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The Analysis -- In UOJ-Speak!

This is an abbreviated version of The Jewish Week article, to see the article in it's entirety, go to: thejewishweek.com My comments are at the end.

No Religious Haven From Abuse

New study finds Orthodox women are sexually victimized as much as other American women are.

by Debra Nussbaum Cohen
Staff Writer

Despite the widespread impression in the Orthodox world that sexual abuse doesn’t happen within its precincts, or happens less than in the “outside world,” a report in the November issue of the journal of the American Psychiatric Association says that Orthodox Jewish women suffer as much of it as other American women do.

Twenty-six percent of respondents in a study about the sexual lives and attitudes of married Orthodox Jewish women — 55 percent identifying as Modern Orthodox and about 45 percent as fervently Orthodox — indicated that they had at some point suffered sexual abuse.

That figure is on par with the 25 percent to 27 percent of American women in general, without regard to their marital status or religion,
who have reported in numerous studies that they had been sexually abused.

The new article also says that fervently Orthodox women are more likely than Modern Orthodox women to have experienced sexual abuse, to have experienced it multiple times and to have experienced it the first time before age 13.

Fifty-eight percent of fervently Orthodox women who participated in the study reported experiencing sexual abuse multiple times, according to the article, compared to 39 percent of Modern Orthodox women.

Among the ultra-Orthodox respondents, 20 percent said they had experienced abuse by the age of 13, while among the modern Orthodox respondents it was 12 percent.

“It’s very important to note that this is just a slice,” said Rachel Yehuda, a professor of psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan, and one of the paper’s lead authors. “We only studied married women who agreed to be studied, and we have no idea of how representative these women are. More importantly, we didn’t study single women or women who decided not to be Orthodox anymore.

“Nonetheless, the observation that this is not less of a problem here is important. ... One can’t walk away saying Orthodox Judaism is protecting women against abuse,” said Rachel Yehuda.

“We’re not the first to show that heightened religiosity may be a response to trauma,” says Dr. Michelle Friedman, a psychiatrist in Manhattan who is the article’s other lead author. Living an Orthodox life is viewed as “a whole lifestyle of perceived protection and meaning, of clarity and order.”

The article, which focuses just on sexual abuse, is based on information drawn from a broader study of Orthodox married women’s sexual lives and attitudes that Friedman and Yehuda conducted about four years ago. Respondents ranged in age from 19 to 58, and were required to report regular use of a mikveh, or ritual bath, in order to be included in the findings.

The researchers advertised the study in synagogue bulletins, Jewish organizations, newspapers, Jewish listservs and Web sites, and through medical offices, like pediatricians and obstetricians/gynecologists, whose practices include many Orthodox women.

They did not count as abused respondents those who said that their adult experiences had been consensual even if uncomfortable, or said that they had abuse threatened but not carried out, or who experienced something that might not be strictly considered abuse, for example, someone who reported that a stranger fondled her rear end on the street.

Of the 380 respondents, 208 of them defined themselves as Modern Orthodox and 172 described themselves as ultra-Orthodox. The study found that the ultra-Orthodox women were more likely to report that their husbands had forced them to have sex — 5 percent compared to 1 percent of the Modern Orthodox women.

The article hopes to illuminate the need for greater sensitivity to sexual abuse among those who might treat its victims, and also to the reality of its existence in Orthodox Jewish communities.

Religious life is not necessarily protective of the human condition,” said Friedman. “In theory, it’s clearly forbidden. But in practice it happens, and people suffer.”*****

"Religious life is not necessarily protective of the human condition!"

Why not? What is there to protect if human life is not sacred? And that's why we're here in crazy-land today, the Charedi Orthodox Establishment exposed....butt-naked!

A recent phone call marked as urgent on my e-mail went something like this from a horrified Yiddishe mama.

"Boruch Hashem my daughter got away (divorced) from this very sick kollel man...he forced himself on her - whenever, he anally raped her - whenever, he anally raped a baby girl in his family...the bruises were all over her buttocks.....the police were called finally...to find out after months, that the police report disappeared, not a trace of it!

This kollel man denied all of this to a local bais din and was "believed", although he had a violent sexual abuse history as well as other members of his family!

I called a member of the Moetzes (Agudath Israel leadership)...I spoke to the rebbetzin, the rabbi refused to come to the telephone; I heard him saying in the background" he was exonerated!"

UOJ...I have no further axe to grind with this sick and evil man, my daughter is free and safe....I just wanted to protect his next victim from being condemned to death and worse"! He sodomized a baby... and my daughter....and the rabbi would not come to the phone?"

The numbers and the facts are trickling out....and my self-educated guess on this subject is - that by the time we see the entire picture, there will not be any true believer left, not one! There's a reason Jewish kids are running away from traditional Orthodox Judaism, and that reason is you bogus rabbis!

Thank you Agudath Israel and the rest of you criminals...I hope this sick bastard marries one of your daughters or granddaughters!

Steep rise in child sexual assault complaints among Haredis

By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent - Oct. 29, 2007

The National Council for the Child reports a steep rise in recent weeks in the number of requests for help from child sexual assault victims and their parents. Council head Yitzhak Kadman found that 30 percent of the new requests came from the ultra-Orthodox community, which had previously almost never contacted the organization about sexual assault.

The council provides volunteers, usually law students, who accompany sexual assault victims through the process of filing a police complaint, the investigation and criminal proceeding. More than 1,500 children have been helped in the seven years since this project began.

Kadman said that over the past few weeks, the council had fielded dozens of requests per week. Callers are referred to the council by police, juvenile investigators from the Social Affairs Ministry, welfare offices, doctors, schools and other community facilities.

Kadman sees the awakening of the Haredi sector as a real "breach of barriers." Contrary to expectation, the Haredim who apply for help do not want a Haredi volunteer to assist them, nor do they care whether the volunteer is a man or woman, Kadman said.


Observant Jew said...

UOJ please,

Do not discourage belief in Torah true Judaism. Do what you do best with your plumbing apparatus to flush the bogus rabbis down the toilet and be mechazer the atara leyoshna.

BTW, does the Roto Rooter guy know which bum on the Moetzes is protecting that monster and who had the record expunged?

US Intelligence targets operational leaders of al Qaeda and "takes them out". Something has to be done about these Agudah criminals who delete police & court records.

Rabbi Pinchos Scheinberg said...

Sodomy is shelo kedarka so it lav davka has a din of penetration either.

Margulies might have more to add on the matter as he used to live in Sdom before it was destroyed, forcing him to relocate to Satu Mare, Romania.

Anonymous said...

Endangering the community is not limited to cases of communal punishment, or immediate short term danger. Rabbi Yitzchak Adlerstein notes the following incident recounted to him by Rabbi Mordechai Kaminetsky, in the name of Rabbi Yaakov Kaminetsky.

There was a period in the 1970's when a group of rogues were smuggling valuables in tefillin (phylacteries) and other religious articles that would usually evade inspection; thus the thieves assumed their scheme would be successful. Often they would send these religious articles with unsuspecting pious Jews and asked to deliver them to certain locations near their final destinations. When United States customs officials got wind of this scheme they asked a few observant agents to help crack the ring. In addition to preserving the sanctity of the religious items, the customs authority felt that Jewish religious agents would best be able to mete out knowing accomplices from unsuspecting participants who had been duped into thinking they were actually performing a mitzvah.

The Jewish custom agent in charge of the operation decided to confer with my grandfather, Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky on this matter. Though his advice on how to break the ring remains confidential, he told me how he explained how the severity of the crime was compounded by its use of religious items. "Smuggling diamonds in Teffilin," he explained, "is equivalent to raising a white flag, approaching the enemy lines as if to surrender and then lobbing a grenade. That soldier has not only perpetrated a fraud on his battalion and the enemy; he has betrayed a symbol of civilization. With one devious act, he has destroyed a trusted symbol for eternity -- forever endangering the lives of countless soldiers for years to come. "These thieves, by taking a sacrosanct symbol and using it as a vehicle for a crime have destroyed the eternal sanctity and symbolism of a sacred object. Their evil actions may cause irreparable damage to countless honest religious people. Those rogues must be stopped, by any means possible," he exclaimed.

Leib Pinter said...

