Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thousands Attend Anti-UOJ Rally in Brooklyn

By-Hear O' Israel Teen-Aged Staff, Lipa Mar-Rotzeach & featured children specialist Yudi Kronkite

Thousands took part in an anti-UOJ rally for The Molester Chassidim held on Ocean Parkway at the Margo Coverup Hall on Motzei Shabbos parshas Tetzaveh.

The Admor of Molest, Lipa Marfioso "Hakoton", was present when gabbai Gedalia Gofer, speaking for the Admor announced, "With the elections for biggest reshaim approaching, there is an obligation on all to vote for the "Zipper Kadima" list. You are also asked to help influence others to vote Zipper Kadima and may all be blessed with success." He called on the audience to set all other silly considerations aside and to heed the gedolei Abuse And Molest and the entire Coverup mishpocha shlita unreservedly.

Yaakov Applegrad, third on the UOJ list of menuvalim, opened "youknowwhat" without shame and led the pervert gathering. He said gedolei Molest referred to the coming lawsuit as a yom din ledoros. On this day of judgment, he said, we must assess what we have gone through, how many kids we ruined for life, and that matters of harboring vicious molesters are the top of the list of displaying kevod Shomayim. "We must know that with every Zipper Kadima ballot slip we declare Mi leHashem eilai. Gedolei Yisroel, including the Moetzes, taught us that every vote for Zipper Kadima is a kiddush Hashem, no matter how many children are destroyed for life."

HaRav Alter Farshimelt Shmeckle, one of the roshei yeshivas of Yeshivas Chiddushei NAMBLA, said the gathering was organized to fulfill ve'osiso kechol asher yorucho. "Some people mistakenly believe the matter of Zipper protection relates to a few askonim, but not to a man busy with the education and raising of his children.

We used to be at peace, believing this was just propaganda and the decrees would not be carried out. The past months have proven the era of idle threats has come to an end. Woe are we if they continue with just a portion of their plans.

UOJ made a surprise appearance. He was able to grab the microphone away from Rav Alter Farshimelt Shmeckle and questioned the crowd; who are the ones standing guard to protect these ***holes??? UOJ stared down at Shea Fishman and Dovid Zweibel and said in unison with his supporters "none other than the representatives of the Moetzes and Torah U'Mesorah." Singing and dancing broke out to celebrate the announcement that the Agudah planned to have not one, but two conventions a year.

At the end of the rally sign-up forms to volunteer for cover-up activities were handed out.


Anonymous said...

Mi shebairach, hu yevureich es hachoila, hamenuval, haroideph achar ketanim, Yehuda ben Chaim Shalom ben Shmuel Shepsel ben Zalman Yoel; vnoimar omein.

Sponsored by:

Mispachas Grosnas
Mishpachas Sorotzkin
Mishpachas Garfunkel
Mishpachas Rosenblum
Mispachas Furst

Anonymous said...

Mi shebairach, hu yevureich es hachoila, hamenuval, haroideph achar ketanim, Yehuda ben Chaim Shalom ben Shmuel Shepsel ben Zalman Yoel; vnoimar omein.

Sponsored by:

Mispachas Grosnas
Mishpachas Sorotzkin
Mishpachas Garfunkel
Mishpachas Rosenblum
Mispachas Furst

Anonymous said...

The Unorthodox Jew sounds like a buffoon the way he posts on his blog. The things he writes about have gone from informative and forceful to farcical and foolish. Who needs to read this junk? I visit the site every day to see if there are developments on the case. I check google every day to see if anything has happened. While I am interested in seeing perpetrators and those who protect them jailed and humiliated I am not interested in seeing stupidity on the part of the accusers. The people who defend the activities of criminals are idiots in their own right. Why should the accusers make idiots of themselves as well. I hope the purim schpiels and hollow-sounding threats will end. i hope the boastful rhetoric will cease. Just stop the yackety yak. i believe The Unorthodox Jew is putting a plan in motion. I just wish he would stop talking like a boastful, arrogant peacock who will ultimately stand still in traffic to admire his plumage. Enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the satire on the post - not that I don't want to - I just don't get it.

