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There's been some mumbling about what to do about our dire situation. This rabbi says this chachma, that rabbi says another. But the truth is they don't give a damn. They profit off the status-quo.

So I'm going to tell you what needs to be done to save us from ourselves and from the Establishment, and their disdain for anyone who actually can think for themselves.

Firstly--- anything that does not add up to truth and is illogical and damaging, is just that! Don't pay any attention to the falsehoods they're feeding you. If your kids are uneducated, starving in kollel, stealing your retirement money, causing you to get ill over your three mortgages on your house, see it for what it is ---SCANDALOUS!

Here are some ideas that everyone needs to look at carefully to save us from the rabbis who would much prefer keeping you and your kids desperate and dependent on them for advice, and helpless on your own - to fight the corrupt ideas, dogma, and fraudulent concept of mesiras nefesh for Torah - that they've been feeding you.

1-Demand that your yeshivas have a full-fledged, coherent, cogent, secular studies department - on par with the best private schools in the country.

2-These departments are not to be run by rabbis--hire the best Orthodox educators that money can buy to create a real secular studies department.If necessary, create separate entities to educate your children in the afternoons and transport them there at 3 p.m.

3-ALL children would be required to frequent these schools, boys and girls in separate facilities, without exemptions. These entities would be subject to oversight by professional Orthodox educators....independent of the rabbonim.

4-All children would be expected to continue after high school to a school of higher education. Any person that wants to continue learning full time, would have to pass a rigorous examination and demonstrate his capacity to excel in learning.

To be continued.............


A Reader Writes.........

Dear Readers,

I have been asked by Rabbi Yosef Wikler of Kashrus Magazine & Yeshiva Birkas Reuven to solicit information.

He has been investigating the rumors flying around the internet about Rubashkin.

He contacted Rav Weissmandel who basically said:

- the Internet is filled with lies and is assur.

- he only backs what he certifies at the store level if there is repacking.

- he certifies only a few stores -- not Rubashkin in Boro Park (he says they have KAJ hashgacha in BP.) [Goldberg's is under Babad.]

- he claims the man with the stickers is the mashgiach

Rabbi Wikler is asking that anyone with >>> serious information only <<< about possible fraud by anyone connected to Rubashkin or otherwise mishandling Rubashkin products - email:



Office phone: 718-336-8544

Tizku lemitzvos.


Shea Fishman - climatologist said...

It appears our African-American friends have found yet something else to be upset about. A black congresswoman reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture such as Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal. She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in Language that street people can understand because one of the problems in New Orleans is that regular folks couldn't understand the seriousness of the situation due to the racially biased language of the weather report.

I can hear it now: A weatherman says...

'Wazzup, mutha-effas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin' fo' yo ass! Bitch be a category fo'! So grab yo' chirren, yo' Ho, be leavin yo crib, and head fo' da nearest guv'ment office fo yo FREE shit!'

steve said...

Here's all you need to know about Jonathan Pollard:


The Facts of Jonathan Pollard's Case

1.Jonathan Pollard was a civilian Navy intelligence analyst who, in
the mid-1980s, discovered that information vital to Israel's security
was being deliberately withheld by certain elements within the
American Administration.

2.Israel was legally entitled to this vital security information
according to a 1983 Letter of Understanding between herself and
the United States.

3.This information related to Syrian and Iraqi poison gas
production and nuclear capabilities being developed for use against
Israel, as well as planned terrorist attacks against Israeli civilian

4.When Pollard discovered this suppression of information and
asked his superiors about it, he was told to "mind his own
business", and that "Jews get nervous talking about poison gas;
they don't need to know."

5.Pollard, who knew Israeli lives were being put in jeopardy as a
result of this conspiracy, did everything he could think of to have
the illegal embargo stopped and the flow of information restored.
When his efforts met no success, he began to give the information
to Israel directly.

6.Jonathan Pollard was an ideologue, not a mercenary. The FBI
concluded after nine months of polygraphing that Pollard acted for
ideological reasons only, not for profit. This fact was recognized by
the sentencing judge. (See the addendum for further details.)

7.In 1985, his actions were discovered by the U.S. government. His
instructions were to seek refuge in the Israeli embassy in

8.When Pollard and his former wife sought refuge in the Israeli
Embassy, they were at first received and then summarily thrown out
into the waiting arms of the F.B.I.

9.Jonathan Pollard never had a trial. At the request of the U.S.
Government, Pollard entered into a plea agreement, which he
spared the U.S. a long, difficult, expensive and potentially
embarrassing trial.

10.Pollard fulfilled his end of the plea agreement, cooperating fully
with the prosecution.

11.Nevertheless, Pollard received a life sentence and a
recommendation that he never be paroled, as the government
violated every clause of the plea agreement.

12.Prior to sentencing, the then-Secretary of Defense Caspar
Weinberger delivered a long letter to the sentencing judge, in which
he falsely accused Pollard of being a traitor and demanded the
maximum sentence allowable.

13.Pollard was never charged with treason, only with one count of
passing classified information to an ally.

14.No one else in the history of the United States has ever received
a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally.

15.Even agents who have given information to enemy nations did
not receive such a heavy sentence.

16.Pollard appealed, but his appeal was rejected on a technicality:
that it had not been filed on time. Judge Williams wrote a minority
opinion, calling the majority decision "a complete and gross
miscarriage of justice."

17.Jonathan Pollard was never indicted for harming the United
States. This is a separate charge and there is no evidence to support
such a charge.

18.Jonathan Pollard is now an Israeli citizen, who wishes only to
lead a quiet, private life.

The other stuff you keep reading about is nonsense, based on the alleged testimony of an ex-con "journalist" named Kurt Lohbeck. Lohbeck was interviewed by Seymour Hersh for the New Yorker magazine. The article claims that Pollard sold many U.S. intelligence secrets to Israel, including U.S. military strategy in case of a war with the USSR, plus a list of CIA operatives. The article claims that Israel then went and sold these secrets to the Soviets in return for the freedom of Russian emigres. To think that Israel would sell out it's staunchest ally to the Russians is ludicrous, especially since this would have jeopardized its own existence. Yet these so-called "journalists", Lohbeck, Hersh and Eric Margolis are given credibility, and these unfounded conspiracy theories are stated as fact. The "journalists" make Avi Shafran, David Mandel, Marvin Schick and Gershon Tannenbaum look like Pulitzer prize winners.

You can read more about the case here:


Retired US Intelligence Official John Loftus said...


The truth about Pollard may be somewhere in between. Read my book "The Secret War Against the Jews". I provide great detail never printed before about the Pollard Affair. I consider myself a very good friend of the Jewish people and I still agree however that Pollard's punishment has now become too severe.

Rubashkin Awareness said...


This is the contact page for "Cooks Illustrated" that ran the big recommendation for Rubashkin's filthy & pathogen infested turkeys.

For "Type of Issue", click on "Magazine Content"

For "Topic" click on "Comment on Article or Product"

Also this woman:


Last week I mentioned that Cook's Illustrated did a taste test on turkeys, and Rubashkin's Aaron's Best frozen kosher turkey came out the best. Of course, everyone wants to know where to get them. I heard that Trader Joe's would be carrying them, but a call to both local stores turned up nothing. The stores have carried them in the past, but you'll have to wait until their orders come in this Friday to see if they're in stock.

If your store carries these turkeys, or if you know of a store that does, please send an e-mail to the address below.

Contact Donna Maurillo at sentinelfood@maurillo.com

Let them know the truth about Rubashkin by entering this comment:


POSTVILLE -- A report released Thursday by the United Food and Commercial Workers is questioning the safety of food produced at the (Rubashkin) Agriprocessors plant.
The report's authors used the Freedom of Information Act to compiled more than 250 incidents where the Agriprocessors' Postville plant was cited by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Inspection Service between January 2006 and Jan. 24.
Agriprocessors also had to issue two recalls in that year for food products that were either undercooked or mislabeled, according to the report.
James Blau, assistant director of the union's strategic research department, called the results "alarming" during a telephone press conference Thursday.
Among the violations are five separate incidents where the Food service inspectors found the company was violating procedures to monitor and screen for bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, according to federal inspection records accompanying the report.
Inspectors also cited the plant 17 times for rodent problems; fecal and bile contamination of beef and chicken products; and foreign objects like metal found during sausage and chicken production.


The entire beef, poultry and egg industry had 34 recalls in 2006, while AgriProcessors had two during the past eight months alone — both Class I, the highest risk level.

In both March and September of 2006, the USDA sent the AgriProcessors plant manager a “Letter of Warning” reviewing a series of problems. At the end of the three-page September letter, the inspector wrote that the slaughterhouse’s efforts to correct the problems had been “ineffective.” The letter concluded that “these findings lead us to question your ability to maintain sanitary conditions, and to produce a safe and wholesome product.”

AgriProcessors is the largest producer of kosher beef, and markets its product under the Aaron’s Best and Supreme Kosher labels, among others.

A spokesman for AgriProcessors did not return calls seeking comment.

Felicia Nestor, a Food & Water Watch expert on the meat and poultry industry, who reviewed the USDA documents at the request of the Forward said that the issues at the AgriProcessors plant are “systemic problems.”

“It seems like there are just problems throughout this,” said Nestor, who is a senior policy analyst at Food & Water Watch, a consumer advocacy group. “We’re talking about problems in beef, chicken, lamb and turkey.”

There were at least 18 records in which AgriProcessors was cited for fecal matter appearing on the animals being prepared. During December — after the plant had received its letter of warning — AgriProcessors received six warnings for fecal matter within 10 days. On December 26, the inspector wrote that during multiple checks of 10 chickens, “fecal contamination varied between 70 and 80%.” Other problems, including bile contamination, were noted at the time. After a number of warnings, the inspector wrote that “further planned actions have either not been implemented or have not been effective.”

There were also at least five instances in which AgriProcessors was cited for not taking the required measures to fend off mad cow disease.

This is not the first time that AgriProcessors has landed in trouble because of documents released by the USDA in response to a request from the FOIA. In 2006, PETA secured the release of documents in which USDA officials censured AgriProcessors for the inhumane treatment of its animals.

Israel Belsky said...

I hope all the awareness UOJ & Yudel are raising doesn't mean that Rubashkin's goose is cooked.

Robert Singer said...


Robert A. Singer

CEO, National Children's Museum - Washington, DC

Falls Church, VA

National Children's Museum - November 6, 2007


Today, officials from the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement informed us that an employee, Mr. Robert Singer, had been arrested on charges of distributing child pornography over the Internet.

We are horrified by the charges. This news is deeply upsetting to the National Children's Museum family.

We have pledged our complete cooperation to law enforcement officials, and will support their ongoing investigation in any way possible.

We are taking immediate action. Pending legal proceedings, Mr. Singer has been suspended, effective immediately, and is barred from the property.

At its essence, the National Children's Museum is about enriching the lives of children. We are educators, child welfare advocates, and parents. Anyone who does anything that might endanger the welfare of a child has no place here. Harming children is against everything we stand for as an organization, and as individuals.

The National Children's Museum facility has been closed to the public since 2004. The Museum operates from administrative offices as we work to build a new facility scheduled to open in 2012.

We will comment further as additional information becomes available.

United Press International - Nov. 7, 2007

WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- Police have charged the chief operating officer of the National Children's Museum in Washington with distributing child pornography over the Internet.

Robert Singer, 49, was arrested at his home in Fall's Church, Va., Tuesday and charged with five counts of distributing child pornography in interstate commerce, CNN reported.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia of the Southern District of New York said pornographic images, e-mail and chat room discussions were held between August and September between Singer and an undercover detective for the New York Police Department.

Singer apparently thought he was communicating with a 12-year-old girl and her 33-year-old mother and posed himself as a 15-year-old boy, Garcia said.

If convicted on each count, Singer would face a sentence of up to 140 years in prison, prosecutors said.

The museum has been closed to the public since 2004 and a new facility being built is scheduled to open in 2012.

Robert Singer (the Lakewood one) said...


I'm the NJ politician that R' Yudel warns not to vote for, not to be confused with the child porn guy.

Construction Foreman said...

Margo, Belsky & a bunch of bozos from the OU wanted to show solidarity with Rubashkin by coming to buy a turkey today at Trader Joe's so they can get their photograph put on the front page of the Jewish Fress newspaper. They made a huge mistake however by coming to the location in Downtown Brooklyn that's still under construction.

Yudi Kolko was there too. Apparently Charlie Hynes convinced the judge to postpone today's court date so he could show up at the photo-op.

Klutz Kashya said...

So when Margo & Belsky get the Rubashkin photo-op in the Jewish Press, is that Cook's Illustrated or CROOKS Illustrated?

Also, how do you discern between them & the Rubashkin turkey they are holding?

Yankel Applegrad said...

Shhh! Don't tell anyone I said it, but Margulies only agreed to show up at Trader Joe's after he was promised some free turkeys.

Trader Joe's said...


If anyone wants to contact us about Rubashkin outrages, please cut & paste the articles & complain here.

We are very sensitive to these kinds of issues:


It’s been reported that some fishermen off Canada’s East coast near Newfoundland kill baby seals in the off-season from fishing.

We looked into this, and we think it’s important to tell you that we do not purchase any seafood items from the areas where the killing of seals is taking place.


At Trader Joe's we listen to what our customers tell us about the choices we give them. Thanks to their valued feedback, in 2005 we made an important change in our egg selection. As of this time, all Trader Joe’s brand eggs come only from cage-free hens. Now customers looking for cage-free eggs need to look no further than the Trader Joe's label.

"Uncle Milty" Balkany said...

I'm surprised to hear all this hullabaloo against the Rubashkins. Besides that I am married to Sholom & Moishe's sister, the Frankel's shul inmates at Otisville specifically request Rubashkin only.

Dr. Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

I am against salmonella & chicken shit contamination of any kind but Moron Harav Belsky assures me that Rubashkin is as safe for our tinokos shel beis rabban as is Yudi Kolko in the shiur room (as well as his private bathroom).

Tyrone Wilson said...

This be a shout out to Shea Fishman.

Shkoyech man for that kick-ass weather report.

Now I understand what happened during that called Katrina.

Fraud Belsky said...

Not too shabby.

Price tag for holiday fraud: $3.7 billion

Retailers are reporting a higher incidence of product returns with either fraudulent or stolen receipts and returns of used merchandise.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Fraudulent returns are expected to total a hefty $3.7 billion this holiday season, according to new retail industry estimates.

Public Consensus said...

Neuhoff, you are chicken shit, so you must be against yourself.

boog said...