Ve'aleyhi lo Yuval, volume 2:113-114, which recounts in the name of Rabbi Yehuda Goldreicht:

I asked Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach about a particular Jew who stole a large sum of money and he was caught by the police in America. He was sentenced to a number of years in prison in America. Was it proper to assist in the collection of money for him [we were speaking about a large sum of $200,000] in order to fulfill the mitzvah of redeeming captives to have him released from prison? When Rabbi Auerbach heard this he stated "Redeeming captives?! What is the mitzvah of redeeming captives here? The mitzvah of redeeming captives is only when the gentiles are grabbing Jews, irrationally, for no proper reason, and placing them in prison. According to what I [Rabbi Auerbach] know, in America they do not irrationally grab Jews in order to squeeze money from them. The Torah says "do not steal" and he stole money -- on the contrary, it is good that he serve a prison sentence, so that he learns not to steal!

(But some people never learn)

Something's Fishy said...


Here's a TV report about a frum family who were threatened they would be thrown off a United Airlines flight for eating smelly fish. The airline eventually aplogized and said the threatening pilot & crew "acted inappropriately".

Harry Maryles has a whole pilpul on this where he informs us that he loves tuna fish sandwiches with loads of onions & sour pickles and speculates that the crew might have been justified that the fish was too smelly.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, your analysis is right on target.

The Rabbinic doctrine when deciding cases brought to them in Bais Din is as follows:

1] He who called first MUST be right.
2] He who pays us the most under the table (this shows the chashivus the party has of Rabbis) is right.
3] He who looks more chashuv, has more prestigious lineage is right.

Everything the Torah syays not to stand for and do, these pimps expect from the parties involved.
One dayan was given a new car by a defendant in order to show deferance to one member of the Bais Din who suddenly changed his vote. A fellow dayan arranged a similar deal in order to change his vote, and secure it for future cases.

Why is it that many of the offenders are from choshuv families, or at least look that way from the outside?

Because the Agudistah rabbinate gives a pass to all of them.

It's no wonder that the next covention will be talking about Machzikei Hamaaminim instead of Kiruv Rechokim. This is because the Agudah rabbis have eroded so much confidence and faith in our religion.

boro park counsler said...

Boro Park Counsler said...
Warning to Ohel Family Services clean up your act before the government does!
A woman has reported to me that the licensed social worker at the domestic violence center set her up with an unlicensed social worker working on the premises of Ohel. She has the names of both woman If she makes a report the social worker could lose her license and the unlicensed social worker and Ohel can be fined etc. etc. I have a few woman that go to Ohel which report to me on regular basis and will monitor the situation at Ohel to see if any changes were made.

New York - State's Obsession with Shrinks is Growing NY Post
New York - The state has granted 6,600 new mental-health licenses under a new law requiring regulation of psychotherapy.
Until two years ago, anyone could hang out a "psychotherapist" or "psychoanalyst" shingle and charge people to hash out their hang-ups.
Now, anyone who gets into people's heads without state permission can be busted for practicing without a license.
In addition, consumers with complaints about their shrinks can report them to the state for investigation.

Anonymous said...

Time for UOJ to start ratcheting up the pressure on Margo again.


Israel Cuts Fuel Supplies to Gaza Strip

boog's mother in-law said...

Gerer mesifta losing students at the aproximate rat of ONE BOY A WEEK. Time to bring back leizerowitz. Send them Colmer and Mondrowitz as a bonus and in no time flat those sorry kids whose parents have no sense to protect them will be too sore to sit. Olefsky ran a gay whorehouse all these years and yet dares to prominently promote himself at every aguda and ger event. That big ass should show us what he is realy made of, apologize for the coverup and carpet sweeping of all these years, and then we might stop nipping at his heels. Bis Dave, this was your making, curb yourself, clean up the poop, beg for forgivness and mercy and live a life of sincere contrition. But you'll do that together with Margo and the other Aguda bastards when pigs fly! The Brisker was right when he refused to join the aguda. Look at the morons running this show! And ger pruports to stand for holiness and self denial of base pleasures. If Leizerowitz woulda spent more time screwing his lady he'd be molesting less boychiks.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Do not discourage belief in Torah true Judaism.
Never! But look at what has become of authentic Yiddishkeit! A knife in my heart!

The Travails of Keeping Kosher said...


The Travails of Keeping Kosher said...
R' Yudel and friends,

I recently decided the case against Rubashkin is overwhelming. I stopped bringing it in the house and I now refrain from eating in most restaurants due to Rubashkin prevalence. My biggest problem is that my wife is not able to cook at this time and it is not easy to find a Rubashkin-free take out store.

This erev Shabbos I went to Gourmet on J. My inquiries revealed that almost everything in the store is Rubashkin.

Next was Glatt Mart. I know R' Yudel doesn't like Heinemann meat but I can only take on one thing at a time and as far as I know, no one says Heinemann's is treif mamash. I was assured by someone in charge that except for some vacuum packed deli in sealed blister packs, they do not carry Rubashkin because it is low quality meat. I was compiling a large order when I suddenly notice large sides of Rubashkin pastramis, brisket etc being sliced & sold by the pound. So they are indeed selling this "low quality" meat. I became kind of upset & refused to take my order. I left in search of the next store.

Chap a Nosh carries both Rubashkin & non-Rubashkin. I know R' Yudel doesn't like ARK but as far as I know the owner is reliable here. I would like to be mekabel on myself one day to avoid any establishment that carries any Rubashkin whatsoever, but at least there's no kezayis / mamashus of Rubashkin on the contaminated slicer.

It's hard to believe that the gantz Flatbush has almost no option that is safe from Rubashkin.

Hashem yaazor.

Anonymous said...
This is really distressing. It seems like the whole Kew Gardens Hills, restaurants, take out, et al, (except for Meal Mart) is infested with Rubashkin and is getting worse before it gets better. Now the Key Food supermarket on the border of the Briarwood neighborhood expanded their "kosher" section to include a whole array of Aaron's "Best".

I feel like I'm the only nut who is asking questions. The typical responses I get are:

A) Surprise. That many customers among the oylam goylem prefer Rubashkin.

B) I'm looked at like the naive dope who fell for "lies" that are all made up by PETA & union thugs. When I explain I have strictly kashrus-related concerns, I'm told there are many ignorant rabbis out there who make up stories too.

C) Anger & hostility. They refuse to talk to me. They don't want me saying I don't eat Rubashkin in their store full of customers.

D) Oh, that's impossible because the Queens Vaad says Rubashkin is 100% kosher / Rubashkin is the "gold standard" in kashrus. Or, I don't believe you because "my friend works at the OU."

Instigator said...

There is a discussion on Yudel's blog about stirring up trouble at the upcoming KosherFress trade show at the Javits Center. They are talking about getting together in front of Rubashkin's booth at a set time wearing buttons that say no Rubashkin. Maybe we can join forces with UOJ supporters, especially those with the baseball caps.

There is a risk however that Lubinsky, who is on Rubashkin's payroll, could get security to throw everyone out but UOJ could arrange to have the press cover that.

Kal Vachomer, Ben Bno Shel Kal Vachomer said...

"Smuggling diamonds in Teffilin," he explained, "is equivalent to raising a white flag, approaching the enemy lines as if to surrender and then lobbing a grenade. That soldier has not only perpetrated a fraud on his battalion and the enemy; he has betrayed a symbol of civilization. With one devious act, he has destroyed a trusted symbol for eternity -- forever endangering the lives of countless soldiers for years to come. "These thieves, by taking a sacrosanct symbol and using it as a vehicle for a crime have destroyed the eternal sanctity and symbolism of a sacred object. Their evil actions may cause irreparable damage to countless honest religious people. Those rogues must be stopped, by any means possible,"

This is for a pair of tefillin. You have Belsky abusing the beis din institution and Margo defiling the kodesh hakodoshim of the oylam hayeshivos.

Anonymous said...

I get it finally. My daughter's school was teaching them about tznius awareness and one of the girl's quotes sent home was basically that the girls were rollerblading and a bochur could see them they had to go inside because it was not tznuah. What an am kodosh!
Ankles can be exposed.
Truly an am kokosh!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't wish that this guy marry a Rabbi's daughter. Is it the girls' fault that their father i.e. sperm donor was an accomplice to abusers?

boog said...

To "boog's mother-in-law" and "son of boog":

STOP! taking my name in vain.

To LVF: you really stressed out or you blowing smoke up our arses about being molested? Can't believe you gonna ride 10 hrs in a Van up to Toronto to see the clown show.

Actually a doubleheader with 2 Ichud Molestas Gur shows playing this week:

First one playing this Mon-Wed in Milan, Italy. 2nd up in Toronto on Shabbos.

Attendees should make sure to wear a steel-plated jock strap.

Joe Putz said...

Hey Boog, cheer up.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Anonymous said...