Reporter said...

Transcript of Moireinu Harav Hagoen Rosh HaYeshiva Lipa Margulies' speech at the rally:

Raboisei, thank you for attending this gathering.

For the past thirty five years I have been covering up the fact that Yidi Kolko has been molesting students in Yeshiva Torah Temimah.
I am proud of my success and I do not understand what all the fuss is about. Yidi Kolko is a fine Rebbi and as we know no one is perfect. Why is everyone focused on the fact that he is a child molester? Focus on the good, not the bad. So, he ruined some lives, big deal. So, I covered it up, that's my job.

We must stick together and continue the cover up. As parents in my Yeshiva, you know that your first obligation is to the health of my Yeshiva. Your children’s well being are a distant third, well after your obligation to pay me tuition, cash accepted, please deliver to Rabbi Applegrad. If we work as one, we can overcome the truth and you my precious parent body can continue allowing me to spread my version of the torah for years to come.

Rest assured that Yaakov, Yidi and I have been hard at work trying to terrorize the victims of Kolko’s sickness. They expect no less from us. Please help us continue our cover-up and terror campaign by sending me a tax deductible donation, cash accepted, please deliver to Rabbi Applegrad.

I have a psak din from a gadol that we must continue to ignore Yidi’s use of your children for his recreation. It is his right as a Rebbi. The gadol explains that since he dedicates his life to your children, the least you can do is allow him to have his way with your children. It is your duty to keep him calm, happy and satisfied.

Thank you for your continued support of my yeshiva. Please help us do more by sending me a tax deductable donation, cash accepted, please deliver to Rabbi Applegrad.

I am happy to announce that I will be bringing my version of the Torah to Lakewood ir hakodesh. Please help me keep the cover-up going so that the Lakewood Vaad will not find an excuse to keep my perversion from reaching Lakewood.

Thank you for your support and remember, there's nothing worse than the truth. Long live sheker!

Chacham From The Ma Nishtanah said...

Above Anonymous,
It's really clear to me what UOJ is doing.
He wants to humiliate the hell out of these guys including the "establishment" for standing around and counting their money while Roto Rooter/UOJ cleans the sewers.
G-d bless UOJ for his stamina. I'll bet that you will see him all over the place until the pros step in.
Nobody has to read what they think is bufoonery, I think his campaign has the markings of a genius.

Shoulda stayed in Monsey said...

Any update on the din torah between HH and a choshuveh baalabus? This is turning into a mini skandal by Passaic

Anonymous said...

Please post a copy of the Siruv.

I will withdraw my sons from the yeshiva if the hanhala refuses to respond to a hazmana.

This whole situation is a disgrace.

aaron said...

Brilliant campaign.

Anonymous said...

Please contact the lawyer Mr. Pasick for a copy of the hazmana l'din.

Anonymous said...

Shea Fishman you will rot in hell. You met with victims and you said you believed them and you do nothing.

Old Time RJJ said...

What is this about HH in Passaic? I have known about his shtik for years, but never thought it would come out into the open. Did any real news break?

Anonymous said...

Lay off Shia. He has no idea what to do with this situation. He's in over his head.

Rav Sholom Elyashiv's Insider said...

This is what I told Margulies through my shluchim two weeks ago. " Do NOT come to me I do not want to see you.Get rid of Kolko immediately or I will give the plaintiffs the heter to go to the police and the courts. There is no din mesirah or din rodef in this case."

Anonymous said...

HH from passaic was brought to a din torah over someone who was trying to get their childrens transcripts and he wouldn't release them...

Anonymous said...

stop with passaic! whatever is happening there can't be close to the real problems here

Anonymous said...

Correction: There is a din rodeph. The molester has a din rodeph and according to HaRav Elyashiv, must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

did he release them?

Lakewooder said...

maybe he wanted to save the boy from college

Nauseated by Margo's Hungarian accent said...