Can you imagine what the asking Tuition will be to have this type of secular curriculum?


This is a non-starter.

Get used to it; we've been Louima-ized for a long time and we didn't even feel a thing cause we're numb.

Best position to be in today in New York?

An illegal alien: Yo, MVD licenses are on the way!

Progress? said...

Is that an illusion or did even the Bungalow Putz just call Belsky a moron?

Klutz Kashya said...

Ok, so at the YTT circus, we had Pro-Fresser Twerski and David Mandel throw their endorsement behind a window for Yudi Kolko's office.

Does that mean a one-way mirror so you can see out but no one can see in?

Anonymous said...

On the Lubab blogs they are calling Rubashkin by his new nickname:


Anonymous said...

Is Yankel Applegrad of YTT the same as Jake Applegrad that worked for Philipp Brothers in the 70's?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

My buddy Shmarya gave me a heads -up on this Low-Klass piece. Go to their site if you want to laugh your A.. off to see the entire piece. I'm only showing the relevant quotes from.........the pinnacle of tziddkus in the Jewish community!

Rabbinic Rally Against Alleged Get Abuse
By: Shlomo Greenwald, Jewish Press Staff:
In what was billed as a rabbinic rally, about 40 people staged a protest outside the Brooklyn home of Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkrantz, whom the protesters claim has been enabling men to withhold gets from their wives and use extortion against them, as well as helping to obtain heter meah rabbanim for the men, all of these in ways that run counter to halacha.

Some rabbis said that Rabbi Blumenkrantz is already marginalized....................... Rabbi Mendel Epstein, a toen, or court advocate who lives in Brooklyn, said, "It’s like a heter meah rabbanim from Tom Johnson—who cares."

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, said that he supported the general sentiments of the rally, but did not attend, in part to not lend any credence to Rabbi Blumenkrantz’s actions, which, Rabbi Belsky said, have been "harmful and hurtful."

Rabbi Blumenkrantz said, "I promote the Torah, honesty, doing things the right way."

WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!!!

steve said...

Your ideas make too much sense and therefore will never be implemented. They will continue to employ unqualified and uneducated teachers to teach secular subjects: rebbeim that don't know how to teach gemara, for the boys, and seminary girls newly married and out of high school, for the girls. Their thinking is this:
a)The more unqualified they are, the cheaper their wages.
b)They are helping to support kollel families that need any income.
c)Secular education should not be taught at all l'catchila, so they will try to get away with the bare minimum, latzeis y'dei chova of the government.

The result of all this is the blind leading the blind, since these "teachers" were taught in the same system.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Change is always possible Steve, if people are determined to make it happen. The status-quo should horrify all thinking Jews. There's a very big price to pay for the lack of effort in the community to facilitate change, and we are paying big-time!

Everything is possible, and it does not always require all the village idiots!

Gideon Slifkin said...

I Gideon Slifkin agree with UOJ has got to say. He is the true "Gadol Hador". Hence the name ex-gh

Shea Fishman is a scam said...


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

The Chinese Are not to be trusted with Kashruth!Or anything.!

By Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY

About 4.2 million Chinese-made children's toys were recalled Wednesday after U.S. regulators learned a chemical on the toy beads turns into a powerful "date rape" drug when swallowed.

Two children in the USA went into comas after ingesting beads that were part of Aqua Dots craft sets. They have since recovered, Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesman Scott Wolfson said. Three children in Australia, which also recalled the toy, were hospitalized after swallowing the beads.

CPSC PRESS RELEASE: Spin Master recalls Aqua Dots as children become unconscious after swallowing beads

The toy, distributed by Toronto-based Spin Master, was sold in the USA in mass-merchandise stores from April through November of this year, CPSC said. Wal-Mart named Aqua Dots one of its 12 top toys this year, and it was the 2007 Toy of the Year in Australia.

The toy came with different accessories such as a drying fan, applicator pen, design templates for the beads and spray bottle. All versions are recalled. The product is labeled for ages 4 and up.

The beads can be arranged into designs. The chemical that allows them to fuse together when sprayed with water metabolizes in the body into the drug gamma hydroxybutyrate. GHB is known as a "date rape" drug because it can render users helpless.

Australian officials told Reuters that instead of the safe chemical 1,5-pentanediol, the potentially dangerous chemical 1,4-butanediol was used during manufacturing. When ingested, 1,4-butanediol becomes GHB. It can cause drowsiness, unconsciousness, seizures, coma and death.

In the USA, a 20-month-old child swallowed several dozen beads, became dizzy and vomited several times before slipping into a coma. A second child also vomited and slipped into a coma.

Michael Brown, a former CPSC general counsel, says it's unlikely that required CPSC testing would have caught the presence of the chemical. "Who would ever think about that in a toy?" says Brown, now a product safety lawyer.

Brown says the switch is the kind of problem that occurs when manufacturers are trying to meet deadlines and run out of materials or try to cut costs.

"This is a horrifying recall," says former CPSC chairman Ann Brown, who is not related to Michael Brown. "We're just not seeing any let-up in the kinds of dangerous products that are coming in from China."

The toy was recalled in both the USA and Australia on Wednesday. Spin Master says it has stopped shipping the toy. Retailers have removed it from store shelves.

Consumers can contact Spin Master at 800-622-8339 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. More information can be found at www.spinmaster.com.

kliene boogele said...

Elliot Spitzer, NY governer of illegal alien driver license fame, was in New Square last week to pander for support of local Democrat candidates runing for office in yesterdays elections. Given the tour de force of the famed recuperation home for new mothers he was brought to the nursery full of newborn hassidic babies and quipped: "Too many Medicaid babies."
This from an embatteled governer looking for support from this kehilla. We are the laughing stock of our gentile "friends" because of our blatant thievery and criminal activities perpetrated by our leaders and thier wealty cronnies.
This is indicative of ourselves setting the stage for a vicious backlash from the goyim.

Fact Checker said...

UOJ should check with USA Today for what seems to be a mistake. They say Spin Master is based in Toronto but I'm pretty sure that Avi Shafran lives on Staten Island and works in Downtown Manhattan.

Hu Phlung Didung said...

If you talk to businesspeople who source products from China they all seem to do so reluctantly. Notions of quality are almost nonexistent in China, cost is the only factor, your vendors cut corners (resulting in adulterated products like the GHB precursor in the toys) and your partners (The PRC does not allow 100% foreign direct investment so if you want to open a business in China you must have a Chinese partner, often a state, provincial or Peoples' Army enterprise) steal your intellectual property.

China has a house-of-cards banking system. When the Party heads embraced 'capitalism', many state owned enterprises got loans to expand production. By '06, 25% of commercial loans in China were non-performing. Since that level of non-performing loans doesn't look good on a balance sheet, the debts were converted to equity in the companies, so on paper the banks haven't lost anything but the equity is worthless.

Then there is the gender imbalance. Because of China's forced one-child policy and cultural preferences for male children selective abortions have resulted in about 120 boys for every 100 girls. In a decade this will mean there will be perhaps 60 million Chinese men of marriage age who will not be able to find a spouse. Perhaps the single most destabilizing factor a society can face is a large cohort of single men with no hope of marriage. Simply put, young horny guys can make a lot of tzorus.

I'd bet on India before China.

Radical Stuff said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unfortunately, UOJ is Right said...

I had some rebbeyim in both yeshiva ketana & mesivta who were not only grubbe am haaratzim but terrible baalei middos too. They offered up their boych sevoros in psak which were completely krumm and they had no recht to do. They didn't know their head from foot in learning or in some cases, social skills.

One mesivta rebbe had it in for me and always acted like I was a gornisht who would never amount to anything. In the end, I made a name for myself in learning and went to Lakewood. Every time he saw me, you could see it was eating him up. His own son, the only one among many daughters, became a dropout who remains a loser with his terrible reputation preceding him.

One day in cheder I saw a geferlicha maaysa of a rebbe being mevayesh some poor kid in front of half the yeshiva. The kid was trying his hardest to learn but the rebbe was malbin panav by telling him out loud that he's shvache maaysos. At that time, the yeshiva had a terrible track record of alumni who ever amounted to anything lomdish in the long run. There was not even a minyan who made it to a top beis medrash like Brisk, Ponivizh, Mir, etc. I am happy to report that that kid was one of the exceptions. The same kid whose blood drained from his face from public humiliation. I still remember like it was yesterday how he turned white and his eyes watered with tears, which went benodo shel Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

Dov Bear said...


Vernon, N.J. - A physically powerful thief smashed through a minivan's window today, took the vehicle on a short ride and dumped it on the side of the road before fleeing on foot into the woods, township police said.

Police have described the suspect as a black bear.

About 2 a.m., Patrolman David Dehardt noticed the 2004 Mazda minivan parked on the side of the road in the Highland Lakes section of the township. Dehardt investigated and took detailed notes, describing the crime scene: paw marks on the windshield, bear drool on the cloth interior, claw marks on torn-off door panels, black hair on the seats and countless candy wrappers in and out of the minivan.

Based on his investigation, Dehardt developed a theory. The bear broke the window to steal a bag of Halloween candy and dislodged the parking brake, sending the minivan about 40 feet down a driveway and onto the road.

Michael Segelstein said...


Should a convicted sex offender who's on the national sex offender registry be allowed on Purim to be drunk and performing in front of children? I guess the Chabad of Southern Nevada thinks it's ok.
Cantor Michael Segelstein is the one on the right wearing a suit.

CALL TO ACTION from The Awareness Center:

Originally arraigned on one count each of attempted sexual assault, battery with intent to commit sexual assault and open and gross lewdness. Segelstein pled guilty as part of a plea agreement to open or gross lewdness, received one year suspended sentence with conditions and court ordered into counseling and was discharged from probation on December 2, 2005.

Michael Alan Segelstein is currently on both the Flordia and National Sex Offender registries.

CALL TO ACTION: With the information provided above one has to be concerned for the saftey of the women at Chabad of Southern Nevada. It appears that Michael Segelstein is an honored member of Chabad of Southern Nevada. Please contact Rabbi Shea Harlig and let your voice be heard!

Rabbi Shea Harlig, Director

Email: chabadlv@aol.com

1261 S. Arville Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

(702) 259-0770 fax (702) 877-4700

Skverrer Putz said...


After being lobbied by Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a New Square leader said yesterday that the community gave Zugibe 1,978 votes to 23 for Republican incumbent Michael Bongiorno, who had been promised the community's vote until the governor intervened last week.

Zugibe beat Bongiorno by 1,223 votes in the countywide race, according to unofficial tallies from the Board of Elections

The villages of New Square and Kaser traditionally vote individually as a bloc for single candidates or split their votes equally among two candidates to maintain equal footing with both.

In tight races, New Square's estimated 2,000 votes and Kaser's just over 1,000 can turn an election for one candidate. There also are additional Orthodox blocs controlled by different groups in Monsey.

"We won them the election, definitely," New Square Deputy Mayor Israel Spitzer said yesterday. "If we have 2,000 votes, it's like 4,000, literally. What we give one person, we take away from the other. It counts twice."

The mayor, who is not related to the governor, said neither New Square nor any other group that votes together has anything to apologize for when it comes to taking care of their own interests. Other ethnic and racial groups, as well as unions, traditionally vote for one party or another.

New Square depends on state and federal grants for a variety of programs, and its leaders are looking to open a new community upstate in Ellenville.

Israel Spitzer said none of those issues was discussed with the governor.

Spitzer said the governor asked the community to back Zugibe, a Democrat whose father also was well respected in the community when he was Rockland medical examiner. The governor met last Thursday with the community's leaders, who then decided how the village would vote.

The mayor said Bongiorno had been a very fair and even-handed prosecutor and the community supported him in the past. And usually, Spitzer said, the bloc vote goes to the incumbent.

"New Square understands how important the governor is," the mayor said. "If the governor asks for something, we have to consider it. After much discussion, this was an opportunity to please the governor."

Israel Spitzer said the community has considered similar requests from other governors and elected officials in the past.

"I want to make it clear that New Square didn't ask for anything from the governor," he said. "And the governor didn't promise anything."

The governor's office didn't return a telephone call seeking comment on the district attorney's contest in Rockland.

And this was not the first election in which the Ramapo community had played a major role. In 2000 and early 2001, New Square became the focus of a federal investigation after the community gave its vote to Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senate and President Clinton later reduced the prison sentences for three village residents.

Bongiorno said yesterday that he would have won re-election if New Square had maintained its commitment.

Bongiorno said he doesn't know what the governor told New Square leaders or if discussions also were going on with the governor's aides.

"Izzy Spitzer told me 100 times New Square supported me, just like during my previous 12 years," Bongiorno said. "Then on Thursday, I had lost the vote in 15 minutes when the governor came down."

For his part, Zugibe said he was not involved with the governor's talks with New Square leaders and doesn't owe New Square anything.

Daas Hakohol said...


Moishe Rubashkin clearly is nuts. He gains nothing from this maniacal manipulation. It is urgent that those close to him, his wife, his father, his brothers, convince coerce to get help immediately. There are wonderful places nearby like Austin-Riggs and the Institute for Living. It is urgent that he check himself before he hurts more people and, ultimately, himself. Everyone who cares about the sh’chuna should try to get this heartfelt message to everyone in the Rubashkin family.

Satmar Putz said...


By Tamar Rotem, Haaretz Correspondent

One morning this week, at the Breslav Hasidism's central synagogue in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighborhood, a healing ritual was performed to cure a child with measles.

In the worst case of this year's measles outbreak, the 12-year-old girl has been on artificial respiration in Shaare Zedek Hospital's intensive care unit since the beginning of the week. On Wednesday, her condition was described as serious.

Most of the 180 people who have contracted the disease this year are from the ultra-Orthodox communities of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, where there remains some resistance to vaccinations. However, the scope of the disease this time around has led to an unprecedented vaccination drive of more than 10,000 ultra-Orthodox school children. The Israel Association for Public Health Services is responsible for vaccinations in schools, under the Health Ministry's supervision.

The latest flare-up of measles began at the end of summer, when two carriers of the virus arrived from London to attend an ultra-Orthodox wedding in Jerusalem. The two were hospitalized in Jerusalem. Shortly afterward, dozens of patients, mostly children and pregnant women from ultra-Orthodox families who did not vaccinate their children, contracted the disease in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak.

Dr. Nitza Abramson, the deputy Jerusalem district health officer, said there may be even more measles cases. "We assume that dozens of patients have not been reported," she said.

