Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Haman Of Our Times

Vayehi Beyimei Margulies V’Kolko

This post is to update the public on the goings on since I mailed the letter so many of you received.

Members of my group have been in touch with Margulies and Kolko. As I predicted to them, every agreement reached with Margulies was shortly thereafter breached by him.

As I’ve been telling my friends,

“you can’t teach an alter mamzer new tricks.”

Most recently, at the behest of a prominent asken and Yeshiva Torah Temimah parent, Margulies proposed a panel of three to hear the charges and evidence against Kolko. We immediately agreed. Sound like progress? With anyone other than Margulies I’d be dancing for joy. With Margulies I knew it was only a matter of time before he backed out of this latest agreement.

Guess what my friends, I was right again!

The latest ploy by Margulies and Kolko involves Margulies shopping around for a reason not to go to his own bais din. That’s right, this human tinaf poorly disguised as the “Rosh Yeshiva” is looking for ways to avoid bais din in order to keep a molester in Yeshiva Torah Temima!

The depths of Margulies depravity is beginning to surprise even me.

We have irrefutable proof that Yudi Kolko is a chronic and violent child molester. So does Margulies! Every day that goes by produces more horrific stories of Kolko violently abusing children. Yet, Margulies refuses to fire this sick violent child molester.

Is this the man we want running a Yeshiva with a thousand children?

My brothers and sisters, whether you like me or hate me, agree with my ravings on other topics or are furious at me for expressing myself as I have, you all agree with me that a child molester does not belong in the classroom.

I’ve been patient. I’ve been relatively quiet. I’m out of patience.

If Margulies and Kolko do not appear before bais din immediately I will release the other vicious "dogs" on them and Yeshiva Torah Temimah. This is a promise. As you all know, I deliver on my promises.

I want the world to know that I gave Margulies and Kolko every chance possible to prevent this next move. They can still stop me. All they have to do is go straight to bais din, don’t stop at go, don’t collect $200, just go straight to Bais Din. NOW!


Anonymous said...

why all this hysteria? why not just sue? after following this blog for a while i think your full of shit. not a single person has come forth after this entire time and said "i was molested by kolko" its time foryou to present your evidence or shut up and stop whining

boog said...


As Pat Riley used to say when he coached the Lakers, "It's Show Time"!

No more delays, no more waiting.

Unleash the bombs NOW!

Every minute you delay is the potential for another tyereh Yiddeshe Nefesh to be molested by this tinaf-tinofes.

There is no soap strong enough to wash away these new potential stains.

Go for it!

Anonymous said...

just curious, not that it makes a difference, but did margo give a reason for his no-show at bais din?
and which bais din is hearing this case?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Margulies is now ignoring bais din? What a menuvil he is.

Anonymous said...

why shuld margolies go to bais din. he didnt molest anybody.

Anonymous said...

Margulies must be hiding a lot we don't know about. Din Torah is his best bet and he won't even go there?

What about Kolko, is he also not going?

Anonymous said...

margoles believes in one thing. money. when parents stop feeding him he will have no choice. he will have to kick out koko and go th bes din.

nervous tt parent said...

If Margulies and Kolko do not appear before bais din immediately I will release the other vicious "dogs" on them and Yeshiva Torah Temimah. This is a promise. As you all know, I deliver on my promises.
------------------------------------ uoj,
please deliver your promise the effective way.
margokolko and gang are playing with you.
just do what you got to do and bring this to a halt. writing about the daily going ons on a blog is useless unless we hit a home run.

Anonymous said...

Nervous TT Parent:

Unlike Margulies, UOJ acts within the boundaries of Halacha. One integral part of a prosecution in the days of Sanhedrin, was the requirement of a Hasraha; or warning of the specific punishment the transgressor will incur if they proceed.

UOJ has publicly warned Margulies and Kolko before each of his moves. He is doing the same now.

I believe the “dogs” he is referring to are the media. They seem to be poised and ready to pounce as soon as a very minor requirement is met.

He has warned Margulies and Kolko that if Kolko is not immediately put on leave from the Yeshiva and if Margulies does not immediately appear with Kolko in Bais Din; the only choice left is for the outside world to deal with the atrocities committed by Kolko and covered-up by Margulies.

Let us all hope that Margulies acts rationally and appears before Bais Din.

Anonymous said...