As someone who is no fan of molesters, and no fan of Margo, even if he hasn't enabled a molester, I have a suggestion & a question for UOJ.

Suggestion - why doesn't UOJ separate the parody bubkiss from the allegations ? Perhaps maintain 2 distinct websites ? Those of us who are willing to hear him out are frankly getting fed up and losing patience with having to wade through all the gobbledygook. The Margo skits are only funny to a point.

Question - How do we know that many of the comments on the blog aren't impersonations by UOJ to create an illusion of broad support for himself ?

Answer - We don't have any way of knowing.

Anonymous said...

What exactly was HaRav Elyashiv's psak?

Does it relate specifically to this (TT/LM/YK) situation?

Anonymous said...


You have no way of knowing. This hardly detracts from the issue at hand.

You are free to start a blog of your own and expose Kolko and Margulies for the reshaim they are. UOJ does not have a lock on the pursuit of justice and security for our children.

Many of us have difficulty with his style, but the fact remains he is putting his time and money where his mouth is.

My friend, in an imperfect world I'll take UOJ with all the crudity over the silence of Torah Umesorah, the Agudah, the cover-up Gedolim and their lemmings.

UOJ, Chazak Ubaruch.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that any question of Kolko and Margulies’ innocence have been put to rest. We all seem to agree that they are guilty as charged.

I for one, have made some discreet inquiries and quickly determined to my satisfaction that not only has Kolko been engaged in unspeakable acts for the past 40 plus years but that Margulies has known of these accusations for almost all of that time period.

My children will not be Torah Temimah next year. The yeshiva I once viewed as a prestigious institution of learning has become a well packaged house of fraud in my eyes.

I regret that the fine Rabeim working there are stuck working alongside the likes of Kolko and Marguluies. I will not allow my children to grow up surrounded by such sickness.

Anonymous said...

the shekker that is margoles is even sicker then kolko

boog said...

enough with this juvenile b.s.

When, if ever, we going to see some tachlis?

Isaac said...

One thing is certain. UOJ is making a huge difference. Never would this issue be dealt with and the proof is it hasn't.
So along comes a guy who obviously is determined to see it through and what happens you guys bash him. I say screw you critics. You don't like his satire, don't read it. His strategy will get a system change and the sinners and inhumane people to justice. Period. That's all that counts.
You want to read bullshit go read the Jewish Observer. This blog is for results.I frankly think UOJ's campaign is brilliant. Anything that gets people riled up and talking about this issue is what will get the job done.
I personally believe that before this is over there will be a sea change in the entire system.

Anonymous said...

[U]Bemokom sh’ain anoshim, hishdail lehois ish. [Pirkei Avos]

And in a place where there are no people to take charge, try to be a person who takes charge.

In New York, 2006, we find ourselves without leaders willing to “sully” themselves with the task of ridding our community of an evil and sick child molester.

Instead, they quietly align themselves with his employer and focus on protecting their standing and the future of the institution.

By their acts they have become accessories after the fact.

Regardless of who they are or their standing in the community, their behavior is the behavior of Reshaim.

We are witnessing a pivotal moment in American Jewish history. The defrocking of a corrupt and self-serving Rabbinic leadership by an anonymous Ben Torah who has stood up to say, Ani HaIsh.

Nauseated by Margo's Hungarian accent said...

You're right about the coming "sea of change in the entire system".

There is a long list of people under the microscope now, be'royshom Kolko & the Tendlers, to the long list of Ner Yisroel Baltimore musmachim & even a woman in Monsey who allegedly abused girls. UOJ is definitely helping break the walls down, but I think a lot of credit has to go to Rosenblatt of Jewish Week for really getting the momentum started by exposing NCSY and getting that pedophile Lanner locked up. Believe me, I'm not generally thrilled with Rosenblatt, but he did a huge service for the klal. (Nor am I happy with UOJ's behavior otherwise) Of the above mentioned list, at least some of them have to be guilty and every one of these dogs will now see his day.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


Give Rosenblatt ALL the credit. I want to see an ehrliche system run by ehrliche Yiden. Period end of story. If there is any credit given to me I want it given by the only "one" who knows who I am besides myself.