The ultra-Orthodox refusal to be vaccinated is connected to a traditional rejection of Zionism. Following the establishment of the State of Israel, many refused to cooperate with its institutions, including the National Insurance Institute, the Histadrut's health maintenance organization and well-baby clinics. Vaccinations were seen as government policy and boycotted.

In any case, the ultra-Orthodox public largely believes that everything is in God's hands. Even though one must make the effort and go to the doctor, measles was not seen as a disease people die from.

Over the years, the ultra-Orthodox boycott of many state institutions has weakened and today Mea Shearim residents have become ardent HMO members and most of them even vaccinate their children. However, pockets of resistance to vaccination remain in Neturei Karta and Hasidic courts such as Satmar, Dushinsky Dushinsky, Toldos Aharon and Toldos Avraham Yitzhak. Some families don't vaccinate their children for other reasons, preferring alternative medicine, whose popularity is spreading among newly religious people and the Breslav community.

The Health Ministry's efforts to inform the ultra-Orthodox about the importance of vaccinations was blocked until recently and even talks with their rabbis did no good. During the previous measles outbreak, in 2003, an ultra-Orthodox child died, but the authorities' bid to vaccinate the community was only partially successful.

Ahuva Holtzberg, the head nurse of the Israel Association for Public Health Services, believes that the ultra-Orthodox community's cooperation with the present vaccination operation derives from the fact that it is not being run by the Health Ministry itself.

"It's like a burst dam -- when one school hears that another's children are being vaccinated, it quickly decides to vaccinate its own pupils also," said Eli Haimo, a veteran association nurse.

Haimo also said the notices that the association sent parents did not bear the Health Ministry's logo, so as not to deter them. School principles were promised that the names of the inoculated children would not be passed on to the Health Ministry. Male nurses conducted the vaccinations in boys' schools while female ones did the work in the girls' schools. In addition, many parents of smaller children bring them to association centers for inoculation.

The Pentagon said...


Washington officials are concerned that Tehran's announcement that it has 3,000 centrifuges fully working in its controversial uranium enrichment program will lead to an joint UOJ-Israeli strike on Iran, the British daily The Times reported on Thursday.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced the landmark development on Wednesday.

Pentagon sources in Washington fear UOJ & Israel could move to attack the uranium enrichment plant, as U.S. officials and foreign media reports confirmed they did a suspected Syrian nuclear facilily on September 6.

Interpol said...


Iran on Thursday denounced Interpol & UOJ's decision to issue wanted notices for five Iranians for involvement in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Argentina in which 85 people were killed.

The world police body's annual general assembly on Wednesday voted to issue the "Red Notices" seeking the extradition of the Iranians and one Lebanese national in connection with the bombing.

Multi-Level Sick Story said...


By Roni Singer Heruti, Haaretz Correspondent

A Moldovan caretaker suspected of killing an elderly women whom she was hired to nurse, awoke from her coma a few days ago and confessed to police that she had in fact murdered the woman.

Two weeks ago, the 47-year-old caretaker strangled Holocaust survivor Shoshana Bierenbach, 76, with a belt and then torched the elderly lady's bedroom. sHE then jumped out of the second floor window of the burning Holon apartment, sustaining a serious blow to the head that had left her unconscious for over a week.

In her deposition to police, the caretaker told police that she killed the elderly woman over her disparaging comments regarding the man she was dating. The caretaker said that after months of being pestered she decided to strangle the woman.

She could not explain to police why she decided to set fire to the apartment. She did state that she had jumped out of the window to escape police and not because she was trying to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, three men - unrelated to the caretaker - were charged with breaking into the murdered woman's apartment following her death. According to police,the three men heard about the woman's murder in the news, found out where the family was sitting shiva - the seven day Jewish mourning period - and stole a set of keys while paying a shiva call.

The three men then entered the apartment and broke into a safe, only to discover that it had been emptied. According to police, the son of the elderly woman had taken thousands of dollars from the safe only a few weeks before his mother's death - for fear someone may rob her apartment.

The three were caught on camera entering the woman's apartment and thus were identified by the police.

Must Be A Belsky Mishpocho said...

Poll: PM Olmert is Israel's Most Corrupt Politician
by Ezra HaLevi

The results of an extensive poll on government corruption released Wednesday finds that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, for the second year in a row, is considered the most corrupt politician in Israel. Fifty-six percent of the public defined his behavior as “corrupt to very corrupt.” Olmert, who also heads the Kadima party, received 42 percent of the vote in 2006.

Yosef Blau said...

Ephrayim Bryks has become a rabbinic marriage counselor. The term marriage counselor or life coach can be used by anyone. He is not the only "rabbi" suspected of sexual abuse using one of these titles to access vulnerable individuals or couples both here and in Israel. Consulting actual professionals is expensive and unless the community publicly warns against going to these charlatans (often worse) many innocents will continue to be hurt.
Yosef Blau

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Unfortunately, UOJ is Right ..


I would much prefer being wrong! I'm happy you are well and B"H thriving.


Another Meshugener in the clergy said...

NEW YORK (AP) — A priest has been arrested on charges of stalking late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien by writing him threatening notes on parish letterhead, contacting his parents and showing up at his studio, prosecutors said Wednesday.
The Rev. David Ajemian, a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, was arrested last week while trying to enter a taping session of NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien at New York's Rockefeller Plaza, said Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan prosecutor's office.

Ajemian referred to himself as "your priest stalker" in one note and complained of not being allowed in to see an earlier taping of the O'Brien show, court papers say.

"Is this the way you treat your most dangerous fans?" the note said.

The letters and e-mails, which started coming in September 2006, continued even after Ajemian was asked to stop and were "intended to cause annoyance and alarm," Thompson said.

Yasher Koach Rabbi Blau said...

Ephraim Bryks is also given a number of venues with access to children at shuls & shabbaton getaways.

Please allow me to name the enablers of Ephraim Bryks.

Rabbi Moshe Faskowitz from Hillcrest, Queens, a Bryks mechutan. This JERK also resigned from the RCA in solidarity with his cousin Mordechai Tendler.

Rabbi Lewis Brenner, convicted child rapist and Bryks father in law.

Rabbi Paysach Krohn, mohel from Kew Gardens and speaker for Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, a Bryks brother in law. He leads shabbatons with Bryks.

Rabbi Mendel Kaufman, Young Israel of Briarwood, Queens.

Whoever leads the shul of the deceased Rabbi Sptalny in Kew Gardens Hills.

Various rabbis in the Bucharian community from Kew Gardens Hills, Forest Hills, Rego Park & Corona.

Anonymous said...

Immunization campaign begins as measles spreads to Kiryat Sefer

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich , THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 6, 2007

An immunization campaign to halt the growing number of measles cases in the haredi community has been launched by the Health Ministry in Kiryat Sefer (Modi'in Illit).

Three new cases have been diagnosed in the town, following dozens of cases in Jerusalem.

Family health (tipat halav) centers will offer injections free to all children aged one to five who have not been vaccinated before and to those aged eight to 20 who have not received two measles shots. Children aged six and seven get their shots in school. The free immunizations are for members of all health funds.

Measles is very infectious and can lead to serious complications such as pneumonia and meningitis that may even be fatal. It is caused by a virus easily transmitted by droplets in the air. Symptoms include high fever, eye infections, cough, rash and feeling sick.

A few months ago a measles outbreak began in Jerusalem when an infected tourist from London came to attend a haredi wedding where there were 2,000 guests.

The ministry is targeting haredi families as they are much less likely to get vaccinations, though no specific steps have been taken to contact those who attended the wedding or heads of the hassidic community that was affected.

The ministry is now offering separate reception hours for fathers and mothers who bring their children.

Rabbi Herbie Bomzer said...

I never saw myself doing this but I would like to appeal to UOJ for help before Leib Tropper bulldozes me.

Outsourcing said...

"I'd bet on India before China."

Indian wages are much higher.

What about Vietnam or Cambodia?

"Uncle Sheftie" Neuberger said...

Outsourcing crosses all industry lines.

Philadelphia yeshiva outsources rebbeim.

Anonymous said...

New Square dirty laundry was aired today on 770WABC. Let the kiddush hashem roll!

Heinemann Watch said...


This sounds like Star-K whose India office is located in Mumbai. I once called the Star-K to complain that their rabbi in India was running a transdenominational center with Reform & Conservative and was running around the US shnorring money for it. Heinemann seems to have dumped him since then.

The guy making the comment owns these companies:


Lochan Tea Limited

Doke Organic Farm

Lochan Sons


ankitlochan said...
a canadian client some days wanted me to get my company kosher certified - he was willing to pay the costs.

i got hold of the people who were based in mumbai - the rabbi who was incharge of india.

his answer was really a shock.

"pay for my air tickets and my fees will be 2500 USD - you shall get your certificate. inspection is just a formality - dont worry - we will handle it."

i passed on the info to my client and we skipped the kosher certification.

September 29, 2007 9:56 AM

Ido said...
Hey Ankit.
To be honest when it comes to tea this really is – “formality”.

All teas are kosher unless there are some additives added.

Paysach Krohn said...

Who is Michael Rothschild?

Who appointed him the King of Loshon Horah?

Why do they need so much money, that they are making parlor meetings in cities around the country?

Who gave him permission to use the Chofetz Chaim name?

Who gave him permission to use the "supposed" picture of the Chofetz Chaim?

Why is Michael Rothschild's name never listed on any CCHF paraphenelia?

Why are there no names listed on CCHF posters, ads etc. on who is behind this organization?


$178,000 in compensation is not bad

Shea Fishman said...

What happened on ABC with Skver? I only tune in to WCBS for the weather reports on the eights.

Here too said...

In several Toronto yeshivos of various flavors there have been many sub-par, terrible rebbeim over the years. Herding children in the same classroom as these awful men is abuse by itself.

Heshy Nussbaum is not the only shining example of shmucks from his powerful family. Others either were violent or callous or just don't have the skills needed.

There has been some discussion in town since UOJ popped up. This is what emerges when collectively strolling down memory lane. I'm told some of this has been mentioned before by UOJ's Toronto readers.

Tosher cheder - kids beaten black & blue over basically nothing

Bobover cheder - molesters & violent psychopaths. One kid who later learned in Brisk was thrown into the parking lot by a "rebbe" from upstairs and almost died. D'Ancona, the big bankroller, kicked the kid's father out of the kollel as part of the cover up.

Lubavitch - Lack of supervision that allowed physical abuse by a teenage assistant. A teenage student who was mooning his open tush crack to traffic through the Lubavitch bus window was not kicked out until after several days of being warned to stop.

Associated Hebrew - students bullying other students with the knowledge of the modern orthodox principals

Yesodei Hatorah - some big buffoons who don't belong in chinuch, including one idiot who likes to slap, pinch & kick, who was thrown out of another yeshiva in town.

Eitz Chaim - physical abusers and the home of Heshy Nussbaum

Ner Yisroel - physical abusers, psychological abusers and one big dark secret from decades ago that I don't have the guts to expose. I don't have enough proof and it could tear the town apart.

Bais Yaakov - rebbe telling girls not to be seen when their brother's friends come over to the house because they will cause them to masturbate

Anonymous said...

What does Tropper have against Noach Weinberg? According to Vicky at least, the Weinbergs & Scheinbergs are even related.

The only thing I can think of is that R' Noach stopped allowing BTs by his Shabbos tish from what I hear. One of his kids was said to have been badly influenced by the things that BTs can talk about. Maybe Tropper is P.O.ed that his wackos from Kol Yaakov can't get a free meal in the Weinberg home.

Associated Hebrew Schools Toronto said...

Back in the day, principals Pinchas Brumer & Jerry Rosenfield were a joke. The board at one point convened to deal with their lousy oversight.

Arthur Tannenbaum, the Exec Direc was the only one I had faith in. One student chased a girl into the ladies room and it sounded like he was playfully molesting her. He ran in there, pulled him out by the neck and had him terminated.

In the younger division, Rabbi Rokach was principal for many year, the father of child molester Tuvya Rokach.

Anonymous said...

When the RCA forced Bryks to shut down his yeshiva in Queens, he started working for Astor Realty. Isn't that owned by Teitz of the shul near Main St?

pretzel breath said...

that was the nickname of one peasant in toronto who was officially a rebbe. his breath stank and he was always hitting and insulting. his favorite move was to twist your arm hard, pull you like that on to the ground and kick you in the butt.

the guy had zero skills for anything. when they finally removed him another yeshiva made him an english teacher. ha, even the pakki security guard would do a better job than him

Upset in Lakewood said...

Why is Lichtenstein, who doesn't even live here anymore and who has bad judgement in general bringing Hillary Clinton to shtott?


Ben Ringel can buzz off too. Stay in the 5 Towns and keep your Dem activism in your own backyard.

You guys don't remember that when the Yated tried this pro-Clinton drek years ago it backfired in Lipschitz's face.

Does anyone know Ringel's email so I can tell him off?

Not to be Overlooked said...

A number of dorm counsellors have been rotten to the core too. You have your molesters like Kolko who start off as dorm counsellors and other chums who are just shmucks. While trying to prove themselves to the hanhala they completely take advantage of bochurim and are involved in all kinds of corrupt enterprises.

Queens said...

Rabbi Krauss tried to get Bryks kicked out of the Queens Vaad.

Does anyone know who protected him? Perhaps Belsky's partner in crime Peretz Steinberg?

Heinemann Watch said...


Jacobo Weiss said...
Clarificacation on Olive Oil in Argentina.

The Star-K employees Rabbi oppenheimer from Argentina to do the job he is a heirliche yid, Rabbi Oppenheimer hires a fellow named Laemberg to care of the Kashruth, at best, this guy known basics of kosher, nothing too complicated, the company in Argentina was told as long as payments are paid in a timely manner everything its okay.

Thats why OU rejected Rabbi Oppenheimer and Laemberg concentraded grape jucie from Cepas Argentina and previously from Mundo Organico.

Anonymous said...

I saw a few posts about George Finkelstein from YU's high school for boys and am happy that it is finally being publicized. Isnt Yosef Blau from YU? I have heard that he did nothing and has now become holier than thou in UOJ's eyes. Why doesnt he comment about this?

I guess when Blau is guilty, the post is either not listed or swept under the rug - SHAME SHAME OUJ!!

What a Joke said...

Eckstein is trying to make himself relevant with this b.s. post on Yeshiva World. He claims he's exclusive but Yudel may have beaten him to it. Yudel jokes that the local crooks should start lining up now for pardons.

YESHIVAWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton To Visit Lakewood This Evening
November 8, 2007
Presidential contender Hillary Rodham Clinton will be visiting Lakewood today, Yeshivaworld has learned. Mr. David Lichtenstein, Chairman and CEO of The Lightstone Group, who lives in Monsey, NY and whose company Lightstone Group has its headquarters in Lakewood, is hosting a fundraiser for Hillary at 20 Autumn Road this evening at 6:00PM.

There are numerous construction vehicles, police cars and nondescript government vehicles parked in the area of 20 Autumn Road - the location of Lictenstein’s (former) Lakewood home.

A source tells Yeshivaworld that Mr. Benjamin Ringel, who lives in Lawrence, NY, and is active in the Clinton campaign, has been leading the campaign in the Orthodox world to raise funds for the Democrats - and is running this event with Lichtenstein.

Many rumors have been passed around regarding the Senator possibly visiting BMG. Yeshivaworld has confirmed, that she will not be meeting with any Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva, nor will she be brought into the Yeshiva.

Anonymous said...

Upset in lakewood, uoj doesn't give a damn about lichtenstein, he gets a free pass here at uoj, it's his family

Heshy gets around said...

Interesting website.

Heshy Nussbaum was very well known by the boys in our Conservative synagogue here in Toronto. Every time that beat up white van turned the corner, eyes would roll over the pervert rabbi or the gay rabbi, as he is known.

One high ranking official with the UJA / Jewish Federation who is no longer living, threatened Nussbaum he would break him in half if he came near his sons again.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

China gets tough on potty humor!

BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing authorities have scolded a local Communist revolution-themed restaurant for harming national sentiment by painting a sign "liberation zone" pointing the way to its toilets.

"Times Gone Past," a restaurant featuring waiting staff clad in People's Liberation Army uniforms and decorated with photos of revolutionary heroes and maps of military battles, had taken the "red" theme too far and had been ordered to remove the sign, Thursday's Beijing News said.

"Many customers had expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that putting 'liberation zone' on par with a toilet was akin to blaspheming the revolution and was an overly-casual use of the term," the paper said.

China's Communist Party referred to regions captured from occupying Japanese troops during World War Two as "liberation zones" and later applied the term to territory seized from U.S.-backed Nationalist forces during the 1945-1949 civil war.

The Communists' defeat of the Nationalists and subsequent sweep to power in 1949 is referred to as the "liberation" of China.

A photograph in the paper showed a restaurant worker putting up a newspaper page to obscure the sign, painted in big red characters above an arrow pointing to the toilets.

A restaurant spokesman said the sign was "just a joke in keeping with the restaurant's 'red' theme."

But the local commerce bureau failed to see the humor, saying the sign's "creativity was inappropriate" and constituted a "malicious satire detrimental to culture" in a notice ordering the restaurant to change the name.

Yudi Kolko said...

I consider my private bathroom in YTT to be a Liberation Zone too!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Rabbi Yosef Blau became aware about George Finkelstein AFTER Finkelstein left YU!

George Finkelstein is no longer involved in teaching of any kind, and is out of my reach, in Israel.

There were never formal charges filed against him in the U.S.A., and therefore there is nothing more I can do...other than inform the Israeli authorities, which I did!

Corrupt Dorm Counselers said...

I had a dorm counseler who let you break any rule for a price. There were set dollar amounts or for something petty it was a danish from the canteen.

Illegal radio privilege was a dollar a week. Sneaking out to see a girl was $10 a night.

YU Guy said...

Pressure can be brought on the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem which employs George Finkelstein.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Pressure can be brought on the Great Synagogue of Jerusalem which employs George Finkelstein.
They are aware, and very obviously could care less.

Question said...

What is the usual protocol of Israeli authorities when they are informed that someone has a "history"?

Do they put the putz under surveillance or anything meaningful?

Gameshow called Name that Fresser said...

I know that fresser who took danishes & dollars in the dorm.

Last I know, the loser was recently in his 40s and still not married.

Hungarian Putz from Flatbush said...

I don't give a rat's ass about Yudi Kolko at Weinfeld's or Regency, so why should I care that Finkelstein is across the street from me & my kids when I'm hanging out with the big knackers at the Jerusalem Sheraton Plaza?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Do they put the putz under surveillance or anything meaningful?

I'm working on getting that changed, however, only once there's a formal police complaint filed in the U.S. I anticipate many more people running off to Israel.

Toronto said...

I had some of those horrible rebbes being alluded to. One of them was often in a sour mood. Great encouragement there from a melamed of Torah. He was also a bore that put everyone to sleep and became furious when it happened. Often when you said a sevoro in shiur he would shoot you down & make you look like 2 cents. He did it to me twice. The first time I was mechaven to the Maharal in Tiferes Yisroel and he eventually issued a half baked apology. The 2nd time, he yelled at me like I was a stupid good for nothing and NEVER apologized. It turns out that he was the ignoramous who didn't even know a beferush posuk in Chumash.

I don't wish him any tzorus but he had it very rough since then including getting kicked out by the new hanhala.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Well over half of the "people" in chinuch or chinuch related positions do not belong there. Some are down-right idiots, some are physically, emotionally,.... and a good 5% are sexually abusive!

Yeah...you don't like the truth, sue me!

Gumshoe said...

The Beit Haknesset Hagadol is also home of Heichal Shlomo, the HQ of the Rabbanut.

Rabbi Metzger may have his own issues but I wonder if Rav Lau would be sympathetic to concerns about Finkelstein. He still carries considerable weight over there.

The British family of Sir Isaac Wolfson paid for the building.

The millionaire Rabbi Dr. David Fuld is President.

Leopold Margulies said...

UOJ obviously cannot be referring to me since Ich bin der Rosh Hayeshiva shlita fun der choshuvste yeshiva.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

From this "WEAK"'s Yated.Think this writer went to high school?

Dear Editor,
First, I would like to thank the Yated for such an outstanding newspaper each and every "WEAK".
I found the responses to the person who could not be mochel his menahel to have missed the point of the letter. I think the letter was relating a very valid and important issue that exists nowadays in chinuch.

Attention Rabboysye said...

Dear readers,

I have been asked by Rabbi Yosef Wikler of Kashrus Magazine & Yeshiva Birkas Reuven to solicit information.

He has been investigating the rumors flying around the internet about Rubashkin.

He contacted Rav Weissmandel who basically said:

- the internet is filled with lies and is assur.

- he only backs what he certifies at the store level if there is repacking.

- he certifies only a few stores -- not Rubashkin in Boro Park (he says they have KAJ hashgacha in BP.) [Goldberg's is under Babad.]

- he claims the man with the stickers is the mashgiach

Rabbi Wikler is asking that anyone with >>> serious information only <<< about possible fraud by anyone connected to Rubashkin or otherwise mishandling Rubashkin products email:



Office phone: 718-336-8544

Tizku lemitzvos.

Anonymous said...

Sir Isaac Wolfson, 1st Baronet Fellow of the Royal Society (niftar 1991) was chairman of The Great Universal Stores Limited 1947-1987 and established the Wolfson Foundation.

Isaac Wolfson was the son of a Litvak who settled in Glasgow, Scotland. His significant fortune was based on a very successful mail order business, Great Universal Stores. He joined the company as a merchandising controller in 1932, becoming a managing director in the same year. He was appointed Chairman in the late 1940s and retired in 1987.

Wolfson's business interests extended to finance; he was an early backer of James Goldsmith.

In 1955, Wolfson established the Wolfson Foundation, to aid in the advancement of education, health and youth activities. This supported the establishment of Wolfson College, Oxford (where he was a Founder Fellow) and Wolfson College, Cambridge among many other projects over the years. Professorships named after him exist at Bar-Ilan, Haifa, Jerusalem, Oxford and Tel Aviv.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Google search!

"list of recalled toys made in china"

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Now ask yourself:

Do I Chaim Yankel trust the Chinese to label those products as kosher...ONLY the ones that are kosher?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Now do the same with OU/Belsky's hashgacha:

Do I Chaim Yankel...........?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Now do the same with trusting your child to the care of Lipa Margulies:

Do I Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Yankel............?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Now do the same with Shalom Tendler in L.A.:

Do I Chaim Yankel trust the noef Shalom Tendler.........?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

You get the drift??

Once you find out information, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO ABOUT IT!?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Uh huh.....hundreds, if not thousands of families in Lakewood are surviving on tzedakah, but these "askonim" have $3,200 a plate for Hillary.
Shame, shame, shame!

Thu Nov 08, 09:21:00 AM 2007

Yudel Shain said...
HEY! $3,200.00 for a pardon? that's Borsht.

Just look at the roster of participants & you'll know whom you are eating kugel with. Dai-Li'maivin.

Anonymous said...

I learned in Yeshivah Chasan Sofer on the lower East Side. My Rebbe was a deranged maniac by the name of "Rabbi Unger"
He used to slaf kids for the slightest infractions, he dropped dead a few years ago,
are there others out there who learned by this "ferd?"

Chemistry Major said...

That Pretzel Breath Putz from Toronto is obviously drinking many coffees and not brushing his teeth. That imparts a stench similar to old soggy pretzels.

R' Yaakov Kamenetzky zl held it is a chilul Hashem for a ben Torah to wear a dusty hat. Kal vachomer, ben bno shel kal vachomer on basic hygiene.

Sorry UOJ, but if you stopped the R' Yaakov segments, someone has to pick them up again.


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Dr. David Fuld is a modern Orthodox New Yorker who is the big money behind Shaarei Zedek hospital.

If anyone knows him, please try to raise the issue of George Finkelstein acting as executive director of the shul where Fuld serves as president.

"Noted Askan" said...

Pass the borscht.

Not only does $3200 get a Presidential pardon but Pinny Lipschitz will immortalize you as a besserre mentch in the Yated.

Anonymous said...

"Wolfson's business interests extended to finance; he was an early backer of James Goldsmith."


Goldsmith should be ashamed of himself. He let his 21 year old daughter marry a Pakistani cricket player in his 40s. She was influenced by a Yiddishe meshumad to Islam and moved there, becoming a Muslim herself. It's serves her right that the whole country hated her and accused her of running a Zionist plot to steal the country. She finally had enough of being persecuted so she got divorced in 2004. So what does she do next? She hooks up with that menuval Hugh Grant who was last seen chasing Black zoynas in California.

Leopold Weiss said...


I'm the putz meshumad from Lvov, then Yerushalayim who became a Muslim and the Pakistani ambassador to the UN.

Goldsmith's daughter was a dumb blonde who was easy to convince. Who else marries a Paki twice her age because she met him in a bar?

The Wolfson Foundation said...

Isaac Wolfson's son is chairman of the foundation that paid for the Great Synagogue.

They might be interested to know that George Finkelstein is working there.


The Wolfson Foundation
8 Queen Anne St
London, UK

Tel 020 7323 5730

Leib Tropper Opponent said...


I just received a report from a friend of mine who attended the Eternal Jewish Family (EJF) conference here in Washington, DC. According to EJF's website, the goal of the conference was to discuss the creation of "universally accepted conversion[]" standards (see: http://www.eternaljewishfamily.o...gton/index.htm) . (Incidentally, I'm curious about who gave them the hetter to use the Internet.) This is my summation of my friend's report (to the best of my recollection).

First, in attendance were many of the "who's who" of "g'dolim" including, but not limited to, R. N. Eisenstein, R. R. Feinstein, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, in addition to many other well known dayanim and roshei yeshiva from America and Israel. Notably, the conference apparently was boycotted by several members of our local (greater Washington, D.C.) Va'ad (neither R. Anemer or R. Winter were in attendance, and the latter was maligned from the podium in front of hundreds of people for not supporting EJF's mission). On the other hand, several local rabbis, who serve in various capacities, were in attendance for various durations (hopefully, they were duped into showing up).

In any event, my friend tells me that R. N. Eisenstein declared, FROM THE PODIUM IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE, in the name of R. Eliyashiv, that anyone who believes the world is older than 5000+ years is a kofer b'ikar, and is therefore unfit to serve as a dayan on a beis din, and that consequently any rabbi that holds such a view cannot perform conversions, not to mention that all of his conversions would be posul.

Similar such pronouncements were made about anyone who maintains that Chazal made any error in science or metzeius. Another "distinguished" speaker lamented that he saw a "supposed" dayan actually wearing some "brown" article of clothing and "smelled of cologne"; the EJF speaker commented something along the lines of, "can you imagine such a person serving as a dayan?"

In sum, the conference was not about establishing universal standards for geirus, but rather about establishing who's fit to be a dayan, and by extension, what does it mean to be an orthodox Jew. Indeed, in a private conversation with my friend, R. Eisenstein did not dispute that the effect of his pronouncement, in practice, would mean that no modern orthodox rabbi could sit on a beis din due to his philosophical, scientific, or historical beliefs, no matter how observant the rabbi is in all other respects.

Dude said...

I guess anyone converted by Rav Shimon Schwab is not Jewish....

The stupidity of this is astounding.

Fartscroll said...


What's with Sha'ar Press? Is that Mesorah Publications secret press for supposed apikorsis?

Yes. It's so that the name "Artscroll" can be completely and totally free of any potential controversy (from the right, that is). When in doubt, the name Artscroll won't be used.

I don't understand. Mesorah publications considers itself as publishing Kefira through Shaar Press? I have to say that one book published by Shaar called Fingerprints on the universe is perfectly fit for the PreAntiSlifkin era. It has a forward by Rabbi Berel Wein and a haskama from the Bostoner Rebbe. The project of making it was encouraged by Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky and the author also writes "Specifically, I wish to mention Rabbi Nosson Scherman for his early-on assesment that the book could serve a worthwhile educational purpose and who, together with Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, provided exceptional helpfulness in bringing the book to publication..."

(Incidentally, our copies of Suzy Fischbein's cookbooks say both "Artscroll" and "Shaar Press." In theory, in my judgment, that should put the Artscroll name at risk, because Fischbein's cookbooks, while good, are sort of materialistic and bourgeois, what with recommending beer tasting parties for one's husband and all.)

The Monsey Tzadik said...

Tropper founder of EJF and Kol Eisav is striking again, he was the one who perpetrated the Slifkin ban. www.zootorah.com/controversy/account.html

He destroyed so many lives, he hates MO and he will expel students and call their job and complain to their manager if they dare to leave the yeshiva and pursued MO lifestyle, He will also call the student’s new rabbi and tell him lies about the student.

He canceled conversions because the girl did not cover her hair once or twice or the girl refused to drop out of college and to go to BT machon

He is the one who messed up the life of Gideon Busch, told him to drop out of medical school and pushed him to his death.

