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The Power Of One!





...."Rabosai; we are in a generational war. We will win, no doubt. But it will take energy, participation, and fortitude. The Taliban-like rabbis and their supporters must be defeated. There is no room in our civilized society for "halacha" sanctioned evil. The Internet is as evil as a gun. You can use the Internet to protect yourself and your family with it, by learning, studying, researching, increasing your income, providing parnassah, and you can kill yourself with it, spiritually. Did you ever see a gun on trial?

There is a person behind the gun/computer that must be educated and taught responsibile behavior with this great "weapon". You can fend off robbers in the middle of the night with a gun, or you can kill family members, Rachmana l'tzlan. Money can be used for good and evil, do you think these cavemen would consider meeting over a fire on the issue of banning money?".....

This Internet issue is merely symbolic of the fear that they have. Too much information will ruin their business. Their ignorance and their inability to reconcile Torah and science makes them scared silly. You have the ability to access information that frightens them; they DO NOT want you to know anything other than what they tell you. This is not about porn sites, this is about their inability to control your thought process. Their death knell!

If you are convinced that rabbis and rebbes are no more closer to God than you are, they're out of business. If their brachas are worthless, why stand in line until the wee hours of the morning begging them to take your money? The more they take, the better they make you feel. JUST LIKE DRUGS! Do they care about you? Or are you only as good as your last check, or cash under the table to the gabbai-doorkeeper-zookeeper? What a freak show! What circus did they perform at before moving to Boro Park?

To paraphrase the verbiage of the great thinker, scientist/philosopher Carl Sagan; "their posturing, their imagined self-importance, their belief that they are somehow in a position of privilege in the universe, is unfathomable."

And these eternal words of wisdom of Sagan on the psychology of humans;(paraphrase) " the thought that you may have dedicated your life to a lie, that you may have accepted a conventional wisdom that no longer, if ever, corresponds to an external reality, is a very painful realization. A person will go to any lengths to prevent themselves from seeing that inadequate worldview that they dedicated their lives to."

My views and opinions may be the minority view for now in Orthodox Judaism, but since when does the majority view make it the correct view? Did not the majority of Jews in the time of Rabbi Akiva accept Bar-Kochba as the Messiah? Did not the vast majority of Jews in the time of Shabbtai Tzvi accept him as the Saviour of the Jews? Are not the followers of Jesus and Mohammed the majority?..........

What if it all depended on me.
To change the world.
To change the world?
What if my only responsibility was to change the world.
To change the world? Let me be the ONE.
To start a revolution.
Let me sing my song to the people of the
world. It all begins with.






What kind of love can conquer disease.
And change the world. And change the world?
What can I do to make poverty history.
And change the world. And change the world?
Let me be the ONE. To start a revolution.
Let me sing my song to the people of the world.
To the children of the world.

It all begins with...




Please don’t close your eyes
Please don't turn away. Let your voices rise.
Put love on display. And make a difference now.
I believe you and me. Can make a difference now.
Oh oh oh. Oh oh oh Oh oh oh It all begins with ONE


Leopold Hubbard Margulies said...


Defectors Say Church of Scientology Hides Abuse

Anonymous said...

Every person has the power to change the world if they just put their heads to it.

Being in askan/macher/bully is the dream of so many people. They get to control people and dictate how things are and it's my way or the highway bullying. My rabbi, Rabbi Finkel in Chicago said that the greatest siyata dishmaya a person can have is when he works for the people and not for the money or the power. Once money is thrown at a person they lose their way because most people salivate over their money like a bunch of dogs with rabies! So they listen to watever the money man says to do.

This is why the people who rabbi mentored are kiruv volunteers and working to help give chizuk to people who were abused FOR FREE. This is the Jewish spirit and the way to make the biggest impact. No leader was ever succesful by simply following the person who trained him, a leader is a person who forged his own path DESPITE the ridicule and inspired others to join him. Our rabbi was made fun of and beaten down but always found the bunny to pull out of his hat to inspire people.

Everyone can be make a difference, you don't have to be a fancy speaker or a rich bully to change things around in the world. As Rabbi Finkel always demanded us to be the best that you can be. The power of ONE is amazing. Every person has to use their own brain to make the right choices in life and not follow like brainless robots the ego maniac askanim and their money salivating rabies infected rabbis.

Keep up the fight for children safety and mental health.

Chevra Chazerim - HMO division said...


Insurance Cuts Off a Child Fighting for Life

Police Officer's Family Can Barely Afford to Keep Sick 3-Year-Old Alive

Hannah suffers from a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis that produces a severe allergic reaction that causes her white blood cells to attack her esophagus. This makes it impossible for her to eat.

"It's really heartbreaking." Hannah's mother Jessie Devane said.

Michael Devane, who is her father, said, "It's very difficult to tell her that she can't have a cupcake or a piece of chocolate.

There's no cure for Hannah's condition, which affects one out of 10,000 children. She has suffered from this condition since she was 11 months old and depended on a special formula called Elecare for basic nutrition. The only other foods the toddler can eat are rice and pears.

But the Devanes' health insurance company is refusing to cover the cost of Elecare because, as the company told ABC News in a statement today, it is a "food supplement."

That leaves Hannah's parents Michael and Jessie -- a police lieutenant and a registered nurse -- with a $1,200 monthly bill. Hannah's father has taken on a second job as a security guard on weekends, and the additional pay barely helps cover the expense.

To make matters worse, Hannah's 6-month-old sister has just started to show the same symptoms Hannah once had.

Dr. Glenn Furuta, who specializes in treating children with Hannah's disease, says Elecare is a medical necessity.

"The use of specialized formula for treatment of anyone with an allergic intestinal disease is a primary treatment," Furuta said. "It's not a supplement."

Bim Bam identity said...


Advice to House: Don't Take Any Obama Wooden Nickels

The Senate may trick the House into passing its bill.

Nancy Pelosi is trying to shoo House Democrats into voting for the Senate health care bill, but members are more worried than ever that the Senate won't then implement the necessary changes through the reconciliation process to make the final bill acceptable. They have good reason for concern.

Now they're hearing from Senate colleagues that the GOP can be expected to make Senate reconciliation as difficult and drawn-out as possible through delaying tactics. President Obama may wind up just signing the Senate bill into law no changes whatsoever -- preserving some of the most egregious elements that made the Senate bill such a public lightning rod.

These include not just the "Cornhusker Kickback," "Louisiana Purchase" and other special-interest deals rolled into the Senate bill last December to buy wavering Democratic votes. Democrats also would have to explain all over again why 800,000 seniors in Florida will be spared Medicare Advantage cuts, while those elsewhere won't.

Senator Lamar Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, says Mr. Obama is asking House Democrats "to hold hands, drop off a cliff and hope [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid catches them. And Harry Reid will have no incentive to catch them because by the time he gets to the reconciliation bill, the president will have already signed the health care bill into law."

Meanwhile, President Obama met with 20 undecided House Democrats yesterday in private. He urged them to put aside their political concerns and vote for the Senate bill in the interests of duty and country. "It's always a bad sign when a chief executive tells members of Congress of his own party to ignore the politics," says presidential historian Al Felzenberg. "It usually means he's got a bad product."

Leib Tropper said...


Is a Jewish wedding ahead for Chelsea Clinton?

Hershel Boehm said...


Someone reported on UOJ in 2007 that Moshe Eisenman is a good customer of mine. Now he has much more room to frolic around.

Menachem Lubinsky said...


Yes, kosher supermarkets should always be very roomy to accommodate molesters.

Sheftel Neuberger said...

I hope they don't bring UOJ in to fix this problem.

Water main break reported in Pikesville area

BALTIMORE -- Public works officials say a water main break in the Pikesville area has left thousands of people without water.

Kurt Kocher, a spokesman for Baltimore's Department of Public Works, said officials were working this morning to pinpoint the location of the break.

Kocher said about 75,000 to 100,000 people don't have water. People in the area who still have water are being encouraged to conserve as much as possible until the break is pinpointed and fixed.

Archie Bunker said...

Interesting double standard that Shmarya selectively applies to get rid of critics like yours truly who get under his skin by refuting his lies.

When he permanently blocked me from FM his excuse was that I was "badmouthing" ideological opponents without any accountability.

From today's FM post on Avi Weiss and the woman "rabbi" controversy:

Judaism as a penis cult.

Posted by: Office of the Chief Rabbi | March 06, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Ortho rabbis are gay and thus naturally find women disgusting. They have evolved some apparently effective rationalizations for female exclusion.

I don't understand why people ignore how ortho rabbis are mostly egregiously gay.

Posted by: justsayin | March 07, 2010 at 12:47 AM

rabbi pruzansky is the biggest piece of shit in the RCA today. Whenever Charedim sink to a new low it should be called a "Pruzansky moment".

Posted by: critical_minyan | March 07, 2010 at 02:37 AM

Liar Liar said...


Catholic Conference backs Lopez's victims' bill

First published in print: Saturday, March 6, 2010

I write in response to the Feb. 22 commentary, "Let's offer sex victims more time," by Rabbi Hanoch Hecht and the Rev. Anthony Evans.

In supporting Assemblywoman Margaret Markey's proposed Child Victims Act, these writers attack the Catholic Church for its opposition to this legislation, which makes a mockery of the statute of limitations by allowing for a one-year window in which decades-old claims can be revived. While the Catholic Conference opposes the Markey bill, it supports Assemblyman Vito Lopez's legislation. It applies to all victims, extending the statute of limitations without the window.
The writers misled readers in omitting this information in an attempt to make it look as if the church leadership is not trying to help victims of sex abuse because they are "coldhearted."

It is important to provide all relevant information. The Lopez bill will protect children without compromising the ability of institutions to defend cases where faulty memories and incomplete records could lead to unjust results.

Susan Fani

New York City

The writer is director of communications for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

Balti-Moron said...