The klaf scandal mentioned in der Algemeiner concerns Arabs who are flooding the market with knock off klaf. They were already in various Jewish businesses. Modern orthodox who wear srugas for instance not made by someone they know are probably wearing ones made by Gaza terrorists trying to make a buck.

A rosh yeshiva told me last week that he is buying tefillin for his son. When he asked the sofer in Flatbush if the klaf has hashgocho, he was told it didn't. The rosh yeshiva told him to keep the tefillin he already wrote veil er darft es nisht.

Corruption Watch said...

Who are the dayanim that received free cars? Are they with the Iggud Haganovim or some crapjob chassidish place?

Leopold Margulies said...

I vaz avay on a business trip vhen Sdom got destroyed. Der vaz no legitimate reezon for dat, just ask Aron Tverski.

Dee only ting left vaz da netziv melach dat used to be eishes Loit. I took it vit me for a sooveneer and use it to refill da salt shakers in YTT.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

A Tropper Baal teshuva argues that the Rambam is not correct when he says to be publicly mevazeh a chotay umachtee es harabim. Why? Because it could lead Moish Finkel to not want to be frum.

You can't make this up. If it's coming from Tropper, he's probably trying to protect his buddy Leib Pinter who also fed treif to the public.

boog said...

From the "How Sick Is This?" Department.

We still have our heads in the sand.



You can't say the word, G-d from the forbid, but you can do the Ehtzem Maay'seh.

YTT's Finest said...

Someone who was honored at a recent YTT dinner once went with guys from another yeshiva, some of them former YTT, to a dance club / bar. They were dressed up like goyim after a game at the Meadowlands. The honoree was being grabbed by women to dance with them bekiruv basar.

The shmuck who was repeating the story to people is a friend of his who is not a YTT guy. The friend is a big lowlife at Weinfeld's shul.

LVF said...

To Moirieni R'Boog Shlita,

Dont take it personall, for they are not using your name in vain, they are your fans as I am, and just cant get enough of you.

Now regarding my trip up to toronto if the gerer goes there for shabbos, its for one reason only, as the saying goes "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Boog! dont you want an inside man to alert you with any updates in ger?

"Attendees should make sure to wear a steel-plated jock strap".

Hey rebba! how about chastising every mashgiach and rosh yeshiva in ger that comes in contact with young bochrim, since ger has a history of such incidents.

Boog hang in there, we love you out here.

steve said...

steve said...
Even if we ignore all the allegations against Rubashkin, the bottom line is if you cannot trust the owners, then it cannot be kosher. Even if the hashgacha is flawless regarding the "kosher" meat, the fact is that nobody is tracking the 70% of the meat that is treife. Nobody is watching how it is being labelled and shipped across the globe. The OU, KAJ and Weissmandel will admit this to you. They are relying on trust and the Rubashkins have proven repeatedly by their actions that they cannot be trusted, especially when there is so much to gain by mislabelling. Just ask Moishe Finkel and Rabbi Breslauer.

Sun Oct 28, 04:39:00 PM 2007

Yudel Shain said...
Steve! It took you so long to figure it out?-it's alef-bais.

Everyone admits that the Rubashkin's print & control (or rather) have all the labels they need.

Nobody will stand up & vouch for a Rubashkin when the smell a $$$ & they have a keen shmecker.

The reason they didn't bring Finkel into the gesheft, cause they put him to shame-

Sun Oct 28, 04:49:00 PM 2007

steve said...


Abuse accusations don't keep teachers from classrooms
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/28/07

Post Comment
Time and again in their seven-month investigation, Associated Press reporters discovered cases in which educators accused of sexual misconduct continued to teach. A sampling of such cases follows:

David Edgar Welsh

PHOENIX — By the time Nicole was in her 30s, she no longer thought about what happened to her in the third grade.

Her teacher, Mr. Welsh, had resigned, and school administrators promised he would never teach again. Over the years, Nicole forgot his face, how he made her feel, what he did.

According to court documents, Welsh molested Nicole in 1980 and 1981 while instructing other third graders in class. He abused her as she tried to complete a standardized test, during reading time, and in the dark as everyone else watched a movie. He also molested one of her classmates.

But David Edgar Welsh, a popular teacher who'd described himself to parents as "a person who likes to touch and feel and hug," couldn't stay away from the classroom.

Fifteen years after the Arizona school system showed him the door, he was working in another Arizona elementary school. And this time, police were investigating allegations that he'd molested at least one of his students, a third-grader, just like he'd abused Nicole during the 1980s.

"How could this happen?" Nicole, now 35, asked recently as she sifted through court documents that detailed Welsh's molestation charges. She did not want her last name used because of what happened to her.

Ben Furlong was superintendent of the Kyrene School District, which includes prosperous suburbs southeast of Phoenix, when Nicole's parents sounded the alarm about Welsh. As the district's top officer, Furlong learned that students had accused Welsh of molesting them. He knew that parents were furious.

But after asking Welsh to quit, Furlong simply allowed Welsh to resign — a practice that he said was standard at the time.

He didn't contact police. He didn't warn state child protection authorities.

Furlong, who retired in 1987, said he regrets how he handled the case.

"Anytime an adult who has power uses that power to abuse a child, it is certainly a serious transgression," he said. "Through time, we learn how to handle these things, and sometimes in the process some people get hurt, and that's very unfortunate, and I'm very sorry about that."

In 2003, Welsh pleaded guilty to child molestation, as well as attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and attempted child molestation. The last two stemmed from his actions toward Nicole and a classmate, 22 years before.

The judge sentenced him to 19 years in prison, a heavier sentence than expected, though less than the maximum of 24 years.

Welsh died of natural causes 19 months later at a state prison.

Hector Ramirez Almenas

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Hector Ramirez Almenas appeared to be an impressive candidate when he applied to teach in this quiet town on Florida's Atlantic coast.

He had glowing recommendations and years of experience as a Spanish teacher and coach.

What the administrators who hired him didn't know was that he'd been accused of sexual misconduct at schools in two other states. Though never convicted of a crime, he was nudged out of one job in Oklahoma and, four years later, surrendered his teaching license in Georgia without admitting guilt.

But Ramirez never told school officials in Florida — and in some cases, neither did his previous employers.

The first accusations surfaced in 1999 in Lawton, Okla., where Ramirez worked as a high school teacher and a department chairman.

Officials say a 16-year-old student complained to Principal Cynthia Walker that Ramirez kissed her and made unwanted comments about her body. The girl said Ramirez implied that her grade depended on how much she liked him.

Walker wrote Ramirez a memo, telling him she'd found "probable cause" to support the girl's claims. The girl's parents did not want to pursue criminal charges, however, so he was urged to resign, a school attorney said.

Ramirez claims his resignation was over disciplinary problems he'd had with a male student. "I am an innocent man," he says.

He moved with his family to Georgia and got another high school teaching job. Walker, his former principal, gave him a good recommendation — and never mentioned the sexual misconduct accusations.

"Students and parents did love him. There was just the one student who made the allegation of the inappropriate relationship," Walker says.

In Mount Vernon, Ga., yet another student made allegations.

Now 23 and married with two children, she remembers Ramirez telling her she was smart, pretty and mature for her age — says he regularly telephoned her and sent notes and electronic greeting cards.

"He would tell me he loved me," said the woman, who asked not to be named because of what she endured.

In 2001, she told her superintendent that she and Ramirez had had sex twice. He resigned and was charged with sexual assault, though the charges were dropped when his 2003 trial ended in a hung jury.

Ramirez headed south to Florida and applied for a teaching license there, even though he surrendered his Georgia license that same year.

Although officials in Oklahoma say they did not give him their endorsement this time, he got the job in Port St. Lucie — though authorities there eventually became aware of his past and fired him.

Ramirez, who now works in social services and still lives in Florida, no longer has a teaching license in the three states where he taught.

He remains adamant that he was unfairly targeted. "There is always two stories for everything," he says.

Greg Crowley

LURAY, Mo. — An anonymous phone call finally ended Greg Crowley's 20-year teaching career.

Along the way, he'd been accused of touching his female basketball players inappropriately, of looking down their shirts and up their shorts. He also punched a former student and assaulted the grandfather of a player at a basketball game.

For Crowley, state personnel laws intended to protect an employee's privacy provided a cover that allowed him to hop from one small, rural school district to the next, without any warning to his new bosses about his past problems. He held eight jobs in all.

But then came the phone call that raised questions about his sexual relationship with a high school girl in a town where he'd taught years earlier and 300 miles away. Those questions led to others, revealing how he had quietly resigned from another school after allegations of sexual misconduct.