Rumor has it that with his new powers he retroactively going to nullify Bomzer’s conversions (MO/RCA).

you can search the archives for more horrors storied about this rosho.

The EJF is funded by Tom Kaplan of Leor Energy, he probably does not know what the beheima is doing with his money.

There is a contact page on their web site


Rubashkin & other Messianic Hotspots said...


It must be noted that all this information is true to the best of our knowledge but we can't guarantee that it will remain current for any length of time.

Kedem wines (specifically those produced in the US - we would emphasize that all wines imported from overseas by Kedem or Royal Wines should be carefully researched before consuming)

It has been reliably learned that the wines produced under the Baron Herzog and Kedem labels in Oxnard, California are supervised (and handled) by a work force that includes at least a minority of Lubavitchers. Kedem wines from New York State are, according to the report of a significant talmid chochom, produced only by “heimishe” Yidden. However, since the kashrus organizations involved – and the company itself – would seem to have no reservations about using Lubavitchers, it would be difficult to guarantee that this status will exist indefinitely.

Rubashkin Meats

Some have claimed that the various “separate runs” of shechita and nikkur at Rubashkin (intended to allow Lubavitch-free shechita for concerned consumers) are all commonly mixed together by the time they leave the processing plant. Until recently (according to reports) only six out of 20 shochtim were non-Lubavitchers. In the past year or two, however, the number of Lubavitcher shochtim has dropped to below 50% (seemingly in response to criticism in the kosher market). While obviously not removing all concerns, this does seem to be a step in the right direction.

Eretz Yisrael

While much of the Israeli kosher meat market is served by imports from South American operations (which are subject to plenty of their own problems), it has been reported that both birds and cattle are slaughtered by Lubavitchers in Israel itself. For instance, Rabbi Aurbach's shechita in Teveria employs at least two openly messianic Lubavitcher shochtim. Machfud and Kaduri (a well-known shechita operation in Jerusalem) apparently employs a Lubavitcher shochet.
In addition, the daughter of a member of a prominent Jerusalem beis din reportedly admitted that they (the family) believe the Rebbe is moshiach, but they aren't allowed to talk about it outside.
If you have any reliable information you think kosher consumers should know about, please let us know


Dr Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...


I'm glad to see that my good friend Gil Student posted on his blog, minus any criticism, the Jewish Press piece promoting Moron Rashbehag Horav Belsky & Moron Horav Mendel Epstein.

Breslover Putz said...


A planned visit next week by Ukrainian President Victor Yushenko may become the venue for a tug of war between the Ukraine government and followers of the Breslov Chassidic sect over the compound at the gravesite of Rabbi Nachman in the Ukrainian town Uman.

Yushenko's government has threatened to obtain a court order allowing it to take over the world-famous gravesite if Rabbi Nachman's followers do not pay a bill for the design and construction of a new prayer area in the compound.

The Breslov Chassidic group allegedly owes several million dollars to a local businessman and politician who owns the company that carried out the project.

According to Channel 10 TV, "elements within the Breslov Chassidic movement" are threatening to disrupt Yushenko's visit to Israel next week if the matter is not resolved.

When the Parah Adumah Flies said...


Ten Jew Very Much said...
I received the Vaad HaRabbonim insert in the mail. Cost of printing and postage to them? $1.50 (just guessing). Cost of donation to them? Maybe $18. The entertainment value? Priceless!!

The enclosed envelope had a list of rabbis to whom one could send the money. One is "R' Lipa Margoliot" at "609 Ocean P." Is this who I think it is?

When the parah adumah flies.

Noted Askan? said...


I receive the Kupat Hair mailings as well and find them offensive on so many levels. A while back, we got one proudly sharing this story:
"At the conclusion of the meeting, the gedolim were presented with the name of a contributor from the United States who had, only two days earlier, donated $18,000 to Kupat Ha'ir. The man, who was facing a trial for tax evasion to the tune of millions of dollars, had requested that the rabbanim, shlit"a, pray for him.
The gedolim took the sheet of paper and began praying for his success.
Two days before Rosh Chodesh Ellul ..... the United States government decided to drop the charges against him. ..... "It is clearly yad Hashem" the man cried out. He contributed an additional $3,600 in gratitude to Hashem for his rescue. In this case, it was clearly evident that a tzaddik's prayer makes an impression in Shamayim."

Do I have to comment?????????

Avi L. Shafran said...

"R' Yaakov Kamenetzky zl held it is a chilul Hashem for a ben Torah to wear a dusty hat."

I'm not mekabel. This is just another case of UOJ spreading lies on the internet.

Does the Jewish Fress Profit from your ID? said...


Ever wonder what your J-media advertising dollar gets you?

One ad we ran in a local advertising publication netted us the following. (They misspelled our name and address in their database, allowing us to track which mailings were coming from them.)

Since its unclear at this time if they sold the mailing list or only did the mailing on behalf of those listed below, and whether the below listed companies knew how the names on the list were obtained, I'm witholding the names of the private companies whose mailings we received. They may be blameless here and if so, do not deserve bad press.

I am listing the tzedakas because given the state of ethics in the fundraising community, they do not deserve the benefit of the doubt. In addition, some of their fundraising literature is offensive.

Here's a partial listing:

Tzidkas Yosef Naftali - Financial Assistance for Needy Families in Eretz Yisroel. Mainly for the Yomim Tovim. (4 letters from two different local residents)
Diskin Orphan Home of Israel
Gates of Chesed - A Public Service Publication by the Center for Community Resources (Magazine)
Nechomas Yisroel (Newspaper and "Super Raffle" mailing)
Yom Tov Relief Fund - Rabbi matisyahu Solomon (1 letter)
Matanos L'evyonim Gomlei Chesed - Rabbi Matisyahu solomon (1 letter)
A wig maker (2 postcards)
An insurance brokerage (1 postcard)
A Judaica store (1 postcard)
Subscription offer for a Heimish newspaper (1 postcard)
Passover ad for a confectionary store (1 postcard)
Kupat Ha'ir (numerous full-color brochures)
Kupat Aniyei Eretz Yisrael (numerous full-color brochures)

Care to guess if we renewed the ad buy?

UPDATE: Found a few we'd missed!

A flyer from a Kosher supermarket
Another two postcards from a wigmaker.
A fundraising letter from Rav Shmuel Birenbaum for Reavim Gam Tzemaim Argentina
A fundraising letter from an Israeli business man with a very ill wife.
Another Tzidkas Yoseph Naftali letter.

Anonymous said...

I learned in Yeshivah Chasan Sofer on the lower East Side. My Rebbe was a deranged maniac by the name of "Rabbi Unger"
He used to slaf kids for the slightest infractions, he dropped dead a few years ago,
are there others out there who learned by this "ferd?"

Is that "Papa" Unger you are referring to?

Turn Around said...

There's an organization in Baltimore that is supposed to help victims of sexual abuse called the Shofar Coalition. I had a horrible experience when I called them. When I hung up I couldn't stop crying. They treated me as if I was crazy. All I wanted was to find the name of a good therapist. They kept asking me all sorts of personal information. I felt like they didn't listen to what I said I needed and was just forcing their agenda down my throat.

There's a new article in the Jewish Times this week where they go on and on about this organization. I ended up finding help at Turn Around. They also offer groups and even have a 24-hour Hotline. 410.828.6390

If you call the Shofar Coalition be careful!

Aitzah for Moishe Rubashkin said...


Rachmones Says:

November 9th, 2007 at 12:06 am

Moishie: Get into treatment now! Don’t wait for the feds. Next time in Fort Dix it won’t be so nice. With your uncontrollable chutzpah they will never let you out of solitary.

What Kind of MORONS are Chabad Rabbis? said...


Case of Hbrandon Lee Flagner

(AKA: Chico Virgilio Tenorio, Brandon Flagner, Brandon Lee Flagner)

Maple Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Mansfield Correctional Institution, Mansfield, Ohio

Hbrandon Lee Flagner confessed and was later convicted of the kidnapping and aggravated murder of Tiffany Jennifer Papesh a 8-year-old girl. Flagner also claimed to have molested hundreds of girls during his life. While in prison Flagner was allowed to convert to Judaism by Chabbad rabbis. Flagner changed name from Chico Virgilio Tenorio in 1977.

Flagner has been incarcerated with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) since 1986. Flagner is a practicing Orthodox Hasidic Jew who brought a §1983 suit against prison officials challenging the enforcement of Ohio Administrative Code §§5120-9-25 (D) and (F),1 a prison grooming regulation which requires Flagner to cut his beard and sidelocks, also referred to as "peos," in contravention of the tenets of his religious faith.2 The defendants are ODRC employees who work at either the Lebanon Correctional Institution (LeCI) or the Madison Correctional Institution (MaCI). Flagner was imprisoned at LeCI from July 8, 1994 to November 20, 1996, and transferred shortly thereafter to MaCI. Prior to his transfer to LeCI, Flagner resided at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. He is currently incarcerated at Ross Correctional Institution.

In 1987, Flagner began studying Judaism and formally converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1991 while incarcerated at the Mansfield Correctional Institution. His religious affiliation has been recognized by the defendants and is not in dispute in this case. Flagner testified during the preliminary injunction evidentiary hearing held on December 3, 1996, that between 1991 when he converted to Judaism and prior to his transfer to LeCI in 1994, Mansfield prison officials did not make any effort forcibly to cut his beard or sidelocks. In fact, a period of five years passed between the time Flagner converted to Orthodox Judaism in 1991 until his first forced cutting in 1996.--
Tiffany Jennifer Papesh
Circumstances of Disappearance

Papesh went to a neighborhood store for a quick errand in 1980; she never returned home. Papesh was apparently seen at the store, but disappeared afterwards. Police suspect that foul play was involved in Papesh's case. Brandon Flagner confessed to killing Tiffany in a 1983 letter to the FBI. He was indicted in June 1985 on two counts of aggravated murder and one count of kidnapping. He was sentenced to life in prison.

NY State Investigator said...

Karl E. Ackermann, Pearl River, NY

Profession: Architect; Lic. No. 027393; Cal. No. 22613

Regents Action Date: May 22, 2007

Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: Indefinite actual suspension for not less than 1 year and until fit to practice, upon termination of suspension 5 years probation to commence if and when return to practice, $2,500 fine.

Summary: Licensee admitted to the charge of having been convicted of Attempted Disseminating Indecent Material to a Minor, a class E felony.

Walgreen Eastern Co., Inc., 393 Front Street, Hempstead, NY

Profession: Pharmacy; Reg. No. 022760; Cal. No. 23103

Regents Action Date: May 22, 2007 (see also September 2003)

Action: Application for consent order granted; Penalty agreed upon: $10,000 fine.

Summary: Registrant did not contest charges of maintaining misbranded drugs in active stock and maintaining the pharmacy in an unsanitary condition.

Edward Ezra Levy, Forest Hills, NY

Profession: Dentist; Lic. No. 045812; Cal. No. 22637

Regents Action Date: March 20, 2007

Action: Found guilty of professional misconduct; Penalty: Revocation.

Summary: Licensee was found guilty of having been convicted of Grand Larceny in the 3rd Degree, a class D felony, and Offering a false instrument for filing in the 1st Degree, a class E felony.

Leib Pinter said...

I relished for the day this was coming like relish on a Rubashkin hotdog. This is like character assassination of Slifkin cubed.

http://www.haloscan.com/comments/hirhurim/562335116961243509/#553285" linkindex

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

I was able to confirm the statement with a reliable source who confirmed it with multiple attendees. It seems that R[abbi] Nochum Eisenstein did, in fact, say this. Presumably the RCA will have to deal with this in some way. Some of their members who perform geirus, like R[abbi] Barry Freundel, have public views on this matter (see R[abbi] Freundel's book, which has been quoted multiple times on this blog).
Gil | Homepage | 11.08.07 - 7:04 pm | #

What is Gil Student confirming? This:

…In any event, my friend tells me that R[abbi] N[ochum] Eisenstein declared, FROM THE PODIUM IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE [Eternal Jewish Family] CONFERENCE [in Washington, DC this week], in the name of R[abbi] Eliyashiv, that anyone who believes the world is older than 5000+ years is a kofer b'ikar, and is therefore unfit to serve as a dayan on a beis din, and that consequently any rabbi that holds such a view cannot perform conversions, not to mention that all of his conversions would be posul.

Similar such pronouncements were made about anyone who maintains that Chazal made any error in science or metzeius. Another "distinguished" speaker lamented that he saw a "supposed" dayan actually wearing some "brown" article of clothing and "smelled of cologne"; the EJF speaker commented something along the lines of, "can you imagine such a person serving as a dayan?"…

Rabbi Hershel Schachter lent his name to the Eternal Jewish Family cause, even though there were ample signs of bad behavior from its leader Rabbi Leib Tropper

Do not make the mistake of thinking the actions taken are irrelevant to your lives. The day will soon come when your children or grandchildren will not be able to marry in Israel because they will not have a reliable ancestry because their parents are Modern Orthodox.

Most Rabbonim Today are Cowards said...

According to my sources in the OU, the order had already come down to treat Rabbi Wikler like a leper or the plague as during the Medieval Dark Ages after he refused to dismiss evidence against the OU in the Le Marais scandal.

There must be a bunch of contorted faces today including Genack's & Belsky's that Rabbi Wikler is investigating Rubashkin.

What more can they do to him now? Be mazmin him to a fake beis din on Church Ave or East 7th St?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

By Jay Lindsay, Associated Press

BOSTON — The priest accused of stalking Conan O'Brien was honorable, kind and caring, nothing like the obsessed man who allegedly told the late-night talk show host he was "tracking him through space and time," Profresser Aron Twerski said at a gathering at OHEL on behalf of clergyman that are falsely accused of crimes.

DovBear said...

Agudath Yisroel: Pathetic whiners

I like the idea of Ze Nehene Vze Lo Chaser which roughly means that when someone else benefits, and you lose nothing, you should keep quiet. Unfortunately, Agudas Yisroel does not appear to be of the same mind

Report: The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill banning workplace discrimination against gays.... [snip] Agudath Israel of America, expressed regret at the passage, saying it did not go far enough in protecting religious employers.

Protection? Protection from what? Having gay people in your office? Oooooooh. Newsflash: I'll bet you 1 million dollars that Agudath Yisroel already employees at least one closeted homosexual. And amazingly enough the world continues to spin on its axis.

