Monday, July 30, 2012

'Officials need to understand that if you protect a pedophile instead of protecting children, there'll be hell to pay.'


The retribution against Penn State has begun. This week, the NCAA announced a series of weapons-grade sanctions against Penn State:

• A $60 million fine paid to programs to prevent child sexual abuse;

• A four-year football post-season ban;

• Slashing the number of scholarships awarded for four years; and

• Vacating 111 wins from 1998 to 2011, a hammer-blow to the Paterno legacy.

It will probably take the Nittany Lions the better part of a decade to recover from this setback. Have innocent football players been hurt? Absolutely. But the NCAA is not to blame for that.

Instead, blame a monster named Jerry Sandusky. Blame those who knew about his crimes and covered them up -- Joe Paterno, university president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley and vice president Gary Schultz. According to the investigation report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh, these men "repeatedly concealed critical facts relating to Sandusky’s child abuse." Men who should have known better sacrificed innocent young souls on the altar of Penn State football.

'Coaches and university officials need to understand that if you protect a pedophile instead of protecting children, there'll be hell to pay.'

So retribution is in order. Coaches and university officials need to understand that if you protect a pedophile instead of protecting children, there'll be hell to pay. If you think you can protect your sports program by throwing children under the team bus, think again. When the truth comes out, your sports program will suffer shock and awe.

But along with the retribution, shouldn't there also be redemption? Absolutely -- and Penn State is seeking to redeem itself.

Over the weekend, the iconic statue of Joe Paterno was removed from the campus. The university has announced plans to pay for counseling for Sandusky's victims, and to become a leader in research and outreach in the field of child welfare. This fall, the university will host a national conference on sexual abuse.

Most important, Penn State is joining forces with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape to establish a new Center for the Protection of Children at the Hershey Medical Center. The university is off to a good start. It has begun the process of accepting legal responsibility and making financial restitution.

But real redemption can only come from moral restitution. To perform moral restitution, the university should make sure that its new Center for the Protection of Children becomes the premier institution of its kind. It should house a treatment and counseling center, a research center attracting top international experts on sexual abuse, a research library, and more.

And here's my personal message to the new Center for the Protection of Children: If you'd like to have the insights of an abuse survivor, call me. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. My first suggestion: Focus on educating the public on these issues:

• Improved ways to spot pedophiles and remove them from schools, churches and youth programs;

• Improved treatment for victims suffering trauma due to molestation;

• An improved legal system, in which perpetrators can be more effectively apprehended, prosecuted, and separated from society; and

• Improved awareness, so the public will understand the need to protect children, not perpetrators.

One of the lessons of this tragedy is that people who seem otherwise intelligent often exhibit abysmal judgment in pedophile cases. Penn State is not alone. We've seen this same "protect-the-predator" mindset in the Catholic Church, where senior clergy shuffled known child molesters from parish to parish.

And we've seen the "protect-the-predator" mindset at Miramonte Elementary School in Los Angeles, where a male teacher was arrested in January for unspeakable acts against children. Many people knew what he was doing -- and they looked the other way or covered it up.

For some reason, people almost always protect the adult instead of the child. They protect their "precious" institution instead of the precious innocence of a child. Clearly, our society has a lot to learn about protecting children from pedophiles. Penn State can redeem itself by publicizing the lessons it has learned from this tragedy.

No one can restore the lost innocence of Jerry Sandusky's victims -- but the university can help prevent future victims. Though Penn State has much to be ashamed of today, it can redeem itself in the future and become a proud institution once more.

[ATTENTION: If you know of a child who is being abused, call the police immediately -- then call the ChildHelp Hotline at 1-800-4ACHILD (1-800-422-4453). The ChildHelp counselor will answer your questions and direct you to support services.]

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan. He is a political consultant, founder and chairman of The Reagan Group, and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation. He is the author of "The New Reagan Revolution" (St. Martin's Press). Visit his website at www.reagan.com.



Anonymous said...

I am looking for victims of Heshy Nussbaum. I was a victim of his back in the 70's in Toronto at Eitz Chaim Schools, Camp Eitan and the Toronto Pirchea Choir. Whether you are from the U.S or Canada, it is time for him to face justice. His crimes are still on peoples minds, which I saw on comments with regards to a very recent arrest of another religious molester in Toronto. Please comment here so we can find a way to get together and receive justice for what he has done to our lives and others.

Survivor of HN

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

If anyone was a victim of Heshy Nussbaum or knows of one, kindly contact me immediately.


"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

A dose of criminal justice was long overdue in the pedophile priest scandal. It was meted out in Philadelphia Tuesday when Msgr. William Lynn became the highest-ranking Roman Catholic official in the United States to be sentenced to prison. He was convicted of child endangerment and sentenced to up to six years after a trial that starkly detailed how diocesan leaders shielded predatory priests and rotated them through parishes to prey anew.

The sentence should be a clear warning to church officials that criminal law, not church evasion, is the law of the land when it comes to protecting innocent children.

As the scandal emerged, more than 700 rogue priests had to be dismissed in a three-year period — yet ranking diocesan clergy were never called to justice for their own obvious misdeeds in engineering systematic cover-ups. Eight years ago, the bishops’ own investigative board of laity warned “there must be consequences” for leaders who chose to protect abusive priests rather than report crimes against children. The pity is that the point finally had to be driven home not by church leaders but by Philadelphia prosecutors energized by a secret archive of predator priests that Monsignor Lynn compiled. He testified that the late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua ordered in 1994 that the file be shredded, but a copy survived.

The culpability of bishops has been detailed in numerous investigations, but none were called to account until the indictment last October of Bishop Robert Finn of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph for ignoring warnings about a priest accused of taking pornographic pictures of schoolgirls.

