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The Insane Borough Park Jew And Their Double Life!

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The UOJ Classics:

I am addressing this blog to the yeshivas, the rebbes and particularly to the rosh yeshivas that produced this human tinaf. Let us take a good look what you guys did to Klal Yisroel over the last fifty years or so. You have transmitted your misery, and your "fake frum" behavior to generations. The proof is in the final product that you guys produced, and it aint pretty. If you want to see the biggest , messed up , miserable Jew that walks on this planet, let's go and take a look inside the head and life of a Boro Parker.(Many Flatbush guys included)

Typically, they dress in dark colors, and speak a yiddishized English. Their kids go to Charedi yeshivas, and the boys wear payos.They walk the walk and talk the talk. They live for one reason only, which is to knock their neighbors eyes out with their worldly possessions. They generally spend their summers in the Catskills. There is a definite sub-class of Boro Parker, the guys without money. They suffer terribly, because they are desperately trying to keep up with the Kohns, and are in debt up to their eyeballs. They are caught with their shiny pants down, at every turn. They have to take the fancy cruises and vacations, but can't afford the tuitions.

They have their special "tuition suits", when they beg for a scholarship. They drag out the suit and hat from their bar-mitzvah, and head on down to the yeshiva with their dignity in their tuchis. Most of these guys would rather be dead. They have bitchy wives and in-laws, no matter what this putz does, it is not good enough for them. This schmuck goes to sleep every night hoping that he does not wake up in the morning. He has more kids then he ever wanted, but you can't be a member in this bozo club unless you have more than five kids. This suffering idiot works his ass off every day just to survive. His rebbe never said this was in store for him. He gives away tzedaka he doesn't have, the thieves that get the money are better off than he is. He can't permit himself to stop and think," what the hell is going on"?, if he does, he's totally gone.

This poor slob, takes the subway to work, and pretends all is well. He goes through the motions of being frum, but in his heart he hates every single shukle in shul, every parlor meeting for shnorrer mosdos, every single person that ever led him along this path. This "drekfresser "has not had a bright day in his life. He grays early, if he is not already bald. He is overweight, and his wardrobe smells like crap. He forces himself to get to shul, and preaches to his kids the same nonsense that he was fed. Everything his rebbe or rosh yeshiva ever told him , he discovered is full of shit. He walks around with a perpetual smile, but he is ready to kill someone at the drop of a black hat. A typical fight with his wife winds up with her screaming at him, "shit zulsts du essen". And that he does! Big time! His kids bleed him to death for money he does not have. If his kids are married, chances are he is supporting some dumb , fat , retarded behaima doing squat in a kollel somewhere. He's screwed and has no idea what to do about it.

Then there are the ten percent of Borough Parkers who have money, or access to it. They are in business stealing their brains out. Whatever they do is crooked. Many have done jail time, especially the guys in nursing homes, jewelry, trucking and government programs administration. The lawyers among them, are gangsters. They don't need a license to lie and hurt people, but they went to school to get one anyway. Many of them sport beards and payos. They believe that they are geniuses, and they let everyone they come in contact with, know it. They are NOT frum at all, they go to strip clubs, and watch pornography. In the summer time, and whenever, they are screwing around on their wives, who are in the Catskills.

They shtup their maids from South America and just about anything that moves, many have sexually transmitted diseases. Some have contracted the AIDS virus from the zonas they frequented. A typical Shabbos in the mountains includes wearing the bekishes, shtreimels or if they are a bit more modern, just plain Armani black suits and hats. OK, comes motzei Shabbos, off with the black garb. Grease back those payos, curl up their beards, pull out that leather yarmulke, and let it rip. No hotel, gambling casino or show is off limits to these chayas. Back home they daven in some shtibel, where the fat slob behaima at the front shtender is a bigger idiot than they can possibly imagine. This shmuck has no clue what he would do if for some reason he pissed off the "gvir."

So, he kishes tuchis like it was a bank book, a certificate of deposit, or a zona. People reading this must be saying that I'm nuts. OK, let's get real. In your heart of hearts you know I am right. If you live in Brooklyn, take a good look at the guys you interface with. Read the newspapers. Check court records. Check out the supermarkets and see how many shaina Yiden are using food stamps. Visit some prisons, see how many guys are there that would never daven without a gartel.

Speak to pediatricians that you may have as friends or family, find out how many babies are being born with drug addictions and sexually transmitted diseases. No, not from the baalei tshuvas you miserable slobs, but from the yeshiva and chassidishe communities. Speak to marriage therapists that you may have as friends or family, ask them what percentage of marriages are being destroyed because the yeshivishe/chassidishe husband is banging anything that moves.

When your home is burglarized, don't even bother going to the cops looking for your silver and jewelry, just take a stroll down Thirteenth Avenue, they will be on full display at the silver and jewelry stores, right there in the window. On a TV talk show recently, hookers described these guys down to their filthy talis koton.(Can't leave home without it.)

It's not one or two guys, this is symptomatic of a tradition and a culture that failed miserably. You know why?


Sub-consciously or consciously, they never bought the manure the fertilizer salesmen sold them. They trudged along the scam yeshiva system that everyone seemingly bought into, only to grow old and realize they've been screwed over. The yeshivas and the guys heading it, they have come to realize, are phony bastards. They will gouge the eyes out of your head, for a buck or less. Who is going to teach them to fear G-d, if these guys' God is money? They could not give a cholent bone that has been sucked dry, about you. In matter of fact, if you don't give them money, they despise you. They don't care if you are a cross-dresser or a tuchis - shtupper , as long as you are giving up the gelt. When was the last time you saw a" poor guy" being honored at a dinner?


Look at some of the names on the yeshiva buildings. The biggest chazer fressers , philanderers and thieves in the neighborhood. I'M NOT KIDDING, TAKE A LOOK!!! GET OFF YOUR FAT TUCHIS AND TAKE A LOOK.

Yes, there are a few good guys, even an honest rotten corpse produces worms. I kid you not, if you let these yeshivas do what they have been doing, there will not be a viable Jewish community in fifty years or less. There may be people who will dress in black, but Judaism and its beauty can not perpetuate itself, when the so called leaders are charlatans and hucksters.





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Michael Miran said...


The judge thinks it's fishy that a doctor and professor says he can't afford a lawyer.

Lakewood talmid said...

The Yerushalmi veibele is making a huge mistake in not calling the Fire Dept after the hafgonos. While she is trying to cover up a chilul Hashem, how many young children and others will suffer serious health effects if the smoke is not put out?

YTT-Belsky operatives said...


Capitol Police officers are investigating threatening calls made to Rep. Peter King’s office after the New York Republican railed against the media’s coverage of Michael Jackson’s death.

In a recent YouTube video, King called Jackson a “lowlife” and complained that soldiers in Iraq don’t get as much recognition.

“This guy was a pervert. He was a child molester. He was a pedophile,” he says in the video. “And to be giving this much coverage to him day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country?”

Is there life for Kolko after Lake Compounce? said...


ORLANDO, Fla. — Authorities say a New York man pulled the bikini top off a 15-year-old girl and touched her chest at a Walt Disney World water park.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office reports that 51-year-old Robert Chester Double Jr. was arrested at the Typhoon Lagoon water park Saturday. He was charged with lewd or lascivious molestation. He was being held at the Orange County Jail on $5,000 bail.

The incident was the third sexual assault case at a central Florida water park in less than three weeks.

Deputies say a man raped a 14-year-old girl at Wet 'n Wild during a midnight celebration in the wave pool last month. Another man was arrested a week later on charges he molested three teenage girls at SeaWorld's Aquatica.

What else is new? said...


a homosexual foster couple were left free to sexually abuse vulnerable boys in their care because social workers feared being accused of discrimination if they investigated complaints, according to a story in Britain's Daily Mail.

In a study by the California School of Professional Psychology, the research with 942 adult participants revealed that gay men and lesbian women reported a significantly higher rate of childhood molestation than did heterosexual men and women. Forty-six percent of the homosexual men in contrast to 7% of the heterosexual men reported homosexual molestation. Twenty-two percent of lesbian women in contrast to 1% of heterosexual women reported homosexual molestation. This research is apparently the first survey that has reported substantial homosexual molestation of girls.

Didn't Steinbrenner put him in Ohel "rehab"? said...


Former New York Yankees outfielder Mel Hall Jr. was found guilty of 3 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of indecency with a child Tuesday in Texas.

Bim Bam pays tribute to pedophile said...

Associated Press

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday hailed the "extraordinary" musical legacy left by pop superstar Michael Jackson, whom he lauded as among the greatest US performers ever.

"I don't think there's any doubt he was one of the greatest entertainers of our generation - perhaps any generation," Obama told CNN television in an interview broadcast from Russia, hours before a mammoth memorial service in Los Angeles to bid farewell to the singer, who died on June 25.

"I think like Elvis, like (Frank) Sinatra, like the Beatles, he became a core part of our culture," Obama said.

YTV said...

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 004674/2009
Case Type: Other Torts Negligence
Track: Standard
RJI Filed: 04/28/2009
Date NOI Due: 04/28/2010
NOI Filed:
Disposition Deadline:
Disposition Date:
Calendar Number:
Jury Status:

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
HENRY KOHN Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
4912 13TH AVE.
BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11219
718 972-7000

Attorney/Firm For Defendant:
BARRY,MCTIERNAN & MOORE Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
NEW YORK, NY 10006

Simcha Klor said...

Did anyone notice on the State court website (Webcivil local) that a whole bunch of people sued me in 2009?

Is this letzonus or a serious effort by Shmarya? said...


Which rabbonim will Shmarya blame for not being mevatel talmud Torah for this?

YTT lawsuits said...

In John Doe #4 & #5's lawsuits, Margo filed some odd sounding motions like asking the judge for an order of protection and forcing the plaintiffs to disclose things.

Does anyone know what that's about?

That's like John Gotti asking for protection from someone he tried to whack.

Is this a lawsuit against the Gerrorists at Bais Yisroel? said...

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 038121/2006
Case Type: Other Torts Negligence
Track: Standard
RJI Filed: 05/28/2009
Date NOI Due:
NOI Filed:
Disposition Deadline:
Disposition Date:
Calendar Number:
Jury Status:
Justice Name: MARTIN M SOLOMON (PT. 38)

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
GERALD P. GROSS Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active

Attorney/Firm For Defendant:
WILSON,ELSER,MOSKOWITZ,EDELMAN Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
914 323-7000

First Hand knowledge said...

To the commentor of 2:02 PM, July 07, 2009 who wrote about "The GREEDY LIAR psychotherapists in the frum community";

There is an awful more to be said of those greedy psychiatrists and psychotherapists. Many of them are (subtly) emotionally abusive, deceiving, manipulating, and do great harm to those helpless victims seeking their help. Typically, they suck out from their patients as much cash as possible, while preventing them from healing properly. They do this through using their position of power (emotional dependence) to create more dependency, while holding their victims at bay, all, with the purpose of further prolonging the pain, and gaining more visits and hence more cash.

I've researched and dealt with this parsha for over 15 years now, and seldom did I come across a true and honest therapist. I found that, many of these lying, incompetent, and dishonest therapists, will eventually move to Israel, after screwing around here in America with their patients. They claim to “make aliya for the purpose of helping Jewish people in Israel", while their true intentions are to hide their pasts and avoid being caught-up-to, by those patients who eventually become knowledgeable and learn that they were taken advantage of, by the therapist they entrusted.

Such therapists are mistaken though! Today's fast growing technology will not allow these hoodlums to hide their pasts, whether here or in Israel!

V'hamaivin Yovin!

Agudah-Satmar supporters throw pennies at child abuse victims! said...


In the latest twist over child sex abuse legislation, the New York State Assembly will meet in special session in September to vote on a controversial bill that was never brought to the floor.

The bill, dubbed the Child Victims Act by its sponsor, Assemblywoman Marge Markey (D-Queens), would extend the criminal and civil statutes for child sexual abuse cases as well as open up a year-long window for cases currently beyond the statute. With both houses being controlled by Democrats, activists had high hopes for the bill’s passing this year.

According to Mike Armstrong, a spokesperson for Markey, the bill not being brought to the floor was to be expected, given the turmoil in the New York State Senate. Most importantly, Armstrong maintained, the bill has enough votes in the Assembly to pass.

“The Speaker has assured her [Markey] that he wants the bill to become law and he’s committed to it being brought to the floor,” Armstrong said. “When you dodge the bullet at one moment, you can regard it as a victory,”

The adjournment led to claims of victory from opponents of the bill, who include organizations as diverse as the Catholic Conference and the United Talmudic Academy of Williamsburg. Assemblyman Vito Lopez (D-Brooklyn) emerged as the most prominent opponent of the legislation by sponsoring a competing bill that does not include the year-long window.

Lopez argues that his bill, which also did not make it to the Assembly floor, has much broader support in the State Senate and Assembly.

