Thursday, June 20, 2019

The State of Israel has become a safe haven for perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Just a few months ago, we learned that the deputy health minister, Yaakov Litzman, obstructed the extradition of a woman accused of 74 accounts of child sexual abuse — and that she was only one of at least 10 cases.

The enemy in our own backyard

This country protects child sex abusers and silences their victims -- and the vast majority of perpetrators are not Arabs, but Jews!
Illustrative. Courtesy of Pixabay

When the news broke yesterday about the alleged horrific rape of a 7-year-old girl, allegedly by a Palestinian janitor, my WhatsApp groups and Facebook feeds were inundated with outraged and horrified posts. On several local groups in my community, parents were calling for the schools to stop employing Palestinians in order to protect our children.

On the one hand, I understand this instinct. Police insist that they are investigating the crime as criminally motivated, but it is hard to untangle criminal from nationalist motivations in a case like this one. Rape is the expression of a desire for dominance; to assert control over another, weaker human being. It has been used as a tool of war since the dawn of humanity. Even if this alleged rapist selected his victim because she was convenient, and not because she was Jewish, how can we really know that the cultural atmosphere in which he lives didn’t contribute to his perception of her as an easy and desirable target? Especially in light of the brutal rape and murder of Ori Ansbacher just months ago, it seems disingenuous not to factor in the routine dehumanization of Jews and Israelis that takes place in Palestinian society when considering his motivations.

And yet, if we reserve our outrage concerning the sexual violation of our children for Arab perpetrators only, we are doing ourselves and our children a grave injustice — not to mention becoming guilty of dehumanization and prejudice ourselves.

The State of Israel has become a safe haven for perpetrators of child sexual abuse. Just a few months ago, we learned that the deputy health minister, Yaakov Litzman, obstructed the extradition of a woman accused of 74 accounts of child sexual abuse — and that she was only one of at least 10 cases. Moti Elon, a so-called rabbi who was convicted of molesting a minor, was welcomed back by his community and allowed to continue teaching; unsurprisingly, he recently confessed to new misconduct. Eliezer Berland, another so-called rabbi who was convicted of sexual assault, is still revered and seen as a misunderstood martyr in his community, and his business is thriving.

A couple weeks ago, I spent Shabbat with a friend in Ramat Beit Shemesh, who matter-of-factly informed me that parents are wary of letting their kids go to the playground at certain hours because there have been “incidents.” The perpetrators of those “incidents” still walk free.

We live in a country where child sexual abusers are protected and their victims are silenced.

And the vast majority of these perpetrators are not Arabs. They are Jews.

We should not ban Arabs from coming in contact with our children in our schools. That would be racist and wrong, and it would deprive our children of a valuable opportunity to learn from and befriend people from other cultures.

What we should do is insist that anyone — Arab or Jew — who comes in regular contact with our children be properly vetted and screened before being hired. There should be rigorous background checks. Multiple references should be consulted. Candidates should be thoroughly interviewed by someone who knows how to recognize warning signs.

Most importantly, we need to start holding our own communities accountable and stop allowing known sexual predators to thrive in our midst.

We need to take reports of sexual abuse seriously and have systems in place for investigating and addressing them. We need to train teachers and parents to recognize grooming patterns and inappropriate behavior of adults toward children. We need to teach our children to discern safe touch from unsafe touch and good secrets from bad secrets, and show them how to respond when someone violates the safety rules.

It’s so easy to point fingers at the Other. But even if the allegations about this horrific rape are true, it was the exception, not the rule. It’s time we looked in our own backyard and protected our children from the people who are most likely to harm them.



Mayim Stoliner Yimteku said...


Ukranian newspaper picks up Lopin's report on Yaakov Bleich

Mayim Stoliner Yimteku said...


Strange sounding interaction here with Bleich if anyone can read Ukranian & teitch it as the Google translate is a little primitive.

I don't know what Lopin's problem is that he's looking for Bleich info but makes it difficult to post on his blog.

Street Corner Crazy said...

Was Bleich on Belsky's protected list?


We'd be hearing angry pushback about now in high decibel "Stoliner Kaddish" mode!

Calling Yankel Applegrad said...


Police say the campus safety director for Norwich Free Academy was arrested, charged with not filing a report on child abuse that happened at the school.

Anonymous said...

