in retaliation for scientists' deaths'

Head of Shin Bet says three attempted attacks by Iran have been thwarted in the past year

Harriet Sherwood in Jerusalem
3 February 2012

Iranian agents are attempting to attack Israeli targets around the world in retaliation for covert operations, including the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, the head of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency, has warned.

"It doesn't matter if it's true or not that Israel took out the nuclear scientists. A major, serious country like Iran cannot let this go on. They want to deter Israel and extract a price so that decision-makers in Israel think twice before they order an attack on an Iranian scientist," Yoram Cohen said in a lecture reported in Haaretz.

Three attempted attacks were thwarted at the last minute in the past year, in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Thailand, he said.

Four Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in the past two years in what Iran – and many others in the international community – believe are operations by the Israeli secret services, or its proxy agents, as part of a covert war.

Israel usually maintains a code of silence on activities by its security agencies, Shin Bet and the Mossad. But the president, Shimon Peres, said "to the best of my knowledge" the country was not involved in the most recent assassination, less than a month ago.

Cohen's warning of retaliatory attacks came amid mounting speculation Israel is moving closer to launching a unilateral military strike against Iran.

The US defence secretary, Leon Panetta, declined to deny claims in a column in the Washington Post that said he believed Israel would launch an attack in April, May or June this year. And Israel's defence secretary, Ehud Barak, told a security conference that the window for action would close when Iran reached an "immunity zone" with its enrichment activities moved deep underground beyond the reach of air bombardment. "Those who say 'later' may find that later is too late," he said.

Britain's deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, this week voiced fears Israel could take unilateral military action against Iran. "Of course I worry that there will be a military conflict and that certain countries might seek to take matters into their own hands," he told the House magazine.

The Shin Bet chief also said Iran was building closer ties with Islamic Jihad in Gaza following its rift with Hamas over the Syrian uprising.

However, relations between Hamas and Tehran may be repaired when Ismail Haniyeh, the de facto prime minister of Gaza, visits the Iranian capital in the coming days..."

Where have we heard that before said...

...wouldn't be from Hitler, Stalin and Mao would it?...:

"A-Jad Plans New World Order

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called on 'like minded nations' to join him in forging the New World Order.

By Gavriel Queenann
[Israel National News]

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday said that Iran and like-minded nations needed to "define the New World Order system."

Ahmadinejad made his remarks at the inauguration ceremony of the International Conference on 'Hollywoodism and Cinema' in Tehran on Thursday.

"Nations loving justice and affection should define the new world system," he said.

During his speech, Ahmadinejad underlined the necessity for the start of a New World Order, and said the "justice-seeking nations should cooperate with each other to materialize this goal."

Tehran has campaigned to forge alliances not only with the modern plutocrat-dominated Russia, but Fidel Castro's Cuba, and Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

The 2nd international conference on 'Hollywoodism and Cinema' is widely regarded as a propaganda platform for Tthe Islamic Republic to attack Western culture and perpetuate its regime.

The conference is being held as a sideline program of the 2012 Fajr International Film Festival.

The bombastic Ahmadinejad has repeatedly attacked Western nations and culture in the past year – accusing them of a growing and strange laundry list of alleged crimes and debaucheries – amid the ongoing row over Iran’s nuclear program."

Skver Mafia said...


"New Square arson trial starts Tuesday; teen charged with attempted murder

Feb. 2, 2012

An 18-year-old New Square man who worked for the Hasidic Jewish community’s rabbinical leader is scheduled for trial next week on a charge of attempted murder stemming from accusations that he set fire to a fellow village resident who had defied the edicts of the community’s spiritual leader.

Shaul Spitzer waived his right to a pretrial hearing Wednesday in state Supreme Court. Justice William A. Kelly scheduled jury selection for Tuesday in his fourth-floor courtroom at the Rockland County Courthouse in New City.