Moishe Puppik said...

Does anyone know if there was NEW information that came to light AFTER the Debreciner Rov said there wasn't enough information at that point to fry Kolko ? If there's any chiddush that pans out, I'm on line to see Yudi's & possibly Margo's head on a pike.

Anonymous said...

moishe puppik

Nice try to disseminate false information for team marko. the Debreciner Rov never said any such thing so stop the BS.

Kolko should have faced the music then and certainly will face it now. He should have taken his medicine back then it would have been a lot easier. He could have quietly retired from chinuch and joined his wifes real estate business. Now he's gonna drag the whole yeshiva and his whole family through this hell for reasons best known to him and margo. And we are gonna have to sit and watch this ugliness play out on a daily baisis. A Groissa Yashkoiach. This is exactly what klal Yisroel needs right now

The stupidity of these people is mindboggling. And all the Chahchomim of the Mah Nishtana are all obviousdly advising him to take this route. Isn't there even one family member, sage, advisor, who can see whats coming and tell these people to stop this for their own good. Doesn't anybody care about the potential consequences. Apparently not. So be it.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

The "Tefillin Maniac" Pinchos Sheinberg applied BS halachic pressure on the Debreciner to dismiss the bais din before it ever began based on two invalid halachas as it applies to this case.

1-The man in leather claimed you can not take testimony from victims if they were under the age of thirteen knowing full well that in most cases Kolko's victims were under thirteen.
2-You can't take testimony from women who happened to be the mothers of the victims.

There you have it folks, the guy that wraps himself in God's words all day long saw fit to let a pedophile walk the classrooms of a house of God's words, even though there was no doubt that the crimes were commited by Kolko.

"If the Tefillin fits, you must acquit."

Hey Tefillin Maniac...I hope you go to the same place Johnny Cochran is.

Auto Report World Editors said...

Male teachers in yeshivas aren't the only ones who can abuse. Here is a [unverified] report about a female teacher in a girls' school:

Anonymous said...


True, the earlier Bais Din was pressured to stop after the powerful testimony of several of Kolko’s victims.

The irony is that this very act will open the gates of hell to Kolko and Margulies this time around. Thank you Pinchus Sheinberg!

Stay tuned.

X tora ohr-nick said...

"If the Tefillin fits, you must acquit."

Hey Tefillin Maniac...I hope you go to the same place Johnny Cochran is. =
If this is what Rabbi P Sheinberg SAID than we have a chiyuv to flood his house and office with phone calls of protest.
Any one have his house or office number? Does tora ohr have an active new york number?
I wonder the Rabbi sheinberg from Flatbush has to say about this?
They do say he is a very straight shooter, but thats hard to find these days among our Gedolim and Ketanim.

tzubrochen said...

Bemokem She'ain Ish Afileh a Herring iz a Fish.
Apropos for UOJ.

tzubrochen said...

Anonymous said...
Mi shebairach, hu yevureich es hachoila, hamenuval, haroideph achar ketanim, Yehuda ben Chaim Shalom ben Shmuel Shepsel ben Zalman Yoel; vnoimar omein.

Sponsored by:

Mispachas Grosnas
Mishpachas Sorotzkin
Mishpachas Garfunkel
Mishpachas Rosenblum
Mispachas Furst

Someone please explain.

Anonymous said...

I dont think anybody respects you for your bashibg of gedolim, however if you are going to do it then at least get the facts straight. Rabbi Scheinberg is famous for his tzitzis, not for his tefilin.

Anonymous said...

your idiotic rantings are slightly amusing, but getting boring. lets see some veribiable facts. otherwise you're just entertainment. put up or shut up.

X matesdorfer yid said...

Rabbi P. is famous for his teffilin and tzitzis and cult like yeshiva.

Ani Maamin said...

UOJ is just shooting himself in the foot. He's going to lose support of people who otherwise would've been on his side by that vicious & gratuitous attack on Rav Scheinberg. The Rambam poskens that a mevaze talmid chochom be'farhesya has a DIN APIKORUS.