It is time to go to the press with your claims. It may be a chilul Hashem but the inaction by Das Torah is heart breaking. The Chilul Hasem is on their heads.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Love me or hate me..I don't want to destroy an entire yeshiva. I just want to get rid of Margulies and Kolko, two of the biggest r'shaim living today.

For now I'm burning the candles on both ends...there are respected rabbonim that are advising us...If the mamzerim don't come to bais din...they will give us the green light to pull the plug on the yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

do u know for sure that these respected rabbonim are NOT playing both sides of the coin?

TT Parent said...


There is no TT separate and distinct from RM. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it.

You cannot "get rid" of RM without harming TT.

Do what you must or not as you decide. But please do not insult our intelligence.

Thank You.

nervous tt parent said...

I agree with the hsrrah method that uoj is giving marg and koko before each move , but i also think that he is waiting way too long between each move.
I am not a judGe but in such a detrimental situation he should not give him more than 48-72 hours on each. MAX.
Lets put it in the right prespective.
If margo found out that a certain student had a TV at home.
How long would he give the parents to get rid of it?
Not even the 48 hrs. AL ACHAS KAMA V KAMA.

Anonymous said...

Neither Rome nor TT were built in a day. Neither Rome nor TT fell in a day.

The destruction has started.

Margo may be able to salvage TT if he moves quickly, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Which bais din did you call him to? I would like to confirm with the bais din that they are involved. If you haven't selected a particular beis din, which would you like to go to?

Anonymous said...


So far you are full of shit.so -get on it.....either produce evidence or just quit it. Every day that goes by you look more and more as a big (purim)joke.Maybe you should wait until April 1st to strike again.

Anonymous said...


Ask Rabbi Kolko if he saw the Curious George movie yet.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

TT Parent,

Willie Wiesner has the ability to throw Margulies out on his ass.

By the time we're done with Margulies...there will be a new guy running the place. Margulies once exposed, will not be let in the doors of any yeshiva.

Margulies is finished...we're trying to keep the yeshiva intact...the longer the TT parents and board sit on their fat asses...the greater the risk that TT will be closed down by the authorities and the State Board Of Education.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, what exactly do you want the TT parents to do?

Anonymous said...

Willie Wiesner
is his name *WILLIE*?
How ironic!
So margo needs a *WILLIE*
wouldnt kolko qualify at that? to get him UP & OUT

Anonymous said...

Who is willie wanka weisner?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The TT parents should organize with the asken and get the two rishaim into a bais din setting immediately.

Contact Elliot Pasik Esq., he's handling that aspect..We have selected our toen, and two prominent rosh yeshivas agreed to sit on bais din.

TT Parent said...


Lets face facts.

A large minority of TT Rebbeim Administrators and teachers are RM relatives or have been with him so long as to be joined at the hip. There is no way that RM really "goes" without them leaving also. If not, RM continues to run the Yeshiva by proxy. If they go too, TT is damaged.

There is no way lone tt parents will try to be "heroes" by taking on the hanhala single handed. Their kid(s) will be thrown out and have difficulty finding another yeshiva. It is just a sad fact of life of our "exalted" community of pc lemmings.

If the "authorities" close down TT, so be it. Not many of us will shed any tears. The non RM rebbeim and teachers will be hurt the most.

TT parents will not have a hard time finding a school that will take their kids if TT is shut by the state.

Your critisicm of the Board is fully justified, but again no one would feel at all sorry if the "esteemed" board members did not find a suitable replacement "kovod" position. Besides, the Board no less than RM has legal responsibility for this mess, or haven't you or their lawyers clued them in about that.

As for WW isn't he generally AWOL and isn't he in Florida. Oh yes maybe he is coming back to hear Lipa (Schmeltzer that is not Margulies) this Motzoei Shabbos. If he is the best weapon you have, i am afraid that the battle is lost.

Please do not blame the parents who are caught in the middle and are powerless, when those responsible are asleep at the wheel.

I watch TV said...

I agree with the first anon, I'd like a little more proof. I don't think you're completely full of it, but more proof would help me believe you more.

Also,-Nervous TT Parent--NICE line about the TV thing!! AWESOME STUFF!!!! LOLOL!!! That was smart, clever, and oh, so very true.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

TT Parent,

I can not sympathize with your position. The do nothing approach is destroying Yiddishkeit. What would you do if you saw Margulies coming out of a bais zonah?


