Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yes, We Need Achdus!

Guest Post By Steve - Long Time Friend Of UOJ

The navi Yeshaya gives us the answer in the very first perek with two words, "ASHERU CHAMOTZ"- STRENGTHEN THE VICTIMS! The gemara in Sanhedrin explains: "ASHERU CHAMOTZ VELO CHOMETZ"- STRENGTHEN THE VICTIM AND NOT THE CRIMINAL!

This is the type of achdus that was lacking at the time of the destruction of the two temples. The navi cried out, save yourselves by doing teshuva. Save yourselves by caring for the victims, the widows and orphans. Save yourselves by getting rid of your corrupt leaders who are the friends of thieves and love bribes . However, the people did not listen. They instead rallied around their false prophets, their corrupt leaders and the gangsters of that generation. It is said that every generation that the bais hamikdash is not built is as guilty as the generation when it was destroyed.

We have still not learned our lesson. Instead of unanimously rallying around the cause of victims of sexual abuse, we see rabbis and community leaders rallying around the child molesters. Read the latest Daily News article about Baruch Lebovits if you don't believe me. See how many people came to support him in court versus how many who came to support his brave victim. See how his victims have been villified and attacked while pidyon shvuyim funds are being collected for him and other child molesters. Have these people gone insane? No, we have been this insane since the time of Yeshaya. Nothing has changed. That is why we are still in galus. We still have our false prophets who tell us everything is fine and dandy, our corrupt leaders who are friends of thieves and love shochad and who refuse to even acknowledge those that have been victimized. What has changed?


As for Sholom Rubashkin, nebach, it is a human tragedy. Yes, the sentence was excessive. Anti-semitism? I don't think so. The man made one fatal mistake after another. For close to ten years, he refused to heed the call to change the way he operated his business. We begged him to do something about the reports of worker abuse, animal abuse, immigration law violations, identity fraud, health and safety violations, EPA violations, kashrus and labeling issues, etc.,etc. Yet, all we heard back were denials from him, his lawyers and his PR spinmeisters. After the raid and his indictment, instead of cooperating with the authorities, he stubbornly refused to change his ways. Instead of accepting a plea deal, he committed bank fraud, tampered with evidence, violated his bail terms and ultimately perjured himself on the witness stand. I don't put blame him alone for all his troubles.

His partners, coworkers, lawyers, PR team, the OU and Weissmandl all share in the blame and chillul hashem that took place at Agriprocessors. SMR is not an evil person. A stubborn, misguided and corrupt businessman maybe, but not evil. For the crimes he committed, a 27 year sentence is ridiculous. However,his arrogance and lack of contrition along with some bad advice all served to grease his skids. Pleading for leniency on behalf of such an individual is noble. I myself signed a petition calling for leniency. However, to make this into a cause celebre and playing the race card is not in our best interests. Further antagonizing the judge and the US justice system is also not wise and it severely backfired in this case. Try and help the man, yes, but please stop with the histrionics and this "achdus" business.

Yes, we need achdus.

Gilad Shalit needs our achdus. The victims of child sexual abuse need our achdus. The State of Israel needs our achdus. The countless poor people need our achdus. The orphans, widows and agunos need our achdus. Let's show achdus where it really counts and where it really means something. Asheru Chamotz Velo Chometz! I will keep repeating it until it starts to sink in.


Arthur said...

"For close to ten years, he refused to heed the call to change the way he operated his business. We begged him to do something about the reports of worker abuse, animal abuse, immigration law violations, identity fraud, health and safety violations, EPA violations, kashrus and labeling issues, etc.,etc. Yet, all we heard back were denials from him, his lawyers and his PR spinmeisters."
I am not one of Rubashkins "PR spinmeisters" but if I remember correctly, a group of his peers found him innocent of a number of "reports" and allegations that you list above.Are you saying that the jury's decision of innocence was a miscarriage of justice?
As for the other many "reported crimes" mentioned , the only one that he was found guilty of by a court of law was bank fraud.Whether this decision will stand depends on the resolution of his appeal.
My question to you is, where do all the other accusations, of which no verdict of guilt from a court of law has transpired, come from?
Peta,the New York Times,the "Jewish" Forward,the unions,the Conservative "religion"?.All definitely "paragons of virtue and truth" regarding Orthodox Judaism.What other "crimes" does your above "etc,etc"refer to? The manufacture of meth,houses of ill repute,arms smuggling and the crisis in Gaza?
As for Reb Yudel Shane's take on the kashrus issues listed,with all due respect for the man,he is just as fallible as the rest of us.Reading some of the posts on his blog, that you sent me on a prior occasion, one comes to the conclusion that kashrus does not exist anymore and all is forbidden.If you feel that he is the posek hador in inyonai kashrus then I suggest that you stop eating or drinking any dairy products,cholov Yisroel,cholov stam or cholov akum.He says their all treif mamosh for halachik reasons that you can look up yourself on his blog site.
Your mention of other causes that you list as being worthy of "achdus" is definitely true.However, your denigration of multitudes of Yidden from all sectors, who usually can't agree on the time of day,and have shown such unity regarding Rubashkin,I find disappointing to say the least, and not in the spirit of Reb Levi Yitzchok of Bardichov.There's much more to be spoken of but I'm running short of the allowed usage of characters and it's late.

