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Moshiach is Just Around The Corner ....Again! (Tip for the Real Estate Chevra, Buy The Corner & Build Condos) - On Passover Two Rabbis Drank Too Much Wine....

Major Rabbis Predicts Christians Will Be Source of Torah in Coming Days of Messiah


“For then will I turn to the peoples a pure language that they may all call upon the name of the LORD to serve Him with one consent. From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia shall they bring My suppliants even the daughter of My dispersed as Mine offering.” Zephaniah 3:9-10 (The Israel Bible™)
On Wednesday afternoon, two of the greatest rabbis of the generation met and discussed how very close the Messiah is, and how Christians and Muslims have an important role to play in that process.

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch,Vice-President of the Rabbinical Court and the Head of the Edah HaChareidis in Jerusalem, paid a rare visit to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky at his home in Bnei Barak. They are two of the most prominent Torah figures alive today. Conversations between such great men have enormous significance and the Hebrew-language website Kikar Shabbat recorded the dialogue between these two great rabbis.

Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch (Photo: Flash90)
Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch
After warm greetings, the rabbis began to discuss the problems facing the Jews in this generation. Rabbi Kanievsky said that troubles were to be expected. “It is the days before Messiah,” he explained.

Rabbi Sternbuch agreed. “In the End of Days, those who fear God will despair and their hands will loosen from fighting God’s war against the sinners, and there will be no one to rely upon except God,” he said, adding, “We have to bring the Messiah.”

Rabbi Kanievsky answered that the Messiah should be arriving in the very near future. He quoted the Talmud (Megillah 17b) again, saying, “In the year after shmittah the Son of David will come.”

Rabbi Kanievsky was referring to a prediction he had made earlier in the year based on the Talmud. The shmittah (sabbatical) year comes once every seven years and ended this year on the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. The year in which Rabbi Kanievsky predicted the Messiah would come, according to the Talmud, will end next Rosh Hashana, in September.

“The year after the Shemitta isn’t over,” he added.

Rabbi Sternbuch answered by quoting Jeremiah 8:2, which reads, “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved” – implying that according to the Talmud, the Messiah should have already arrived if it was truly coming in this year.

Rabbi Kanievsky insisted that the Messiah was indeed coming in this year. He opened the Talmud folio (Ketubot 112b) that contained the prediction and began to read out loud to Rabbi Sternbuch.
Rabbi Sternbuch considered this and responded with a different source.

“We have an ancient authenticated hand-written manuscript from the Rambam (a Spanish Torah authority from the twelfth century), in which he says that before the coming of the Messiah, the Christians and the Ishmaelites (Arabs) will come to Israel,” he pointed out.

The manuscript the rabbi referred to is a recent version of the Rambam’s Mishnah Torah, recently published with restored sections censored by medieval Christian authorities. 

Rabbi Sternbuch’s interpretation of the Rambam does seem to happening today. The creation of the State of Israel was a miraculous fulfillment of God’s covenant with Abraham, restoring the land of Israel to the Jewish people, but it also benefitted Christians, establishing a bubble of religious freedom in a region of the world that does not tolerate pluralism. Almost three million Christians come to Israel every year to visit their holy sites in a way that is not permitted in regions under Muslim rule, and the Jewish state is home to a considerable Christian population as well.

Father Gabriel Naddaf (Wikimedia Commons)
Father Gabriel Naddaf
Gabriel Naddaf,  an Israeli priest of the Greek Orthodox Church, said in an interview with the Algemeiner that “the Jewish state is the only country in the Middle East where Christians can practice their faith free from persecution”, noting, “The Christian community in Israel has more than quadrupled since independence in 1948, from 34,000 to 158,000 in 2012.”

Though not as positive or as beneficial as the Christian connection, the Arabs have also multiplied in the Land of Israel as the Messiah approaches. Before the British Mandate, Palestine, a neglected corner of the Ottoman Empire, had barely 700,000 people living in the country. As the Jewish population increased between World War One and World War Two, the Arab population also increased by 120 percent.

Rabbi Kanievsky continued reading in the Talmud, which described yet another aspect of the days preceding the Messiah.

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky. (Photo: Yaakov Naumi/Flash90)
Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky.
“In the days to come, all the non-fruit bearing trees in israel will bear fruit.” Rabbi Kanievsky explained, “When the Messiah comes, everyone will repent, and the people that ‘didn’t bear fruit’ will bear fruit and learn Torah.”

Rabbi Kanievsky seemed to be saying that in the Messianic era, Christians and Muslims will be a source of Torah learning – and this phenomenon is appearing as well. Many movements in Christianity are beginning to seek  out their roots in Torah and Judaism. Hebrew Roots and Bnai Yosef are growing movements that advocate doing Mitzvot and Torah study. 

