Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Nosson Dovid Rabinovich Confessed Felon - Posted This On His Website October 13, 2015 - "Unforgettable (I'm sure) For Heimishe Girls...

http://www.slideshare.net/NathanDavidRabinowic/harav-nosson-dovid-rabinowich-jewish-heritage-tours - LINK OPERATIONAL - February 8, 2016 - after he swore on his father's grave he never promoted any tours for 4 years!

Brooklyn Rabbi Charged In Internet Sex Sting 

  Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown announced today that a Brooklyn rabbi has been charged with sending sexually explicit messages to a  person he had met online and whom he believed to be a 14-year-old girl and with whom he was attempting to meet for sexual relations.  The alleged victim was actually a New York City Police Department undercover detective assigned to its Vice Enforcement Division.  

 District Attorney Brown said, “This arrest is the latest in a series of child luring cases that this office, in conjunction with the NYPD, has pursued over the years. It is disturbing that a man who is supposed to be held in high esteem by the community in which he lives would allegedly try to lure a child to meet him for sex. It is imperative that parents monitor their children’s online activities to protect them from the Internet predators that we know are out there looking for victims.” 

 The District Attorney identified the defendant as Nathan David Rabinowich, 59, of 2624 Avenue R, in Brooklyn. Also located at his home address are the defendant’s synagogue and a business he runs, Jewish Heritage Tours, which operates tours of  Europe and South Africa. The defendant was arrested last night when he is alleged to have gone to a pre-arranged meeting in Queens to meet an underage girl for sex. The defendant is presently being held pending arraignment in Queens Criminal Court on charges of second-degree attempted rape, second-degree attempted criminal sexual act, first-degree attempted dissemination of indecent material to minors and attempted endangering the welfare of a child.  If convicted, he faces up to four years in prison.

 District Attorney Brown said that, according to the criminal complaint, an NYPD vice detective was operating in his undercover persona as a 14-year-old girl from Queens on December 5, 2012, during which time he was contacted by Rabinovich, who used the screen name NYCNORMAL100@aol.com. Rabinovich’s instant messages were allegedly sexually graphic in nature and continued through December 22, 2012, at which time they suddenly stopped. On February 4, 2013, according to the complaint, the undercover was contacted by the defendant who was using a different screen name, NORMALGENTNYC@aol.com. The defendant allegedly told the undercover that his “girlfriend” had the password to his email account and saw the emails between the two, which were not sexual in nature and did not mention the age of the undercover, so he was using a new screen name. The defendant allegedly sent the undercover graphic sexual instant messages on February 4, February 11 and February 12, 2013.

 Finally, according to the criminal complaint, the defendant arranged to meet with the alleged 14-year-old girl last night in Queens and was arrested when he showed up at the location.

 The investigation and arrest were conducted by NYPD Detective Sean Ryan, of the New York City Police Department’s Major Case Squad, Vice Enforcement Division, under the supervision of Sergeant Robert Minca and Lieutenant Michael Costello, and the overall supervision of Deputy Inspector Anthony Favale, Coordinator of Vice Enforcement, and Chief Anthony Izzo, Chief of the Organized Crime Control Bureau.

 Senior Assistant District Attorney Kateri A. Gasper, of the District Attorney’s Special Proceedings Bureau, is prosecuting the case under the supervision of Robert D. Alexander, Chief, Computer Crimes Unit, and Assistant District Attorneys Anthony M. Communiello, Bureau Chief, and Oscar W. Ruiz, Deputy Bureau Chief, and the overall supervision of Executive Assistant District Attorney for Investigations Peter A. Crusco and Deputy Executive Assistant District Attorney for Investigations Linda M. Cantoni.


Rabbi Arrested After Trying to Lure Teenage Girl

The rabbi, Nathan David Rabinowich, 59, of Brooklyn, was arrested Wednesday. He was charged with four sexual offenses, including attempted rape, the Queens district attorney’s office said in a statement.