Anonymous said...

According to Nachum Rosenberg, besides for Abrahamson, Yeshiva of Spring Valley is currently investigating two other rebbeim as being molesters. One could EXPLODE the entire myth of Daas Torah and the Moetzes into thin air.

Avi Shafran and Chaim Dovid, fasten those seatbelts. Sully did a beautiful job compared to what you will have to deal with V-E-R-Y shortly.

Pope Benedict said...

OOOH! This YSV story has the potential to be reeeally messy. In fact we might put the deification of St. Yudi on the fast track.

steve said...

As for Rav Yudel Shain, I agree with his stance on cholov akum. Many other poskim have also passkened that it is treife because of the incidence of veterinary procedures on DA cows. I debated Rabbis Mandel and Gordimer of the OU on his blog about this problem and all they could come up with was "it's all a safeik". When I mentioned to them that the incidence of DA cows is between 5% to 22% on the dairy farms, they pointed out one lone study by Dr. Randy Shaver on the internet that states that there are some farms that have no DA cows. This is the heter and "safeik" that Rabbi Belsky and the OU are clinging to in order not to lose the lucrative chlov akum business. Do some research on the subject and you will learn the truth. As for cholov yisroel, there are certain brands that don't have proper hashgocho (the now defunct New Square comes to mind), but the others all remove the DA cows, according to Rav Yudel. As for the kashrus issues at Rubashkin, all I have to say is three letters, KAJ.

Arthur said...

Steve and all other interested parties,please read.

and much much more.Just ask and I'll give you more links.

Montana said...

So, let me get this straight this white trash “Ernest Willis” a church deacon in Concord, New Hampshire, at the time, rapes this child twice (15 years old, he was 38 at the time), gets her pregnant, he admits it is his child in front of the church, and this so called church (Trinity Baptist Church), and her parents, makes her stand up in front of this church congregation, as well, admit its her fault, because they believe its somehow her fault and to top it off her parents go to this same church to seek counsel on what to do with her and they both agree that she should be sent to another Baptist couple in Colorado, have the baby there and then force the child to put the baby up for adoption. You Baptists are real make me sick, is this your family values? I hope all of you involved get what’s coming to you.

Trinity Baptist Church
80 Clinton Street
Concord, NH 03301-2287
603-225-3999, info@tbcnh.org

David Greenfield said...

I and Vito Lopez will be bringing up this outrage at the next City Council meeting. It could happen to anyone!


An extraordinary series of raids on the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium provoked sharp criticism from the Vatican on Friday, with the church expressing “shock” a day after Belgian investigators interrupted a bishops’ meeting at the church’s Brussels headquarters, detaining clerics for nine hours, and opened an archbishop’s grave at a cathedral north of the city.

The Belgian civil law-enforcement authorities seized documents and other potential evidence related to allegations of sexual abuse after searching the headquarters, the home of a recently retired cardinal and the offices of a commission established by the church to handle abuse complaints. The grave was opened at the St. Rombouts Cathedral, north of Brussels, Jean-Marc Meilleur, a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Brussels, told The Associated Press.

The aggressiveness of the raids — coming after hundreds of complaints of sex abuse had been lodged with the Belgian church’s special commission within a few months — represented a major departure in Belgium’s investigation of church-related sex crimes.

In the raid on the church headquarters, at the imposing palace of the archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels, the police questioned all the bishops attending the meeting, as well as staff members, including cooks and drivers.

The Vatican’s Friday statement, which was signed by two deputy secretaries of state and the ambassador of the Holy See to Belgium, raised the prospect that victims’ confidentiality had been breached by the seizure of documents relating to abuse allegations.