Some scams rise above the merely outrageous to the profane. Such is plainly the case with Rabbi Menachem Youlus, the DC-area Torah scribe who claims to have "rescued" more than 1,000 Holocaust-era Torah scrolls.

The evidence is overwhelming that he has done no such thing -- and that the congregations that have bought such scrolls from him have wasted their money. Consider:

* Youlus swears that he discovered two Torah scrolls in a mass grave in Western Ukraine, in a "Gestapo body bag." I guarantee you, the Gestapo did not use bags for its Jewish victims, let alone for Torahs. And he has no evidence for his claim.

Far from having been made a pariah, however, Youlus apparently continues to function as a scribe with impunity. Save a Torah, his tax-exempt group, shamelessly continues to solicit funds on its Web site.

Some prominent Jews still defend him publicly.

Carol Pristoop, executive director of the Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center, told the Baltimore Jewish Times that even though Youlus' actions "could be possibly fraud . . . This man, in many ways, is doing a mitzvah."

Dr. Moshe Shualy, the Ritual Director of Baltimore's Chizuk Amuno Congregation, says he believes that Youlus is "being crucified." He asks: "Should we judge him because he says things that don't sound quite right?"
And Robert Kushner, who purchased one of the mass-grave Torah scrolls for the Beth El Congregation in South Hills, Pa, wants to let Youlus off the hook after receiving a sworn document in which Youlus simply reiterates his original account of the scroll's provenance. "Whatever he may be," Kushner told the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, "I cannot bring myself to believe that an Orthodox rabbi would swear and confirm to a lie."


Youlus has raised thousands of dollars under false pretenses from people who trusted him, including idealistic teens who gave portions of their bar and bat mitzvah gifts to Save a Torah.

Instead of being given a free pass, Youlus should be thoroughly investigated. Where did he get his scrolls, and from whom? Were they stolen, and if so, to whom do they belong?

If nothing else, Menachem Youlus violated the trust of well-meaning individuals who thought they were supporting the rescue of Torah scrolls and instead have discovered that they unwittingly helped facilitate a truly contemptible scam. He and his Save a Torah foundation must now be held accountable, both legally and morally.

Menachem Z. Rosensaft is ad junct professor of law at Cornell Law School and vice president of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants.

Lakewood said...


Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division.

Submitted February 3, 2010.

Decided March 3, 2010.

In this appeal, we chiefly consider whether the evidence adduced at trial was sufficient to support the judgment terminating the parental rights of defendants S.Y. and C.Y. to their two children, J.Y. and L.Y.

The involvement of plaintiff New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services (the Division) with this family began five days after the birth of the oldest child, L.Y. The Division then substantiated that, on June 10, 1996, defendant S.Y. had dropped the five-day old L.Y. on his head. The Division provided a home health aide and a homemaker as well as counseling for both defendants. The Division closed its case the following year when defendants moved out of the State.

Defendants' second child, J.Y., was born on February 22, 1999. The record reveals that both children have special needs — both have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and L.Y. has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome — and see a psychiatrist on a monthly basis for medication monitoring and counseling. They also receive speech and occupational therapy.

In March 2000, the Division received a referral alleging that the children would often be dirty, unfed and clad in dirty clothes when arriving at daycare. In investigating, the Division found their home was "filthy" and had a "horrible stench." The Division reopened its file and provided counseling services, as well as a cleaning service.

In March 2003, a school nurse made a referral, which was substantiated, that seven-year old L.Y. had large bruises on his back as a result of being hit with a belt by his father. Later that year, the school nurse again contacted the Division and reported that a witness had seen, on three separate occasions, defendant S.Y. dragging a screaming L.Y. across the school parking lot. On one occasion, S.Y. dragged L.Y. to the ground, yanked him up, and then slapped his head several times. The Division's investigation revealed that the "entire house had a smell of urine" and there was "food trash and other garbage strewn about the entire house." A plastic grocery containing dirty diapers was found hanging on a door knob; most of the rooms had no working lights. Both boys shared a soiled mattress that lacked sheets. J.Y., who was then four years old, was observed wearing a diaper. L.Y. revealed that his father hit him in the face with a belt.

Allegations of physical abuse by S.Y. and allegations of the neglect of both defendants were substantiated. The Division conducted an emergency removal on December 8, 2003, and commenced Title 9 proceedings the next day, seeking a determination that the children had been abused or neglected while in defendants' custody. The judge entered an order granting the Division custody of the children. Due to the family's religious faith, the Division temporarily placed the children with a Hasidic Jewish family in their Lakewood community.

On January 23, 2007, during a psychiatric examination, J.Y. spontaneously disclosed that he had been sexually abused. Both children made other disclosures of sexual abuse. On May 21, 2007, the judge ordered that termination of parental rights followed by adoption was an acceptable permanency plan, and the Division commenced a second guardianship action on June 29, 2007.

The Law Guardian called as a witness, D.Z., the children's foster mother. Defendant C.Y. testified on her own behalf and called as a witness, Rabbi Larry Freundlich, who testified about Jewish traditions, to demonstrate that the children's allegations of sexual abuse may have related to some confusion regarding the mikvah.

"Larry" Freundlich said...


Shaare Torah Inc

Larry A Freundlich
1199 Cecil Ct
Lakewood, NJ 08701


The Bais Horaaha's other locations are: 1199 Cecil Court in the Chestnut neighborhood

Bais Horaah is not affiliated and please do not confuse it with the Bais Horaah of Lakewood, which is directed by the world renowned goan and posek, Rav Shlomo Miller.

One who knows said...

If it's excuses that Rabbi Freundlich is making, confusion over going to the mikva turning into sexual abuse is pretty lame.

When it came to an alter kacker molester in Frankel's shul the girl told her shrink that her mother was fondling her. Experts translated this that the father was likely doing that and worse but the girl blamed the mother out of dire fear of her crazy old man. The family tried to farentfer that the mother had yener machala in her breasts and was worried that her daughter might have it as well so she was conducting frequent examinations. This is of course baloney as a medical doctor should be conducting such examinations.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that the court allows both initials to be published as people in a close knit community like Lakewood can figure out who they are.

In Israel & England they only allow one initial.

Gumshoe said...

Those poor kids really got bounced around.

According to a footnote, the children had been removed from the temporary foster home in Lakewood and placed with a Jewish family in Bergen County.

Then they went back to the foster parents. Then the foster parents got divorced and the foster mother moved with the kids out of state. The biological parents then tried to regain custody but were turned down by the judge who ruled they should have zero contact with them.

Anonymous said...

I think that Freundlich is from the family that sold Rokeach Foods to RAB-Manischewitz.

1st cousin of Leib Pinter said...


Leaders of Hackney's orthodox Jewish community have attacked town hall bosses over plans to redevelop the largest school building in Stamford Hill into luxury homes.

Charedi protesters are taking to the streets this week to oppose the transformation of Skinners School for Girls in Stamford Hill into residential properties, rather than an orthodox Jewish school.

Developer Berkley Homes wants to convert the current Skinners School site into 62 flats and studios after pupils relocate to the brand new Skinners Academy premises in the Woodberry Down development in September.

But the orthodox Jewish community is up in arms because it says Berkley Homes had originally pledged to keep the site as a school for Stamford Hill pupils, developing it as a new home for Beis Chinuch Lebonos Girls School currently in Woodberry Down.

Rabbi Avrahom Pinter, Principal of Yesodey Hatorah Schools in Stamford Hill, is leading a campaign to oppose the Berkeley Homes redevelopment proposals with support from Rabbi Nachman Sudak, trustee of the Lubavitch organisation, and Rabbi Yosef Babad, head of the Belz community and Beth Maleah.

Rabbi Pinter accused the council of depriving the Orthodox community of much-needed facilities.

Buses of protesters from Stamford Hill will turn out at Hackney Town Hall at 6pm on Wednesday (March 10) to urge the council's planning committee to reject the proposed development.

Boyan involved with Dwek too said...


A Hasidic charity whose bank account was seized as part of last summer's mass public corruption sting in New Jersey and New York can't sue civilly to get its money back, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Falk held that Gmach Shefa Chaim had an adequate remedy in a criminal case in which the government is seeking forfeiture of the $508,925 in the account.

Falk called his ruling in Gmach Shefa Chaim v. U.S., 09-cv-5426, one of first impression in the 3rd Circuit.

The Gmach has not been indicted or accused of a crime but the government alleges the account was used by Moshe Altman, a Hudson County, N.J., real estate developer, to launder money.

The account was seized last July 23, the same day that Altman was arrested along with three mayors, two state assemblymen, five rabbis and others. He was indicted on Jan. 28 for allegedly depositing checks received from FBI informant Solomon Dwek into Gmach accounts in return for a 15 percent cut.

When Dwek told people in conversations secretly recorded by the FBI that he had "washing machines" to launder money, he was referring to the Gmach's accounts, Falk noted in his opinion.

Dwek allegedly told Altman the checks were proceeds from bank fraud and counterfeit handbags, which he needed to conceal from the federal bankruptcy trustee so he could use at least some of it to bribe public officials.

Between February 2007 and July 2009, Altman allegedly took part in 15 separate laundering transactions, laundered $668,000 in checks, paying out $547,000 in cash and keeping $109,300.

The Gmach accounts at Valley National Bank in Union City, N.J., were allegedly used, as well as the accounts of another charity, Boyoner Gemilas Chesed, at JP Morgan Chase Bank in Newark, N.J., and Capital One Bank in Brooklyn.

Abish Brodt said...

Government authorities this week issued a cease-and-desist order against Michael Winans Jr. – a third-generation member of the Winans gospel music family – for operating a suspected multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme, the Associated Press has reported. According to financial regulators, the A.P. said, Winans raised up to $11 million from at least 180 victims by promising to quickly double their money with investments in Saudi Arabia oil bonds. Instead, the A.P. said, Winans used that money to operate a classic Ponzi scheme. Securities regulators have already turned the case over to law-enforcement authorities, the A.P. said, who could file criminal charges against Winans that carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Both versions of the story are correct said...


