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For a Minimum of $95 and Up --- This Charlatan Chazer Will Steal Your Hard Earned Money ---- This Other Blog Keeps Taking Money From This Thief For Promoting This Fraud! Just Sayin'....

Removing Ayin Horah Remotely from Yerusholayim (and remotely removes you from your money at the same time - mamash a nes)

 People from the frum community worldwide have recently been enthralled with the amazing abilities of Rav Doniel Hool shlitah, who diagnoses ayin horah and then destroys it remotely from Yerusholayim, using the traditional method of pouring molten lead or ‘Blei Gissen’. Almost every day for the last few months, the list of stories on ‘the lead reveals’ page of his website gets longer!

  Provided with only the hebrew name of the client (and his/her’s mothers hebrew name) Rav Hool does the procedure in Yerusholayim and then tells the client -wherever they are on the planet- with uncanny accuracy what physical ailments he/she is suffering from. He has told people from all over the world whether they have problems with their teeth, a stiff neck, back pain, intestinal issues and so on.

 Rav Hool says “Telling people whom I have never met- what they are suffering from is not simply a ‘party trick’……There may be six hundred Reuven Ben Rochel’s alive, but when I tell Reuven ben Rochel in Los Angeles that he has a problem with his right leg and his left shoulder- he now has full confidence that I am treating the right person!”

 When asked how he can ‘read the lead’ like this, he simply says: “Every breath I breathe is with Siyyatah DiShmayah, and similarly it is only with Siyattah Dishmayah that I can do anything at all!”
 Rav Hool says almost everyone he has done the procedure for- showed clear signs of ayin horah in the lead. “Even if they have no physical ailments, the ayin horah shows up in the lead and it may be affecting any non physical area of their lives…”

 Not only has Rav Hool successfully diagnosed the ailments people have, he also has an impressive record of bringing a positive change in their lives by destroying their ayin horah! For example a woman had the procedure done because she needed a shidduch, but when Rav Hool did the procedure, he told her “You have lower back pain that is giving you difficulty to walk!” Three days after the procedure she reported her back problem had disappeared!

 A couple of weeks ago, a client who had the procedure done for his wife three weeks prior told Rav Hool ” “Yeah! No toothaches whatsoever since the procedure (she had toothaches the whole time beforehand!) and even though she has had some light headaches- they are much, much much better, not comparable to the absolutely agonizing headaches she had before the procedure!


 Last week, a woman who had suffered continuous pain in her arm for two years straight, reported her pain has completely disappeared only four days after the procedure!

 Rav Hool has successfully ‘treated’ migraines, insomnia, parnossah issues shidduchim and so on!
 One can never know for sure whether it was the procedure done by Rav Hool that has caused a positive change, but the yeshuos people have seen soon after the procedure are too many to ignore! Many of the impressive successes are listed on the “success stories” of his website.

 Rav Hool only does the procedure for someone who agrees to undertake the strengthening of a mitzvah. Rav Hool says: “They don’t need to tell me what mitzvah they have chosen- it is between them and Hashem Yisborach, but I feel we can only have Siyattah DiShmayah if they provide this ‘spiritual currency’. I insist the undertaking is very small so that their kabolloh is 100% genuine.”

 Rav Hool has the full written endorsement (!) of Harav haGaon Rav Mattisyahu Doitch shlitah- dayan of the Eidah Chareidis and Moreh D’asrah of Ramat Shlomo Yerusholayim. He also has the encouragement from Harav Hagaon Rav Dovid Abuchatzerah Shlita.

 A talmid of Yeshivas Mercaz HaTorah, Gateshead, Ponevez and Mir, Rav Hool has been learning Torah full time for 30 years. It is intriguing that a talmid of the ‘litveshe’ yeshivos would get into such a thing but Rav Hool replies “I saw that the procedure actually works, and I know Hagaon Rav Yisroel Yaakov Fisher ztz’l sent hundreds of people to get rid of ayin horah in this way. What’s more- the Tzemach Tzeddek even allows heating up the lead on shabbos to try and save someones life- under certain circumstances! So if with S’D’ I can help people, and they will strengthen the performance of a mitzvah- why not?!”

To have the procedure done remotely-wherever you are in the world!- go to www.shevatiheyenoh.com

Moreynu Rosh Hayeshivah Hagaon Rav Gershon Edelstein Shlitah, Rosh Yeshivas Ponevez discussing divrey Torah with Rav Hool in Rav Hool’s home in 1997

 Moreynu Rosh Yeshivas Gateshead, Hagaon Rav Avrohom Gurvitz Shlitah with Rav Hool in 2005


INTERESTING FACT: Facial/skin blemishes are caused by Ayin horah! (Ba'al Shem Tov)

Procedure: $95

Kamiah discounted to $95 (plus $10 postage) if purchased with procedure.

Kamiah alone: $125 (plus $10 postage)

Payment may be made via Paypal (using email: dons77@gmail.com -Please select 'Pay for products or services' not 'family and friends') and we will confirm receipt of payment with you by email before the procedure. 

To Contact us:

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2.  Once you have contacted us we will contact you by email (usually within 24 hrs) and let you know when the procedure can be done, or how to receive the kamiah.
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Any emails you receive from Rav Hool will be from email: dons77@gmail.com

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Anonymous said...




5) Ayin Harah
They may claim that someone you know is giving you an ayin hara, and only they can see it and cure it – naturally for a fee. (Real mekubalim do not ask for any payment for such a thing, nor do they even suggest a sum.) The kabbalists’ customary fee is $72 just for testing if they can detect an ayin hara. If they feel an ayin hara must be cured, there will be an additional fee of $360 for each attempt to cure it!!


"[Hool D]estroys it remotely from Yerusholayim, using the traditional method of pouring molten lead or ‘Blei Gissen.’"

