Thursday, March 30, 2006

Rishaim Gemurim Margulies & Kolko receive Hazmana # 2 To come to Bais Din Immediately.

Yisroel Belsky's Bogus Hazmana follows...

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heavy hitter said...

Lipa and Yudi,

It's surely been a long ball game, but it's almost over for the both of you.

We're now down to the last minutes and time is slowly and surely ticking away.

The restless spectators and enquiring investigative press are now standing on their feet in the bleachers and in press box, and all have their eyes fixated
at the two of you together with your other team players, coaches and advisors.

All feel the tension in the air. Unsympathetically all are finally beginning to realize the dire situation that you are now in.

March 23: Strike 1...

March 30: Strike 2...

Here it comes. The last pitch...

You better open your eyes and see it coming...if you don't react quickly enough, well you'll both be left standing at the bag wondering how did you lose it all.

You have one realistic choice to make - quickly contact Attorney Jeff Herman and respond immediately in the affirmative to the Hazmana to appear before a Bais Din.

Your time is running.

One more strike...and your out.

And then the real fun begins.

Anonymous said...

i am very confused here .
Why is bellzskie covering kokos and margos ass?

shulem tush said...

Belsky is a "shtick tinuf".

Perfect shidduch for lipa margo (the crook bastard), and Yidi Koko (AKA "Hot" Cocoa).

All three of them should rot in hell.

gross said...

i am very confused here .
Why is bellzskie covering kokos and margos ass?

The reason he i$ covering hi$ a$$ i$ obviou$. It alway$ boil$ down to the $ame thing.

Flatbush Rabbi said...

Belsky's participation in this is scandalous. He's obviously lost it.

Anonymous said...

But even if money was involved, why would belskie risk getting involved and possibly being arrested for covering up for these 2 chilerious??
As they say in yiddish *ES KLAPT NISHT*

I'm as bad as you said...

Hey, now that Adar is over, you can quit it.

Anonymous said...

Whi is a lawyer demand a real hazmana and R Belky from A bais Din a bogus Hazmanah I f t you really want the truth then the real hazmana comes from a bais din not a lawyer

Anonymous said...

why doesne he answer R belsky that he wants to go ZBLA by Mechon Lhoroah so the whole thing will end up there anyway

Anonymous said...

Notice how belsky refers to kolko with a *Moraynu Reb..
The man is nuts.

YTV alumni said...

Rav Belsky,
Is acting as bais din should act. Kolko brought a claim of Motzi Shaim Ra and he has summoned the defendent to a beis din. If the defendent can substantiate his claims then he will be discharged. Unless someone proves the facts to Harav Belsky he is doing nothing wrong. Yes kolko will burn in hell but Rav Belsky wants proof before he dismisses charges of motzai shaim ra. What exactly should Rav Belsky do when Kolko brings a charge to his bais din. He does not have first hand knowledge of the facts in this case. Bring victims to his house any night and I am sure this will be resolved. In the meantime stop bashing a Gadol B'yisroel.

Anonymous said...

why doesne he answer R belsky that he wants to go ZBLA by Mechon Lhoroah so the whole thing will end up there anyway


Greenwald answered Belsky and Kolko. They fell silent. Kolko is afraid to pursue his Din Torah.

Anonymous said...

uoj---have the balls to put in my post about greenwald---otherwise ill start seeing you as a fraud too

Y.Y. said...

yes it makes perfect sense now the laywer hazmana is worthless but the belsky hazmana is real
UOJ you going down!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you already have these 2 criminals arrested.this is not a matter for a din torah.

peratim said...

UOJ - time is up your full of it. We knew about this hazmanah to greenwald months ago you just posted it now because you have nothing else to post. Where are the ten maakos? What happened with purim? Where is the new york times mag.? The week from your hazmanah is up. The only news you have is to curse out all the chosove rabbonim that have come to Kolkos defense. Find a new topic for yourself.

Soon-to-be ex Ruach Chaim Parent said...

Hot off the press: It is official Simcha Klor has begun telling parents that Ruach Chaim will be closing for good at the end of this school year. It will not reopen next year. Whichever rebbeim and teachers who have not already lined up jobs for next year are now running to find something. A letter will be going out to all parents next week. He will sell the property on Ave. L and E. 29 St. for a nice profit, and I'm sure we the parents will never see a cent back from the $1000 building fund we paid. Mir and Chaim Berlin start getting ready for the phone calls.
What a shame, it really was a nice yeshiva before he killed it by firing Rabbi Sabo.

Klohr is a piece of drek said...

Funny how people feel sorry for him., Nobody believes the truth.

former mispallel of Klors shul. said...

I know this doesnt belong on this thread but please post it anyways.

Simcha Klor has, and still is a maniac who gets away with murder. He has run his school into the ground. He owes his Rabbeim and teachers from Ruach Chaim and his other school (Kingsbay Yeshiva) a heck-load of serious money. He is a crook from the day he was born. He is a filthy pig, which was confirmed by employees in his office. (I would rather not write about it...but just keep all girls, or maybe boys away from him; Vehamayvin yavin.)

As someone who used to dane in his shul - I've been in his house countless times. He lives the lifestyle of a multi-millioner which he does by robbing his institutions blind. He drives a brand new car every two years, has beautiful furniture in his house, his wife has brand new beautiful jewlery.He just purchased a bungalow colony upsatate NY. (I think its called Loch Sheldrak Dorms).

I hope that the last post of the news of him shutting his place down is true, since in my humble opinion there is no way a person who is as demented as him can get away with calling himself a rov, and a rosh yeshiva.


Un-Orthodox Jew said...

"Legitimate" batei din and dayanim would never take a "case" of motzei shem ra, especially knowing what Belsky knows about Kolko for forty years.
When was the last time anyone saw a hazmana to bais din for motzei shem ra????????
Belsky has turned out to be a hoodlum...hanging with Rubashkin is where he belongs.
One big F#@&% joke.

I hate fakers said...

So now we have Lipa Margo, Yidi Kolko, Belsky, Simcha Klor...

Who's next? We will take 'em down one at a time!

ytc alumni said...

Wrong. Call mechon lehoyrah and ask them if they will take a case for Motzei Shem Ra. They will. Most Beis dins will. Call Rav Belsky's beis din and tell them you want to bring a case of motzai shem ra they will let you.

How do you know that Rav Belsky knows about this for 40 years. I am not talking about rumor.

Your bashing of Gedolim is counter productive to this case.

monsey cpa said...

1. This whole chain of events is ridiculous. The parents of the initial victims should have gone to the civil authorities immediately.
This is not an issue for a beis din. This is an issue of pikuach nefesh. This should have been adjudicated a long time ago. Anyone who throws up moser is out of their mind.

With respect to Yesh. Ruach Chaim, ma nishtana? Except for a few yeshivos, most are private businesses. They do not file Form 990 and hide behind church status. Parents make unbelievable sacrifices to keep their children in yeshiva, and have little knowledge of the actual financial workings of the yeshiva or the relationship between the principal/rosh yeshiva/menahel and the organization. The boards of these schools are comlicit in this coverup. One yeshiva in monsey pays its principal $150K plus free tuition for his children. His base pay his about 20% greater than a principal in public school. When you add on the free tuition, the package is worth well over $200K.

Don't choke on the chulent!

gut shabbos

Anonymous said...

“Rabbi” Lipa Geldwerth,

The word out there is that you are expressing criticism of this campaign to stop your former partner Kolko from molesting any more kids.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you really want to start a dialogue which will inevitably include the participation of some guys whose hands still ache from the free services you demanded from them.

Perhaps you ought to crawl back into your cave and live your little fantasy. Leave this to the big boys. You don’t want to get hurt.

Anonymous said...

This whole chain of events is ridiculous. The parents of the initial victims should have gone to the civil authorities immediately.
This is not an issue for a beis din. This is an issue of pikuach nefesh. This should have been adjudicated a long time ago. Anyone who throws up moser is out of their mind.


Anonymous said...

How do you know that Rav Belsky knows about this for 40 years. I am not talking about rumor.

Ask him.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The fact that Rav J.B.zt"l did not make Y.U. his own family "business", puts him way ahead of the rest of the others.

RAK, IMO...created a monster..this bullshit called kollel for all. His vision was right briefly...today it's a churban, and will devastate future generations.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...



Anonymous said...

