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He Calls Him "Glatt"!

I pray that with this publication, peace and closure to the victims of the alleged child molester referred to as "Glatt", is attained to some degree while they are still alive. To the alleged victims that have passed on, may their souls live on with the tranquility knowing that anyone that perpetrates such a heinous act against a child, will be exposed whether they are alive or dead!


Excerpts - Page 118 - 120 -- " One Sabbath Afternoon when I was eleven years old I was standing alone at the top of  the steps of the entrance at the Agudah building on Bedford Avenue... Glatt (not his real name), a charismatic leader of the Agudah, came up the steps. Catching me by surprise, this middle aged man seized my arms and pinned my body against the door post. I saw and felt his knee massaging my groin. For a few seconds I was paralyzed with shock and fear. I still vividly remember Glatt's crazed ecstatic look on his face only a few inches away from mine. But despite my innocence I realized that I had become a victim of a  perverted sexual act. What was amazing to me was that the perpetrator was a pious family man and (a) highly respected leader of the Agudah in America. Almost a few weeks later an almost identical encounter occurred when Glatt ambushed me again in an unguarded moment when I was alone in the hallway of the Agudah. Again his face took on that unforgettable crazed look. A few years ago my close boyhood friend Heshy Nagel, who was also a member of the Pirchei Agudah, reminded me about one boy who came forward and disclosed that he too had nearly identical experiences with Glatt, but had been too ashamed to admit it to anyone.  It is possible that Glatt intentionally directed his sexual depredations to two boys that he assessed as vulnerable since we both lacked parental protection...But the look on his face as he violated me was that of a crazed man in the grip of uncontrollable passions...My two brief encounters with Glatt took place in the early 1950s, and probably left no lasting effect on my emotional well being. As an adult looking back, the lesson I have learned is that even the most promising and seemingly saintly religious and community leaders -- especially if they were like Glatt, charismatic personalities -- could be driven by dark and uncontrollable sexual urges. Had he been my teacher and had the opportunity to abuse me on a regular basis, I am sure the impact on me would have been traumatic."

Philip Fishman grew up in the Brooklyn Jewish neighborhood of Williamsburg during the 1950s, when the community experienced a large influx of Hasidic Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe and the area evolved from a multi-ethnic Jewishly heterodox community similar to Jewish neighborhoods in other parts of New York City into a tightly knit re-invention of an ultra-pious East European shtetl. The culture and values of the new arrivals often conflicted sharply with the older community. The fault lines of this kulturkampf were the context of his childhood-and these memoirs vividly describe the personal, familial, and communal tensions associated with this social transformation. Williamsburg's metamorphosis into an exclusively haredi enclave was the first of its kind in the United States, but this neighborhood's profound makeover, with the associated community discord, was soon echoed in many other American locales and is occurring in many Israeli communities. The post-war transformation of Williamsburg foreshadowed a dramatic and ongoing transformation of American Orthodoxy and-more broadly- American Jewish life in the 21st century.

About the Author:

Philip Fishman was a professor of statistics and computer science at the Washington University School of Medicine and a scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory and the MITRE Corporation. He has published numerous papers in scientific journals on information and communication theory and quantitative genetics. Dr. Fishman now devotes his time to Judaic, historical, and scientific study and to writing. He and his wife, Sylvia Barack Fishman, professor of contemporary Jewish life at Brandeis University, live in Newton, Massachusetts.

Solomon Schimmel, Ph.D :

"This book is a gem. Dr. Fishman has exquisitely woven together his personal history growing up in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) from the early forties through the early sixties with astute observations of how the neighborhood transformed over time from a Jewishly pluralistic and tolerant community into a narrow minded often fanatical and xenophobic community dominated by various Hasidic sects most of which consisted of refugees from the Holocaust. Fishman's memory of details of his childhood experiences and feelings, and his reflections on various characters on the Williamsburg stage is impressive and makes for engrossing reading. Although Fishman has many positive memories of Hasidic piety and music, and of Hasidim with strong ethical values, he devotes several chapters to the sordid side of the ultra orthodox and Hasidim, including a chapter on sexual perversity. This book is an essential read for anyone interested in the history of New York's Jews, especially those of Williamsburg which was a major center of Jewish life for many decades".

Available at amazon.com:


Anonymous said...

Wow !! This is unbelievable !! Could you possibily get an exclusive interview with professor fishman ??

Posted by the MalachHamovies !!