SEC Halts Suspected Scam Run by former Torah Vodaath Bus Driver

Government authorities have rushed to halt a suspected investment scam that may have already collected millions of dollars from Brooklyn parents through a classic Ponzi scheme. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Lipa Margulies operates a firm that convinced parents to cash out their pension funds and use the proceeds for bogus "Torah" education that never actually took place. Margulies raised $149.7 million from 8200 of his clients, the SEC says. He then used some of the funds to pay Yudi Kolko's salary, the SEC says, while spending additional proceeds on his own living expenses. Suspecting a likely scheme, the SEC this week secured a temporary restraining order against Margulies and YTT, freezing their assets and prohibiting the destruction of any investment-related documents – even during staged break-ins on Shabbos - while it investigates the scam.


SEC Halts Suspected Scam Targeting Bus Drivers

Government authorities have rushed to halt a suspected investment scam that may have already collected millions of dollars from retired bus drivers through a classic Ponzi scheme. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Thomas Mitchell operates an investment advisory firm that convinced retired bus drivers to cash out their pension funds and use the proceeds for bogus promissory notes that it never actually purchased. Mitchell raised $14.7 million from 82 of his clients, the SEC says, including $1.4 million from six retired bus drivers between April and December of 2009 alone. He then used some of the funds to pay earlier investors, the SEC says, while spending additional proceeds on his own living expenses. Suspecting a likely Ponzi scheme, the SEC this week secured a temporary restraining order against Mitchell and his firm – freezing their assets and prohibiting the destruction of any investment-related documents – while it investigates the possible scam.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

SEC Halts Suspected Scam Run by former Torah Vodaath Bus Driver


Really funny stuff!

Joel Steinger said...


While Rothstein is the St. Lucie County Jail, the other giant Ponzi schemer of Broward County, Joel Steinger, is living it up at a posh waterfront Waldorf Astoria resort in Key West. Steinger, who faces federal fraud and money-laundering charges related a billion-dollar Ponzi, is scheduled to check out tomorrow after a four-day stay, according to federal court documents.

That's right, U.S. District Judge Alan Gold approved a request made by Steinger's attorney, Ed Shohat, to allow Steinger -- who ripped off hundreds of millions of dollars with his Mutual Benefits scheme -- to vacation at the Reach Resort. A check online shows that the cheapest room available for a similar stay is $389 a night, with the most expensive running $549. Add to that a mandatory $25-a-night charge for wi-fi, in-room espresso, a morning paper, and other amenities.

Must be nice. Then again, even when he's not on vacation, he's staying at his waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale. All of this, understand, is financed with money stolen from investors, many of whom are elderly and lost large chunks of their life savings. Steinger's trial is scheduled for 2011.

itchiemayer said...

Hershel - It is Moshe Eisemann. Rabbi Eisenman from Passaic must hate the confusion. Reminds me of a wonderful joke I heard about 35 years ago from Mr. Ciment A"H in St. Louis. It is about a Jew sinking the Titanic. The punchline is "Iceberg, Greenberg..they're all the same"!

Howard Schmuckler said...

By Darren Waggoner

A Washington, D.C. lawyer, accused late last year of collecting more than $1.2 million from homeowners with false promises to arrange loan modifications, has been charged with bank fraud after depositing $2.4 million in counterfeit checks at several banks.

Howard R. Shmuckler allegedly deposited the checks between April and October 2005, according to federal court documents. According to an affidavit, Shmuckler deposited 11 checks supposedly written to him from companies such as software giant Oracle USA Inc. and the National Bank of Canada. The checks were returned by the companies as fakes.

Shmuckler was arrested last week and released on his own recognizance. Calls to his attorney were not returned today and Shmuckler could not be reached.

His criminal past dates to 1996, when he pleaded guilty in California to bankruptcy fraud after he hid a Jaguar convertible and other assets from creditors. After the conviction, he was banned from practicing law in the state but it took another 10 years for that case to catch up to him in Washington, D.C.

itchiemayer said...

I hope Boyan is not involved in the drek fiasco. The prior Boyaner Rebbe, R' Menachem Shlomo ZT"L was a true Tzaddik. As I understand the story, R' Shraga Feivel, ZT"L would invite him to speak to the talmidim of T"V on a regular basis. Some of the talmidim started attending his Tish and the Boyaner decided to stop speaking at T"V because he didn't want to hurt the Yeshiva by distancing talmidim from R' Shraga Feivel. Perhaps someone, possibly a certain Grandson of RSFM, can confirm this story...

Noah Schapiro said...


A Buffalo, N.Y. man who told investors he was a debt collector pleaded guilty Wednesday to bilking Citizens Bank of Buffalo, N.Y. and 17 investors in a fraud that cost the victims an estimated $440,000.

Noah Schapiro was charged with grand larceny. He likely will face a prison term of six to 12 years when he is sentenced on March 22, and will be forced to sign confessions of judgment, state Supreme Court Justice Christopher J. Burns told him.

Schapiro, a former stock broker, took the money from his victims between March 2008 and September 2009. The victims had been promised big profits in debt collection funds, according to Prosecutor Candace K. Vogel and State Police Investigator Therese Schroeder.

Vogel told the judge the collection scam amounted to "one big Ponzi scheme." She said Schapiro defrauded the bank by pulling off a check kiting scheme between May 20, 2008 and June 11, 2008, writing checks to other businesses on a Citizens Bank account he knew lacked the funds to cover the checks.

Schapiro, 38, either spent the investment funds on himself or to pay off earlier debts from investors he had coaxed into his scheme.

He previously was convicted of fraud in 1998.

Sholom Segelman and Refoel Stefansky said...


WATERBURY — A prominent city landlord was arrested this week for threatening his former business partner by telling him he should "say goodbye to your wife and kids," according to court documents.

In an arrest warrant obtained this week, the former business partner of Shalom Segelman also claimed to police that Segelman, 31, had embezzled close to $2 million from a limited liability company the two men co-owned.

Segelman was arrested Monday on a charge of second-degree misdemeanor threatening after his former business partner, Rafeal Stefansky, told police Segelman had threatened his wife and children, according to his arrest warrant.

Stefansky, who told an investigator he had known Segelman for 11 years, called police in September, saying he had received a threatening phone call from Segelman.

Stefansky told police he and Segelman had been owners in a company named Bradley Court LLC. Stefansky said he had invested $350,000 in a property in Windsor Locks controlled by Bradley Court, but had recently discovered Segelman had embezzled close to $2 million from the company, according to court documents.

Stefansky is listed as the principal of Bradley Gardens LLC. According to Windsor Locks property records, the company purchased a large apartment complex in town for $8 million in 2007.

Stefansky told police that during the phone call, Segelman tried to offer a property — 380 W. Main St. in Waterbury — to him to pay down a debt owed in connection with the Windsor Locks property.

The West Main Street property Segelman allegedly offered in trade is a large, multi-story building near the southern boundary of the Willow/Plaza neighborhood that houses La Cazuela restaurant, in addition to apartments.

Stefansky told an investigator that Segelman became upset after Stefansky told him that he didn't want to talk to him.

Rabbi Zev Feldman said...


A senior member of London's strictly Orthodox rabbinate says he was unaware that an American rabbi he publicly praised was a convicted child abuser.

Rabbi Ze'ev Feldman, of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations, wrote a letter endorsing a fundraising event in Stamford Hill this week to help pay for the weddings of four children of Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Weingarten.

Rabbi Weingarten, a member of the Satmar sect, was last year jailed for 30 years by a New York court for abusing one of his daughters.
In his letter, Rabbi Feldman referred to Rabbi Weingarten as "harav hagaon", an honorific meaning "most eminent rabbi" which was once reserved only for the most illustrious sages, although is now more commonly used.

He also described Rabbi Weingarten as a "dear and exalted disseminator of Torah".

But a spokesman for Rabbi Feldman said the rabbi had been "unaware" of Rabbi Weingarten's case and was "horrified" to learn of it.

He explained that Rabbi Feldman had described Rabbi Weingarten in terms passed on by an American colleague who had requested support for the family. The letter had referred only to the father being in a difficult situation and unable to financially help his children.
The spokesman stressed that the fundraising appeal remained valid. "It doesn't alter the case for the children. Why should they suffer for their father?"

Brooklyn Federal Court last year heard that Rabbi Weingarten had begun abusing the second eldest of his eight children - who is now 28 and has left Orthodox Judaism - when she was nine.

At one point, when the family was living in Manchester in the late 1990s, he was arrested after the girl complained to local police that her father had been sexually abusing her.

Anonymous said...


Jacob Dreyfuss, president of Stamford Hill's Stolin-Karlin synagogue, rebuilt his two-storey home without planning permission, to add a cellar and a loft extension.

Hackney Council issued an enforcement notice and he appealed against it without success.

The government's Planning Inspectorate has now given him a year to "remove the unauthorised house".

Mr Dreyfuss was unavailable for comment this week. But if he fails to comply with the ruling, he could face criminal prosecution and ultimately a fine.

Pablo Faird said...

If I recall correctly, the "last straw" for Shmarya was when Archie made a comment about someone in Pruzansky's shul in Teaneck, a someone who Archie was classy enough to not even name.

But now a Shmarya supporter attacks the rabbi himself with very bad language and he gets off without so much as a warning.

Certain Grandson said...

Es haibt zich nit un R' Itchie Mayer!

Certain TV talmidim were staying up way too late and coming in very late and did not get up for davening....so they were forbidden to go....after a few chances to get in early.

The Boyaner and der Zeide z"tl were very close friends until the end....

Queens said...

Let's hope this was not a catered event by Vaad caterer Crown Royale / Gurell.