The bishop has maintained his innocence and fought to keep church records secret. But last month a court ordered him to grant prosecutors access to a range of files about how abuse allegations were handled by the diocese. The case is another overdue inquiry into the Catholic hierarchy’s role in abetting the sex abuse scandal.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Above from the New York Times

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Like the Kolko case, one person decided that he's coming out and seeking Nussbaum victims.

Certainly there are victims that fall within the SOL in addition to criminal ferd that covered up for Nussbaum over the last 50 years.

Toronto said...

Heshy Nussbaum is unsupervised when hanging around Agudah Toronto and when acting as a mashgiach for the COR including at I believe secular summer camps in the Haliburton region.

The Nussbaum clan is very powerful in Toronto. That's why Heshy's crimes were basically covered up and why Aaron Levine who married into the family was able to get away with it so many years with his explosive temper and violence against boys at the Ner Israel yeshiva.

Shanda said...

Shanda has left a new comment on your post "Let's Change The Subject!":

I'm glad that Spielberg & Toronto came up because they tie into the theme that I have been hammering the Agudah about.

I think it was the Agudah's Jewish Observer years ago that snidely bashed Spielberg for being a huge advocate for Holocaust remembrance when he is married to the shiksa Amy Irving.

So now you have the hypocrite organization Agudah running to the event arranged by Ari Fleischer, also married to a shiksa, in batei medrash in Eretz Yisroel during the 9 Days.

Then the NY Times reported yesterday on the uproar over the Romney dinner scheduled for Tisha B'Av that forced it's postponement until today yud aleph Av. The entire Israel trip, including Fleischer's portion, was the brainchild of political strategist Dan Senor, a Conservative Jew from Toronto, who is married to the shiksa NBC News anchor Campbell Brown. Interestingly, Campbell used to be the girlfriend of Saudi Arabian politician Adel Al-Jubeir.

Toronto Agudah Fresser said...

Just curious who is the main cover upper for Nussbaum

Anonymous said...

Heshy Nussbaum info waiting in UOJ's inbox

Public service announcement said...

Google has started posting scans of old newspaper articles which are not archived even on the newspapers' own websites. The scans are a treasure trove of information on molesters & ganuvim.

As a preview, there is some interesting information on the Pinter brothers, Leib & Shmelly Shmelka, from articles in the 1970s.


Did you know for instance that Shmelly Shmelka fled the country when Leib was arrested, fearing for good reason that he too would be arrested?

Shmelka got away with it that time but is in he middle of a major scandal right now which may send him the way of brother Leib in Otisville prison.

Stay tuned for more details.

Bungalow yenta said...

What did the Pinters do now? Never a dull moment with that family.

Serial Putz said...

Does anyone know who the serial plaintiff Zelig Holtzman is? He spent many years filing frivolous lawsuits against anyone and anything that moved. This includes characters such as Paysach Krohn (although THAT lawsuit may have been valid) and half the rabbis in NYC.


He was finally stopped after he sued all the deans and trustees and even musmachim of YU. YU came after him for costs after his action was ruled frivolous.

Smellymelech Kornfeld said...

Do I know this Shmelka Pinter guy?

Anonymous said...

To Toronto Said

"The Nussbaum clan is very powerful in Toronto."

I don't believe that they have any real power outside of the Agudah circle. These are only scare tactics which certainly don't carry any weight with me. I am tired of being a victim, it's time to take action before it's to late.

Survivor of HN

Anonymous said...

To Agudah Fresser

I wish I knew. I do have my suspicions.

Survivor of HN

Archie Bunker said...

Shmarya is following in the footsteps of YeshivaWorld to read this blog and lift ideas from it. Except in Shmarya's case, he uses those ideas to go off on a lunatic tangent.

"Shanda" wrote on UOJ yesterday about Campbell Brown & Dan Senor and a hypocritical Agudah connection. It's not very well known that they are a married couple. Most people who didn't read UOJ yesterday would not know that. 100 minutes after it was posted here, Shmarya had a long winded post, whose logic was difficult to follow, attacking the married couple Campbell Brown & Dan Senor for being part of a supposed anti-Obama conspiracy.

All Campbell Brown did was point out in the Wall St Journal that NYC teachers unions are covering up for pedophile teachers. Mike Bloomberg and many others have been crowing about this for years. The couple of times that it came up on Failed Messiah because readers raised the issue, one of Shmarya's cronies who is a NYC public school teacher would start screaming profanities and insisting Bloomberg is a Right wing liar with an agenda. Shmarya would sit there quietly with tacit approval of his crony's foul posts.

Here is Shmarya's conspiratorial take now:

"If the 'bogey man' in this case was Republican politicians, investment bankers or CEOs who earn millions of dollars per year rather than teachers unions, I don't think Brown would have written anything about it. I think she's cravenly using this issue to attack Obama supporters, much the way her husband frequently and disingenuously does with Middle East issues."

vomit inducing said...

You should have seen the sickening ad put in a yeshiva dinner journal lichvod Leib Pinter from his pathetic mishpocho. It read something like Leib is all about Toyrah. Yeah, right?

Pablo Faird said...

Shmarya will sometimes attack those who fight molesters because his victim advocate cap is one of convenience. If you are oiver on the cardinal sins of being Republican and therefore anti-welfare and if you are not worshiping the Black moshiach, Obama, Shmarya's got a bullet with your name on it.

Anonymous said...

On of Heshy Nussbaum's top bosses for many years at the COR hashgacha in Toronto, as head of the Vaad Harabbanim, is an in-law of Leib Pinter