To the board of Torah Temimah:
The reputation of your fine institution of higher learning is suffering terribly. People are talking about the yeshiva in the worst ways possible. Many bochurim are distracted from their learning and some teachers are distracted from teaching. The cause of all this is Elliot Pasik and his accomplice UOJ.
It would seem that in order to satisfy your obligation to the yeshiva upon whose board you are elected you must bring Pasik and UOJ to justice. You must get an injunction ordering them to stop their malicious activities at once. You can even qualify for a preliminary injunction.
If you don't know who UOJ is then subpoena Pasik and make him tell you. The man is an attorney and he wouldn't want to be disbarred.
From the fact that you haven't acted this way or even threatened to act this way I can learn something. I can learn that you are spineless cowards who can't even stand up to an anonymous internet person. I can also learn that you can't take any action. You can't take the action because then the accusations will be substantiated and you will lose your own case and your jobs and your fantasies of kavod that you dreamed about ever since you had that weekend bar mitzvah.

The Kolko Act of 2006 said...

Has someone brought the Kolko case to Governor Pataki's attention ?

Maybe now Kolko will break a sweat or make a run for Argentina.

From today's NY Times:


A state appeals court handed Gov. George E. Pataki a legal victory yesterday, ruling that state officials may keep convicted sex criminals in psychiatric facilities as civilly committed patients after their prison sentences end.


Rachmana L'ztlan!! Hashem Y'rachem!!
Sadly, there are people in the world who actually write, say, and think the horrific, ignorant ideas that appeared in the early posts of this blog.

I created this blog to show the people who were drooling to bring UOJ down, how horrid they appear. As well as to illustrate what it would look like were one to embrace rational-thought and intellectual honesty, after a life of ingrained intellectual ignorance and closed-minded distrust.

Every aspect of this blog, from the poor grammar to the misspellings, the one-dimensional ranting to even the time stamp deliberately set to appear as if posts were made on Shabbos, was done to make a point. I am confident that the point was well taken. I suspect that the progress UOJ is making has also won many believers. Or, at the very least, humbled the most myopic of all.

Incidentally, all the insane postings and lunatic comments I wrote here are closely based on actual comments, threats, and boasts made within the comment section of UOJ's blog. Sadly, these were no exaggerations. I simply couldn't make this stuff up.

While I don't know where this whole sordid story will end, I suspect everyone, including UOJ, will be sorry to see what ultimately happens.

If there is a light at the end of the tunnel; if the Yeshiva world will emerge unscathed from the prolonged media circus that will ultimately come, and; if the accomplices to these crimes, the arrogant, apathetic, and devilishly complicit Mosdos, can escape probable bankruptcy, stifling government scrutiny, and the forced regulatory oversight that is undoubtedly to follow -- well deserved punishment for their fiendish denial and pathological self-preservation -- then maybe as a result, we can one day be proud of our stronger, more compassionate. less dysfunctional ehrliche community. And if not, May Heaven Help Us.
posted by We be @ 12:44 PM

Anonymous said...

Stop the press. It's obvious that it's not Kolko's fault. There must be something in the water that makes the Rabbeim in TT want to play touchy feely with little boys. We must call the DEP at once. Perhaps since there were no filters on the sinks until last year we can't blame them. Margo obviously never touched the water. He's way to fat, and preferred Coke instead. I wonder though if the Rebbeim ever fooled around with each other. Justice would be served if Margo and Yiddy were convicted, sent to prison and be forced to perform acts on Bubba and Willy.

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen it all. UOJ, why the hell did you put up that stupid post about Pasik and you being his accomplice? Just by putting it up, you give it the slightest degree of respectibility.

Not you, Pasik, nor anybody else who has put up their name on the blog or the petition has broken any laws. "Injunction"? This is a bad joke. If I remember correctly, Pasik the lawyer first went on the blog in January to say he was trying to get background checks and a registry. That's "malicious"? To the anon. who posted that, you're the one who's a malicious idiot.

The anon. says Pasik knows who UOJ is! Where's the proof, buddy? UOJ was around long before Pasik showed up.

This is one of the negatives with anonymous blogs. Any sick comment can be put up, and do incredible damage, and UOJ, I don't get you, why did you put it up, you're supposed to be a blog administrator, with some ethics.

UOJ, find the delete button, and get rid of the kakka on the blog, like that last post. It inhibits good people from coming forward, and trying to accomplish.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Anonymous Injunction Phobic,

Are you kidding? Don't you see the value in that idea? Of course the criminals thought about it...We would welcome that.

The day in court is fast approaching...they can "injunct" all they want, the VICTIMS of Margulies and Kolko will tell the whole story for the world to watch!!!

X TT parent said...

*From the fact that you haven't acted this way or even threatened to act this way I can learn something. I can learn that you are spineless cowards who can't even stand up to an anonymous internet*

If you have issues with an annonymous commentator or blogger then please tell us why You are posting under an anonymous name?

Anonymous said...

forget injunctions, what about defamation and slander which resulted in loss of character, reputation and direct loss of money as enrollment in YTT is bound to suffer. Also many YTT alumni are stigmatized and can't get shidduchim with straight girls.
If you don't get it, the above post was in support of uoj. reread it.

Anonymous said...

My apologies.
I mis-read it . You stand correct.

Anonymous said...

why all this pussyfooting around?the matter should be brought to the D.A. and prosecuted in court.Bais Din in general has turned into a farce.

Zip UOJ's Yapper Pie Hole said...

UOJ you dumb turd,

Get over your blind anger and focus on real problems like Kolko & Margo instead of your delusional conspiracy theories that are all over the board.

You're in real good company attacking kollel learning. It puts you in the same league as Klass and his convicted swindler buddy at the tushwipe called the Jewish Press. These morons were last seen promoting sex offender Tendler in the editorial pages.

aaron from Los angeles said...

You want to know how to stop child molestation among yeshiva personel?Let the community know that there's an obscure MINHAG somewhere not to molest children.It's a shame that people are more into minhagim than actual mitzvos,but I suppose you need to speak to them on their own level.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

end-uoj im floored. your comments are those of a highly intelligent articulate person who has it nailed down tight. these guys only succeed with the bumbling masses who readily drink their kool-aid out of sheer ignorance. anybody with a modicum of intelligence sees through all their nonesense very quickly.

the good news is that all of this is coming to an end real soon. whether they know it or like it or not

where the truth comes out, bais din or in court is hardly the point. the horrific truth is starting to come out. it started as a whisper now its picked up a real head of steam. the victims are coming out of the woodwork. the walls of jericho are falling as the trumpet blasts of the victims grow louder and louder.

Smart YTT people, staff, parents and board members should take their cues from Ruach Chaim and hightail it out of there while they still have some dignity left.

Lets see now, Klohr's property is going to be available, YTT should follow shortly, any condo developers following this site, start preparing your bids, excellent locations, just throw in a jacuzzi and you can retire

Anonymous said...

to all the prissy pussyfooters who are part of this campaign

if you can't take the heat you should never have gone into the kitchen

grow up, grow some hair on your chest and stop worrying about your reputations. they probably weren't that great to begin with. stay mission focused. thats it, period end of story.

remind yourself of two big words -Pikuach Nefesh. it makes evreything come into focus.

Anonymous said...

why aren't the Forward, Jewish Week and other such publications picking up the story? Even the Jewish Press already mentioned it.

bedikas chometz said...

check this weeks five towns jewish times, and the call by a local rabbi to check the "chametz" in the yeshivas.
He means by that to check the books and insist on regular audits for transparency.

Maybe the free ride is over.

Anonymous said...

that's so typical of those 5 towns goyim, first they make an eiruv and now they want transparency and audits . hah. next they'll want to pay their rebbes on time

Anonymous said...

UOJ, can you start asking everyone to sign the petition, and maybe provide a link. So far, there are only 5 names, we need more. The petition is at:


Please sign, everybody, moral pressure does work, we must speak up.

Anonymous said...

What will a petition accomplish? Win margolis and Kolko's support?

Anonymous said...

Tale of the tape:

Megan Kanka raped, murdered by convicted sex offender: 400,000 people in New Jersey sign petition for new law.

Untold number of Jewish children sexually assaulted by rabbi at Brooklyn yeshiva: 5 Jews sign petition.


And thanks to the anon. for the info about Megan, may she rest in peace.

shloimy klein said...

Why have I not been contacted yet for some information?

I feel left out.