Eric de Beukelaer, a spokesman for the Belgian archbishop, André-Joseph Léonard said the raids began about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

“The police came in and said the house would be searched because there were complaints about sexual abuse on the territory of the archdiocese,” he said, adding that he was present during the raid and that the police had temporarily confiscated his cellphone.

Dr. Bungalow Katchka Neuhoff said...

ST. ALBERT, Alberta (AP) -- Canadian oil sands company Syncrude has been found guilty of causing the death of 1,600 ducks in a toxic waste pond at its mine in Alberta.

Agudah Fresser said...


According to the Senate bill’s supporters, a growing number of New Yorkers are becoming ill after eating out. Officials point to studies reporting that 10,000 New Yorkers are treated each year for food-related illnesses because of a restaurant

Uri Foxbrunner said...

I was in YTT once upon a time. Before I married a rich girl from Boro Park, I used to sell tchatchkes at Amazing Savings in Lawrence.


In another sign that banks are starting to sell off their bad debts, Brooklyn Federal Savings tapped Eastern Consolidated to market a mortgage with a balance of about $13 million, covering three adjacent Upper East Side apartment houses.

Eastern Consolidated principal David Schechtman expects there will be major interest in the loan because the site can be redeveloped under the current zoning for a much larger structure.

Whoever purchases the loan will first have to finish the foreclosure proceedings Brooklyn Federal started earlier this month against the borrower, Uri Foxbrunner. Court documents say that Mr. Foxbrunner took out the mortgage in late 2008. The loan was due on July 1, 2009 but was extended to September 1, 2009. A notice of default went out on April 16 of this year. The balance due last month was $11 million but the $13 million figure includes other charges such as interest and penalties, Mr. Schechtman says.

Mr. Foxbrunner declined to comment and Brooklyn Federal didn’t return a call.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

Is this the same Michael Hersh in Brooklyn who filed with the court for a name change?

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: NC-000573-92/KI
Case Type: Name Change
Classification: Individual Adult
Filing Date: 07/24/2000

In any case, Hersh may be desperate for money to pay his bills:

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-023824-10/KI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 03/05/2010

Hersh was in court representing himself 4 days ago and asked the court to vacate the inquest which was seemingly denied since he is due back on July 2nd.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

Habeas Corpus

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 043854/2007
Case Type: Other
Track: Standard
RJI Filed: 11/29/2007



The People of the State of New
York on relation of ROSA DEBORAH
GREHER and ELLIOTT ALVIN GREHER (aunt & uncle in Silver Spring MD),
acting on behalf of ISAAC HERSH,
infant, Plaintiff

-- against --

Index No.
TO: MICHAEL HERSH AND MIRIAM HERSH, residing at 1014 East l0th Street, Brooklyn, New York or anyone else having control of ISAAC HERSH

WE COMMAND YOU, that you have the body of ISAAC HERSH, by you imprisoned and detained, as it is said, together with the time and cause of such imprisonment and detention, by control of ISAAC HERSH ...

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

The Court seems to indicate that the judge granted the defendants motion to dismiss on 08/12/2009. The order was actually signed on 05/14/2010.

So why is Hersh still going after Rav Eidensohn & the bloggers?

It does indicate also however that the parties will be back in court on 07/30/2010 for some unspecified motion.

Any lawyers here who can decipher this?

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 006170/2009
Case Name: HERSH,MIRIAM & MICHAEL vs. COHEN,ELIZABETH REBECCA, Raphael Cohen,Aryeh Larry Wolbe, Eli Wolbe, et al
Case Type: Other Torts
Track: Standard
RJI Filed: 04/07/2009
Date NOI Due:
NOI Filed:
Disposition Deadline:
Disposition Date:
Calendar Number:
Jury Status:

Attorney/Firm For Plaintiff:
MEISTER SEELIG & FEIN Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active

Attorney/Firm For Defendant:
SOLOMON N. KLEIN Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active
1410 BROADWAY, STE 1802
NEW YORK, NY 10018

STUART KAGEN, ESQ. Attorney Type: Attorney Of Record Atty. Status: Active

Chometz for Pesach Lerner said...


How do you guys like the way I threatened the Young Israel rabbi in Syracuse?