"He got in trouble in every cotton-picking school he was employed at, and no one said anything," said Alice St. Clair, a school nurse and secretary in Luray, where Crowley held his last job. He was the elementary school principal in this town in the state's northeastern corner, near Iowa and Illinois. "They wanted it to go away. The schools didn't want a lawsuit."

In 2000, Crowley resigned from the Kingston school district following sexual harassment and misconduct complaints from at least a dozen students. Five pages of complaints cite "sexual or inappropriate behavior" and "immoral conduct."

But rather than report him to the state, the district accepted his resignation and paid him a severance worth more than $16,000. Officials agreed not to tell future employers the real reason why Crowley left.

State law requires local districts to report certain severe offenses, including child abuse, to authorities, said state attorney Kris Morrow. For lesser misconduct, districts have more discretion.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Crowley accepted no blame. He said the harassment charges came from vindictive female athletes angry after he kicked them off the team. His fights were self-defense, he said.

And the sexual relationship with a high school student? Crowley, now 45, said the girl had turned 18 — though she told police and state investigators that it began when she was either 16 or 17.

"I feel like I got the shaft," he said. "I didn't do anything wrong."

Crowley, once certified to teach physical education and coach, is now selling cars in Columbia. He says he voluntarily surrendered his license because he was tired of fighting the allegations. State records say his license was revoked.

boog said...

To "Travails on Keeping Kosher" and all others in Flatbush looking to avoid buying Rubashkin meat:

I've been told that 'Glatt King' at 502 Avenue M in Flatbush does not sell Rubashkin.

Check it out.

steve said...


Patchwork laws fail to stop teacher sexual misconduct
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/28/07

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Every school has rules governing teacher behavior. Every state has laws against child abuse, and many specifically outlaw teachers taking sexual liberties with students. Every district has administrators who watch out for sexual misconduct by teachers.

Yet people like Chad Maughan stay in the classroom.

Maughan got in trouble twice for viewing pornography at schools in Washington state but was allowed to keep teaching. Within two years, he was convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl in his school.

Legal loopholes, fear of lawsuits and inattention all have weakened the safeguards that are supposed to protect children in school. The system fails hundreds of kids each year, an AP investigation found. It undoubtedly fails many more whose offenders go free.

State efforts to strengthen laws against sex abuse by teachers have run into opposition from school boards and teachers unions. In Congress, a measure that would train investigators and create a national registry of offenders hasn't even gotten a hearing. Few leaders recognize — let alone attack — a national shame.

"Instead of ignoring it or fighting it, why don't you get ahead of it?" says Ted Thompson, executive director of the National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children.

An Associated Press investigation identified 2,570 cases from 2001 to 2005 in which teachers were punished or removed from the classroom for sexual misconduct. The allegations ranged from fondling to rape. Reporters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia gathered the cases from state agencies with responsibility for teacher licensing.

Even accounting for population differences, states vary widely on how many teachers they discipline and how rigorously, the investigation showed. That reflects the patchwork nature of the laws and rules that aim to protect schoolchildren. Each state takes its own approach to background checks, fingerprinting and reporting abuse.

Although states have taken halting steps toward accountability in recent years after decades of widespread neglect, there are still many gaps.

Some states check fingerprints against records only in their own states, not the FBI databases, so they miss offenders from other states. Others only check for violations when teachers are newly hired, missing veteran teachers who have run afoul of the law since they were first hired.

"You can fingerprint them all you want, and nothing's going to come up," says John Seryak, a longtime Ohio middle school teacher who now trains teachers to spot when a colleague is abusing kids.

School systems also have made an attempt at weeding out wrongdoers. For the past 20 years, educators have shared information with other states about teachers who've run into administrative trouble.

The National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification created the list, and Roy Einreinhofer, its executive director, says protecting children is one of the group's top goals.

But the list has its flaws.

It only provides identifying information such as names, birth dates and Social Security numbers, nothing describing a teacher's past problems, leaving it up to a state agency or a hiring school district to dig deeper. Also, the list is not publicly available.

"There are some liability issues involved there," Einreinhofer says. "It just serves as a flag saying you need to check this person further."

Created in 1987, the list contains names of some 37,000 teachers who have had license problems, which includes all misbehavior, not just sexual.

Similar piecemeal efforts have often run into resistance, from lawmakers reluctant to tackle the subject, from teacher unions concerned with privacy and due process, and from school boards worried about court fights.

In Washington state, Maughan's case led to a law that clarified the definition of sexual misconduct and required school districts to share information.

Maughan had been suspended from one job for looking at pornography on school computers, but the district said only that he had used "poor judgment." At the second job, he was reprimanded for viewing pornography, and told administrators he had an addiction and was getting counseling.

In 2005, school employees found a paper bag containing a 14-year-old girl's red lace underwear and a sexually explicit note from her to Maughan. The teacher pleaded guilty to rape.

State Sen. Don Benton, who fought for the law that followed the arrest, said "we had tremendous resistance from the teachers union when it came to personnel files."

"We have to tell school districts, "Look, you have a duty and a responsibility. As parents, we are entrusting you with our children to take extra steps to ensure that the people you hire are safe.' "

In Minnesota, the state school board association — allied with two church groups — has lobbied against a bill that would give victims of child sex abuse more time to bring civil claims. Schools, like churches, could be held liable if they failed to stop abuse that they should have known about.

"Schools have nothing to fear unless they either actively participated or covered up grave misconduct," says Assistant House Majority Leader Steve Simon, a Democrat pushing the measure.

Some union officials argue that the dangers are overstated.

"We're turning some of this now into a modern-day witch hunt and making it very difficult for teachers to have to say, "I'm not one of those.' It's the wrong signal to send," says Steve Monaghan, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers. His state this spring declared it a crime punishable by up to six months imprisonment for a teacher to have sex with a student even if he or she is above the age of consent.

Advocates argue what's needed is a coordinated national approach. But there has been virtually no momentum there.

A report ordered by Congress and released in 2004 examined previous studies and surveys of teacher sexual misconduct and sent a troubling message. It estimated that some 4.5 million students out of 50 million in American public schools "are subject to sexual misconduct by an employee of a school sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade."

But that report, compiled by leading expert Charol Shakeshaft, head of the educational leadership department at Virginia Commonwealth University, was largely ignored.

This year, U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam, a Florida Republican, proposed legislation to create a national public registry of convicted offenders in schools, better training of investigators, and a national hot line for reports of sexual abuse in school.

It still hasn't received a hearing.

"It clearly is a problem, and it appears to be growing," Putnam says, yet he is dismayed by the lack of concern. "You'd think the teachers association, the school boards, the principals — you'd think all of them would be on board to protect children."

Those who have fought for years to try to raise awareness of the issue see incremental gains, and the AP analysis found a steady increase in teachers removed from the classroom from 2001 to 2005. But advocates are despairing, not satisfied.

"We are mandated to send our children to school. Yet our schools are not being mandated to keep our children safe," says Terri Miller, president of SESAME Inc., which stands for Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation. "That is a horrendous problem, and that needs to be fixed."

She shares Putnam's enthusiasm for a new national registry and hopes for federal leadership that would force states to make their laws more uniform.

Others emphasize training as the best way to prevent abuse.

Some newly minted teachers graduate from college, have sex with a student and then say "What's wrong with that?" says Einreinhofer, at the national teacher certification group.

And more training is needed at the nation's public schools themselves.

For the past year in Rhinebeck, N.Y., administrators, teachers, students and parents have gone through a series of programs to recognize problem signs — teachers who get too personal with students, who "groom" students vulnerable to abuse, who test the boundaries by an inappropriate comment or touch.

The school community has been remarkably engaged and committed, says Bill Berard, the lawyer who taught the lessons.

Yet the training came as punishment. It was ordered as part of the settlement of a federal civil rights lawsuit, after former Rhinebeck High School Principal Thomas Mawhinney was accused of sexually harassing female students for years.

It often takes such scandals to inspire changes.

The AP investigation raised questions about an abusive teacher in Virginia who got a new job after being suspended for sexually abusing three girls. He molested two female students at the next school before the state finally acted on the earlier trouble and revoked his license.

Now, Virginia's Board of Education intends to seek legislation to tighten the background check and disciplinary process. "From now on, forever, we're going to ask ourselves, "Can we do a better job?' " board President Mark E. Emblidge says.

The most powerful tool for change is money, says Thompson with the national child abuse prevention group.

That means dropping statutes of limitations that serve as barriers to lawsuits for all childhood sex abuse, he argues. Nothing motivates institutions more than the threat of paying out a big settlement.

Also, he says, it's the right thing to do: "Should somebody who raped a child be free and clear because the clock ticked?"