How could you leave your kids in a school run by a rasha m'rusha...a person who has endangered thousand of kids over 35 years???

Are you crazy????

Get in touch with Elliot Pasik Esq., he will keep your identity confidential.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The proof is out there for people who care to look and ask.

The irrefutable evidence and witnesses will be presented in court and bais din.

another TT parent said...

TT Parent,

There is at least one TT parent
who was not afraid to call TT (and give his name) after thoroughly investigating the matter and request that Margulies terminate the employment of Kolko.

Imagine if 10 or 20 parents would have made similar phone calls. The collective voice of the TT parent body is not powerless. Your attitude, unfortunately, is self-defeating. Victims are crying - waiting for TT parents to stand up in their defense and honor. Now is the time to act!

Justice Prevails said...

Rabbi Aron Tendler has stepped down six months early from the pulpit of
Shaarey Zedek, an Orthodox synagogue in Valley Village, because "it was
no longer
appropriate for Rabbi Tendler to continue," shul officials said.

Tendler, 51, first announced his resignation in a January letter to
congregants. At the time, he said he planned to remain leader of the
synagogue until
the High Holidays in September. But in a March 6 letter to congregants,
president Jim Kapenstein and board chair Yacov Yellin wrote that
Tendler would be
stepping down immediately in light of "new matters which had recently
brought to our attention."

The letter offers no specifics and shul officials declined to

Separately, The Journal has learned that Tendler was once accused of
inappropriate conduct at the Yeshiva of Los Angeles (YULA), an Orthodox
high school in
Pico-Roberston where he had worked from 1980 through June 1999, first
as a
teacher and then also as a principal. The 1987 investigation was
but Tendler transferred from the girls school to the boys school, which
located on a separate campus.

Allegations against Rabbi Tendler surfaced on Jewish blogs - web logs -
than a year ago, citing anonymous sources who alleged the rabbi had
inappropriately toward women and girls. These rumors were alluded to
briefly in
articles published in two East Coast newspapers about problems facing
rabbi´s brother, Mordechai Tendler, who is currently defending himself
accusations of sexual misconduct.

Aron Tendler could not be reached for comment. In January, when he
announced his departure, Tendler declined to be interviewed, referring
Journal to his resignation letter. This week, he did not return calls

In his Jan. 18 letter to the congregation, Tendler characterized his
resignation, after 22 years of affiliation with the synagogue, as

"This has been a decision I have contemplated for some time, and after
soul-searching and deliberation and with the full support of [my wife]
and the family, I decided that it was time to explore other
opportunities and
embark on a new aspect of my personal and professional life."

Tendler wrote that he intended to stay in the community but wanted more
with his family and to pursue writing, teaching and other projects: "On
occasion, I would like to sleep for more than four hours. Selfishly
put, I want more
time, and if not now, when?"

Tendler is regarded as a charismatic leader and an inspiring teacher
speaker - someone who could turn around troubled youths, leading them
to more
religious, more successful lives. In 1999, he received an educator´s
award from
the Milken Family Foundation.

This week´s letter to congregants notes that the stepped-up departure
agreed upon by Tendler, board chair Yellin and president Kapenstein
just prior to
Tendler´s recent trip to Israel: "At that time we agreed that current
circumstances [which include new matters that had recently been brought
to our
attention] have caused us to conclude that it was no longer appropriate
for Rabbi
Tendler to continue with his previously announced rabbinic transition."

When Tendler returned from Israel on March 2, he and the two shul
briefed the synagogue´s executive board, and the letter went out to
the following Monday.

"In short, the decision was made that, in the best interest of the
Rabbi Tendler´s resignation should be accelerated and Rabbi Tendler
agreed it was
prudent to do so," the letter said.

At the same time, an unofficial source close to synagogue leadership
that no congregation member had made any first-hand allegations about
conduct against the rabbi.

For their part, YULA officials declined to speak for attribution, but a
source close to the administration recounted events surrounding the
1987 Tendler
investigation in a prepared statement provided to The Journal.

While Tendler was at YULA "there was a charge regarding inappropriate
behavior, not sexual relation[s]," the source said.

"Immediately upon receiving the report," according to the statement,
school administration requested that a nationally renowned
investigatory lawyer
come to Los Angeles and conduct a thorough investigation." The results
of the
three-day investigation were "inconclusive."