5 Towns said...


Dear Aviva,

I frequent a local eatery where a male worker makes me feel very uncomfortable. He often looks me up and down, calls me “gorgeous” or “beautiful” and purposely touches my hand when taking my money.
I am clearly married, with a wig, engagement ring and wedding band. He wears a yarmulke and should know better. I try to put the money on the counter instead of handing it to him. But if there is change, he doesn’t put it on the counter, he puts it in my hand.

One time I said, “Please put the money on the counter.” He obliged, but I felt so uncomfortable. The next time I came in, he touched my hand again.

I talked to some of my friends about this and they told me that he does the same thing with them. It’s really not cool. I want to report this to the mashgiach. Kosher food served with come-ons to married women is not so kosher, in my opinion. But I really don’t want to stop going there. I know, I’m nuts, but they have very good food.

-Just Here for the Food

Dear Just Here for the Food,

Hey, you’re talking to a proud pizza addict. This Don Juan shouldn’t inhibit your love for good food. So the question begs, “How do I inhibit this Don Juan?”


A bissel sechel said...


I was disappointed with your Rubashkin link to Nat Lewin's sewer grade propaganda. I had to shut it off after hearing him utter various lies and hype.

As far as multiple AGs supposedly condemning the 27 year sentence, show us the letters.

I don't even believe they exist since Chabad, Agudah & Lipschutz would have plastered them everywhere by now if they did.

Camp Munk said...


No one was injured when a chartered Monsey Trails bus went up in flames while traveling on the northbound Thruway in Tuxedo at mid-day Thursday.

The bus was carrying an unknown number of children to Camp Munk in Sullivan County. The northbound highway was closed to traffic for some time as Tuxedo firefighters extinguished the flames.

State Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

Hatzolah from the Village of Kiryas Joel responded with two ambulances as a precaution.

Most of the luggage was saved.

Arthur said...

From the Jerusalem Post about the Rubashkin case.


Far Rockaway said...

When Foxbrunner was working on a condo development here, one of his managers was acting like a shyster trying to get around their vendors by pretending he was a distributor to get net pricing. When they couldn't fool the factories, they would steal by ordering through the other channels and then not paying the whole amount after they got the goods.

Town Car Putz Lefkowitz said...

What am I going to do now?


The Lincoln Town Car, a mainstay of executive transportation, and the Ford Crown Victoria, part of taxi and police fleets, are being discontinued.

Monsey said...

Is this the Mendel Wagschal who is also known as the Shinover Rebbe of Monsey?


While Rockland Health Department and Clarkstown Building Department violations piled up at the complex for more than a decade, neither the town nor the county took any substantive action for the residents. In 1999, The Journal News exposed the squalid conditions in which working-class Central and South American immigrants lived under then-owner Rabbi Mendel Wagschal of Monsey.

Wagschal, who bought the property in 1983 for $300,000, collected an average of $675 a month in rent from the people living in the 28 bungalows.

Officials found more than 200 health-code violations, but could not find the owner, who hid behind corporate names. There were broken windows and holes in floors. Roofs leaked, rudimentary heating systems didn't work or posed danger of burns or fire. Craters dotted the undulating roads.

The Journal News' investigation also revealed that taxpayers paid twice the going rate — $602 — per person to house people receiving public assistance at the boarding house. The Rockland Social Services Department sent sex offenders and other people with criminal records there on the grounds that homes could not be found for them. Then-Social Services Commissioner Noah Weinberg, who knew Wagschal, approved the extra payments, which surpassed $1 million.

Leib Pinter said...


A government audit has found that thousands of taxpayers have fraudulently claimed the first-time home buyers' credit, and the Internal Revenue Service apparently missed them all.

The fraudulent claims - some from prison inmates serving life sentences - totaled about $134 million, according to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

Some of the "questionable claims" for refunds were made by 87 IRS employees

Philly Willy said...

Police are investigating an accusation that a USAirways pilot used a cell phone to snap inappropriate pictures of a teenage girl at Philadelphia International Airport last night.

The allegation was that a man in his 50s took photographs directed up the skirt of a 15-year-old in a terminal, said police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore.

After a witness complained to a police officer, the man was taken in for questioning and a warrant was sought to view the pictures on the phone, Vanore said.

If the allegations are verified, charges are likely, he said.

The man, a pilot, has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, said Morgan Durrant, a USAirways spokesman in Philadelphia.

Anonymous said...


Federal prosecutors are seeking a prison sentence that could approach 20 years for Hassan Nemazee, a former fund-raiser for President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton who admitted defrauding $292 million to fund an "extremely lavish lifestyle."