To victims' advocates, the problem is not just teachers who look the other way when one of their own misbehaves. It isn't only school prinicpals who choose a quiet solution to a problem. Lawmakers, judges, the media and even parents have all shown a great deal of reluctance to recognize and deal with sex abuse when it surfaces.

The nation needs to change its attitude toward teacher sexual misconduct, and child abuse overall, much in the way it changed its perspective about drunken driving in the last 25 years, Thompson says.

"Societally, we have a problem," says Mary Jo McGrath, a California attorney who has worked on teacher sexual abuse cases for three decades. "Our inability to think that kids might be in danger, our inability to think that the nicest teacher on the block might be an offender — those things keep us uneducated. I'm passionate that people wake up."

steve said...

Many school sex-abuse cases go unreported

Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 10/28/07

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A young teacher in Iowa sheepishly admits that he fondled a fifth-grader's breast. But he doesn't lose his teaching license until one persistent victim and her family go public — 40 years after the first accusation.Sound familiar,Yudi?

A middle school teacher in Pennsylvania targets a young girl in his class and uses the guise of love to abuse her sexually.

A teacher in Michigan, who'd already lost his license in another state, goes to prison after he films himself molesting a boy.

These are only a few instances of a widespread problem in American schools: sexual misconduct by the very teachers who are supposed to be nurturing the nation's children.

Students in America's schools are groped. They're raped. They're pursued, seduced and think they're in love.

An Associated Press investigation found more than 2,500 cases over five years in which educators were punished for actions from bizarre to sadistic.

There are 3 million public school teachers nationwide, most devoted to their work. Yet the number of abusive educators speaks to a much larger problem in a system that is stacked against victims.

Most of the abuse never gets reported. Those cases reported often end with no action. Cases investigated sometimes can't be proven, and many abusers have several victims.

And no one — not the schools, not the courts, not the state or federal governments — has found a sure-fire way to keep molesting teachers out of classrooms.

Those are the AP's findings after reporters sought disciplinary records in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The result is an unprecedented national look at the scope of sex offenses by educators — the very definition of breach of trust.

The seven-month investigation found 2,570 educators whose teaching credentials were revoked, denied, voluntarily surrendered or limited from 2001 through 2005 following allegations of sexual misconduct.

Young people were the victims in at least 1,801 of the cases, and more than 80 percent of those were students. More than half of the educators who were punished by their states also were convicted of crimes related to the misconduct.

The findings draw obvious comparisons to sex-abuse scandals in other institutions, among them the Roman Catholic Church. A review by America's Catholic bishops found that about 4,400 of 110,000 priests were accused of molesting minors from 1950 through 2002.

Clergy abuse is part of the national consciousness after a string of highly publicized cases. But until now, there's been little sense of the extent of educator abuse.

A problem long ignored

Beyond the horror of individual crimes, the larger shame is the institutions that govern education have only sporadically addressed a problem that's been apparent for years.

"From my own experience — this could get me in trouble — I think every single school district in the nation has at least one perpetrator. At least one," says Mary Jo McGrath, a California lawyer who has spent 30 years investigating misconduct in schools. "It doesn't matter if it's urban or rural or suburban."

One victim wonders why there isn't more outrage.

"You're supposed to be able to send your kids to school knowing that they're going to be safe," says Jennah Bramow, a 20-year-old single mom and waitress in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

While other victims accepted settlement deals and signed confidentiality agreements, she sued her city's schools for failing to protect her from teacher Gary C. Lindsey — and won.

The trial revealed that Lindsey had been forced out of his first teaching job in Oelwein, Iowa, in 1964, after admitting he'd fondled a fifth-grader's breast.

"I guess it was just lust of the flesh," Lindsey told his superintendent. He moved on to schools in Illinois and eventually settled in Cedar Rapids.

Now 68, Lindsey refused multiple requests for an interview.

Lindsey's past, according to court evidence, included abuse accusations from a half-dozen more girls and their parents, along with reprimands from principals that were filed away, explained away and ultimately ignored until 1995, when allegations from Bramow and two other girls forced his early retirement.

Even then, he kept his teaching license until the Bramows filed a complaint with the state. He was never charged criminally.

Like Lindsey's, the cases that the AP found were those of everyday educators — teachers, school psychologists, principals and superintendents among them. They're often popular and recognized for excellence and, in nearly nine out of 10 cases, they're male.

The overwhelming majority of cases involved public school teachers, since many private schools don't require a teaching license. Even when they do, their disciplinary actions are not a matter of public record.

Two major teachers unions, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, each denounced sex abuse while emphasizing the need to consider educators' rights.

Kathy Buzad of the AFT said that "if there's one incident of sexual misconduct between a teacher and a student, that's one too many."

Entrenched resistance

In practice, the AP found less vigilance.

The AP discovered efforts to stop individual offenders but, overall, a deeply entrenched resistance toward recognizing and fighting abuse. It starts in school hallways, where fellow teachers look away or feel powerless to help. School administrators make behind-the-scenes deals to avoid lawsuits and other trouble. And in state capitals and Congress, lawmakers shy from tough state punishments or any cohesive national policy for fear of disparaging a vital profession.

That only enables rogue teachers, and puts kids who aren't likely to be believed in a tough spot.

Abuse also is treated with misplaced fascination in American culture.

"It's dealt with in a salacious manner with late-night comedians saying, "What 14-year-old boy wouldn't want to have sex with his teacher?' It trivializes the whole issue," says Robert Shoop, a professor of educational administration at Kansas State University who wrote a book to help school districts deal with sexual misconduct.

Shoop and others who track the problem reiterated one point repeatedly during the AP investigation: Very few abusers get caught.

They point to academic studies estimating that only about one in 10 victimized children report sexual abuse of any kind to someone who can do something about it. When it is reported, teachers, administrators and some parents frequently don't — or won't — recognize the signs that a crime is taking place.

"They can't see what's in front of their face. Not unlike a kid in an alcoholic family, who'll say, "My family is great,' " says McGrath, the California lawyer and investigator who now trains school systems how to recognize what she calls the "red flags" of misconduct.

In Hamburg, Pa., in 2002, those "red flags" should have been clear.

Heather Kline was skipping classes to spend time with Troy Mansfield, a popular football coach who'd first targeted her when she was in his third-grade class. He gave her gifts and rides in his car. She sat on his lap. The bond ran so deep that the student got chastised repeatedly — even suspended once for being late and absent so often. But there were no questions for the teacher, until the girl's mother got suspicious.

"I didn't have my childhood," says Kline, who's now 18 and hoping to get her GED so she can go to nursing school. "He had me so matured at so young. I remember going from little baby dolls to just being an adult."

Heather read Mansfield's e-mails and instant messages aloud at his 2004 criminal trial, from declarations of true love to explicit references to past sex. He's serving up to 31 years in state prison.

Elsewhere, there have been fitful steps toward catching errant teachers.

More states now require background checks on teachers, fingerprinting and mandatory reporting of abuse, though there is still a lack of coordination among districts and states.

John Parsons, special projects manager for the AP's News Research Center, contributed to this report.

Anonymous said...

I remember the putz from Weinfeld's shul laughing about boys night out. He thinks he's choshuv and at least at one point was involved in some stupidity with the Agudah, presumably because he loves the kovod.

OU Fresserei said...


Anonymous said...
Speaking of Muslim countries of origin, I was really shocked this week to see an OU product from Indonesia.

Indonesia is the most virulently anti-Semitic country on Earth. No mashgiach could even get in there unless he disguised himself. The NY Times ran an article about this lawless country, interviewing savages hanging around the airport with spears to impale any Jew who shows up. When the reporter asked them if they might be wasting their time because Jews are not known to visit and they probably haven't seen any, the savages said they are still on guard "in case any try to sneak in".

There are more Muslims in the very populous Indonesia than there are Arabs in the entire world. The Notzri minority isn't treated very well either. Muslims are often beheading & otherwise killing them with impunity.

R' Yudel, do you really believe there is an OU mashgiach in this country?

a perfect fit for weinfelds shul said...

i figured out who the putz is. his father is the biggest shmeckel mit a reckel you could ever meet. as a matter of fact the whole family are the biggest fakers.

he probably reads this and is pooping in his pants that he might get named

Anonymous said...

boog said...
To "Travails on Keeping Kosher" and all others in Flatbush looking to avoid buying Rubashkin meat:

I've been told that 'Glatt King' at 502 Avenue M in Flatbush does not sell Rubashkin.

Check it out.
I recently stopped eating Rubashkin and only order from the Satmar butcher. Can someone compile a list of flatbush and manhattan restaurants that do NOT use Rubashkin meat? I'm sure it's a very short list.

