Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It is all of our responsibility to make sure that our own children are safe and the children in our community are safe.

Dear friends,

It is all of our responsibility to make sure that our own children are safe and the children in our community are safe.

It has come to my attention that Mendel Tevel is back in Los Angeles - he is a convicted Child Sex Offender.

We all need to ensure that he does not engage with children anywhere (Shuls, schools etc...) in a way that would put them at risk. Please spread the word.

If any illegal activity is observed, legal authorities must be informed immediately!

Please see the Psak Din signed by many Rabbonim: https://issuu.com/jewishpress.com/docs/kol_koreh?e=0

May we share only good news,
Rabbi Moshe Kesselman

 Via Benny Forer - A.D.A. Los Angeles County


Anonymous said...

What about all the two faced shmucks who signed it who have protected predators and/or are in cahoots with Mendel Epstein and/or are active making mamzerim like the Kaminetzkys? What a chutzpah they were allowed to sign

Shmuel Fuerst
Peretz the sheretz Steinberg
Gershon Tannenbaum
Nota Greenblatt
Aryeh Ralbag
Yaakov Hopfer
Yoel Schonfeld
Eytan Feiner
Yechiel Kaufman
Moshe Faskowitz
Aryeh Z. Ginzberg
Bentzion Schiffenbauer
Yaakov Luban
Yehuda Kelemer
Yehoshua Wender

Malice in Underworldland said...

Schiffenbauer signing is about as big a farce as Margulies himself signing.

When will Moish Finkel sign a letter about transparency in kashrus or when will Leib Pinter sign a letter about ehrlichkeit with money?

Echter yid said...

Rabosie ladies and gentleman ( I am a father of a victim a disabled child a victim of a terrible sexual abuse case) we have now a story about a young woman after marriage,,she was afraid of having a relationship with her own new husband, so she was taken for counseling for help to a license therapist and she started to cry that when she was a girl her own Jewish hiemisha Hasidic father ( one of a prominent dayan posek in Williamsburg Brooklyn) molested her since she was a young girl from the,,12,,years old and on, not only that,,she said to the therapist that she noes that her father is still molesting her younger sister who is still home living with her parents,,and she cries that everything must be done to save at least her younger sister from still being abused molested by her butcher father who is a ( big prominent dayan posek in Williamsburg Brooklyn?) So the license therapist called up her father and let him no that she noes what he did to his,,2,, daughters, and told him that she is by law a mandatory reporter, and she gives him a ultimatum to admit that he did this crimes and he is willing to cooperate and start to go for heavy help where this therapist would send him,? Or she is calling up the police ,and the sex crime unit, this is a story still going on and this sick sicko pedophile the ( father ) is one of the biggest dayanim posek in Williamsburg Brooklyn,, unbelievable, (.m.j.)

Anonymous said...

Echter, is he one of the 42 dayanim aligned with Zalmi who signed the vicious attack a couple of weeks ago on 102 year old Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman?

Echter yid said...

( to you anonymous) No idea? but I heard this story from the husband ,,,who's wife is running a
organization who is helping out woman with all kinds of problems? and this organization is helping out this frum married woman who was unfortunately terribly molested by her own Jewish fruma father ? (Supposedly a holy man one of the chushiver dayanim a posek in Williamsburg Brooklyn) and this organization is helping her out with therapy to ?, I wish i would know who her father is I should be able to expose him for the entire world,?