How does anyone even know that Rav Scheinberg intervened with the Debreciner ? Are we to take UOJ at his word when he has seemingly no control over his vile outbursts ? Who has knowledge of the Debreciner's din Torah that one could verify the details with them ?

If UOJ just provided facts, the truth would speak for itself & if he behaved in a civil manner, (provided Kolko & Margo are guilty) he would have a lot of siyata de'Shmaya to bring the house down on them.

As someone who has no knowledge of their alleged misdeeds, I would think UOJ would have an interest in laying out a more diplomatic case instead of spraying fire in every direction.

Don't lose the forest for the trees on Ocean Parkway. But it's not like every idiot is familiar with that idiom.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Ani Maamin,
Pick up the phone and call the Tefillin Maniac for yourself, I DID!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

anyone got Rabbi p shienbergs number?
he usually comes to america this time of the year.
we got to flood calls to his place of stay.
Maybe by his son in law in monsey?

Tora Temima Audit said...

Grossnas is Kolko's mechutan from overseas. I'm not sure about the other names. Kolko had a habit of trying to find shidduchim from far away who were less likely to hear about allegations against him. Whenever the fresh crop of bochurim came each zman to Lakewood, Yam HaTalmud, etc, Kolko would would try to snooker all the new Europeans, South Africans etc for his daughter.

Shnorrer Park said...

Tora Ohr has a branch in Boro Park called Derech Agav, I mean Derech Chaim. The Roshei Yeshiva Rav Plutchok & Rav Rennert are supposed to be Rav Scheinberg's biggest talmidim. I suppose one could check with them.

Attorney Disgusted With Uneducated Frummies said...

Ani Maamin said...


All you've done is imply that you disagree with UOJ and then quote a bunch of rabbis to scare people into agreeing with you. Do you even realize that having an opinion doesn't mean it's a fact??? But you seem to think your stupid opinion is an actual defense.


You sound like idiots every time any of you try to rebut UOJ. Have any of you EVER stepped inside a school???

Anonymous said...

Ani Maamin:

The participants have first hand knowledge of the aborted Bais Din before the Debreciner. For that matter, so does Rabbi Scheinberg.

UOJ is correct in his assertion that Rabbi Scheinberg interfered with the Din Torah and caused it to stop before it was completed.

What gives you the right to abuse the term Talmid Chochom and apply it to a man who gratuitously misinterpreted basic Halacha, interfered with a sitting Bais Din and caused untold grief to countless innocent children who were subsequently abused by Kolko.

Is Rabbi Scheinberg prepared to rectify the damage he did to all the subsequent victims of Kolko?

How many pairs of Arba Kanfos will it take to atone for that grievous sin?

Ladies and Gentleman, this scandal is growing in stature by the hour.

Anonymous said...

attorney...thats a pretty harsh comment. I don't know why you're so mad, but it probably has nothing to do with the comment your talking about

Anonymous said...


Can you please tell us what is your next plan of action, since it seems that all else has failed?

UOJ Ben Hirsch Alias Tracker said...

Gee, that's a very professional & refined response coming from an "educated lawyer"

Since when does UOJ / Ben Hirsch & his multiple alter egos have a law degree ?

Despite his crazed rantings, Ivy League & Jesuit law schools like Columbia, U Penn, Fordham & St John's accept students straight out of yeshiva. Several Lakewooders for instance aced the LSAT & were at the top of their class.

fed up with dumb bloggers said...

How does anyone even know that Rav Scheinberg intervened with the Debreciner ? Are we to take UOJ at his word when he has seemingly no control over his vile outbursts ? Who has knowledge of the Debreciner's din Torah that one could verify the details with them ?=
TO Ani maMin.
If yOu can not have or do not know how to have a debate then do not TRY to make it sound like you do. All you did was make an ass out of your self.
Just because you dont have inside info or perhaps you find it hard believe a fact , does not mean it is true.

Ani Maamin said...