“I have 66 sponsors in the Assembly, [Markey] has 42, which do you think should come to the floor? “ Lopez told The Jewish Star. “[The Markey Bill] has no chance of passing in the Senate.”

Supporters of the Markey bill offer a different take.

Marci Hamilton, a Yeshiva University Professor and author of “Justice Denied: What America Must Do To Protect its Children,” described any victory as purely superficial.

“The problem is that the Catholic Conference is so good at manipulating the message that our ragtag army has to catch up,” she said. “We’re moving in the right direction. Not as fast as we’d like, but we’re getting there.”

Both sides have recently ratcheted up their efforts. A group of survivors of sexual abuse gathered outside of Assemblyman Lopez’s office in almost daily vigils to protest his sponsorship of the competing bill; last Wednesdays, survivors clashed with Lopez’s supporters, who pelted them with loose change, according to one of the attendees.

Survivors for Justice, a collection of Jewish victims of sexual abuse and their advocates has been running 30-second radio advertisements in favor of the bill. The latest featured Gershon Silver, the grandson of Rabbi Eliezer Silver, one of the founders of Agudath Israel of America, who asked listeners to “heed the words of my saintly grandfather,” and support the legislation.

Lonnie Soury, a spokesperson for Survivors for Justice, believes that the Markey bill is far from dead.

“It’s shameful the amount of effort the church and some rabbinical authorities put into defeating this bill,” she asserted. “They put a big effort in but they haven’t killed it.”

Avi L. Shafran said...


Mr. Fishbein estimated that pornographic DVD sales and rentals in the United States generated $3.62 billion in 2006 but had fallen as much as 50 percent since then. He says the slump has made some companies reluctant to share sales figures

Anonymous said...

Federal Web sites knocked out by cyber attack

Federal agency Web sites knocked out by massive, resilient cyber attack

By Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press Writer

On Tuesday July 7, 2009, 10:04 pm EDT
WASHINGTON (AP) -- A widespread and unusually resilient computer attack that began July 4 knocked out the Web sites of several government agencies, including some that are responsible for fighting cyber crime, The Associated Press has learned.

The Treasury Department, Secret Service, Federal Trade Commission and Transportation Department Web sites were all down at varying points over the holiday weekend and into this week, according to officials inside and outside the government. Some of the sites were still experiencing problems Tuesday evening.

Regarding Putz Thief Yossi Ungar said...

Yossi Ungar gives a daf yomi shiur and is considered to be a big talmid of R' Elya Svei.

His wife is opening a Bais Yaakov style high school in Flatbush this September that has the haskommah of some major rov.

Ungar davens at Weinfeld nights but davens somewhere else mornings where he has developed a kesher with the rov of the other shul.

His East 22nd neighbors are protecting him and will not fill in the blanks. They pulled the same stunt with Kolko in refusing to divulge where he davened after leaving Weinfeld's.

Does anyone know where Ungar davens and gives shiur and who these rabbonim are?

How disgusting that these lowlives keep getting away with the same crap. Leib Pinter's wife is also running a high school - Masores Bais Yaakov.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Which therapists moved to Israel to cover their tracks?

Politically incorrect said...

Shmarya discusses the Holocaust and for the first time on his blog, attacks G-d himself:

A God who needs to bayonet, club and burn 1.5 million babies to death isn't much of a God. He shouldn't be worshipped. He should be ignored and belittled, spat on like the dust of this earth – dust laced with the blood and soot of 6 million of his children.

There is punishment and there is sadistic punishment. And then there is the sadistic orgy of hell caused, rabbis say, by inattentive worship of the Great Sadist Above, the Uber-Torquemada of the Heavens and the Earth.

Anonymous said...

To the commenters about greedy frum psychotherapists:

I am one of those frum psychotherapists, and I am anything but lying and greedy. I am underpaid, easily manipulated into accepting clients who pay little or nothing for their services, and they generally get better. I have some clients who are coming for maintenance therapy, and there is no goal of “getting better”, just maintaining and not backsliding. But there is always an agreement that this is the purpose of our work.

It gets to be totally distracting and counterproductive to have to deal with money issues. Being that I work for a living, it is only fair that I demand that there be regular payments, whether the client him or herself, or an identified third party (family member, insurance, etc.) You would not expect to shop at your grocery and not pay for your goods. Same goes for your auto repair services.

I hear the complaint about the competence of some therapists, but I will respectfully challenge this. There are some who undertake clients that are outside of their domain of expertise, and we might debate the judgment behind this. Some are underexperienced, and get in way over their heads in some cases. But as a whole, most therapists are qualified, experienced, and ethical. I do not know of the “many” who flee to Eretz Yisroel. And I am acquainted with many of the mental health professionals and agencies in the tristate area.

Your diatribes make for interesting reading, but they belong on the fiction shelf.

Anonymous said...

Wow - The St. Louis Yeshiva comment came from out of the blue, but brought back old memories. I was not familiar with the story with the whore, but definitely believe that Rabbi Kleiman could have been bought off. Nevertheless, the Yeshiva did produce a few kosher yidden.

Flatbush Syrian who should've stayed in "the closet" said...


David Adjmi, whose play “Stunning” at the Duke on 42nd Street will be his professional New York theater debut on Thursday, bit into a slice at the Di Fara Pizza parlor. Great food and bad history met in that recent moment of triumphant homecoming.

When Mr. Adjmi, now 36, was a student years ago at the nearby Yeshivah of Flatbush in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, he was suspended for eating at Di Fara because it was nonkosher. “I was always getting into trouble for something,” he said gamely, recalling the many reasons he was an outsider at the school.

Mr. Adjmi (pronounced ADGE-me) said that he was more invested in finding an artistic voice than in achieving financial success; he questioned his Jewish faith; he struggled academically; and he was gay. “I felt an extraordinary anguish,” he said. “I don’t feel it so much anymore. The fonts of pain were opened up in writing this play.”

His handful of friends from Midwood, he said, “have all reconfigured their lives substantially” to break away from the tightknit Syrian-Jewish community. These days, Mr. Adjmi said, he even has his own cobbled-together brand of spirituality.

“Stunning” is a three-act play about the relationship between a Syrian-Jewish couple in present-day Midwood and their black housekeeper.

Meisner from Boro Park said...


Fed-up neighbors in Brooklyn say their landlord is forcing them to live in moldy squalor. Their East Flatbush building is bursting at the seams with out-of-control fungus climbing up walls and mushrooms growing in bathrooms.

Tenant, Amelia DeMiller fears the moldy, deplorable conditions inside 27 Lloyd Street are literally making her family sick. She says she catches one rat per week and her grandson Matthew has developed a skin condition she believes was caused by all the moisture.

"My grandkids could be sick down the line, later on in the future, from all of this they're inhaling."

A leaky pipe inside DeMiller's first floor apartment got so bad, It corroded the bathroom ceiling. Last month, while her husband, Ceferino DeMiller, was getting up to wash his hands, the soaked ceiling collapsed on him, injuring his neck.

No one was home when PIX News tried to contact the building landlord, listed in city records as Albert Meisner. One of his Borough Park neighbors described him as generous, but Meisner has a rotten record with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

At Amelia DeMiller's building alone, there are 103 open violations, including 90 Square Feet of Mold, Peeling Lead Paint, Mice, and Roaches.

"I just want to say why do we have to live like this when I'm sure he doesn't live like this," said 3rd floor tenant Gerald Warren. Warren cares for an autistic son and says he often can't use his own bathroom because mold and pipe problems make it unbearable.

DeMiller says she's withholding her rent until the mold, the leak, and the ceiling are fixed. She is taking Albert Meisner to housing court though she hopes the shame will persuade the landlord to pay for repairs. Until then, she and her family avoid using the toilet because they don't know if urine is in the water leaking from above.

"I've got to defecate in my bathtub and wash it down. Now come on now. That's another health hazard," said DeMiller. "I would like to say to him that he's a slum lord, and I think he should become more concerned as a person."

Which perverted putz was that? said...


Also honored were several members of the Borough Park Shomrim Patrol who helped police arrest a flasher exposing himself to young women.

The flasher, De Blasio said, had the misfortune of conducting his business on one of the Shomrim volunteer’s blocks.

After locating the flasher, the volunteer called his patrol, which helped facilitate the citizen’s arrest.

Moish Finkel said...

At least my ex-wife isn't a high school principal. Good grief!

George W. Bush said...

Maybe you should write an article, "The Insane Monsey Jew and His Double Standard".

Superhero Captain Yanky is trying to start a boycott against al Israeli mosdos because of the hooliganism.

At the same time saying.....

Support the American pedophile Torah system of Agudah/Torah Umesorah because of his concern is with the bill’s potentially crippling real-world impact on Jewish schools, camps and synagogues — institutions that are the very lifeblood of our community.

Chazer, kovod zucher, superhero complex don't talk out of both sides of your posterior. Either your for kids and against all abuse, OR your for the establishment and abuse is fine.

The chicken is giving interviews to the J Post, but is too scared to answer simple questions posed on his lockdown moderated site.

Guess Captain Yanky was caught in his own web!!!

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Sharp rise in sexual harassment complaints at workplaceshttp://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3741867,00.html

Annual report of Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel sheds light on phenomenon of sexual assault in workplace. Number of complaints on harassment at work rises by 12% in 2008

Yael Branovsky Published: 07.06.09, 15:40 / Israel Money

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel will submit its annual report to the Knesset on Monday morning, this time focusing on a particularly touchy subject - sexual assaults in the workplace.

Last year the number of complaints regarding sexual harassment in the workplace rose by 12%. Reports on workplace harassment reveal that 81% of employees have complained of sexual harassment, 11.4% of them referring to rape and attempted rape, and 7.6% to indecent assaults.

In 2008 support centers received 37,526 complaints (7,793 of them new), compared to 40,518 complaints in 2007. Eleven percent of the complainants reported of sexual harassment in their place of work

In 70.4% of the cases the attacker was the employer or supervisor, whereas in 14.3% cases it was a friend or an acquaintance. Sixty-three percent of the victims who have approached the centers are under the age of 18. In the passing year the number of complainants who have turned to the police has risen 11%.

Meanwhile, a survey conducted by the Shiluv Millward Brown institute for the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel was released ahead of a week marking sexual harassment awareness in the workplace.

Over 54% unaware of forbidden relations
The survey reveals that one-third of the Israeli public has been exposed to sexual harassment in their place of work, but many are not aware of the existence of a complaints supervisor.

More than half the public (54%) are not aware that sexual relations between employee and employer are forbidden, while 38% believe that sexual relations are permissible as long as both sides are consenting.

Michal Rosin, CEO of the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel, says that "the issue of sexual assaults in workplaces has played a major role in the activity of the Association in the past few years.

"From an extensive activity of education departments in workplaces – including the training of executives, employees and sexual assault prevention supervisors – we have learned of a gap between the frequency of the phenomenon and the number of reports and complaints submitted regarding sexual assault in the workplace.

"There is no doubt that the enactment of laws has helped, but there is still a long way ahead before the law is implemented," she added.

In 2008 the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel held 610 workshops and lectures to executives and employees and approximately 100 sessions as part of courses for sexual assault prevention supervisors at workplaces.

Margo gets results said...


The Swiss government said Wednesday that it was prepared to seize U.B.S. client data rather than allow the bank to hand it over to the United States to settle a tax case.

U.B.S. has refused a demand from U.S. authorities that it turn over the names of 52,000 American clients, arguing that to do so would be illegal under Swiss banking secrecy laws and would open it to prosecution at home. The U.S. Justice Department in February sued U.B.S., saying it suspected the bank of helping wealthy Americans hide billions of dollars in secret offshore accounts.

“Switzerland makes it perfectly clear that Swiss law prohibits U.B.S. from complying with a possible order by the court in Miami to hand over the client information,” the Swiss Department of Justice and Police said Wednesday in a statement on its Web site, a day after it made a filing to the same effect in the U.S. District Court in Miami. Therefore, “all the necessary measures should be taken to prevent U.B.S. from handing over the information on the 52,000 account holders demanded in the U.S. civil proceeding,” it added.

The Swiss government will issue an order explicitly prohibiting U.B.S. from handing over client information “if circumstances require,” it said.

Shmarya groupie said...


These Lubavitchers are obviously lying to make Black people look bad.

Bim Bam identity said...


Elizabeth Berney is an attorney living in Great Neck, New York. She was the Republican candidate for Congress in New York’s 5th Congressional District (northern
Nassau County and northeast Queens)
in 2008, and may run again in 2010.

In George Orwell’s classic, “1984,” the ruling totalitarian regime ensures its power by rewriting
history. Documents evidencing real past events are thrown down “memory holes,” presumably to be incinerated.

Israel’s enemies use the same
revisionist propaganda tool.

