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The Disappearance of Yemenite Babies During the Aliyah of 1949-1954...An Ugly History of What Happens To Jewish Children When There Is No Accountability..."Especially By People Who Call Themselves Religious"...

The Yemenite Children Affair (Hebrew: פרשת ילדי תימן) was the disappearance of hundreds of babies and toddlers of new immigrants to the newly founded state of Israel, mainly from Yemen, between the years 1948 to 1954. Most cases involved the parents being told in the hospital that their newborn children had died although they never received additional reliable information about their fates.[1] The parents claim that their children were really kidnapped and given or sold to Ashkenazi families. In several cases, the children tracked down their parents many years later and conclusively determined their relationship to their Yemenite relations using DNA testing.[2]
 "There is reason to believe according to the Cohen Committee that a Rabbi Bernard Bergman of New York had allegedly brought many babies to the U.S. However in order to do so, passports must have been issued. So logic then tells you that besides nurses, doctors, drivers, and the Jewish Agency, the Immigration Department was also involved. Otherwise, how did the children leave the country?

Yossiphov also asked if I could set up a meeting with the New York City Prosecutor Charles Hynes, who had prosecuted Rabbi Bernard Bergman. This powerful and wealthy Rabbi in New York was indicted and sent to prison for stealing a huge amount of money from elderly people in the nursing homes he operated. He was also known to be the middle-man, according to an article published by the journalist Uri Avneri. On January 11, 1967, under the title: “The Earthshaking Discovery of the Year. The children of Yemenite immigrants were sold to America - $5000 per child.”

By this time, Bergman had died in jail and Charles Hynes was now the District Attorney of Brooklyn. The hope was that when Bergman’s phones were tapped, he may have mentioned Yalde Teman. Through my friend Jack Chartier, the N.Y. State Deputy Comptroller, I was able to set up an appointment for Yosseph Yossiphov and Charles Hynes. Mr. Hynes said he would also invite all the investigators of Bergman to the meeting...."
 It is also crucial to mention that Rabbi Dr. Bergman died a few
years ago while in jail for a different crime - his fraud and
abuse in New York nursing homes that he ran. This was an issue
covered thoroughly in the United States and Israel. The New-York
Times reports:

"Bernard Bergman, the central figure in investigations into
possible fraud and abuse in New York nursing homes, has decided
to abandon his public defense of his business dealings. In
refusing to testify at televised Senate hearings last week, he
invoked his constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment. His
lawyer has argued that to testify would be prejudicial if
inquiries by Federal and state prosecutors result in criminal
proceedings against Mr. Bergman. A Federal grand jury is known to
be looking into his affairs. And a state grand jury, assisted by
Special State Prosecutor Charles J. Hynes, has also been
impaneled to study alleged improprieties in the state's nursing
homes. This is not the first time Mr. Bergman has been prominent
in such inquiries. At a state hearing on nursing homes last week,
Civil Court Judge Louis I. Kaplan, who in 1960 issued a report on
city nursing-home abuses, testified that Mr. Bergman was then,
too, the major figure in the industry under investigation. He
said he presented evidence of criminal fraud in the industry to
former Mayor Wagner. No prosecutions followed and Mr. Wagner says
he doesn't recall what happened to the so-called Kaplan report.
The first indictments in the investigations of the industry have
been handed up. The owner of a Smithtown, L.I., nursing home and
an accountant were accused of swindling Medicaid out of more than
$500,000 by charging personal and improper business expenses to
the program. In Connecticut, which is also investigating its
nursing homes, a state official said at General Assembly hearings
that top state officials had financial interests in nursing homes
and used their influence to get favorable treatment for them".

It appears that the entire issue of Rabbi Dr. Issachar Dov
Bernard Bergman, and the nursing homes in New-York were a big issue
in the United States back then, and the New-York times spent much
work on getting articles about it written. Bergman was a main
figure in the Orthodox religious community in the States,as well as
President of the United States branch of the "Mizrachi" movement...
MORE: http://unorthodoxjew.blogspot.com/2005/11/bigger-bastardpart-two-yemenite.html


Maria said...

Bergman did not die in jail. He had been out for a few years. He received a fairly short sentence for medicaid fraud

Frankel's Shul Felon said...

Bergman is far from the only thieving putz from our neck of the woods who made front page NY Times. But that's ok as long as the Veyelepoiler Rebbe keeps kissing everyone's tuchess.

Sol Werdiger said...


Malka Leifer allowed by an Israeli judge to basically walk free today.

But don't ask me if the Gerrorists had anything to do with it. I am the Sargeant Schultz of Agudah Fressers. I know nutting! Nutting!

Bnei Brak said...


Horowitz molestation "cycle"

Monsey said...


A different type of child abuse is being perpetrated by the lowlives working at East Ramapo Board of "Education", both anti-Semites and self-hating Jews, who take out their frustrations on all heimishe Yidden. It's not clear if they are just angry at the board members being fronts for corrupt developers and take it out on everyone else, or if they just hate frumma Yidden in general anyway. But the children are the ones who suffer from the nasty employees.

Has anyone else here suffered from that passive-aggressive machsheifa PHYLLIS LEVY who is head of pre-school age special services?

I know all kinds of horror stories with her. She lives in New Hempstead near the shul that kicked out Mordy Tendler. Not clear if she is so called Open Orthodox or Conservative, but she is not one of us and she hates us. She does a very good job of hiding it, at least with what comes out of her mouth.

The meetings by the way are all fake. She already decided what services (and very little of it) she is giving before you show up. You can never get more than what she decided no matter what you are supposed to "discuss" but she can & does cut the services altz nekomo if you say something she doesn't like or if something else offends her snotty, passive-aggressive nasty self.