Monday, July 26, 2010

Isaac Yitzchok Barber is a strange man!

He has orthodox rabbinic ordination from a Melbourne, Australia yeshiva. He works in financial services in New York.

He is acting inappropriately.

He admits to watching computer and magazine pornography. There are other unusual behaviors. The New York City Police Department, and Administration for Child Services, have an open investigation. There is documentation. Hamayvin yavin. He who has understanding, will understand.

Isaac Barber resides at 669 Crown Street, Brooklyn, New York.

During the summer, he resides at the Mount Crest Bungalow Colony, 129 Murphy Road, Woodbourne, New York.

Families and children should exercise caution.



Skverrer Putz said...


An admittedly un-kosher rabbi was sentenced this morning to 27 months in the slammer for an unholy fraud for which four fellow crooks walked free after getting their sentences commuted by then-Preisdent Clinton.

Rabbi Avrum Friesel - who spent more than 11 years on the lam in Israel and Great Britain - said he was "deeply ashamed" for breaking American civil law, which meant he also broke Jewish religious law.
"I feel very sorry for the things that I did that were not kosher," Friesel, 57, said in Manhattan federal court.

The gray-bearded religious teacher later turned and smiled to about two dozen supporters wearing black velvet skull caps and traditional Hasidic black garb.

After being extradited last year from London, Friesel, pleaded guilty to participating in a scheme that defrauded various government programs of tens of millions of dollars during the 1980s.

The scam - run by leaders of the Hasidic village of New Square in Rockland County - secured more than $10 million in crooked Pell grants for ineligible students at a Brooklyn seminary, and also stole from the Small Business Administration and the federal Section 8 housing program.
Judge Barbara Jones cut Friesel a break from sentencing guidelines that called for up to 41 months in prison, citing his relatively minor role in the scam and his history of working with disabled children.
She also ordered him to pay $11 million-plus in restitution.
Only about $26,000 of the stolen money has been repaid

A seventh defendant, Nathan Adler, remains at large.

Charlie Hynes said...

Any relation to my money man Ben Barber from Igud haganovim?

Miami Beach said...


Attorneys handling the largest civil lawsuit in the fallout from Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi scheme (given kibudim in Chabad even though he is married to a shiksa) have refiled it for the fourth time, and there are several new plaintiffs involved.

Among them is Miami businessman Ira Sochet, who allegedly invested $147 million in the scheme, but may have received $85 million in payouts over the years, according to documents in the bankrupcty of Rothstein’s defunct law firm.
The new complaint says Sochet was drawn into the Rothstein fraud by investment verifier Michael Szafranski (davens in Chabad). Szafranski befriended Sochet, and the two even traveled to Israel together with their wives, the new complaint says.

Other new plaintiffs include: Lawrence E. Dekelbaum; and Shalom Strictly Kosher Meats, Inc. (under the Vaad of Washington DC)

Michael Brooks said...


Mr. Brooks sat and listened this year as Ms. Schlegel, her memory apparently intact and keen, spent 23 days testifying against him in a highly unusual corporate malfeasance trial in United States District Court on Long Island that has been highlighted by sweeping accusations of fraud, insider trading, and company-financed personal extravagance.

DHB, which specialized in making body armor used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, paid for more than $6 million in personal expenses on behalf of Mr. Brooks, covering items as expensive as luxury cars and as prosaic as party invitations, Ms. Schlegel testified.

Also included were university textbooks for his daughter, pornographic videos for his son, plastic surgery for his wife, a burial plot for his mother, prostitutes for his employees, and, for him, a $100,000, gem-encrusted, American-flag belt buckle.

The expense-account abuse, the prosecution has said, represented a pittance compared with the $190 million that Mr. Brooks and another top employee are accused of making through a stock fraud scheme in which he falsified information about his company’s performance — including significantly overstating the inventory of bulletproof vests — to inflate the price of the stock before selling his shares in 2004.

Anonymous said...

Brooks part 2

Lawyers for Mr. Brooks have repeatedly pressed for a mistrial, accusing the prosecution of highlighting irrelevant evidence to portray Mr. Brooks “as a sex-obsessed, tax-cheating boor.”

... who threw his daughter a multi-million-dollar bat mitzvah party featuring performances from the rapper 50 Cent and the rock group Aerosmith, even as federal investigations into his actions were widening and his business was crumbling.

Mr. Brooks could be sentenced to more than 30 years in prison.

He may also face additional charges stemming from an episode last week when he was caught for a second time trying to smuggle into jail prescription anti-anxiety pills, which were similar to medication he was already taking at an unusually high dose. The pills had been hidden in pens that a supporter of Mr. Brooks’s had placed near the defendant’s seat in the courtroom.

Mr. Brooks, who in his mid-50s, has been in federal custody since his bail was revoked shortly before the trial began, after law enforcement officials said they discovered that he had hidden millions of dollars worth of assets abroad.

Menachem Youlus said...


A nonprofit group from Maryland that restores Torahs has promised it will describe the provenances of its rescued Torahs only “if there is documentation or an independent verifiable witness to such history,” according to an agreement with Maryland officials.

In late March, Menachem Z. Rosensaft, a New York lawyer who is a vice president of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants, wrote to the Maryland attorney general, Douglas F. Gansler, alleging “possible fraud and/or misrepresentation” by Save a Torah. He asked for an investigation into whether Save a Torah had been “soliciting funds under false pretenses.”

Mr. Rosensaft, who is also an adjunct professor at Cornell Law School and teaches a course on World War II war crimes trials, took issue with Rabbi Youlus’s description of the Auschwitz Torah. “There is no record of anyone even remotely fitting the description of the priest” Rabbi Youlus said had saved it, Mr. Rosensaft said in the letter.

He also took issue with a Torah that Rabbi Youlus said had been at Bergen-Belsen, the concentration camp where Anne Frank died in 1945. Mr. Rosensaft’s parents met at Bergen-Belsen.

Mr. Rosensaft said that Rabbi Youlus’s description of finding a Torah beneath a wooden floor in a barracks was not possible. The original buildings at Bergen-Belsen, he said, were burned to stop a typhus epidemic and the survivors were moved to a former German military installation nearby in May 1945. Mr. Rosensaft said that he was born in that installation in 1948 and returned many times to visit.

“The brick barracks to which the survivors were moved did not have wooden floorboards,” Mr. Rosensaft said, “and they’re now a NATO base, populated by British military personnel, so there is no way Youlus could have gotten there, either.”

Joel Sammy said...

So I screw a girl, then when I'm done with her, I just dump her and go looking for another one.

I am sick bastard. I am a control freak, I lure my girls from the safety of their friends, their family, their community. I use them, I abuse them, and then I just dissappear.

I am sick to the core.

Yours truly
Joel Sammy

Yours Truly said...

I am 30 years old, but I only like 18 year old girls. You know, those young and innocent girls, virgins of course, straight out of seminary. I groom them, I work their minds, so that within a month they are already rebelling against their entire community.

When I get the girl to stop talking to her friends, of course, I then work her mind further, by explaining to her, in the most loving and adoring way, that it is they who are evil, for not accepting her. But that only I can truly bring her happiness.

She succumbs to my mind games, and of course her body succumbs to mine. In little less than one month, I have taken an innocent Bais Yaakov girl, a virgin, and made her a self-hating whore. She is all mine.

When I am finished..... usually about a month later, I drop her. As simple as that. She has no one to cry to, nowhere to call home. In less than two months, I have totally broken her, and her support system. She is finished. She is just another whore.

I won't even have the decency to say good bye to her. She is useless to me. I accomplished my goal, and fulfilled my sick and animalistic desires. I am finished with her. She is just trash to me. Used goods.

I am too busy now, I am on my way to my next victim. Maybe it's your daughter, ha ha!

I am so sick. But I am an accomplished historian, a poet ...... a very important person.

Yours truly

Joel Sammy

Rabbi Rephael Skaist said...

I will keep pushing the cover up tactics I learned in Baltimore.