Alarmingly, from day one, the Obama administration has adopted what is
essentially Arab Palestinian
revisionist history: Islam and Islamic nations are glorified;
Jewish history has been thrown down a “memory hole,” and Jews are viewed as “invaders” of
“Palestinian” Arab land. In Cairo, Obama ignored the historic connection of the Jewish people to Israel, instead claiming that the
aspiration of Jews to have a home in Israel was “rooted” in the European Holocaust, and blamed the establishment of the State of Israel for the “dislocation,” “suffering,” and “humiliation” of

Obama’s Cairo speech was part of an extremely disturbing pattern. When
Obama took office, apparently a modern-day version of Orwell’s history re-writers and expungers quietly revised the U.S. State
Department’s official descriptions of the countries of the world on the department’s public website. The website now glorifies Muslim
nations’ thousands of years long histories, language, archeology, and contributions to science, culture and poetry –– and has completely eliminated millennia
of Israel’s history, language and contributions to culture, science and the world.

The U.S. Department of State thus far has not responded to my requests (including a Freedom of
Information Act request) for a copy of the 2008 pre-Obama State Department website descriptions of
Israel and Muslim nations, which I sought in order to confirm the recent changes. However, there is little doubt that the Obama
administration re-wrote the country descriptions. In September 2008 a State Dept. report referred to Israel as the historic homeland
of the Jewish people - which the current administration and State Department website refuse to
acknowledge. Moreover, the website now mirrors the Muslim glorification language found in numerous Obama speeches.

For instance: “Iran has always reasserted its national identity and has developed as a distinct political and cultural entity,” and, “Saudi Arabia is known as the birthplace of Islam.” Ancient cultures which lived in Saudi territory over a 5,000-year period, and the Saud family’s rise and fall
several times from 1750 onwards are described.

By contrast, the official U.S. State Department description of Israel’s history starts just a little over 100 years ago, with efforts “initiated” by Theodore
Herzl for a sovereign homeland for Jews “in Palestine.” The State Department gives absolutely no indication that a single Jew ever lived in Israel prior to recent
decades, or that Jews remained in Israel throughout the millennia. None of the numerous archeological
sites left by Israel’s ancient
Jewish inhabitants are mentioned.

Instead, the State Department leaves the false impression that the region was a Palestinian entity and then suddenly Herzl came up with the idea of inserting a Jewish state. Simply put, the State Department blackout of Israel’s history assists the fraudulent Palestinian narrative.

In addition, in contrast with glowing descriptions of Muslim countries’ cultures and languages, the State Department’s official
description of Israel never mentions the ancient Hebrew language or Israel’s historical (or recent) cultural, religious, poetic, artistic and scientific contributions to the world. Unlike their rare Arab counterparts, Israel’s prominent Nobel laureates are never mentioned.

Bim Bam imitates Orwell part 2 said...

The State Department description of the “people of Israel” also promotes the false claim that Jews are usurpers of the land who all
originate from outside of Israel:

“The three broad Jewish groupings [in Israel] are the Ashkenazim, or Jews who trace their ancestry to
western, central, and eastern
Europe; the Sephardim, who trace their origin to Spain, Portugal, southern Europe, and North Africa;
and Eastern or Oriental Jews, who descend from ancient communities in
Islamic lands.”

The real “origin” and “ancestry” of Sephardim, Ashkenazim and Eastern
Jews –– namely, dispersed Jews who had lived in Israel in past eras –– is not mentioned. The State Department also neglects to mention
that today’s “people of Israel” includes Jews whose ancestors lived in Israel through thousands of years of turmoil and persecution.

Moreover, the State Department’s mention that Israel’s people includes Jews who “originated” in Arab lands does not explain that
870,000 Jews came to Israel as refugees from Arab lands; having fled for their lives in the face of Arab persecution, including Iraqi
laws which made “Zionism” punishable by death; burnings of synagogues and hundreds of Jewish homes in Syria; pogroms in Baghdad,
Morocco and Yemen; and expulsions of Jews from Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

By contrast, the State Department frequently describes people in Muslim lands as “Palestinian refugees” and greatly exaggerates
the number of individuals who might conceivably qualify for Palestinian
refuge status. Jordan’s people are claimed to include “approximately 1.7 million registered Palestinian
refugees;” Syria’s people “some 500,000 Palestinian refugees;” and
Lebanon “about 400,000 Palestinian refugees, some in Lebanon since 1948.”

In fact, there were only approximately 600,000 Arabs living in Israel prior to 1948 –– and many of them remained in Israel as Israeli citizens.

The U.S. State Department country histories also speak of “Palestinian nationalists” long before “Palestinian nationalism”
existed. The State Department’s
history of Jordan states that: “Transjordan was one of the Arab states which moved to assist Palestinian nationalists opposed
to the creation of Israel in May 1948, and took part in the warfare between the Arab states and the newly founded State of Israel.”

However, the Palestinian Liberation Organization was first created in 1964, and first called for the creation of a Palestinian state in 1974. Prior to 1974, the stated Arab goal was simply to destroy Israel; after 1974 the goal changed to destroying Israel and replacing
Israel with a Palestinian state.

Orwell noted: “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the

It’s time to let President Obama know that his administration’s efforts to control the future by distorting and blacking out Israel’s and the Jewish people’s past are unacceptable.

Regarding GREEDY LIAR psychotherapists in the frum community said...

Don't change the subject. You frum psychotherapists are very good at covering up your GREEDY ways to the uninformed with "explanations".

You will get paid very well and on time when accepting high end PPO plans.

It's true that many HMOs are slow to pay and at a lower rate. I didn't bash you for refusing to work for nothing.

Those who refuse to take even high end PPOs are just chazir fressers as outlined by my rough graph of how shrinks are paid gantz gut in relation to regular medical doctors - even much better than top pediatricians.

How do you sleep at night when there are abuse victims suffering terribly and who cannot afford to pay your exorbitant rates out of pocket because you won't budge from being a GREEDY FRESSER?

Anonymous said...

Flatbush thief Yossi Unger is a mechutan of Zolty in Toronto. One of the Toronto Zoltys is also a mechutan of R' Shmuel Kaminetzky.

Unger also did a shidduch this year with Ellinson from Lakewood. He was in a big hurry to make the chasunneh after the engagement because he knew his conviction was in the pipeline.

Zissel Ellinson is the guy who screwed investors and creditors of CIS publishing. He is still in business but claimed that the division still open is an independent entity that baalei chov can't take money from.

Money Money Money said...

Perhaps the biggest clown among the frum therapists is Shaya Ostrow in Far Rockaway who I think takes cash only.

He tells over some Bubbe mayseh from Rav Hutner that the rosh yeshiva told him to not take money with his hands but tell the patients to leave it on the table for him.

Does that make you feel less greedy so you can live with yourself, Shaya?

One rosh yeshiva started telling people to stay away from Ostrow after some weird stuff with him.

St Louis said...

The shiksa lived in an apartment near Walgreens. One shmuck got caught because he couldn't even get back in time for when they vecked for shachris. When he returned a few minutes later, they wouldn't let him step foot in the beis medresh for davening and had him on the next train out of town. The 16 year old kid went off the derech and would return by train to spend weekends with her.

First Hand knowledge said...

To the anonymous psychotherapis of of 11:53 PM, July 07, 2009

I will assume the therapist role here for a minute, and take you to task with what you wrote;

Utilizing the same (despicable) analyzing standards used by psychotherapists; let’s take a close look and zoom in on what you’ve said;

First you write “I have some clients who are coming for maintenance therapy, and there is no goal of “getting better”, just maintaining and not backsliding. But there is always an agreement that this is the purpose of our work.” Then you write “You would not expect to shop at your grocery and not pay for your goods. Same goes for your auto repair services.”

You managed “to get off your chest” in your opening remarks, with BOTH of your statements indicating an "emotional need" for you to defend yourself, whether with “giving therapy” for “just maintenance” or altogether with your rights to charge for such services. Doc; “you must try and be honest with yourself, this is what our therapy is all about”; did you ever hear a grocer or an auto repairman defend himself for his rights to charge for his sale or work? C’mon; what precisely did any commenter’s previously write here, that made you get so feely and sensitive that prompted you to answer and defend yourself for providing “maintenance therapy” or for “charging altogether”. Could it possibly be that, something about YOUR business is dishonest even if you’re not abusive with your clients, which was the primary charge mentioned here against therapists? I have the answer to this question, but I also believe that deep deep, very deep down, in the darkest recesses of your heart, you too have the answer to the question I posed here today in therapy, but "it’s very normal" for it to take loads of time (maybe months or years) for us in therapy, to explore, and help you uncover those layers of denial (standard bias) my dearest and most beloved patient.

You further (admittedly) said in your brief remark; “there are some who undertake clients that are outside of their domain of expertise, and we might debate the judgment behind this. Some are under experienced, and get in way over their heads in some cases.”

Doc; I’ll respectfully challenge you as well; “we might debate the judgment”? Would you debate whether an auto repairman should be allowed to undertake “maintaining” a Boeing 747 when his sole expertises are with fixing bicycles?

After psychoanalyzing your statements, I’ve concluded that, you should take both Prozac, and some sleeping-pill drugs, each, for at least twice a day, perhaps even more, don't worry - whenever you feel the need to take, feel free, and don't forget; its imperative for your mental health, that you come back as often as you can to see me, maybe even three times a week, till I can wean you off those addictive drugs, which generally takes months and years to occur. Also, bear in mind and don’t ever forget that, I'm really doing all this for chesed, and you owe me your life but "I love you dearly”.

Doc, in all seriousness; it may be fictional for you, and you may wish to overexagerate and live in denial by thinking that, "you're acquainted with many of the mental health professionals and agencies in the tristate area", but one thing IS NOT fictional; “Screwing around” with vulnerable people, in the same vein that, sexually abusive perpetrators (one of the main focuses of this blog) “screw around” with the lives of children, is not debatable!!!

V’dai L’imaivinim

I second the motion said...

I checked my health insurance account online and I do see where a family member saw a mental health doctor taking insurance, he was paid very well in contrast to primary care physicians and other medical specialists. Our plan is a PPO as well. I can't comment on rates for HMO plans as I haven't seen a breakdown.

Anonymous said...

The flasher caught by Shomrim was hopefully the same animal who State troopers were searching for after some women got flashed by a heimish guy at the Siyum Hashas in the Javits convention center.

Malach HaMovies said...


Check this out !! Rabbi David Bar Hayim talks about child abuse !!

Rabbinic Paralysis re: Child Abuse !!

Pathetic said...

The younger Philly shnooks admired Yossi Ungar and spoke about the guy like he was a legend or something.

I'm not even a Philly guy but I remember this nonsense in camp and Eretz Yisroel.

Ungar is perfect for Philly. Just some shmaltzy Brooklyn Hunk vos halt zich yeshivish with yichus in peasant Hungarian & Roumanian shtetlach like Temeshvar.

Vos vet zein mit der kinder?

Barry Manilow said...


Was Duvid Niederman from Satmar one of the lowlives throwing pennies with Vito Lopez's bunch at sex abuse survivors? The putz has been seen on TV joining the Lopez counter-protests.

Anonymous said...

To July 8 – 12:17 pm

I did not share “explanations”, just facts. I do not need to give excuses. I am just noting that I and nearly all my colleagues are not greedy nor dishonest. Perhaps you have encountered some that are. If so, those are, by far, the exception to the rule. I am not sure why you have a bone to pick with therapists. I cannot analyze that, nor do I really care. You may need to do this bashing, and I cannot deprive you. But readers of this list should be aware that most bonafide therapists are competent, ethical, and honest. We try to work within our own areas of expertise and specialty. I know that I discharge anyone that is not improving or succeeding in treatment, and I try to make appropriate referrals to someone else with better qualifications for the specific issues. If I was one of the “greedy” ones, my bills would be paid, I would have no debt, and I would be giving enough tzdekoh to be everyone’s first choice as “guest of honor”. Most of my colleagues are in the same boat as I am. I am sorry you have had different experiences.

Yudi Kolko said...


How come no one told me there's an eruv in San Francisco now?

Kolko gets results said...

BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts' attorney general filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the US government that seeks federal marriage benefits for about 16000 gay and lesbian couples who have legally "wed" in Massachusetts.

Are there any bad people out there, ever? said...


Psychologist Michael Miran and his wife, Esta, today pleaded not guilty to charges that they defrauded the state’s Medicaid and Medicare programs.

The Mirans are charged with the felonies of second-degree grand larceny, first-degree scheme to defraud, first-degree falsifying business records, first-degree offering a false instrument for filing, and of having an unauthorized practice.

The Mirans had no comment when they left the arraignment.

A family friend, Rabbi Philip Goldstein, who had been contacted by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said he was surprised by the allegations. “They’re good people, that I can tell you,” said Goldstein.