Anonymous said...

Boy Are you going to to get "hard fastballs" thrown at your head now !!

Talk about a firestorm being created !!

Kudos UOJ !! I thought you were looking forward to being in the "moishav zkainim" home (just kidding).

By the way, did you know any of this information before the book came out ?

Posted by the MalachHamovies !!

Baltimore, the city that breeds said...


Why would Vicky Polin pretend that Rabbi Hauer is fighting molesters, if VIN's suspicions are correct?

And can anyone verify Shmarya's claims that Stanley Levitt is being given refuge in a shul in Boston? Why is Shmarya not naming the shul?

5 Towns said...


Criminal charges were also filed against the owners of Special Education Associates Inc. of Brooklyn, which was one of the city’s busiest SEIT providers this year, with 170 children receiving instruction.

The audit found that the company’s owner, Samuel J. Bernstein (69 Sutton Place in Lawrence), paid his wife, Deena, $150,000 a year as his assistant executive director, while she was earning $90,000 a year as a full-time professor of speech, language and hearing sciences at Lehman College of CUNY.

Mr. Bernstein pleaded guilty to defrauding the government, a felony, and was sentenced in December to five years’ probation. He also paid $610,000 in a civil settlement with the Manhattan district attorney’s office, agreed to a lifetime ban from the pre-K special education program, and sold the business.

His wife, who could not be reached Friday, is due in Bronx Criminal Court on Wednesday to face felony charges of grand larceny and defrauding the government.

Mr. Bernstein, reached at his home in Lawrence, N.Y., criticized the authorities for bringing criminal cases. “We compensated them for what they charged us, and it should have ended there,” he said.

He added that he was disappointed to leave the business, which he entered in 1995. “We did very good work for a very long time,” he said.

5 Towns said...


The owner of a Long Island special-education company misused millions of dollars in public money, employing 11 family members, leasing Cadillacs, and paying a son’s living expenses in California, then fabricating documents to cover his tracks, the state comptroller’s office claimed in an audit.

The audit, which is being issued on Thursday, is the latest to examine the $2 billion preschool special-education program, which relies on contractors to deliver services to more than 60,000 children in the state between 3 and 5 years old who have physical, learning, developmental and other disabilities.

The company, IncludEd Educational Services of Cedarhurst, closed in April, after a reduction in its tuition rate, retroactive to the 2005-6 school year, left it owing the New York City Education Department $3.15 million, officials said on Tuesday.

The state comptroller’s audit found an additional $2.6 million in overbilling from 2007 to 2009.

“Waste, fraud and abuse cannot be tolerated in our special-education programs, but my auditors keep finding it,” the comptroller, Thomas P. DiNapoli, said in a statement. “The state and localities need to improve their management and oversight of special-education providers.”

Auditors referred the findings to the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has begun its own investigation, officials said.

IncludEd’s owner, Morton Kramer (10 Wentworth Place in Lawrence), did not respond to telephone and e-mail messages on Tuesday.

The preschool program, paid for by state and local governments, is far more expensive in New York than in other states. In New York City, annual costs have surpassed $1 billion, nearly double the amount six years ago.

City and state officials have complained that influential lobbyists for private contractors have blocked efforts in Albany to control costs. Contractors insist that wrongdoing is rare. Critics say the system encourages abuse.

Auditors said that Mr. Kramer billed the program for $30,000 in meals and student-loan payments for relatives; $100,000 for services to children the company could not name or show when they received services; and more than $36,000 for items like cribs and changing pads unrelated to the special-education program.

Mr. Kramer also employed five sons, two daughters, and four of their spouses, but could not supply adequate time records for any of them, auditors said; some missing records later materialized suddenly, and others contained inconsistencies and typographical errors that suggested they had been fabricated, according to the audit.

One of Mr. Kramer’s sons charged the preschool program nearly $60,000 that he said was used to open a satellite office for IncludEd in Los Angeles; but the office was really his apartment, and the money was used to pay a security deposit and to buy an iPhone, among other things, the audit said.

When he was confronted, the audit said, Mr. Kramer said he intended to pay back the improper expenses, and his son admitted that he had “made up” an invoice to obtain reimbursement.

Agudah fresser said...

Maybe they can get some help from Agudah archivist Moshe Kolodny


Aides to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo have removed documents from public view pertaining to the 2007 inquiry known as Troopergate.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

At that time in Agudah Willi, especially among the kids, Michael Tress was the charismatic hero who dwarfed all others.