Both Rabbi Kanievsky and Rabbi Sternbuch are brilliant Torah scholars whose decisions regarding Torah law are unquestionably authoritative. When rabbis of this stature agree that the Messiah is imminent, it is clearly a sign to sit up and take notice. (and weep)
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Anonymous said...

Why are you mocking them?

We know al pi Rishonim there are times when Moshiach is able to come if the people are worthy so rabbis such as these are mechuyev to talk like this because if there is no encouragement to behave better then surely Moshiach will not come until there is no more choice c"v by 6000.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm it seems like the Green Taxi guys got to the Unorthodox Jew?!!??!!!!

Anonymous said...

the Ginsburg and co fraudsters got to you also! SO much for freedom of speech . You lost a reader here

Anonymous said...

We can hope that you will report when Ginsburg & Langer and company all get arrested. Word is it will be happen.

Anonymous said...

If want some good reading material on AJ Ginsburg and Judah Langer yo can do the following .

go to https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us and click on supreme court and then log in as guest.

Type in case/index number 509504/2016

make sure you have some popcorn handy

Anonymous said...

OMG these idiots tried to hide the money with Platnium Partners?! The scammers got scammed. Ha! That is so befitting.

Anonymous said...

600 Green SHL WAV Permits (Street Hail Livery Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) were sold in 2013 and 2014. These permits were sold to TLC licensed drivers who were straw buyers for 2 individuals, Tariq Ahmed of Cobra Crossing who was a TLC representative and Joseph Hollander of Gotham Car Service who owns and operates a black car service and SHL taxi base. These 600 permits made up 50% of all SHL WAV Permits sold in NYC at that time.
NYC TLC rules allowed for only TLC licensed drivers to be able to purchase up to 5 SHL WAV permits @ $3540 each. Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Hollander rounded up 120 TLC drivers, provided them with money orders and had them purchase these permits in their names. They subsequently had the TLC driver sign “contracts” to sell these permits to corporate investors. These contracts were not written or approved by TLC and till today are not legally recognized.
Mr. Ahmed and Mr. Hollander resold these permits for approximately $7000 each to Mr. AJ Ginsburg of Monsey, NY and Mr. Judah Langer of Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Ginsburg and Mr. Langer promoted these permits in an investment package to individuals. The investment package required a cash outlay of roughly $125,000. This included the purchase of 5 permits at $17,500 each (Total of $87,500) and the balance towards deposit on financing of 5 minivans, retrofitting them to wheelchair accessibility, hack ups and deposit on insurance. ( In some cases Ginsburg/Langer sold these permits for close to $20,000 a piece, claiming it was worth extra money over actual costs because they would guarantee that a legal transfer to investor would happen after 12 months)
The initial outlay of $125,000 would be almost all paid back to the vehicle owner within the first year when the investor was eligible to receive a $15,000 STATE grant per permit and another $10,000 in tax credits for retrofitting the vehicle. The daily running and maintenance of the vehicles would be managed under Mr. Ginsburg and Mr. Langer’s management company- Green Apple Cabs and the daily expenses would be taken from the weekly rentals. All investors were assured that rentals would cover all expenses related to the running of their vehicles.
Mr. Ginsburg and Mr. Langer were successful in selling approx 600 permits between $10,000 and $20,000 each( as the scheme grew they sold them for more money) and bought approx 450 vehicles to be attached to these permits. In 2015 they had approx 100 vehicles on the road and managed another approx 80 vehicles brought in from outside sources. In addition to opening the management company in April 2015 they opened an approved SHL endorsed taxi base known as GLS TRANS, INC. which their vehicles affiliated to. GLS Trans Inc., in June of 2016 was suspended by NYC TLC.
The attached civil lawsuit outlines in basic detail the lengths of the swindle that Mr. AJ Ginsburg and Mr. Judah Langer orchestrated on these investors.( there are over 50 other investors who sued separately or didn't have the funds to sue )
Almost One million dollars in grant money was approved and paid out to Green Apple Cabs- who pocketed most if not all of it for themselves. 350

Anonymous said...