Anonymous said...

so, we have the $64,000 question.

why are yudi kolko and lipa geldwirth no longer partners in manavu?

will shloimy talk or will he wait for the news articles?

will he be subpoenaed?

so many questions.

dep report said...

dep report: its not the water in tt. the water is fine (no bugs).

the problem seems to be the head of the stinking fish (margulies). when a yeshiva is built on sheker by a swindler who cares only about his false persona (margolies), there is room for sickos (you know who) to thrive so long as they have the right hat and beard (the molester does).

the stinking fish head didn't care untill the whole world found out the truth. now it's too late.

the water's fine. margulies is not.

Anonymous said...

Did Geldwerth open his yap this shabbos?

Anonymous said...

Can i ask why you havent critisized Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst and Rabbi Zev Cohen of Chicago who paskneed that a parent couldnt take her child's molestor to the police?

Is this true? Is he R' Dovid Cohen's son? What does R' Dovid Cohen say about the issue in general and YTT specifically?

Kolko Club said...

Could Friday's Wall Street Journal be talking about Kolko ?

What's Kolko hiding under his mattress ?


Enough to say that police investigators, in the sex-crimes units that have expanded roughly in proportion to mass-market "adult material," rarely conclude that the rapist or child predator lacked for pornographic inspiration before committing the crime.

One hesitates to speak harshly of an old man, who somewhere along the way must have done a few worthwhile things. But the lowest of vices and "strangest secret of hell," as G.K. Chesterton called it, is the desire to pervert others, to coax and corrupt them and drag them down with you. And any man who at the age of 60+ has that to answer for is by no stretch the luckiest cat on the planet.

Chaim Berliner said...

R' Dovid Cohen has told a number of people that Margulies and Kolko have hurt Orthodox Yiden for many generations to come, and victims should go to the police.

Anonymous said...

Then why doesnt Rav dovid cohen come out with a public announcement stating what he feels . plus ui feel if this is truly what he feels then why has he himself bichvodo uveatzmo not called the police .

boog said...


This is pathetic and appears to be going nowhere. Beis din hazmanas are wasting time and is pissing into the wind.

Everyday that goes by with lippy and k still plying their crapola reduces your credibility.

What happened?

dovid cohen basher said...

To Chaim Berliner:

Do me a favor! First of all if you truly a "chaim berliner", you would not be quoting dovid cohen; who was tossed out of there on his tuchas by R' Hutner zatzal.

Second of all, don't mention his name since he is just about as bad if not worse then margo and kolko. He is an old time gangster who will pasken to his liking. he is a notorious lowlife. his bais din is worse then belsky. His shul was built with "treif money". Have you ever heard of Marc Rich and Pinky Greene?


Anonymous said...


Treif? Pinky Green? You nuts?

Dovid Cohen has the courage to speak his mind precisely because of his independence.

If Pinky Green's money is "Treif" we had best close down every one of our mosdos. The money funding our organizations is far more questionable than funds sourced from someone whose foreign subsidiary company violated a highly technical embargo decades ago.

Finally, to suggest that Chaim Berlin, the king of Siruv L’Din, is somehow a benchmark of respectability throws you so far over the pale as to make me wonder why I’m responding to your inane nonsense.

Anonymous said...

why all this pussyfooting around?the matter should be brought to the D.A. and prosecuted in court.Bais Din in general has turned into a farce.


The Brooklyn DA has the case.

hates cohen also said...

I agree with basher.

(Reb) dovid cohen has a long history with being a ruthless individual.
He might know alot of torah....but so did jesus.

and just for the record....perhaps you should do your homework. he was the bais din when kolko, geltwirth and klien had their fight and broke up. find out how he played both sides.....


schmendrik said...

You are a total retard. Cohen is about as trustworthy as Kolko is. He has a long history of being a snake. aAs a matter of fact, I belive that he should open a school with Margo and Klor together.

Klor versus Margo Sleaze Contest said...

What exactly happened with Ruach Chaim Yeshiva ? Does it look like Klor tried to sucker everyone to pay into a fund for a yeshiva he knew he wouldn't build or did something go wrong ? Is he going to blame Dov Hikind for this too ?

Anonymous said...

We should print a letter in all jewish newspapers that untill yeshivas start filling out a 990 form we will not be supporting them. Take a look at what klohr is doing . He is leaving with everyones money.

Anonymous said...

There was another case covered up in Chicago where a kosher butcher molested kids for 30-40 years with the knowledge of local rabbis...he even had children boarding at his house after it was known he was a molestor.
As to previous case, i heard that Cohen and Fuerst did pasken like that, but that it was even worse, that the molestor in question had been discovered years b4, but moved from telshe to another school

Anonymous said...

the good news is that the games these cover up rabbis have played with kids lives are over.

the bad news is that the cure is going to be very painfull for us all.

when the dust settles we need to think about getting rid of these, at best, unwise rabbis. we should not be paying their keep while they betray our trust.

Board of Directors at Weinfeld's Shul said...

Why stop with the Brooklyn DA ? Sexually abusing minors is also in the jurisdiction of the FBI. The feds also have the capability of monitoring Kolko around the clock and confiscating his passport in case he gets any ideas about skipping the country.

Anonymous said...

Fuerst is a class A A-whole
He is known as a thug in the chicago batei dinim.
He littrally controls every thing there.
He is untouchable they say.

Anonymous said...

I dare you to investigate Ben Hirsch and TAB

Anonymous said...

Idare you to investigate Ben Hirsch.His wife dumped him.

cluelessn manhattan said...

Excuse my ignorance.
Who exaclty is this Lipa Gelwerth?
Where does he fall into this?

thank you for you public service.

Chaptzem said...

Speaking of Weinfeld's shul, it would be interesting if efforts were made to picket Kolko outside the shul at the corner of Ave L and East 22nd. If no one has the guts to do it themselves, you can get some Mexicans or Poles to hold up signs for bubkiss.

Anonymous said...

After reading this blog, we need to add this to the al chayts on Yom Kippur: We are dysfunctional.

I'm thinking better and better of Herzl now.

Somebody tell the writer, Yonason Rosenblum about the Kolko case. Read his online column today, where he writes about the death of Conservative Judaism and Zionism. After Kolko, he can add Haredism - its in the death throes.

Seriously, does anybody have a global solution to the dysfunctionalism of American frum Jewry? How do we bring geula and moshiach tsidkaynu, when we have pedophiles working in our yeshivos? What is the solution? How we remove our ineffective rabbis and administrators from power, and replace them? Or do we form a new group? Or stop funding the old groups? Do we hold a big meeting somewhere? Isn't it obvious there are too many thieves, incompetents and even pedophiles who are working in our mosdos? Do we do a blog for removing every pedophile? Isn't this impractical? Dysfunctional? Shouldn't parents and children have a place to go to, other than a blog? Are there any rich people reading this who are dismayed by all this? Do you think there were rich Jews in the past who made a difference? Rothschild? Montefiore? Mendelsohn? Do you think you can make a difference? Do you think that there's a reason why only 10 percent of American Jewry is frum today? Do you think scandals like this is one of them? Do you think the situation can be improved? Are you optimistic? Are you pessimistic? Do you remember the bravery in which people fought in the Warsaw Ghetto? And walked into the gas chambers at Auschwitz? Treblinka? Dachau? Do you think American Jews are capable of doing something important, besides weekend bar mitzvahs? Does the current scene of thousands of frum Jews in prison bother you? Does the scene outside the prisons bother you also? Does the Jewish Press bother you? Does Yated make you so sick you want to vomit? Does reading an Art Scroll book make you roll your eyes in despair? Do you realize public school Jewish kids from the 50s and 60s are better than most yeshiva kids today? Do you wonder why yeshiva kids curse? Does the very word Aguda make you roll your eyes? Laugh? Groan? Do you have money? Do you seriously believe you earned that money? Did that money come from your parents and grandparents who bought buildings? Or something else? Do you think that giving out the money piecemeal, even though it may seem like a lot, is going to make a difference, in the big picture? Do you see the big picture? Rich people, do you think that some fresh leadership is need in the frum world? Do you have any ideas for doing that? Do you ever think of it? Well, think of it.

Anonymous said...

Lipa Geldwerth is Yudi Kolko's former partner in MaNaVu and a Rebbe along with him in Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

There was a fight and the two of them ended up on the outs while Shloimy Klein ended up with ownership of the camp.

Lipa Geldwerth recently became a "Rabbi."

He has opened his mouth and has been defending Kolko and attacking the good guys.

Very unwise on his part. While never anything close to his buddy Kolko, Geldwerth has a past best left in the closet. The fact that would dare open his mouth now speaks volumes to the arrogance of these people. They still do not have a clue what has befallen them.

Flatbush Yenta said...