"It was unclear what happened and the version of events and the motives
the participants were contradictory. There was no corroborating
evidence," the
statement said. "Immediately after the investigation, [the] school
administration, to remove any doubt, and to be careful and mindful of
the students´
well-being, permanently removed Rabbi Tendler from his position at the
girls school,
and Rabbi Tendler replaced those hours with more hours at the boys
Rabbi Tendler had no further official contact with the girls school.
After his
transfer to the boys school there were no more reports of any kind
Rabbi Tendler´s behavior."

The source added that the school has a zero-tolerance policy regarding
misconduct toward students.

Students and parents were never informed of either the accusations or
investigation. Some alumni family members, not speaking for
attribution, said
they were outraged that the issue had been concealed.

YULA was founded in 1977 by Rabbi Marvin Hier. It´s affiliated with The
Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance, which Rabbi Hier also

Jewish schools have emphasized a "zero-tolerance policy" against sexual
abuse and other forms of misconduct since the widely publicized case of
York-area Rabbi Baruch Lanner, who went to prison after leaders in the
community had, for years, brushed aside allegations of inappropriate
against him.

"We intend to uphold appropriate conduct not only in sexual abuse but
types of conduct," said Rabbi Avrohom Union, the rabbinic administrator
of the
Rabbinical Council of California (RCC).

The RCC oversees the rabbinical court and matters such as kashrut, or
dietary law. Union said it was against the organization´s policy to
comment on
whether the RCC was conducting an investigation. "We expect rabbis who
spiritual leaders in the community to behave not only in a manner
appropriate of
their position but also in a way becoming Orthodox Jews."

Rabbi Aron Tendler comes from a prestigious rabbinic family. His
was the illustrious Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, one of the de facto heads of
Orthodox community in the 20th century until his death in 1986. His
Rabbi Moshe David Tendler, is the rabbi of The Community Synagogue of
Monsey, an
ultra-Orthodox community in Rockland County, New York, and an expert on
medical ethics.

The New York Post reported that Aron's brother, Rabbi Mordechai
Tendler, was
suspended by the leadership of his synagogue, Kehillat New Israel,
which also
is located in Rockland County. In December, a former congregant sued
Tendler, alleging that he claimed to be the "Messiah" and gave her "sex
therapy" to help her find a husband during counseling, the Post wrote,
citing court
documents. Mordechai Tendler has denied any wrongdoing, challenges the
validity of the suspension and has taken his case to religious court.

Anonymous said...

There is an entire division of the FBI that is dedicated to searching the web for stories such as this. I wonder if they have already seen this or perhaps should be made aware of this situation.

Just wondering.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, no Bes Din will convict Kolko on molestation, because what Kolko did does not fall under the Halachic guidelines. If Kolko were to go, what happens yo Margolis? I think you should just drop the Bes Din and go straight to court. I knocked it out of Belsky's Bes Din and sent it elswhere. You are falling into their trap of Bes Din. Trust me, I was there the first time.

Anonymous said...

Teri Hatcher has just come out that she was molested as a child - maybe she decided to speak up because she's reading this blog...

Anonymous said...

What do you mean, that al pi halacha it's muttar to molest children?

boog said...


drop da bomb, now.

go to the media.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, some Rabbonim don't equate fondeling with molestation

Anonymous said...

those rabbonim that dont equate the two are molesters themselves

TT Parent said...


You cannot expect each parent to be investigator, judge and jury in this case.

Your comment was apt; prove the facts and we will act.

You cannot be serious about saving the yeshiva if you encourage parents to remove their children based on anonymous (albeit very serious) accusations.

Present the case in bais din, the media or with the authorities, as you choose, protecting RM or RK is not your goal. Do not worry about TT or where the kids will go to school. If TT is shut down, other yeshiva's will be happy to accept their parent body and kids.

Anonymous said...

"No beis din will convict kolko on molestation"


Firstly, only legal authorities convict people not Bais Din.

Bais Din will certainly remove him from his position as a Rebbi if he is found to have molested children. While he may not be Chayiv Skeelah he is certainly Chayiv Malkis Midoiraysoa as well as Makas Mardoos Miderabanan for those actions and is considered a Chushood al Harayos. As well as other issues. Take a look in the Rambam Hilchos Issurei Biah. The Poskim hold that such actions are more than sufficient to remove someone from such a position. Just imagine if he had been doing the same things to women. He would have been thrown out on his head in two seconds. Well guess what; the Issur with men and boys is more Chumoor than with women.

