Friday, March 07, 2014

Perlow - The Seculars Want To "Criminalize Limud HaTorah" - He lies TWICE - While The Agudah Uses The "BANNED" Internet!

LISTEN TO AUDIO: PERLOW @ 5:36 & 7:00 Minutes Into The Audio


Yair and Tommy nikbetzu alai said...

I can't find the audio on that website of the Novominsker, but even if he is lying about a detail or two, the American Agudah is, for a change, on the right side of an issue this time.

Yair Lapid was imbibed with anti-frum hatred by his infamous father Tommy. It makes no sense even from a secular standpoint to drag all the Charedim into the army. The generals know this and the level headed chilonim know this.

Would you want half a million soldiers in your army who would not be effective fighters or even willing participants? Lapid would prefer to lose the war with the Arabs just to stick it to the frumma.

Let the medina stop funding the loafers who don't really learn and they will be forced to join the workforce when the welfare runs out. A mandatory draft is not the solution. Lapid will not rest until he paralyzes all the yeshivos of real learning too.

And Brisk by the way is supporting the Agudah on this. They openly back the Agudah maybe once in a generation and maybe not even that often.

UOJ said...

The audio is between page 5 & 6. Hard to miss!

Yair and Tommy nikbetzu alai said...

The Novominsker has done some bad things in neglecting abused children, etc, I am with you on that. But I found this audio link now and I don't think what he said is so geferlach. Maybe a bit of hyperbole but if anyone would be criminally sanctioned for missing any learning for army service, he is technically correct to make such a claim.

UOJ said...

Perlow creates the image of a State - that wants to destroy Torah --- 5% perhaps belong in yeshivas - the others should do their service and be out in the work force - the same in the USA. The State gives these parasites hundreds of millions of shekels a year --- that he forgets!!!

Yair and Tommy nikbetzu alai said...

I don't know how much more but there is definitely more than 5% fit for learning.

Yes, there is a tayna of kfuy tov for all the subsidies.

But one thing that we must not forget is that it is against Torah hashkafa to create of regime of punishment against anyone who could possibly learn. This is something that the real gedolim of yore have told us. And if part of the Agudah's message today happens to correctly correspond to that, then heck, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

There are very practical solutions to stop the pandering to the loafers. The problem is a minority of people like Lapid who have such a blind hatred of frumma that they cannot even see straight. Have you been watching the Failed Shmatta for the last 6 months? Every time Lapid burps or scratches his head, it becomes a "newsworthy" headline on that blog. This is the kind of fanatically hateful mindset that this minority within the secular is. And they call Charedim fanatics! Because they in this secular minority are so repulsed by any kind of rabbi or Torah learning, they are trying to undermine everything while they pretend to only be looking to fix the problems.

UOJ said...

Let's keep it simple! Would you agree that 100,000 are in yeshivas that should not be? Why then did it have to come to this? That's 100,000 x 7 avg. in the household = 700,000 that have been deprived of a shot at a normal life...??? Where are the rosh yeshivas --- seeing OTD, no skills, destroyed marriages and lives, with no hope for hundreds of thousands BUT TO PROTEST AND BLAME THE GOVERNMENT!!!

I'm with Lapid/Bennett on this issue!

Pedophile relocation said...


Belzer child molester Menachem Deutsch has moved from Boro Park to Monsey

Yair and Tommy nikbetzu alai said...

Unfortunately it's not simple.

Yes there is a racket today to keep as many warm bodies in yeshiva as possible. This is something new. R' Shneur told all the loafers to leave BMG & get a job. Rav Schach told R' Malkiel he does not have to raise funds for unlimited yungerleit.

Even today some of the gedolei Eretz Yisroel hold it is not practical for everyone to be in yeshiva - but they are having a Sherer pulled on them - the equivalent of not being given the mic to speak.

When the Novominsker says "criminalize", I understand you want to sock it to him because he deserves it for so many other reasons and for sounding like an ingrate this past week.

BUT ... the same terminology - Criminalize - was also applied by the Presidents of the following modern orthodox organizations this week to criticize Lapid & Bennett:

Religious Zionists of America
OU's Rabbinical Council of America
National Council of Young Israel
And various Dati-Leumi groups in Israel

Bennett was so caught off guard being blasted by his own base that he scrambled to come up with some weaseley excuse that he initially "didn't know" that others in the government would impose criminal sanctions on yeshivaleit.

I am not aware incidentally of any other time in history that every single group in the spectrum is united in their opposition to something:

Dati Leumi
US Modern Orthodox

New heimish pedophile on the block said...


Pinny Rosenbaum of Far Rockaway is convicted of raping a 10 year old girl.

He was a talmid of Yeshiva Shor Yoshuv and claims to have an accounting degree from Touro.

He lives in an area surrounded by hordes of little frum kids.

His address is very close to two Bais Yaakov elementary schools & YDT's cheder which may be a violation of his parole without his parole officer realizing that there are schools there.

Catskills said...

Anyone know if Stephen Brown is Jewish or orthodox?


LIBERTY – State Police arrested a New York City man after he arrived at a predetermined location in the Catskills where he had made plans to meet a boy for sex.

Stephen Brown, 62, was charged with attempted dissemination of indecent material to a minor and attempted endangering the welfare of a child.

Brown was arrested on March 4 after he arrived at a location in Sullivan County to meet a boy who he knew to be 12 years old for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct.

The investigation was conducted by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and the Attorney General’s Office, the State Police Computer Crimes Unit, State Police at Liberty and Latham BCI units. The investigation is continuing and police said additional charges are pending.

Any minors who have been approached or have further information about inappropriate conduct committed by Brown are asked to call State Police BCI at Liberty at 845-292-6600.

Brown was arraigned in Albany City Court and sent to the Albany County Jail without bail

Vos zogt UOJ? said...

Rosenbaum was arrested & convicted just recently, yet you see he is not facing jail time despite having committed a very serious crime.

His record has also been erased from the State courts index.

This is the 2nd heymish offender that Queens DA Richard Brown let get away with this, the other being the Munkatcher Rebbe's first cousin Nosson Rabinowich.

Broken Clock Right Twice A Day - Jewish Press said...

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