Rabbinic Member said...

The parsha tells of the daughters of Tzlafchad who approached Moshe. Their father had ‎died leaving no sons. "Why should our father's name be missing from amongst his family... t'na ‎lanu achuzah - give us the portion- amongst his brothers.(27:4)" ‎

The medrash explains that when a person stands strong against the flow of his times, s/he receives ‎reward equal to the amount that had been available for the entire generation! Noach stood ‎against the generation of the flood and received the entire reward. Avraham stood against the ‎generation of the tower of Bavel and received the entire reward. Lot stood against Sdom and ‎received the entire reward. So too, the daughters of Tzlafchad displayed their love for Eretz ‎Yisroel and approached Moshe at the time when the rest of Bnei Yisroel were saying let us ‎appoint a leader and return to Mitzraim! They too, received the entire reward!‎

The Chofetz Chaim explains the reasoning with a parable:‎

A country was involved in a war with a neighboring country. The king had tremendous trust in ‎his army and they fought bravely. Suddenly, word reached the king that there had been a major ‎defection. Two of his top generals had joined forces with his enemy, taking with them all of their ‎men and weaponry. The situation seemed hopeless. Suddenly, word again reached the king that ‎the remaining general, against all odds, had rallied his men and the war was ultimately won by ‎the king and that lone general.‎

As we approach the three week period of reflection on our interpersonal behaviors, a war is still ‎raging in our midst. We have all witnessed this year the horrible defections of generals victims ‎believed would heal the wounds inflicted by society. As a result of their wounds many young ‎soldiers defected by turning off the path of Torah. The morale of Judaism is very, very low.‎

In this environment Hashem sees which generals are there for Him, and His people. The few ‎generals who stand up to comfort the wounded souls in our midst, and awaken society to fight ‎perverse behaviors their reward is beyond our comprehension. They are given the entire reward ‎for standing up for Hashem’s honor despite everyone else’s defections.‎

These generals are Klal Yisroel’s most special assets. ‎

May we all have our chailek with them by stamping out unwarranted hatred.‎ May all those who empower themselves using Sinas Chinam use this three week period as a time for thoughtful introspection.

Regarding GREEDY LIAR psychotherapists in the frum community said...

Listen shrinky, there are different levels of greed.

I never accused the majority of therapists of manipulating and dragging cases unnecessarily to make more money. That is fraud and harming victims further on top of an extra special measure of greed.

I stand by my assertion that not taking ANY kind of insurance is still plain old GREED.

It's very interesting to say the least by the way that "most" of your colleagues are inundated with debt. Did you all go to Ivy league schools that you have $100,000s in student loans? Are you living beyond your means? Mental health professionals generally have lower overhead than regular medical doctors and maintain much less fancy office accomodations. How many of you are renting in some shmatta space that is divided in tiny de facto cubicles for multiple therapists?

Many of your colleagues are raking in $500 for the first session and $200 for each session after that. Because much of this is in cash, at least some of them are tempted to not report this payola to the IRS.

Pretty good work, if you can get it.

I think the facts stand for themselves despite your tortured denials and I will allow the readers to decide who they agree with.

Anonymous said...

I have personally witnessed a big chilul Hashem over the years with primary care doctors and some specialists.

MDs are bound by an ethical code to not charge other MDs. The only doctors I have seen violate the code of ethics are the frumme. When I was a kid at out of town yeshivos, as soon as any frey or goyish doctor learned my father was an MD, they immediately announced there was no charge since my father was footing the bill. No exceptions.

When it came to the frumme however, the code of ethics was out the window faster than a fresser attacks the meat carving station at the Agudah convention. Several doctors, both yeshivish and modern, didn't give a hoot. One time I didn't have money on me and the doctor demanded that I go beg from people to lend me so that he could get paid the same day.

Three frum doctors did not charge me. One modern orthodox guy was very pleasant & friendly about it and another was pareve. The third guy who was yeshivish did some really not nice things to me, hoping I wouldn't come back so that he didn't have to give free service due to the ethical problem.

Arthur said...

"These Lubavitchers are obviously lying to make Black people look bad"
Chalk that up as another avleh,amongst many others,that we "Lubabs" are guilty of.

Competition for Leib Tropper said...


Conservative Synagogues Shift Tactics on the Intermarried

July 02, 2009 - Bryan Schwartzman, Staff Writer

Rabbi Ira F. Stone can cite one reason why Conservative congregations have been losing ground to their Reform and Reconstructionist counterparts: Many people perceive them as less open to intermarried families.
Stone, the religious leader of Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel in Center City, believes that Conservative shuls need to become more welcoming not only because it's the right thing to do, but because the demographics of the Jewish community necessitate such outreach.

The question is how, especially when Jewish law prohibits non-Jews from participating fully in synagogue life.

"If your definition of welcoming is that we take you in and pretend that you're Jewish, then that's not going to happen," said Stone. A synagogue needs to be "respectful of the fact that people who are not Jewish have their own identity and need not give it up when they come" to shul.

Last week, he joined nearly 20 other local rabbis -- including Reform, Reconstructionist and two other Conservative rabbis -- to discuss how to better serve intermarried families who belong to synagogues or would like to become involved.

The June 17 meeting at Max & David's, a kosher restaurant in Elkins Park, was organized by Interfaithways, a locally based organization founded three years ago, according to its Web site, to "address the unique issues and possibilities of interfaith living."

The event signified the first step of a larger program called Bonei Gesharim, or "Builders of Bridges," according to Rabbi Mayer Selekman, vice president of Interfaithways.

Interfaithways staff members plan to hold follow-up meetings with participating religious leaders. The goal is to develop program ideas, and ultimately help make congregations more comfortable and accepting communities for non-Jewish members, whether or not they are considering conversion.

By signing on, rabbis made a commitment for their synagogue to take part in a program called Interfaith Family Shabbat Weekend, slated for November. The rabbis who are invited to participate had already demonstrated an openness to working with intermarried families, according to Gari J. Weilbacher, managing director of Interfaithways.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia provided the $75,000 grant to fund a two-year program to reach out to rabbis in the area. The annual budget for the organization is $150,000.

Did Arthur get the joke? said...

"Shmarya groupie" puts on a very good act while mocking the Shmarya Rosenberg mindset and the lunatic conspiracy theories that Mr. Failed Messiah comes up with.

Daniel Levy lives in Rego Park, Queens said...


The operator of two Bronx medical clinics was indicted today on charges he bribed hospital workers in return for patient information as part of a massive scheme to collect more than $1 million in phony insurance claims, authorities said.

Daniel Levy, 32, who controlled the clinics, is accused of paying staffers at several hospitals for their help finding patients who had been in minor auto accidents, according to 147-count indictment filed in Bronx Supreme Court.

That's when Levy used his company, the "The Levy Enterprise" -- which owned and controlled Bronx Sheridan Medical and New Lite Bronx Medical -- to pay hospital employees to find patients who had been in minor car accidents.

Levy and others then lured the patients to the two clinics -- where they would get unnecessary treatment -- and the clinics would then submit fraudulent claims to insurance carriers, authorities said.

One personal injury lawyer, Desmond Connell, 51, of the Bronx, and two doctors employed at Lincoln Hospital, Dr. Hoi Yat Kam, 55, of Queens, and Dr. Aleksandra Gashinskaya, 57, of Brooklyn, were also arrested.

Chiropractors and acupuncturists are among 12 people facing an array of charges, including insurance fraud and bribery.

Kam and Gashinskaya were charged in Bronx Criminal Court with bribe receiving and official misconduct.

The undercover operation, conducted by State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office and the city's Department of Investigation, helped crack the fraud.

"This criminal enterprise allegedly reaped over a million dollars in profits by engaging in bribery, insurance fraud, and the filing of fraudulent lawsuits -- a complex scheme that violated hospital patients' privacy and may have driven up the insurance rates of millions of New York automobile owners," Cuomo said.

Arthur said...

Did Arthur get the joke?
Yes I did.My response was simply a joke in response to Shmaryes mind set.

Shmarya's People Get Results said...

Al Sharpton from his hesped on Wacko Jacko:

"To Michael's children, I want you to know there was nothing weird about your father"

Crown Heights said...


Cops released a montage of surveillance video clips Tuesday depicting a serial groper on the prowl in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
A dozen women, almost all of them Hasidic Jews, told police that the lanky pervert slapped them on the buttocks or pinched them in recent weeks.

Sex crimes investigators put together the video by piecing together several clips taken from surveillance cameras throughout the tight-knit religious community, cops said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD's Crime Stoppers Hotline at (800) 577-TIPS.
Information also can be texted to 274637 (CRIMES) and then entering TIP577.

Archie Bunker said...


This should finally put to rest SHmarya's die hard insistence on framing NYPD officer Yoeli Witriol.

Chrissie Brodigan tells WPIX that she didn't notice Witriol was Jewish. How could the liar miss his beard & payos?

Archie Bunker said...


SHmarya is really slipping lately. How did he not miss this story and not have a cow over it? Especially considering that Jackie Mason is a former yeshiva bochur.

Arthur said...

This is an important documentary - it reveals many much UNKNOWN!

Film: A work in progress - being made in Israel
This is an important project. : "Hitler's Children. Time to Speak"

A documentary, a powerful, mesmerizing dialogue between the children of the perpetrators of the Holocaust, children of senior officers in Hitler’s inner circle and the children of survivors, both living out the Holocaust daily, unable to go forward, finally facing the past, and being empowered to move on.
Click on the movie in the centre of the page when site is opened


Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


July 9, 2009

26 People Charged in Dogfighting Crackdown


Anonymous said...

Are there any other places in Boro Park or Flatbush where I can go do my thing?! My wife is in the Catskills, and I'm horny!

Son of Boog said...

Anon 9:11 pm,

Go to the 70 Precinct and proposition one of the female cops. Hopefully they'll chase you out of there with plungers at the ready.

Shea Fishman said...

(CNN) -- Eleven members of Greenpeace pleaded not guilty to federal charges after they were arrested for hanging a banner on South Dakota's Mount Rushmore Wednesday to protest global warming as the G-8 summit in Italy begins.

Where's Waldo? said...

Yossi Ungar gives a daily daf yomi shiur under official Agudah auspices at the Soblover beis medrash, 3418 Ave L, the shul of R' Avrohom Yosef Sekula.

What does UOJ have to say about the Torah Vodaas Sekula clan?

Gershon Tannenbaum said...

Next thing you know, UOJ and his chassidim will start accusing my friends at the Iggud like Ben Barber of laundering payoff money to the judge in the Yossi Ungar case.

I have to admit it is really suspicious when he gets zero jail time and most of the $300k he has to pay is what he owes anyway in restitution and back taxes. There was only a tiny $10k kenass included in the amount.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Daf Yomi magidei shiur under Agudah purview, Yonasan Tendler gives the daf at Avodas Yisroel in Sea Gate, 3740 Oceanic Ave.

In case UOJ has any questions for him about laundering money from Margo to Kolko, Tendler can be reached at 718-373-0742 or 3829 Nautilus Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224


Glenvilla Charity Trust

(registered in England of all places) Registered Charity Number:

Kolko lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz said...

I regret I couldn't take up this noble cause my self. Joyce David who also claims to be frum and defends every alleged rapist and murderer must have a very busy schedule these days. She just finished losing the case for Mutterperl and tonight she lost the case for Darryl Littlejohn who was sentenced to the maximum - life without parole.

First Hand knowledge said...

Doc: I have no problem accepting that you and your colleagues are honest. My intuition is that you truly are the honest and competent professional you profess to be. I too have also chanced a few sincere and good therapists, however hard to find. I do have an issue though, with your general statement; "But as a whole, most therapists are qualified, experienced, etc… and I am acquainted with many of the mental health professionals and agencies in the Tristate area." With all due respect; YOU ARE BLATANTLY LYING!!! I have spoken with many prominent Rabbanim, and individuals that have gotten involved in this arena, who have also witnessed first-hand the most horrific incidents, of therapists who have literally destroyed the lives of people. The incidents include; advocating drug abuse and negligence (to supplement the lack of competence), ruining marriages or shalom bais (taking sides or flirting with opposite gender patients), emotional abuse by power of authority and dependency, sexual abuse whether overt or covert, directly or indirectly making people literally become financially broke through dependencies, and the list goes on and on and on...

Those looking for a good honest therapist should search harder and more diligently then they would do for a child’s shidduch. They would would be treading in the unknown very dangerous waters. Many therapists out there are absolute lunatics, who mostly need their own therapists (quite a paradox) to solve the true nature of why they ever employed themselves in such a business altogether.

V'dai Achshav L'maivinim

100% right! said...

My father told me that when he was in medical school, every single student there on track to become a shrink was in his opinion nuts and getting professional help himself.

Nosey real estate agent said...

What does Yonason Tendler do for a living besides Margo's "laundry"?