We need alot of education Halachically and socially in these areas. We need the blog and the mailings to educate a community that suffers from Halachic and social myopia with respect to molestation. We need to adopt the "zero tolerance" policy referred to by a previous commenter. The notion that this man thinks he can fife un the gantze velt and keep on this molester is sickening and will not be tolerated.

But he obviously knows something about our community. He knows the politics of fear and is convinced that he can indeed cower his entire parent body and the entire community into backing off. Its time for a revolution. Not just against him. But against this entire politics of fear that prevents people from speaking out and doing the right thing.

nervous tt parent said...

The fact that Margo is protecting koko, gives us reason to think that Margo is also guilty of the same thing, if not worse stuff. He is simply afraid to let the people open up the koko can of worms for fear of what we will find in his closet (CAN)

Anonymous said...

FrumHypocrisy said...
"...That's a victim thing; you ask yourself, 'Am I just crazy? Did I make all this up?' Somehow it might be easier to accept that you're crazy and you made it all up than to admit that it happened, and how awful it was," she said....

By Steve Gorman, Reuters

LOS ANGELES (March 7) - "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher revealed on Tuesday that she was sexually abused by an uncle as a child but kept it secret until he was arrested years later for molesting a girl who ultimately committed suicide.

In an interview appearing in Vanity Fair magazine, Hatcher said she told prosecutors about her abuse in 2002 because she was haunted by thoughts of the 14-year-old girl who shot herself and feared that her uncle might escape conviction.
"I was just blown over by this girl's pain," the 41-year-old television star told Vanity Fair, recalling she learned about the case from newspaper clippings.
"I thought, 'Boy, that's really close to being me.' Any day of the week, I could feel that sort of pain. I haven't tried to kill myself, but I've certainly thought about it, and then I feel guilty about thinking about it, because what's so terrible about my life?"
Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Chuck Gillingham credits Hatcher for putting her uncle, Richard Hayes Stone, who was then 64, behind bars.
"Without Teri, this case would have been dismissed," he told the magazine, explaining that Hatcher's account provided key corroborating evidence to establish a pattern of behavior.
Stone, who was married to Hatcher's mother's sister when she was a girl, pleaded guilty to four counts of child molestation in December 2002 and was sentenced to 14 years in prison after Hatcher agreed to testify against him.
"He pleaded guilty, and even though it wasn't to my crime, it was because of my crime, and that made me feel validated," the television star told the magazine.
"That's a victim thing; you ask yourself, 'Am I just crazy? Did I make all this up?' Somehow it might be easier to accept that you're crazy and you made it all up than to admit that it happened, and how awful it was," she said.
Hatcher initially kept her involvement in the case, which never went to trial, a closely guarded secret, declining to include the experience in her upcoming book "Burned Toast," in part because she worried it might harm her career.
"But I'm 41 years old, and it's time for me to stop hiding," she said.
Hatcher is best known for her TV role as the disaster-prone Susan Mayer on ABC's hit show "Desperate Housewives." She previously co-starred as Lois Lane on the 1990s TV drama "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman."
In the interview, Hatcher recalled in chilling detail how she was sexually molested by Stone starting at age 5, when she and her parents lived in Sunnyvale, California, and the conflicted emotions of feeling both special and ashamed.
"The most horrible thing, that has stuck with me all my life, is that he was touching me and doing things to me, and he said, 'Doesn't that feel good?' (And) I said, 'No, it doesn't.' He said, 'Well, someday you'll know what I'm talking about."'
Hatcher said that before going to prosecutors four years ago, she had never told anyone of her own ordeal, not even her parents. She said she last saw Stone when she was 8 or 9.

Nervous YKP parent said...

Whaat happenned to all the other interesting stuff you used to blog about ?????

boog said...



The only way you're going to stop a menuval tinaf tinofes like margolies is to drop da bomb on him, go straight to the Press for starters.

Bullies like margolies are very much the same like our Hamas and PLO cousins: They only understand and respond to force. Any other approach is considered a weakness to be exploited and exploiting to the hilt is what margolies has been and is currently doing.

Leave the nicey-nicey diplo approach, Queensbury Rules, and fixed Botei Din to the Neville Chamberlains of the world.