"Geldwerth has a past best left in the closet."

This isn't the first time that someone here has alluded to his background.

Could someone please elaborate ?

Yonasan Rosenblum is the antichrist said...

What's with all the questtions Mr. Anonymous? What are you, an apikoires?

boog said...


What's going down? Enough with the talk.

FrumHypocrisy said...

Whoever reads the Yated has nobody to blame but themselves. Who gives a crap what Jonathan - excuse me - Yonasan Rosenblum writes?

Anonymous said...

"Geldwerth has a past best left in the closet."

This isn't the first time that someone here has alluded to his background.

Could someone please elaborate ?


If he doesn't shut his trap, someone will elaborate.

ma na vu hater said...

"Geldwerth has a past best left in the closet."

Can someone please elaborate?

Anonymous said...

Lipa Geldwerth recently became a "Rabbi."

Where is his Shul? Does Kolko daven there?

Throw the Bums Out said...

If I'm not mistaken, Geldwerth's shul is on Ave M between Ocean Ave & East 21st in the upstairs of a house. I think Kolko usually davens by Weinfeld at the corner of Ave L & East 22nd. Just follow the noise because Kolko loves to hear himself talk and makes plenty of it.

Stoliner said...

Why do you guys think Margolies is to blame for everything ? What about what Kolko did in Stolin ? What kind of a sick dog likes touching little boys ?

frum attorney said...


Has there been any response or acknowledgement by Margulies or Kolko to the first two Hazmanas?

What do you expect to happen after the third Hazmana is issued?

Besides attorney Jeffrey Herman having issued the Hamanos, which rabbinic authority are advising the victims in regard to the beis din?

Anonymous said...

Rumors are that Kolko will be heading to Israel for Pesach. Can anyone confirm?

Any possibility that he won't return?

Eli Greenwald said...

Please allow me to introduce myself to the readership of this blog. My name is Eli Greenwald, and I am a Torah Temimah parent with a keen interest in protecting the well being of my child as well as the health and safety of all of our children.

This comment can be printed as a comment or, if you choose, as a lead post.

When the anonymous letters were distributed to a large segment of the Flatbush community, I was naturally very concerned that such a situation could exist at my child's Yeshiva. With my conscience torn between chas v'shalom falsely accusing an innocent man; yet, on the other hand, unable to rest, knowing that the lives of pure, innocent children may have been shattered in the past and could presently still be at risk, I decided that I must use every available resource to verify whether the charges as stated in the anonymous letters were accurate.

Sadly, after speaking to multiple sources, which included people intimately familiar with the Bais Din proceedings some 25 years ago, I became convinced that not only is there credible overwhelming evidence to support the charges, but that Rabbi Margulies has known about the charges all these years. Though victims came forth to tell their stories of abuse, for reasons known only to G-D, proper and decisive action was not taken against Rabbi Kolko. In fact, action was taken to besmirch the victims' reputations causing them much pain and devastation. By the way, it is my understanding that Bais Din never issued a P'sak on the matter. Most importantly, I have personally spoken to many victims of Rabbi Kolko. Their stories are very real and painful. Children should never have to live through what these and other victims have been through. The effect of their childhood abuse lingers on and remains with them well into their adulthood.

I believe that it is incumbent upon every parent to check into this matter thoroughly using his/her own resources and due diligence. I was able to verify the accuracy of the charges. I am just an individual with no special connections. If I was able to verify the facts, anyone can and should. We do not have any excuses when it comes to the safety of our children! You have not discharged your obligation to safeguard your children by calling the Yeshiva and "feeling relieved" after the administration reassures you that there is no substance to the charges. Perform an independent investigation and you will discover the truth.

Here is my personal story and the price that I have paid for getting involved. Believe me, it is a small price compared to what the victims have suffered through. Though many have tried to discourage me from getting involved specifically because of this fear factor, the victims need to see that there are people out there who do care about them. There must be a light at the end of this dark tunnel that they have walked alone through for so long. Ultimately, Emes does prevail; if not on this world, then, in the next. That is what should keep us all going and striving to do the right thing without ulterior motives.

Upon verifying the charges, I called YTT and spoke to Rabbis Applegrad and Margulies. After telling each of them during separate conversations that I found the evidence to be overwhelming, I was told that they would not be taking any action to address the situation. In fact, instead of addressing the strong concerns expressed by a long-time parent and graduate of Yeshiva Torah Temimah, a few hours after speaking to Rabbi Margulies, I received a Hazmana from Rabbi Kolko summoning me to Bais Din (please see attached Hazmana) for being Motzei Shem Ra. Flabbergasted to say the least, I realized that this was an intimidation tactic -

something that was used very effectively during the prior Bais Din proceedings. I responded to the Hazmana by agreeing to go to a different Bais Din and have not heard back from the Torah Temimah team since.

I have deep empathy for the innocent members of Rabbi Kolko's family who will suffer as a result of what their dear loved one has wreaked upon them. I empathize with Rabbi Kolko as well and wish that he would seek the help that he so desperately needs. I do not wish to see Rabbi Kolko suffer any embarrassment and do not have any enmity towards him. My only wish is for him to be removed from his current position and that he is not allowed to regain employment around children again. Bearing this in mind, I believe that the comments on this blog should be restricted to mature, well thought out comments that contribute to the public dialogue and purpose of this blog, and not childish, boorish remarks that are personal in nature and decrease the blog's effectiveness.

I have known Rabbi Kolko for quite some time and this conflict of interest has made it even more difficult for me to get involved. However, to ignore the reality would be a perversion of justice. The victims and the safety of our children should and must be our ultimate consideration. Too many people at the highest levels of our leading organizations have known about this and chosen to ignore it. Trust me, I have spoken to some of those people and felt very discouraged after talking to them. They have applied Midas HaRachamim to the abuser/ perpetrator while applying a strict Midas HaDin to the victims. The needs, feelings and rights of the victims as well as the safety of our innocent children have literally been ignored and left by the wayside. This is not only a shame, but is truly Midas Sedom. To those on the street who are spreading rumors about my "personal vendetta" against Rabbi Kolko, the truth is there for all that wish to see it. All you need to do is take the blinders off your eyes.

Most outrageous is how YTT handled the entire incident since the allegations were brought to their attention over 20 years ago. Instead of removing this Rebbi from the Yeshiva and giving him the help that he needed, they chose to keep him on staff and pretend that the problem didn't exist. Rabbi Margulies could have done the right thing, but instead chose to embark on a path that has led to the destruction of many more lives and the current debacle. This is truly unforgivable!

I encourage everyone to begin to sign their names to their comments and posts. I address this to UOJ as well. While I certainly understand your strategic reasons for remaining anonymous, I believe that, at some point, you should unmask your cloak of anonymity. Yes, you have made controversial statements in the past, many that I disagree with, and you may not want to reveal your identity, but you should do so anyway. The only REAL and EFFECTIVE way for the community to break through the wall of resistance is for concerned and involved members of the community to step forward without fear of being exposed. I am doing this today. Mr. Alster has done the same. Kudos to Attorney Elliot Pasik who has been at the forefront for quite some time. As we continue to remain ANONYMOUS, we encourage and enable those who are taking advantage of us to continue to do so. By remaining anonymous, we are recoiling in fear. This is not the proper solution to the issue.

We must begin to form parent groups for the purpose of educating ourselves and our children about this very important topic. Mr. Pasik has spoken about background checks and an internal registry, etc. These are topics and initiatives that need the grassroots support of the parent community at large. Then, and only then, will the organizations act to implement these important solutions. We need involved parents who are willing to step forward with courage despite the resistance that they are sure to encounter along the way.

Any volunteers?

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to verify the above information.


Eli Greenwald

Boych svara said...

I wonder if Kolko and his protector are either reading the blog themselves or have someone relaying the information to them. Mordy Tendler, one or two of his brothers and some of their supporters have been carefully following every post on various blogs. They are using all kinds of harrassment tactics against Steven Weiss at the Canonist.com and others, like threatening lawsuits and FBI investigations and filing complaints with the web hosts.

So when is Kolko's picture going up in the post office ?

Anonymous said...

Amazing to think that years ago Agudah of Avenue L was horny to have Lipa Geldwirth as their rabbi.

lakewood nudnick said...

"Geldwerth has a past best left in the closet."

Can someone please elaborate?

So far all I've heard is just some retard who has a bone to pick with Rabbi Geldwerth blow off some steam that he has a shady past.

We want to know!

tt graduate on 1991 said...