Illegal gambling and violence? Oy vey! I'd hate to see R' Y.S. squirm to farentfer this one!


A late-night card game in the basement of the Rockwood Park Jewish Center in Howard Beach became the site of an armed robbery in which bandits made out with more than $7,000 in cash.

At approximately 3:30 a.m. last Friday, police from the 106th Precinct responded to a complaint made by seven card players, including a man they identified as “Tony M.” The players told cops they were robbed at gunpoint by two black males, wearing masks and brandishing black firearms.

Tony M. said he was exiting the Jewish Center through the rear door after playing cards when the two perpetrators snuck up behind him, put a gun to his head and demanded money. The suspects then demanded Tony M. let them into the building, according to the witness. One of the other card players opened the door and the suspects allegedly entered the Jewish Center, ordered the players to get down on the ground and robbed approximately $7,000 from them.

Although no shots were fired, one of the card players allegedly grabbed a knife from one of the suspects and stabbed him.

The perpetrators, who fled the scene in a black SUV with tinted windows and an unknown license plate, reportedly drove to Elmhurst Hospital after the robbery to seek treatment for the stab wound. Hospital personnel reported the incident to police, who arrested the men shortly afterwards.

Rockwood Park Rabbi Tzvi Berkowitz said on Tuesday that he doesn’t know anything about the incident and that it’s still being investigated by police. “Everything else is normal here,” Berkowitz said.

Bernard Fisch, the president of Rockwood Park Jewish Center, said “I don’t want to discuss anything,” before hanging up the phone.

When asked whether police are looking into the possibility that players were gambling for money at the Jewish Center, an officer at the 106th Precinct Community Affairs office said, “That’s being investigated. The whole aspect of it is being investigated.”

Waterbury said...

Sholom Segelman is a major slumlord in CT & Mass who has been jailed multiple times for criminal contempt of court.

All he does is make chilul Hashem with his shutfim Mayer Orgel & Moishe Schwartz.

He also runs a mortgage business with Frieden, Pessin and his brother in law Wilhelm.

Don't go on the website of his company SY Capital because it's infected with a virus.

Free lunch said...


In an effort to end the foreclosure crisis, the Obama administration has been trying to keep defaulting owners in their homes. Now it will take a new approach: paying some of them to leave.

Gary Krupp from Long Beach said...


I think the same way as some clueless rabbonim who believe Kolko is innocent because Margo says so.

Yedidya Cohen said...


WEST PALM BEACH — A Boynton Beach rabbi who spent a night in jail in October after being charged with driving without a valid license is fighting back. Saying he was cleared of the traffic charges, Rabbi Yedidya Cohen claims he was improperly strip-searched in front of a female corrections officer at the Palm Beach County Jail, in a lawsuit filed Tuesday. His attorney, Robert Rubin, claims he has asked for the report of the search but the sheriff's office has refused to provide it. He is asking a judge to force the office to give him the record. An attorney for the sheriff's office wasn't immediately available for comment.

Baltimore, the city that breeds said...


Interesting tidbit there. Save-A-Torah used to appear as a Combined Federal Campaign (the yearly official charity fundraising campaing of run by Federal employees) charity in yearly brochures. They did not appear in the list this year.

Do you have a link to the Washington Post article mentioned in the Post?


Raped in Monsey said...

Gedolim declare war on the internet. They have seen the destruction that it has brought to countless families. Where is the war on the molesters and enablers, Yeshivas that harbor molesters? Perhaps a ban on mens mikvas. How many lives and families have been destroyed by them? Oh, I forgot. They and their Yeshivas are the ones who harbor the molesters and no one declares war on themselves. Would be kinda silly.

Anonymous said...

Colonie rabbi sentenced to 60 days in jail

By KENNETH C. CROWE II, Staff writer

Last updated: 1:03 p.m., Monday, March 8, 2010

ALBANY -- A Loudonville rabbi was sentenced to 60 days in the Albany County jail this morning for endangering the welfare of a child.

Rabbi Yaakov Weiss, 30, founder of the Chabad of Colonie and the Chabad Hebrew School, was handcuffed and led out by sheriff's deputies to start his sentence.

"You have utterly failed to accept responsibility for your actions," County Judge Stephen Herrick told Weiss, whose family and supporters sat in the courtroom. "You are not the victim here. The boys were the victims."

In pleading guilty to the misdemeanor in January, Weiss admitted he had "inappropriate physical contact" with two, 13-year-old naked boys in 2007 inside a small pool known as a mikveh on Whitehall Road in Albany. Weiss, a married father of three, also admitted to telling one boy not to tell the police about what happened.

"I want to apologize to everyone that's been hurt," Weiss said.

Herrick noted that Weiss was charged with four misdemeanor counts and pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of a child.

In addition to the 60 days in jail, Herrick sentenced Weiss to three years probation, issued two orders of protection to keep him away from the two boys and ordered him to undergo sex offender counseling even though he is not classified as a sex offender.

Assistant District Attorney Shannon Sarfoh read a victim-impact statement from the mother of one boy in which she urged the judge to sentence Weiss to the maximum of 60 days in jail.

"I toss and turn all night. I have a nagging pain in my head constantly," the mother said. "Sixty days in the scheme of things is not very long. But the 60 days might just let me have a full night's sleep and relax my jaw."

Sarfoh said the guilty plea was accepted so the victim would not have to testify.

Read more: http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=909105#ixzz0hcN8JSBs

Rahm-Bo Emmanuel said...


He had special scorn for House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, who helped get Massa elected.

“Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn,” he said. “He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

Massa alleges that Emanuel ripped into him a number of times over votes, including in the House shower.

“I am showering, naked as a jaybird, and here comes Rahm Emanuel, not even with a towel wrapped around his tush, poking his finger in my chest, yelling at me,” said Massa.

Monsey said...

tropper has told all of the mispallelim and donors to the yeshiva that he is still in charge, and will be reclaiming his seat as the rosh yeshiva very soon.

he told rabbi dovid stefansky that he will take the yeshiva down with him if he cannot regain his position, and is telling 'his' bucherim to leave the yeshiva and go to chaim berlin until he is reinstated.

he refuses to live up to any of the things in the documents that he's signed, including moving out of monsey, because he says that the fact that it was leaked on the internet makes them null and void.

he has seized moneys in various bank accounts for his own personal use, even though the money belonged to a non profit org., and the yeshiva now has literally nothing.

he is still having the bucherim come to his house for shabbos, and other times, although i dont know precisely what he's doing with them...there was testimony in the beis din that he had forced a former student of the yeshiva into sex on at least one occasion.

this is all being done with the help of rabbi schlesinger of monsey, who seems to be unquestioningly on troppers side.

Justice Dept tells Agudah and Chabad to take a hike said...

Justice Dept. declines to intervene in Rubashkin case

March 8, 2010

NEW YORK (JTA) -- The U.S. Department of Justice declined to intervene in the case of a convicted kosher meat executive, despite a plea from several Orthodox rabbis.

In a letter last week to Rabbi Aron Raskin, and copied to several other rabbis active in this matter, the director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys said the case involving Sholom Rubashkin case had been "fully litigated" and there was nothing more to be done.

"Mr. Rubashkin has fully litigated the issue of whether detention pending sentencing is appropriate," H. Marshall Jarrett wrote. "Both the district court and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals have determined that Mr. Rubashkin is a flight risk. We are sorry that we cannot be of further assistance in responding to your concerns."

Rubashkin, the former manager of the Agriprocessors kosher meat plant in Postville, Iowa, was convicted of 86 counts of financial fraud last November and ordered held pending sentencing.

In January, a coalition of rabbis wrote to the U.S. attorney general asking for reconsideration of the case, in which they claim that prosecutors were unnecessarily harsh in their treatment of Rubashkin. The rabbis have said that Rubashkin's incarceration interferes with his religious practice and that securing his release is a humanitarian issue.

Monsey said...

rabbi honig and felix adler both were told this about tropper.

i also know that a few bucherim have recently left the yeshiva to go to chaim berlin, which hasn't happened for many years.

i know that he blames the rabbunim on rabbi ribyat's beis din for the leaking of the documents on the internet, and did say he doesn't have to follow such people.
i know that r' moshe raice, who's a trustee and manahal is now suing tropper in court for the money.

Maimonides Hospital Horror Show said...


Longtime Brevard County orthopedic surgeon Dr. Shekhar Desai pleaded guilty in federal court Friday to receiving $70,000 to $120,000 in consulting fees for services he never performed for a subsidiary of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson.

"This defendant defrauded victims out of tens of thousands of dollars, money which was intended to improve the delivery of health care services to patients, but instead was wrongfully used to line his own pockets," U.S. Department of Justice attorney Paul Fishman said in a prepared statement.

Desai faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment and a $250,000 fine. In addition, Desai will be ordered to make restitution to the victims of his crime, according to Fishman.

A member of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and recertified in 2003, Desai specializes in total joint replacement and adult reconstruction surgery.

Desai received his M.D. degree from University Medical College in India and did his residency at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, N.Y, where he underwent fellowship training.

Old time Monsey observer said...

Rabbi shlesinger also put Rabbi Bresslauer back into kashrus. Rabbi Breslauer & Shlomo Ullman were the kosher certifiers of the Shevach (Finkel) episode. Rabbi shlesinger also kept the KYO restaurant open after catching the Non-Jewish owner red handed, & did not allow the truth to come out re the previous Hashgocha of Lakewood based Rabbi Gissinger.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Moshe Raice has known about Tropper for two decades....He chose to hang in - good luck putz!

Yerachmiel Lopin said...



Moetzes Resign! said...

Hank Sheinkopf, a political consultant, thinks Gov. Paterson could be gone within a month. If he were a bookmaker, he says, “I’d give it seven-to-one odds”

LL Cool Jew said...