Nemazee, 60, pleaded guilty on March 18 to bank fraud and wire fraud in connection with loan transactions involving Bank of America, Citigroup and HSBC.
In a court filing, US Attorney Preet Bharara in New York said a 15- to 20-year prison term is appropriate, citing the length of time he carried out the fraud -- 12 years.

Arthur said...

A bissel sechel
I feel sorry for people?1?!?!?! like who have nothing better to do with their miserable lives but to find fault with others in this particular case Rubashkin. Every thing said or done for Rubashkin are "various lies and hype".
"As far as multiple AGs supposedly condemning the 27 year sentence, show us the letters."(Who is the "us"?You seem to be the only one questioning this)

I don't even believe they exist since Chabad, Agudah & Lipschutz would have plastered them everywhere by now if they did".
They were plastered all over the place but you did not make an effort to find them."Homotzi mechaveiro alov horayeh"
There's an expression in Yiddish "dos vos men zucht gefint men" as exemplified by the incident with the meraglim.Yehosuah and Colev set out to find the good in Eretz Yisroel and they found it.The other meraglim set out to dig for as much shmutz as they could about EY and they found it.
You and your "ilk" want to find and accuse Rubashkin of as much shmutz as possible and woe be to any individual,individuals or evidence that casts Rubashkin in a positive light is a lie,liar or some other derogatory term.
My suggestion to you is to take off your pants,do leave your gatges on however, and join Shmarya, of "illustrious" fame,in Minneapolis.He seems to be your kind of guy.Your taines are ill chosen but one thing I will give you credit for and that is your nom de plume,"A BISSIL seichel"...

Arthur said...

a BISSEL seichel
Just one question.Do you exhibit the same skepticism and disbelief of all negative and harmful allegations about Rubashkin the same way you do for the positive ones?

Anonymous said...

What was the bail violations?

Moetzes Resign! said...


One afternoon last month, a rare thing happened in Rome’s main courthouse: for perhaps the first time ever, an Italian bishop took the witness stand in the case of a priest accused of the sexual abuse of children.

Soon after, another rare thing happened. The leader of the Italian bishops’ conference acknowledged at a news conference that it was “possible” that bishops in Italy had covered up abuse, while his deputy said that in the past decade, 100 Italian priests had faced church trials in connection with the sexual abuse of minors.

The remarks were the first time the bishops’ conference had ever publicly quantified the number of Italian cases — and one of the few where it answered reporters’ questions on the matter.

In Italy, the “ombra del cupolone,” or shadow of the dome of St. Peter’s, reaches far, and the church has long maintained a forceful grip on public life, if not in Italians’ private lives. But slowly, the sexual abuse crisis that has stirred up Europe in recent months has begun to take root in the Vatican’s backyard.

While Italy still falls short on transparency in both state and church, observers say a new chapter may be beginning in which the once taboo topic of sexual abuse by priests is slowly entering the national conversation.

“We’re less inhibited, not as cautious about talking about it as in the past,” said Sandro Magister, a veteran Vatican journalist in Italy. “There’s been a kind of contagion from other countries” where it was openly discussed, he added.

Talmidei Margo said...


Many doubt that Italy could ever create the kind of zero-tolerance policy adopted by the United States bishops a decade ago, in which a priest is removed from duty at the first credible accusation of abuse.

The Rev. Davide Cito, a professor of canon law at Opus Dei’s University of the Holy Cross in Rome, noted that in Italy, members of the Mafia were often applauded by their supporters when they were freed from prison. “People lack the force to be outraged at evil,” Father Cito added dispiritedly. “If we don’t have zero tolerance for Mafiosi, how can we have it for priests?”

A bissel sechel said...

Criticize someone dear to Arthur's heart like Rubashkin and you get the same barrage of ad hominem attacks that Shmarya is known for. Look in the mirror before comparing others to the Minnesota loser.

Nat Lewin lies for a living like all trial lawyers and has been caught on many specific lies.

AG letters against a 27 year sentence were NOT plastered all over the place. Only the letters against the initially proposed then withdrawn request for a life sentence.

In those letters, the AGs admit that they don't even know the facts of the case.

YOU claimed there were letters, so if they are so easy to find as you claim, give us one link to the text, not a link to a windbag spinmeister lawyer spewing propaganda for 2 hours where maybe he makes a reference to something that may or may not exist.