Anyway, the claim/worry that the rights of Jewish employers are jeopardized by this legislation is completely bogus. Jews have no religious imperative to oppress homosexuals. We aren't banned by Jewish law from associating with them, or from hiring them. You can work side by side with a homosexual without offending Jewish law. To do so, is perfectly and completely mutar. And, because we have no religious imperative to avoid homosexuals, no religious right of ours is imperilled by this legislation.

In other words, Agudath Yisroel are a bunch of whiny bigots.

Observant Jew said...

DovBear acts like a real idiot sometimes and if he in fact wrote that, this is another example.

The whole concept that gays are a minority is a farce. They are members of a behavioral group, nothing more. Bigamists and polygamists can make the same demands.

We are no fans of the Agudah here but even they are right sometimes.

Gays do act in ways that are detrimental to the environment. Gay activists are among the most militant in the sense that they force their ideaology on others. Chazal say this is the reason why the dor hamabul was destroyed, not the gay acts themselves.

This will be a very tricky line for morally inclined employers of any religion who have a problem with troublesome gay employees. How you deal with their actual behavior could be illegal under this ridiculous law.

Anal Retention Therapist said...

"There must be a bunch of contorted faces today including Genack's & Belsky's that Rabbi Wikler is investigating Rubashkin."

I assume that UOJ will pay just as handsomely for a picture of Belsky in this state as a snapshot of Belsky shaking hands with his friend, the convicted child rapist Lipa Brenner.

Lakewood Talmid said...

One of the reasons there are so many substandard rebbeim is because the job doesn't pay very well.

Why is that?

You have people who genuinely cannot pay tuition as well as the ausnutzing shnorrers who cheat the system with falshe pleas of poverty.

Then if the yeshiva itself is run by corrupt individuals, they are keeping most of the revenue in their own pockets.

There is no easy solution to this. It is easier for UOJ to put a yeshiva out of business than to make sure they are run properly.

Lakewood Talmid said...

I also meant to say that I was shocked & disappointed in some cases to see certain yungerleit I knew in yeshiva go into chinuch. If someone is a failure in middos, etc, me chapt zich a tressel that they are entrusted with kinderlach.

In some cases, those who start a new yeshiva or school are even worse than the shvache melamdim.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


There aren't any easy solutions to any of the vast amount of issues that are creating almost a "perfect storm" situation to am Yisroel.

The first thing that has to change is the mindset. Most people are at the "yiush" stage ...that it is hopeless. While I have valid reasons for pessimism, it only becomes hopeless if people go like sheep to slaughter.

Nothing is easy...especially with the fanaticism that has dominated the agendas of most yeshivas and Orthodox organizations.

If anything; what was demonstrated over the recent couple of years, that "where there is a will..."

The ratzon haklal must be; we will not take it any longer, we will take back the emesdicker principles of the Torah hakdosha!

Anonymous said...

If there's so much coruption in the orthodox world, why be orthodox?

I stepped in for awhile, yet I left. The real world seems to make much more sense and is much more ethical.

Zaycher nishmas Daniel Levin said...

Scumbag Bryks tried to sue networks who ran this video but the case was dismissed by Judge Michael Mukasey.


The Awareness Center, Inc. is providing the documentary "Unorthodox Conduct" in the memory of Daniel Levin.

Our hopes is that it will be used as a way to educate the public on the devistating ramifications a case can have on an individual, family and in Jewish communities around the world. It's important to know what happens when a case of "alleged" childhood sexual abuse in the Jewish community is not dealt with properly from the beginning (bringing the case to law enforcement who is trained and educated in dealing with these cases).

Our hopes is that after you view this documentary that you will go to your rabbis and other community leaders and demand that there be changes made when a child makes allegations they were sexually abused/assaulted. We cannot afford for there to be anymore cover-ups when there are allegations that a child has been molested. We cannot afford to let one more child die. Our hopes is that not one more child will feel so desperate that they will take their own lives, as Daniel Levin did.

Please note: The Investigative documentary: "Unorthodox Conduct"contains graphic information regarding the case against Rabbi Ephriam Bryks. It was produced in 1994 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Latest Rubashkin Corruption said...


Rubashkin Moves to Block Vaad HaKohol Elections

The three year term of the present Vaad HaKohol will expire in two months, in January of 2008. As predicted by many, Moshe Rubashkin is trying to block elections. He is operating on several fronts:

After the Netzigim of Crown Heights announced a meeting to organize Vaad elections, Rubashkin ordered his bogus Netzigim, whom he personally created and hand-picked, and who have no legal authority, to disrupt the actions of the Netzigim, and delay elections for at least one year. The (kosher) Netzigim are expected to come out with an announcement to the community in the next several days.

A series of letters have been sent out under Rabbi Osdoba’s signature disqualifying various members of the community from running for the Vaad HaKohol. Letters have been received by Chanina Sperlin, Leibish Nash, Eli Slavin and Yisroel Best, to name a few. Various reasons are given, but the common theme in all the letters is that the recipients have, by opposing Moshe Rubashkin, or Rubashkin’s hand-picked Rabbonim, in various ways, disqualified themselves from being candidates for the Vaad HaKohol. Rabbi Osdoba was confronted by one of the recipients this morning, and he admitted to signing the letter, but was unable to explain why he did so.

Rubashkin has begun a publicity blitz, highlighting various claimed activities he tries to take credit for. Booklets have been mailed to all Crown Heights residents. The booklets are obvously costly to produce, and no expense has been spared in preparing and distributing them. Rubashkin vowed to continue the mailing of the booklets until either the threat of elections is past, or if he cannot avoid elections, through the campaign. The obvious questions about the source of the funds he is using, and the propriety of using Council funds to support his campaign, are not being addressed.

Finally, Rubashkin’s literature, as well as the letters received from Rabbi Osdoba described above, have removed Rabbi Schwei’s name from the Badatz stationary.

Rubashkin will be IN JAIL, right in the middle of the upcoming elections Says:

November 9th, 2007 at 11:52 am
No wonder Rubashkin doesn’t want elections and no wonder the Rabbi he supports can’t fight this convicted criminal, who signs his check.

One simple reason:

Information has surfaced that Rubashkins current new criminal case from Allentown Pa. will cause Rubashkin to have to serve several months in Jail, coinciding with the exact same time of the forthcoming elections for Vaad Hakohol.

This means Rubashkin will be in Jail during the elections.

Rubashkin knows that no one will vote for him while he is incarcerated in Fort Dix.

OY VAY! Says:

November 9th, 2007 at 11:57 am




Can UOJ Upload the Tape Here? said...


Yehu said...
Hi Reb Yudel

We love you here in Monsey - keep up the good work! We need more people like you to shed light on our corrupt leaders. Look a bit into the EJF (Eternal Jewish Fraud) and check out R Yossef Bloch tape - I'm informed it's already being distributed in Fakewood. Unfortunately even R YB doesn't know the full scope of this gigantic scam by the gigantic thugs Yud Leib Tropper, Avi Weiis & Yossi Efrati.

Rabbi DW said...

I was Leibel Tropper's roomate almost 40 years ago in Yeshivah. Do not underestimate his intelligence or his ego. They are both overwhelming. But he is also very ignorant. I believe he boasted of dropping out of the English department after 8th grade. In other words, he is brilliant, highly charismatic and just plain ignorant.

The Monsey Tzadik said...

There were many EJF conferences where the rabbis came from all over the world and had their airfare and hotels paid by Tom Kaplan. There is a simple way to stop all this meshugaas and this to stop the flow of money from Kaplan to Tropper.

Isa said...

OK so screw the Modern Orthodox converts.

There are any number of Modern Orthodox rabbis that do gittin.

Now Leib Tropper & company have created a whole new class of mamzerim.

Boro Park Shomrim said...


We know UOJ is very busy so we are taking over some light duties for him.

Latest Chassidishe Meshugass said...


Hilchos Rebbishe Shiduchim invitations

Jacob Perlow said...


Boro-Park Rabbonim are vehemently against the erection of a new fifteen-story apartment building on 20th Avenue in Boro-Park. The Rabbonim, specifically the Novominsker Rav whose Yeshivah is in the neighborhood, have issued many Kol Koires and Pashkevilin against the owner. They claim that by building such a large new building in the Yiddishe neighborhood it is sure to bring unwanted elements into the neighborhood. Ironically when these same Rabbonim built their Shul, Yeshivah and Chasunah Hall in the neighborhood they didn't have a problem with blocking their next-door neighbors' windows or with exponentially increasing the traffic and noise on the block. However, now that someone is building near them they will do anything to stop him.

This is Wild said...


Check out the ad here from the Jewish Press. A yeshiva is looking for a rebbitzen to "motivate" high school bochurim.

This yeshiva on Ave T is run by some not run of the mill guy with a moustache named Sorscher and is connected to Rabbi London whose old building on Ocean Ave was confiscated by the Feds. The crowd from London hijacked Rabbi Reisman's shul. Prominent among them is David Jacobson, who according to JWB seems to be public enemy #1.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Associated Press

Jerusalem, Israel -Israeli officials said they would enforce abatement measures against increasingly aggressive panhandlers at Jerusalem's Western Wall.

In 2005, Israeli Attorney General Menahem Mazuz told Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch to act against beggars employing violent means of panhandling.

The ruling took effect Thursday to deter beggars from clogging the way to the Western Wall and duping visitors into paying admission to the holy site, the Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

"They really went overboard and became brutal," Rabinovitch said in the Post. "It pains me that we have come to this."

Visitors to the Western Wall have complained for years that it is nearly impossible to approach the site without beggars confronting them, often assaulting visitors for contributing too little.

A spokesmen for the police department said they would remove beggars from the holy site.

Autumn Road Putz said...


Lakewood, NJ - Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton visited the township Thursday night to raise money at a private gathering inside the home of a prominent developer.

The unpublicized fundraiser surprised some and irritated others in the Orthodox Jewish community, which is largely Republican with many supporting Clinton's potential rival, GOP candidate and former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

"I thought we'd have someone who supported the war a little more," said Yossi Retter, 29. "It's surprising, really."

The host, developer David Lichtenstein, declined to comment when reached at his home on Autumn Road, where Clinton later arrived. Though Lichtenstein owns the Lakewood home, his permanent residence is in Monsey, NY. The event was closed to reporters.

The former New York City mayor has a lot of backing from Lakewood's Orthodox residents, many of whom have family and friends in Brooklyn.

Bernie Kerik Shnorring at the Kosel said...

"Now Kerik is looking for donations through his Web site to pay his legal bills."


Feds: Bernard Kerik's a scammer who ripped off city



Saturday, November 10th 2007, 4:00 AM

Bernard Kerik proclaims his innocence on the steps of White Plains Federal Court after being released on $500,000 bail in 16-count indictment Friday.

Document: Read the indictment
Document: The tax case against Kerik

Bernard Kerik lied, schemed and sold out the city - all under the nose of his mentor and pal, presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani.

That is the stark portrait painted in the 16-count indictment unsealed yesterday in White Plains Federal Court almost exactly one year before Election Day 2008.

While the political fallout remains uncertain, the effect on Kerik's image as a Sept. 11 hero is devastating.

In meticulous detail, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia assembled count after count painting Kerik as a money-grubbing liar who tried to cover his tracks.

The indictment says the misdeeds took place as Giuliani promoted his former driver to the top levels of his administration, from running city prisons to heading the largest police force in America.

Yesterday, Kerik, 52, stood ramrod straight in a white shirt, red tie and navy blue jacket to declare "not guilty, your honor" in court, moments before being freed on a $500,000 bail bond backed up by his New Jersey mansion.

Outside, he could not resist bringing up Sept. 11: "The worst challenges until this time were my challenges during and after 9/11. This is a battle I'm going to fight."

The indictment charges Kerik with conspiracy, tax fraud, making false statements and depriving the city of his honest services. If convicted, he faces up to 142 years in prison and up to $4.75 million in fines.

The indictment starts in 1998, after Giuliani made Kerik correction commissioner, continues through 2000, when he named him police commissioner, and ends in 2006, after Giuliani's recommendation that Kerik run the Homeland Security Department imploded.

Prosecutors painted these broad strokes:

Theft of services: Prosecutors say Kerik tried to convince city investigators that a New Jersey contractor secretly renovating his Bronx apartment had no mob ties.
The lobbying began at a July1999 meeting at Walker's bar in Tribeca, when he was correction commissioner.

The city investigator, Giuliani's cousin, Ray Casey, said later he had no clue the contractor he was probing picked up the tab for renovating Kerik's Riverdale co-op. The payments continued after Kerik became top cop.

Later, Kerik "caused witnesses to make false statements" to investigators, the indictment charges. Kerik pleaded guilty to minor state charges of not reporting the payments on city financial disclosure forms.

While he was still police commissioner, Kerik began lining up business deals and got a free upper East Side apartment for it, prosecutors say.

In October 2001, Police Commissioner Kerik approached developer Steve Witkoff, with whom he "anticipated doing business."

Kerik "requested his assistance in locating an apartment." The developer found Kerik a luxury apartment and made rent payments of $9,650 a month.

The indictment says the developer paid rent totaling $236,269 for Kerik from December 2001 - a month before he left city employment - through December 2003.

Tax fraud: Throughout his rise in the Giuliani administration, Kerik repeatedly lied to the IRS. His lies included his failure to declare the apartment renovations and Witkoff's rent payments.
Prosecutors say that also was true for the $75,000 Kerik received for writing a forward to an art book on Sept. 11 heroes; the $20,000 he got from a computer software firm, and the wages he paid to an off-the-books nanny. He also claimed a bogus $80,000 charitable donation, the indictment charges.

False statements: Prosecutors say Kerik continued the masquerade after leaving the Giuliani administration.
He lied to the White House in 2002 through 2004 in applying for several federal positions, including director of Homeland Security.

Now Kerik is looking for donations through his Web site to pay his legal bills.


One of Margo's Henchmen? said...


Security Pro Admits to Hijacking PCs for Profit

A Los Angeles security professional has admitted to infecting more than a quarter million computers with malicious software and installing spyware that was used to steal personal data and serve victims with online advertisements.

John Kenneth Schiefer, 26, variously known online as "acid" and "acidstorm," agreed to plead guilty to at least four felony charges of fraud and wiretapping, charges punishable by $1.75 million in fines and nearly 60 years in prison.

Schiefer admits he and friends used several hjacked PayPal accounts to purchase Web hosting that helped facilitate the spreading of their bot programs.

Anonymous said...


