Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A physical education teacher at the Day School at Baltimore Hebrew has been suspended following charges of child abuse

Foye C. Minton, 33, has been charged with child abuse following an investigation by the Baltimore County Police Department’s Crimes against Children Unit, according to Elise Armacost, director of media and communications for the Baltimore County Public Safety unit. The female victim, now an adult, contacted police in the fall of 2012. She told investigators that the alleged abuse started when she was a minor at the Shoshana S. Cardin School and Minton was its dean of students and director of athletics. He worked at the Boys’ Latin School of Maryland.

David Prashker, current head of the Cardin School, told the JT that he was informed of the charges at the end of last week and that the criminal process is moving forward.

“There is a police investigation, and we will cooperate fully,” he said. “This needs to go through the courts and the police and allow the justice system to do what it is in place to do. … I don’t want to make any other comments in the interim.”

Baltimore Hebrew sent a letter to parents last week informing them of the situation and that the school is “not aware of any incidents or complaints in connection to this teacher while teaching at the Day School.”

The letter, signed by Head of School Gerri Chizeck and President Dr. Louis Shpritz, said the school is committed to “ensuring the safety and integrity of our community.”

In a phone interview, Chizeck told the JT that the school is cooperating with the investigation and that Baltimore Hebrew is “naturally not making statements at this time. … We have little information; we are not privy to that.”

In the letter, Chizeck and Shpritz requested all parents’ conversations about the matter be kept to a minimum and also asked that parents refer any and all inquiries to Chizeck.

The abuse continued for about four years. The victim told police that Minton repeatedly attempted to contact her after she ended the relationship.

On Minton’s Twitter account, there are many sexual references, including one written as recently as Jan. 4, 2013 at midnight: “I love to text girls at 11:12 to make their wish come true!!.” On Dec. 31 at 2:22 p.m. he tweeted, “Motto for 2013: ‘I’ve got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it.’”

Minton is being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center on $250,000 bond. Police believe there may be other victims. Anyone with additional information should call police at 410-307-2020 to contact a detective. The Shofar Coalition, an agency in the Jewish community, is familiar with this case and has resources for victims, survivors and their friends and family members. Anyone concerned about this case or other sexual abuse situations can call 410-843-7564 or 410-843-7582



Yechiel said...

Why is the Child Abuser Moshe Yehuda Bursztyn Substituting in Orchos Chaim Elementry School in Lakewoo? Does Yanky Mandelbaum know his History?Rav Matisyou Salomon Said M. Bursztyn is an Unbalanced individual whith serious phycological problems he had Gottlieb fire Bursztyn from Bais Hatorah, camp silver lake, and Passaic Yeshiva Ktana, The Lakewood Cheder and Yeshiva Ktana Do Not allow Him Near Their Buildings even his Uncle Yussel Does Not allow him to Teach in any of his Scools.

Vicki Polin said...

According to his past, he may not be Jewish. I do not know if he had a conversion or not, yet his parents were NOT Jewish.


Boruch said...

"the school is committed to “ensuring the safety and integrity of our community.”

Let me decipher. The fund raising for the school will be severely compromised if we don't make some piddling asinine statement that we care about the kids. While these incidents were occurring and you jerks were paying and you're families were contributing we would have called you're kid a lying bastard and thrown them out of school for absurdly pointing out how inadequate we are as caretakers of your kids neshama and guf. Now, the police are involved, so we have to cover our little tushies and pander to you wallets. Thank you, your ever obedient hanhallah.

P.S. Cancelling head checks will result in a $50 redepositing fee.

P.P.S. Condom education and distribution will be voluntary for all upper classman.