Tuesday, February 14, 2012

R’ Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz told his students in America, “I cannot understand how it is possible for an American yeshiva student to be Jewish without ‘The Nineteen Letters’”

 Excerpted From Rav Shraga Feivel  Mendlowitz's Memoriam by his grandson:

...."A person of deep complexity and contemplation, he pursued Jewish philosophy and mussar privately, and at a young age had completed the entire works of the Maharal, Kuzari, Mesilas Yeshorim, and works of chassidus. He avidly studied the works of Rav Samson Rafael Hirsch in the original German. He saw Rav Hirsch as his ideal because Hirsch had successfully devised a religious Jewish weltanschauung that could stand up to the challenges of modernity."

by Daniel Adler:

"The best way to reintroduce Torah im Derech Eretz is to restore R’ Hirsch’s ideals, both in theory and in practice, at the high school level. Specifically, this includes teaching R’ Hirsch’s classic sefer, “The Nineteen Letters,” which contains the core of R’ Hirsch’s views on the world and Torah. R’ Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz told his students in America, “I cannot understand how it is possible for an American yeshiva student to be Jewish without ‘The Nineteen Letters’” (Klugman, 1998). Study of this seminal work will form the basis for a strong Hashkafic underpinning for all yeshiva/Bais Yaakov students."

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Nisht kein heimishe lantzman said...

Remember the other week in the Yated when the Queens Vaad sent Chaim Schwartz running down to shake hands with pro-gay Assemblyman & Queens Vaad shul member Rory Lancman who pushed toyavah through the NYS Legislature?


To refresh your memory, Lancman is a big knacker at the Young Israel led by Queens Vaad co-President Rabbi Dr. Richard Weiss. Lancman sends his children to the Conservative Solomon Schechter school which makes him an apikoros. But you'll never hear Chaim Schwartz say that even as he calls all Queens Vaad critics "apikorsim".

On the front page of the current 5 Towns Jewish Times, Larry Gordon says he got together with Lancman who has dimyonos of being elected to Congress so they could "get to know each other". That is a hilarious mischaracterization because if you know anything about Larry he is not interested in anyone or anything unless they bring ad dollars to the table. He is worse than the most greedy fresser trial lawyers who want their retainer. He has no shame admitting it either as he told the shaliach of the gedolim who wanted to know why he suddenly stopped backing Bob Turner for Congress and went full force for the Queens Vaad's toyavahnik pet David Weprin.

Lancman shows how he is in gantzen an idyot when tells Larry Gordon in the interview that he shouldn't be disregarded by frum voters even though he is pro-toyavah because Weprin was unelectable for holding toyavah is part of frumkeit but he (Lancman) does not go azoy veit because he only holds of toyavah altz civil "rights". Then Lancman goes on to defend his good friend Weprin as being unfairly punished by frum and moral voters that Weprin misspoke as he claims Weprin really has the same hashkofah as him but was not able to articulate it properly.

Lancman then makes it sound like Barack Hussein Obama is the best thing that ever happened in the war on terrorists LOLOLOL!

Lancman then calls for bombing Iran which is not so poshut according to Rav Schach ztl.

Lancman shows how two faced he is by giving lip service to Israeli settlements even though he just said a minute earlier that everyone should re-elect Obama.

So Larry, now to the most important question in your view: how many ad dollars can you extract from this shvantz?

Anonymous said...

Anyone care to comment on this allegation?

Some background ...

Assemblyman Dov Hikind commissioned a study finding that of all the kosher supermarkets in the NY-NJ area, the most expensive rip off prices are at Queens Vaad supermarkets.

It's true that off the shelf products under Queens Vaad are the highest priced but when it comes to prepared / take out food, the highest rip off prices are in the 5 Towns supermarkets, hands down by a long shot.

Now people are alleging that something that might not be so "kosher" is behind the inflated prices. They say that the supermarket owners are giving away loads of free food to nitzrachim and those who claim to be nitzrachim. Now that's fine and admirable if these baal habatim are giving tzedokah from their own pockets, but when they jack up prices to ridiculously sky high levels to pay for it, it is nothing more than Obama Socialist spreading the wealth of people against their will.

I plan on asking a shaylah if the high prices can go into the cheshbon of maaser and whether the supermarket owners can claim it as maaser if they are compensated by paying shoppers.

People have seen how some supermarkets have a "rush hour" of select shoppers getting free challos and other food with staff refusing to explain why. These allegations could be the perfect explanation.

Boor-o Park said...


A Brooklyn man who stole $5.3 million in mortgage proceeds from two Nassau County financial lenders was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison today.

In 2002 and 2003, Mayer Goldberger obtained loans worth $1.4 million on properties he owned in Hartford under his company, Hartford LLC. He forged documents in 2005 and 2006 stating the loans had been paid off when in reality he still owed the entire amount.

Using those forged documents, Goldberger obtained a $3 million loan from the New York Community Bank in Jericho in 2007.

A year later, he used the same forged documents to receive another loan for $2.3 million from Great Neck-based BRT Realty Trust.

At that time he also prepared his own title report – a conflict of interest – through a company he owned called Speedy Title Services.

Goldberger also misrepresented Speedy Title Services as acting as an authorized agent of First American Title Insurance Co., but containing the forged signature of a deceased attorney.

Goldberger completed the deal with BRT on July 14, 2008, at which time he received the money. The loan went into default in January 2009.

Goldberger previously pleaded guilty to two counts of grand larceny.

Dovy said...

>R’ Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz told his students in America, “I cannot understand how it is possible for an American yeshiva student to be Jewish without ‘The Nineteen Letters'<

Sigh.. Frummies really go in for hyperbole big time.

R. Wisler said...

It is amazing the Rabbi Mendelowitz, even with his chassidic roots, respected the Torah 'im Derech Eretz of R. Shimshon Rafael Hirsch. Could you imagine the trash that run these chassidic cults or morons like the roshei yeshivos of today (Schechter, Svei, etc) making such a statement?

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

Wisler, we know about your axe against your alma mater Chaim Berlin but the fact is that Schechter is one of the only roshei yeshiva to allow college no matter what lip service he utters against it.

East 9th St said...


YTV is not the only scandal plagued place on this street.

Anonymous said...

I asked a major posek about the supermarkets with the ripoff prices. He says it would takke be low of them if it would be true that they are running a Socialist charity system. He suspects that they are making so much money anyway that they could do well with giving away lots of food even without jacking up the prices on paying customers. His suggestion is to try to be more self-sufficient to avoid buying much from them.

The posek has a different and much bigger tayna on the kosher supermarkets. He says that he has asked any kosher supermarket he has ever shopped in if they are in compliance with the Gemara Bava Basra. They ALL admitted to him without caring one iota that they are not in compliance. The Gemara learns it is an issur midOraysah when measuring take out food exactly by the pound to not give a little bit extra. Some of the supermarkets he has approached know that he is a major posek. Incredible to think how greedy, arrogant and shameless they were to his face.

Another thing supermarkets & take out stores are doing which is gezaylah is they are not careful to make sure the foil pans are not doubled up. You then get charged by the pound for the extra pan.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway is a fake and foney fraud said...

"Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...Wisler, we know about your axe against your alma mater Chaim Berlin but the fact is that Schechter is one of the only roshei yeshiva to allow college no matter what lip service he utters against it."

"Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway" is just a phony fraud who comes on to defend Chaim Berlin while he fakes it big time that he is some sort of "critic" or meivin.