UOJ, I urge you again: Drop the bomb NOW! before another Jewish child is molested!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Margulies is hanging himself with the rope we're giving him.

By Purim, we intend to be able to stroll him down Ocean Parkway where everyone can dump their zevel on him.

We will not let klal Yisroel down...I promise.

Moopka said...

UOJ,pray tell how you plan on throwing Margulies out of TT if HE OWNS THE YESHIVA.

It is like saying that you're throwing George Steinbrenner out of the Yankees or your throwing Bill Gates out of Microsoft.


There is no separating the two.

I don't understand the logic in saying that you will get him out of TT.

It is ridiculous.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Think of the Shah of Iran...a violent overthrow of Margulies once his people find out who he REALLY is, a rasha unparalleled in the yeshiva world.

Anonymous said...

Does he own the properties?

Is it mortgaged?

What about his personal assets?

Does TT have liability insurance, and if yes, in what sums?

Who is TT's insurance company?

I hope that you can sue the pants off of RM and YK and that his victims can get monies for all of their suffering.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the logic in saying that you will get him out of TT.
You are incorrect f or several reasons

1` TT is federally funded so if the feds move in, he is out.
2` He is sitting on lots and lots of public money , so when the feds come in, that gets taken away too
plus uoj`s reason and others.

Anonymous said...


I believe at this point after reading everything and from what I have heard and "verified" as fact you are just harming people for your own self-worth s your life so unfulfilled that this is what you have to resort to??Although I went to TT and am a no longer practicing jew I still would never shame anyone and his family like the way you have.

You are no better than anyone you are accusing.I have spoken to the lawyers and if they felt that there was a case,Rabbi Kolko would have been let go or removed days ago.Remember lawyers move fairly quickly in these cases.Yes, convictions can take some time but they wouldnt let him stay there if all your claims were true.The cops/FBI would have been involved as well.As I have said before either produce your proof or find some other means of self-destruction.

This is part and parcel of what the orthodox Flatbush community is about.They love to spew their shit about other people because it makes them feel great about themselves.People love talking about other people and relish in the suffering of others.

The comments, for the most part, which I have read on your blogs are very immature to say the very least.
If there really was a problem with Rabbi Kolko as you say and there was proof....then he would have either been beaten the shit out of,taken out of TT or physically removed,or TT would have been picketed since the start of this.

The way you have gone through your campaign is abismal as well.Who in their right mind would send out a letter like the kind you sent out and expect people to take him seriously??!Come on already, you are obviously a smart individual so why are you coming off as such a (purim) clown??

Please respond

Anonymous said...

UOJ, we've got to get back to the stuff you used to post on the site, about issues in general. We're up to date on Haman, so let's hear you stand up and dish it out to the rest of the phonies.

TT Purim Rebbe said...

My inside sources are telling me that uoj is waiting to drop the bomb at the point in the megilla where we read *aseres bnei haman*

Anonymous said...

Whats your email address?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Critical Anonymous,

You raise interesting points. The best I can say for now is that the events will unfold in a non-conventional manner.

Remember that this is not a one person campaign, it is well thought out by a team of bright guys. Naturally, everyone has an opinion..and you are certainly entitled to yours.

I will say to you once again, there is irrefutable evidence against Kolko... and that Margulies knowingly and willingly kept him in a classroom environment knowing full well that Kolko is Ill and a danger to children.

As the case unfolds you will see that there is a method to our collective madness.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

UOJ-E-Mail Address:


moopka said...

Yes, Margulies owns the buildings.

They are under the yeshiva's name, but he is listed as owner of the yeshiva, so in essence , it is him.

It cannot be taken away from him.

The Shah never owned he Iran.

He ruled Iran, he may have thought he owned it, but he didn't.

Saddam may have thought that he owned Iraq.

A country cannot be owned, so it is a foolish analogy.

It is a privately owned institution!

How can you fire a person froma store they own?

You may be able to start a revolt - true.

You can force the yeshiva to close down. BUt, as long as Margulies is still alive, if TT is running, he is going to be at the healm.

There is no way someone else will be running the school during Margulies' lifetime.

Once again, you can try to make a revolt - that is probably as much as could be done.

The only problem then is the many other people - rabbein, teachers, etc. who work in the school and make their parnasa that way.

We have to be careful not to negatively affect thos people as we carefully go about our business here.

Anonymous said...

Thank You for removing that purim article .