Anonymous said...

Why were comments not posted last week?

Anonymous said...

Your title "He calls him glatt" seems to allude to the book "they called him Mike". Does that mean you know that "Glatt" is a reference to Mike Tress? That would certainly qualify as a shocker if it is true.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying with your clever post title "He Calls Him 'Glatt'" that the alleged child molester identified as "Glatt" in this book is in fact the famous Mike Tress?!?

Vos zogt UOJ? said...

Fishman could be 100% correct but is it possible that Fishman has an axe to grind AND is maybe overblowing a situation where he as an 11 year old boy misbehaved and someone got inappropriately angry & rough with no sexual gratification or intention involved?

The way I perceive Fishman is that he is from the same shnit of ex-YTV as Norman Lamm. I mean, the guy is even married to Sylvia Barack Fishman of Brandeis who conducts the seminars for the radical JOFA feminists!

His buddy Heshy Nagle from what I understand also followed this pattern. He davens by Moses Tendler.

Anonymous said...

Would you please comment. Was this common knowledge? He was idealized, as you know, in the Agudah-Art Scroll literature? Was everyone ignorant? How does this fit into some of your memories of the period concerning other Agudah personalities?

Robert Paris said...


According to first hand information, ROBERT PARIS has molested at least four young boys. Paris has worked in multiple synagogues in New York and new Jersey. He has not been prosecuted but as his crimes have become more exposed he has been fired by administrators from various positions.
Robert Paris owns property in Brooklyn New York and Florida..

he currently resides in Kensington, Brooklyn on East 4th and Beverley Road.

The following are 2 of his known addresses;

33 Kent C
West Palm Beach,
FL 33417-1705

1987 East 22nd Street.
Brooklyn New York, 11229
If you are a survivor of ROBERT PARIS, or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com. We will do all we can to help you.

Landau's shul - Flatbush said...


Yosef Ederi is a convicted felon. He has done time in Israel for sexually abusing minors. He currently lives in Flatbush and has allegedly been "grooming" boys in Landaus Shul on Avenue L. Below is a copy of Ederi's conviction in Israel. It is written in Hebrew as you can see. If anyone can translate please contact editoradkan@gmail.com
If you are a survivor of Yosef Ederi or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police and send an email to editoradkan@gmail.com. We will do all we can to help you.

בית משפט המחוזי נצרתבתאריך: 12/07/2005

בפני:1. כב' השופט/ת יצחק כהן - אב"ד
2. כב' השופט/ת אברהם אברהם
3. כב' השופט/ת אסתר הלמן
מערערים:1. גד יוסף אדרי ת.ז. 028837813
- נגד -משיבים:1. מדינת ישראל
ב"כ מערערים:1. עו"ד אבנון
ב"כ משיבים:1. עו"ד מזרחי
פסק-דיןהמערער הורשע על פי הודאתו בביצוע עבירות של מעשה מגונה בניגוד לס' 348 (ג) לחוק העונשין תשל"ז - 1977, הדחה בחקירה, עבירה בניגוד לס' 245 (א) לחוק העונשין, התחזות לאדם אחר, עבירה בניגוד לס' 441 לחוק העונשין ושיבוש מהלכי משפט, עבירה בניגוד לס' 244 לחוק העונשין.

סיפור המעשה בתמצית מלמד כי המערער אסף לרכבו את המתלונן וכאשר המתלונן ישב לצידו ביצע בו את מעשיו המגונים.

על כך הוסיף המערער את העבירות של הדחה בחקירה, התחזות לאדם אחר ושיבוש מהלכי משפט שעה שניסה להדיח את אחי המתלונן שהגיע כאשר הוזעק ע"י המתלונן, והמערער בהיותו בתחנת המשטרה הזדהה בשמו של אחיו.

בית משפט קמא גזר על המערער מאסר בפועל של 12 חודשים ומאסר על תנאי של 6 חודשים לבל יעבור על העבירות בהן הורשע לרבות נסיון בהם וכל עבירת מין אחרת.

לחובתו של המערער הרשעות קודמות בעבירות רכוש, בריחה ממשמורת חוקית, קבלת דבר במרמה, תקיפה מינית של אדם מתחת לגיל 16, הונאה בכרטיס חיוב, נסיון לקבלת דבר במרמה, זיוף, שימוש במסמך מזויף והשתתפות בהתפרעות.