The house on Nautilus Ave is 8400 square feet which is huge for Brooklyn. It is also listed as a shul with the City (CONGREGATION TZORCHEI AMCHO). Does he actually have a minyan in his house or is he pulling chassidish style geneyvishe shtick?

The neighbors have been constantly making complaints about illegal construction and a bunch of violations were served.

The City that breeds said...

Hillel Tendler also gives daf yomi in Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Berish Fuchs gives the daf yomi at Strettin on Bay Pkwy.

Isn't that the guy who was arrested in the 70s with Gershon Tannenbaum and who gave Belsky the money for the fake bittul kiddushin?

Leib Pinter said...

July 7 (Reuters) - U.S. mortgage fraud reports jumped 36 percent last year as desperate homeowners and industry professionals tried to maintain their standard of living from the boom years, the FBI said on Tuesday.

Avi L. Shafran said...

The Times forgot to mention improving accomodations for fairies at Rikers Island.


New York City is expecting $261 million of the highway stimulus money. It had hoped to start work in May on its biggest project, a $175 million rehabilitation of the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island, but the project has yet to win approval.

Anonymous said...

To First Hand Knowledge:

I must acknowledge that you do make a point or two that are worth the emphasis.

There are quite a few individuals in the “mental health” field that are untrained and just into trying to help. Perhaps their intentions are good, though I’m not always sure about that either. But they are entering the realm of professional activity as “rabbis” and “counselors”. But their lack of training and experience renders them useless to someone who truly needs treatment. There are countless “shalom bayis machers” and “do gooders” in our communities, and I have found the majority of them to be worse than incompetent. Does formal training guarantee a better product? Not necessarily. There are those with the degrees in social work and psychology who would be far more useful to the community if they sold fish or cleaned streets. The requirements for being able to work well include the predisposition and intuition to accomplish the tasks, the training and basics of knowledge in how to do them, and the honesty and good midos it takes to be a mentch and an ethical practitioner. Which takes us to the next point.

Yes, when someone needs a therapist, it is prudent to be picky and choosy, about as much as when looking for a shidduch for your child. With all the requirements mentioned earlier, one must have a decent match for good work to be done. Sometimes, even a good therapist might not be a good match for an individual client, not because of competence, greed, or other positives or negatives, just a mismatch. You’re correct. Finding a therapist is not just opening a phone book and choosing one at random.

As for your list of incompetencies, I am sure that some of these have, in fact, occurred, though your presentation suggests that these are the rules, not the exceptions. The drug abuse issue is basically limited to those who can prescribe, and these must be physicians. You are referring to psychiatrists, and there are numerous other physicians who prescribe medications liberally. More often than not, it is the patient that abuses medications, not the physician. But that is a valid point. Ruining marriages and shalom bayis by taking sides or flirting. I have not encountered the flirting issue, but the taking of sides does occur. Therapists are human, too. And allowing this to happen is the result of poor training. But it is a challenge to confront when working with a couple and one of them is much more wrong than right in their conduct of the relationship. The emotional or sexual abuse is certainly the exception to the rule. If I were to ever present myself to a client that way, they would leave me and never return. Perhaps I have never learned how to “groom” them. And yes, therapy can be expensive when it continues for longer. Many of us will slide the fee downward a little. Others will help the client obtain outside funding to help subsidize the services. Some stop charging and continue therapy for free. I bet there are some that insist on full fee up front every time. Again, the exception, not the rule.

While I’m getting tired of this dialogue and the defensiveness, I did want to acknowledge the few points you made that resonated with me. Thank you for raising them.

Max Blumenthal imitates Shmarya said...


The controversy surrounding journalist Max Blumenthal continues in the wake of the release of his video of intoxicated American Jews in Jerusalem insulting President Barack Obama, but he rejects the claims that the footage fuels anti-Semitism.

The video shows young American Jews, who are apparently very drunk, criticizing Obama for his Mideast policies and describing him in derogatory terms. It has also had more than 400,000 hits on YouTube.

"I have received death threats from people, mainly ones calling me a self-hating Jew. I am self-hating, but my self-hatred has nothing to do with me being Jewish," Blumenthal told Haaretz this week.

Bungalow Putz tracker said...

With all this psychobabble about greedy shrinks, I will remind everyone that Neuhoff is a Psy D.

Does anyone know what his billing habits are like?

Anonymous said...

I could never stand Yossi Ungar or any other Hungarian Philly snob for that matter.

First Hand knowledge said...

Doc; Thank you! You've confirmed my points. And while you are (understandebly) getting tired of this dialogue, it is L'toeles Harabim.

Unfortunately, there are many unforeseen variations of Boros B'Rishus Harabim, waiting to swallow alive the Hamon Am (naive people).

It is our duty to bring awareness to all the many facets of them; whether sexually abusive perpertrators, incompetent Mohelim, dishonest business tactics, and even about the abusive, incompetent and greedy therapists ("social workers"). Using your term; they remain to be "mismatches" for everyone!!!


Marvin Schick at it again said...

They might be cheap in Brooklyn and Lakewood but tuition is a fortune in many suburban areas. One place is charging over $10,000 - just for nursery & kindergarten.


Marvin Schick, a consultant on yeshivas and Jewish day schools for the Avi Chai Foundation, said haredi and chasidic school were in worse straits than others because of their traditionally low tuition.

“They charge less than they need to cover expenses,” said Schick. “And they are generous as a rule in scholarship assistance.

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Interestingly, the Jewish Press seems to advocate going to the police in an article by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz and Elliot Pasik titled "Let The System Work". see: http://www.jewishpress.com/pageroute.do/39991

However, one must wonder what would have happened if the abuser had been from a powerful/connected family.

The Va'ad Harabonim in Queens continues to protect pedophile Rabbi Ephraim Bryks. See: http://jewishsurvivors.blogspot.com/2005/02/rabbi-ephram-bryks-principal-of-school.html
which shows the Vaad promotes his mikvah and G'mach on its website.

Bryks' daughter is married to Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz's son. Bryks' father-in-law is convicted/confessed pedophile Rabbi Yomtov Lippa (Lewis) Brenner. Rabbi Faskowitz is also Michelle Tendler's cousin.

Remember how Faskowitz resigned from the RCA over Tendler? Do you also remember that Jason Maoz, editor of the Jewish Press, told Steven I. Weiss that Rabbi Faskowitz did not inform the RCA of his resignation or discuss resigning with them before his "open letter" appeared in the Jewish Press. Rabbi Faskowitz used the Jewish Press to ambush the RCA and specifically forbade the Jewish Press from seeking comment from the RCA before his "open letter" ran. This type of conduct is reprehensible and unethical and the exact sort of thing to expect from the rabbinical thugs that protect the Rabbis such as Lewis Brenner, Ephraim Bryks, Mordecai Tendler and Aron Tendler.

This is how it really works. Small fry get thrown to the sharks so the big fry can claim moral superiority even when they continue to protect their own who are no different.

Anonymous said...

JWB says:

Michal Schwartz Shenbaum, the graddaughter of Jewish Press founder Rabbi Klass and daugther of Naomi Klass Mauer, is sitting in an Israeli prison serving a 5 year sentence as part of a plea bargain for abusing her children in the Elior Chen case. She forced her children to eat feces, locked them in a suitcase for three days - letting them out only for brief periods of time - repeatedly beat, whipped, and shook them, burned their hands with a lighter and a heater, and gave them freezing showers. Michal and her spiratual advisor Elior Chen poured salt on the burn wounds of the child, stuffing his mouth with a skullcap and sealing his mouth with masking tape, and giving the children alcoholic drinks until they vomited.
Note that "The three-year-old suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother and her companions, and is expected to remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life."


Even the great-gradson of Jewish Press founder Rabbi Klass and grandson of Naomi Klass Mauer is not immune to the abusers that thrive in our communtity due to our community's silence.

The Jewish Press, of course, like our leadership, continues to white-wash the sexual abuse of children by prominant members of the Jewish community.

1) Reality - Case of Arye Ickovits
a. parents went to Rabbis BEFORE the police
b. Ickovits sexually abused the young teen after luring her into his bedroom
c. Ickovits DENIES the abuse in media interviews

2) Jewish Press White-Wash of Ickovits case
see: http:/www.jewishpress.com/pageroute.do/38076
Regarding that Brooklyn incident where it was reported that a male individual "with a walker" had lured a teenaged girl into his home by asking for her help, this story quickly and quietly disappeared from the media radar screen when it was learned that the so-called perpetrator (a formerly upstanding decent family man and prominent member of the Jewish community) had suffered a stroke a while ago and had been left somewhat physically disabled as well as mentally challenged.

Following this episode, the man's alarmed family members took immediate steps to ensure that he would no longer unwittingly create an embarrassing scene for himself or cause panic and trauma to a hapless victim.

Arye Ickovits has a temporary order of protection issued against him and is on baiil. His next scheduled court appearance is July 21, 2009.
Kings Criminal Court
Docket: 2008KN089893
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63302771K
NYSID Number: 179569K
Arrest Number: K08706105
Judge: Pending

Anonymous said...

Worse than "shulem bayis machers" are the "mediators" who mix in to family problems. They are hired guns for the abusers, and don't give a rats behind what the other side went through. These charlatans calling themselves askanim don't even try to claim they have credentials. They track the victims down and push themselves on to them.

Shmarya groupie said...


A rabbinical court took the rare step several weeks ago of annulling the conversion to Judaism of an immigrant from Ethiopia, after discovering that during her conversion six years ago she had been married to a non-Jew.

An Interior Ministry letter informed the woman of the court's ruling, which she described as "racism."

No mention of molester Matis Weinberg said...


Written by Avi Shafran
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg, of blessed memory, whose tenth yahrtzeit, or death-anniversary, will be marked on the fast day of Shiva Asar BiTammuz (July 9). He later became the Rosh Yeshiva, or Dean, of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore. He was my rebbe.

In the early 1980s, he was asked to temporarily take the helm of a small yeshiva in Northern California that had fallen on hard times. Although not a young man, he agreed to leave his home and position in Baltimore and become interim dean.

My wife and I and our three daughters lived in the community; I taught in the yeshiva

Anonymous said...

JWB says pass it on:

Attention media and advoctes for survivors of abuse in the Orthodox community.
Revised draft Schedule of Court Proceedings for the Brooklyn 19.

The Brooklyn 19 refer to 19 felony sexual assault cases pending by the Brooklyn District Attorney in the Orthodox community.

Yona Weinberg has an additional court proceedings at this time. In addition to the charges related to child sexual abuse he has been convicted on, Weinberg has been charged with criminal contempt. Jerry Brauner has been charged with new sexual abuse offences of May 9, 2009 and was arrested June 24, 2009.

1) July 9, 2009
Emanuel Yegutkin
Kings Supreme Court
Docket: 00902-2009
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63379546L
NYSID Number: 1601530K
Arrest Number: K09607822
Judge: MCKAY,J K
Trial scheduled. Has pled not guilty.

2) July 21, 2009
Arye Ickovits
Kings Criminal Court
Docket: 2008KN089893
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63302771K
NYSID Number: 179569K
Arrest Number: K08706105
Judge: Pending

3) July 30, 2009
Arthur Samet
Kings Criminal Court
Docket: 2008KN080814
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63248172R
NYSID Number: 9737574P
Arrest Number: K08695605
Judge: McGuire, W

4) August 4, 2009
Bernard Mutterperl
Kings Supreme Court
Docket 04570-2007
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 59078829P
NYSID Number: 2582374H
Arrest Number: K07643253
Judge: Dimango, P
Tried and found guilty. Adjourned for sentencing - temporary order of protection issued remanded.

5) August 17, 2009
Moshe Spitzer
Kings Criminal Court
Docket: 2009KN018094
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63449911L
NYSID Number: 6889436J
Arrest Number: K09621762
Judge: Walsh, John P.
Trial scheduled. Has pled not guilty.

6) September 9, 2009
Yona Weinberg
b. Kings Supreme Court
Docket 04589-2008
Judge: Reichbach, G
Tried and found guilty. Temporary order of protection issued and bail continued. Sentencing shortly.

7) September 14, 2009
Jerry Brauner
Kings Supreme Court
Docket 01425-2005
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 58659485K
NYSID Number: 9047326M
Arrest Number: K09659939
Judge: Laporte, E.

8) September 15, 2009
Yona Weinberg
a.Kings Criminal Court
Docket 2008KN044924
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63031782R
NYSID Number: 235728Z
Arrest Number: K08654460
Judge: Gubbay, J

1) Incarcerated
Stefan Colmer
Kings Supreme Court
Docket: 04314-2007
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 59766853Q
NYSID Number: 2696869K
Arrest Number: K08602074
- convicted
Parole Eligibility Date: 05/08/2010
Conditional Release Date: 09/08/2012
Maximum Expiration Date: 01/08/2015

2) Yakov Kramer
New York Criminal Court
Docket: 2008NY084614
Criminal Justice Tracking Number: 63273183R
NYSID Number: 302829M
Arrest Number: M08696814
No proceedings scheduled. Anyone know the status of this? Have the charges been dropped or was there a plea agreement?