Schechter and Tropper go back many years to the first Tropper scandal in the 80’s , I am sure Chaim Berlin bochurim would have nothing to do with the weirdo transplants from Monsey. I do not think they can learn in the same level.

Who is paying for the weirdoes from Kol Yaakov who are now in Chaim Berlin ?

Shaul in Monsey said...

Was it Schlesinger that allowed the rapist kohein to continue davening in his shul? No, wait, that was Wachsman who did nothing in that case. One thing is for sure. Rabbonim in Monsey be receiving their semicha along with castration because no one has the beitzim to take down scum like Mr. Tropper.

Dr. Pothole Putz said...


New York State raids 'dedicated' account for road work, leaving little money for repairs

Gershon "the shvindler" Tannenbaum said...


In the Matter of DAVID SHELDON, Respondent,

Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, Second Department.

July 18, 2006.

Before: Crane, J.P., Spolzino, Fisher and Lunn, JJ., concur.

Ordered that the judgment is affirmed, with costs.

On November 8, 2002 the petitioner David Sheldon was awarded judgment against Gershon Tannenbaum (hereinafter the judgment debtor) in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas in the sum of $422,643.95 following a trial on the merits. The judgment was subsequently docketed in the Kings County Clerk's office.

The judgment debtor is employed as rabbi and spiritual leader of the appellant, B'nai Israel of Linden Heights, a synagogue in Brooklyn, and receives a annual salary of $16,000, paid in semi-monthly installments. On or about January 30, 2003 an income execution against the judgment debtor's salary was issued and delivered to the New York City Sheriff, County of Kings pursuant to CPLR 5231 (b). Upon the judgment debtor's failure to pay the required installments, the income execution was served on the appellant, as the judgment debtor's employer, pursuant to CPLR 5231 (e). Following the appellant's failure to tender any payments pursuant to the income execution, the petitioner commenced this proceeding to recover accrued installments. The Supreme Court granted the petition. We affirm.

1264 56th St said...


The debtor, Mateh Ephraim LLC, was organized as a limited liability company under the laws of the State of New York on or about July 30, 1999. At all relevant times, Jack Lefkowitz has been the sole member and the managing member of the debtor, and Rabbi Steinwurzel has been its Rabbi. Rabbi Steinwurzel has worked closely with Lefkowitz, performing many functions for the debtor, including management, payment of account payables, and fundraising.

Helen-May Holdings, LLC ("Helen-May"), one of the two original plaintiffs in this adversary proceeding, owns certain real property known as the Meadows Resort located in Fosterdale, New York (the "Property"). On or about April 29, 2004, Helen-May entered into a contract with Aron Fixler to sell him the Property. Paragraph 47 of a rider to the contract stated that the Purchaser was seeking to acquire the Property for use as a Yeshiva School with facilities for a dormitory. On May 18, 2004, Fixler assigned the contract to Kolel Mateh Efraim.

On October 4, 2004, "Kollel Mateh Efraim, LLC" filed a chapter 11 bankruptcy petition with this Court

New York Post said...

New York, NY - A Brooklyn jury convicted an orthodox man of repeatedly sexually abusing a 16-year-old classmate of his son.

The panel of 10 women and two men deliberated less than half a day before finding the rabbi, guilty of eight counts of sexual abuse. The jury acquitted him of two counts.

"Justice was served," said the father of the abused boy, whose name is being withheld by The Post.

The teen said the rabbi lured him into his car by offering to let him drive, then abused him.

The man had no reaction as the jury forewoman read the verdict, but sniffles and gasps were heard from the roughly 30 assembled friends and relatives.

Justice Patricia DiMango ordered the rabbi remanded pending sentence. He faces up to 32 years behind bars.

"I understand that there are a significant number of Jewish holidays coming up, and I am sorry," she said.

The two not-guilty verdicts applied to charges during the summer months of 2004, when testimony showed that the victim was at an upstate camp with limited ability to visit Brooklyn.

"We’re extremely disappointed," said lawyer Arthur Aidala. We were hoping that the jury was going to see things differently...He still maintains his innocence.

Leib Tropper said...

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 002357/2010
Case Type: Other ("Not One Of The Above")
Track: Expedited
RJI Filed: 03/05/2010
Justice Name: WILLIAM A. KELLY

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
MARVIN L. SCHWARTZ Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
845 425-1832

Relief Sought
Temporary Restraining Order

Anonymous said...

According to another story, sentencing is scheduled for the eve of Passover. The judge apologized to the VICTIM'S FAMILY because of the inconvenience.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/rabbi_baruch_lebovits_convicted_E17UyO1U2HZjcS0bmnCNRK#ixzz0hdWsnp63

Vito Lopez said...


A March 4 posting at the Catholic League web site complained that though the story of the rabbi’s trial has been covered in the media, it is not front-page news. "The New York Post and the New York Daily News reported this story on pages 28 and 18, respectively," the posting read. "The scandal-loving tabloids have frequently featured front-page stories when the alleged perpetrator was a Catholic priest. Funny how an accused rabbi does not merit the same treatment."

Archie Bunker said...


Dan Rather: 'Articulate' Obama Couldn't Even 'Sell Watermelons'

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/geoffrey-dickens/2010/03/08/dan-rather-articulate-obama-couldnt-even-sell-watermelons#ixzz0hdjoPK1s

If the X in the sentence "X made a comment about President Obama selling watermelons this weekend" were a prominent person of the Republican persuasion, X would probably be in the center of a media firestorm right now.

Archie Bunker said...


Okay, it's official: President Obama is a masochist. How else could you explain his decision to tackle immigration reform? Next week Obama plans to bring attention to the issue by meeting with Senators Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham to discuss an immigration-reform bill they've been working on for a few months. Obama's hoping to get Congress moving on a bill before the midterm elections turn everyone into a self-preservation machine.

According to the L.A. Times, the outline of a Schumer-Graham bill would include creating a "path toward citizenship" for the almost 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. illegally. The path, which would include registering with the government, paying a fine, and paying taxes, is almost certain to polarize Congress and the country, just as much the health-care bill has. And, like with the health-care bill, Obama plans to rely on Congress to figure it out. Well, at least he's consistent.

HaNavon said...

rabbi schlesinger is supporting this guy zalman silber, who was acquitted on charges he forced his wife to have sex with a ramapo police officer. maybe he has a skeletal closet himself?

you know that aharon schechter was told about all of the brooklyn child molesters in the 1980's and purposely did NOTHING. he really should be investigated for having knowledge of criminal acts and obstruction of justice. if only someone would call the FBI....

Putzola said...

Steven I Weiss, best known for his "journalism" vs molesters cannonball dud that never got off the ground, is writing for the Washington Post's Slate Magazine these days.

Does anyone understand this guy?


The Ghosts of Purim Past

The holiday's violent beginnings—and what they mean for the Jewish future.

By Steven I. Weiss
Posted Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

And the tradition of drinking itself offers plenty of opportunity to see up-close just how bad things can get; every yeshiva boy has an anecdote or two about something shameful a classmate did at the rabbi's house on Purim.

Taking one's shirt off and hitting on the rebbitzen might not be the simplest way to avoid religious violence, but it goes a long way toward instilling some basic humility.

Anonymous said...

How can Kol Yaakov sue Tropper when Tropper owns it?

Oorah / Mintz suing Marvin Schick and RJJ! said...

It seems like Schick is a mesarev by Machon Lehoraah.



OORAH, INC., Plaintiff,
MARVIN SCHICK, et al., Defendants.

Civil Action No. 08-2202(FLW).

United States District Court, D. New Jersey.

January 27, 2009.

LL Cool Jew said...

Bad news for Archie Bunker , the next installment of the Karate Kid features a young black girl, I am sure AB will say, " black girls are already violent and loud why do they have to learn karate to protect themselves ? "


troppers new bff said...

i hear that Abe 'im a talmid of r' aharon' Tannenbaum is leib troppers new chavrusah.

is he still dealing with a full deck?

they can call themselves 'abe leib & the babes'.

Moishe said...

>Hershel - It is Moshe Eisemann. Rabbi Eisenman from Passaic must hate the confusion.<
Eisenman in Passaic is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware!

I'm a mother f'n holy man said...

By Michael Orbach
March 8, 2010 / 22 Adar 5770
Special to The Jewish Star.com

A Brooklyn jury has convicted Boruch Mordechai Lebovits, a Borough Park travel agent, on eight of ten charges of sexually abusing a young boy.

“Boruch Hashem,” Thank G-d, said the father of the victim who brought the case. “Justice is served.”

Lebovits was found guilty in Kings County Criminal Court of third degree sexual misconduct in eight instances that spanned ten months in 2004. The twelve-member jury found Lebovits not guilty on two charges within that year, allegedly occurring in the months of July and August. For each individual charge Lebovits could spend between 1 and 4 years in prison, for a maximum term of 32 years.

Arthur Aidala, Lebovits’s lawyer, asked that Lebovits remain free on bond pending sentencing. Judge Patricia DiMango denied his request and Lebovits was handcuffed and led from the courtroom.

The judge explained that while crimes of a sexual nature are not usually committed by those with “traditional criminal records,” and that while Lebovits, until now, had appeared regularly in court, there was a “substantial flight risk.” An option of raising the bail was similarly denied.

“Given his family’s substantial assets,” DiMango explained, “any bail is nominal.”

The trial took a surprising turn earlier Monday when a defense witness was himself accused of being a sexual abuser.

Yissocher Berel Ashkenazi, a rebbe who once taught the plaintiff was testifying that the plaintiff was indeed launching the suit to make money from Lebovits, when Assistant District Attorney Miss Gregory asked Ashkenazi if he knew a particular boy in Brooklyn.

Yes, he said.

“Isn’t it true,” the prosecutor continued, that Ashkenazi had once touched his knee to the boy’s genitals?

Flustered, Ashkenazi denied that that was true.