“It is disturbing that a man who is supposed to be held in high esteem by the community in which he lives would allegedly try to lure a child to meet him for sex,” the district attorney, Richard A. Brown, said.

Rabbi Rabinowich runs a tour company and a synagogue from his home in the Midwood section, according to the statement. He exchanged online messages, some sexually graphic, with the detective in December and this month, the statement said.

The rabbi was arraigned Thursday evening, and bail was set at $50,000, a spokeswoman for Mr. Brown’s office said.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on March 7.

A lawyer for Rabbi Rabinowich did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment late Thursday night.


CASE INFORMATION Court Queens Supreme Court - Criminal Term
Case #SCI-02522-2013
Defendant Rabinowich, Nathan D
Section Arraignment/
Hearing Type Court
Reporter Outcome/
Release Status
W 50 Brandt, D C SENTENCES No Type
W 50 Brandt, D C SENTENCES Sentencing Eason,
Adjourned For Sentencing
Bail Continued
W 50 Brandt, D C MISCELLANEOUS Superior Court Information Kimbarow,
Pled Guilty
Bond $50,000 Cash $25,000 (Cash)



Pesach hotel fresser said...

Isn't this Rabinowich creep running a Pesach program in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal or somewhere?

Boychik said...

He is the big weirdo with the kurtze suit who calls himself Partzever Rebbe. Before he was forced to close his shul at Ave R & East 26th he could barely form a minyan because not many wanted anything to do with him even before the arrest & conviction.

What a family.

One first cousin is the Munkatcher Rebbe who never met a molester he didn't fight to keep out of jail.

Another cousin is the Dinover Rebbe near Torah Vodaas who is a convicted embezzler.


Another cousin is career criminal David Blech

His uncle is the previous overthrown Munkatcher known as Mach Shmoy.

He is probably also related to same spelling Rabinowich who went off as a Conservative rabbi but was expelled from his Long Island temple pulpit after he made the front page of the NY Post for driving on Shabossos to JFK airport hotels to be with zoynas.

David Schick said...

Has Nosson Dovid ever asked any of you for a "loan"?

Watch out.

He used to daven in the "illustrious" Frankel's shul just like me.

Ari said...

Followed a link here from another blog.

How is this pervert out of jail so quick? Does the Munkatcher have the Queens DA paid off too?

Professor Shapiro at University of Scranton caught Rabinowich a while back taking the book of a Reform rabbi of over a century ago and put his own name on it as a plagiarist. Rabinowich duped Rav Aharon Feldman & someone from Israel to give him haskamas as if he wrote it.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

He had every chance to remove his advertisements on the Web...He lied repeatedly! He is NEVER to be trusted!

Eech said...


Save this video in case Rabinovich deletes it before his parole officer sees it.

Is this how he tries to pick up maydelach? Sign language for I love you?

Creepy is not even the right word.

Old Torah Vodaas said...

Among other places, Nosson Dovid was in YTV for a while. Did Belsky go to bat for him too?


Speaking of which, here is a Torah Umesorah publication authored by Zvi Belsky. Is that the saintly son in Telz? And what is happening with the seder ha get over there?

Paul Mendlowitz said...

After I got my hands on Tzvi (and Sruli) Belsky, he gave the Get 4 weeks later!

Yiddisha Tochter said...

No Frum girl should be allowed to go to a seminary away from home!

Do not complain if your daughters are molested or raped in Israel, blame yourself!!

About a year or two ago the notorious Elimelch Meisels seminary scandal was on the front burner, he was accused by his girls of molesting them, lots of them, he was forced to quit in disgrace, the only reason he got away with it was because he was a grandson of Mike Tress, his namesake, same name Elimelch, and his father was a Chavrusa of R A Levin from Telshe Chicago, so everyone covered for him, and it took a huge multiple Bais Din fight and heavy legal action to remove Meisels and his sister from running the 4 seminaries that were supposedly bought out with backing from investors like Abe Fruchthandler after Aron Schechter put in a good word for a new principal and that all is now well.