The confirmed Brooklyn 19 to date:
1) Yona Weinberg - convicted
2) Emanuel Yegutkin
3) Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz (extradition proceedings in Israel)
4) Stephen Colmer - guilty plea
5) Yakov Kramer - No proceedings scheduled
6) Arye Ickovits
7) Arthur Samet
8) Moshe Spitzer
9) Bernard Mutterperl - convicted
10) Rabbi Jerry Brauner

13th Ave said...

Since when is Jerry Brauner a "rabbi"? Stop pulling a Shmarya and labeling every loser mit bard & payess a "rabbi". He's just some putz who rolled challos in his family's bakery.

Anonymous said...

JWB says Rabbi Jerry Brauner is in trouble .... again:

As listners of Dov Hikind's radio show know and as referred to by attorney Elliot Pasik in his July 08, 2009 op-ed in the Jewish Press http://www.jewishpress.com/pageroute.do/39991 a registered sex offender in Boro Park had been re-arrested on charges of molesting a child in a synagogue. Who is it and why has there been no reporting on it?

Let's name names.

Who is a registered sex offender in that area that is back in trouble with the law? Hmmmm.....


Rabbi Jerry Brauner.

He was convicted on Mar 21, 2002 and is on probation.

Guess what?

He was arested on June 24, 2009 at 2:30 pm for charges related to a May 9, 2009 incident.

Court Kings Criminal Court
Case # 2009KN049962
Defendant Brauner, Jerry
Birth Year:1953
Arrest #:K09659939
Arresting officer from NYPD, Command:66.
Assistant District Attorney Engelsohn,
Assigned: June 30, 2009.

Pre-Arraignment Deposition before Judge J. Wilson on June 25, 2009. Temporary order of protection issued with a bond of $10,000 with cash $5,000.

There was a hearing before Judge E. Laporte on June 30, 2009 and the matter was continued to September 14, 2009.

The charges?

1) PL 240.26 01 Violation, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Harassment 2nd- Phy Contact
2) PL 240.26 01 Violation, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Harassment 2nd- Phy Contact
3) PL 130.55 00 B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Sexual Abuse 3rd
4) PL 120.15 00 B Misdemeanor, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Menacing 3rd
5) PL 130.52 00 A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
6) Description Forcible Touching
PL 130.55 00 B Misdemeanor, 1 count, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
7) Description Sexual Abuse 3rd
PL 130.52 00
**TOP CHARGE** A Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Forcible Touching
8) PL 120.15 00 B Misdemeanor, 2 counts, Not an arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Menacing 3rd

Let's get some publicity on this case so Brooklyn DA Charlie Hynes can't pull another Kolko and Brauner gets put where he belongs ... in jail.

IFT fan, and Steve fan said...

This is the post Steve was referring to.


IFT fan and Steve fan said...

Woops, that was a mistake. This is the post Steve was referring to.


Anonymous said...

JWB says:

>Since when is Jerry Brauner
>a "rabbi"?

It appears he has represented himself as same in respect of his notarization of documents. That was reported in the press.

If you believe that his status as a member of the clergy is in error, I suggest you contact the editor of the publication in question (NY Post) and attempt to have a correction issued. I believe I have been accurate. I note that it is common for members of the clergy to be registered as notaries.


Gumshoe said...

I don't know if Brauner has semicha but his notary status was issued in error being that a convicted felon is disqualified. He was also arrested and convicted for illegally submitting the application.

Gumshoe said...

I've also been think about Y. Tendler and Margulies.

Tendler owns the Sea Gate Mesivta. So if he used the institution in the crime of laundering money, the Feds could seize it.

Fan of UOJ said...

"I am very familiar and close to the Chabad community of Toronto because of a number of reasons and find your above assertion about Chabad to be absurd.Can you back up your accusation with concrete proof? Is your " very reliable source" really reliable or is this just another bash Chabad libel?"

He happens to be an extremely good friend of mine and while I certainly understood you disbeleiving an anonymous source quoted on the internet, I will continue trusting my friend that he would make up such a thing.

And since I have first hand knowledge of Chassidic men in Boro Par allowing their wives to have sex with other men. I know three seperate people who do this personally. Every single one of who wears a streimel, a bekitche and white socks and nickers on Shabbos.

So I have a hard time disbeleiving that such a thing could happen among Chabadniks as well.

Madoff and the Mafia said...


Feeder funds into Madoff had mafia connections.

Zev Wolfson (5 Towns) said...


I never imagined he had so many shady connections. He is the big money behind Gateways. D.H. Blair are the crooks Davis and his son in law Kalman Renov that DRS Yeshiva is named for.

Barron's Magazine cover 5 Towns stock manipulators said...


The Wolfsons
Ezra Birnbaum (civil fraud conviction)
Menachem Lifshitz (convicted felon)
Eli & Raizy Levitin
Morty Davis
Kalman Renov (convicted felon)
Andrew Bressman
Sandy Liebhard (Flatbush guy 932 East 23rd St)
Alan Stahler (convicted felon)

steve said...

For three years we have been complaining and warning the Boro Park community about Jerry Brauner. For three years, Chaptzem has been reporting about his whereabouts and his shenanigans. They reported about him urinating in front of young children. They reported about him standing in the crowded Shomer Shabbos shul in Boro Park and feeling up kids as they walked by. Here are some of the gory details:


Brauner was originally convicted for molesting a child in a hearse on the way to the child's grandmother's levaya. He was also convicted for fraud, of conspiring to rob a dying woman of her home. He managed to get released from jail after doing little or no time, due to his "connections". What has been the community's response? The response has been to give him more kavod. After his fraud conviction, he was given the honor of davening mincha from the amud that erev shabbos. He was the baal tefilla last year on Tisha B'Av. His bakery is still under "hashgocho" (not the hashgocho that's really needed). The synagogue that allowed this pervert in to molest more children should be sued for every last penny and it should be padlocked!! Another modern day Ir Hanidachas, a la YTT! When will they ever learn? What will it take for people to protect their children from these known predators?

Bedford Ave said...

Rav Alster shlita, criticized the Agudah in shul for being hypocrites on the homosexual issue.

It didn't go over very well because he has a bunch of Agudah fressers davening by him who started getting agitated.

5 Towns said...


What an outrage that Hebrew Academy of Long Beach (HALB) has a boys yeshiva high school division in Woodmere called DRS. That stands for Davis-Renov-Stahler, the 3 crooks from DH Blair.

It's interesting to note by the way that 2 officers of HALB are relatives of Genack & Savitsky at the OU.

Hey Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky, what kind of sick people name a yeshiva for crooks?

Ross Mandell said...


How does UOJ keep track of all us putz thieves?

Camp Silver Lake - Florida division said...


July 10, 2009

Roadside Camp for Miami Sex Offenders Leads to Lawsuit


Arthur said...

"He happens to be an extremely good friend of mine and while I certainly understood you disbeleiving an anonymous source quoted on the internet, I will continue trusting my friend that he would make up such a thing"
I am not questioning the veracity of your friend and his take on what he percieves to be the the truth in this matter.However having had two grandchildren learning in the Chabad mesivta of Toronto (one is still learning there)as well as many close acquaintances , I am aware of a major problem that may have precipitated your friends assertion.Namely that, sad to say,there have been quite a number of issues between Chabad and other sectors of the Chareidi community in Toronto and there has been much mud slinging in both directions.As a result a lot of accusations have been made from either side, based not on fact but on hearsay.Again I am not questioning your friends truthfulness but I can see why he would believe that which he says to be true.

Gerrorist said...


The swine flu scare has recently prompted one of the leading spiritual figures of the ultra-Orthodox world to change one of Judaism's time-honored traditions - that of drinking wine together from the same glass.

Yaakov Aryeh Alter, seventh and current rabbi of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger, instructed his disciples in Jerusalem a few weeks ago to toast with individual and disposable plastic cups containing a few drops of wine from the rabbi's own glass.

Archie Bunker gets results said...


WILLIAMSBURG, N.Y. (WPIX) - A Brooklyn woman who argued with an Orthodox Jewish cop at the Bedford Avenue subway station last week has lost her job. Thirty-two-year-old Chrissie Brodigan claims her boss at Plum TV did not think she had defended herself well against charges she was a bigot. "I received a lot of hate mail," she told PIX News.

The confrontation with Police Officer Joel Witriol happened on Monday, June 29, when she took her sick pug, Dempsey, out of his carrier, because he had thrown up. Witriol, the city's first, Hasidic Jewish cop -- who wears a yalmulke and paes (curls on the side of his face) -- stopped her at the Bedford Avenue station. She told PIX News he demanded identification, and when she could not produce it, he became agitated when she tried to walk off. Brodigan claims he kicked her ankles apart and held one of her arms to the wall, "There are two strong witnesses who photographed the incident," Brodigan said.

Yet The New York Post quoted another witness who said Brodigan hurled ethnic slurs at Officer Witriol. "I believe this to be a fabricated witness," Brodigan told PIX News from her Brooklyn apartment, a day after getting fired by the CEO at Plum TV.

Skverrer Homowack fresser said...

By John Sullivan
Times Herald-Record
Posted: July 09, 2009 - 10:29 PM
Mamakating — A former resort hotel that has been under intense scrutiny since it fell into the hands of a Hasidic sect from New City has been charged with three counts of violating the state environmental conservation law after an oil spill at the site Thursday.
State DEC police officer Scott Steingart said his officers, as well as DEC spill response units responded to the former Homowack Hotel, now known as Machne Bnos Square, for an oil spill reported by a local resident around 3:30 p.m. Upon arriving at the site, Steingart learned that the owners of the hotel, a Hasidic group known as Congregation Bais Trana, had released a quantity of heating oil while trying to transfer it from one tank on the property to another.
The oil escaped into drains that eventually empty into a nearby stream. A pump was found near a hole by Phillipsport Road may have been used in an apparent attempt to pump water out of the drainage culvert possibly to stop the oil from escaping the property through another pipe that runs under the road, Steingart said.
Thursday evening, firefighters and members of a Hazmat team tried to stanch the flow with pads of absorbent material.
No oil seems to have left the property, Steingart said.
However, charges were filed against the congregation for failing to report the spill, which initially occurred at 7:45 a.m., Steingart said. In additon, the group was charged with failure to register bulk storage tanks and producing an “unwholesome” material on or near a public road, all misdemeanors that carry heavy fines under the state environmental law.
The Skver sect of Hasidim from New City purchased the hotel, a former resort for non-Hasidic Jews, along with 450 acres of land in 2006, apparently intent on creating a new Hasidic village akin to the Satmar village of Kiryas Joel in Monroe. It was not known last night if there was a connection between the sect and Congregation Bais Trana.
Mamakating town officials, however, have lately been critical of the operation of the hotel, a summer getaway for Hasidim from all over the state, largely because the proprietors have failed to observe building, health and safety codes.
Town officials, including Supervisor Robert Fiore, were at the site last night, meeting with members of the congregation.
Town resident Andy Weil, who reported the spill, alleged that the town leaders were failing to stay vigilant enough on the Hasidic group’s activities.
“There’s a lot of problems at this end of Mamakating that the town’s not dealing with,” he said.
At the property, members of the congregation refused to speak to the reporter.

Arthur gets results said...


A Brooklyn man busted after slapping a woman's buttocks in Crown Heights Tuesday night has been linked to a dozen similar attacks, police said yesterday.

Most of the victims were Hasidic Jews. The crimes took place near Lubavitch headquarters on Eastern Parkway.

Frankie Hatton, 21, was arrested by cops who noticed he fit the description of a suspect in the latest attack.

The 23-year-old victim identified him as her abuser.

He was charged with forcible touching and sexual abuse for Tuesday's offense, and faces similar counts for the other incidents, sources said.

Chevra Chazerim - Congressional division said...

WASHINGTON - Democrats debated slapping a new tax on families earning more than $250,000 a year Thursday as the House raced to put together its massive health care reform deal in time to unveil Friday.

Democratic sources said many issues were still being discussed Thursday night, with the key item being the size of a surtax on high-earning families.

Suggestions approached 4%

The Agudah will defer to Vito Lopez said...

(IsraelNN.com) The Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel in America is reportedly planning to convene on Wednesday in light of the speeches by Obama and Netanyahu.

The organization, which represents hareidi-religious Jewry in the United States, has been asked repeatedly, via phone calls from interested parties, to respond officially to some of the points raised in the above speeches. Specifically, the organization has been asked to take a stand on the Jewish People’s connection to the Biblical areas of Judea and Samaria.