November 10, 2007
Norman Mailer, Towering Writer With Matching Ego, Dies at 84

At different points in his life Mr. Mailer was a prodigious drinker and drug taker, a womanizer, a devoted family man, a would-be politician who ran for mayor of New York, a hipster existentialist, an antiwar protester, an opponent of women’s liberation and an all-purpose feuder and short-fused brawler, who with the slightest provocation would happily engage in head-butting, arm-wrestling and random punch-throwing.

Norman Kingsley — or, in Hebrew, Nachem Malek — Mailer was born in Long Branch, N.J., on Jan. 31, 1923. His father, Isaac Barnett, known as Barney, was a South African émigré, a snappy dresser — he sometimes wore spats and carried a walking stick — and a largely ineffectual businessman.

The dominant figure in the family was Mr. Mailer’s mother, Fanny Schneider, who came from a vibrant clan in Long Branch, where her father ran a grocery store and was the town’s unofficial rabbi.

Israeli Loser Oded Kenan said...

"Kenan were willing to violate federal FDA regulations and threaten the public's health by cutting corners to turn a profit,"


Company Allegedly Sold Salmonella-Tainted Seeds
L.A.-Based Distributor Faces Criminal Charges
(CBS) LOS ANGELES A Los Angeles-based food distributor is facing criminal charges for allegedly improperly labeling and selling salmonella-tainted sesame seeds, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo announced Tuesday.

Woodhouse Commodities and the company's president, Oded Kenan, were charged late Monday with one misdemeanor count each of an adulterated food violation and misbranding.

A company spokesperson could not be reached for immediate comment on the charges, which stemmed from an investigation conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

If convicted, Kenan could face up to two years in jail, and both he and the company could face up to $2,000 in penalties, according to the City Attorney's Office.

Arraignment is set for Jan. 10 at the Central Arraignment Courthouse in Los Angeles.

Delgadillo said 840 of the 50-pound bags of hulled sesame seeds, bought from India-based Utsav Commodities in May 2005, arrived at the Port of Los Angeles last November and were held for customs impound after being randomly selected for testing and inspection by the FDA.

"On January 2, 2007, in clear violation of the FDA-ordered customs hold, Woodhouse Commodities inexplicably transferred the as-yet untested sesame seeds to its distributor BakeMark for commercial sale," Delgadillo told reporters.

Woodhouse asked BakeMark to return the load three days later, but 80 of 839 bags -- one additional bag was accidentally destroyed -- had already been sold and shipped to 18 bakeries, restaurants and casino-hotels in Las Vegas, according to the City Attorney's Office. None of those bags were recovered, according to Delgadillo.

The remaining 759 bags were submitted by Woodhouse for an irradiation treatment to kill the detected salmonella after a positive test result was returned on Jan. 24, according to the City Attorney's Office.

In July, Woodhouse allegedly allowed six irradiated bags to be released for sale in violation of an FDA hold. Woodhouse later bought the bags back, along with 330 other bags that had been commingled, according to the City Attorney's Office.

"Clearly Woodhouse Commodities and Mr. Kenan were willing to violate federal FDA regulations and threaten the public's health by cutting corners to turn a profit," Delgadillo charged.

Finally Some Sanity said...


Unlike the Jewish Fress, the Forward article on Shlomo Blumenkrantz's heter meahs does not give any credence to Belsky & Mendel Epstein.

It figures that Epstein gave the example of Tom Johnson of Miami Vice fame.

Blumenkrantz by the way is the brother of the Far Rockaway rabbi.

Dov Charnowitz said...


Subject: Agunah!

A wedding took place Sunday January 11, 2004, in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where a man, Dov Charnowitz living at east 27th street and ave J, Took a SECOND WIFE, WHILE STILL MARRIED TO HIS FIRST WIFE, Hadasah Charnowitz. Close to 100 people were in attendance. Mr. Charnowitz is still Halachically and civilly married to his first wife.
HE REFUSES TO GIVE HIS WIFE A GET, even though she agreed to all of his demands. (these included completely giving up her rights to practically everything)
He is being helped by Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkrantz of east 4th street in Flatbush. Rabbi Blumenkrantz gave him a HETER to marry a second wife, WITHOUT giving a GET to his wife, who is begging for a GET.
Rabbi Zusha Blech of Monsey, New York is a supporter of Dov Charnowitz and he too attended and participated in the wedding ceremony.
Dov Charnowitz is "frum" married now to another "frum" woman, married by a "frum" rabbi, and employed by a "frum" company, Semels Foods (AKA Quality Frozen Foods). Contact them at :
Quality Frozen Foods
1663 62nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204
(718) 236-4949 (718) 256-9100

This is clearly against Halacha and should be protested vehemently by all G-d fearing Jews.
His new wife, Juby Shapiro heads an organization called Tafkid.
Contact Tafkid at: Tafkid
1433 Coney Island Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230
Phone: (718) 252) 2236 Fax: (718) 252-2216
E-mail: tafkid@worldnet.att.net

Everyone should contact Tafkid, Agudath Israel, The RCA, the O-U, and any other Jewish organization and voice your outrage, that such an atrocity could occur in our community.

Here are a few places to start:

Shlomo Blumenkrantz
534 E 4th St
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(718) 435 - 8171

Please contact:
Agudath Israel at
Agudath Israel World Organization 42 Braodway, New York, NY 10004 (212) 797-9000 Shafran@agudathisrael.org


Contact the Orthodox Union
Address: 11 Broadway New York, NY 10004
Phone Number: 212-563-4000 Fax: 212-564-9058 Email: info@ou.org

305 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10001 212-807-7888
212-727-8452 (Fax) email: info@rabbis.org


Rabbi Zushe Blech
30 Mariner Way
Monsey, NY 10952

Phone: 845 364 5376
Fax: 845 364 5381
Mobile: 845 304 7506

E-mail: blechz@optonline.net

Charlie Hynes said...

My Assistant DA, Tom Yeager, refused to give a get until pressure was brought on him.

Two other interesting points in this article.

Is it true that Rav Pam said to stop protesting against that lowlife Shareshefsky because his mother was upset about it?

The article also notes that Shlomo Blumenkrantz believes in making a woman an agunah in perpetuity if she ever went to court.

What's the Truth Here? said...



Ex-wife of slain man says he molested daughter


Special to Newsday

November 9, 2007

The mother of a 4-year-old who witnessed the slaying of her father in a Queens playground last month testified Thursday that she had stayed married to the the father, despite allegedly seeing him molest the girl, because her rabbi counseled the couple to stay together.

"We went to the rabbi and discussed this," said Dr. Mazoltuv Borukhova, 33, who is fighting for full custody of her daughter. Her ex-husband, Daniel Malakov, 34, an orthodontist, was gunned down last month.

"He said this was his way of showing his love and affection," Borukhova testified. "I asked him please find other different ways to show your affection."

David Shnall, the child's court-appointed law guardian, asked Borukhova, a Orthodox Jew, whether she always followed her rabbi's advice "instead of deciding for yourself?" She responded: "Correct."

The couple was married December 2001, and divorced in 2005. They were in the midst of a bitter custody battle when the slaying occurred. At the time of the killing the child was living with the father.

Testimony concluded today and Judge Linda Tally is expected to decide whether 4-year-old Michelle Malakov will live with her mother.

Lawyers at Queens Family Court on both sides claimed victory and are expected to give their 10-minute closing arguments today before Tally.

"I'm almost positive the court will rule in our favor," said Shnall. Shnall does not want the child to return to her mother, claiming she poses "an imminent risk" amid allegations she and her family were involved in the father's shooting death.

New York's Administration for Children Services placed the 4-year-old girl with her paternal grandparents after Malakov was killed. Police questioned Borukhova for several hours after the killing. They have made no arrests.

ACS last week placed the little girl in foster care after Borukhova claimed the child's paternal grandparents sexually abused her daughter.

Borukhova was cross-examined for almost three hours by an ACS lawyer and Shnall. She broke down in tears several times when asked about the physical abuse she said she endured with her ex-husband and her attempts to block visits with his daughter.

Both lawyers asked Borukhova why she would allow unsupervised visits after she witnessed her ex-husband allegedly molest their daughter. In response she said she relied on the advice of her rabbi.

Borukhova's lawyer, Florence Fass, said her client "finally got to tell her story from her point of view. She was compelling, candid and responsible."

Outside the courtroom, Borukhova began to cry when she said, "My daughter is everything. She is all I have."

There have been no arrests in the case, but police yesterday released a sketch of the killer, a white man believed to be 48 to 52 years old and about 5 feet, 8 inches tall. He is stocky, with salt and pepper hair and was wearing a black jacket and dark pants.

Sgt. Claudia Bartolomei, head of the 112th Precinct detective squad, said the sketch is based on the interviews with several witnesses. The killer, she said, fled on foot, running on 64th Road toward 102nd Street.

The reward money, she said, now totals $41,000, with $29,000 of it from Malakov's family. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 800-577-TIPS.

Naftoli Eisgrau said...


Is he the son of Baltimore's Rabbi Eisgrau? He opened a new yeshiva in Monsey for special kids.

Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg said...


Shalom Auslander is my failure
'Pot, pork and pater-bashing'

By Rabbi Moshe Rosenberg

Zelikovitz said...


Elderly Brighton Beach tenants rip rabbi's eviction plans


Thursday, November 8th 2007, 4:00 AM

Elderly and disabled Brighton Beach tenants are fighting a local rabbi's plans to evict them to make room for a Jewish school.

Tenants at 35-45 West End Ave. plan to argue in court Thursday that Rabbi Joshua Zelikovitz is really eying the site for pricey condos.

"I'm going to argue that there are ulterior motives going on," said Legal Aid lawyer Jonathan Twersky, who represents six tenants facing eviction. "The building as it is is not usable for a school, and they have never shown any kind of plans for the school."

Today's appearance in Brooklyn Housing Court is the latest skirmish in a battle that erupted in January, when Zelikovitz bought the two-story, 24-apartment building and began sending eviction notices to some tenants.

Zelikovitz, who runs a yeshiva out of another formerly rent-controlled building next door, is using a loophole in state housing law that allows nonprofits to take over rent-controlled buildings for their use.

But the tenants, some of whom are in their 80s and 90s and get federal Section 8 rent subsidies, are crying foul.

"How can he be a rabbi and kick out old people from their houses?" asked one elderly tenant, who refused to be identified for fear of reprisals. "When they told me I would have to go, I cried. I'm old and I'm sick. I can't make a change like this now."

Tenant leader Elise Brunelle charged Zelikovitz emptied the apartment building next door, at 59 West End Ave., several years ago for the same alleged reasons, but the school still only uses a portion of the building.

Buildings Department officials said they have never issued permits for a school to be housed there.

Zelikovitz, who also is the rabbi at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center synagogue across the street, didn't return calls for comment yesterday.

The move comes on the heels of another yeshiva and condo controversy in the neighborhood.

This spring, Manhattan Beach Jewish Center President Rubin Margules made waves when he suggested the decades-old institution shore up its finances by pushing out the Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach housed on its upper floors to make way for apartments.

But yesterday Margules said the yeshiva there has now been given another two-year lease. He also said there was no link between the two issues, despite Zelikovitz's connection to the center - but added that Zelikovitz was doing nothing wrong.

"It's not their building; they're tenants," said Margules. "It's not a lifetime contract, even though they would like to think that.

"It's sad when things change, but that's the city."


Agudah Fresser said...

When it comes to free food, I have no problem with YU.


Cholent, a traditional Jewish dish of slow-cooked meat and vegetables, is the object of a 15-team cook-off at Yeshiva University. The contenders will serve gratis samples to the discerning public and a panel of judges (including a Martha Stewart Living staffer). There’s no prize—unless you count glory. FREE First Annual Cholent Cook-Off. Weisberg Commons, Wilf Campus, Yeshiva University, 500 W 185th St at Amsterdam Ave. 2:45pm. For more info, call 212-960-5488.

The Way to an Agudah Fresser's Vote is through his Stomach said...


Other questionable activities - like a 2005 advertisement that promised the first 2,000 voters in a Monsey precinct free ice cream machines during a primary election - were also probed but not prosecuted.

Ehud Olmert said...


Associated Press Writer

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Police raided more than 20 government buildings and private offices Sunday, searching for evidence in a series of criminal investigations of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Breslover Putz said...


Contractor may take control of Rabbi Nachman's grave

Matthew Wagner , THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 8, 2007

If a Ukrainian appeals court has its way, the Breslav Hassidic sect will lose control over the burial place of the sect's founder, Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, to a non-Jewish Ukrainian building contractor and parliamentarian.

The Hassidic master's gravesite is the focus of mass pilgrimages, a major tourist attraction and moneymaker. Last Rosh Hashana, 24,000 secular and religious, Sephardi and Ashkenazi worshippers descended on the sleepy, undeveloped town of Uman, Ukraine, to pray and be near the bones of the rabbi.

However, Pietro Pavlivich Kusmenko, a building contractor and a member of the Ukrainian parliament with extensive political connections, has now won a case in the Kiev appeals court against the Breslav World Center, an organization that owns the gravesite and surrounding buildings.

The legal dispute began four years ago when a man named Igor Lifshitz, who was given power of attorney by the Breslav Center to pay bills on its behalf, signed a contract with Kusmenko to develop the gravesite and the surrounding area at a cost of $5 million.

The contract stipulated that a fine of $2.5m. would be paid by the Breslav World Center if it chose to annul the agreement. According to the court ruling, since Breslav backed out it must now pay the fine.

The Breslav Center refused to pay the fine, claiming that it was the victim of extortion. Kusmenko may soon receive permission to put a lien on the gravesite and surrounding property.

However, Rabbi Nasan Maimon, director of the Breslav World Center, told The Jerusalem Post Thursday that Lifshitz never received permission to sign a contract with Kusmenko.

"Lifshitz is a swindler," said Maimon. "We never agreed to allow Kusmenko to develop the gravesite. So why should we pay him?"

Meanwhile, the Breslav Center's legal adviser, Gilad Corinaldi, sent a letter to Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni asking her to raise the issue of Rabbi Nachman's burial site during her meeting next week with Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko.

Yushenko is slated to arrive in Israel on Wednesday for a short visit to discuss a wide range of issues including nuclear proliferation, Iran, Ukrainian anti-Semitism and Holocaust restitution.

Jewish property issues will most likely be one of the subjects that will be discussed with Yushenko during his visits with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, President Shimon Peres and Livni, said a Foreign Ministry source, but refused to be more specific.

The source added that Israel's Foreign Ministry usually would not intervene in legal matters such as a dispute over property rights, especially when it is possible to ensure free access to the gravesite even if ownership is in non-Jewish hands.