Point being, do not send your daughter to Israel and expect a dumb 18 or 19 year old to be safe with the wolfs prowling around day and night, be warned and be aware, and keep your daughters home until they get married if you know what is good for you.

לא לך אנא ספין ולא למיליך אנא שמיע - דיווערסיפייד הולדינגס said...

Not long ago I posted the following question on FailedMessiah.com:

Hello, Diversified Holdings,
Why don't you say who you are? Is it true that Shmarya Rosenberg was murdered, and his website passwords stolen by a gang of ultra-Orthodox criminals? Could you please provide your contact information and a video showing that SR is still alive?

Within minutes this post was removed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz's Diversified Holdings.

Munkatcher hoiz bucher said...

UOJ not going to get avay vit dis!

Vee have the gantze coalition fighting back. Lipa Margulies, Burich Lebovits. Even Charlie Hynes coming out fin retirement tze loichem zein far Rabinovich Herrritage Tourrrs!

A sad yid said...

Hi ex wife was a really nice lady.

Ich bein ein Chaim Berliner said...

Yeah but I think she nebich suffered from him even just as far as his weird behavior and how he was really rude to people sometimes.

Deja Vu said...

Incredible how these arrogant reshuyim like Margulies & Rabinowich could avoid all the tumult against themselves with just a little bit of cooperation but are so stubborn to the point that it is masochistic. They can only blame themselves for being pulverized on this website.

One of Nosson Dovid's old "friends" from Madison, Brooklyn

Fire at will said...


This in a way is like the Seinfeld finale. All the people that were ever wronged by Rabinowich are showing up to take shots at him as UOJ tries him & his criminal accomplices in the court of public opinion. But this is no sitcom. This is what miscreants have coming to them al pi halacha:

חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה כלל ד' ס' ז' ......לכן מותר להכלימו ולספר בגנותו בין בפניו.....צריך לשפטו לצד החוב...ולשפוך בוז עליו.. מותר לפרסמו ולגלות חטאיו בשער בת רבים וכו'

Fiddler on the roof said...

Has Rabinobitch made any money off all this? I heard he used to complain that he is bound by the bakosha of his ancestor the Rebbe R' Zisha that all his ainiklech should be poor.

If I were a rich man ...

Shvantz said...

Figures this perv NDR used to operate restaurants in Times Square as in the old Times Square that when R' Elchonon Wasserman was driven through he could feel the tumah.

Vehamyvin yovin

Leopold Margulies said...

"Margulies & Rabinowich could avoid all the tumult against themselves with just a little bit of cooperation"

Rejects vee UOJ & zein nunte yedidim saying on us da Chazal vus a groisen rusha afeelee by Shaar Gehennem not doing tesheeva. Ober dus iz nisht ken gnye. Tze duch a shvach veil tze veizt az vee not giving in to UOJ & der treifena internet no matter vhat.

Vee going to show dem!

Borat Sagdiyev said...


Nosson Dovid good guy. In Kazakhstan he no make crime. Age of consent 11 years old.

English as a 2nd language said...

There is some kind of vast conspiracy here of all these slimy sounding guys with foreign accents coming to the aid of Rabinowich.

go figure said...

trying to remember where i was so many years ago, maybe a kiddush

rabinowich was talking about a foreign trip he had returned from. someone sitting there commented that one of unzera machers in that place was just arrested for embezzling from the kehila. i also remember seeing that in the newspapers. rabinowich who was not aware of the report but still obviously thought he knows it all, laced into the fellow in front of everyone "why do you always hock about embezzlement??". apparently it was the first or second time the fellow had met rabinowich. rabinowich had no right to speak to him that way.

so then what does rabinowich do next until he gets up to leave? he starts enthusiastically tummling about melohn and the long list of people who were defrauded by david schick's ponzi scheme

Yudi Kolko said...

I hated it when I had to attend the same Sholom Zochurs as Rabinowich. He was a serious competitive fresser trying to get to all the good nosh & best chocolates before I could get to them. And what the hell is wrong with the guy that he was patchking on the internet to find kids to have sex with? Doesn't he know that undercover cops are all over cyberspace? Couldn't he just grab a kid during a tour to shlep to a basement boiler room somewhere?