Avrohom Mondrowitz said...


Last update - 04:30 29/10/2007

Steep rise in child sexual assault complaints among Haredis

By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent

The National Council for the Child reports a steep rise in recent weeks in the number of requests for help from child sexual assault victims and their parents. Council head Yitzhak Kadman found that 30 percent of the new requests came from the ultra-Orthodox community, which had previously almost never contacted the organization about sexual assault.

The council provides volunteers, usually law students, who accompany sexual assault victims through the process of filing a police complaint, the investigation and criminal proceeding. More than 1,500 children have been helped in the seven years since this project began.

Kadman said that over the past few weeks, the council had fielded dozens of requests per week. Callers are referred to the council by police, juvenile investigators from the Social Affairs Ministry, welfare offices, doctors, schools and other community facilities.

Kadman sees the awakening of the Haredi sector as a real "breach of barriers." Contrary to expectation, the Haredim who apply for help do not want a Haredi volunteer to assist them, nor do they care whether the volunteer is a man or woman, Kadman said.

LVF said...

Corrupted bati din, all of you eat shit!

Read the story of an 18 year aguna,


Regarding Ohel & Kaminetz said...

Years ago, Ohel was run by Rabbi Buxbaum and had few kids. They had an arrangement with Toras Emes b/c it was close by (I presume).

Back then the yeshivas were tough. Every yeshiva was.

Ohel of course had kids from messed up families that no one wanted to adopt. Rabbi Schwartz would take them all into Toras Emes before Pesach and bought them suits from his own money (maybe he raised it). While he had his marbles he did a very good job running the yeshiva. Could've twisted kids ears, maybe he smacked some kids in the head. Back then it wasn't an issue.
Rabbi Wolf was very tough, but the yeshiva was run well back then.

Don't Believe the Propaganda said...

Rubashkin cronies, especially the retailers have been trying to protect themselves with the claim that all the negative news emanating about Rubashkin are lies from PETA & the unions.

Interestingly, the UFCW website says:

The UFCW believes that the majority of U.S. kosher meat producers maintain high quality food safety standards, and that Agriprocessors’ track record should not be taken as a reflection of the industry as a whole.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Ohel Insider:

Kindly contact attorney Michael Lesher.


Consumer Reports said...


Independent testing showed that 25% of Empire chicken is contaminated with salmonella and 18% of Rubashkin is.

Kosher is always touted as much more safe and indeed the typical goyish supermarket brand is 34% contaminated or more.

So why then is the non-kosher Pilgrim's Pride brand only showing a 1% incidence of contamination?

You need swallow just 15 to 20 salmonella bacteria to become ill.

boog said...

a perfect fit for weinfelds shul said...

"i figured out who the putz is. his father is the biggest shmeckel mit a reckel you could ever meet. as a matter of fact the whole family are the biggest fakers.

he probably reads this and is pooping in his pants that he might get named"

9:22 AM, October 29, 2007

In the immortal words of Joe Benigno:

"But of couuuuuurrrrrrssssseeeeee!"

It's Scharf, coming your way.

Reckel comes in handy as he doesn't have to zip his fly.

Anonymous said...

Man oh man, the sh** is hitting the fan worldwide.

Anonymous said...


it's NOT Scharf. His parents don't live in Brooklyn.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Israeli PM Olmert has prostate cancer - By STEVEN GUTKIN, Associated Press Writer

Watch all the mishugoyim ranting that God is punishing him!

Secret Memo Leaked from Israel Belsky said...

To all Rubashkin truck drivers:

As shown by the latest picture on the sidebar of UOJ's blog, we have been compromised.

UOJ is obviously being assisted by DoD satellites doing flyovers on our positions as well as data collection by the National Security Agency.

You'd better cut back on Shabbos driving and stopovers for zoynas at PA truck stops before you cause anymore embarrassment for the OU.

National Reconnaissance Office said...


UOJ, we are tracking a shipment of treif, spoiled chickens that just left Puerto Rico on a private jet. According to it's current trajectory it may land on a small airfield in Postville, Iowa or make a rendevous with a Rubashkin truck that is acting erratic.

Just One Victim Harry Maryles said...

Hey UOJ you makin' a putz out of me!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Defense Dept, Rubashkin has his own "War Room". He hatched a plot with Weissmandel from Nitra to kick out R' Chaim Kohn even though KAJ still certifies. R' Yudel says this was driven by Weissmandel not wanting any competition on having the most machmir of all the certifications on the meat. None of this matters anyway since Rubashkin switches labels on Weissmandel too.

Moish Finkel said...

Rubashkin, you ganav!

Those chickens from Puerto Rico are mine!

Fact Checker said...

I thought Harry Maryles was ridiculed for saying one rabbi was falsely accused of being a molester.

Isn't it Marvin Schick who said there was only one victim?

Similarly, Rav Matis Salomon parroted the lies fed to him by the Agudah that the unnamed rebbe (Kolko) was the only molester that fell through the cracks.

Rubashkin Truck Driver said...

Is Belsky drunk?

He wrote that memo on his hazmana pad.

Anonymous said...

a study conducted on 380 out of many thousands is worthless.

LVF said...

LakewoodShmuck said...
a study conducted on 380 out of many thousands is worthless.

Hey shmuck, this was 380 willing particapents, that spoke up of their abuse, there are hundreds if not thousands that are too afraid to participate in such a survey.

boog said...

Are you confusing the Scharf in Brooklyn with the Scharf on the West Side?

And if not them, whozit?

Anonymous said...

Avrohom Mondrowitz said...

Last update - 04:30 29/10/2007

Steep rise in child sexual assault complaints among Haredis

By Ruth Sinai, Haaretz Correspondent

The National Council for the Child reports a steep rise in recent weeks in the number of requests for help from child sexual assault victims and their parents. Council head Yitzhak Kadman found that 30 percent of the new requests came from the ultra-Orthodox community, which had previously almost never contacted the organization about sexual assault.

The council provides volunteers, usually law students, who accompany sexual assault victims through the process of filing a police complaint, the investigation and criminal proceeding. More than 1,500 children have been helped in the seven years since this project began.

Kadman said that over the past few weeks, the council had fielded dozens of requests per week. Callers are referred to the council by police, juvenile investigators from the Social Affairs Ministry, welfare offices, doctors, schools and other community facilities.

Kadman sees the awakening of the Haredi sector as a real "breach of barriers." Contrary to expectation, the Haredim who apply for help do not want a Haredi volunteer to assist them, nor do they care whether the volunteer is a man or woman, Kadman said.

9:28 AM, October 29, 2007

And soon we'll hear of Chareidi molesters in Milan Italy and then in Toronto. Oy Boog! I 4got mine brass a-s plug! And LVF can't spare his cause he riding into the lyons den this veekend!

Anonymous said...

Lakewood Schmuck is correct that the study of 380 is flawed - not because they are lying as he seems to indicate. Quite the contrary, I believe the participants, but the PERCENTAGES are skewed.

WHY? Because the most likely people to respond to such a survey are the people that were abused. The AVERAGE JOE or MIRAIM is not going to take the time to respond.

Therefore, the percentages of abused wives are going to be WAY OVERSTATED. It may be 5% not 26% which makes a big difference.

You mght ask why I am making such a big deal over numbers. SIMPLE - If we want to fix the problems, and there are many, we need to be truthful about the extent of the problem. We can't just ACCEPT every report as being EMES V'YATZIV just because it appears in a newspaper.

When the flaw in the study is so BLATANT and yet I am the first to mention it, what does that say for our intellectual honesty and our credibility????

In addition, overstating the problem tends to EMPHASIZE, incorrectly I might add, that our entire society is sick to the core. While this may feel good to many out there, the truth does not support this contention. We shouldn't need to relay on EXAGGERATION to get behind this cause. THe issue is so large in itself, whether it be molestation or other related issues, that whether the number is 1,2,10 or 26% IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED COLD.

The "SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG" mentality makes the problem seem even larger than it is because EVERY case that we read about and realize could have been STOPPED with proper intervention, is MAGNIFIED (rightfully so). As a result, some of us now believe that the CRAZIES represent most of us.

I think most of you after honestly evaluating this will realize that 26% of our women are not ABUSED. Let's throw out the SHELL (the nonsense) and keep the KERNEL (the true issues).

Rabbi Weiss said...


Is it true that the money stashed under Margo's mattress is wrapped in a Nazi flag?

Anonymous said...


With due respect for what you have been through, it is more likely that the particpants in this survey would be people who went through abuse. Those who have not been through what you have will simply not participate.