July 23

Not the way we do thing

To the Editor:

Your front-page headline “Witness tampering charged in abuse case: Beth Medrash Govoha implicated” (July 9, 2010) cries out for clarification. The accompanying article is sorely inadequate in its attempt to attribute to the Yeshiva implication in such a crime. According to the article the source of the “implication” is the anonymously distributed flier accusing the father of a victim of “going to the police without going to a Beis Din, and without the Haskama of any rabbi…even after he was approached by prominent members of Beth Medrash Govoha.”

The article’s analysis of the actions by the “prominent members of Beth Medrash Govoha” as being associated with witness tampering reflects a fundamental lack of understanding as to the nature of rabbis’ responsibility in communal affairs.

There is a story told of a suspected Jewish murderer hiding in the shul of the town of Satmar in the years preceding the Holocaust. The Satmar Rav zt”l was asked what to do. “Ruf der Politzei” (call the police) he answered. By contacting the Rav first, all confusion, acrimony and community divisiveness was thereby avoided from the outset.

Persons affected by events such as what happened in Lakewood should first consult with a competent Rav, a lawyer and a mental health professional prior to calling the police. The responsibility of the Rav is to teach and provide guidance. Each case is different and needs careful, sensitive evaluation as it impacts diversely on the lives of all the individuals involved, and sometimes on the community as a whole.

To ignore the Torah’s authoritative and time-honored Halachic process of including Rabbonim in such matters is to invite just the sort of communal discord and invective as we have witnessed here.

May our own communities and those of all mankind be spared from further cases of alleged abuse. We are all davening for the ultimate Geulah Shleima.

Rabbi Rephael Skaist
Far Rockaway

Ben Hirsch said...


Kudos to Rabbi Aaron Kotler for his letter condemning “intimidation in any form or format” of those who report childhood sexual abuse to the police (Letters to the Editor; July 16, 2010). However, absent a formal pronouncement from BMG’s rabbinic leadership – to wit, Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon and Rabbi Malkiel Kotler – that all incidences of childhood sexual abuse must be reported directly to the police, Aaron’s letter does little to deal with a devastating problem in Lakewood’s yeshiva community.

Ben Hirsch
Brooklyn, NY

Anonymous said...

Does UOJ know any more about this?

Someone at JBAC sent out a mass email with some cryptic references to R' Shmuel Kaminetzky.

A. That he was told by a 10 year old boy in the 1970s that he was molested by Philly talmid Rabbi Stanley Levitt.

B. That he participated in the Abrahamson cover up at Yeshiva of Spring Valley.

There is also a cryptic comment about R' Malkiel Kotler helping Belsky protect Yosef Kolko (I guess against Rav Salomon who opposes Kolko)

Manchester said...


A top Jewish lawyer has been interviewed by police investigating the alleged theft of £158,000 of his former chambers' funds.

David Friesner, who has represented Premier League footballers and was one of Manchester's most highly regarded barristers, was questioned under caution over the missing money. He has not been arrested or charged.

Mr Friesner, of Salford, denies any wrongdoing. His solicitor, Ian Lewis, said he would continue to aid police.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed fraud investigators are looking into allegations of theft, fraud and false accounting, based on a report of financial irregularities at the St John Street Chambers.
The 44-year-old was asked to leave the chambers following an internal investigation when the allegations first arose at the end of last year.

He had been a member of the city centre chambers for 14 years and was deputy head of chambers.
Mr Friesner specialised in criminal law including complex fraud and money-laundering cases as well as murder, rape and robbery offences. He was regarded in law circles as a "heavy hitter" for his fearsome cross-examination of defendants.

Zvi Slime-man said...


The ruling is based upon a 2008 High Court of Justice ruling, rejecting an appeal of the rape conviction of Zvi Sleiman, who impersonated a senior official in the Housing Ministry whose wife worked in the National Insurance Institute. Sleiman told women he would get them an apartment and higher NII payments if they would sleep with him.

Mark Zuckerberg said...


Could Facebook’s 26-year-old Jewish founder lose his company?

According to a July 2010 report at Bloomberg.com, Zuckerberg may have signed a contract in 2003 entitling Web designer Paul Ceglia to 84 percent of the Facebook company.

The implications of this dispute could be catastrophic for the hipster-dressing Zuckerberg, the brain and CEO behind Facebook, that is reportedly worth $24.6 billion.

According to PCWorld.com, the current allegations stem from 2003 when then-Harvard student Zuckerberg was hired by Ceglia to do some—you guessed it, coding—for various projects, one of which was called “Facebook”. And there were other lawsuits with similar charges, like another in 2003 with a pair of Zuckerberg’s Harvard pals that cost him $65 million.

PCWorld.com reports:

If this story sounds strangely familiar, it’s because Zuckerberg had a similar arrangement with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss (yes, really) back in December 2003. They hired Zucky to do some coding for their nascent campus social network, then called HarvardConnection (later ConnectU). A few weeks later, Zuckerberg magically came up with his own idea for a social network, named theFacebook, which itself was borrowed from the name for Harvard’s online student directory. Later, Winkledudes.

That bit of fancy codework ended up in a lawsuit that got settled when Facebook agreed to pay the Winklevoss twins (yes, really) $65 million. The Winklevosses are now disputing the terms of their settlement, claming that Facebook’s attorneys lied about the company’s true worth. They’re accusing Zuckerberg of securities fraud.

OU Crony Watch said...

Menachem Genack's first cousin Genachowski had already been appointed FCC Chairman


President Obama will announce Jacob Lew as his new director of the Office of Management and Budget at noon, the White House said.

In tapping Lew to replace outgoing OMB director Peter Orszag, Obama would be moving an important adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into his former role. Lew was OMB director from 1998 to 2001. Lew is currently serving as deputy secretary of management and resources at the State Department.

Jack Lew is also a longtime member of the Orthodox Union ...

Toronto said...

I remember when one of the Skaists learning in Ner Yisroel Baltimore got married. He visited his shver for Yomtov when one of the fressers in the local Agudah asked him why he was in NIRC and not Lakewood.

Skaist blew off a rush of steam like he was disgusted and maligned Lakewooders as a bunch of dopes who don't even understand the shiurim.

Hey putz, whether the big lamdonim are in Lakewood or not, they are certainly NOT in Baltimore.

Aron Litigant Schechter vs. Ben Torah Carlebach said...

Aron Schechter's open dirty secret, why he's allergic to bais din, 1.

Think about it, why and how could a supposed rosh yeshiva and reputed gadol like Rabbi Aron Schechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva in Brooklyn encourage and enable a weak dude like Michael Hersh to launch and continue serious litigation against so many people that Hersh is now suing by cutting out the most elementary Jewish institution of justice the bais din? What does Schechter advise or teach his talmidim and those who seek his advice about using bais din and what kind of example does he set when he openly and brazenly sends Michael Hersh to do battle with fellow Orthodox Jews, including both relatives and rabbis, via lawyers, courts and subpoeanas?

What about settling matters with your fellow Orthodox Jews via bais din, any bais din, of Hersh's choosing as is prescribed by Jewish Law? A supposed Torah Jew who runs to a non-Jewish court of law is violating many things and is called even worse things for doing so. Yet Aron Schechter is not only giving Michael Hersh his full backing but is also encouraging him and according to reports is doing whatever he can to find "anonymous sponsors" to pay Hersh's legal fees.

Notice the hypocrisy too, that while Hersh and Schechter demand that puny bloggers they hate have their true identities divulged by none other than Google and Yahoo, Schechter and Hersh and their lawyers are so far not telling who is paying the hefty legal bills. Someone should subpoena them to find out just who the rich anonymous financial backers of the Hersh lawsuit versus the universe really are.

But here's the problem that Schechter has created for himself and the entire Chaim Berlin institution, according to Jewish Law they have been classed as "mesarvim ledin" meaning they are "in defiance of the law," (Jewish law of course) and hence they are "in contempt of court," (Jewish courts of course) because they have refused to settle in a Jewish Court of Law (bais din) the case that was brought against them when they angrily evicted without cause their own mashgiach ruchani Rav Shlomo Carlebach (not the singer) some 30 years ago and have refused at least five requests from bais din to come to bais din, including to that of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l to settle their dispute.