I learned at Telshe Yeshiva when Yaakov Bleich studied there. Already then he was considered an unstable man of weird opinions. He was also a study partner of Pinchas Goldschmidt (now chief rabbi of Moscow and the guy behind CER). As far as I know, they are still best friends. Bleich and Goldschmidt have close ties with Russian and Ukranian Mafia men and have been involved in numerous crimes. Goldschmidt went as far as accepting prostitutes into his version of Judaism:

Однажды мы уже писали, что мечтой Гольдшмидта является должность главного раввина Израиля. И ему абсолютно наплевать на то, что происходит в его синагоге. Не так давно в Израиле разразился громкий скандал – две девушки (не будем называть имена), прошедшие гиюр у Гольдшмидта, оказались на поверку «дамами с пониженной социальной ответственностью» (не те ли брюнетки, что раздели в прямом и переносном смысле издателя Гринберга?). Поэтому к гиюрам Гольдшмидта в Земле Обетованной нынче относятся крайне осторожно.

Bleich also will do anything for money. Here is his recent photo inside Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev together with Christian clergymen:

photo alone: http://static.espreso.tv/uploads/article/2556879/images/im578x383-Sw_Sofija.jpg

Dozens of Russian and Ukranian sites report Bleich and Goldschmidt as criminal bosses, but that is almost unknown in the English-speaking world!

Учите русский и украинский языки, тогда и узнаете всю правду об этих грязных раввинах и прочих подонках...
Вивчайте російську та українську мови, тоді і дізнаєтеся всю правду про ці брудних рабинів і інших покидьків...

Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp Reads Russain Newspapers!

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt's right hand rabbi Shimon Levin was caught masturbating during Passover after watching porn inside his study in the main Moscow synagogue. Instead of purging his evil surroundings, Goldschmidt did everything to ban the Levin video (YouTube complied). However, it is still available online. The photos from it can be viewed here: http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/blagin_anton/33716210/3265101/3265101_800.jpg.

Anonymous said...

"...if anyone can read Ukranian & teitch it...."

До мене приїжджав рабин Яків Блайх, привіз курочку, молитовник від Віктора Пінчука, і розповідає: "Я говорив із Вітею, якщо ти хочеш, то тебе відпустять, тільки оголоси, ну справді присягнись, що все закінчили". Я кажу: "Збирай курочку і до побачення". Я не доторкнувся. І почав стукати у двері, відкривайте. Кажуть: "Чого?". "Мені в баню", — відповідаю. Ми пішли в баню, він пішов, досі мені згадує, на Подолі синагога.


Rabbi Yaakov Bleich visited me [in prison], brought along a chicken and prayer book from [oligarch] Victor Pinchuk and said: "I spoke with Vitya [Pinchuk]. If you wish, you will be released [from prison] — just declare, truly swear that everything is finished." I replied: "Get the chicken and goodbye." I did not touch it and began to thump at the door so that they open it. [Guards] asked me: "What do you want?" "I need to take a bath," I replied. We went to the bath, and he left. He still remembers me, his synagogue is on Podil.

That is to say, Bleich is just another Mafia man!

VIDEO said...

This is the original video that rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt and his henchmen have been trying to ban. Most of the websites complied when threatened with lawsuits, but some Russian sites did not. Click this text for a live link.

Anonymous said...

Yaakov Bleich & Pinchas Goldschmidt & Mafia

Anonymous said...

i am a victim of rabbi bleich tried getting in touch wth mr lopin doesn''t respond via facebook or wordpress don''t k now were to turn

Anonymous said...

I know that JCW has a lot on Bleich, contact Shana Aronson: shana@jewishcommunitywatch.org

Bensonhoist said...

What's the story with Luke Ford accusing Bleich's shver the late R' Shabsi Wigder of also being a molester? He has no details & I've never heard this before. Any truth to it? I think he was a Dayan so if true is that how he found victims or how else?

Max said...