There is no moshol here of meraglim. The problem is that Rubashkin is promoting a lie that he is 100% innocent. This after all the lawbreaking, chilul Hashem & kashrus scandals. It's only creating bigger chilul Hashem & aivah.

The moshol you need is Gedalyah ben Achikom who caused a churban because he refused to listen to bad things that he was mechuyev to pay attention to.

And if you think I am alone in my thinking, sorry to burst your bubble out there in Lubav-La-La Land.

A bissel sechel said...

Is Edwin Black being paid from Rubashkin's "pidyon shvuyim" fund along with Bob Barr and the others?

He writes in Arthur's JPost article that it's "impossible" to reexamine the many details of the case, yet he proceeds to pick selective details that Nat Lewin was already borer to make Rubashkin look good and make the government look like liars.

Regardless of what happened with Rubashkin & Ben-Chaim, Rubashkin did help Zev Levi & the Palestinian Arab manager Amara escape to Israel where they are currently fugitives from the law. That Edwin Black leaves out this well know fact in his first argument makes the rest of his screed suspect.

The article is dated 06/24/2010 but no mention of Arthur's phantom letters from AGs against a 27 years sentence.

British Agudah Fresser said...


GIRLS at a strictly Orthodox high school in Manchester have been disciplined for breaking a pledge not to use the internet.

Beis Yaakov High School is understood to have taken action against pupils and to have excluded (suspended) a number of girls. The voluntary-aided school, previously known as Jewish High, says it regards the internet "with great fear and suspicion".

A small number of Beis Yaakov girls are understood to have been subject to fixed-term exclusions in recent weeks after the school learned they had been exchanging emails.

The school confirmed that there had been disciplinary action against girls over the internet ban, but stressed that no girls were currently excluded.

"They had signed a contract to say they would not use email, and they did," said a source. "All families with girls at the school are required to sign up to it. They agree that there will be no internet access at home, except for business reasons."

Beis Yaakov head Rabbi Yochanan Goldblatt said: "It is the policy of the entire governing body to regard the internet with great fear and suspicion.

"The net is like a knife - you have to be old enough to know how to handle it."

Anonymous said...

What was the bail violations?


Shortly before and immediately following defendant’s October 30, 2008, arrest
on immigration-related charges, defendant destroyed evidence of the fake invoices
and diverted customer payments.

On about October 29, 2008, defendant gathered a thumb drive containing
records of diverted customer payments, along with copies of diverted checks,
from April Hamilton, the accounting employee who diverted the payments at
defendant’s direction. (Trial Testimony of April Hamilton). That thumb drive and
records have never been recovered.

On about October 31, 2008, while on pretrial release, defendant directed
Hamilton to delete additional evidence of diverted payments from
Agriprocessors’ computer accounting system. (Trial Testimony of April

On approximately November 3, 3008, while on pretrial release, defendant
gathered copies of fake invoices and bills of lading from Darlis Hendry, the
customer service employee who created them at defendant’s direction. (Trial
Testimony of Darlis Hendry). Those documents have never been found.

On approximately November 5, 2008, the day after the execution of a federal
search warrant at Agriprocessors, and while on pretrial release, defendant
directed a third employee, Wendy Torson, to shred copies of approximately 50 to
75 customer statements which contradicted what Agriprocessors had reported to
the bank. (Trial Testimony of Wendy Torson).

Jacob Perlow said...


In a sign of sharply rising tensions between the Vatican and Belgium, Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday criticized as “surprising and deplorable” a raid on church property last week by Belgian police investigating sex abuse by clerics.

In an exceedingly rare personal message and rebuke of a sovereign country, the pontiff also stressed the church’s “autonomy” to conduct its own investigations and criticized the “deplorable methods” of Belgian police who last week detained bishops, confiscated files and even drilled into the tombs of at least one cardinal in the Brussels cathedral in a search for documents.

In Brussels, police also searched the home and former office of former Archbishop Godfried Danneels and took documents and his personal computer. They have not said whether the archbishop himself is under investigation.

Police arrived at church headquarters in Brussels as the bishops were starting their monthly meeting and detained them and their staff for nine hours.

On Saturday, the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, called the detention of bishops “serious and unbelievable” and compared the police tactics to those of Communist regimes. He also said that the bishops had been deprived of food and water during their detention.

Meshichist loser said...


That's right Arthur. Let's keep up the "achdus" for Rubashkin while we can't stop fighting amongst ourselves.

Rabbi Marc Schneier said...


