Friday, June 25, 2010

Educate Your Children!


British Agudah Fresser said...


A suspected brothel next door to a major Jewish community centre has been closed by police following complaints from neighbouring residents.

The sex den was next to Lubavitch UK's headquarters, at the heart of the community in Stamford Hill, north London.

Officers from the Met's Human Exploitation and Organised Crime Command and Hackney borough police boarded up the building last Friday after obtaining a closure order, using new legislation which makes it a criminal offence for anyone to enter the property.

Anonymous said...


What started as an innocent sushi meal for one Santa Barbara resident turned into something far worse: a bout with anisakiasis, a parasitic infection that nearly killed her and made her unique as the first person in the country to ever contract this disease.

The infection nearly killed Alana Tillim, owner of Santa Barbara Dance Arts, and required the removal of her colon and part of her intestines for treatment in 2002.

After spending two weeks in the hospital and dropping to 85 pounds, Tillim survived, and will be dramatically reenacting her ordeal Wednesday at 10 p.m. on Animal Planet for the show Monsters Inside Me.

“As the very first person in the U.S. to get this, I was sort of a case study,” said Tillim, who is now completely healthy after fighting complications from the parasite in 2004.

The infection was caused by anisakis simplex, a parasite that usually resides in the stomachs of marine animals but can be transmitted to humans who eat undercooked seafood, according to information from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention.

In Tillim’s case, the mass that was removed from her digestive system was a combination of the parasite, which was about a centimeter long, and the cells used by her body to fight the infection.

“The real message is that this can happen to anyone, anywhere,” Tillim said.

A bissel sechel said...



Rep. Peter King, Republican from Long Island, on the "humanitarian" flotilla to Gaza: it's all Obama's fault. "I believe that the Obama administration's foreign policy is responsible for what happened with the flotilla," King tells CBS, referring to the deaths aboard a ship carrying supplies to Gaza. So now King is introducing a resolution to force the president to militarily support Israel's naval blockade of Gaza.

King’s resolution would authorize the U.S. to provide Israel with necessary weapons and supplies to enforce the Gaza blockade, and would pressure the U.S. to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council. In addition, the resolution will demand that Obama oppose any international effort to investigate Israel for last week’s enforcement of the blockade.

Appearing on Fox News, King explained why the U.S. shouldn't investigate the Israeli raid that left nine "peace activists" dead:

Their blockade is entirely justified by international law. And by having this investigation we are setting up a moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas. Israel is under seige. It has had thousands of missiles fired into it from Gaza. This would be as if we allowed the UN to investigate the U.S. when we blockaded Cuba in 1962... As an ally we should be saying this blockade is absolutely right... and no U.S. taxpayer dollar should be used for this investigation.

When asked why he wants the U.S. off the UN Human Rights Council, King explained, "It is strictly a pro-third world, anti-American council. It's hypocritical, it never condemns what's done against Israel, it only condemns Israel, and by us being on it we're giving it a respectability it doesn't deserve."

Moshe Heinemann said...


Scroll down through the comments for the latest scandals me & Belsky.

Rubashkin truck driver said...


Here is some frum shaytel-wearing lady from Minnesota who is facing criminal charges in Iowa. She says that the same Assistant DA who prosecuted the Agri child labor case is a crude racist because he asked her if she knows Rubashkin. She says she is being made a scapegoat because she is an orthodox Jew.

Anonymous said...

Rav Eidensohn wrote this week to counter some Belsky groupie attacking UOJ that Belsky is an "outsider" who many gedolim are not machshev and that he was once excluded from an assifas rabbonim that took place at Camp Agudah, even though he is the mara d'asra of the camp.

One of Rav Eidensohn's readers reports on this exchange that reportedly took place when Belsky tried to convince the assifa of rabbonim in Flatbush that all worms in fish are mutter: Rav Karp from Eretz Yisroel screamed at Belsky: ""altz darfs du zuggen muttar!!! Abi mattir zein!!! Dos iz nisht apikursus!?!"

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

" ... U'bara bo nikavim nikavim, chalulim, chalulim"...

Shmarya groupie said...


Heilman's only mistake was not quoting extensively from Shmarya.