Almost One million dollars in grant money was approved and paid out to Green Apple Cabs- who pocketed most if not all of it for themselves.repossessed. One investor, had been looking for status on one of his cars and was told it had been “stolen”.In reality, his car had been taken months before by Chrysler and had been sold at auction.
In March of 2016 Green Apple Cabs collapsed when they defaulted in paying $250,000 on insurance premiums and they were forced to take the cars off the road. Green Apple Cabs closed its doors leaving behind vendors who were not paid, vehicle owners with massive amounts of debts and who could not physically locate their vehicles. It took many months for investors to realize how badly they were taken in and the full scope of the financial devastation they were left w 350 vehicles were dumped in lots across the city and in many cases the retrofitting, hack up of the vehicles to make them into cabs and car insurance money given to them by the investors disappeared .
The 180 vehicles that they did keep on the road for appearances sake( up until one month before scheme collapsed, Mr Ginsburg sold $750,000 worth of permits to a widow from Brooklyn NY ) - accumulated mass amounts of DMV tickets and TLC summonses, owed quarterly taxes to NYC TLC, money to vendors, insurance companies and distribution to the investor/vehicle owners. These owners were ultimately left with thousands of dollars of expenses that they eventually had to pay off.
In addition, Green Apple Cabs in most cases was responsible to pay the monthly financing on the vehicles. Unbeknown to investors, they lapsed in paying the financing and a few vehicles were ith.
In an ironic twist of fate, paperwork left behind by Mr. Judah Langer and Mr. AJ Ginsburg revealed that in the summer of 2015 through their jointly owned company-White Rock Capital they loaned Platinum Partners Arbitrage Fund $7.2 million dollars to be paid back in 3 months at a staggering amount of interest. More letters found dated January 2016, demanded Platinum return their short-term loan plus interest. As we now know, the money was lost in the Platinum scam. It is believed that this money came from the proceeds that Mr. Judah Langer and Mr. AJ Ginsburg ripped off from their investors.
The attached lawsuit primarily only tells the story of the ripped off investor/vehicle owners- but it would be amiss not to share the permit owners plight as well in this elaborate fraud.
The permit owners, largely a group of immigrants whose livelihood comes from driving taxis were left in severe financial debt and their TLC licenses suspended. Most of them are still struggling to get out from under this hole they find themselves in.
To understand the plight of the permit owners, one needs to understand TLC Rules and Regulations in the Green Taxi industry.
TLC rules set up a system where both permit and vehicle owner needed to rely on each other. The permit owner bought the permits and in turn finds a vehicle to place his permits on. This “leasing” system needs to be accomplished within 180 days otherwise the permit revokes and is worthless. TLC premise was that the permit and vehicle owner would create a business relationship between each other and any problems that arose with the permit or vehicle would be worked out between these two parties.

Anonymous said...

TLC only recognizes the permit owner. Therefore, notices of inspection, grant paperwork, summonses and appearances, TLC plates and vehicle registration are all the responsibility of the permit owner. Any fines the vehicle may incur, grant money that needs to be paid back, taxes that are not paid by the vehicle owner etc. became the liability of the permit owner only.
These 120 straw buyers had no idea who the vehicle owners were, had no way to communicate with them and because Green Apple Cabs did not properly manage the vehicles, many of the permit owners owe between $15,000 to $20,000 to TLC and have had their licenses suspended.
These TLC drivers are shell shocked from the consequences of being the victims of this fraud. Many of them drove for Mr. Hollander in his black car service and had no choice but to buy these permits for him.
Though TLC has worked to reduce some of the fines of the permit owners they are not off the hook and many of them are in deep financial straits. Both the permit owners and vehicle owners agree that TLC bears some of the responsibility in creating the hole that allowed the above-named predators to carry out their scheme. They feel that TLC’s vetting process of who could buy permits, the assignment of grants and the unrealistic approach to the permit owner/vehicle owner relationship contributed to the foundation of the fraud. TLC’s focus they feel was only to meet the 20% quota of SHL WAV vehicles required in the green industry at any cost.
To date there is an ongoing criminal and TLC investigation as well as other civil lawsuits besides the one that we have attached. Both permit and vehicle owners are also considering a joint class action lawsuit against TLC for their responsibility in their financial hardship.
Our purpose of sharing this information with you is that we feel the public has the right to know about the debacle of the Green SHL WAV program, to bring others forward who too been swindled and to hope that justice will be served.

Anonymous said...

No one forced these people to buy taxi permits. There is nothing to see here. AJ is a good man and Baal tzedakah.

Anonymous said...

I looked at this deal and decided not to invest. I was made aware of all of the risks involved including the fact that aj would make profit from different aspects of the business. I was also made aware (Of which i know for a fact) that he had nothing to do with the management and operations of the business. Making up all of these accusations is shameful. You guys are wasting your time and money. Stop with the Loshon Hara. You made a bad investment - stop whining and GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

AJ was a PARTNER in all the business' including the vehicles and seems he was the only one that made a profit. He told me he wouldn't take a dime until all the investors make back their initial investment. He then announced to everyone that he made $80,000 in "salary" in 2015 as a "consultant" how is that having nothing to do with management??

Anonymous said...

