Friday, May 26, 2017

The Fallout Of A Fraudulent Conversion....And This Is Just The Beginning....

Jared & Ivanka:  An Embarrassment to "Judaism" - (And The Corrupt Rabbis That Conducted This Hoax ...) 


Last weekend in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump demonstrated for all of us the real meaning of chillul haShem, desecrating God’s name.

The first instance was the trumped up story that some rabbi gave them permission to travel with President Trump on his flight from Washington which left there on Friday and arrived in Riyadh on Shabbat.  The phantom rabbi has not been identified but, presumably, it was the same person who gave them permission to ride around Washington on January 20th to attend the inauguration balls that evening. 

The second instance was in Riyadh itself on Shabbat, where video records of the President’s meetings there showed Jared and Ivanka getting in and out of vehicles to attend those very same meetings.
Now one might ask what the big deal is. They are not the first Jews in politics who were or are seen not observing the Sabbath.  That, of course, is true and while it may bother us from time to time, we know that not every Jew observes all of the strictures of Jewish law.

But in their case they trumpet their orthodoxy to the world and wear it as a badge of honor.  When politicians choose to do that they perforce take on themselves an obligation not to break the Sabbath and do whatever they can to ensure that they are shomre Shabbat, that is Sabbath observers as Jewish law dictates.  Everyone knows that there is no orthodox Rabbi who would give permission to ride on the Sabbath except in circumstances of pikuach nefesh, such as the need to save a life or some similar emergency such as defending oneself from imminent attack.

One could argue, for example, that given the fact that the inauguration parade in January ran into the Sabbath, it would not have been safe for them to have walked home and, as such, it was permissible to ride.  But to go to the inauguration balls that followed on Friday night?  To ride around Riyadh on the Sabbath to attend meetings with the Saudi king?  Do they not realize the shame they brought on the Jewish people for not being observant of their own faith?  Does anyone think for a moment that the Saudis would have scheduled such meetings on Friday?  Or that this message of chillul haShem was lost on the Saudis?

Yet, even more critical is the message that this sends to the luckless Jew working in a business in Little Rock, Arkansas, for example, who tells his boss that in the winter he needs to leave work early to be home for Shabbat.  And his boss’ answer?  “I really don’t understand, the president’s daughter and son in law are observant and they get permission to work on the Sabbath, why can’t you?”

When I was going through officer training in the US Army so many years ago, Jewish officers had to attend a special session with the Jewish chaplain.  One of the lessons he taught (at that time they were all “he’s”) was that whether or not we were personally observant we needed to be careful what we did and did not do on Shabbat because our conduct could negatively influence how a religious enlisted person would be treated by his superior when a request came up not to work on Shabbat.  

Regardless of our individual observance levels once we thought about it we knew that the advice was spot on.

Jared and Ivanka can choose to be non-observant and do whatever they want to do vis-à-vis Jewish practices and, while I wish it would be otherwise, I can live with that.  Or, as they claim to do, they can choose to be compliant with Jewish law as the Orthodox interpret it, but then they have to stick by it.  No phantom dispensations, no mockery of the faith and no shortcuts.  It is their choice but, once they make it and brag about it, their choices are limited to what is generally accepted as permitted.

Roy Disney once said “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”  It is an axiom that the Kushners would do well to learn so that they don’t continue to be an embarrassment to those who try to live their Jewish values truthfully every day.


Rabbi Moshe Feinstein states the very marriage of a gentile woman to a non observant Jew, is equivalent to an open declaration that she will not observe the precepts. This is so, because it is highly unlikely that the gentile member of such a union, will be more committed to Judaism than her remiss Jewish husband...



Rabbi David Bleich on the Conversion Crisis - Considered by Most Jewish Scholars as a Posek of the Greatest Stature

The questions posed with regard to problematic contemporary conversions are threefold in nature:

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Garnel Ironheart said...

Not to justify their behaviour but

1) "But in their case they trumpet their orthodoxy to the world and wear it as a badge of honor." No they don't. They trumpet their traditional behaviour, they trumpet their Jewishness but they don't announce to everyone "Hey! We're Orthodox!"

2) Do you know what a big deal it is that Jared Kushner even got into Saudi Arabia, a country that has a no-Jews-allowed border policy?

3) Yes, you have the p'sak of Rav Moshe, zt"l. Unfortunately there are dozens of other major gedolim over the last few centuries who clearly said that the beis din can only base its decision on the testimony of the convert when she shows up to complete the process. If Ivanka came across as a sincere convert to the beis din, it doesn't matter if she came out of the mikveh and went to a church to thank JC right after. We're stuck with her.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

The Talmud speaks of situations in which mitzvah (commandment) observance is the traditional requirement for acceptance into Jewish society. When such is the case, even the insincere proselyte has to conform to the norm. Thus, of necessity, her conversion may result in religious observance. BUT because our current society is free and permissive, conversion does not necessarily result in mitzvah (commandment) observance. In addition, those who interdate or intermarry, are obviously totally uncommitted to Judaism, and it is highly improbable that they will build Torah homes, once their Christian partners have converted. It is highly unlikely, too, that a female proselyte, will be more observant than her Jewish husband, who by his very behavior, in choosing a gentile for a wife, demonstrates that he is far removed from Jewish values.