All I asked was how the information could be verified, which seemed to confuse some of the anger-prone readers here, launching them into orbit.

Although UOJ continues to verbally assault Rav Scheinberg, he at least provided a simple & reasonable answer, namely that I could ask Rav Scheinberg himself. In case he is not so easy to access, I was wondering if there are any alternatives.

I found from observing various scandals unfold in the haymishe velt, that there are usually rabbonim on both sides of the controversy. Although many rabbonim are too cowardly to speak their mind, they will at least confide in people they know.

Does anybody know if any respectable talmid chochom ever said publicly or semi-privately that he has information or a gut feeling that Kolko is a monster ?

I happen to have a personal dislike of Kolko wether or not he abused children, and I am not on Margo's or UOJ's side. I'm just on the side of the truth, so if UOJ is correct, I hope he manages to really do them in.

Anonymous said...

It's also interesting that Rabbi Scheinberg has never told anyone why he wears 80 pairs of tzitzis.

I actually gain respect for UOJ when he rants against the "gedolim" because so many people buy the Artscrollization of gedolim, that they're perfect, above human, etc. Chazak ve'ematz!

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Here is a sure way to get any rosh yeshiva on the phone at any time.

Call the yeshiva, tell the person that answers the phone that you must reach Rav.....immediately, because you're an estate attorney and your client who just died left the yeshiva five million dollars.



Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Do you know why Pinkass Sheinboor wears his Tefillin all day and wears 80 pairs of arba kanfos???

Because he's a friggin distorter of yiddishkeit, creating a niche for himself as the need to be the "frummest" putz on the planet.

But molest a kid...big deal...what's in it for him. The hell with the kid and his life.


Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us what is your next plan of action, since it seems that all else has failed?


Failed? Is there anyone in our community that is not aware of the allegations against Kolko and Margulies?

You may recall all the naysayers who mocked UOJ when he promised to blow the lid off this issue with a mailing. Here we are a mere six weeks later and everything UOJ promised had been delivered.

I believe UOJ when he declares that Yeshiva Torah Temimah will cease to exist as we know it.

Kolko and Margulies’ bravado notwithstanding, they are cornered.

Ani Maamin said...

I still haven't received an answer to this question. And iff UOJ has so much intimate knowledge of the Kolko case, perhaps he's in the best position to answer it:

I found from observing various scandals unfold in the haymishe velt, that there are usually rabbonim on both sides of the controversy. Although many rabbonim are too cowardly to speak their mind, they will at least confide in people they know.

Does anybody know if any respectable talmid chochom ever said publicly or semi-privately that he has information or a gut feeling that Kolko is a monster ?

Cowardly rabbonim get under my skin, like in the case of a certain rav hamachshir in New York whose hashgocho is worth dreck. Many rabbonim will not eat from this rav hamachshir, but most will not publicly go on record as saying he's unacceptable. The most they will do is hushingly tell people they know, insisting that they can't be quoted on it.

If any rov has ever made even a private admission implicating Kolko, he should be called out on the carpet for it.

Please identify any rov who fits this description.

Straight-thinking frum lawyer in NY said...

Ani Maamin -

There is no question about Kolko's guilt. Victims have been spoken to. They have given dates, times, places, and the factual details about the molestation. They are speaking the truth. Kolko worked in three camps, and was fired by all three. A previous beis din convened, and at best was incompetent, and at worst, corrupt. The beis din dissipated, without result.

Everybody on this blog who raises the question of Kolko's guilt should stop. He is guilty, and needs to be brought to justice. He needs to be fired from his current job, and he should be prevented from working anywhere near children in the future.

Ani maamin, you talk about calling rabbonim who know about this situation "onto the carpet", in other words, subject to dicipline.

How? We Jews have no system for doing that. The public schools have a system. The Catholic schools have a system. Our own modern/central orthodox sysnagogue rabbi organization, the Rabbinical Council of America now has a system, and you can go onto their website to check if you want to, rabbis.org.