Even rabbi Chaim Kanievsky objects:
הוצאת עין הרע ע"י עופרת
ש: כדאי להוציא עין הרע על ידי עופרת?‏
ת: המצאה שלא מוזכרת במשנה, בגמרא, בראשונים, בשולחן ערוך ובאחרונים (וכן אמר הגר"ח קניבסקי: אין לעשות כן. סגולות רבותינו 338-336 – מ"צ). ובאשר למהות עין הרע עיין עין איה ברכות כ (נר באישון לילה, עמ' 251).‏

And I love the fact that Rav Hools's (almost wrote "Fools") "Kamiah" may be "discounted" -- next step: "BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE!" :)

Tadeusz Kościuszko said...

Who is "rabbi" Doniel Hool? I could find virtually nothing about him Online or Offline. Where did he come from? Is he originally from England and a son of Minna Hool? Because his British origins might explain his quackery: The Laodicean Jewish community there had so many scandals in the past years…

At "The Yeshiva World" [note their "Sponsored Content" mark], comments say Hool is "a brilliant man" who has "the written approval of a Dayan of the Eidah Chareidis," and the fact that "HaRav Hagaon Rav Gershon Eidelstein" was "eating in his house" proves that one can fully trust him.

But let's look at some facts:

1) In his FAQ, Hool answers the very first question in the following way:
Q: If I’m correct, the term is not 'Ayin Horah' [The Evil Eye]. The precise term is 'Ayin Ra-ah' [Evil Eye]?
A: According to Rashi Bereshis 16:5, and 49:22 It’s actually 'Ayin Horah'!! (see also Talmud Brochos 20a)

However, Rashi to Bereshis 21:14, Shemos 34:3, Bamidbar 12:1 & 24:2, Devorim 18:4, Shmuel I 16:18 & 18:9, Yechezkel 45:13 and Mishlei 23:7 used the term "Ayin Ra-ah" (עין רעה)! Moreover, Talmud Brochos 55b used the same term! Hool is so ignorant that he failed to realize the words in Hebrew may be written with the definite article: That is like saying "Evil Eye" and "the Evil Eye" in English!

2) Hool quotes the responsum of Tzemach Tzeddek (1, 2) to prove that his actions are justified. Yet Hool's own photo shows a man with a shortly trimmed beard. It is known to everyone in the Orthodox Jewish world that Tzemach Tzeddek of Lubavitch viewed beard trimming as a grave desecration of G-d's Law (שו"ת צ"צ יורה דעה סימן צ"ג). Additionally, Tzemach Tzeddek quoted Arizal, the foremost cabalist in the entire Jewish history, who banned beard trimming according to Cabala (which Hool pretends to use). That's just another proof Hool is a fraud.

3) And look at these replies:
Will I get a refund if the procedure doesn't work? No!
How do you know you have destroyed all ayin horah? We don't!
Where did Rav Hool learn to do this and can anyone be trained to do it? Rav Hool cannot answer this for reasons he cannot say.

But I can answer this: Hool is a criminal who uses people's misery for his own agenda! He is not a genuine cabalist (if such thing exits), he does not know the Jewish Law, he has poor knowledge of even simple Hebrew (and English!) grammar. Yet he knows how to swindle! When a loved one is ill, lonely or suffering, some people grasp at anything resembling a straw. They pay money to crooks like Hool. Hool, of course, knows that he knows nothing. But he keeps tricking poor souls deliberately and intentionally… and keeps charging for his scams. The existence of community charlatans like Hool shows the level of disintegration and decay of the contemporary Orthodox Judaism.

If you really want to get rid of "Evil Eye," read blogs like theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com. Then you eyes will open and no orthodox evil will ever come upon you. Guaranteed!

Anonymous said...

I prayed to the Lord to let me know the significance of $95 and $125 rabbi Hool's prices according to His mysteries. The Heavenly voice then spoke to me and explained that the numerical value of דונאלד (Donald Trump) is 95 and לדונאלד (to Donald Trump) is 125. I was much confused and replied that I could not accept Mr. Trump as the answer. The voice then said that if I did not like Donald, I could use 95 of גבלס instead.

suri said...

evil rabbis, evil religion, evil god !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tadeusz Kościuszko, you guessed it right, Doniel Hool is from England (checked it here: https://www.jpost.com/Features/About-Me-Daniel-Hool). Click the link I just gave because the rabbi has a really insane resume! By the way, twelve years ago, he already fathered six (!) kids. That about the only thing he knows how to do!!! Some things he says about himself:

Occupation: Talmud Scholar [YES, HE CONSIDERS HIMSELF TO BE A SCHOLAR!!!]
Pets: Stuffed synthetic Koala bear [ADULT IDIOT!!!]
Religious affiliation / observance: Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) [YEP, HE IS VERY-VERY RELIGIOUS!!!]
Comfort food: A Shwarma from Jerusalem wrapped in a laffa [WHAT A PERVERT...]

He then writes in his bio:
I am the youngest of 5 children, and at various ages I have enjoyed and excelled in, shooting, badminton, football, hiking, skiing, parachuting, drama, guitar, Karate, debating.


Oh, about Messiah. That is one of Hool’s three wishes:
3 wishes: 1) I merit to see Moshiach in my lifetime. 2) I continue to toil in Torah study for the rest of my life 3) My secular Jewish brothers and sisters take the time to investigate why people like me spend their lives learning Torah.

My predictions and observations: 1) Hool will never see the Messiah (nobody will), 2) Hool’s “Torah study” turned out to be another “Cabbalistic” scam, 3) As his “secular Jewish brother or sister” I took my time to investigate why people like Hool “spend their lives learning Torah.” BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!!