UOJ: From what I hear, the crew over at Torah Temimah watches everything that is written here.
If you don't mind posting this comment, I'd just like to mouth off at them a little bit.

First to Margo: You are a fat pig. You always gave my father a hard time with the tuition when you (and Apple-crap) knew that he had no money whatsoever.
Next to Guggenheimer: I HATE YOU!
You are a smelly RASHA who should be ousted from that place.
Kolko: I hope that your tushy gets nailed by the authorities. They have been saying this stuff about you for years, and I think the party's over. Just leave and get some help. Noone will have any problems with you. You are nebach very very sick Just get some help and save your as*.
To the people who are coming down on Rabbi Geldwirth: You people are a bunch of ruthless crack-pots. He has absolutly nothing to do with this. I haven't spoken to him in quite a few years, but he is a tremendous talmud chochom who never started up with anyone. So cut it out!
Back to MARGO: You and your stupid fat kovod seeking son have just gotta go. What was once a great Mosod, is now a 'crazy house' on the blink.

Thanks for letting me vent here.

A former talmid. [graduate in '91]

yitzy said...

tt was such a great mossad what has happend is a shame

by the way were is rav Schustal and R bash on all of this

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Rumors are that Kolko will be heading to Israel for Pesach. Can anyone confirm?

Any possibility that he won't return?
If this is indeed the truth, that he may not return, then who ever is running this blog should immediately go to the office of the DA and let them know, so that they can put a stop on his passport so that he can not leave the USA.

Anonymous said...

The fact that bash and shustal are not commenting either way means they are warned not to speak just like all the other rabbeim , for fear of losing thier job and more..

tt grad od 1991 said...

Where will Cocoa be for the Shabbos Hagadol Drasha?!!

YTT product who isn't proud said...

Reb Shloyma Feivel & Rav Basch can get a shteller anywhere. Margo did a poor job giving them the kovod they deserve, especially Rav Basch, which once sparked a protest by the bochurim. Margo hunted down the organizer of the rebellion like an animal and threw him out right before graduation.

But don't forget that Margo is choshuv because Rabbi Marcus from Lakewood Minyan tutors the sugya to him.

Are you reading this Margo ?

Anonymous said...

To TT Graduate of 91 and any other Geldworth Supporters:
Right now we will leave Rabbi G. "in the closet, " and hope to keep him there. However, if he intends to stick his hands in Kolko's "pants" and get in the way of justice, then his past may very quickly become his future.

Klor is Creepy said...

Klor's shul is the Madison neighborhood of Flatbush. I don't know why they have such weird people living there and appropriate rabbis to cater to them. Another loser who has a shul around the corner from Klor, is recently said to have been caught red handed plagiarizing a sefer from a secular rabbi.



Anonymous said...

Fear not. He can run but he can't hide.

Anonymous said...

"we will leave Rabbi G. "in the closet,"

stop being a baby.
if you have dirt on the man, then let us know. we will help out the cause.

Anonymous said...

klor, kolko, belsky, david cohen, margo, basch, schultal, geldwirth...
ribono shel olam! whats next?
are all of these rabbi's guilty?

Anonymous said...

klor, kolko, belsky, david cohen, margo, basch, schultal, geldwirth...
ribono shel olam! whats next?
are all of these rabbi's guilty?



I hate UOJ said...

Just add all of the other people that UOJ cursed out in the past.
I think that everyone has totaly forgotten what UOJ has said in the past. He cursed out everyone from the Arizal, to the Baal shem tov to Reb Elchonon....

I bet he won't even post this....
Although he might, since I dared him to.

fallafel ball eater said...

All of them besides "schultal".

take care.

Anonymous said...

Closet? Rabbi G.?

Are you sick?

Get a life, as*hole!

Anonymous said...

Closet? Rabbi G.?

Are you sick?

Get a life, as*hole!


Geldwerth's out of the closet? Does his wife know?

Anonymous said...

Leave R' Dovid Cohen alone. He is an exception to the rule and is considered to be excellent in the field of abuse.

Don't speak unless you know what you are talking about because one false word on a blog can scar someone for life.

Anonymous said...

Why attack Rabbi Dovid Cohen, the one rabbi who has the backbone to order people to report child abuse to the secular authorities?

need crack for supper in queens said...

"He is an exception to the rule and is considered to be excellent in the field of abuse."

Oh really? an expert? cuz from what i hear he is an expert......NOT.

He is an exper jerk-off just like belsky and all the goons.

Anonymous said...

I still remember Lipa Geldwirth spending two weeks in 8th grade teaching us how to shower peoperly.

It was like a game of twister. He was he expected us to juggle the soap shampoo and our zachen without touching anything.

So if those of you that have large members......

His words verbatim

ralph hertzka said...

this blog is getting more sick by the day.


flatbush yenta said...

"So if those of you that have large members......"

r u kidding?

BT said...

"Don't speak unless you know what you are talking about because one false word on a blog can scar someone for life. "

It hasn't scarred Kolko or Margulies, in fact it hasn't scared them either.

BTW, I didn't go to YTT so could someone please explain to me the proper way to shower

tt alumni said...

Hi - I haved emailed greenwald for some evidence and still have not received any response.
Uoj instead of having everyone beleive you on face value please post some real evidence.
All your deadlines have past and Kolko is still doing his job.

gaiy cokken oifen yam! said...


No need to defend a pedophile. If you weren't in the real estate business you'd be nothing and you wouldn't be invited to or honored at any yeshiva/mosod dinner. They use you, but you're such a baal gaiva, you don't realize - you're a sellout!

Rabbi Mordechai Tendler said...

It's one thing to chase married women, but even I agree that Kolko must be one sick dude if he's molesting little boys.

Anonymous said...

Leave R' Dovid Cohen alone. He is an exception to the rule and is considered to be excellent in the field of abuse.
Precisely as you put it.
He is considered to be excellent in the field of abuse. IE. he is an excellent abuser.
But thats old news . Tell us something thing chiddush(DICK).

We be said...

This malicious and moronic nature of the comments in this blog are bringing this entire effort closer and closer to the point where "UOJ" as a means will no longer be able to justify the ends.

I hope you put an end to the comments section soon. The rhetoric and sleaze this blog is attracting, via its comment section, is making it more and more difficult to be proud of supporting your efforts.

Anonymous said...


You speak the truth.

How about regaling us with some more of your newfound eloquence. It may inspire others to do the same.

boog said...

we be;

Agree with you.

Where's the beef, UOJ? All talk lately, no action. Hazmanas are a waste of time.

And ease off the Cialis, looks like it may have gone to your head

gross said...

We be and Boog:

Chill Out!

You both mean well, but I suspect a carefully laid plan will take a considerable amount of time. I am certain the results will be well worth the wait...

Blame the insane remarks on those who comment. Free speech doesn't necessarily mean intelligent speech and an "out of the box" blog like this is bound to attract the attention of all types.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

We Be,

Thanks for your suggestions. It's important to let some of these comments slip through...the vast majority of these idiotic comments never get posted. In other words, you're seeing the "best" of them.
Get the picture?!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


You've been with me a long time, you started as a non-believer. R'Gross is right...relax...the earthquake will be so powerful it will break your $20/lb. hand shmura matzos.
Advice; buy shevarim. (broken matzos,) I just saved you a bunch of money.
Say thanks!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Mr. We Be,
BTW, weren't you the guy who headed up ENDUOJ?????

gross said...


Apparently, the character of We Be was fictional in that he pretended to disagree with you at first, while he was really being sarcastic and poking fun at some of your most illiterate and irrational opponents. In his most recent post he "blew his own cover" and admitted to being on your side the entire time. Get it? It took me a while too, but I'll admit he did a good job, although it's a shame because I really enjoyed his alter ego.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

R' Gross,

He certainly had me fooled; really smart SOB!
Hey WE BE...wanna guest blog?

Koveah Eetem said...

Why are you wasting your time with Belsky & Dovid Cohen when there is a much more evil "rav" out there? I am referring to Moshe "Superego" Scheinerman who (other than Kolko if the allegations are true), makes everyone else, even Margolis look like a Tzadik! I am sure that many of you know what I'm talking about!

boog said...

I will fasten my seatbelt and wait.

boog said...


what are you talking about?

bedikas chometz said...

Flatbushtorahjew.blogspot.com claims someone in madison area davens in a shul, sends his kids to local yeshivas, and is a member of the Dutch christian church!