But the yeshivas and day schools that teach Torah and general studies to more than 200,000 Jewish children in the U.S. and Canada do not have a system for disciplining rabbis, teachers, or even janitors. They can jump around from yeshiva-to-yeshiva, molesting children, or punching and slapping them, almost at will. And it has happened, and will continue to happen as long as we do nothing to stop it.

That is why this blog is necessary. Nature abhors a vacuum. Where there is no system of justice, the people themselves take charge, and pursue extra-legal means, i.e., blogs, pashkivils, and who knows what's next.

So Ani Maamin, and all the others, start thinking outside the box, and do something besides making pippulistic argument. Kolko is a current threat, he is a pedophile, and needs to be taken away from children at once.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Ani Maamin,
You want names?

3-Yisroel Belsky
4-Feinstein Bros.
5-Faivel Cohen
6-Dovid Cohen
6-Aron Shachter
7-Avrohom Chaim Levine
8-Nosson Sherman
9-Sholom Elyashiv
10-Aron Feldman
11-Yehuda Oelbaum
12-Shea Fishman
Start calling!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fed Up
I was at the Bes Din when Tzittzis man said that you cannot prosecute Kolko because there were no two people who witnessed his evil acts.

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand the 80 pairs of arba kanfos. I've never seen it in any sefer, none of the other gedolim wear 80 pairs, the gedolim of previous generations did not (R' Moshe Feinstein, the Chofetz Chaim, R' Yaakov, etc.), so what the hell is going on?

Still Wonderin' said...

"Despite his crazed rantings, Ivy League & Jesuit law schools like Columbia, U Penn, Fordham & St John's accept students straight out of yeshiva. Several Lakewooders for instance aced the LSAT & were at the top of their class."

Then isn't it a shame for the Pro-molester Camp that none of these Yeshiva prodigies seem to be available to debate on this blog?

And more so, doesn't the conspicuous absence of anyone with any demonstrated ability to debate UOJ speak volumes?

X matesdorfer yid said...

Although UOJ continues to verbally assault Rav Scheinberg, he at least provided a simple & reasonable answer, namely that I could ask Rav Scheinberg himself. In case he is not so easy to access, I was wondering if there are any alternatives.
If this was a case\ where you suspect your child was molested by a rebbe or anyone for that matter , you can bet your boots that you woukd find a way of finding Rabbi P shinberg.
Get off your Rump and Look him up.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

In plain language, Pinchos Scheinberg is a screwed up crackpot. He is no different than the Bible reading screaming lunatic on the corner of any street U.S.A.
What would you think of a Catholic who walked around with 80 Yushkas on their body?
You'd throw their tuchis in a loony hospital.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone interested in what Rabbi Scheinberg, or anyone else, said about Kolko.

There does not exist the posibility that any valid interpertation of Halacha allows a child molester to be around children.


Anonymous said...

I'm pro the campaign to oust the molester but I wonder whether it is wise to turn this back into a referendum on Gedolei Yisroel. We need to stay focused on the mission to oust the molester and his protector. The anti-Gedolim tirades just give comfort to the pro-molester forces who take comfort - albeit stupidly - in the fact that their hats are blacker and bigger than ours.

If some Gedolei Yisroel intervened in the prior Bais Din, rather than get obsessed with personalities, we should look at the Halachic issues. There is a sound Halachic basis to accept the testimony of women and children when they are the only ones who are likely to have knowledge of the facts. Thats clearly the case here. That, incidentally is part of the Halachic basis for the seven Monsey Rabonim who signed against Rabbi Mordechai Tendler recently based almost solely on the testimony of women.

Thus, in the first instance, that Psak may simply have been erroneous and needs to be rectified the second time around. The second interesting point is that somebody must have solicited the intervention of Rav Scheinberg into a sitting Bais Din comprised of some oustanding talmeidei chachomin and poskim who clearly were capable of deciding the issue themselves. I would posit that that was none other than Kolko or Margulies or both. Anotherwords they actively sought to suppress the truth through a questionable psak rather than allow the Bais Din to proceed. That in itself speaks volumes about their true intentions.