For this they have been rightly condemned, but even more so, it has removed their ability to go to a bais din, any bais din, to defend and fight for their own interests in any other matters or disputes. They have cut off their noses to spite their faces!

Aron Litigant Schechter vs. Ben Torah Carlebach said...

Aron Schechter's open dirty secret, why he's allergic to bais din, 2.

This is what happened when Chaim Berlin yeshiva headed by Aron Schechter and its chief lay leader real-estate mogul Abe Fruchthandler tried to stop the rival Veretzky yeshiva from purchasing land adjoining Chaim Berlin with a higher bid.

As posted online for nearly three years already, when the Chaim Berlin people tried to take the Veretzky yeshiva to bais din, their case was unceremoniously thrown out because they had still not settled with Rav Carlebach in bais din and until such time they are still deemed to be in contempt of any and all batei din (Jewish Religious Courts), see the original case and the Halachic argument against them that prevailed: one and two and three.

But rather than settle, they had no choice but to lose to the Veretzky yeshiva, and yet again, rather than settle with Rav Carlebach in bais din that would at least in theory allow Aron Schechter to appear in bais din and partake in the defense of his own yeshiva's interets (they lost coveted land for that intransigence) or defend those like Hersh in a bais din that would be the rational Hakachic and Torahdik thing to do, Aron Litigant Schechter stubbornly refused and refuses to do the right thing in the past and still refuses to do so in the present, which in turn takes him down the degrading path of supporting the ilk of Hersh in non-Jewish court as he pursues his ridiculous case against fellow Torah Jews, adding new insults to past injuries and new meaning to "aveirah goreres aveirah"!

Anonymous said...

is this the barber that has one child and is in court now

is this shimmy barber the big jewelr brother

why is lubavitch covering this up

Shmarya groupie said...

What an amazing find from genizah!


July 25, 2010

Sexual Outlaw on the Gay Frontier


When the author Justin Spring finally tracked down the executor of Samuel Steward’s estate, he had no idea what this sexual outlaw and little-known literary figure had left behind after his death in 1993.

So he was taken unawares by the 80 boxes full of drawings, letters, photographs, sexual paraphernalia, manuscripts and other items, including an autograph and reliquary with pubic hair from Rudolph Valentino, a thousand-page confessional journal Steward created at the request of the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, and a green metal card catalog labeled “Stud File,” which contained a meticulously documented record on index cards of every sexual experience and partner — Rock Hudson, Thornton Wilder, “One-eyed Sadist” — that Steward said he had had over 50 years.

This unusual cache is significant because source material from this period is rare, said Martin Duberman, a professor emeritus and founder of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. “It’s a real treasure trove he stumbled upon.”

Steward’s tales of frequent sexual encounters as a teenager and undergraduate in Woodsfield and Columbus, Ohio, in the 1920s and ’30s are a counterpoint to the aggressive persecution of homosexuals during the 1950s McCarthy scare.

Dangerously violent characters and sex fascinated Steward, and his overtures and adventures frequently landed him in the hospital.

“He paid the price for being himself,” Mr. Spring said, “but at least he got to be himself.”

5 Towns said...


At least 6 divorces of young 20s couples in the last 2 months.

Anonymous said...

A very funny sight to see was the old Rabbi Skaist at Chofetz Chaim yeshiva in Baltimore. When the boys would crazy-glue the locks, he would get down on his knee and shoot nail polish remover into the keyhole with a squirt gun.

Archie Bunker said...

Here's a new all time low, even by Shmarya's standards.

He is running the Yediot Achronot piece on that lowlife Luzer Twersky who went off the derech but still has a beard and payos while he runs around to get in bed with every prostitute and shiksa.

Shmarya only excerpts the part that he deems most important, that Twersky decided to become atheist after a prostitute convinced him.

When a reader comments that Twersky is pathetic, Shmarya flies into a rage and attacks the reader as going against the Chazal of havei lomed mikol adam!

YTT misnaged said...

The bochurim in YTT were smarter than the Baltimorons. The locks were sabotaged with toothpicks so it wouldn't help if Margo bent down with a squirt gun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: "is this the barber that has one child and is in court now"?


Monsey said...


The Rockland Board of Health took action against several landlords that have failed to make necessary repairs to their properties.

Avon Garden Apartments, 156 Union Road and 503 Viola Road, Spring Valley, were fined a total of $2,400 for housing code violations, including lack of a safety rail on stairs, chipping paint and rotting pillars on a porch.

Property manager Michael Rosenstock admitted during a hearing that the violations occurred and said he would fix them, records said.

An apartment at another property managed by Rosenstock for Meadow Gardens LLC, owner, Meadowlane Apartments, 150A West Eckerson Road, Spring Valley was fined $725 for poor conditions, including a kitchen counter and toilet in disrepair.

UOJ gets results said...

People living in New York state can now sign up to be alerted via e-mail, text message or fax whenever a Level 2 or Level 3 sex offender listed on the Division of Criminal Justice Services website moves into or out of their community. Go to www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us.

Joel Sammy said...

So what is it about me that is so sick? It's just me. It's who I am. I like young girls.

But which young girl would just fall for me?

I need to take over her mind, to brainwash her, to make her totally dependent on myself, so that when she realizes she is trapped with me, she will have no place to run to. She will be totally mine.

It takes time. Though not too long. Just a few weeks. By then I have totally corrupted her mind, made her pregnant, emotionally abused her, made her the lonely lost soul, and I did it in just a few weeks!

You see, in my warped mind, I am so powerful and special, but I need the power over a lonely girl to prove it to myself.

When I am raping her, I feel special and powerful.

When I am done, I will just move on. I'm so good at it.

I am so sick.

Yours truly
Joel Sammy

Last week's Hamodia said...

They quote an anonymous state kashrus inspector saying that they had recently found a bakery in Brooklyn (major respected hashgocho) flavoring bread with diced ham! A nursing home in the Bronx with a freezer full of treif meat! And a deli in Poughkeepsie ith treif meat.

We should be told who! And why have we still not received the State report on Finkel's tarfus?

Shmarya gets results said...


New York City agreed on Tuesday to pay more than $7 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed by the family and two friends of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man who was fatally shot by the police on his wedding day in 2006.

Queens said...


State Assemblyman David Weprin who davens in Young Israel of Jamaica Estates is one of the biggest phonies around, even when measured by other politicians.

This slimy creep who will say anything to remain on the public dole, sponsors every piece of radically pro-gay legislation while still getting support of the Queens Vaad.

Here he is criticizing Jews who don't want mosques being built (even if they are tied to terrorists). He is trying to provide his rear end with political cover because his own shul held a fundraising drive to stop a mosque from being built 2 blocks away. The mosque moving near the shul would actually benefit Weprin personally since it's current location is about a block away from his private residence. So he thinks he wins all around by badmouthing his fellow mispalelim. Except for those in thr shul who still believe that Obama is the Messiah, little does he know how many of us would love to wring his neck.

Hot Kolko said...


Authorities also rushed to the Mountain Crest Bungalow Colony in Fallsburg, where 16-month-old had been burned seriously on the stomach by a hot cup of chocolate.

The child was flown as a precaution to an area trauma center.

Dr. Bungalow Vantz Neuhoff said...

NEW YORK (AP) -- A panel of experts studying New York City's bedbug problem is recommending the city hire a bedbug czar and start a bedbug academy to help combat the pests.

OU Crony Watch said...

Kind of like a mashgiach who speaks up when he finds treif food.


Tom Rue has been fired as the Monticello historian.

Village Manager John Barbarite relieved him of the honorary, unpaid post on July 20.

Barbarite said Rue has been posting nasty comments about the village on his wife's website, carmenrue.com. His wife, Carmen, is a village trustee who has been highly critical of Barbarite and Deputy Village Manager John LiGreci.

"No employee should ever think that they are entitled to belittle the government that they are working for," Barbarite said Wednesday.

Rue, though, says he's provided only "technical assistance" to his wife's page and her opinions are her own. He believes he was fired because he stood up during public comment last week and was mildly critical of the management over its handling of developer Tommy Ting's Broadway project. He said that while the board has been supporting the project, Barbarite has tried to throw up roadblocks. After those comments, Barbarite told him he was out as historian.