Robin Ticker, author of the ShemittahRediscovered blog, quotes the “unofficial” response she received from Agudath Israel’s Council of Torah Sages, known as the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah. The Council stated that it need not have a position on any particular issue. It added that though the Jewish People was obviously deeded all of the Land of Israel, this does not necessarily mean that “in our current state of [exile], a temporal Jewish State is best advised to hold onto all the territory under its control (and reclaim territory it has already conceded to an Arab entity).”

Ms. Ticker solicited the response of Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander, a member of both the nascent Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and the Rabbinical Court for Noahides in New York. Rabbi Hollander critiqued the Agudath Israel response for referring to Israel as “temporal” – implying that Israel is non-spiritual – and for maintaining that the Jewish People are currently in “Golus” (Exile).” “Perhaps Golus is a permanent state of affairs in the Aguda mentality, and has nothing to do with reality?,” the rabbi asks rhetorically.

Another activist writes that the rabbis are behooved to relate this matter not merely as a political issue, and one not only with life-and-death ramifications, but also as one that is directly connected with the Biblical commandments of waging defensive war and controlling the Land. The Jewish populace of Judea and Samaria plays “a vital role in the fulfillment of [both],” writes Yosef Rabin, and “should be aided and applauded. The communities of Galut [outside Israel – ed.] must do everything in their power to aid and strengthen the border communities of the Land of Israel.”

Ms. Ticker has called for the public to contact Agudath Israel in advance of the Moetzes (Council) session this Wednesday, and ask, inter alia, the following questions: What is the Council’s response to Obama’s call for an end to Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria? How does the Council view the fate of the 350,000 Jews there? What is the Council’s attitude towards Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conditional agreement to a Palestinian state, and might this not run contrary to Divine promises of the exclusive designation of the Land as belonging to the Jewish People?

Bungalow Yenta said...

Arthur, what is the mudslinging about?

Leib Pinter's mechutonim said...

by Eric Lidji
Associate Editor

1 day ago

The incoming rabbi of Congregation Poale Zedeck is no longer coming to Pittsburgh.

Rabbi Moshe Taub, chosen earlier this year to succeed Rabbi Yisroel Miller at the modern Orthodox synagogue in Squirrel Hill, will no longer take over the post, according to Glenn Foxson, executive director of Congregation Poale Zedeck.

While Foxson confirmed the news, he did not give a reason for the change, referring all further questions to congregation President Dean Pollack, who did not return several requests for comment.

Since September 2003, Taub has been with The Young Israel of Greater Buffalo, according to the Web site of the congregation. He was expected to begin his rabbinical post in Pittsburgh sometime before the High Holidays this year.

Poale Zedeck chose Taub in April from a pool of around 40 applicants.

Taub called the issue “a private matter”

Politically incorrect said...

Avi Shafran is the only loser defending Madoff and Shmarya is the only loser still defending Chrissie Brodigan


Enough is enough, Chrissie! Everyone who has worked with this person knows that she is seriously unbalanced. She was recently committed to Bellevue for observation after being fired from a job. And not because the world is so mean to poor Chrissie. She refused to leave the premises, screamed and cried and tried to have a fist fight with the bewildered security guard while acting so psychotic she scared him. She has been fired from all of the jobs she has held over the past several years and has a gift for fabrication matched only by Stephen Glass. Although she seems harmless, she has an amazing ability to create chaos all around her. Who do you think keeps submitting these stories to media outlets? She is! She is authoring her own story about being a misunderstood victim, all the while amending her online posts so that they don't incriminate her. She has admittedto having cystic fibrosis, which causes spontaneous bruising! What she wants is a huge amount of attention and to find a rich victim to sue. Be very careful of this person - she's wildly impulsive and her view of reality is highly questionable.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Beware of companies prepared to buy California IOUs at any price unless it's in cash. DO NOT TAKE CHECKS, CASHIER CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS!

California IOUs to be shunned by big banks after today

Bank of America and other big institutions plan to enforce a cutoff, making it harder to cash vouchers. To protect IOU holders from third-party speculators, the SEC defines the vouchers as securities.

People holding California state IOUs -- including taxpayers, vendors and local governments -- will soon have a tougher time redeeming them, as most major banks are standing firm on a vow not to cash the vouchers after today.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

The 1000% Loan!


Miami Fresser said...

Red Self Storage faces $5M foreclosure suit --- South Florida Business Journal - by Brian Bandell

The owner of Red Self Storage in Miami got hit with a $5 million foreclosure lawsuit.

Bank of America, acting as a trustee for a group of commercial mortgage-backed securities issued by Morgan Stanley Capital, filed the foreclosure action on June 26 against Miami Beach-based 3300 Holdings and managing members Joseph Ausch and Yaakov Ilowitz, according to Miami-Dade County Circuit Court records.

Miami attorney Traci Rollins, who represents the lender, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

The 57,382-square-foot storage facility at 3300 N.W. 2nd Ave. in Miami was bought for $4 million in 2007. It is next to the Midtown Miami residential and retail development.

A message left for Ausch at Red Self Storage wasn’t immediately returned.

Gershon Nathan from Flatbush said...


Margo told me to act like this when reporters ask you if you are a thief.

Anonymous said...

New York Criminal Court

Case # 2009NY026493

Defendant Nathan, Gershon

Birth Year: 1955

Date & Time:April 2, 2009 12:40
Arrest #:M09630847

Agency: NYPD

Defense Attorney
Type:Legal Aid
Court Date:April 2, 2009
Court Part:APAR3
Address:49 Thomas Street, New York, NY 10013

Next Appearance
Date:July 13, 2009
Court:New York Criminal Court

Charge Detail Disposition/Sentence
L 155.30 01 Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Gr Lar 4-vlue Prpty>$1000
L 170.25 00
**TOP CHARGE** Felony, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Posses Forgd Instrmnt-2nd
L 155.25 00 Misdemeanor, 1 count, Arrest charge, Arraignment charge
Description Petit Larceny

Gen. Haig Copies UOJ said...

Gen. Alexander Haig: We Must Guard Against Dangers of Socialism"


Shmarya groupie said...

Why haven't the rabbis condemned this outrage in the strongest terms?

Filed at 3:42 p.m. ET

ALSIP, Ill. (AP) -- Four former employees accused of digging up bodies and reselling plots at a historic black cemetery near Chicago made about $300,000 in a scheme believed to have stretched back at least four years, authorities said Friday.

Three gravediggers and a manager at the Burr Oak Cemetery in Alsip are accused of unearthing hundreds of corpses and either dumping some in a weeded, desolate area near the cemetery or double-stacking others in graves. The cemetery is the burial place of civil rights-era lynching victim Emmett Till and blues singers Willie Dixon and Dinah Washington.

While Till's grave site was not disturbed, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said investigators found his original iconic glass-topped casket rusting in a shack at the cemetery.

The 14-year-old Chicagoan was killed in 1955 after reportedly whistling at a white woman during a visit to his uncle's house in Mississippi.

Porky's Revenge on Agudah said...

Dozens of girls from Camp Bnos in Ferndale, NY, and Camp Tubby (Machaneh Tichon Bais Yaakov) in Woodbourne, NY, have been bussed home because of the H1N1 swine flu virus which has been spreading among campers. “In camp, the girls will not be able to properly recover,” one parent told Matzav.com. “The silver lining in all this,” said the parent somewhat in jest, “is that the parents of these girls won’t have to make the trek up to the mountains this Sunday for visiting day.”

About 60 girls from each of the camps were sent home.

Camp Bnos is part of Agudath Israel’s network of camps, which includes Camp Agudah and Camp Chayil Miriam. Camp Tubby is run by Rabbi and Rebbetzin Aharon Kahn.

Shea Fishman - UOJ known as Carlos in Mexico said...

MIAMI (AP) Tropical Storm Carlos forms far off Mexico's Pacific coast, with top winds near 40 mph.

Anonymous said...

Shea, the storm brewing off of Mexico, is nothing compared to the Commercial Real Estate bubble explosion in the Windy City. It's going to be especially ugly with serious investigations heating up.

Camp Agudah Fresser said...

"the parents of these girls won’t have to make the trek up to the mountains this Sunday for visiting day.”


That's what Yudel Shain calls "Palm Sunday" when all the counselors etc are waiting to get shtupped with tips.

Anonymous said...

The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama. The stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission presented the following findings: There is nothing wrong with the adhesive. People are spitting on the wrong side.

Anonymous said...

A few addresses come up for Gershon Nathan:

701 Ave M
1546 East 34th
869 East 13th

Moishe Chaim Strulovics said...

What follows is a compilation of various German-language news reports on Strulovics primarily based on this report:


Strulovis has a shul in Lakewood, NJ. The victims are mostly illiterate non-Jews:

Rabbi Moshe Chaim (Ernest) Strulovics (Strulowitz) set free after uncommonly mild verdict

The Strulovics trial in Vienna ended in a double surprise: the defendant pleaded guilty and was rewarded with an extremely mild verdict.

During the first three days of the trial, defendant Ernest Strulovics refused to give evidence about the fraud charges dating back to the 90ies he faced at a district court in Vienna, Austria. He is cited to have said: “According to my Jewish religion, I am not allowed to give evidence against anyone else. This is very, very serious for us”

On the fourth day, he pleads guilty, admitting that he was the head of a conglomerate of firms that defrauded at least 43 persons, for a total sum of at least 3 Million Euro. When he was arrested in June 2008, the major Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” spoke about a total fraud sum of 13,5 million Euros and 120 victims.

In a mild verdict, which surprised even the best-informed court observers, he was condemned to ten months jail without probation plus twenty months with a probation period of three years. He was set free immediately, since he had already served the sentence in custody.

The fraud consisted mainly in taking payments for flats [condominiums] that were never delivered, mostly from south-east European immigrants who were not fluent enough in German to check the paperwork. These funds served in some cases to take up bank loans that were never paid back, sometimes in the names of his victims who were then sued by the banks to pay them back.

When the scheme was discovered in 1998, Strulovics fled Austria. In June 2008, FBI located him in Lakewood, where he had founded a shul, and extradited him to Austria in November 2008 on the grounds of an international search warrant issued when a victim recognised him on a wedding picture on the internet in 2008.

The testimonies of the victims were not heard [by the court.] According to the judge, they still have the possibility of filing civil actions against Strulovics, but the chances that they will ever get their money back are very scarce.

Strulovics part 2 said...

VosIzNeais removed key parts of the story that make Strulovics look bad and hyped the 'good' done for Strulovcs by Satmar rabbis. The key Satmar rabbi helping Strulovics is David Neiderman, the same rabbi who worked to block the Child Victims Act:

Satmar Rabbi Instrumental in Successful Release Of Charedi From Austrian Jail

Mr. Strulovitz in te court room befroe he was set freeVienna - In a shocking twist, A prominent Charedi millionaire Chaim M. Strulovitz was released from jail yesterday after an Austrian judge granted the 61 year old Strulovitz a conditional sentence allowing him to walk free.

Strulovitz was arrested in the U.S. Lakewood, New Jersey in June 2008 for running afoul of the Austrian government, and was extradited back to Austria after being on the run for years, and was put on trial.
During the first three days of the trial at the district court in Vienna, Mr. Strulovitz refused to give evidence about the fraud charges dating back to the 90's. Strulovitz is cited to have said: “According to my jewish religion, I am not allowed to give evidence against anyone else. This is very, very serious for us”

On the fourth day, he pleaded guilty, admitting that he was the head of a conglomerate of firms that defrauded some individuals.

In a mild verdict, which surprised even the best-informed court observers, he was condemned to ten months jail without probation plus twenty months with a probation period of three years. He was set free immediately, since he had already served the sentence in custody. The judged also fined him with $200,000.

The previously iron clad indictment would of seen Strulovitz face a ten year jail sentence.

The sentence was commuted to 30 months in jail of which 20 have been served and the rest served either in investigative detention or rendition.

Mr. Strulovitz a major supporter of Satmar institutions received emotional support from The Satmar rebbe, of Williamsburg Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitelbaum Shlita. Mr. Strulovitz was also a strong confidant of the previous Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbauum Zt'l Author Of Beirach Mosha.

Rabbi Tetilbaum expended major efforts and explored different ways to release Strulovitz, including by hiring top lawyers. Nevertheless, everyone feared that the Strulovitz would be sentenced to may years in prison.

Several months ago, Rav Yaakov Ber Teitelbaum, the son of the rebbe and rav of the Sighet beis midrash in Boro Park, and the Horodenka rebbe from Manchester, flew over to assist in the court case.
With the assistance of the renown Williamsburg askan, Rav Moshe David Niederman, the rabbis met with the judge and explained that the Mr. Strulovitz had no intention to cause harm to the country and was deserving of clemency.

