Sunday, March 05, 2017

Rabbi David Bleich on the Conversion Crisis - Considered by Most Jewish Scholars as a Posek of the Greatest Stature

The questions posed with regard to problematic contemporary conversions are threefold in nature:

Rabbi Bleich
  (1) Is it permissible for rabbinical courts to accept prospective candidates for conversion when it appears that application is made, not out of religious conviction, but as a matter of convenience, e.g., to facilitate marriage with a Jewish partner?

 (2) Is a conversion of convenience, i.e., one undertaken for marriage or other ulterior motive in which the petitioner obviously has no intention of abiding by the precepts of Judaism, a valid one?

 (3) Granting the validity and propriety of the conversion itself, is it permissible for the convert to enter into marriage with a Jewish spouse with whom the convert has consorted prior to conversion?


Let me be clear once again, this is about the rabbinical organizations that conduct fraudulent conversions and has nothing to do with any individuals whatsoever. 

First we had Leib Tropper, which I successfully with others took down. Than we had Barry Freundel that was head of the conversions deptartment at the RCA, they knew about him for years and did nothing! What we should have learned over the last years, that rabbis and their organizations must be monitored closely. What's worse, until they get caught, you have people swearing up and down about the integrity of these frauds until they can no longer explain it away. Just recently, a former chief rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, was sentenced to jail for corruption and bribery; one of the main charges against him was for accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars for fraudulent conversions. The other rabbi involved in this scam, Gavriel Cohen, had his own Beth Din in Los Angeles, specializing for the most part allegedly, in luring unsuspecting women in particular, to pay him thousands of dollars for conversions that were fraudulent as well. Gavriel Cohen was supplying Yona Metzger with the money and the Russian women to get him to grant conversion status to people who never intended to be Jewish at all.

There are two self-proclaimed Torah scholars, one in Israel and one in Brooklyn, New York... who are viciously and with malice making up their own set of laws, and quote previous rabbis, falsely, to protect the honor of their rabbi - Hershel Schachter, who was directly responsible, and was the signatory on the conversion of someone who openly and flagrantly violates the most basic laws of Judaism. She and her then boyfriend, lived together for two years as she went through whatever process the rabbis involved choose to label it. They subsequently married. This information is being provided so that the people that choose to read the above essay, will come to learn the nature of the fraud these rabbis perpetrated on you - the Jewish nation.

I had e-mail dialogues with both of these self-proclaimed scholars, and can prove my point by simply posting these conversations.

To them I say, shame on you and your rabbi. However, I choose not to publish their e-mail dialogue for the sanctity of my personal e-mail communications with many thousands of people.

I call on the RCA to suspend Hershel Schachter indefinitely from the head of their conversion court until they can clarify why Schachter would have granted this conversion!

Paul Mendlowitz


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YU - Torah Madua said...

It is more plausible that YTT would fire Margo than the OU's RCA firing Hershel Schlechter. He is the only major lamdan in the modern orthodox world so they will do anything to protect him lest they feel shattered at being with no rudder whatsoever.

Who are the two consiglieres covering up for Schlechter through twisting the poskim out of context?