Madison insider said...

Rabinowitch is friends with those eccentric loser Sorscher brothers from the dilapidated place on Ave T who have a long criminal history from various frauds. They collaborated together on some things & had much bigger plans but the pedophilia arrest seems to have dealt a setback to it.

Ave J said...

Nosson Dovid grew up in Frankels shul. So many crooks & molesters from that shul that you need spreadsheets to keep track.

Anonymous said...

Shmarya thinks he is fooling anyone that he just handed over the reins to the orthodox he despises so much without big money? Of course he doesn't want anyone to come after him & sue him now that he is worth more than his pajamas & laptop computer


Rumors abound in the Orthodox world as to their identities and the financial windfall that might have come to Rosenberg in the process. To the latter point, he laughed. “If only. It would be great. I heard I got a million dollars from a Jewish billionaire. Please, you gather the evidence, so I can collect that money," he said.  "I just wanted to step away.”

ND in Lala Land said...


Does anyone have a Wiki account that they can insert some factual items into the bio providing a more accurate picture of the real Rabinowich? Rabinowich has created a self-promotional myth around himself that he is a distinguished VIP.


[Shmarya Rosenberg] sounded weary yet almost nostalgic. “It’s very sad for me to leave,” he said. “I didn’t want to give up, because people rely on the site, I didn’t want to leave them. They became a second family to me. One big dysfunctional family.”

He "didn't want"... So why did this strong man simply quit, comrade Avital?

Ukrainian-born Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, who "interviewed" Shmarya Rosenberg (and gave links to old photos and video), is a daughter-in-law of Putin's rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, a graduate and staunch supporter of Ner Israel of Baltimore that Shmarya Rosenberg always criticized. Was she hired by Rechnitz' men to write this obituary for Haaretz?

KGB in Philly (Kaminetzky Golombek Belya) said...

Shmarya actually somewhat likes Rabbi Goldschmidt out of convenience because Shmarya hates the guts of Berel Lazar who is suspected of conspiring with Vladimir Puta to kick Goldschmidt of the country. So Shmarya uses Goldschmidt as an underdog to pile on the attacks on Lazar.

Lazar is Lubavitch while Goldschmidt is not which gives Shmarya even more incentive to frame things this way

Far Rotaway said...

Don't forget about Dovid Weinberger.

He is splitting his time between Far Rockaway & Monsey. Lawrence is more hostile to him so he crosses over the Expressway to the Queens side. He was chased out of Young Israel by hostile members who got up & demanded he leave. The same thing then happened in the Sulitzer beis medrash but the new younger Rebbe defended Weinberger & insisted he stay. In Monsey his daughter's shul has no rov and it is thought he wants the shteller. He hangs out fressing in various Monsey eateries that attract a mostly chassidishe crowd who have no clue who he is.

And UOJ is going to love this excuse. Weinberger still has defenders who insinuate he has a right to steal other people's wives because he is nebich not happy with his own who they badmouth as some kind of machshayfa.

Anonymous said...

The UK govt recently released findings that they believe a Russian defector in London was murdered by KGB agents on direct orders of Putin. As reported in British media, it is believed that the defector had information that Putin is a pedophile who likes little boys.

Overlawyered said...

I was wondering if Nosson Dovid's lawyer Sam Karliner, a Conservative Jew from Mamaroneck with offices in Brooklyn, is used by the Munkatcher to get a slap on the wrist sentence for other pervs.

Funny that even a freya they work with has a Rebbishe name - Karliner.

Anonymous said...

KGB in Philly,
Goldschmidt was never thrown out of Russia. He was just briefly denied the entry visa (many blamed certain Russian oligarchs for it). That was more than ten years ago. Things have changed since then. Today Putin needs both Lazar and Goldschmidt. Besides, Goldschmidt is now a Russian citizen.

Trolling Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog said...