Rue said that unlike previous Monticello historians, he's actually accomplished things. For example, he recently finished a book about Monticello and has provided updates of historical interest on his blog, tomrue.net.

He said Barbarite had no problem with the job he was doing; the manager just doesn't like his wife.

"I'm her husband," he said.

Michael Litigant Hersh said...

Analyzing Hersh's lawyers, they seem to be rich-man-with-money-to-burn Abe Fruchthandler's, 1

According to all the current court papers, Michael Hersh is presently being represented by two legal teams: Meister Seelig & Fein LLP and Danzig Fishman & Decea.

Here's a doozy for you: While Michael Hersh is being sued by the hot-shot lawyer Steve Mostofsky for services rendered when Hersh used him in 2008 to fight off those who succeeded in freeing 16 year old Isaac Hersh from being jailed in far off Jamaica's Tranquility Bay run by Mormon goons, how come all of a sudden in his present case Hersh can "afford" to be taken on as a client not by one but by two even bigger hot shot law firms that look like bloated super-tankers compared to little Steve Mostofsky's sail boat?

Why would two hefty law firms even let a guy like Hersh who is broke and owes money to the world walk in through their glitzy glass doors in the first place? They sure don't need his money since he apparently has none. Such firms usually ask for hefty up-front "retainers" meaning deposits to cover many costs before they sink their teeth into a case.

The law firms here can't even realistically get the $411 million from any of the parties they are suing, even if you include all the cyber John Does they are gunning for who just don't have anywhere near that kind of money and in most cases are just scraping by as most young Orthodox couples do nowadays.

So what's going on here?

Michael Litigant Hersh said...

Analyzing Hersh's lawyers, they seem to be rich-man-with-money-to-burn Abe Fruchthandler's, 2

Forget about who is serving the papers, but try to see who is actually at the helm of these law firms, what are their specialities and how do they make their big bucks?

And you can get bet your last patooty penny that it's not by defending lost causes like Michael Hersh who sent his own kid off to a concentration camp, enraged his family and riled up his community and claims he lost a great job at Hatzalah (which he quite obviously got with naked protektzia from his overlord Aron Schechter) when others in Hatzalah rightly saw that Michael Hersh's callousness to his own son and shocking publicity it was getting was not the kind dude they wanted heading a humanitarian organization that is supposed to save lives and not ruin or endanger them.

Ok, so let's take a closer look at just who and what the two law firms taking on Michael Hersh's hopeless quest for the impossible really are and who is in almost all probability the real financial sponsor and co-instigator while the first and both primal and primary instigator is Aron Litigant Schechter who could this matter down in a second with one phone call but refuses to stop as he wages war on blogs on his perceived "enemies of the Schechter state" in pure unadulterated Stalinist fashion, and it is Fruchthandler as paymaster and Schechter as chief strategist of this massive conflagration that need to be identified, unmasked and denounced for the destructive disservice they are doing not just to the people Michael and Aron Schechter want to bring down in this specific law suit but to the broader Orthodox and Jewish communities as well.

Looking at Meister Seelig & Fein they crow that "Stephen Meister divides his national practice into two major areas: high profile litigations, frequently real estate related, and large complex real estate transactions. Mr. Meister is well known nationwide for his comprehensive knowledge of real estate matters...in his own right, is a successful real estate investor, developer, businessman...Practice Areas: [all real estate related]" so he sounds like he could literally be Abe Fruchthandler's business partner.

With "Mark J. Seelig all aspects of commercial business transactions, from formation and financing through the acquisition, growth, merger or sale of their business interests. He has represented purchasers, sellers, joint venture partners, investors, and majority and minority interest shareholders in numerous transactions..." who could help Fruchthandler keep track of his billions and he is certainly not a guy who deals with labor and child welfare relations.

Michael Litigant Hersh said...

Analyzing Hersh's lawyers, they seem to be rich-man-with-money-to-burn Abe Fruchthandler's, 3

In the second hot shot law firm, Richard A. Danzig...concentrates on civil litigation, general corporate and transactional matters...acts as general counsel to various corporations in the metropolitan area and as approved counsel for Signature Bank meaning he's a good corporate and bank lawyer, something that Hersh does not need but that someone like Abe Fruchthandler would use daily as he takes on banks all the time.

There's "Ronald Fishman has more than fifteen years experience in real estate, licensing, financing and other forms of commercial transactions. He has practiced in a variety of areas with particular emphasis in multifamily residential and commercial real estate and corporate transactions. Mr. Fishman is a recognized expert in commercial leasing and in particular representing landlords of shopping centers and retail tenants rolling out multiple locations. Mr. Fishman also has particular experience in representing clients involved in the restaurant, nightclub, bar and hospitality industry" just the kind of guy a Fruchtahndler and not a collecting-unemployment-benefits guy like Hersh could use.

Then, "Thomas B. Decea...Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation; Creditor’s Rights; Foreclosure; Landlord-Tenant" that has zero to do with what Michael Hersh needs and 100% to do with what Abe Fruchthandler could use day to day as he evicts people he wants out because he is in the money making business and not in getting himself fired like Hersh did at Hatzolah.

Michael Litigant Hersh said...

Analyzing Hersh's lawyers, they seem to be rich-man-with-money-to-burn Abe Fruchthandler's, 4

What comes out over and over again in reading the bios of the lead principals in the two law firms is that they are top-heavy as real estate lawyers and also in some cases are serious real estate investors and owners themselves that leads to the conclusion that they are almost probably doing this as favor to someone as heavily involved in real estate like Abe Fruchthandler, the president of Chaim Berlin yeshiva in Brooklyn who was equally called to dinei Torah in batei din over the dismissal of Rav Carlebach 30 years ago, in fact he was the one who did the actual firing and abuse of Rav Carlebach, and who is cited in calls from batei din including from that of Rav Moshe Feinstein zt"l to come to a din Torah and settle with Rav Carlebach that he refuses to heed. This is the kind of guy heading up Chaim Berlin yeshiva's lay board and who wants to see to it that Michael Hersh has his day in court.

But Fruchtahndler is tied with Aron Schechter at the hip and they function together as one unit, so that now the evidence points to Schechter calling in his heaviest weapon of mass destruction, Abe Fruchthandler who in turn is now calling in his chips and asking fancy shmansy real estate lawyers to do his dirty work for him of crushing opposition to Schechter in the name of "defending" Hersh.

For them, time is of the essence because Schechter is old, about 85, and if he were to go leaving behind a cadre of young activists who successfuly opposed and outfoxed crafty old Schechter in the very public freeing Isaac Hersh it would make the job of the Chaim Berlin empire-building that Schechter and Fruchthandler undertook and which was stymied at Hatzalah when Hersh blew it and got himself kicked out and dragged them down to boot.

If anyone has an alternate explanation or scenario please feel free to share it.

Anonymous said...

What does anyone know about the company NU Skin?

Is one allowed to become a distributor for them knowing that their senior management and founders are high officials in the Mormon Church and that the Mormon Church actually own shares in the company?

How does Chabad (KAS) allow itself to give Hashgacha to their products when it is known that profits go back to the Mormon Church?

Shmarya gets results said...


Student threatened with expulsion because of religious beliefs about homosexuality

ABC News

A Georgia student studying counseling says her university went too far in requiring her to change her Christian beliefs on homosexuality before she's allowed to graduate.

Backed by the Alliance Defense Fund, Jennifer Keeton has filed suit against Augusta State University after, she said, school officials threatened to dismiss her from its counseling program when she refused to participate in a "remediation" plan to increase her tolerance of gays and lesbians after she made it known that she believed homosexuality was a personal choice.

According to the lawsuit, filed earlier this month in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, school officials told Keeton that she was failing to conform to professional standards because of her views on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

Anonymous said...


The next time you’re talking with your insurer about filing a claim, you may want to watch what you say.

According to the latest tip of the month from United Policyholders, a nonprofit group focused on educating consumers about insurance, certain words set off alarm balls among insurance representatives, who often automatically think “excluded” and delay or deny your claim when they hear those words. And, the group says, those particular words may not even adequately describe your situation.