This will cause the survey to greatly overstate the percentages involved.

Plesae think about my point which should not take away from your battle before responding

R' Yudel Exposes the Lowlife named Ashkenazi said...


Anonymous said...
Does R' Yudel know who the freelance guy is who was caught at the scene of the Ave J treif scandal with the fake labels & plumbas? The useless Kehillah mashgiach let him just walk off with them.

A rov told me that this troublemaker has been around for a while doing the same evil things and is well known in the industry but he refuses to divulge his name.

I think there is a big toyeless to be mefarsem who this lowlife is to stop him from doing it again.

Yudel Shain said...
Oct 29/ 9:39- ASHKENAZAI

Anonymous said...
How exactly does this Ashkenazy character operate? Is he an official distributor, a grey or black market player?

Do any hashgochos have safeguards in place to prevent Ashkenazy from resurfacing or are they still asleep until public outcry wakes them up?

Anonymous said...

There's no confusion with anyone named Scharf.

I can tell you that the guy is probably the biggest two face I ever met. He is a pseudo-yiras shamayim and askan in public but in private he tells his friends of his fantasies for shiksas & frum married women.

I dunno if I have justification to reveal his name. Ironically, he and his family love to speak loshon hora about everyone else. They only share the shmootz if they feel you're on their page.

They really misjudged me. He thought I take a liking to him.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

...Whether the number is 1,2,10 or 26% IT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED COLD....

The numbers are vast...there is no way to come up with an exact number in a survey. There always is a margin of error.

Point being....NOBODY was ever willing to deal with the one...or 10....or 100...or thousands! So now we find out we have an epidemic in influenza proportions without a vaccine!

I'll take the APA numbers anytime and realize that there is an honest margin of error! Now what???
Anybody doing anything to PREVENT this illness BEFORE it happens? Of course not, we're still in the coverup mode!

Moishe Scheinerman said...

Why go through the trouble of safeguarding against Ashkenazy?

The easier thing for Kehillah was to cover up the whole tarfus scandal. We only had to backtrack after it became public knowledge.

UOJ Corrections Section said...

(Molestation / abuse) "epidemic in influenza proportions"

UOJ meant to say a PANdemic which is much worse.

What Would Gil Student Do? said...

It may be necessary for the OU to protect Rubashkin even if the stuff isn't kosher.

My friend Dr. Chaim Neuhoff, came to me anonymously on the internet besheim Harav Israel Belsky for help but I won't stop R' Yudel from blowing the whistle since he's ultimately saving people from maacholos assuros.

Anonymous said...

Schochet from California who is accused while married of having a predatory relationship with an underage girl was working for AskMoses & might still be.


October 28, 2007
Chabad Supports Rubashkin Animal Cruelty
So by now most of you know the family that owns Agriprocessors – Aaron's Best, David's, Supreme, Shor Habor, etc. – is Chabad. A FailedMessiah.com reader decided to see what Chabad rabbis would say about animal cruelty, factory farming and the like. He sent me the correspondence between himself and the Chabad rabbis and told me I could publish it. So I have, after the jump, in full.

You'll be treated to Chabad rabbis supporting throat-ripping, electric cattle prodding to the face of animals and other abuses.

That's right – according to AskMoses.com, ripping the throat out of an animal five seconds or less after the shechita cut is made is not only kosher – it is humane, as well.

Read it all, after the jump …

What's Wrong with this Picture? said...


A 10 year old boy is repeatedly raped. His assailant is arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to jail. The boy's mother is afraid the rapist has HIV and wants the rapist tested. The rapist refuses to be tested and, under Israeli law, he is protected and cannot be forced to undergo even the simple blood test needed to diagnose HIV. As a result, the 10 year old boy now must undergo a month of painful medical procedures (I'm not sure what kind) just in case he was infected. What do want from a country that sentences heimishe criminals to yeshiva prison where they learn all day? It's no wonder Mondrowitz, Lazerowitz and other pedophiles made a quick beeline for Israel as soon as they were exposed here.

"Noted Askan" said...

Hey Pinny Lipschitz,

I run around to goyishe clubs lusting after shiksas and I hit on married women who work in my office.

How much moolah do I have to give to yeshivos to bask in the limelight of the coveted Yated title?

Anonymous said...

Even worse than run of the mill shmucks is when some loser BT with money tries to outdo them.

There's a BT in Lakewood who thinks he's the most choshuv guy around because his company does billions in sales. (Most are not aware how sucessful he is but it sure does go to HIS head.)

Anonymous said...

Besides Ashkenazi, what's the name of the Hungarian putz who actually owned Glatt Zone on Ave J?

Drey kops out there wouldn't tell me because they nebich feel bad for his family. I heard the machtee es harabim ran to Israel and he could be back in the food business.

One of these fellows out there also told me he knows where Kolko is davening since fading away from Weinfeld's but won't tell anyone because it will wind up on the blogs.

Gershon "the shvindler" Tannenbaum said...


Well it was a slow news day at the Jewish Press so I profiled the guy who donated portraits to the Munkatcher sukkah. You really have to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a "noted askan" sometimes.

Then there was nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion in publishing a picture of your's truly sitting alongside Menashe Hakutton.

Agudah Fresser said...

On behalf of all Agudah Fressers I wish to extend a hearty yasher koyech to the law firm of Aron Twerski's cousin for initiating a class action lawsuit against Nutrisystems. The mere fact that any company should come up with a despicable idea to promote less fressing is a toyeva.


Abraham Fruchter & Twersky LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit Against NutriSystem, Inc.

October 26, 2007

Yosef Blau said...

To those who think that the percentage of women who reported abuse in the study is exaggerated. The study was not about abuse. Women who go to mikva were interviewed to find out about the effects of mikva on their married life. Amongst the many questions asked was one about abuse. Ther language of that question was taken from a national study on abuse. I have seen the entire study.

Yosef Blau

Cleveland said...

There's a lowlife in Cleveland too who fed treif to the whole city as the owner of the only fleishig restaurant in town.

Same story, different place. Spineless Clevelanders don't say boo to him because they feel bad for his family. The guy just kept doing his thing while living & davening amongst everyone.

I used to visit Cleveland once a year. I once stepped foot in his restaurant but B'H something urged me to turn around & walk out.

Just like in Flatbush, people have refused to name him even though the Rambam says it's a chiyuv.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Blau,

Thank you for your comments. I thought that it was overstated and made that comment. However, according to your information, my argument no longer stand.

I guess it is worse than I thought.

Thank you.

Aaron Klein said...

Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming terrorist choice for president, according to Aaron Klein, author of the new book "Schmoozing with Terrorists:
Aaron Klein, a journalist and Orthodox Jew, risked his life to speak with some of the world’s most ruthless terrorists face-to-face, stories he relates in sometimes hilarious detail in "Schmoozing with Terrorists" He was stunned by how closely many terrorists follow U.S. political developments, but not by their candidate of choice.

Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, told Klein that,“I hope Hillary is elected in order to have the occasion to carry out all the promises she is giving regarding Iraq. President Clinton wanted to give the Palestinians 98 percent of the West Bank territories. I hope Hillary will move a step forward and will give the Palestinians all their rights.” Notes Klein, "’All their rights’ no doubt encompasses the elimination of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants"

Not that Hillary would notice. Her ongoing romance with Israel’s sworn enemies has been well documented, and as Klein shows in the remarkable "Schmoozing with Terrorists", terrorists of all stripes have taken note.

mr. reubenson said...

there was an abc new nightline segment on avraham mondrowitz. does anyone know if i can watch it online somewhere? thanks

Anonymous said...

If there is anything new on Mondrowitz, ABC Nightline has not aired it yet.

Maybe they're trying to find Rabbi Herbie Bomzer who's hiding under the same rock as Shia Fishman & Marvin Schick.

Disclosed by the Skverrer Fish said...