Rumor has it that when Rechnitz agreed to sit with Fruchthandler on the latest Chaim Berlin Dinner Executive commitee, they made all sorts deals, including how to fight the blogs that they and Aron Schechter hates. Now we see one result, they figured out how to shut up FM, and another way rumor has it that they have planted a few of their trolls on Rabbi Dr. Daniel Eidensohn's Daat Torah blog, forcing him to take down all his years worth of post about his huge battle against Michael Hersh and Aron Schechter and any comments that were hostile to Schechter.

The worst ones are "Moe Ginsburg" aka Elyakim Wilner in real life and an ArtScroll Maharal series editor and IT geek, and "honesty" [sic] aka Dovid Schwartz in real life and editor on the American Modia and ex-kiruv rabbi from LA and Queens, both of them are also a bi Aron Schechter cultists.

Very dangerous times.

Both "Moe Ginsburg"=Elyakim Wilner and "honesty"=Dovid Schwartz reared their ugly heads and were the chief defenders of Elimelech Meisels, they encouraged and abetted Eidensohn in shamelessly and ruthlessly outing one of Meisels female accusers who was dwaling with the Chicago Bais Din investigating Meisels, and attacked and helped to destroy Eidensohn's previously pretty decent blog making it it a death trap for anyone daring to say anything about Aron Schechter or Elilmelech Meisels or Michael Hersh.

Crazy, but true!

Mizrach Shvantz said...

Nosson Dovid should go back to Frankel's shul. I'm sure the ruv will seat him on Mizrach Vant. You need very special credentials, preferably a felony, to get on Mizrach dort.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

It's not surprising if Chaim Berlin would turn to Rechnitz after their frivolous lawsuit to unmask 1000s of blog commentators was laughed out of court.

And if anyone was watching the news recently, there was a hot mic that caught Angela Merkel of Germany discussing with Facebook CEO Zuckerberg the conspiracy they have together with Barack Hussein Obama to delete accounts that portray the Arab rapefugees in a bad light.

שוואנץ גדול said...

One of Shmarya's most ridiculous posts was when he presented a Russian language recording of phone sex that he claimed "might" be Berel Lazar with a prostitute. There was nothing really unique about the voice of the "john". For good measure Shmarya added that he called Lazar in Moscow to confront him but that Lazar denied it was him on the tape.

This kind of B.S. doesn't even meet the criteria for the National Enquirer. Was Shmarya trying to impress that even Slavic zoynos are fans of his site?

Bungalow Yenta said...


Someone told me they overheard Rabinowich walking around being menagen to himself "Oh Mercy, Mercy, Me"

The Winter Soldier said...

"to unmask 1000s of blog commentators"

You think it was so innocent when Shmarya sold out? By doing so he sold everyone out.


You don't think the new owners cannot construct the profiles of those commenting from IP addresses?

Shmarya is full of crap when he says he safeguarded reader privacy.

Bye Bye Ms American Pie said...


Birds of a feather said...


The freak show run by Rabinowich's buddies the Sorscher brothers.

Munkatcher Shlock Shammes said...

"Big shot" UOJ thinks he can order people around to stay away from kinderlach just because they pleaded guilty to wanting to get a little heimish.

You think you are punishing Nussen Duvid by terrorizing him over his tours?


There are still plenty of things Nussen Duvid can apply his talents to and you won't able to stop him

So there!

Vos far a galachter said...

I salute UOJ for many reasons. One small reason is the comic relief not just from his own sharp wit but also how this blog attracts some of the more colorful commentators from around the blogosphere. Take for instance the fellow who knows a lot about the kiruv industry. I am still laughing from a snide comment he wrote here years ago about Rafi Butler wearing shtatty suits. Now he alleges that Eliakim Willner is "Moe Ginsburg".

Eliakim also helped Pinchos Stolper translate Rav Hutner's Pachad Yitzchok into English.


And then there was the time that the Klass Klan got a judgement against Eliakim for selling the Jewish Press a messed up, useless computer system.

Does anyone know if this case was brought to a beis din first?