Friday, June 10, 2016

Stefan Colmer, who was convicted and imprisoned for molesting minors, has moved to Passaic, New Jersey

Passaic-Clifton Jewish Community Warns of Convicted Sex Offender’s Presence

ShareAll the shuls and yeshivas in Passaic-Clifton have prohibited him from entering their premises. The community leadership is doing everything possible in coordination with the authorities to ensure the community’s safety. Individuals should not take the law into their own hands.

Mr. Colmer’s picture and the details of his criminal record can be found here: http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/SomsSUBDirectory/offenderDetails.jsp?offenderid=36837

The Jewish Family Service of Passaic-Clifton will be hosting a forum after yom tov that will address concerns and appropriate steps on how to keep one’s children safe. Please check http://www.jfsclifton.org for updates.


A friend and reader writes August 3, 2007......

I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist. And I don't want to be accused of practicing any of those fine scientific/medical professions without a license. But in my life experiences, I've noticed something about passionate, vocalized extremism. When someone is expressing very passionate views, and they are doing it loudly or emotionally and it strikes the average person as being "over the top," it usually means one of two things: Either the speaker has "drunk the kool-aid," meaning that they believe what they are saying totally, or they using this intense and extreme expressiveness to cover up their own deficiencies in practice or belief.

Some examples will help explain what I mean. Congressman Mark Foley was passionate and outspoken in his public speeches attacking sexual predators and then it turned out he was a sexual predator preying on underage male Congressional pages. I remember many years ago in my shul, a long-time member got up at a meeting and railed against the shul not being frum enough, not doing enough to make sure the children of the community were frummer, etc. He said things that raised many eyebrows given the fact that he was not that wildly frum himself. Many people could not figure out where this was coming from. Two weeks later, he left his wife and kids and ran off with his non-Jewish black secretary. His actions that day explained a lot about his performance at the meeting two weeks earlier.

I write this because I knew Stefan Colmer, not well and not intimately, but enough to recognize his face and name and to have spoken to him a few times. He was a computer consultant doing occasional work for a firm I was with. I also saw him at a midtown mincha minyan from time to time.

It was at that mincha minyan some time ago that we started talking about water filters and bugs in the water in Flatbush. Because the water panic had come on the heels of the Indian-hair sheitel panic – which, according to most poskim, turned out to be misguided and overblown – I was naturally skeptical of "trafe water." While I was not well-read on the subject, I expressed my opinion that the panic was overblown, and that microscopic particles of whatever in the water cannot be halachically impermissible. He argued passionately that I was factually wrong, (I may have been,) and that these things were visible to the naked eye. He told me he was installing filters and was using bottled water for drinking and cooking until then. He spoke passionately about having to live a proper life of halacha and adhering to all the rules and piskei halacha of our Gedolim.

I have thought back to that conversation many times since the revelations here - and subsequently in the press - of his alleged vile sexual misconduct against yeshiva boys, which was taking place about the time that we had that conversation. Excuse my sarcasm, but I'm so glad that while he was allegedly molesting young yeshiva students, Stefan was not imbibing in bug-laden, trafe water. What a tzaddik!


Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker

A former Stanford swimmer who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman was sentenced to six months in jail because a longer sentence would have “a severe impact on him,” according to a judge. At his sentencing Thursday, his victim read him a letter describing the “severe impact” the assault had on her.

One night in January 2015, two Stanford University graduate students biking across campus spotted a freshman thrusting his body on top of an unconscious, half-naked woman behind a dumpster. This March, a California jury found the former student, 20-year-old Brock Allen Turner, guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Turner faced a maximum of 14 years in state prison. On Thursday, he was sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. The judge said he feared a longer sentence would have a “severe impact” on Turner, a champion swimmer who once aspired to compete in the Olympics — a point repeatedly brought up during the trial.

On Thursday, Turner’s victim addressed him directly, detailing the severe impact his actions had on her — from the night she learned she had been assaulted by a stranger while unconscious, to the grueling trial during which Turner’s attorneys argued that she had eagerly consented.

The woman, now 23, told BuzzFeed News she was disappointed with the “gentle” sentence and angry that Turner still denied sexually assaulting her.

“Even if the sentence is light, hopefully this will wake people up,” she said. “I want the judge to know that he ignited a tiny fire. If anything, this is a reason for all of us to speak even louder.”
She provided her statement, printed in full below, to BuzzFeed News.




Anonymous said...

BEWARE because 38 John St is about 7 or 8 doors away from Prima Pizza under PCK (Passaic-Clifton Kashrus) which is always full of kids.

In Flatbush Colmer became known as Colmo the Homo for leading away little boys to molest & worse.

38 John St is owned by Colmer's family who are not frum. The sicko is a "BT".

Does anyone know where Colmer's ex-wife Ilana currently lives? I cannot find any address for her after 38 John so I hope they are not somehow getting back together.

Passaic said...

Can someone ask the Passaic County Prosecutor's office or the City of Passaic Police if Colmo the Homo is required to separately register with the NJ State Police offender registry even though he notified NY of his move?

Colmer appears on the NY site but not the NJ site.

I tried calling but couldn't get through to the people at those offices in charge of these issues.

Anonymous said...