ב"כ המערער מלין על חומרת העונש לטעמו, מפרט בהודעת הערעור את נסיבות העבירה, את התנאים הקשים בהם גדל המערער, את מסלול חייו, את הארוע הטראומטי בילדותו.

ראינו לקבל תסקיר שרות מבחן בעניינו של המערער ותסקיר זה המונח בפנינו מלמד כי מדובר במערער בעל נטיה להתנהגות מניפולטיבית, נוטה לטשטש ולהסתיר מידע, מתקשה לחשוף אינפורמציה מלאה, התסקיר מלמד על תאונת הדרכים הקשה במשפחת המערער, הטראומה שחווה בגיל 16 בהיותו במעון עת נאנס על פי המפורט ע"י אחרים.

התסקיר מפרט את משפחת המוצא של המערער, מצב משפחתו הקשה, הסתבכותו בעבירות פליליות.

תסקיר שרות המבחן מלמד כי המערער לא נטל בעבר אחריות על מעשיו ובאישיותו קווים מניפולטיביים.

המערער נטל אחריות על מעשיו נשוא הערעור כאן, לדבריו בפני שרות המבחן לא היה ער למעשיו, הביע חרטה, הצביע על קשייו הכלכליים והמשפחתיים.

לדעת שרות המבחן, המערער זקוק לטיפול, רב הנסתר על הגלוי באשר למערער ואין המלצה טיפולית למרות שהנו זקוק לכך עקב דחפיו המיניים וזאת, לאור עבירות אחרות המיוחסות לו ובהיותו עצור עד תום ההליכים.

שקלנו ובחנו את מכלול הנסיבות באשר למערער, לא התעלמנו כמובן מהטראומה הקשה ביותר אותה עבר המערער אך למסקנתינו, כל אלה אין בהם כדי להיות לעזר למערער.

מדובר במעשים חמורים ביותר, המערער היה ער לדרך הנלוזה בה נהג, מדובר במערער אשר חזר לסורו פעם אחר פעם, תסקיר שרות המבחן בד בבד עם ההצבעה על הטראומה הקשה מצביע גם על היות המערער מניפולטיבי.

בית משפט קמא שקל את המכלול ופסק דינו בנסיבות ראוי ומאוזן.

Michael Dinowitz said...


Michael Dinowitz allegedly molested a six year old girl who was living in his home as a foster child in Brooklyn. The child told her parents who reported it to a case worker. The child was removed from foster care but the family was warned not to press charges.

If you are a survivor of Michael Dinowitz, or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkanenough@gmail.com . We will do all we can to help you.

Mitchell Levington said...


MITCHELL LEVINGTON from Passaic, NJ - A 48-year-old frum man was arraigned in state court Thursday on charges he attempted to have sex with two 14-year-old boys in 2006.
February 16, 2012.
Levington will be released from jail within the next 90 days, where he will once again be loose on the streets of brooklyn

If you are a survivor of MITCHELL LEVINGTON , or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com. We will do all we can to help you.

Isaac Leichter said...


Isaac Leichter lives in williamsburg, he is alleged to have grabbed a 16 year old girl and overpowered her, he was later charged with 1st degree sexual abuse.

If you are a survivor of Isaac Leichter, or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police and send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com. We will do all we can to help you.

Avruhom Goodman said...


AVRUHOM GOODMAN was charged with sexual abuse in the first degree more than once. He is alleged to have sexually assaulted two little girls, ages 6 and 7 years old.
If you are a survivor of Avruhem Goodman , or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police and send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com. We will do all we can to help you.

Shia Klein said...


Shia (Zigmund) Klein, lives in (Monsey) Spring Valley, at 17 Dorset Rd., His Telephone number is 845-352-1420 and his Cell phone is 718-496-2405. Klein has been molesting young boys for many years. He has been married twice, and is the father of young children.

Shia klein is from a prominent family, in New York. His grandfather, R’ Yoel Klein a”h, was president of the Satmar congregation, during the time of the Satmar Rebbe z”l.
Please keep your children away from this dangerous pedophile!

If you are a survivor of SHIA KLEIN , or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com We will do all we can to help you.

Get 'em! said...

UOJ should send reporters to Landau's shul about the molester because the Agudah's Chaim Dovid Zweibel davens there!

The Ad Kan website means well but it is authored by a chassidishe girl who doesn't have a lot of resources. She needs help from the big guns like UOJ.

