Monday, December 05, 2016

Merry Chanukah - Happy Christmas! The More Fraudulent "Conversions", The More Confusion!

Natalie Portman to put up first Christmas tree


With Hanukkah and Christmas coinciding this year, pregnant actress and her Jewish family make exception to tradition

A pregnant Natalie Portman talks with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, November 29, 2016. (YouTube screenshot)
A pregnant Natalie Portman talks with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, November 29, 2016.

It’s taken 35 years, but Natalie Portman is finally getting her first Christmas tree.

The Jewish actress told The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday that since the first night of Hanukkah coincides with Christmas eve this year, her family has decided to celebrate both holidays together. 

Portman, her French choreographer husband Benjamin Millepied (who converted to Judaism in 2014), and their 5-year-old son Aleph usually observe Hanukkah at their home, and celebrate Christmas with Millepied’s family at their house. However, this holiday season Portman and Millepied are hosting everyone at their Los Angeles house, with both a Christmas tree and a menorah on display.

“I was asking my husband, ‘Is it okay for your family if we don’t have a tree?’ and then my parents were like, ‘We can get a tree,'” she told Fallon.

The Jerusalem-born Portman, who is pregnant with her second child, said she couldn’t have been more pleased about her parents’ willingness to deviate from tradition, at least this once.

“So excited! Like my whole life no Christmas tree, and then all of a sudden they have this great excuse, because it’s every Jew’s kind of secret wish to have a Christmas tree,” Portman explained.

Happy for the actress to have her first Christmas tree, Fallon presented her with an official The Tonight Show ornament to hang on it. Fallon pointed out that the ornament was silver and blue, presumably referring to traditional Hanukkah decoration colors.

It is unlikely, given the Israeli-born Portman’s outspokenness about her Judaism and Zionism, that the tree is a sign of any weakening of the actress’ Jewish identity. Furthermore, it can be expected that Portman and her husband will raise their second child in the Jewish faith, as they are their son Aleph.

News of Portman’s second pregnancy broke in September when she appeared at the premiere of her film “Planetarium” at the Venice Film Festival with her baby bump showing through her form-fitting white Grecian-style Dior gown. Portman’s pregnancy was also apparent as she has walked the red carpet recently for her other soon-to-be release film, “Jackie,” in which she plays the former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

Portman’s due date has not been announced, but she assured Fallon that it is not for months, despite how large her belly is already.


Jared the Jew joins the xmas festivities



Requirements of Other People in a Candidate’s Life

When a candidate is previously intermarried or is converting for the sake of an individual Jew,  the spouse’s observance level and attitudes must be consistent with the present and future Torah observance of the candidate and not be a source of conflict or opposition to the convert’s adopting a halachic lifestyle. The Beit Din should also consider whether other significant individuals in the candidate’s life such as parents, or any existing minor children, will have an impact on the success or failure of the process and the aftermath of conversion.


“Both a man who converted for the sake of a woman and a woman who converted for the sake of a man,” we read in Yevamot 24b, “they are not converts.”


Garnel Ironheart said...

Pretty irrelevant. Given her status the second child (named Beis?) will be Jewish no matter what the husband practices.

Anonymous said...

Once I happened to date a Russian convert. She couldn't stop talking how much she loved Torah and was awaiting Moshiach's arrival (btw, although she was Orthodox, she wasn't Lubavitch). The woman was incredibly sexy and a fantastic cook, so I completely lost my head and was about to marry her. One of my Russian Jewish friends (a psychologist who had been jailed in Russia for keeping Yiddishkeit) saw my infatuation and said he wanted to talk to her. It turned out that in her mother country she was a real Jew-hater and a slut but now needed to legalize herself in the US. Becoming Orthodox and marrying a Jew seemed to be the perfect venue! ("All Jews have extramarital affairs but never divorce!") Being a very smart person, she made rabbis believe she was sincere. UOJ wrote that “Both a man who converted for the sake of a woman and a woman who converted for the sake of a man,” we read in Yevamot 24b, “they are not converts.” I wonder if there are cases like mine in the Talmud or we are entering a new era of hypocrisy?