However, Corinaldi, who gained experience with international law governing the protection of holy sites while representing Gush Katif settlers in their fight to prevent the government from destroying synagogues during the Gaza disengagement, said that putting a lien on Rabbi Nachman's gravesite and liquidating it to pay off a debt was prohibited according to international law.

"The gravesite is a holy place for hundreds of thousands of Jews. Attempts by the Ukrainian government to forcibly take away control from the Jews is a desecration. If we can't reach a settlement through diplomatic channels or through the Ukrainian legal system we will appeal to the International Court of Human Rights [in] Strausbourg," said Corinaldi.

The ongoing legal battle has also raised the issue of disinterring Rabbi Nachman from Uman and bringing his remains to Israel for burial. A fringe group within the Breslav Hassidic sect, which has no central authority, is pushing for the disinterment. But Maimon said that it was completely out of the question.

"Rabbi Nachman specifically asked to be buried in Uman which is the site of a mass murder of 30,000 Jews - men, women and children - at the hands of Cossacks and Haidamaks. These righteous Jews chose to be hacked to death rather than convert to Christianity. He cannot be moved from that place," he said.

Maxim Osavoliuk, spokesman for the Ukrainian Embassy in Israel, refrained from commenting.

Norman Mailer is another offender said...


He had nine children, made a quixotic bid to become mayor of New York, produced five forgettable films, dabbled in journalism, flew gliders, challenged professional boxers, was banned from a Manhattan YWHA for reciting obscene poetry, feuded publicly with writer Gore Vidal and crusaded against women's lib.

Mailer's personal life was as turbulent as the times. In 1960, at a party at his Brooklyn Heights home, Mailer stabbed his second wife, Adele Morales, with a knife. She declined to press charges, and it was not until 1997 that she revealed, in her own book, how close she had come to dying.

Years later, he championed the work of a convict-writer named Jack Abbott - and was subjected to ridicule and criticism when Abbott, released to a halfway house, promptly stabbed a man to death.

Israeli Health Ministry Consultant R' Pinchos Scheinberg said...

Health Ministry told Haaretz: "The incident itself did not result in sexual intercourse or rape."


Psychiatric hospital kept mum about sexual assault in mixed ward
By Ran Reznick, Haaretz Correspondent

A psychiatric hospital in the Galilee failed to report a sexual assault that occurred last summer between two patients, a male and a female, Haaretz has learned.

The 73-year-old male attacker was removed from the unisex psychogeriatric department at Mizra Psychiatric Hospital, where the assault had occurred in July. But some months later, the doctor in charge decided to transfer him back and house him with female patients.

The decision to move the attacker, a convicted killer diagnosed with schizophrenia, who was transferred to Mizra in May, prompted one of the institution's senior physicians to complain to management about potential risks. The senior doctor warned that returning the man to the mixed department put female patients in danger of being sexually assaulted.

The attacker, who had been convicted 24 years ago of killing his wife and one of his daughters, was eventually removed and transferred to an all-male ward.
The assault happened at night, when the attacker entered the room of a disabled 60-year-old woman suffering from severe dementia. He reportedly climbed in bed with her and started groping her breasts. Nurses removed the man after the victim yelled for help. The man reportedly told the doctor on duty that he had tried to have sex with the woman.

Sources in the Health Ministry told Haaretz that although Mizra's management had defined the assault as a "severe incident," it was not reported to the ministry, the district psychiatrist or the police. Additionally, the hospital did not report the incident to the victim's family.

The correspondence revealed that the attacker, who after the assault had been transferred to the all-male ward, was transferred back to the unisex department on October 18. Dr. Yuli Wetchkov, head of the psychogeriatric department at Mizra, signed the transfer, based on the request and recommendation of Yulinna Naj, the head of the all-male ward.

The senior physician at Mizra who opposed the transfer, Dr. Michael Segal, then wrote Wetchkov and the institution's management to warn against the move. Upon reading his warning, management instructed Wetchkov to transfer the attacker back to the all-male ward.

Ten days ago, Wetchkov wrote Segal to tell him that the psychogeriatric department's handling of the incident was "professional and appropriate," and that the recommendation that the attacker be transferred back to the unisex ward was "done after much thought," Wetchkov added.

In its official reaction, the Health Ministry told Haaretz: "When the patient was hospitalized, he displayed no signs of violence or abnormal sexual behavior, and there was no reason to refrain from receiving him in the ward. During the two months of his stay before the incident, the man displayed no abnormal behavior.

"The incident itself did not result in sexual intercourse or rape. After the incident, them man was transferred to the all-male ward for two months. He was then put in the psychogeriatric department for a few days, during which he displayed no violent behavior. However, he was then transferred to the all-male department to reevaluate the degree of danger that he might pose to other patients.

"The incident called for an internal inspection, which was carried out and concluded, albeit a few days too late."

Dr. Tuvya Chaim Neuhoff said...

I am against groping the breasts of 60 year old dementia patients of any kind.

Rabbi Shlomo Blumenkranz said...

According to Jewish law, only a man can grant his wife a religious divorce, by providing what is known as a get. Some men have refused to offer the get, even after completing a civil divorce for very legitimite reasons. I back these men from evil women. This makes it impossible for the woman to marry again within the faith, nor should they.

Halacha is halacha. There are often valid halachic reasons that a man should not give a get.

Reform "Rabbi" Enabler Sidney Kay said...


Shul-goer gets jail for 26 child porn offences
By Nathan Jeffay
V Southport’s Jewish community was in shock this week after a regular Reform Synagogue congregant was jailed for nine months for downloading and distributing child pornography.

Heath Colwyn, 33, was sentenced on Monday at Liverpool Crown Court, where he had pleaded guilty to 26 offences of making indecent images of children and five of distributing them.

The court was told that police seized two laptops and 21 floppy discs from the home of Colwyn in March 2005. They were found to contain 488 indecent images of children aged from about nine to 15. Eighty-nine were in the serious category involving sex with adults.

One of the laptops contained emails showing that the electrical engineer had distributed images to others in the UK.

Colwyn’s barrister, Andrew Loveridge, pointed out that he had no similar previous convictions and denied that his behaviour had been sexually motivated.

However, Judge David Aubrey, QC, found this “difficult to accept”, and, passing sentence, told the court that viewing such images perpetuated child abuse. The court was told that Colwyn’s wife was standing by him. The couple have a three-year-old son.

Colwyn, who in his younger days was an enthusiastic Jewish Lads’ and Girls’ Brigade member, was said by a fellow Southport Reform congregant to have “an unblemished record in the community”, where his family is long established and well regarded. “There is nothing in his past to account for what happened.”

Emeritus minister Rabbi Sydney Kay told the JC that Colwyn would remain welcome at services and community events when released, and was “amazed” that anyone would think otherwise. “A synagogue is a synagogue and as such accepts every Jew as a Jew.”

Referring to the decision taken earlier this year by Stanmore Synagogue to ban indefinitely a convicted sex offender, Andrew Josephs, Rabbi Kay said: “Stanmore is Stanmore, Southport is Southport. If someone has served his punishment, as the Torah says, the judge draws him close and calls him brother.”

Any concerns by young families would be dealt with and could not influence the decision, as “I am guided by the Torah”.

The Reform congregation has around 120 adult members and 20 children at its cheder.

JLGB chief executive Neil Martin said Colwyn had been a member up to the age of 18 or 20, and “may have been our most junior type of young leader. But had there been any cause for suspicion, we would have acted.”

Colwyn’s family declined to comment.

Rubashkin Corruption Watch said...


When will this community start to understand Rubashkin will do everything in his power to stop the elections and probably succeed. He has a group of stupid idiots giving him a carte Blanche and will never call elections. Rubashkin is power hungry and will hold onto his power by having Rabbi Osdoba come out with any letter he wants.
We are basically stuck with Rubashkin destroying our community. Our only hope is that Rubashkin gets locked up for a very long time

Rubashkin says openly that we cannot have elections as long as their is machlokos with the rabbonim in other words there will never be elections again in Crown heights. Rubashkin has made it that the rabbonim are fighting with each other and this way he will prevent the elections.
Our only hope is to have a judge force the elections for vaad hakohol and the sooner the better.

The Jury is Out said...

Maybe Rabbi Blumenkrantz can explain the valid reasons for not giving a get.

R' Hershel Schechter, among others, does not agree at least in the current case.

I am a Lakewooder, but R' Hershel is a distinguished talmid chochom, who I do not believe would simply cave because of some radical feminist agenda.

Baltimore Molesters said...


Women Molestation Survivors On Their Recovery

Phil Jacobs
Executive Editor

NOVEMBER 09, 2007

Ruth was the last to answer the question on impact. "My self-image went way down," she said, "even though it was never my fault. It always seems as if it’s the woman’s fault: That’s what my culture taught me."

Her first molestation occurred when she was about 11. The perpetrator was a taxi driver. And then there would be the fathers of some of the children she’d baby-sit for. She was taught to believe that adults were always correct and must be obeyed. She was raped when she was 16.

Sarah is still struggling with food addictions and body image issues. But she added that her recovery has really just settled in. She’s now 20 years sober in Alcoholics Anonymous.

"I’ve learned a lot about removing myself from a bad situation," she said. "I was a horrible alcoholic and drug addict. I’ve learned that recovery is a lot of work. This group has meant a huge amount to me."

Hannah puts it so succinctly: "I have a voice now. I am not carrying around a secret anymore. My anxiety is less. I know when I’m being triggered. I have a clearer head now, and this group has helped me to improve my relationship with people."

Miriam mentions that she has suffered physical aftereffects from her molestation, including chronic shoulder and back pain. She quotes the biblical phrase, "The truth will set you free."

"I’m still waiting for the free part," she said. "I’ve felt so many repercussions for so long, and I am still feeling them. They are still affecting my life. However, I feel good that I know where it is all coming from. I don’t feel ashamed anymore. The man who molested me, he should feel ashamed."

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann said...

Just a reminder that Phil Jacobs is a dog who eats his own vomit.

boog said...

Hey Agudah:

If it's not too late, Give this years Sruly Singer Agudah Man of the Year Award to Ehud Olmert.

rav said...

I agrre with R'Shlomo. In many cases it is fitting to permit a heter meah.

The Jury is Out said...

We all know there are times that a heter meah is called for. That's why it exists to begin with.

We want to know the point of dispute in this latest case with Rosenfeld that R' Hershel Schechter is against.

UOJ Comes Down on Pedophile Michael Jackson said...


Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Appears in Foreclosure Report (Mortgage Lender Implode-o-Meter, Nov. 6th): "Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has appeared in the November 5th, 2007 Foreclosure Detail Report for Santa Barbara county. While the looming foreclosure of Neverland Ranch has received some coverage, this would appear to be hard confirmation of the event...

Man-made Disaster said...


By Steve Schifferes
BBC economics reporter

A wave of foreclosures and evictions is about to sweep the United States in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage lending crisis.
This could destabilise the US housing market and may also lead to further turmoil in financial institutions, who collectively own $1 trillion (£480.6bn) worth of sub-prime debt.

Cleveland, Ohio, is an industrial city on the banks of Lake Erie in the US "rust belt".

It is the sub-prime capital of the United States. One in ten homes in the city is now vacant, and whole neighbourhoods have been blighted by foreclosed, vandalized and boarded-up homes.

Cleveland is facing a rising crime wave, and the cost of demolishing the vacant houses alone will cost the city $100m of its tax base.

According to Jim Rokakis, the County Treasurer for Cleveland's Cuyahoga County, "Wall Street strategies that made the cycle of no-money-down, no-questions-asked lending possible have sucked the life out of my city".

Sub-prime crisis growing

Sub-prime lending is spreading across the United States, especially in the booming housing markets of Southern California, Florida, Washington, DC, and New York City.

One in five US mortgages now falls in this category. As the credit crunch continues to bite "families all over the country continue to lose homes in record numbers, stripping families of their wealth and destroying entire neighbourhoods," says Michael Calhoun of the Center for Responsible Lending, which tracks these issues.

There have already been 1.7 million foreclosure proceedings in the US in the first eight months of 2007, and up to 2 million families are expected to lose their homes over the next two years, according to estimates by the US Congress's Joint Economic Committee.

Cleveland's situation is not unique.

All around the country, aid agencies report a "tidal wave" of foreclosure cases, says Sarah Gerecke, director of New York City's Neighborhood Housing Services.

Her concern is that many recently regenerated neighbourhoods in New York will soon be blighted by crisis again.

But according to Mark Zandi, chief economist for Moody's, only 1% of sub-prime mortgages have been renegotiated rather than foreclosed so far.

Ms Gerecke says a piecemeal approach involving millions of individual renegotiations will not work. Each case takes hours of negotiations, and the mortgage companies' loan loss departments are overwhelmed by the crisis.

Sruly Singer's Home Turf said...


Take Queens, where, according to research firm RealtyTrac, foreclosures were up nearly 70 percent in the third quarter of 2007 compared to the same period last year.

Now, as borrowers default during a cooling real-estate market, more and more properties are finding their way to auction.

"You have a situation now where you have a drop in housing prices," she says. "You have mortgages taken out that are a lot larger than house is worth. There's no the equity in these homes. For investors to pick them up, where's the money to be made?"

Many foreclosure hunters already realize that this might not be the time to dive in. They are waiting for the moment when banks get desperate and slash the prices they are willing to accept.

"By early next year, I hope," says Michael Nicholas, a professional foreclosure investor who also showed up at the Brooklyn auction. "At that moment, there's going to be a stampede."

Greg Fonti, an auction referee who arrived at the courthouse with a property to sell - it didn't - agrees, pointing to the late 1980s as historical precedent.

"The last time this happened was back in '88," says Fonti. "Terrible time in the foreclosure business. The banks were closing and were getting pressured by FDIC regulators to move these properties off their books. Will the banks start selling them for cheaper? Yes, I have no doubt."

Leopold Margulies said...

Ha! UOJ thinks he has it all figured out for 555 Ocean Pkwy.


A precipitous rise in the number of condominium owners who are defaulting on their common payments, an important indicator of future foreclosures, is being reported.

"There has been a very substantial increase of cases involving condominiums," a lawyer who is the president of the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums, Marc Luxemburg, said.

Monthly common charges, which include general upkeep costs for the common area of a building and often reach into the thousands of dollars, can be the first indicator of foreclosures because homeowners stop paying them if they are having trouble with their mortgages.

During the last housing downturn in the early 1990s, there was a similar increase in defaults preceding numerous foreclosures, Mr. Luxemburg said.

Shea Fishman said...


What if ... ?