So what are the words to avoid and what should you say instead?

First, avoid saying “flood” and “mold,” according to United Policyholders. Instead, Amy Bach, executive director of the nonprofit, recommended, in the tip and on a recent local CBS report, saying something along the lines of, “There’s been an accident at my house, on my property and my property’s been damaged, and I’m filing a claim.” Then, United Policyholders recommended making arrangements to have the damage thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional.

Here are some other words to avoid, according to the CBS report: “whiplash,” when it comes to a car accident, and “experimental,” “investigational” or “clinical trial” in relation to nonstandard medical treatment.” The report recommended using “medically necessary” instead.

Anonymous said...


NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire heads to Israel after discovering Jewish roots

Cross Motion filed by Elliot Pasik esq said...

Part of Cross Motion filed with the Supreme Court of New York Index
No. 006170

11. The tenuousness of this action has already been demonstrated. As a result of the aforesaid motion practice, there is no need to elaborate as to the allegations of the amended complaint, but suffice it to state that causes of action for intentional interference with contract, tortious interference with contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and prima facie tort are brought. The heart of the factual allegations, in the 38 page amended complaint, are based on paras. 56 and 57, where it is acknowledged by the plaintiffs that they sent their teenage son to Tranquility Bay, Jamaica, which they refer to as a"school". The complaint then alleges that all of the named defendants, and a group of John Does essentially conspired to force plaintiffs out of their well-paying jobs, including Hatzalah, a volunteer ambulance company, and disrupt their family. One of the John Does is Vin News,according to complaint para. 127, where it is pleaded that Vin is amember of the conspiracy. It is claimed that VIN "posted many entries on his/her website intending that Mr. Hersh be fired from his position at Hatzalah".

12. Tranquility Bay is hardly a "school". In Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, it is described as a residential treatment facility. It is best described as a house of horrors where child abuse and torture were regularly practiced. When it was learned within the orthodox Jewish community in New York that one of the plaintiffs' sons was consigned there, a significant protest arose, which did not subside until leading and widely respected community activists were able to have him released. The Wikipedia entry about Tranquility Bay is Exhibit D herewith, together with a Miami New Times article from June 2006. There are other online media articles well describing the rampant and horrible child abuse occurring at this so-called "school".

13. Vin News is an anonymous, online site which is, essentially, a digest oftopical news stories that are of interest to mostly the orthodox Jewish community. People have the opportunity to comment. Vin News, together with other sites, such as UOJ, Daat Torah, and Failed Messiah, have been active in addressing the ongoing problem of child abuse in the Jewish and general community. Relevant to this case, Vin re-produced two articles, in 2008, about the Isaac Hersh/Tranquility Bay situation, annexed herewith as Exhibit E.

Cross Motion filed by Elliot Pasik esq said...

14. In April 2008, the largest orthodox Jewish newspaper in the United States, .the Jewish Press, published a full-page ad which displayed a letter dated April 14, 2008, signed by a very prominent rabbi, psychiatrist, and psychologist, stating, "We would like to express our deepest appreciation to all those shtadlanim (activists) who gave of their time, effort and money to save Yitzchok Meir (Isaac) from a nonJewish oriented reform facility. The selfless devotion that they displayed to save a fellow Jew was truly inspirational. What has clearly emerged, is that the facilities such as Tranquility Bay, Jamaica is not a place for any Jewish child. We understand the need for all types of intervention to help our children, but Tranquility Bay SHOULD NOT be an option." The signatories are, Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, a senior member ofthe Council of Sages (Moetses) of a leading ultra-orthodox organization, Agudath Israel of America; Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski, a psychiatrist and widely published author, who for many years was the founder and operator of an addition treatment facility in Pittsburgh, Pa.; and, Dr. David Pelcovitz, a psychologist who pecializes in treating child sex abuse victims, currently a professor of psychology at Yeshiva University, New York, and previously, Director of Psychology at North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, Long Island. This letter also appeared in Vin news.

15. With this basic factual background in mind, the premise of the complaint is actually absurd. The underlying assumption is that the public, including a religious community, may not, legally, discuss and act upon credible allegations of a child being physically abused at a defacto prison camp. To accept that premise would be to eviscerate the protections of the First Amendment, and expose children to the worst forms of abuse. This badly misguided lawsuit is serving as a chilling effect upon responsible adults "getting involved" and preventing child abuse. Web site and blog site operators, such as Vin News and others, should continue to possess the legal right to remain anonymous, so as to avoid harassment and retaliation. Particularly where the interests of children are at stake, the right to remain anonymous should be enforced.

16. The subject subpoenas should clearly be stricken in this dubious lawsuit. This court should consider the public policy of free and robust speech as expressed in the First Amendment, and all of the child protection laws in our state and country. A rescue operation was mounted for Isaac Hersch, and it succeeded. The subject subpoenas are fishing expeditions to get evidence to add even more defendants in this lawsuit which well deserves a summary dismissal. The subpoenas should be quashed.

Dated: July 22, 2010 Cedarhurst, New York

Fruchthandler Political Campaign Contributions 2000 said...

He has no core principles, he'll back anyone even if they're LOSERS!


11230 F B E LIMITED $1,000 10/05/2000 G DEAR 2000 INC - Republican

10006 FBE LIMITED $250 08/09/2000 G FRIENDS OF WEINER - Democrat

10006 FBE LIMITED $250 08/09/2000 P FRIENDS OF WEINER - Democrat

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 07/19/2000 G FRIENDS OF ROGER KAHN INC - Democrat

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 07/19/2000 P FRIENDS OF ROGER KAHN INC - Democrat



10006 REALTOR $1,000 06/30/2000 P WYDEN FOR SENATE - Democrat

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 06/29/2000 G LAZIO 2000 INC - Republican

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 03/31/2000 P HATCH ELECTION COMMITTEE - Republican

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 03/31/2000 G HATCH ELECTION COMMITTEE - Republican

10006 FBE LIMITED $500 02/01/2000 P FRIENDS OF WEINER - Democrat

11230 F B E LIMITED $1,000 01/28/2000 P DEAR 2000 INC - Republican

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 06/28/1999 P LAZIO 2000 INC - Republican

11230 FBE LIMITED $1,000 04/03/1999 P KENNEDY FOR SENATE 2000 - Democrat

Fruchthandler Shabbaton this weeekend said...

Chaim Berlin empire-building in Dallas where they don't know any better so they welcome him. Would you invite a man to be in your community who kicks out his own yeshiva's mashgiach and then refuses to answer Rav Moshe Feinsetin's written request to settle in bais din?

"Fruchthandler Shabbaton this weeekend!!!!!

Jun 3rd, 2009 by yrobkin | 1

Shabbos June 5 and 6 DATA of Plano will have the profound privilege of hosting Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Fruchthandler. Mr F is a world renowned philanthropist who literally contributes millions of dollars annually to DATA like organizations as well as countless individuals in need.

He is a very succesful businessman both in the field of commercial real estate as well as hedge funds. More importantly he and his wife are dear friends of DATA.They have strongly supported DATA over its entire history and are committed to continue doing so in our critical stages of growth. In addition to this, these are amazingly kind, loving people committed to the Jewish nation. It is an inspiration to be able to spend time with them! I am literally moved to tears each time I hear Mr. Fruchthandler speak in Dallas. His passion and love for Jews and Judaism is awesome!

In order for the entire DATA of Plano family to properly thank and recognize these wonderful people Rabbi Yogi and I personally request from each of you to join us for this Shabbaton. If there is one week to be sure to reorganize your schedule, if need be, in order to attend, this is that week!

Services will be at 7PM Friday evening followed by a communal dinner. On Shabbat day services will be at 9AM followed by communal Kiddush lunch. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Please confirm with us that you will join. This will be a historic and inspiring Shabbos for the DATA of Plano family."

Torah Umesorah Honors Presidium said...

Fruchthandler gloats over his take-over of Torah Umesorah abetted by henchman Shia Fishman. More self-congratulatory Chaim Berlin empire-building on public display.

The Man With Two Faces said...