Spitzer opted for trial because he faces five to 25 years in state prison if convicted of the top charge of attempted murder, the only offer made by Rockland County prosecutors in exchange for a guilty plea.

Spitzer and his lawyers can change their minds about going to trial, but Spitzer likely would face up to 15 years in prison from the justice if he pleads guilty.

Rockland District Attorney Thomas Zugibe said prosecutor Stephen Moore has made no special plea offer and that a sentence is at the justice’s discretion upon conviction.

Spitzer is accused of setting Aron Rottenberg on fire after trying to burn down the family’s Truman Avenue house at 4:15 a.m. May 22, tossing a homemade incendiary device onto the back porch of the house, Ramapo police investigators said.

Because of months of threats — including telephone calls days earlier — and vandalism, Rottenberg’s son had been monitoring surveillance cameras installed on the house.

The elder Rottenberg then confronted the masked man and during a struggle another incendiary device carried by the man detonated, burning Rottenberg and Spitzer. Spitzer ran off and a resident treated him for his burns.

Rottenberg, 44, a plumber, suffered third-degree burns across 50 percent of his body, leading to skin-graft surgeries and months of hospitalization.

Spitzer, who lived with Grand Rebbe David Twersky and did butler work for him, suffered third-degree burns to his arms and after several weeks of hospitalization returned to school in the community..."

Skver Mafia said...

"(Page 2 of 2)

Rottenberg and several other village residents were targets of street protests and vandalism for not praying in the grand rebbe’s synagogue, less than 100 yards from Rottenberg’s house on Truman Avenue.

There is one synagogue in New Square, and the grand rebbe wants all his followers to pray with him. Weeks after the attack, Twersky condemned the violence and offered prayers for both men to recover.

Rottenberg led a weekly Sabbath service at the Friedwald Center rehabilitation facility, about a mile from the center of the Ramapo village.

One other family moved out of the village following the protests they and Rottenberg said were orchestrated by minions who enforced the grand rebbe’s edicts.

Rottenberg has filed a civil lawsuit against Twersky and Spitzer. The grand rebbe’s followers were supposedly raising money for a settlement offer, but Rottenberg is ready to testify at the criminal trial, his son-in-law Moshe Elbaum said Wednesday.

“We’re ready to go, and we’re happy that it’s finally starting,” Elbaum said. “Hopefully they will finally learn their lesson that they are not above the law.”

Following a Ramapo police investigation into the May incident, a Rockland grand jury indicted Spitzer in June on charges of second-degree attempted murder, second-degree attempted arson and two counts of first-degree assault, all felonies.

On Wednesday morning, defense lawyer Kenneth Gribetz told Kelly that Spitzer waived his right to a hearing on the admissibility of statements he gave to police.

Spitzer’s defense lawyers are not challenging that the teen was at Rottenberg’s house during the early morning hours. Gribetz has contended that Spitzer did not intend to harm Rottenberg or to set his house on fire.

The night of the confrontation coincided with the Lag BaOmer festival, when religious Jews have bonfires marking the anniversary of the death of a leading rabbi and a revolt against the Roman Empire. A community group circulated a letter in August claiming Spitzer just wanted to make mischief that morning.

Gribetz and co-defense lawyer Paul Shechtman said the defense case will develop during the trial.

“The defense will come from the lips of the witnesses,” Gribetz said after Wednesday’s court appearance. “We don’t want to make any other statements.”

Spitzer also faces a charge of second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor, in New Square Village Court. On Oct. 26, a photograph taken by a village resident surfaced, showing Spitzer in front of Rottenberg’s Truman Avenue home about 3:15 p.m. Oct. 4. That case is scheduled for this month."

Anonymous said...

There is a Rebbitzen Siegelbaum from a weird seminary in Israel who is on a tour of the US & Canada.

Being promoted in the 5 Towns Jewish Times and even the more yeshivish 5 Towns publication called The Jewish Home is the Rebbitzen's "Tu Bishvat Seder" in Queens where everyone is invited to come fress fruits for $36.