Then Gregory named another boy and asked the witness if, he, “back in 1998, on multiple occasions, sexually molested him when he was 13 years old?”

Ashkenazi, the witness, is a rebbe in a chassidishe yeshiva and was once the plaintiff’s rebbe. He protested to the assistant district attorney, “I am a holy person” and said that he would swear that he had never done anything with a boy, leading the judge to remind him that he was already under oath.

Defense attorney Aidala found himself defending not only his client, Lebovits, who is accused of a criminal sexual act in the second degree, but also his own witness.

“As far as I know, it’s a myth,” Aidala said of the ADA’s courtroom bombshell. “That’s the first time I heard about it and the first time he heard about it. “

Sentencing will take place on March 29, erev Pesach. The judge apologized to the family of the victim for the inconvenient scheduling. It is the first of three cases being brought against Lebovits, who is a brother of a Chassidic rebbe.

“I feel bad for my son,” the victim’s mother said, though she explained that she was “overjoyed” by the verdict that would see her eldest son’s abuser punished for his crimes.

“I think it’s the first time in 2-and-a-half years that I have finally seen justice served. My whole entire family is going to be overjoyed…I have no clue how I’m going to handle it.”

Ho hum! said...

So Lebovich goes to jail until sentencing on account of being a flight risk. I guess the ghost of Mondrowitz still haunts the halls of justice ever since the Israeli sodomizers refused to give him up to the US government.

Feivish Says said...

Hey - what's the story behind Oorah suing Marvin Schick??

Does anyone know?

Simple Simon said...

Feivish, click on the link and read the gantze megillah at Leagle.

Yissocher Berel Ashkenazi said...

Any relation to the Alesker Rebbe Rabbi Ashkenazi from Ave F & East 2nd St?

I think Margo was honored recently at the Alesker dinner.

Agudath Israel of Ireland said...


Paedophile priest left unmolested by Church and state

Former priest Bill Carney was named as one of the worst paedophiles in Dublin's Catholic diocese in the Murphy report into clerical abuse there. However, for the last 10 years he has been free to live quietly in Britain.

Leib Tropper said...


Reform rabbis suggest welcoming interfaith couples

R' Elya Spitzer said...

Kristin Davis, the businesswoman "who supplied call girls for Eliot Spitzer," will announce her candidacy for governor of New York on March 1. And yes, the quote above was taken from Davis’s own press release. Is that classy or what?

After helping take down Spitzer, this delicate flower of femininity is now capitalizing on the domestic violence scandal that’s engulfed New York’s currently disgraced governor, David Paterson (who just announced he will not be seeking re-election). Because you can get away with a lot in New York, but helping cover up after a woman gets her ass kicked by one of your closest aides . . . well, there’s just no positive spin there.

It’s still possible Paterson will be forced to step down and, if so, his office would fall to Lieutenant-Governor and Jew Richard Ravitch. Just a couple years after the last Jewish governor of New York, Spitzer, was sent off in disgrace in the midst of a seedy sex scandal, a new Jew may rise up to take his place. Or maybe it’ll be the whore who took him down. Either way, Heeb editors approve.

Yoel Schonfeld said...


That's right. I shrey that Yudel Shain has no mentchlichkeit when he exposes my cover ups. Don't mention that I ambushed Streit's at the last minute before Pesach last year when they couldn't fix the problem, causing them to lose tons of money.

UOJ Gets Results said...

NY-Israel connection in Dubai hit
Credit-card firm's link

Last Updated: 3:12 AM, March 9, 2010

A New York-based firm that provided suspects in the assassination of a senior Hamas commander in Dubai with credit cards has ties to former Israeli military officials, according to new details of the stunning plot.

Dubai police, who say the murder was carried out by an Israeli hit team, said most of the prepaid credit cards used to purchase air tickets and book hotels for the attack were issued by an Iowa bank, Metabank.

Metabank, in turn, got the cards from privately held Payoneer, which has a Park Avenue office and a research-and-development center in Tel Aviv, Israel, authorities said.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/ny_israel_connection_in_dubai_hit_39aHU3tRUcmD8NcMVXJ11J#ixzz0hhIYlhhX

Shmarya groupie said...


YU said...


It's shocking that Rabbi Dovid Shain and other frum Jews would be picked on by freye Yidden like this ...


When one of the 5 owners of the facility is YU.

Sorscher weirdos from Flatbush said...


Does anyone understand this?

The Sorscher brothers are those weirdos who own the shul at Ave T & East 21st and the Beth Aaron shul by Ave W & Bragg St. They are also somehow connected, maybe by blood, to the Londons from the big scandal on Ocean Ave & Ave T. They are all convicted criminals.

They are being accused of fraud here in some kind of caper involving an Evangelical Church.

Anonymous said...

rabbi schlesinger is supporting this guy zalman silber, who was acquitted on charges he forced his wife to have sex with a ramapo police officer. maybe he has a skeletal closet himself?

you know that aharon schechter was told about all of the brooklyn child molesters in the 1980's and purposely did NOTHING. he really should be investigated for having knowledge of criminal acts and obstruction of justice. if only someone would call the FBI....

rabbi schlesinger is supporting this guy zalman silber


Silber is the guy referred in the Tropper tapes in The Satmar Guy...

Anonymous said...

Rockland Civil Supreme

Index Number: 002357/2010


Case Type: Other ("Not One Of The Above")

Track: Expedited

RJI Filed: 03/05/2010

Justice Name: WILLIAM A. KELLY

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:

Type: Attorney Of Record Atty.

Status: Active

845 425-1832

Relief Sought:
Temporary Restraining Order

Boro Park said...


With 38 seconds left in the video, is that Nuchem Rosenberg who showed up to heckle Lebovits outside the court?

YTT misnaged said...


JOHN DOE No. 6, Plaintiff,

Supreme Court, Kings County.

September 9, 2008.

Moskowitz & Book, LLP, New York City (Avraham C. Moskowitz and Jonathan S. Konovitch of counsel), for Yeshiva &

[ 21 Misc.3d 443, 444 ]

Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc., defendant.

Shaub, Ahmuty, Citrin & Spratt, LLP, New Hyde Park (Christopher Simone and Juan Gonzalez of counsel), for Rabbi Lipa Marguiles, defendant.

Law Office of Michael G. Dowd, New York City (Terrence M. Randell of counsel), for plaintiff.

Avi Moskowitz said...



Avi Moskowitz, a 1980 graduate of Columbia Law School and a former Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York (1985-1991), focuses on criminal defense and commercial litigation matters.

His criminal defense cases have run the gamut from securities fraud and public corruption to capital murder and racketeering and virtually every type of case in between. He has successfully represented clients in white-collar investigations and prosecutions in the federal courts in New York and New Jersey, as well as the state courts in New York.

Equally important, he has helped clients under investigation to avoid indictment by providing sound advice and effectively advocating on behalf of his clients before prosecuting and regulatory authorities.

In addition to his white-collar criminal practice, Avi is one of only a handful of attorneys to have tried a federal capital case to verdict, helping his client avoid the death penalty in United States v. Quinones and Rodriguez . In the past eight years, Avi has successfully represented more than a dozen clients charged with capital crimes in the federal courts of New York.

In his civil practice, Avi has handled all types of cases including civil RICO, breach of contract, insurance coverage, products liability and intellectual property matters.

During his tenure as Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York., he tried twenty-four cases to verdict, and successfully argued numerous appeals before the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Since 1991, Avi has been an adjunct professor of Trial Advocacy at New York Law School. He has also taught trial advocacy to lawyers as a faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA).

Avi's superior skills and integrity have been recognized by his peers who have given him an AV rating, the highest peer rating in the Martindale-Hubbell ratings system.

Chaim Book said...


Chaim Book received his law degree from Columbia University School of Law, where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. Prior to forming Moskowitz & Book, LLP in 1996, Chaim spent over 15 years at prestigious law firms in New York City, developing expertise in labor and employment law and civil and commercial litigation. Chaim's experience in the labor and employment field has attuned him to the specialized issues affecting both employers and employees.
A great deal of Chaim's practice at Moskowitz, Book & Walsh, concentrates in the area of labor and employment law, where he represents both smaller employers and employees. He has successfully negotiated employment agreements, severance packages, and employment disputes on behalf of executives, as well as on behalf of employers. Chaim also handles numerous civil litigation cases, including mediations, arbitrations, trials, and appeals.

Chaim is admitted to practice in state and federal courts in New York. He is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Chaim has also completed a mediation course given by the federal court in the Southern District of New York and has served as a mediator in numerous major employment and commercial litigation cases.

A great deal of the cases Chaim handles are litigated in the commercial division in the New York State Supreme Court and in the federal courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the District of New Jersey.

Jonathan Konovitch said...


Jonathan Konovitch’s practice focuses in criminal defense and employment litigation matters at both the state and federal levels.

Jonathan has defended clients accused of a wide range of crimes, including murder, arms trafficking, racketeering, conspiracy, rape and sexual assault, fraud, larceny, weapons possession, and narcotics possession and distribution, as well as the entire spectrum of domestic violence offenses, including assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and aggravated harassment. Jonathan handles each case at every stage, from pre-indictment investigation to arraignment, and from motion practice to trial. Jonathan has represented both individual plaintiffs and defendants in cases of race, gender, and age discrimination, and has handled a broad array of civil cases ranging from libel and defamation to breaches of contract and fiduciary duty. Jonathan is involved in every aspect of the civil suit, including the drafting of complaints, answers and interrogatories, taking and defending depositions, and the drafting of motions for dismissal and summary judgment.

After receiving a B.A. in Ancient Studies from Columbia College in 1994, Jonathan spent a year studying archaeology as a Fulbright Fellow at the Hebrew University's Institute of Archaeology in Jerusalem, Israel. Jonathan attended Fordham University School of Law, graduating with a J.D. in 1998.