Respected Rabbi Marc Schneier has split from his fourth wife and is now spending time with a younger woman.

A source tells us the rabbi and wife Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier are divorcing after splitting a few months ago, and he has since started spending time with an attractive brunette in her 30s named Gitty.

Schneier, founding rabbi of the New York Synagogue and the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton, is also a spiritual adviser to stars including Russell Simmons and Steven Spielberg. He and Tobi have been married for three years.

Schneier, 51, is also the founder and president of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. He often jets around the world to improve interfaith relations and met with Pope Benedict at the Vatican last year.

Schneier, named by Newsweek as one of the 50 most influential American rabbis, recently told his congregation that he's suffering from bipolar disorder.

A source told us: "He's divorcing his fourth wife. He's a great leader in the Jewish community, he's just not very good at marriage.

"He met Gitty after he was separated from Tobi and they are spending time together."

Schneier and his wife have homes in Westhampton Beach and Manhattan. Tobi famously arranged for a 400-pound endangered Asian lion called "Rabbi Marc" to be donated to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo in Schneier's honor for his 50th birthday.

A spokesman for Rabbi Schneier, Ken Sunshine, said: "Marc Schneier is a renowned worldwide leader, and a pioneer in Muslim-Jewish relations. He has been dealing with a very serious illness, and we will have no comment on rumor or innuendo."

Calls to lawyers for Rubinstein-Schneier were not returned.

Gateway Pundit II said...

UOJ - How many years should a man get for committing bank fraud, destroying evidence, assisting fugitives flee the country, and committing purjury on the stand?
Then take into account the obnoxiousness of Team Rubashkin and its supporters which does affect a Judge's decision as the Judge is human. Any decent lawyer knows to stay on the judge's good side. Shame on Team Rubashkin for not giving a damn about that. In fact, Lewin's response to the Judge's "threat" that if she has to re-sentence him she'll take things into account that she gave Rubashkin a pass on the first time, was "bring it on". That is such a stupid thing to say on the record (not to her directly) regarding a Judge. SMR's attorneys violated all of the unwritten laws in the book such as don't piss off a judge....and they continue to do it! Fools!

Rubashkin's Attorneys & Paid PR Professionals said...

To Gateway Pundit -

SMR's attorneys are very far from fools - they are brilliant.

Together with a paid-for-by-Pidyon-Shevuyim-money massive PR campaign, they will have a steady income for years to come. If they gave up the Rubashkin case they would be out of work forever because of the terrible job they did with Rubashkin! Who would want to hire them? No one! Only tzedakah funds which are collected for the supposed "Rubashkin Pidyon Shvuyim Defense Fund" will pay their salaries, and generously so! So it is in their best interest to provoke the legal establishment to deliver harsh punishments to Rubashkin, then have the PR campaign rile up the masses to scream "Anti-Semitism" while Rubashkin sits in jail all the while. The lawyers, the PR company and the "Frum" (but krum) Newspapers (including Yated) are the ones who laugh all the way to the bank!!

Fools they are not.

Achdus? Sure - in promoting fraud and lies!

(They also don't give a damn that they are spreading Anti-Semitism, while they are "crying wolf" by getting Frum Jews to scream Anti-Semitism where there isn't any. They only care about their swelling bank accounts funded by the pidyon shvuyim tzedakah money rolling in.)

Wake up people and smell the fraud!!

Arthur said...

A BISSEL seichel
"And if you think I am alone in my thinking, sorry to burst your bubble out there in Lubav-La-La Land."
Talk about " ad hominem" attacks.
Doh ligt der hunt bagroben. "Lubav-la-la-land" says it all . Nothing more needs to be said to you about this issue.In the end your bigoted, mean spirited psyche comes to the fore.May Hashem send you a refuah shleimo bikorov that some day your "bissel" seichel will grow to "ah sach seichel".

Anonymous said...

...1) how exactly did he help those 2 to flee to israel?
...2) is there a reason why he was allowed tsistis, tephilin?

Arthur said...