What is the story with Siegelbaum and the kashrus of the place? More about the kashrus in a minute. Her seminary which is very weird and let's say alternative, incorporates Yoga into the seder hayom. I haven't heard any serious cholkim on the chassidishe posek who calls Yoga avak avodah zarah and the Litvishe posek who calls it kosem kesomim midOraysah.


She claims to have a heter from R' Yoel Schwartz.


R' Yoel has lately been moving away from his Charedi roots by backing the tzioni "Sanhedrin" with Steinzaltz that all the gedolim are against.


Siegelbaum has also started doing gerus on women now under the auspicies of the Rabbanut. What's the story with that?


She does the gerus together with Rabbi Yosef Benarroch who says he has semicha from the Harry Fischel Institute. That's the place where the "rosh yeshiva" was Saul Lieberman from JTS.

Her school has haskomos from a bunch of chatty rebbitzens and the OU's Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb. Who cares.

The Biala Rebbe gave a haskoma to her seminary but he pashtus does not know what she is up to. He is understandably probably very impressed with her though because she always quotes from the Rebbe's sefer that eating fruit brings the geulah.


She also managed to get a haskoma from R' Efraim Greenblatt but that was 22 years ago and she probably had not yet started with all her meshugassin.

On her current tour she is making stops at such places as the Conservative Egalitarian Temple Israel in Sharon, Mass., the OU's Boca Raton Synagogue that has been harboring NCSY pedophile Baruch Lanner since his release from prison, and giving a "Special class for Gentiles" about "Mystical & Medicinal Properties of the Fruits of the Land" in the Baptist stronghold of Bartlett, Tennessee. That wouldn't have anything to do without kiruv on goyim to be megayer, or being oiver on Maggid devorov l'Yaakov, would it? Does the Rabbanut know about that?

The Seder in Queens is in the home of a woman who does not cover her hair, has been seen being mechalel Yomtov rishon befarhesya, and wears pants & very revealing clothes. It would be interesting if the fruits for the Seder will be checked for bugs as that home has weird shitos about which non-kosher foods they hold are kosher, including which the Chazon Ish said makes a hefkerus of gantz Torah.

Hahahahaha !!!! said...


Rabbi Leib Tropper's family background and educational path reflect a deep respect for the traditions and practices of Orthodox Judaism.

The guidance provided by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi P. Scheinberg, would lay the foundation in Hashkafa and Chinuch that would later lead to professional success.

Talmidei Belsky said...


First read the post and all the comments about Belsky's talmidim, and then consider this:

Krakowski's article is in an OU publication on the same page as an ad for Pesach 2012 at a hotel by the mixed chiloni "Coral Beach" in Eilat.

The scholar in residence for this Pesach hotel being promoted by the OU is Chaim Brovender who was co-rosh yeshiva with Shlomo Riskin at Hamivtar which is as Left spectrum as it gets. Brovender left Hamivtar to become the Webbe Rebbe.


He runs this "yeshiva" entirely on the internet that the son of a Queens Vaad rabbi has been running around town to promote. (This loser has been admonished by family members to stop bringing home food under hashgocho of Bucharian rabbis, which is even worse than Queens Vaad standards if you can imagine that. He also holds that his young kids are allowed to be fed treif food by goyish & secular neighbors since little kids are not mechuyev in mitzvos).

Many of the "rebbeim" here are co-signers with Avi Weiss of the pro-gay letter. One of them is Josh Ross who runs the feminist organization with Hershel Schlechter to go against halacha in hilchos gittin and be mevazeh rabbonim who do follow the halacha. Ross's shver is a dentist from Skokie who is a convicted pedophile on the Illinois sex offender registry posted by the State on the internet. (The Queens Vaad's Chaim Schwartz looks in all these places before he criticizes others for internet use). It is sicko Chaim Schwartz writing one of today's comments there that is a vicious attack on UOJ.