Follow the links she has pictures of all these molesters.

Energizer Ganiv said...

Leib Pinter is mechutonim with Tress

David Glatzer said...


Mugshot taken on September 7, 2011

DAVID M GLATZER is accused of endangering the welfare of a child (female) under the age of 18 years. His current address is 123 BRILL STREET, LAKEWOOD NJ, 08701.

If you are a survivor of David Glatzer, or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com . We will do all we can to help you.

Avrohom Charitonow said...


Rabbi AVRAHAM CHARITONOW Is alleged to have sexually abused children. He lives at 679 Montgomery Street Apartment 1a, Brooklyn NY 11213. Crownheightswatch.com have a done a 3month investigation on Charitonow, and they have found him to be guilty of sexually abusing children.

If you are a survivor of AVRAHAM CHARITONOW or if you know someone who is please report your story to the police or send an email to adkaneditor@gmail.com . We will do all we can to help you.

Upper West Side said...

Robert Paris is an employee of the Carlebach Shul

Aron Tendler said...


updated picture

AJOP said...


The AJOP kiruv organization let Michael Dinowitz speak at their convention about the "dangers of the internet"!!!

Skver said...

Remember the Skverrer Rebbe's gabbai Hershel Breuer who the Jewish Star of Long Island reported was under police investigation for molesting kids, and Skver claimed to be "cooperating" with authorities?


Ad Kan is reporting that Breuer fled to Yerushalayim and that some of his victims were molested in the same building as the Rebbe while he was supposedly carrying out his gabbai duties.

Yisroel Shapiro said...


Updated picture of Yisroel Shapiro, son of molester Ephraim Shapiro.

He works at a kosher deli under joint hashgocho of Star K & Baltimore av beis din Rav Hopfer.

Monsey said...


RABBI EZRIEL TAUBER world renowned speaker and author is alleged to have sexually molested women during counselling sessions. Tauber is an unlicensed Counselor/therapist who uses his position to seduce vulnerable frum Jewish women.

Ezriel Tauber is in cherem from a beis din after refusing to show up to answer charges that he suckered Lakewood kollel yungerleit into a real estate ponzi scheme in the 1970s.

Ezriel Tauber's brother is one of the heads of the sometimes corrupt Mechon LeHoraah beis din based in Monsey which recently helped the Kotlers get a phony siruv against R' Reuvein Feinstein's grandson Weiss in Staten Island.

Ezriel Tauber's brother issued a letter badmouthing the Berditchever beis din in Monsey that competes with him because they are honest and do not charge money.

Stanley Levitt said...


Rabbi’s sentence angers victims

Victim Michael Brecher

By Wesley Lowery, Boston.com August 03, 2012

Despite tearful pleas from victims, a judge sentenced a one-time religious instructor for a prominent Brookline school to 10 years probation Thursday for sexually abusing three of his students in Boston during the 1975-1976 school year.

The sentence for Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt, who pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts of ­indecent assault and battery on a child, stunned and angered the victims, who gathered in the ­Suffolk Superior courtroom to face their abuser and witness the sentencing. Levitt was also ordered to stay away from children, register as a sex offender, and wear a GPS monitor.

Anonymous said...

i met ezriel tauber. he seems more like a rich hungarian baal habos from the way he dresses & behaves than a rov

Lipa "Lewis" Brenner said...


Here's a picture but no $1000 prize from UOJ because it's not a picture shaking hands with my buddy Sruly Belsky

Molesters of a feather? said...

One of Heshy Nussbaum's alleged early victims at Toronto Pirchei Choir was Dr. Harvey Erlich who took over the helm of the choir & allegedly became an abuser himself.


Isn't it interesting that just like Yudi Kolko was busy with class action lawsuits against airlines, etc, Harvey Erlich launched a class action against the major car manufacturers?

Skver said...


It's estimated the Skverer Rebbe's gabbai Hershel Breuer molested 150 kids

Skver said...


Regarding the New Square Serial Molester, The Rabbi Of Skver knew about all the claims regarding Breuer the whole time and did nothing, the only reason why he eventually left Skver is because he finally molested a Twersky, one of the Rabbis grandchildren.