Jonathan began his legal career at the New York County District Attorney's Office under the leadership of the Hon. Robert M. Morgenthau. In six and a half years as a prosecutor with the Manhattan D.A.'s Office, Jonathan handled well over 500 cases, tried sixteen cases to verdict, and prosecuted all manner of felony offenses, including attempted murder, rape, robbery, burglary, and weapon and drug offenses.

Moskowitz's new partner said...


Susan J. Walsh received her law degree with honors from George Washington University School of Law in 1996. Prior to becoming a partner at Moskowitz & Book, LLP, Susan was a partner in a small boutique litigation firm in Manhattan where she was a member since 1998.

Susan is admitted in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and several federal jurisdictions. Her concentration is in criminal defense, including trials and appeals, collateral attacks and habeas corpus petitions, and she tries in state and federal jurisdictions. Susan has tried dozens of jury trials to verdict and has been lead or co-counsel on several published appellate decisions. Her experience as a trial lawyer has enabled her to develop a successful civil litigation practice, representing individuals in civil rights actions, business disputes and fee disputes. Susan has represented individuals and businesses in matters ranging from international extradition proceedings, matters before the Securities and Exchange Commission, and matters before New York State's highest court, the New York State Court of Appeals.

Susan has been an adjunct professor of law in trial advocacy at the New York Law School since 2005. In addition, Susan has taught on the national level to attorneys representing indigent defendants in federal criminal trials. She is an active member of local, state, and national bar associations. Susan serves: on the Board of Directors of the New York County Bar Association and on its Executive Committee, where she has also chaired the Task Force on Criminal Courts and the Association's Criminal Justice Section, as well as the Judicial Selection Committee, as a member of the Women's Bar of the State of New York and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Susan has also appeared as an expert commentator on Court TV.

Margo's personal attorneys said...


Christopher Simone
Suite 140
1983 Marcus Ave
Lake Success, New York 11042

Faculty, St. John's University School of Law


Juan C Gonzalez
655 3rd Ave
28th Floor
New York, New York 10017

itchiemayer said...

My children's school flew in Shmarya's Gadol Hador, R' Haskel Lookstein, to speak tonight at the annual dinner. Should be very interesting. Perhaps I'll ask him about Ivank....er...I mean Yael.

I'm guessing, but probably at least half the crowd will be well to the right of R' Chaskel, so I predict a very lukewarm reception.

Maybe I'll share with him some of Yael's tweets about eating at treif restaurants and all.

So how much did that slimeball Chuckie Kushner promise Lookstein for this favor?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

One has to wonder what R' Hershel Shechter was thinking to have participated in the fraud bais din - Trump/Kushner fiasco!

Perhaps the YU readers would like to address this very important matter.

Anonymous said...

Margo's lawyer in Lake Success is in the same building as the company owned by OU president Steve Savitsky and a few blocks away from LIJ's Zucker-Hillside Hospital where Bungalow Putz Neuhoff did his residency.

5th Ave Synagogue said...

Revlon & Marvel Comics CEO Ron Perelman has an arrangement with his wives (he's closing in on number 5 or 6) that they can eat any treif they want when by themselves out of the house. Meanwhile he is careful to always daven with a minyan and flies a group of Chabad bochurim with him when he vacations on private islands.

When he married the Irish gal Patricia Duff, Rabbi Sol Roth refused to be megayer her so he went to Marc Schneier's father Rabbi Arturo at Park East shul.

itchiemayer said...

I had heard rumblings that R' Hershel was on the "Bais Din", but have not had this substantiated. I have not heard anything about who might have been the third Dayan. If true, it does not enhance R' hershel's stature. I think very highly of him, but this would not be one of his better moments, not in the least. UOJ - you are positive RHS was on it? Do you know who was the third Rav? Money sure does talk...

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Hershel Schechter was DEFINITELY on the Trump fraud bais din -- the third was some chassidishe animal from Monsey -- the name escapes me at the moment!

Fact Checker said...


Indeed. Ivankala Trump Kushner tweeted on Jan. 24th that she was fressing at Two Boots, a treif restaurant chain that serves up plenty of chazir.

Fact Checker said...


Nov. 16th

Ivanka ate dinner at the Standard Grill, the treif restaurant in Manhattan's Standard Hotel.

Lakewood ganav Moishe Kizelnik said...

I'm the grubba ganav who keeps stealing from people and companies but I go running every year to Lizensk for the yohrtzeit to act like a little tzaddikl.

Even when it falls on Sunday, I make sure to be there over Shabbos.

Tom Kaplan said...


Ivanka is swell in my book. Here is a picture she took of a big cat while vacationing recently in Mozambique. After I get rid of Tropper, maybe she can help me save the big cats.

Shea Fishman said...


Mar 9, 2010; 2:17 PM ET

A rare subtropical cyclone, one of only 6 in recorded history, is affecting southeast Brazil today. There is some argument as to whether or not it has or will come on shore (see below) but it is causing high waves, winds and heavy rain. Below is a visible satellite from late this morning courtesy NOAA

42 Broadway said...

Upon consultation with its rabbinic leadership, Agudath Israel of America issued the following statement today:

The leadership of the Rabbinical Council of America and Rabbi Avi Weiss have apparently reached agreement that Rabbi Weiss would no longer confer the title of “Rabba” upon graduates of his women’s seminary, but rather the title “Maharat.”

This superficial move does not in any way change the position of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah that placing women in traditional rabbinic positions departs from the Jewish mesorah, and that any congregation with a woman in such a position cannot call itself Orthodox.

That the leadership of a respected rabbinical organization seems to have capitulated to Rabbi Weiss’ enterprise is deeply dismaying. We trust that this capitulation does not represent the perspective of the principled majority of the organization’s member rabbis.

Shmarya groupie said...


The tourism exec who compared Michelle Obama to a chimp in email was fired today, the Tennessee Hospitality Association announced today.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Avi Shafran For Idiots Series said...

WASHINGTON (AP): Former NY Rep. Eric Massa acknowledges he groped a staffer but denies it was sexual.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


Ben Hirsch Strikes Again -- If he was not my friend I would say he became a media zona --- but since he's my friend ..:-)

Ombudsman said...

Does anyone want to bet that Shafran will come out with an op-ed that backhandedly tries to refute Ben Hirsch?

LL Cool Jew said...

...That the leadership of a respected rabbinical organization (Motezes Gedolei HaTorah) seems to have capitulated to Leib Tropper’s enterprise is deeply dismaying. We trust that this capitulation does not represent the perspective of the principled majority of the organization’s followers....

Kyle Broflovski said...

...and every attempt I made to enlist the aid of rabbinic leadership was met with reactions ranging from an unwillingness to deal with the problem, to indifference, to total denial of the existence of a problem

Kyle Broflovski to our rabbinic leaders:

"Dude. You have sex with children!"



Avi Shafan said...

It is not rabbis who molest children , it is Sully Sullenberger who molest them.

Lipa Geldwerth said...

I haven't attacked Ben Hirsch for a while now in my Shabbos deroshos.

Stay tuned this Shabbos.

Anonymous said...

UOJ You must bring down
Hershel Schecter for this Trump
fiasco. You can not excuse the inexcusable

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

You can not excuse the inexcusable.


This grievous act by RHS will be addressed in the future....It did not escape me.

Observant Jew said...

You may not realize that many self-described modern orthodox eat in treif restaurants all the time while deluding themselves that fish or cheese dishes are not treif.

I can name shuls, even in places like the 5 Towns, where this kind of conduct goes on.

What do you expect when you have role models like Haskell Lookstein? I have it on good authority that he used to attend the opera without wearing a yarmulka until his daughter convinced him to cut it out. Haskell was possessed by some bizarre thought process that it is unbecoming to wear a yarmulka to Lincoln Center.

Takka a circus said...


A Tourette's-afflicted woman is suing her brother for kicking her out of a shiva service in 2007, but her brother claims she had to be ejected after saying "F--k the rabbi." Karen Feld filed a $110 million federal lawsuit against her brother—Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus boss Kenneth Feld—after her sibling allegedly had security guards beat her up and kick her out of the memorial for their deceased aunt.

Karen's lawyer told the Post that after a warm welcome from her brother at the service, she became overcome with grief and stepped out of the room with her toy poodle Campari. As she walked to the bathroom, three "large, aggressive men" allegedly dragged her down the hallway and threw her out of the building, leaving her with a concussion, fractured ribs, a torn earlobe and a broken elbow. According to court papers, Kenneth claims his sister was acting irrationally and was ejected after saying: "f--k the rabbi."

Now, Kenneth wants the rabbi—identified as Joshua Burrows—to testify in court about what he witnessed while sitting shiva. His attorney is attempting to keep him out of it. This isn't the first legal squabble involving the circus boss and his sister. In 1984, Karen reportedly sued her brother for $10 million after learning she had been written out of her father's will. She reportedly settled for less than $1 million.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geldwerth,

while you're at it, are you going to take some potshots at Eli Greenwald too?

Shmarya groupie said...

Give your money to Shmarya instead and hopefully these orthodox parasites will be driven out of town. Can you imagine the nerve of these people, asking to be supported when they don't work? Oh, did I just say that? Nevermind.


Yeshiva High School of the Twin Cities officials announced Sunday the Jewish boys school had been granted a temporary reprieve in its fight to avoid the foreclosure of its Cottage Grove campus.

The Twin Cities' only Jewish boys' school signed an agreement Friday with the Minnesota Baptist Conference, the group that owns the Yeshiva school’s Indahl Avenue building. It gives the school until May 15 to raise the money needed to purchase the campus outright.

The school had raced to meet a Feb. 1 fundraising deadline of $660,000, falling well short despite an outpouring of support from large donors and area residents.

$525,000 still remains to be raised to complete the building’s purchase and stave off foreclosure.

Yeshiva staff and students will now launch a renewed fundraising effort, said Rabbi Moshe Weiss, the school’s director of development.