Here's the greatest joke of all, when Fruchhandler the very man who refuse to settle his case with his own yeshiva's mashgiach in bais din, nevertheless has the chutzpa to ask than when his buddy the now jailed real estate thieving attorney David Schick have the claims against him settled in a a bais din, as it was quoted in the New York Times:

"Mr. Rocco wrote to a leader in the Orthodox community, Abraham Fruchthandler, proposing that investors resolve their claims under the guidance of a rabbinical court rather than through a civil court. But the losses and the number of investors became too large. Two weeks ago, a group of investors petitioned to force Mr. Schick into bankruptcy, freezing his assets."

Yeshiva Gedolah Of Waterbury said...

Fruchthandler's Chaim Berlin empire-building has a branch out in Connecticut, with connections to politicians and politics the yeshiva there had more than just spiritual goals. The place is old and run down but it's needed for boys who don't fit the regular yeshivas, how long the place will last is anyone's guess, but for now it's just a place for Fruchthandler to wield power. Man, why doesn't this guy get another hobby like golfing or sailing or something?

"Yeshiva Gedolah Of Waterbury

Claim this Listing 359 Cooke St
Waterbury, CT 06710
EIN: 061594648
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
Email Address:
Contact Person: Abraham H Fruchthandler"

Avrohom Fruchthandler, who is the foundation of Yeshivah Chaim Berlin said...

In Matzav.comhttp://matzav.com/torah-umesorah-dinner-to-honor-presidium-at-dinner-tonight:

"Rabbi Avrohom Fruchthandler, who is the very foundation of Yeshivah Rabbeinu Chaim Berlin, personifies dedication and self-sacrifice for all causes that promote kevod Shomayim. Those who work with Reb Avrohom as officers of Torah Umesorah have learned to admire and respect - indeed, stand in awe - of his extraordinary talents and devotion."

Sure! And he's a boy scout too!

By the way, he only gives orders he works with no one in Torah Umesorah, and oh yeah, when did he get to be a real "rabbi"? Rav Carlebach refers to him as "Mr." in his filed complaints.

Ranch 1 owners used yeshiva in scheme said...

As the Daily News reported it in 200, this was a close call for Fruschathnadler but it was a revealing moment all the same of what type of guy he is lurking beneath the "rabbinical" facade with real Mafia friends:

"STOX FRAUD WON'T FLY Ranch 1 owners used yeshiva in scheme


Tuesday, April 24th 2001, 2:21AM

A mob-controlled owner of the popular Ranch 1 fast-food chain cooked up a unique recipe for laundering cash - he used a Brooklyn yeshiva to hide the origin of bribes paid in a multimillion-dollar Mafia stock fraud scheme, according to FBI tapes.

James Chickara, co-owner of the Ranch 1 chain, has been captured on the undercover recordings saying he used the Mesivta Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin on Coney Island Ave. to launder bribes paid to brokers in the stock scams.

Chickara and Sebastian Rametta, who the FBI says are associates of the Colombo crime family, were co-owners of Ranch 1 when they were arrested in June in a mammoth "mob on Wall Street" bust.

Both men quietly pleaded guilty to stock fraud in Manhattan Federal Court three weeks ago. Rametta faces up to a year in jail, Chickara up to 16 months.

The school is run by Abraham Fruchthandler, a politically connected real estate developer.

An assistant of Fruchthandler, who has donated more than $22,000 to political candidates in the last four years, said he would not comment.

In their March 29 plea before Judge William Pauley, Rametta and Chickara admitted hiding an inflated commission paid to a broker to hype stock of their food retailer, Manhattan Soup Man, which they modeled on "The Soup Nazi" character of the TV sitcom "Seinfeld."

In talks secretly taped by the FBI, Chickara said that he twice wrote checks to the Brooklyn yeshiva and that school president Fruchthandler tapped into yeshiva bank accounts to give cash back.

The yeshiva got a fee for its services, and Chickara and Rametta were able to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving, according to a talk secretly recorded Dec. 14, 1999, between Chickara and an informant named Jeffrey Pokross.

"We donated money to his yeshiva," Chickara said. "Let's say we gave him a $100,000 check. ... Out of the yeshiva, he gave me back $75,000 or $80,000, actually $80,000 in cash."

Pokross: "And you get the tax deduction?"

Chickara: "Exactly."

Pokross: "And it's reliable?"

Chickara: "Yeah."

Before their arrest, Rametta was listed as Ranch 1's CEO and Chickara as its vice chairman. Since then, they have been removed from the executive suite, though Rametta continues working as a Ranch 1 consultant and both still own stock in the firm.

The company owns 60 restaurants, including 23 in New York City, selling what it terms healthy fast food such as flame-broiled chicken sandwiches. Current CEO George Naddaff said the company had no knowledge of any wrongdoing by Rametta and Chickara..."

Alex & Ruth Fruchthandler Foundation Inc said...

Money from the Fruchthandlers, come and get it through the Alex & Ruth Fruchthandler Foundation Inc The location of the Fruchandler's foundation is in the same place as the "FBE" business.

EIN: 136156031

Name: Alex & Ruth Fruchthandler Foundation Inc

Location: 111 Broadway 20th Flr
New York, NY 10006

County: New York County
Ruling Date: 1946 (Approximate year when founded)
IRS Type: 501(c)(3) -

Private foundation

Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status (FNDNCD): 04 - Private nonoperating foundation

NTEE: T20 - Private Grantmaking Foundations

Most recently completed fiscal year (TAXPER) 12/2008

Total Revenue $-475,466

Total Assets: $8,830,845

Organization Mission Statement and Purpose No mission statement(s) found.


What was "ROBERT KASTMANN v. ABRAHAM FRUCHTHANDLER" all about in 1989?

Dr. Stuart Henochowicz said...


I'm the putz who hopes my daughter can successfully sue the State of Israel. How dare the Israeli Army control a mob of terrorist Palestinians and their self-hating Jewish supporters who come join them from the Diaspora? Someone might get hurt like my daughter was!

Tuvya Obermeister said...

It's interesting that Schick didn't have any dirt on Frucht when he ratted everyone else out for a more lenient sentence.

Ruby Schron partner with Fruchthandler said...

Fascinating, see page 7 on this SEC report where the names of Fruchathnadler's partners come up, note especially the name of Rubin Schron who may well be one of the people financing Michael Hersh's legal attacks on innocents:


% OF POOL BY IPB: 5.1%
SPONSOR: Long Island Group One LLC, 717-725 Broadway LLC. Long Island Group LLC and 717-725 Broadway LLC are both owned by Mr. Ruby Schron (45%), Mr. Abraham Fruchthandler (45%), Mr. Joshua Safran (7.5%), and Mr. Bruce Federman (2.5%). Mr. Ruby Schron is the founder and main principal of Cammeby's International, Ltd. Cammeby's International owns and manages over 14,000 residential units and
over 10,000,000 square feet of commercial and industrial space. Mr. Abraham Fruchthandler is the principal of FBE Limited, which has investments in office,
commercial, industrial and residential properties
MATURITY DATE: 10/10/12...

The subject collateral consists of 7 industrial properties located in Long Island, New York. Long Island is the sixteenth largest industrial market in the United States. The subject collateral is 980,113 square feet. The seven subject properties are: 1140 Motor Parkway (153,500 square feet; 2 tenants), 79 Express Street (70,933 square feet; 7 tenants), 92 Central Avenue (70,231 square feet; 2 tenants), 95 Seaview Boulevard (51,755 square feet; 10 tenants), 230 Duffy Avenue (125,000 square feet; 6 tenants), 575 Underhill Boulevard (236,534 square
feet; 28 tenants), 717-725 Broadway Avenue (150,000 square feet; 4 tenants).

575 Underhill Boulevard
Syosset, NY 236,534 88.5%

717-725 Broadway
Holbrook, NY 272,160 92.