In the latest incarnation of a Bais Din that Margulies agreed to go to a Bais Din comprised of Rabbis Kaminetzky and Levine. Margulies then did an about face and said hes not going until he gets a Psak from Rav Eliyashiv. Its literally identical to what he pulled with Rav Scheinberg. Manipulating and perverting our holy Torah for his nefarious ends. Rather than allow the truth to come out he once again tries to pervert the Halacha under the guise of "daas torah" to suppress the truth.

Margolis, keep your hands off our precious torah, away from our gedolei yisroel and most importantly, away from our children!!!!!!

Idiot Sensor said...



"Still Wonderin'" makes zero sense.

So just because a successful lawyer who graduated top of his class at Columbia Law School had come from Lakewood yeshiva, he's obligated to come debate UOJ on a blog ?

And what makes this dumb turd assume that every yeshivishe guy is on the side of Kolko & Margo ?

Could it be his fanatical anti-yeshivish obsession that's very evident on his dumb blog clouds his vision ? I would think so.

Check out this retarded posting where he blames the Beis Yaakov movement for Barbara Streisand.

Here is the link below (some blogs render them as a only a tiny piece of hypertext so you may have to look closely):


Blaming Beis Yaakov for Streisand who hasn't been frum in ages (and didn't even attend a school called Beis Yaakov) is like blaming YU for hard core porno because Moses Tendler had 2 relatives who posed in Penthouse.

Anonymous said...

why did uoj delete his most recent post about Rabbi Margolis decling to go to besi din? it was on the site a few minutes ago but is not here now. whats going on?

I guess he got too many comments about the lack of content or any new information.

oh well. its about time

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,
I think this IS the perfect time to define what is so loosely termed as Gedolei Yisroel. What does that mean? The guy with the biggest yeshiva? Can someone please define that term to me?

There was a "rabbi" that was hell bent in dismissing the previous bais din on a "technicality" and was able to convince a bais din that heard gut wrenching testimony from victims that their testimony was invalid according to halacha.

Now this behaima wears 80 pairs of tzizis and walks around all day in his Tefillin. Is this guy part of the Gedolei Yisroel? You know what, if he is, I want out of HIS religion.

What Gedolei Yisroel are we talking about exactly..the ones that will permit a Jewish Mafioso to keep his molester rebbe in a classroom?

As long as the "gedolim" do nothing...there are no gedolim only reshaim!

Still Wonderin' said...

Hey 'idiot sensor,' I suspect your idiot sensor went off because you were holding it.

But that aside, whenever you're ready to understand a concept called "reading comprehension," I'll be glad to recommend Barbra Streisand's English teacher.

But you wouldn't get that because you clearly didn't read my post.

(NOTE: I made a mistake in that post. Barbra isn't a Beis Yaakov graduate. She went to the Yeshiva of Brooklyn.)

tzubrochen said...

Streisand went to Yeshiva of Flatbush.
Barbra bas Mendel Streisand

Still Wonderin' said...

"Streisand went to Yeshiva of Flatbush."

No she didn't. That is an absolute fact. If she did, that would have been my punch-line. But your claim is absolutely false.

boog said...


When we going to see some action? This talk is getting nowhere.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

My Dear Friend Boog,

Trust me my dear friend, I am not going into "Iraq" half-assed and not fully prepared.

There will be a real "schock and awe" before Pesach that the Jewish world has NEVER seen before!

Anonymous said...

Maggid this year will be about something else entirely, huh?

Anonymous said...

what we need is a red mercedes.

Anonymous said...

which relatives of Rabbi tendler posed in Penthouse?

Anonymous said...

unbelievable what is going on.
what r u guys waiting for .torah temimah should bu shut down completly if such acusations are truthful.
its discussting, there should be demonstrators everyday in front of the yeshivah demanding justise and that Rabbi kolko should be fired. he should not be spending even one second with inosent kids.
those parents whome there kids are in his class should not send there kids to school till rabbi Margolis gets rid of this rebbi.
sham sham sham on them