@ANON 1.25.17 and 1.26.17- First off there is no way you "looked at this deal " because with over 100 investors not one was made aware of all diff aspects of the business that Ginsburg had his hands in . secondly he took a salary from the managment business as a consultant which is in the financial records as a "consultant ", its impossible he'd didnt know , maybe he didn't know every single thing that was going on but when he sold half the business to abish brodt for over three quarters of a million dollars there was no way he didn't know at that point that is was a ponzi scheme . Why dont u ask Mrs Taub, an almana from williamsburg who bought over 40 a month or two before the scam broke . She lost close to a million dollars and only bc Ginsburg knew she was an easy target . Please and all that tzedaka money he gave to shave and RAJ , it was mostly if not all stolen money . BIG TZADDIK he is

Anonymous said...

One example of how ridiculously misinformed you are:
1) mrs Taub's husband is alive. Don't know why ur killing him off by calling her an almanah
2) she bought her permits almost a year and a half before the management company closed
3) aj didn't sell taub the permits - Riverdale did

Someone should fact check the allegations before putting them out there. Apparently some people have which is why half the people have already dropped out of the lawsuit. If the only way you can sustain your claims is to make up lies, then doesn't that make you the unethical ones???

It seems like people got screwed by horrendous management and the industry got screwed by Uber. Besides, wasn't it Ushi fried who was the mastermind and creator of this whole management concept and had his own management company?? And he's suing for mismanagement. Lol! What a joke!

Talk when you have facts. Don't talk out of your asses.

This is what trump is talking about when he says "fake news!!!"

Anonymous said...


cry the world a river , Riverdale worked for you . You supplied him with scam permits that he sold . Stop throwing everyone under the bus, grow some balls, apologize and start taking responsibility for the tens if not hundreds of families lives you turned over because of your need to be rich and have fancy houses and cars . Stop blaming things on langer and river dale and this fried guy etc. The only thing Fake about the unfortunate story was the representations you made to all these people you scammed, that and all your philanthropic deeds that were done with stolen money.

Anonymous said...

The permits I bought in 2015 were all within a few days of getting heavily fined by the TLC because they were not assigned to a car within the 6 month time period. AJ, you never told me about this. You sold me and I am sure plenty others defective permits. My investment was doomed from the second I paid you.
You are just as responsible if not more so than anyone else!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Word is out that arrests will be made very soon.....

Anonymous said...

Ginsburg was returning money to his "friends" that invested in this scam. He gave back as much as $60,000 to a few individuals asking them not to sue him. If he din't do anything wrong and was just a "broker", why'd u give them back their money?!?!!

Langer is a pathological liar and a thief. He was also running around apologizing to some of the investors and pretty much admitted he "took" their money.

I don't know how these two have not been arrested yet. We can tell the FBI that Ginsburg speaks Russian, maybe that will move things along.

Anonymous said...

AJ Ginsburg graduated college, Magna Cum
Laude at the age of 19. He participated in the
John Hopkins University Mathematics and Verbal Talent Search, has attained his CPA and is currently a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

After graduation, AJ worked for Rothstein Kass, a large accounting firm, specializing in Hedge Funds. In 2005, he acquired Courtesy Transportation Services, Inc, a non-emergency medical transportation company, servicing patients requiring transportation to hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, dialysis, chemotherapy, methadone centers, and other medical facilities. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Courtesy Transportation, where he has grown the company into one of the largest Ambulette Companies in the Tri-State area. In 2007, AJ founded Platinum Home Health Care, Inc., a licensed home health care agency, which supplies nurses & home health aides to the elderly.

AJ’s involvement in numerous business entities has not precluded him from continuing his various volunteer work which he started at the age of 17. He worked for Camp HASC, as a counselor and also served as a coordinator for Yachad, a national organization that mainstreams developmentally disabled children.

AJ shares the Gateways goal of helping every Jew connect with their heritage and Israel. He has a special closeness with Rabbi Suchard, Rabbi Jordan, Rabbi Cherns, Rabbi Tokarsky, and has a weekly private learning session with Rabbi Becher. He is actively involved with RAJE, serving as an advisor and mentor to the students, attending events on a weekly basis and accompanying the students on learning trips to Europe & Israel.

RAJE is proud to bestow the Guest of Honor award on AJ at its Inaugural Dinne

Anonymous said...

LOL all these degrees and accomplishments and he still had to come on to a ponzi scheme to build his mansion in monsey

Anonymous said...

SEE UPDATE -http://www.crainsnewyork.com/article/20170621/TRANSPORTATION/170629980/green-taxi-investors-can-sue-alan-aj-ginsburg-for-fraud-and

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER LAWSUIT against Alan 'AJ"Ginsburg and his crew of pirates !

GO to https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us and then case 513324 and year 2017

The Green Cab scam keeps on giving

Anonymous said...

Has anything happened with Ginsburg & Langer yet? What is taking so long? Why are they not in prison yet?

Anonymous said...

Looks like AJ & Langer got away with IT you all loat your money.