Colmer's ex doesn't appear in records anymore because she moved out of the country back to her native Toronto. I saw her using her maiden name & working for the big real estate gvir Merkur.

Gumshoe said...


Why was the Colmer house in Passaic registered for tax purposes one year under a "Dovid Cohen"?

Was that fraud? Did Ohel not only cover up for Colmer but also have the org's posek buy him a house? Or if there is another Dovid Cohen out there, what is his connection?

Colmer did call himself "Dovid Cohen" while in hiding in Israel as a fugitive.

Bluzhever (PART 1) said...

Yitzchak Robert Feuereisen of Baltimore's NIRC came out with a new publication: "A תורה [Torah] prespective on the life and times of the Bluzhever Rebbe זצ״ל (of blessed memory)." If he deletes the file, this is the original: http://pdfhost.net/index.php?Action=DownloadFile&id=6622bff40c202f2a918074f0cf3aa016 (all pages quoted here are according to this pdf file).

There is no reason to discuss the value of his pamphlet compiled in poor English and Hebrew (he could not even spell the word "perspective" on the cover). Only an unstable pseudocabalist could write such lines:

[p. 13-14]: The word מאד [much] turned around forms the word אדם [Adam]. Since he was the only one, there was no one to distract him…. [h]owever, when חוה [Eve] was created, she distracted אדם and caused him to eat from the עץ הדעת [Tree of knowledge]. {…} אדם הראשון [Adam] did תשובה [repentance] for 130 years. This signified that even though he was sent out גן עדן [Garden of Eden], he still had הקב״ה [God] with him. The word “עמך, with you” has a גמטריא [numerical value] of 130. [p. 16]: The name בלק [Balak] has a גמטריא [numerical value] of 132, the same גמטריא as the [Bluzhever] Rebbe’s name צבי יהודה [Zvi Judah]. The obvious question is what is the connection between the רבי [rabbi] and בלק {…} The answer is there is no connection between the רבי and בלק. {…} Rather one can say the significance of the Rebbe’s פטירה [demise] in the week of פרשת בלק [Numbers 22-25] is that if you take the name בלק and turn around the letters you form the word “קבל,” acceptance. קבל too equals 132, the same as צבי יהודה. [p. 17]: [T]he word “כאלה” [like these] has a גמטריא [numerical value] of 56. The Rebbe’s private residence was on 56th Street. The Rebbe through his כח [power] of עין טוב [good eye] was able to create his own פרדס [Paradise], his own גן עדן [Garden of Eden]. {…} The day the Bluzhever Rebbe was נפטר [died] was an elevated day, ערב שבת קודש [eve of Sabbath]. By השגח [Providence], it was also ט״ז תמוז [16th of Tammuz]. The גימטריה [numerical value] of ט״ז which is 16 has the same גמטריא as the word גבוה which means elevated. Perhaps הקב״ה [God] chose this זמן [time] for עלית נשמה [ascent of the soul] so that the Bluzhever Rebbe can go up to שמים [Heaven] and stand before the כסא הכבוד [Throne of Glory] and act as the שליח ציבור [cantor] and say “מזמור שיר ליום השבת” [Psalm 92]. {Note what Feuereisen penned last year about rabbi Efraim Eisenberg (http://baltimorejewishlife.com/news/news-detail.php?SECTION_ID=1&ARTICLE_ID=60803): Perhaps that is why הקב״ה [God] chose ט״ז סיון, the 16th of Sivan, for יציאת נשמה [departure of the soul] since the gematria [numerical value] of גבוה, elevated, is 16.}

Bluzhever (PART 2) said...

However, there is something more important in that pamphlet — his absolute hypocrisy. Feuereisen discusses the "terrible מידה [trait]" of slanderous speech and then remarks: "On the other hand עין טובה [good eye] is when one shows tolerance, when one is משמח [rejoices] with someone else’s success and is מחזק [strengthens] that person. He gives him self confidence" (p. 6). Fine, but this we hear from the man who has spent his entire life slandering and swindling others and destroying their lives. Feuereisen further asserts: "It is our מסורה [tradition] from the time of קבלת התורה [Covenant at Sinai] that is keeping us going" (pp. 16-17). Good, but this is said by the man who lauds the late rabbi Israel Belsky (a defender of every molester and crook) as one of the Torah "giants" of the generation (p. 11), who quotes his own father Gad Feuereisen (גד פייעראייזען) — unblushingly appointing him as "the legendary שמש [attendant] of the Bluzhever בית המדרש [synagogue] and personal גבאי [aide of] the Bluzhever Rebbe as well as the previous Bluzhever Rebbe" (p. 15) — but "forgets" to mention that his father, Herr Gustav Feuereisen, served with the German Wehrmacht on the eastern front (in Ukraine) during the Holocaust when the Bluzhever Rebbe was in the Nazi concentration camp. (Note that Feuereisen named the concentration camp in Lower Saxony where the Bluzhever Rebbe had been as "Bergan-Belson" and "Bergan-Belsen" instead of "Bergen-Belsen" [p. 10].) Robert Feuereisen must study the issue of hypocrisy in Job 8:13. And if he decides to meditate upon the numerical value of 813, I'll give him a hint — it equals ארור אתה [cursed are you] in Genesis that God pronounced on the serpent (3:14) and on Cain (4:11).