Shmarya groupie said...

Now that's tachlis!


Celebrating the historic partnership forged during the civil rights movement between the African American and Jewish communities, two events drew from the spirit of Black History Month with an eye toward building a stronger, collaborative future between the two groups.

Shmarya groupie said...


Gay, Lesbian Rabbis Share Hurdles, Triumphs

Rabbi Avi L. Shafran said...

Ombudsman said...
Does anyone want to bet that Shafran will come out with an op-ed that backhandedly tries to refute Ben Hirsch?

Why would I have a comment? More tawdry tales based on anecdotal evidence! We are still underrepresented when it comes to sexual deviancy. By the way, Martin Grossman is a true hero and tzaddik. Ben Hirsch and these alleged "victims" are the true enemies who are threatening to bring down our holy yeshivos.

Follows Aron Tendler to Baltimore said...


Yeshivat Rambam of Baltimore is welcoming a new high school Rebbe for the coming school year. His name is Rabbi Yosef Furman. He has spent the last sixteen years in YULA (Yeshiva University of Los Angeles), a Modern Orthodox high school.

Rabbi Furman served as a Rebbe in both the Boys’ and Girls’ schools for a number of years until assuming the position of Head of School of the Girls’ School in 2005. He served in that position for three years before voluntarily returning to his true love, teaching in the classroom. While at YULA, Rabbi Furman compiled a dynamic Halacha curriculum for the Girls’ school that draws heavily upon gemara and other original sources. Additionally, he has been delivering a Daf Yomi shiur in Los Angeles for almost thirteen years.
Before moving to Los Angeles, Rabbi Furman served as an accountant in a public accounting firm in Norfolk, Virginia for two years. He received his S’micha from Rabbi Berel Wein, founding Dean and Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva Shaarei Torah in Monsey, New York. We are so lucky to have Rabbi Furman joining our team.

-Dr. Yoel Schwartz

According to anonymous sources in Los Angeles, Rabbi Yosef Furman was very popular as the head of YULA’s girls school.

Shlomo Dreck said...


Tell me about it.

Baltimore is the place to be these days!

Pablo Faird said...

When Archie brought up that Lookstein went to the Metropolitan without a kippa, Shmarya completely lost his cool and made the mistake of trying to argue halacha with Archie who knows his beans. This was while Shmarya was still claiming to be orthodox but was probably not wearing a kippa anymore. Shmarya has a love affair with Lookstein in any case since he converts women who have ulterior motives.

Phil Jacobs said...


Shlomo Dwek was allowed into Baltimore with the blessings of the "leadership" who don't give a rat's behind about what's good or bad for the public.

steve said...

BMG in Lakewood still has a wall in their entrance with convicted tax cheat and witness tamperer Charles Kushner's name in big bold letters. Kushner still has a yeshiva named for him in Elizabeth. Kushner paid for Gov. Jim McGreevey's boytoy, Golan Cipel's apartment. McGreevey would go there regularly with secret service protection to be with his lover, who was being paid over $100G in taxpayer money for his fraudulent title of NJ Homeland Security Director. So why shouldn't these rabbis bend over backwards for such a choshuve family? Why should they let Tropper corner the geirus market, especially when there is $$$ on both sides? Don't be surprised when RIETS is renamed the Donald Trump Theological Seminary. HEM HAMDABRIM $$$$. Money talks, all else walks!

British Agudah Fresser said...


The Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (UOHC) has objected to plans to abandon Greenwich Mean Time, arguing that religious Jews would face "tremendous hardship" if the clocks did not go back in October.

Correction said...

Kushner's yeshiva is in Livingston, not Elizabeth and it is named after a parent to be exact.

It is a bigger problem that the DRS yeshiva in the 5 Towns is named for 3 criminals who are very much alive: Morty Davis, Kalman Renov & Stahler who donated the building.

These 3 have been chronicled for years by the Wall Street Journal & Barron's.

Dr. Bungalow Ferd Neuhoff said...

Pablo, are we related?

steve said...


A statement by the U.S. group Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests called the Vatican's claim that Catholic institutions had been timely in their reaction "depressing and disingenuous."

"Sadly, the truth is just the reverse," said Peter Isely, Midwest director of the group. "Regarding pedophile priests and corrupt bishops, the church hierarchy responds only when forced to do so by external pressures."

Moish Finkel said...

Hall's grandfather was a kosher butcher, "and he would also smuggle in treif (non-kosher food) because it tasted good," he said.



Ilan Hall received his first piece of hate mail a couple of weeks ago. The writer expressed disgust with the chef's sacrilegious take on Jewish cuisine, specifically Hall's decidedly unkosher matzo balls wrapped in bacon.

But for the 27-year-old celebrity chef, the letter was more validation than anything else. It proved his ability to penetrate the palate and minds of patrons at his new Scottish/Jewish fusion restaurant, The Gorbals.

Raised on hummus-and-ham sandwiches by an Israeli mother and Jewish-Scottish father, Hall's rebellious appetite began at a young age.

''We were bad Jews," said Hall, an impish smile spreading across his face. "My father was anti-establishment, and how could he not be, a Jew who finds himself living in Scotland?"

A sense of rebellion seems to course through Hall's DNA. His grandparents, all Holocaust survivors, immigrated to Scotland and Israel, disillusioned by the governments they left behind.

Hall's hard-knocks heritage is palpable in his personality, as well as his downtown Los Angeles restaurant, which is named after a gritty section of Glasgow that was home to many Jewish immigrant families.

On tonight's menu: latkes with smoked applesauce; marrow with mushrooms and walnuts; and Manischewitz-braised pork belly. "It's what I call 'sacrilicious'" said Hall, eyes darting around the restaurant to make sure his staff is buttoned up and the cedar-top tables are scrubbed down.

Like his grandfather, the delectable transgressive ways of Hall's food is perhaps what keeps people coming back for more. Kellen Kaiser, a 28-year-old Jew from Los Angeles, kvelled with satisfaction after her meal at The Gorbals. ''I heard about this shticky little restaurant" and it "totally lived up to its potential," she said.

Instead of finding the food offensive, Kaiser delighted in the irony of swine intermingling with matzo meal. "Sure, it feels like something you're not supposed to eat, but how can you not?"

That's the eternal debate for Natan Zion, Hall's longtime friend and co-owner. Zion, 27, wonders if the menu is too gimmicky and the location too hard to find. At one point, the pair hired a promoter to dress up as a rabbi and prance around on stilts in front of the restaurant to attract customers. Zion said his Orthodox sister would likely disapprove, but he's more concerned that the restaurant's Jewish-themed menu is a novelty or passing fad.

steve said...


Brooklyn, NY - Amid alleged dirty politics, Republican candidate Jonathan Judge was thrown off the ballot Tuesday for the special 44th District City Council election.

State Supreme Court Judge Larry Martin ruled that Judge only had 750 valid signatures on his petitions, 15 short of the needed 765.

The decision came about two weeks after the city’s Board of Elections (BOE) ruled that Judge had 786 valid signatures of his 1,221 signatures total collected.

Democratic candidate David Greenfield contested the signatures first at the BOE level and then in court. He had the backing of Kings County Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez and used noted election law attorney Carl Landicino, who Lopez often utilizes in such challenges.

“The ruling today is one absurdity on top of another. I had more than enough signatures,” said Judge. “This is the product of machinations of the Brooklyn Democratic machine under Vito Lopez and collusion with the Brooklyn Republican Party leadership and State Senator Marty Golden.”


Yehuda Levin said...


Eastern Queens said...

The pro-homo David Weprin from Young Israel of Jamaica Estates did the same thing in the special election here for Assemblyman. He and his politically powerful family made sure no one else could get on the ballot as a Democrat.

Because he couldn't get the Jewish Republican thrown off the ballot, he proclaimed the guy is "immoral" for opposing gay marriage and mailed a flyer out to voters showing him with a swastika. Weprin didn;t write his name on the flyer and even after it was traced back to him, the backstabbing coward refuses to apologize.

Flatbush SY said...

The magazines in the Syrian community are tooting Greenfield's horn as if it's heresy to even think of voting for someone else.

There is no opposition to Greenfield here who does the bidding of both the secular Federation and Chacham Raful who is on the Moetzet gedolei hatorah of Agudah.

Chesronos HaBlog said...

How could Steve leave out Kushner's biggest avlah of being machshil his own relatives to have znus with shiksas?

Anonymous said...

David Weprin's sole purpose in life is to make sure he has a job on the public dole. If he thought it was in his interest to deny the Holocaust, he would do that too. Did you see how he came in 5th place in the election for NYC Comptroller? The guy is pathetic.

He has been running around statewide lately trying to get the support of chassidish rebbes. They probably have no clue that Weprin not only voted for, but sponsored every radical gay agenda vote in NYC Council.

Yossel Pulitzer said...

Our correspondent on the scene, R' Itchiemayer has confirmed that Rabbi Haskel Lookstein attended the St. Louis dinner tonight sporting a yarmulke, a black one at that. Sadly, Itchiemayer did not have the opportunity to question Rabbi Lookstein regarding Ivankala and Jared Trump-Kushner.

Shmarya groupie said...


First black female rabbi speaks at Pitt

Colmo the Homo said...


The traditional annual Purim visit to the Rikers Island Correctional Facility

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

I have posted more information on the Molester Berel Ashkenazi, asst principal at the Spinka Yeshiva BP.


Anonymous said...

you want to see rabbinic corruption, then see: http://mamzeralert.blogspot.com/

http://rabbiniccorruptionatrcc.blogspot.com/ the rabbis want their hand into everything that can bring in the "cash" even if it means going against halacha! these scandals relating to gittin can mirror some of the pedophile scandals as they both leave scars for decades as well as destroy families!!! i hope more attention is raised aginst rabbinic corruption with gittin. its purely fed by the feminist agenda