Better version of picture is above


Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that its researchers obtained 34 photos from the Clinton Presidential Library of Hillary Rodham Clinton, then-President Bill Clinton and Grand Rabbi David Twersky at a White House meeting during which the Grand Rabbi and other community leaders allegedly lobbied the Clintons to commute the jail sentences of four Hasidic men convicted of stealing $30 million in government education aid. The meeting took place in December 2000, just after the New York based Hasidim sect delivered 1,400 votes to Hillary Clinton's Senate 2000 campaign and only 12 to her opponent Rick Lazio.
(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20071029/5690 )
This was the second meeting between Hillary Clinton and representatives of the Hasidic men. Prior to the election, in August 2000, Hillary Clinton visited New Square, the Hasidic community just outside of New York City.
According to the New York Times when the Clinton pardons were announced: "The four [Hasidic men] were among roughly a dozen New Yorkers prosecuted by the United States attorney's office in Manhattan who received either pardons or reduced sentences from Mr. Clinton...The New York decisions stirred a backlash from prosecutors involved in the cases because in several instances their views were overruled or barely solicited." In the last days of his presidency, Bill Clinton granted 140 pardons and commuted 36 sentences (a scandal that became known as Pardongate), many of them to convicted felons who had paid large fees to Clinton associates, including Hillary Clinton's brothers. The pardons and commuted sentences were subjects of a criminal investigation that failed to produce charges.
"A picture is worth a thousand words. These new photos undermine Hillary Clinton's claim that she played no role in the commuted sentences granted these criminals. If that is true, then why attend a White House meeting evidently set up to discuss the pardons? How did these community leaders get an invitation to the Clinton White House? The situation screams quid pro quo" said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "These new photos show the importance of releasing Hillary Clinton's other White House records."
Judicial Watch is now pursuing a lawsuit against the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration to obtain Hillary Clinton's White House official calendar, schedule, and day planner, and related documents. To view the photos recently obtained by Judicial Watch, visit http://www.judicialwatch.org/.

boog's mother in law - not! said...

I was asked to respond to the feeble attempt at skewering the analyses of the stated survey. However, given Rabbi (RARE TRUE RABBI HERE) Blau's no nosense - no bluster - facts only response I'm left with nothing more to add. As a Chassidishe guy I wont hesitate to say that though I've never met this rabbi with a giants heart, I FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT NONE OF OUR RABBIS OR ADMORIM are worth the breath they breath compared to rabbi Blau. He is a lone ranger when it comes to comforting a molested child no matter how old the victim is today. He and his family have endured so much crap from enablers of heimishe and non heimishe molesters that it is a wonder he has not gone into hiding yet. His wife, a daughter of hagoan r' pinchus Teits Zatsal from New Jersey is also a well known author and speaker.
No other orthodox rabbi of any flavor has done more for the individual victims like he has. To be fair, Rabbi Dratch has also done great work in this field.
I dream of having the oppurtunity and stamina to meet with Rabbi Blau one day. Here is a great human who admits to his human falability (unlike our quasi-jesuses) apologized and made good for mishandling the Lanner affair, made sure Lanner's victims were taken care of and has since taken on the plight of every jewish victim at great personal sacrifice. I don't usualy endorse anyone and I hope these accolades don't chas vesholom go to his head, I'm just saying this for the benefit of those victims and families that are in search of a compassionate ear with a clear halachic perspective.

Anonymous said...

Whose side is he on these days?


Ronnie Schreiber took down the Belsky files from his website.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

High-Five to you Boog's mother in-law...you're spot on! Rabbi Blau shlita is a bright light in a very dark world! Indeed a very special person!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


1 in 10 schools are 'dropout factories' By NANCY ZUCKERBROD, AP Education Writer
38 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - It's a nickname no principal could be proud of: "Dropout Factory," a high school where no more than 60 percent of the students who start as freshmen make it to their senior year. That dubious distinction applies to more than one in 10 high schools across America.

"If you're born in a neighborhood or town where the only high school is one where graduation is not the norm, how is this living in the land of equal opportunity?" asks Bob Balfanz, the researcher at Johns Hopkins University who defines such a school as a "dropout factory."

Anonymous said...

I never thought of enablers targeting Rabbi Blau & his family. That's just awful.

I hope Hashem makes them pay a very dear price and we have a worthy shaliach called "UOJ eved Hashem" to make that happen.

boog said...

Hey anonymous, you spineless low-life. You "out" a reckel playboy from weinfeld's shul but refuse to name him?

Then why even bring it up? Did he get a shiksa into your pants?

RE: Hillary & the Mon$$ey $$kverers:
They are signed, sealed, delivered, we're yours: all voting for her.

What's a measley 30 mil, you ask?

Oyver La'Soichere and we'll bury it.

boog said...

What a sham the Ichud Molestas Gur conference is.

A • Symposium
o Facing Forward to Meet the Needs of the Community / Ideas and Suggestions

Whaddaya think?

Just keep writing them welfare checks.

Hey Ichud! how about using the money these fat cats are giving you and setting up A Trade School to teach your young hasids a parnassah so that they can get off their fat asses, become self-reliant, and support their families instead of this constant mooching?

A Shanda V'Charpa!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain to an idiot like me what the problems are at Rubashkin?

stam said...

I was bh never molested, had someone attempted to I would have hurt them badly..

But there is a long line between a rebbe that pinches your checks and gives you a zetz than someone actualy molesting a child.

I have friends (female) who were molested, being the guy I am (a gun carrying settler in chevron) people are reluctant to tell me names for fear someone may lose legs or worse.

Yes there are evil people and good people that commit evil and yes we have yetzer hara's..

I will not defend those that sweep matters under the rug, but i'm sure that even when trying this is a hard situation.

What to do with a married guy that seems like a good frum jew and some talmid accuses him? maybe the talmid has a grudge ? look at sex scandals like duke and our very lovely al sharpton riots based on false accusations.

Perhaps a outside trusted phsycologist should be brought in to question other studends privately and seperately? Yes if its true with others he should be fired right away.. to hand him to the cops ? I usualy am in favor of giving people a chance.

I admit its easy for me to speak out, I have 200.000 arabs trying to kill me r'l every day and dont really fear much besides hkbh, I rely solely on hkbh for my livelyhood and with a gun on my waist who's gonna bother me?

But yes still others need to speak out, it should be done in the light that it would be more profitable for rabbanim to deal with the issues than them risking it being dragged out to kol haolam kulo.

"was it sharf" is a clear open case that there is a lashon harah / gossip problem here, who cares ? the guy in question mentioned going to a club...

And yes as a teenager I remember a time a friend of mine told me a friend of her's was raped r'l and later retracted the story saying the friend lied.

So yes clearly there is a defining line between liars and truth and instead of letting the baby down the drain with the water please watch what you say.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

R' Stam,

All the cases that were reported here, were multiple accusations by very credible people over a very long period of time. Each case was investigated thoroughly and in each case the rabbis had the option of leaving chinuch quietly.

The sad truth is that we are seeing an epidemic of this illness, and the yeshivas and organizations are just as guilty as the perpetrators.

Stay safe,

stam said...

Thanx just today a arab kid (18) was arreted with a gun and 2 knives on his way r'l to commit suicide attacks by mearat hamachpela, and I have 15 guests for shabbos and i'm going to be on my toes protecting em.

Are there any sympathetic rabbanim in these cases ?

My father may he live till 120 always warned me about people touching me inappriopiatly and to tell him about anything, he almost always sided with my rebbeim when i was accused of misbehaving but then again my rebbeim were people he knew well.

But my father is mamash a awsome jew and while always showed me how people can be fake he NEVER talks lashon harah in fact I got in trouble as a kid for saying a caterer's food was hottible and he said that lashan harah!!!

If you are really addresing serious issues, speak to a rav that is in agreement (there has to be one thats fighting this) maybe start some kind of seruv style blacklisting ? beyond richilus, motze shem rah, hamalvinpnei chaveiroh, lashon harah etc..

I am a lubavitcher and I wont say that these cases dont exist but am not going to accuse anyone c'v.

Furthermore, chabad has since its founding (and chasidim in general) always been targeted by misnagdim for no reason.

Throughout jewish history there were many big rabbi's and tzadikim who were slanderd and outcasted by witch hunt. Rav moshe chaim luzato famed author of mesilas yesharim had his sefarim burnt, the rambam, the chacham tzvi, his son rav yaakov of emden both lived hard lives.

As a resident of chevron, I have seen thousands of media articles that are pure bull! The jerusalem post had a article feturing 19 factual errors!

So while not refuting the evidence and testimony, I wont believe everything based on media acounts etc..

As they say about baal shemtov story's if you deny em your a kofer, if you believe all of them your naive.

Examine your intentions, if they are purely l'shem shamayim than there should be a committe set up and stuff should be done in the poper ways.

A expert can cross examine kids to see if they are telling the truth or lying.

We fight with mesiras nefesh for eretz yisrael, others fight for jonathan pollard with mesiras nefesh.. if you believe in this go stand with a sign outside someones house / yeshiva.. ive seen seruv protests before..

But be carefull to where this leads, you have neturei karta style people bombing internet cafe's claiming people are being metameh their neshamot... and families pay the price for other not popular action by a family member.

SJ said...

This is what happens when you have a closed community with little transparency.