Leib Tropper charged no fees to his converts and was affiliated with Rabbi Union in Los Angeles as well. Here comes Avraham Union "Tropperizing" in Orange County! And I'll keep the pressure on! Hey Union do you get to convert the kids too? How about Bubby? Uncle John? Do you get a crack at Father Chris? (Pun Intended)....Update me on the mohel you use for the male children of these conversions. What school do these kids go to? Chabad getting a piece of the action? Maybe I'll pay a visit to your shul and shmooze it up with your people. Yeah....I look like my photo - I'll even say hello! Any success stories you care to share?

Union is using you - He's a thieving pea in a very small stinking pod! And now the world knows!


Zvi said...

A serious question for you, UOJ: My nephew has been "red" a shiduch with a very nice girl. She is a convert through the RCC (Rabbinical Council of California). The nephew is told that RCC is OK with Israeli Rabbinate, so she is "Jewish" forever. Should we discourage him from going forward because you say RCC has much fraud around its conversion business? Should we insist she gets a new conversion? If yes – where from?

Paul Mendlowitz said...


If you would email me the rabbis that signed off on her conversion, I will look into it.


Anonymous said...

Or how about eating out at treifene restaurants?


Anonymous said...

1. The person responsible for the gerus was Haskel Lookstein, who orchestrated the ceremony with RHS and another (so far anonymous) Rav from Monsey. To anyone who knows RHL, this was not a surprise. His judgement has been eccentric for years now -- see his support for Rapfogel etc etc

2. A source 'close to the action' on 85th St told me months ago that RHL was "completely and totally obsessed with Ivanka and Jared", almost to the exclusion of all other matters in his life. Before the election, BTW.

Pay for Play said...

Garnel, you are mistaken. Ivanka & Jared have done several things to announce their Orthodoxy. Most significantly was their recent pressure on Bibi to force R' Dovid Lau to keep Lookstein on his Orthodox list. They were not demanding like that fool Farber does to not restrict any rabbi from any stream. They specifically demanded that Lookstein be considered Orthodox when the Rabbanut definition of Orthodox is being mechayev kabolas mitzvos, which Lookstein does not. They want to have their cake & eat it.

Pay for Play said...

And Garnel, show me one legit rabbi who will accept a convert's "testimony" when there is incontrovertible evidence that she is lying. Lying includes fressing shrimp immediately before & after her conversion. Have you followed Ivanka's Twitter feed? UOJ has & knows what he is talking about.

Chazir Fresser said...


They cook ham in the pizza oven in Rome where Ivanka & Jared ate from.

And did Lookstein give the "heter" for them to enter the Vatican?

LA said...


Abner Weiss was behaving like Tropper when Union was just getting wet behind the ears.

LA said...


Union covered up for molesters Aron Tendler & Sholom Tendler.

LA said...


Union covered up for molester Sholom DovBer Levitansky

Paul Mendlowitz said...


They were living together throughout the bogus process, and Schachter knew and was informed!

Atlanta said...


"Rabbi" Michael Broyde aka "Hershel Goldwasser" is a specialist at allowing avaryanim who chase goyas to sleep with them during the "process". Broyde is however smart enough to make them maintain 2 leases on separate apartments for appearances.

If you want to see the fruits of Broyde's work look at the guy who moved with his goya to West Virginia where their only connection to "Judaism" is the Reform temple with the Chomo "rabbi" who lives with his "partner".

Flatbush said...

Boruch Stanieski who is in diamonds & is a big shot at the Mercaz minyan is renting an apt to a dangerous child molester who looks like an innocent guy in a yarmulka:


Molester Aharon at 1544 East 34th St just off Kings Hwy

Anonymous said...

Do you think Jared and Ivanka were walking over to David Ingber's Romemu congregation on Shabbat? There are reports of witnesses seeing them every shabbat at Romemu... Hard to believe they walked from their apt on 57th street on the Lower East side to 106th street on the Upper West Side... afterall, we already know they aren't into walking on shabbat... and their secret service guards wouldn't want to have accompany them for that long walk either. If they were walking, you would have heard about it.

But Romemu says it all... services held in a church with an orchestra, and mixed seating, and a rabbi who hosts the kiddush for Srully's Stein's name changing to Chava Avigayil. Who is the rabbi giving them a hetter? The Yeshivat Chovovei Torah smicha grad David Ingber?

As if they really need a hetter altogether... the whole conversion was just a shpiel. Jared didn't want orthodox, just like his brother doesn't want Jewish and is upfront about it. But Jared surely didn't want to be cut out of the will, either.

why must they insist they are orthodox (and make life tough for every sincere orthodox Jew)? Bc they want to have an orthodox conversion that is recognized by the state of Israel rabbanut.

Ich bein ein Chaim Berliner said...

Ingber is an ausvarf from Chaim Berlin. I didn't know he was in YCT as well. But it matters not as he has become Conservative Egalitarian / Renewal.

Yair Hoffman said...