I was shocked by the VIDEO posted above of rabbi Shimon Levin masturbating in the shul. So I wanted to read more on rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt who was covering up such shameful episodes, and I looked him up in Wikipedia. He or his men surely edited some facts of his bio! For example, the English version says, “He has authored articles on issues of Jewish law regarding post-Soviet Jewry and has published a collection of responsas with a compilation of Russian Jewish names "Zikaron Basefer", (Moscow 1996).” The same is in the Hebrew version (הרב חיבר שו"ת על בעיות הלכתיות של יהודי חבר העמים בשם "זיכרון בספר"‏) and in the Russian version (I got the translation through Google: “Pinchas Goldschmidt is the author of many scientific papers on Halacha, of which the most fundamental is the book of answers, "Zikaron be-sefer", dedicated to the specific issues of halacha arising from the Jews of Russia of the late and post-Soviet period” (Russian: “Пинхас Гольдшмидт является автором многих научных трудов по Галахе, из которых наиболее фундаментальный — книга респонсов «Зикарон бэ-сэфер», посвященная специфическим вопросам галахи, возникающим у евреев России поздне- и постсоветского периода”)). The “collection of responsas,” “שו"ת” and “most fundamental... book of answers” turned out to be about twenty large-print pages in the Torah journal Moriah published two decades ago: קונטרס שמות גיטין. הרב פנחס שלמה גולדשמידט. מוריה, רכג-ה, תשנ"ד, פז-קה. Naturally, that in no way may be considered a significant publication, especially in view of the fact that the great Rabbi Yosef Eliyahu Henkin זצ"ל preceded preschooler Goldschmidt (by far) with the detailed lists of various names. Still, Goldschmidt published the same lie on his Conference of European Rabbis site (and look there at his entertaining photo with his finger pointing upward). Furthermore, besides online interviews I could not find any noteworthy publications authored by rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt. It always starts with a small distortion of truth. It always gets ugly at the end.

Anonymous said...

And who said, by the way, that Goldschmidt was ever qualified to compile any halachic name lists in the first place? He and his fellow "rabbis" know nothing about the Jewish Law, in his yeshiva days at Ner Yisroel of Balto all he knew was sex and Commodore computers! In the page of Goldschmidt's Conference of European Rabbis that Max quotes you see a section חבר הנאמנים headed by the CER Chairman Boris "Mao" Mints. The description says he is in UK, but the link gets you to the page where he is still in Moscow. Why? Because he stole pension funds (billions of rubles) from myriads of impoverished Russian citizens and escaped to England with all that money!!! Poor Bleich! If only he had had the money of Chairman-Banker Mao Zedong Mintz, he would never have been taken off the CER website!

The Insider said...

After Pinchas Goldschmidt put out his silly names list, mentioned by Max, he wanted to cash in on it and hired ghostwriters to make something out of his trash. (Goldschmidt's public lectures prove that until today he stammers to vocalize even a pellucid piece of Rambam.) Next year they actually managed to produce a minute book for him. His librettists' way of working was the following: Take any responsum of an earlier reputable Sage, slightly rephrase his original question, steal and then quote his sources as your own research and -- finally! -- say that you saw "a similar approach" in the Sage's book (the last step may be omitted). Nothing new -- crooked yeshiva students with bogus scholarship do that daily and call it חידושי תורה (Torah novellae; we call that "boorish plagiarism"). Goldschmidt's book was clumsily made, had lots of mistakes (even in simple Hebrew) and loads of crazy expositions. For instance, it equated Stalin with Haman. For that, Goldschmidt's ghostwriters deliberately misspelled Stalin's first name, threw in his patronymic and even counted his last name so that איוסיף בן ויסריון סטאלין numerical amount became identical with איש צר ואויב המן or 721 (Machiavellian "the end justifies the means" is Goldschmidt's trademark). In Hebrew, אשתך (your wife) has the same value too. Thus, they could have also said that "Your Wife" = "Stalin" (some unfortunate Jewish husbands would readily agree). Of course, the Goldschmidt's book was so asinine that it got never reprinted. Likewise, since his "erudition" could not match even the brainless stuff in his book, Goldschmidt was afraid he could get probed and instantly debunked, so the book of this "holy rabbi" was, so to say, swept under the rug.


Yep, rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich is alive and kicking!!! Amid the scandal – rabbi Bleich’s sexual and sensual adventurism – he shamelessly managed to “restore” the Choral Shul in the Ukrainian town of Drohobych and “dedicate” a Sefer Torah – TheYeshivaWorld.com/news/general/1753334/ukraine-shul-where-menachem-begin-got-married-gets-its-first-sefer-torah-since-world-war-ii-photos.html!

The money came from Putin’s comrade Viktor Vekselberg, a notorious Russian Mafioso oligarch, whose mother is not even Jewish, and who never even thought of becoming a halachic Jew! (“He has all the merits to be considered for the title of Honorary Citizen of this town,” asserted Bleich.)

Evil Bleich, you may think that you dedicated the Torah, but, instead, you desecrated, defiled, and dishonored it!!!!!