Re klor, if his yeshiva closes down, it will be a sweet victory for truth and justice. The guy was ready to see our children killed in traffic accidents and have his neighbors deal with his garbage (literally, he had the yeshiva garbage covered in the yard, and exposed to his neighbor)

As far as lessons on showers, my rebbi taught us how to wipe our tuchus with wet toilet paper so we should be nice and clean. Now that could be construed as him being gay, but it could also mean he was giving us good hygeine advice! lets be careful about saying things about people.

As far as fivetowns rabbi who advocated bedikas chametz in our yeshivas (www.5tjt.com) why dont you excerpt his article about why we shouldnt be afraid to ask for transparancy in the yeshivas. Why our yeshivas should be operated lifnim mshuras hadin.

It fits with your idea that our yeshivas (alot of them) are corrupt across the board.

If you want, i can convert the article to text and email it.

Anonymous said...

where is sheinerman a rov?

Truth, Justice & the Comics said...

What's the scoop on Scheinerman ? You should also maintain separate categories for rabbonim and clowns. My impression is that he's harmless, just someone who popped out of the funny pages.

keeping count for the oilam hatorah said...

and the list gets bigger and longer:
Margolis, Kolko, Geldwirth, Schustal, David Cohen, Klor, Basch, Belsky, Scheinerman....

Any more?

gross said...

Koveah Eetem:

I hear Scheinerman encourages bocurim to call him about "anything" and not to be ashamed (the objective is to get the boys to discuss their struggle with issues like masturbation.)

Just looking at the guy makes me want to puke. He is the epitome of arrogance. He went the route of other pseudo-rosh-yeshivas that became famous as a result of their fourth rate yeshivas.

I'd be interested in hearing something really concrete about this shmuck.

boog said...

kehila kashrus-scheinerman. is that concrete.

gross said...

LOL Boog!

Calling all Shmucks said...

Scheinerman is on Ave P in the same Madison neighborhood as those losers Simcha Klor and N.D. "copyright" Rabinowitz. He's also just down East 24th St from David Toiv's shul, where all the dregs of Flatbush congregate.

Someone wrote earlier that Madison is weird. You don't know the half of it.

robert deniro said...

And his shul is around the corner from a Public School.


Anonymous said...

Don't know if Sheinerman still has his "yeshiva" but back in the day it was known as a place for college guys who needed yeshiva on their resume for shidduchim. I know a guy who popped in once a month, but Sheinerman didn't care. When a girl's parents called about him, Sheinerman had no problem lying about what a serious bochur he was. At one point he had 60 "enrolled" in his place, but there weren't more than 10 on any given day. I guess he was the '90s version of a draft-dodging yeshiva.

boog said...

hey, if you're gonna make accusations, be specific. What's weird about madison?

Gross, what's up wth the LOL?

Anonymous said...

I stand in defense of Rabbi Scheinerman. It is terrible that no line is drawn and a decent man is allowed to be besmirched in this manner.

There has not been a single allegation by anyone to my knowledge ( around the man for 30 years) alleging any type of abuse or inappropriate behavior in this regard. How can you allow this idiot “GROSS” to throw around baseless allegations under this topic heading.

While it is clear that he is obsessed with money (money , money, money, money ad nauseam) it is something that is clearly more comical then criminal.

He does not attempt to hide and conceal his motives. People around him learn to laugh it off and draw the positive helping energy from him. He is a bright, down to earth Rabbi with a lot to offer.

This man does not abuse children. To speculate in this regard is downright horrible and worthy of a significant punishment.

UOJ, while you will reap rewards for the removal of Kolko, your will bear punishment for allowing such idiotic innuendo regarding the innocent to reach the masses.

GROSS “DK” you’re a disgrace to UOJ, the cause, and the Jewish people as a whole. Please keep your simple minded fact-less opinions to yourself.

gross said...


I never said Scheinerman abused anyone, nor was I the one to bring his name up on this blog. Scheinerman is a power-hungry clown and anyone who shows him undue kovod is a fool who needs his head examined along with the rest of the complacent retards who live in the 30s. What I said about Sheinerman is not "fact-less." Why don't you talk to people who have attended his "Yeshiva" when it first opened?

Anyway, why the hell would you think I am DK? I have been commenting long before he has and besides if you paid any attention you would realize he is way more articulate than I am.

Anonymous said...

Here's another article about transparency. It makes references to UOJ


bring back meeyus.com! said...


You're right on the money. Does anyone remember meeyus.com? This article appeared on meeyus.com around 2 years ago:

This story is not really about rage itself, just a vignette about mild revenge and humiliation…
We begin with a "Meeskite" who is the Rosh Hayishivva (note the pronunciation) of a Yeshivva that rhymes with "Finerman."
This Rosh Hayishivva - of dubious qualifications - holds very highly of himself (Of course it's not him that demands the Kovod but it's is for "Kovod HaTorah") and lets the good Bochurim know that if they have any problems - especially embarrassing personal problems...relating specifically to a Bochur and his feelings...the Bochur should NOT HESITATE to call the Rosh Hayishivva at home. "Anytime, even late at night, a bochur should not waste" - a second that is - "any time in calling the Rosh Hayishivva."
Just a few short days before Purim and Bochurim all over were finding it increasingly difficult to contain their excitement. Purim! Yaayin! Ad d'Lo Yodah - Ah!
It was not unusual for a spontaneous, joyous rekidah to erupt at any given time during a regular Yeshivva day, in an effort to release some of the pent up delight.
It was precisely during one of these aforementioned moments that a one Boruch Ber felt an urgent need to call R' "Finerman” and discuss an urgent matter. There were questions of a personal nature that required immediate answers!
Confirming that he was alone, Boruch Ber picked up the nearest pay phone and deposited the quarter he only moments ago "schnorred" from Boruch Ber (whose father is a G'vir, I'm telling you!")
“R' Finerman” picked up the phone on the first ring. "Perhaps it's one of the Bochurim he thought."
He sat up erect in his chair and was greeted with silence. His “curiosity” was aroused and he was anxious to know who it was on the other end of the line.
"Hello?" he said. A timid voice responded, “Rebbi always says that when one of the Bochurim have to discuss something personal – no matter how bad it is – we shouldn’t hesitate to call you. Well, there is something I need to ask Rebbi, but I'm ashamed."
"Ashamed? There's nothing to be ashamed of. Whatever it is, you did the right thing by calling. Tell me what it is that compelled you to call me."
"Uh, well" replied Boruch Ber, "forget it Rebbi there was a question I just had to ask you and now I’m ashamed, he stammered.
“No, no there’s no reason to be embarrassed,” said his Rebbi as he slowly stroked his uh, beard. “You can discuss ANYTHING with me, you know that, even if you think it might be too personal.
“Okay, said Boruch Ber,” but I’d rather not tell you my name, as I told Rebbi I’m a shtickel embarrassed and I would rather not upset you.
“Chas V’Sholom, You won’t upset me, just tell me what it is!” (By now,“R’ Finerman” was furiously STROKING his beard)
Here goes thought Boruch Ber…
Nearly choking with laughter, he blurted out: “Do you think I might be able to borrow your Kapote for Purim?”
By now, a small crowd - apparently in on the joke -had gathered around the phone and erupted in boisterous laughter – to the utter humility of an undoubtedly red-faced Rabbi on the other end of the line.

501{c}3 said...

A Little Transparency Goes a Long Way

I read a lot of blogs. My favorites are the Jewish blogs; being a member of the Jewish community, I relish the delight of seeing and instantaneously responding to communal issues in a public forum. For instance, as a Five Towns resident, I read about and respond to blogs that raise issues about my community. And, with my interest in nonprofits, yes, my eyes widen and my attention peaks when issues related to the Jewish nonprofit sector are raised.

One such blog, though somewhat rambunctious and raw, has brought two electrifying issues directly pertaining to the Jewish nonprofit sector to the bubbling forefront. The issues are alleged sexual abuse in Yeshivas and the less-than-optimal (if at all) response by mainstream Orthodox leadership to credible allegations of sexual abuse.

My purpose of raising the matter is not to delve into these issues, per se, but to address the public response, or reported lack thereof, from responsible yeshiva representatives. Which brings me to my point about transparency.

I read the Wall Street Journal every morning. Aside from its numerous qualitative achievements, the Wall Street Journal enjoys the distinction of having brought down that behemoth of duplicity and opacity -- Enron.