During one of the trial hearings, Rav Yaakov Ber surprised the prosecution when he gave a heartrending speech in favor of the defendant. The prosecution agreed to work out a plea bargain with the lawyers, in which he would pay a fine and sit in prison only one year.

Here's how Lakewood's 'news' blog 'covered' the story:

BREAKING NEWS R' Chaim Moishe Strulowitz Set Free

The Lakewood Scoop

BREAKING NEWS FIRST REPORT: R' Chaim Moshe Strulowitz, who has a Shul at 8th and Madison and was arrested last year on Shavuos by the FBI, has been acquitted from all charges today in Vienna. Details are still emerging and we will bring you details as soon as they become available to us.

U/D 11:18 a.m. TLS spoke with our sources in Vienna, and we were told that he will be permitted to return to the States in approximately two weeks to reunite with his family. Many family members, attended the last part of a three-part trial this morning and were overcome with happiness when the verdict was read. A tremendous Simcha and Shevach to the Ribono Shel Olam is being felt throughout the Yiddishe community in Vienna and around the world.

Spotlight on Star-K said...

I find it very disturbing that a Baltimore deli employs convicted child molester Yisroel Shapiro. I complained to some rabbonim and one of them called the Star-K to question it.

The Star-K tried to shrug off any responsibility with 3 lousy excuses.

They say that the deli is really under the hashgocho of Dayan Hopfer and they are a secondary rubberstamp agency.

They say that Shapiro is not a mashgiach but a store employee and they are therefore not responsible.

And they say that Shapiro is answering phones, implying that he therefore is too busy to bother with any children coming into the store.

Who do they think they are kidding?

Successful Messiah said...

Well at least Chrissy Brodigan isn't Black or else I'd suspect Shmarya is trying to hit her up for a date, as she would notice he's the only blogger defending her.

Leopold Margulies said...

Gershon Nathan was saying the zelba kapitel Tehillim before he drove away as the Agudah was mechabed me with at the siyum hashas.

Weinfeld's shul said...

Meir Levy, the YTT-Lakewood yungerman, who grew up davening at Weinfeld's with Yossi Ungar and Yudi Kolko, was the shadchan for Ungar & Ellinson. Several shadchonim had already tried making the shidduch but Levy really pushed hard and got them to make a tnai that he gets the sole credit.

Meanwhile, all the Flatbush Hungarians are running after Levy since they are so impressed with his track record.

Ungar's wife, who was supposed to be opening a girls high school this coming year was teaching at Levy's tatty's school Bais Yaakov Derav Meir.

There is a big question mark as to wether Ungar will still open the new school now that the drek has hit the fan.

I hope all the suckers at least get their deposits back.

West Hempstead said...


On June 29, a motorist described as a male, black, 5'7" tall,weighing 200 lbs., and wearing dark clothing allegedly filled his gas tank at the Mobil Gas Station at Franklin Avenue/Main Street and drove away with the car still hooked up to the pumping station. The nozzle for gas was still attached to his car and hit another customer at another pump, knocking that man unconscious. The thief made out with free gasoline at $43.37 and the partial license plate on his car reads: 1866. Detectives are investigating…

Anonymous said...

The New York City Health Department issued a warning to doctors and city residents to be cautious of measles, after identifying 11 infection cases of the virus in Brooklyn.

Though the Centers for Disease Control considered the virus eliminated from the U.S. in 2000, Department of Health officials site an increase in infection rates to parents who fear the measles vaccination.

DOH officials said the discovered strain of measles, identical to one circulating in Europe, was found primarily in the Williamsburg and Borough Park areas of Brooklyn.

Hahahahaha !!!! said...


Defending Madoff?

July 9, 3:33 PM

This article's headline may be the single most blasphemous phrase that one could possibly utter in today's business climate. Who could possibly defend the mastermind of the $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme that looted thousands of hard-working Americans' retirements during a period of incalculable economic turmoil? Even categorizing the man as a mastermind seems unnecessarily complementary. But someone in the deep, dark depths of the Internet, hiding behind the anonymity of The Web...someone must defend this guy.
Google search completed and reviewed, I managed to locate an article coming fairly close to an outright defense of Madoff's actions. And he has chosen not to veil himself in the least.
Though Rabbi Avi Shafran begins his article with a qualifying statement, it is not the one that I find fastened to the beginning of most minutely pro-Madoff commentaries. These articles generally start with some variation of "I'm not trying to defend Bernie Madoff, but..." The overwhelming vitriol espoused in the "Comments" section below the article makes clear that the Rabbi's readership tends to disagree with his opinion.
Rabbi Shafran cites that the Torah condemns stealing in all denominations and speculates that Madoff probably began the scheme with good intentions, amongst other things. He cites several prominent Jews' condemnations of Madoff showing that he recognizes the uniqueness of his opinion, even within his own Jewish community. As he suggests, certainly these opinions will win him no friends.

from tefillindate.blogspot said...

Boro Park bath house attendant arrested for sexual assault
Saturday, July 11, 3:30 pm.
A Williamsburg woman suspected in multiple sexual abuse cases has been indicted by the Kings County district attorney on multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault.
According to authorities, Gittie Rochel Weissmandel, 41 of Brooklyn NY was arrested in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn Friday after she allegedly sexually assaulted several women. Mrs. Weissmandel, a mother of 8 reportedly works as a bathhouse attendant for a Hassidic ritual bath (mikva).
According to Jewish law, married women are required to immerse themselves in a pool of naturally flowing water following their menstrual cycle in order to be ritually pure. Only after this immersion are they allowed to have intimate relations with their husbands.
Mrs. Weissmandel was responsible for overseeing the mikva, as well as phisically inspecting the women's bodies before and after their immersion, in order to ascertain that there are no unnatural substances present such as jewelry, bandaids,nail polish, makeup, dirt, etc.
On several occasions starting in 2003, Mrs. Weissmandel allegedly fondled the breasts and genitals of several newly-wed women under her cair. She was reported to have asked the women to preform oral sex on her as well as other lewd sex acts. She reportedly told her victims that Jewish law specifies that she must preform these acts upon the women in order to complete the process of their immersion and hence purification.
After several complaints were received by the NYPD's 66th precinct starting in November 2008, an investigation was launched into Weissmandel's activities and consequently several other victims began reporting similar assaults.
On Thursday a warrant was issued for her arrest and she was taken into custody outside the ritual bath without incident. She is being held without bail.

Anonymous said...

UOJ should erase the "tefillin" post.

The Daily News article does not exist. It is a sick parody on a blog that is devoted to heimish perverts, x-rated pornography and that encourages married women to commit adultery.

Anonymous said...

Boro Park bath house attendant arrested for sexual assault

This article is a spoof. It happened it is pure fiction and keeping it posted devalues your blog.

Anonymous said...

Chumash Shiur with Rabbi Schmelczer At 7:20 PM, Rabbi Schmelczer will be giving a shiur on parsha at the NMB Kollel in Sharray Tefilah. All men are invited.

this is after he his wife told him she is not moving to montreal because she is sick of his behavior
so he is trying to stay in miami and teach in the shul that his brother in law Rabbi ephriam shapiro runs

Shmarya groupie said...


The Conservative are becoming just as crazy as the Orthodox. How dare they say there is no reason to omit Tachanun on Martin Luther King Day!

Moshe H. said...

Pretty sad. Mixed in with all the important muckracking that UOJ and the other anti-Orthodox, I mean, critical of Orthodox, blogs is so much lashon ahra, nivul peh and znus it's almost an issue of yatzah hefseda b'shorah. On the other hand, as I wrote, the work is important. Solution: clean up the comments, and write the same content, but a little more dignified, like the Jewish Week. Expose the wrong doers without losing credibility by being a place where people write so much crap. Best, Moshe H. Flatbush.

boruch dayan emess said...


The murderer of little Leiby Kletzky who was abducted in broad daylight on a busy Boro Park street is Levi Aron from East 2nd St around Ave C.

Was Aron a known child molester? It is rumored he is. Police Commish Ray Kelley would say only that he had no arrests to that affect but was arrested for public urination. He also said the NYPD would be speaking to Memphis police where Aron lived for 2 years.

Levi seems to be from the Aron family in Kensington who sent boys to Torah Vodaas.

After butchering little Leiby into pieces, Aron reported to work at Empire Supply on McDonald Ave as if nothing happened.

A question for Eckstein. Why do you name Aron on YWN and call him all kinds of names while you refuse to name molesters who also in effect murder little kids?

Anonymous said...

Where's the 35 or 45 aveira list?

For_What_It's_Worth said...

All of this is true. I was contacted on Social Media by an Hasid who wanted internet sex and nothing more. His wife watched TV, he went out to all hours of the night drinking and smoking. In their minds, as long as there is no physical sex they are not breaking any laws. And if it's not in Torah then they can do it. They go from woman to woman. I was dumped because I was lied to and would not do anything with him on the internet. Really disappointing to me. If you are unhappy then leave your marriage but don't lie.

Old Torah Vodaas said...

What did YTV Board Chairman Feldman do for a living?


This website is the effort of Italian & Jewish genealogical groups tracking down old files, in this case all Federal criminal convictions in NY from 1831 to 1959. They have sued several government entities when needed if there was no cooperation.

Feldman was on the YTV Board since at least 1940 if not earlier. Not sure when he became Chairman or "Chair" Man as Belsky's grandfather would have it (over his head).

There is a Benjamin Feldman who was arrested several times in the late 1930s NYC for bribery and another crime. If anyone knows what kind of gesheften he was running it will help eliminate him or narrow him down to a shorter list of possibilities. This Feldman has several "narcotics" arrests which in those days had a different meaning. Narcotics were used in food & several other products until banned in 1937. Whoever ignored the ban had Treasury agents & other Feds swarming all over them.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Benjamin Feldman was officially in the shmatta business; there were rumors that he was also a bootlegger when he was a young man. His son Itzik took over the business which was eventually sold to Aguda Fresser Werdiger.

Chaskel Bennett said...

Hemp, which was the most prime & low cost material in shmattas, was banned in 1937 as part of the marijuana takannah.

Could it be there is still some residue in old stock inherited from Feldman that's giving Sol Werdiger a high?

I mean, I don't know where Werdiger gets the stamina from that he goes running down to even more Agudah FRESSER events than I do!

Follow the Money said...

One of the biggest conspiracies in history was the Narcotics Act of 1937.

It is believed to have gone down like this ...

Some greedy billionaires had a lot resting on making sure that hemp was banned: the DuPonts & William Randolph Hearst. They conspired with Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon to pull it off.

DuPont happened to be filing the patent for nylon / polyester in 1937 so he needed to get cheap hemp out of the way to cash in. Hemp oil was also going to be used as fuel for the new Ford Motors line up which needed to be eliminated as DuPont also made gasoline. DuPont also makes synthetic paints & plastics which otherwise would be made with hemp.

Hearst started scaremongering through his newspaper empire that Blacks & Mexicans were adulterating hemp to get high & go on crime rampages. Truth be told that virtually none of them had the technical know how to do anything with hemp in those days. DuPont rewarded Hearst by buying tree pulp from Hearst's logging operation to make paper from.

Mellon meanwhile formed an army of stormtrooper agents to raid businesses in the hemp industry, appointing his nephew Harry Anslinger as Chief of Enforcement. Anslinger then went in front of some Congressmen to push the law through without hearings or even a roll call.

Leopold Margulies said...

Verrrdiger mistummeh vas getting billigeh firrre sale prrreiz farrr da shmattas nuch vus Srrruly Belsky's zydeh Villhelm iz geven duch smashing da benkel auf Feldman's kup.

John Gotti Jr said...


I'm not so quick to assume you are innocent in all this. You were a bus driver for Torah Vodaath when Benji Feldman was there, were you not? How do we know you weren't making any extra stops with some weed like the mob does on garbage collection routes?


When my father was a kid he heard stories about you from Lucky Luciano. And this is not just NY legends. They even heard about your earlier wheeling & dealing from Szatmar, all the way in Sicily! You were the first cafone who figured out before us Pisanos how to steal food donated by the government & sell it to the students who are supposed to get it for free. And those phone calls terrorizing people to keep quiet? That's classic.


Old Williamsburg said...


as you once pointed out by Tzig, here is Itzik Feldman in 1959 squeezed between Rav Schorr & Hertz Frankel.

Leib Tropper said...

Did someone say there is some SHQUEEZing going on?

Anonymous said...

Where does Tropper get his money from these days? You can still see him buying take out fresserei on Route 59 & hanging out in Tuvya's, the most overpriced seforim store in Monsey. Is his wife working or is there a quiet deal to give him a cut from the ongoing fake gerus scam being run now by Thomas Kaplan & Elli Ber Wachtfogel?

Anonymous said...

As someone who works in a well known medical center in Monsey I can tell you that over the last 20 years I've seen hundreds if not over a thousand cases of STDs of both the men and women of the yeshivish and chasidish community.

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