1140 Motor Parkway
Hauppauge, NY 153,500 96.

230 Duffy Avenue Hicksville, NY 125,000 98.3

79 Express Street
Plainview, NY 70,933 100.0

95 Seaview Boulevard Port Washington, NY 51,755 100.0 4,000,000

92 Central Avenue Farmingdale, NY 70,231 100.0 3,300,000
TOTAL: 980,113 94.4% $73,000,000

OCCUPANCY: 94.4% (as of 9/30/02)
2000: $5,714,239
2001: $5,942,358

2002: $5,597,228 (TTM 6/30/02)

UW NOI: $5,878,526
UW NET CASH FLOW: $5,298,213
APPRAISED VALUE: $73,400,000

Kushner and Fruchthandler said...

Note that the Scharfs are also in bed with Fruchthandler, they specialzie in beds for senior citizens, maybe they can find one for Schechter?

From Real Estate weekly 2000:

"Kushner acquires Long Branch motel

Kushner Companies, a diversified real estate group based in Florham Park, N.J., has acquired a 100-room motel on Route 36 in West Long Branch, New Jersey, for conversion to an assisted living facility. According to Jeffrey Freireich, managing director for Kushner Companies, the project is a joint venture with the Scharf family, which has 40 years of experience operating senior care centers in the tri-state area, and FBE Limited, a Fruchthandler family-owned partnership, with extensive experience in commercial, industrial and residential real estate in New York.

The four-acre property adjacent to Monmouth Raceway was purchased in December 1999 and recently received full approvals for the conversion. The two-story building will continue operating as a motel until fall 2000, when a $10 million renovation project is scheduled to begin.

The property is situated convenient to the Garden State Parkway at Exit 105 and is less than 10 miles north of Interstate-195 providing access to the New Jersey Turnpike. "The property's location made it very attractive to us," remarked Freireich. "The site offers the appeal and serenity of the Jersey shore and easy access to several surrounding counties."

The converted facility will feature 100 assisted living units designed for seniors who want to maintain an independent lifestyle, but also want security and assistance with activities of daily living. It will be named The Esplanade, after similar senior residences run by the Scharf family in White Plains and New York City, New York, and in Connecticut. The Esplanade at West Long Branch will offer homelike living quarters and feature a public dining room serving three meals daily, an activity center, gardens, beauty parlor/barber shop, laundry services, a nursing companion program and 24-hour security. Competitive pricing will add to the attractiveness of the units.

The Esplanade marks Kushner's further expansion into the new senior assisted living industry. "Entering into a venture in this niche market with an experienced operator like Scharf, gives us a great deal of confidence that the project will succeed," noted Freireich. "The Scharfs have achieved nearly 100 percent occupancy in their assisted living centers, a commendable achievement in such a competitive marketplace.

"The area needs a facility of this kind," Freireich continued. "Monmouth's population is growing and aging. In just 10 years, the number of county residents aged 75 and older -- the age group we're targeting -- increased by 22 percent, and all demographic studies show that this trend will continue."

Through its Westminster Communities division, Kushner Companies has also built active adult communities in southerr New Jersey, including Wedgewood Place in Brick Township, which sold out the first two phases. of its 145 single-family homes in less than one year."

Fruchthandler gloats over his Torah Umesorah take over said...

Fruchthandler likes to give "advice", especially when it's about money, here's what he supposedly said at a Torah Umesorah meet-up notice how he now gets called "Rav": "Rav Avrohom Fruchthandler gave the first address, stressing the importance of setting priorities when it comes to the needs of the family and their obligations to their children's education. His words were moving and inspiring, leading into the topic of the evening - how schools and parents can work together."

Here's what should have been said about him: He kicked out his own yeshiva's mashgiach ruchani, he refuses to go to any din Torah to settle the matter making him a lo tzayis dino, he has given money to the disgraced Leib Tropper and supports the legal travesties that Michael Hersh undertakes his own family and anyone who has ever tried to help him with his own kids.

Anonymous said...


Key Republican Calls Kagan a 'Dangerous' Nominee

Oilem Goilem said...

What about child molesters ?

In Boro Park and Williamsburg there are about five different people facing multiple charges....

Each of their victims is at risk of becoming an offender meaning the number of child molesters is growing exponentially....

Why can't anything be done to ostracise them and make it clear they will be thrown out of their community...no matter how much yiches or money their family has....

We must put something in place to respectfully get these people away from teaching positions and jobs where they have acess to kids....

Making excuses no longer works and we are making korbunes of our kids.....

There are countless unreported cases because it is the victim that is punished in our society not the purpotrator....

There was a documnetary on the internet where a gerrer melamed in Bnei Berak admitted (not knowing he was being filmed by secret camera) to molesting kids and it was the victim who was thrown out of the community for being involved in the documentary...the melamed admitted on film to molesting and kept his job....at least he didn't walk in the street with his wife

Oilem Goilem said...

What about child molesters ?

In Boro Park and Williamsburg there are about five different people facing multiple charges....

Each of their victims is at risk of becoming an offender meaning the number of child molesters is growing exponentially....

Why can't anything be done to ostracise them and make it clear they will be thrown out of their community...no matter how much yiches or money their family has....

We must put something in place to respectfully get these people away from teaching positions and jobs where they have acess to kids....

Making excuses no longer works and we are making korbunes of our kids.....

There are countless unreported cases because it is the victim that is punished in our society not the purpotrator....

There was a documnetary on the internet where a gerrer melamed in Bnei Berak admitted (not knowing he was being filmed by secret camera) to molesting kids and it was the victim who was thrown out of the community for being involved in the documentary...the melamed admitted on film to molesting and kept his job....at least he didn't walk in the street with his wife

Oilem Goilem said...

Our 'system' has no way of dealing with the fact that some of these molesters have until caught been thought of as yirei shomayim, talmidei chacumim and some yachsanim.....

Does this show that learning your kishkes our and cutting yourself off from the outside world has not helped people deal with problems that are psychological and often chemically related....

If these people are sick....their family and friends should ensure they receive medical attention....before they cause harm....

In many cases the blame lies with those who know they are a problem but don't deal with it....

The Rebbes should limit the 'kedishe takunes' to those are capable of withstanding them....

B.M.L. was a 'known' problem for thirty years and despite having yiches, .....was it that he watched movies as a child...no he wasn't allowed...what thing can we identify outside the community to shift blame to prove it wasn't us?

I know lets go to Manhattan to blame the tzionim......

It is amazing that with such a warm community the real issues never get deat with...bikur cholim here.....yurtzit tish there....new shtramel and real jewelery to keep our ingerleit and vablach busy so they don't ever worry about the real issues in the community......


Oilem Goilem said...

No problem with kedushe and insulating community....

Can't say whatever we do is perfect and

I know people who think anyone with a shtramel is haylig and anyone in Lakewood is a shaygatz even where the guy wearing a shtraimel can't read aleph beis...

Its not just a few individuals doing the wrong thing.....you can count hundreds if not thousands of shtramel yidden in different casinos, buying drugs or znus every single week.....just in New York.....

Something is not working as it should....

Between people who can't learn property, can't support themselves and others simply deeply depressed the majority are failures not successes...

You must deal with the internal problems as well .....

The average bal habos in Engelwood or Teanek can learn just as well despite not being years in Kollel and uses his time in Tora and Tefila well because he values time...

When in Kollel but not a major learner it teaches you that it doesn't matter if you are learning or walking around the street (as long as your wife or shver supporting you doesn't find out).

People don't develop a sense of pride or self worth.....and the rising divorce rate when wives who work their kishkes out to support this tachshit.....

OU Eyepopper said...


Why is this swordfish, to be prepared for eating, being delivered to an event connected to the OU? (The OU will no doubt be quick to provide bogus terutzim like they did recently with Seth Mandel's shechita escapades)

It's because Dokter Rabbiner Ari Zivotofsky who works with OU Kashrus on the "Mesorah" dinners and who writes articles for the OU magazine thinks he can feed people all kinds of species for which Ashkenazim don't have a mesorah.


Zivotofsky's articles for the OU are often feminist oriented and are seized on by the radical JOFA group.


Where can you get an 18-course meal in Jerusalem that features a pheasant and guinea fowl pastry as an appetizer, water buffalo, swordfish and deer as main courses, and fried locusts for dessert? At Eucalyptus Restaurant in the capital’s Hutzot Hayotzer artists quarter, across from the Old City walls, where a “mesorah dinner” was held on Thursday night in an effort to pass along the “chain of tradition” of which animals, birds, fish and locusts are kosher and which are not.