David Twersky of New Square is a failure as a human, a rabbi, and a leader. He is in fact not a leader at all as has been proven time and again. But throw a white beard, a famous surname, and propensity to gesticulate on this guy and all the brainless dopes will keep running to him to shower him in money.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

What does UOJ know about the scandal at Torah Umesorah with the big yerusha? I'm told that Rav Pam ztl poskened not to take the money but Chaim Berlin ignored him and laughed all the way to the bank which was the point where they jumped headfirst into TU to begin with. Until the moneybags were there for the taking, Chaim Berlin reportedly had no interest in this organization.

Yudi Kolko said...


Nah, nah! UOJ & Ben Hirsch can suck an egg!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway

Are you referring to the SB money?

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

I don't know who bequeathed it in their will to Torah Umesorah or any more details than I have already provided. Someone who is upset at Chaim Berlin told me about it but won't give me details. I don't blame him because he is in a position where they can cause him problems. Must have been really bad news if Rav Pam was forced to posken that yeshivos shouldn't take the money.

Bungalow yenta said...

What's SB?

Weinfeld's shul said...

Kolko really is a putz for that lawsuit and also not paying small amounts he owed that currently spurred an army of debt collectors to pursue him. He is very wealthy so why couldn't he make good to his creditors for mamash peanuts? And doesn't he have enough problems already with the molestation cases? He needs all the harassing phone calls & process servers like a hole in the head.

Far Rockaway said...

Anyone ever heard this before? The Ad Kan blog has a post in the comments section saying there are unverified shemuos that Rabbi Shmuel Hiller who owns Bnos Bais Yaakov is a child molester AND a womanizer who cheated on his wife. He is definitely very slimy and also has a certain charisma before you see his dark side, but I never heard anything really bad like that before. The lady who runs the blog claims that nothing is allowed up without approval of her daas Torah and she has removed some stuff before, but this is up for months.

Anonymous said...

shmuel hiller checks out every single interviewing mother to see if they are dressing too prust for his yeshivishe standards. why can't one of the women principals do it for him especially considering 5 towns a lot of the mothers who get rejected are dressing too suggestively. reminds me of a sicko who was in chaim berlin who used to get his thrills by going to manhattan bars to stare for hours at scantily clad women. he was too chicken to make a move but still got big thrills from staring. then he started trying to drag other bochurim along with him

Inspector Clouseau said...

It's true that Pinto is a con artist but I think Shmarya is in error when he blames him for the Chazon Yeshaya scandal regarding the funds embezzled from Holocaust survivors. Chazon Yeshaya was founded 15 years ago by Rabbi Avraham Israel and led by him ever since. What is Shmarya's "proof" that Pinto is the mastermind & real owner? He dug up a document from the Israeli Interior Ministry that is over 5 years old showing a name change to Pinto's current Shuva Yisrael organization. But what Shmarya is too ignorant to have figured out is that the name change is probably from Pinto's Chazon Yoshiyahu which an equally ignorant Israeli government clerk confused with Yeshayahu.

To convince everyone of his faulty detective work, Shmarya rewrote an article from Haaretz that no one can read without a paid subscription. I am willing to bet that Shmarya is too cheap to pay or is just plain lying, so he just added in Pinto's name when rewriting the article even though I'm sure Pinto's name is not mentioned there. It certainly doesn't come up in search engines which will give you a sentence of a restricted article if the word is present.

Shmarya is a real life Inspector Clouseau


Clouseau is the bumbling and incompetent police inspector of the French Sûreté, whose investigations are marked with chaos and destruction that he himself largely causes. His clumsy attempts at solving the case frequently lead to misfortune for himself and others

Anonymous said...

Ad Kan took down everything on Hiller. Because it was up for months already, I think what happened is the big publicity about Ad Kan recently might have made Hiller panic and get rabbonim to pressure Debbie who owns Ad Kan to take it down. She did this once before with Edery from Landau's shul on Ave L. Even though Edery has been convicted of molesting kids, she was pressured to take down the post. When the post disappeared there was an uproar and she put it back up.

Successful Messiah said...

One blogger has a different angle how Shmarya got it wrong to blame Rabbi Pinto for the embezzlement. He says there is more than one organization in Israel that goes by the name Shuva Yisrael

Shmarya made a similar mistake recently when he blamed the Agudah for some lame issues related to the food at the Siyum Hashas. When readers were able to prove it was due to MetLife Stadium management as the Agudah had no input, not even his usual supporters backed him. But you know Shmarya. He can never admit making a mistake so he jumped up yelling insults at everyone and refused to back down.