In 2001, two Wall Street Journal reporters and a self-assured editor acted on a hunch that something was rotten in Houston. For 24 days they chipped and chipped until the entire Enron facade cracked open to reveal the most heinous case of accounting fraud and executive thuggery in corporate history. One of the reporters’ first tip-offs was Enron’s atypically tightlipped, circle-the-wagons response to hard scrutiny.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandates that all publicly traded companies to file quarterly and annual reports, along with detailed filings any time anything of material significance to the company occurs. These reports are posted online for anyone to read. This mandated preparation for vigorous reporting, in addition to allowing constant access to analysts, reporters, government regulators, and investors, is called transparency.

As public companies know, particularly the honest ones, that transparency enables them to show up prepared to respond when regulators or journalists (like the Wall Street Journal) come calling. And besides, in terms of companies’ responsibilities to their shareholders, such transparency is just good business. Those who throw up a smokescreen attract a great deal of attention for that reason, in and of itself.

While these particular standards don’t fully apply to private corporations, and it is the right of a private company to release or withhold proprietary information, I believe, to a significant degree, nonprofit organizations should not permit themselves such latitude. Nonprofit organizations, even if owned and operated like businesses, should think in terms of their “responsibility to shareholders.” In those cases, their shareholders are students, parents of students, and donors.

As for the yeshiva accused of sexual abuse, credible or not, they have an obligation to offer transparency to shareholders. So much is at stake when hundreds of students are held captive to the yeshiva’s decision to neither defend nor deny. Even if no threat of molestation exists, parents invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into their children’s yeshiva education and they deserve an environment free of suspicion and accusations. Permitting transparency would significantly reduce these likelihoods.

Across the board, an institution facing serious allegations, which in this case are criminal, and refuses to offer transparency, is looking for trouble.

A prediction is that what goes around will come around. Those who hide will only further attract those who seek. In an age of quick-trigger litigation, blogs, and hyper-empowered consumers, cum stockholders, the days of opacity and obfuscation are nearly over. My guess is that with the pace of life in the 21st century, those who hide behind a quickly disappearing status quo will soon only have themselves to blame.

In future articles on this site, look for details about how an organization might prepare for public relations crises, what works to soothe the conflagration and what only fans the flames. Stay posted.

meeyus lover said...

Do you have any of the other articles posted on meeyus? They were funny as hell and i would love to reread them. Please post an email address.

gross said...



Flatbush resident who's after UOJ & greenwald said...


I just want to tell you that I am davening three times a day that you should have a Misah Meshunah Bikarov Mammash.
You yourself cursed out every single rebbe from the Baal Shem Tov straight on down. You have smeared R' Elchonon Wasserman Zatzal HY"D's name all over the place You went as far as calling him a murderer. You have cursed out the Arizal.
Thisblog has entered a new low. You have allowed people to comment on the blog and curse out very respected community Rabbi's. You have allowed people to curse out R' Lipa Geldwirth Shlita who is an Adam Choshuv Ad Miod. R' Moshe Schienerman Shlita, R' Dovid Cohen, R' Yisroel Belsky and others.
You better start doing some teshuva because the tefillos of a Rabbim are truly powerful; and there is a HUGE rabbim praying for your skull to be mowed down by the nearest sanitation truck.
I truly belive that all of the comments cursing out Rabbonim are none other then your own. You keep typing with various screen names. My reason for this is that you have stopped putting up posts yourself that bash rabbonim and gedolim. The only way that you can get your insane messages out are by posting to yourself.
Eli Greenwald is a Rasha Ben Rasha who I have emailed countless times requesting to meet him in public to bring on the debate like a man should.
He is a faker. "HE" is the true child abuser. He is abusing his own children by leading this campaign. When his kids are tossed out by Yeshiva Torah Temimah they will have nowhere to go to school. Perhaps Shalom Torah Centers, or Oorah will be able to help him then. I hope his poor wife wakes up and throws him the hell out of his house.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. I stand in defense of Rabbi Scheinerman:
He is the one who started the Kolko investigation 20 years ago. He is also the guy who in the middle of the investigation said "guys I was just offered a position to open my own Shul, and if I don't back off, I'll lose the Shul." and so this worthless scum (who can play an extra on Planet of the Apes with that beard)is now another "Shaina Yid."

Anonymous said...

To Flatbush Resident:

Your name calling doesn't bother me, but as you should know and understand by reading my post, SHEKER doesn't sit well with me.

I have received many e-mails, but I have yet to receive a single e-mail from anyone requesting to mmet me in public. Perhaps you inadvertently misspelled my email address. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future and addressing any issues that you may have.


Eli Greenwald

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Flatbush Resident,

Yeah...meet me too. I'll be at Weinfeld for Maariv tonight.

I'm the only guy there that davens without a hat.

See you later!

gross said...

"He is the one who started the Kolko investigation 20 years ago. He is also the guy who in the middle of the investigation said "guys I was just offered a position to open my own Shul, and if I don't back off, I'll lose the Shul." and so this worthless scum (who can play an extra on Planet of the Apes with that beard)is now another "Shaina Yid."

Assuming this is true, why am I not surpised?

Eli Greenwald said...

I can be reached anytime at 718-677-3407
or feel free to come to my house located at 2616 Avenue N.

Thank you, & Kol Tov.

Eli Greenwald.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I too can be reached anytime at 718-661-3408, or feel free to come to my house located at 2601 Avenue M.

I will be available for mechiras chometz every night between 8-11 p.m. Please bring a clean handkerchief.

boog said...

Thank You, Gross for the LOL link.

gross said...


I know it's on short notice, but do you have time for a stain analysis too, or should I just drop the paper bag off at Margo?

Anonymous said...

Flatbush Resident:

You curse those ridding our yeshiva system of a child molester, you mock a parent brave enough to take on scum like Margulies and threaten his children and his family life.

What species are you?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


I am too busy with "selling" chometz...I'm matir every kesem for the pro-UOJ guys until the 25th of Nissan..then I have to "buy" back the chometz from ther goy...oy..I'm so busy.

Independent Observer said...

Flatbush resident,

You have got some pretty serious problems and you had better rein yourself in dude.

It's one thing to wish the worst for an apikorus, but what gives you the right to wish such awful things on Eli Greenwald ? Chazal admonish to be careful of what you wish for others, lest .....

If anyone has to do teshuva, it is you buster. Teshuva for being motzee shem ra on Greenwald befarhesya.

I was very skeptical of all the charges leveled here at first but after conducting my own investigation, I think Greenwald is onto something. Why don't you consult the rabbonim Greenwald has spoken to before you fly off the handle like a wild beast ? You surely have no business mouthing off because you haven't been able to reach someone electronically.

And Attn Eli Greenwald:

Judging from the strong language this guy uses, I suspect he may be mentally unstable. You are advised to only meet this angry individual in a public place.

Anonymous said...

Eli Greenwald has the balls to post his name. You talk big - why don't you post your name too? You have nothing to hide if you're defending Torah.

Rudolph Kayser said...

...Jehudah Halevi is described as "this absolutely unorthodox Jew, opposed to petrified rabbinism in its every form...

Shimshi Sherrer said...

This is my name, OK?

dovid said...


As someone who is closely affiliated with Torah Temimah, what can you say about this issue? Are you completely denying the legitimacy of the claims against Kolko?

gross said...

Nice try - but I doubt Sherer would misspell his own name.

Anonymous said...

Add shimshi to the Klohr, geldwirth , schinerman, kolko, belsky, dovid cohe, schustal, basch,Margo list....

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Shimshi belongs on a different list. Muenster, Yellow, Smoked, Cheeter, "Bozo"relli,....

gross said...

He'd be nobody w/o his father/father-inlaw

Tom Delay said...

Margo you crazy animal, look at me, look what they did to me and I only stole money together with your landsman, Yankel Abramoff.
Margo, my friends in Rikers are talking about getting their hands on you, they're salivating.
The boys at the D.A.'s office tell me it's coming soon and look forward in breaking matzah with you.
How the bigshots can be broken, Margo, your day is approaching.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This (KOSHER) video will be seen by hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of people, and the Jewish community will look very bad as a result. But do not blame PETA. Blame your local Orthodox rabbi, the kosher supervising agencies and the Rubashkin family. They are the ones who decided animal torture is "kosher."

Here is a short video showing workers separating male baby chicks from the females. The male are put into plastic bags, hundreds in each trash-style bag, and killed because they are of no use to the egg farmers. Your eggs come from this process, with the full permission of the OU and every other kosher supervising agency and every major Orthodox rabbi in the US and Israel.

And all they are worried are about indian hair wigs and copods.
What a buncha hoooey.