All along Iv'e been wondering what drives Rubashkin's detractors who will do anything to add to Rubashkins crimes when there are enough to begin with.I know that there are honest people out there in blog land who are very disturbed by Rubashkin's actions as we all should be.One of these people is Steve who I think has no underlying prejudice against Rubashkin because of what group or sector of Yiddishkeit he belongs to.His arguments are cogent, logical and for the most true.I don't necessarily agree with all his points but I can see where he is coming from.
Then we have the bigots who ultimately show their true colors such as the gentleman who appropriately calls himself "A Bissel Seichil".All was revealed when he couldn't resist saying what his true campaign is all about.Rubashkin is only a channel to vent his hared towards the "Lubavs", as he says "And if you think I am alone in my thinking, sorry to burst your bubble out there in Lubav-La-La Land".This short sentence encapsulates his true motive that festers beneath the surface.For a Jew to have such feelings to another sector of Yiddishkeit is truely a rachmonis.Perhaps he subscribes to the school of thought that the "Lubavs" are not part of mainstream Judaism.Then it is a bittere rachmonis.

A bissel sechel said...

Lubav is short for Lubavitcher which is not derogatory.

No matter what people do to get to the truth, Arthur will spin it as agenda driven.

Arthur said...

A Bissel, who must spend every moment of his day (and maybe his night too) digging up as much shmutz as he can,to stack the cards against Rubahkin,is surely aware of the fact that "the Lubavs from la-la-land" have actually done very little to support Rubashkin.The campaign to vindicate Rubashkin has been spear headed by Pinchos Lipshitz who as always been a virulent critic of Chabad.The various hafganot in support of Rubashkin have been sponsored by almost all sectors of the yeshivishe world and non Lubavitch Chassidim of every hue and color.People who have severe issues with one another have come together in support of Rubashkin.There are no issues with Rubahskins religous affiliations and no mention of Lubavitch. This by people who for the most part have not had a high regard for Lubavitch, to say the least.Just a bunch of Jews who have gotten together,right or wrong,to help another Yid.
Yet he,A Bissel, has the audacity to say that "Lubav la-la-land" is not a derogatory term.This yold mst think that we all are a bunch blithering idiots who can't see through his subterfuge.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I'm just waiting for the Agudah to request a furlough for SMR, so he can address the next "Emes & The Law" series at a shul near you.

They know how to pick em' - Spinka, Benjy Brafman; SMR's turn!

A bissel sechel said...

I have the same complaint against Lipschutz, Agudah, OU, Satmar, etc.

I was referencing Lubavs because Arthur is one of them.

The followers of these various groups are being taken for a ride.

Arthur said...

"I have the same complaint against Lipschutz, Agudah, OU, Satmar, etc.

I was referencing Lubavs because Arthur is one of them.

The followers of these various groups are being taken for a ride."

A Bissel's lame excuse reminds me of the following proverbial story.
A driver on the freeway receives a frantic call from his wife on his cell phone."Honey" she screams terror in her voice "the traffic helicopter has just announced that some crazy guy is driving in the wrong lane on the freeway" to which he answers "Yeh,Iknow about it but it's not one guy, it's hundreds"

Kanoyim Watch said...

In a Chareidi neighborhood this week I saw more evidence of the intellectual dishonesty and fraud which permeates certain sectors of the "Chareidi" world.

Satmar affiliated groups are hanging large posters calling for a protest in Washington this week against Netanyahu and the "Tsiyonim Apikorsim". Amazingly, this week's Torah parsha states a MITZVAH D'ORAISA (biblical commandment) in BAMIDBAR 33:53 of "Vhorashtem es haaretz veshavtemba" ("Take possession of the land and settle there"). See Ramban to BAMIDBAR 33:53 and Pischei Tshuva 75:6 in Shulchan Aruch Evan HaEzer. During this same parsha the "KANOYIM" will surge out of their Boro Park and Monsey mansions in CHUTZ L'ARETZ to protest against Jews who have been MOSER NEFESH to settle the land of Israel !!!

The pretense of these so-called Chareidim may be that Netanyahu is uprooting Jewish graves. But the real agenda of these protestors is an anti-Torah ideology. They deny any Jewish right to Eretz Yisrael, and they deny any MITZVAH
to settle the land, while calling the "Tsiyonim" apikorosim.

Even worse, by protesting publicly against Netanyahu, these "KANOYIM" give a green light to Obama and the enemies of the Jews to further oppress the Jews of Eretz Yisrael. Is this really different than Bar Kamtza in Masechta Gittin who
wrote to the Roman Emperor and incited him against the Jews?

When will the so-called "Chareidi" world learn to clean its house and challenge the hypocrisy of these so-called "KANOYIM"?

Who's the real "apikoros" here - Netanyahu who lives in Yerushalayim or these so-called Chareidim living comfortably in
America and denying the Jewish right to Eretz Yisrael?