Anonymous said...

Arthur Schick gets arrested, Lipa Margulies roams free. What a city!

Anonymous said...

Margulies is not free for long.

"riot in the city" said...


Lomdishe Shaygitz said...

Ladies (?) and Gentelman,

What we see here is a consequence of the so called “learning” phenomenon in our working community. All you “grube baalebaatim" think now that you’re Daas Torah itself. The world was far better off when you all realized the “bande ammeraatzim” you truly are. We don’t butt our noses into your business’, so keep yours out of ours..... And oh by the way, don't quit your day jobs, guys.

Anonymous said...

The chassidim make an enormous chillul Hashem, rioting like a bunch of lowlifes. But do you think Lip Shits will take them to task? I wouldn't hold my breath. The enemy within strikes again!

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the cover of the Daily News? Another lovely chilul Hashem, huh? Tell those idiots to just stay in the mikva and shut up.

Hey UOJ, how about some more chasid-bashing? We could use some right about now.

Anonymous said...

is this site hacked again?

Madison sucks said...

You want to know what's weird about Madison ? Ha ! This is easy !

Klor, Rabinowitz and Scheinerman have already been touched on, so let's see who else we have.

You mean besides Madison being the snobbiest neighborhood in the greater NYC area ? OK.

You've got your ex-cons and other scummy elements that moved there and daven by Rottenberg, probably figuring no one knows who they are at the far fringes of Flatbush.

There's the Rabbi London scandal and subsequent confiscation of his shul by authorities.

This brings us to Reisman's "Young Israel of Madison". The London weirdos hijacked the shul board and stabbed the original Reisman guys in the back. Many of them left and started davening by Rabbi Yonosson Katz. Reisman's modern element also comes in part from Y.I. Bedford Bay. While you'll see them walking their dogs on Shabbos, at least some of them are normal. Some are completely disrespectful. They yap and chew gum throughout the entire Shabbos shacharis.

There's that opinionated bochur Rabbi Hirsh who barely, if at all, scrapes together a minyan in Obermeister's basement. The big macher in that shul, if you can call it that, is the self-styled know-it-all Gil Student.

Kingsway, over time became home to a bunch of Israelis who think they're choshuv. I don't know if they threw out the putz caterer yet. He's the same guy from Rose Castle who was renting the shul for shvartza parties. The shvartzas would spill out to the streets in the wee hours of the morning having shootouts and killing each other.

Someone hinted to the dregs in R' Dovid Toiv's shul. The poor guy is so disgusted with the lowlives who roll in there, that he once considered closing the place. At least at Reisman's when they talk through davening, they don't focus on dirty, pornographic jokes.

Anonymous said...

Madison sucks,

I cannot comment on most your post because I am unfamiliar with the specifics of those shul. I do take exception, however, to your comments about Rabbi Toiv's shul. I used to daven there before I moved from the neighborhood.

That shul has some of the nicest people I have ever met. The decorum during davening is actually not bad. Perhaps it was different years ago, but is now a fine shul.

Anonymous said...

Why did you post this comment?

You muddy the cause by allowing despicable outcasts to voice incoherent and idiotic ranting and raving. The world is watching us now. Please don’t let the degenerates embarrass us.

Would love to see cowards like Madison Sucks put their name to one of these comments. These complaints are not in regard to a sensitive subject like abuse, why should they be allowed to hide behind a computer and the camouflage of your blog?

A Concerned UOJ Supporter

i hate flatbush said...

Madison Sucks:

I hate flatbush. A bunch of lowlife phonies.

Madison/Marine Park Hater said...

Correction - Rabbi Hirsch got married. Gil Student is still an ass.

Rabbi Shiffenbauer, with the gamblers.

Bais Medrash Flatbush - no rav for many years.

Anonymous said...

Guys, go onto Jewish Worldl Review.com today, there's a very timely article written by Rabbi Berel Wein about democracy and Judaism. We've nearly ALWAYS had corruption and mismanagement.

My friends, we need a revolution. This blog is the beginning. What's the next step? Think, rabbosai, think, think, think. We need dreams, thinkers, planners, doers. Getting rid of a pedophile 1st grade rebbe is a start. Let's look at the big picture, and think of the next step.

LMAO said...

Madison sucks, Pretty good summation, but you missed a few points here and there.

- Another weirdo shul is Sorscher on Ave T

- Ronnie Hersh is a Madison resident who will pay 100 grand to rabbis who say the Flatbush eruv is kosher

- Did you know the bochur Rabbi Hirsch used to be co-rosh yeshiva in Scheinerman's "yeshiva" ? They parted ways and Hirsch started his own yeshiva in the breakoff Sefardi shul on Ave S. That's the place that broke from the other Ave S Sefardim next to Reisman. I think Hirsch's yeshiva fizzled out faster than Scheinerman's because Hirsch's father hasn't been placing ads for it in the Jewish Press anymore.

- Anyone know what happened with the creep who sued Rabbi Reisman after he conveniently claimed he fell on ice in front of the shul when no one was around ?

- When the Yidden packed out of Canarsie, the creepier ones moved to Madison in droves.

- The big babies by Rottenberg also chew gum and candy during shacharis

- Lichtenstein's shul is full of stuck up Hungarians

- The only normal Madison shul might be Bamberger's because most of them live in Flatbush proper or Marine Park / Flatlands

boog said...

hey lomdish;

you are full of grade A shit.

you and your beheimah fart-friends have got your cholent-stained paws in our baalabatish pockets 24/7 grubbing for more and more money to support your "heilige" mosdos and your farting, overweight, nose-picking, un-showered sons and sons-in-law.

You tell us not to quit our "day jobs"??!!

You f--king SOB. get your hairy tuchis out of Big Fleshigs and find a job to support yourself.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where Kolko is staying in Israel?

Anonymous said...


Case of Rabbi Yudi Kolko - Yeshiva Torah Temimah
Recidivism of Sex Offenders (US Department of Justice: Center for Sex Offender Management)

Anonymous said...


@...Hundreds of frustrated Trans World Airlines (TWAIQ) customers filed a class action lawsuit on Wednesday against the bankrupt airline for canceling its daily New York-to-Tel Aviv flight at the height of travel season for the annual Jewish observance of Passover. "TWA's cancellation of the route is unconscionable," lead plaintiff Yehuda Kolko said in a statement. The suit, filed in Brooklyn federal court, seeks unspecified compensatory damages. But a spokeswoman for the airline said the airline had done "a pretty good job" of accommodating passengers displaced by the flight's cancellation, which the airline said was due to a labor dispute in Israel and had nothing to do with American Airlines' impending takeover of TWA. Kolko, a 55-year old yeshiva teacher from Brooklyn, had booked a flight from New York's John F. Kennedy International to Tel Aviv on March 29, the day the flight was permanently canceled by TWA. TWA executives have said they feared the Boeing 767s used for the daily flight would be seized by TWA personnel in Tel Aviv as part of the labor dispute. Kolko's attorney, Edward Klein, said hundreds of other plaintiffs had joined the suit. He said the suit is seeking unspecified compensatory damages. He said Kolko, who had a free frequent flier ticket for the TWA flight, was forced to spend $1,500 for a flight on another airline. TWA filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January and is in the process of selling most of its assets to American Airlines

Anonymous said...

Kolko is staying with one of his kids.

Lawyer In New Jersey said...

The Feds in New Jersey have been interviewing alleged Kolko victims.

Leib Pinter said...

It's a good thing the FBI is busy with Kolko. It takes the heat off other people.

Shmelka Pinter said...

Hey Leib! You can say that again!

private eye said...

Does anyone know by which of his 6 children Kolko will be spending Pesach and where do they live?

Anonymous said...

Which one of his kids?

Anonymous said...

Another week has passed. Will there be a third hazmanah?

Anonymous said...

The third Hazmanah has been served.

flatbush yenta said...

Leib pinter?
I didnt know that they let you use the internet in jail!

boog said...

hey leib;

you mean the guards in Otisville let you use the computer?

You must be running their Lunch program.

Waste Management said...

Mirrer yeshiva and Artscroll / Mesorah should cut their ties with Pinter. The guy is the lowest form of chillul Hashem on two feet. The dope has also been going around like a shlepper, pushing people to buy his seforim. That includes the mispallelim in his brother Shmelka's shul on East 9th or 10th.

The committee for a scumbag-free Flatbush said...

This link is going around in email. The story of the Pinters' latest fraud indictment in 2005. Does anyone know they've been convicted and sent to prison yet ?

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