Thursday’s meal was only the second of its kind in the country. The first happened in 2002. Mesorah meals have also been held in conjunction with the Orthodox Union in New York in 2004 and in Los Angeles in 2007.


Amongst the guests at the dinner were several scholars including Rabbi Dr. Yisroel Meir Levinger of Basel, Rabbi Dr. Moshe Tendler

First was a delicious plate of goose, duck, muscovy duck, and mulard (a hybrid of muscovy duck and pekin duck). The muscovy duck had formerly been prohibited by such authorities as Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch, due to the lack of a mesorah.

The next course was pheasant and partridge. Rabbi Moshe Feinstein had prohibited the eating of pheasant, even though he was convinced of its kosher status, due to the lack of mesorah. But in 1981, the two Aris discovered that Rabbi Yosef Kapach, the late Yemenite Torah authority, had a mesorah on pheasants.

Following this came quail and guinea fowl. It had been difficult to track down a mesorah for the guinea fowl; and in the process of interviewing an octogenarian shochet in Har Nof, one of the two birds escaped. Finally, Dr. Zivotofsky tracked down an Algerian in Netanya and a Yemenite in Bnei Brak who possessed a mesorah.

Then the highlight was served: grilled locusts. These were desert locusts, obtained from a laboratory and taken the previous day to recent Yemenite immigrants for identification and cooking. A further indication was that they possessed the sign of the Hebrew letter chet on their chests, which is nature's equivalent of an O.U. logo. Although some authorities had raised questions on the legitimacy of the Yemenite mesorah, it appeared that the responses to these difficulties were more than adequate. And so, in accordance with the ruling of many authorities, it was permitted for us (even those of us who were not of Yemenite origin) to eat these locusts.

(the person writing that he ate all these things is Zivotosky's chavrusa, Slifkin)

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

I am informed that alleged pedophile Shimshon Veltzer from Komemiut, Israel - is hiding out in the USA. He left Israel in April 2010 -- to supposedly raise funds. Anyone knowing his whereabouts, please contact me immediately: a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com -
I will have Interpol pick him up!

המשטרה חושדת כי במשך שנים התרחשה במושב החרדי קוממיות שבדרום פרשת התעללות מינית חמורה בעשרות ילדים. על פי החשד, תושב המושב, שמשון וולצר, תקף מינית ילדים במשך כ-20 שנה, אך איש לא התלונן על המעשים. לא למשטרה ולא לרשויות הרווחה. מדובר בפרשה חריגה בחומרתה לא רק מבחינת היקף הנפגעים ומשך הזמן בו התנהלה, אלא גם מאחר שהחקירה העלתה כי מקצת מקורבנותיו של וולצר פגעו בילדים אחרים, צעירים מהם.


Rav Menachem Mendel Mendelson said...


For almost 20 years, one man allegedly sexually abused dozens of children on Moshav Kommemiyut, an ultra-Orthodox community in the northern Negev. Yet no one ever complained - either to the police or to the welfare authorities.

The police have since opened an investigation into the abuses, but the suspect is in the U.S. and refuses to return. Meanwhile, some say community leaders knew of the crimes but did nothing to stop them.

At least one of the victims is suspected of having sexually abused younger children in turn.

The main suspect, Shimshon Walzer, began his alleged career as an abuser 19 years ago, while serving as a teacher at a religious elementary school. Two years later, rumors of his abusive conduct led to him being fired as a teacher. Yet for some reason, he was allowed to retain an office at the school.

Over the ensuing years, his conduct became ever more abusive, police say, and an entire generation of children became his sex slaves. According to the testimony they have collected, he abused his victims frequently and in broad daylight, in barns and chicken coops, in fields and even at the mikveh (ritual bath ).

Some Kommemiyut residents, as well as some of the victims, told police the rabbi of the moshav, the principal of the school and members of the moshav's governing body all knew about the alleged abuse committed by the two suspects.

Kommemiyut's rabbi, Mendel Mendelson, declined to respond to Haaretz's questions.


HaRav Menachem Mendel Mendelson, the rov of Komemiyus, addressed the meeting, speaking at length about the importance of crying out in defense of Shabbos.


HaRav Menachem Mendel Mendelson, the gavad of Komemiyus who together with his father fought battles for chareidi Jewry 50 years ago—especially against Sherut Leumi—began his speech by citing the verse, "Ki seitzei lamilchomoh al oyvecho"

Most Rabbonim today are Cowards said...

The rov of Kommemiyut covering up for Walzer is the head of the beis din for inyanei shmittah in Eretz Yisroel.

Does UOJ know if Walzer / Veltzer belongs to any particular chassidus or other affiliation that might help determine who he is hiding with?

R' Nuchem Rosenberg said...


The terrible pig Shimshon Walzer is on the loose in Monsey, he molested numerous children in Komemiyus, Israel. - Imagine that a wild boar is running around in the streets, would you let your kids out unsupervised?

Neighboring communities BEWARE, he was also seen in Kiryas Yoel.

Read here, and here, and here. Also here and here.

Dr. Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

There is no evidence that Valtzer is a molester.

I am against molestation of any kind.

Fred Astaire said...


Walzer was giving a shiur in a yeshiva just outside Kiryat Gat.

Rav Mendelson gave a "psak" that it is assur to call the police on him according to this report.

Maariv newspaper said...


Shlomo Walzer, the son of Shimshon was arrested 2 months ago for molesting children.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Sounds like Waltzer is a meshulach. Where has he been banging on doors to shnor money?

Molester hiding in England said...


המלמד ק********** בצפת בת"ת של ברסלב שאנס מעל ל40 ילדים

הוא ברח עכשיו ללונדון - הוא קרבן שנאנס על ידי ש******** ו******* לפני 20 שנה

האבא שלו בשם ********* הוא מנהל של הת"ת בקוממיות.

כל פעם שבאו להתלוננן על ש****** ו****** הוא השתיק את זה, וצעק לבית הדין שמואל אליעזר שטרן שכולם שקרנים וש******* ירא שמים.

ועכשיו כל המתלוננים למשטרה על המנהל של הת"ת (חיידער) מרדכי דאוידאויץ ועל הרב של קוממיות מנחם מענדיל מנדלסון, עסקנים שלהם מסכימים לתת להם מאות אלפי דולרים כדי שלא יתלוננו על הרב ועל המפקח ועל המנהל.

יש כבר למעלה ממאה חמישים ילדים מקוקלקים בקוממיות.


One of Walzer's victims became a molester himself at the Breslover yeshiva in Tzfas. He fled to London and went into hiding.

Whenever someone came to Chug Chasam Sofer to expose the molesters, the Av Beis Din R' Shmuel Lazer Stern was told by these people that the complainers are making up lies.

The menahel in Kommimiyut, Rav Mordechai Davidowitz agreed with Rav Mendelson to give money to those complaining to keep them quiet. (The Breslover molester is himself a son of another rebbe in Kommimiyut)

It is estimated that more than 500 children have been abused in Kommimiyut.

Yudi Kolko said...

I wonder if Margo and Rabbi Scheinberg spoke to Chug Chasam Sofer to make sure there was no din Torah.

Shea Fishman said...

I hope these guys don't go to my hiding place or UOJ will blame the whole thing on me again!

Marvin Schick said...

There's no evidence that those 500 kids are Jewish, even if this report is true.

There must be a lot of Arabs in Kommimiyut.

Correction said...


Barber stays at Mountain Crest, which is a Lubav colony, not Mount Crest.

Woodbourne is part of the Town of Fallsburg.

This is the same colony where the kid was just injured by boiling hot cocoa and airlifted to a hospital.

Hungarian putz said...



Hungarian national suspected of pedophilia arrested in Jerusalem

Immigration officials on Wednesday arrested a Hungarian national suspected of pedophilia.

The Hungarian national arrested in Israel on suspicion of pedophilia on July 28, 2010

Photo by: Israel Population Administration

The man, 48, had been convicted in Hungary and sentenced to four years in prison for the sexual abuse of two 14-year-old girls, one of whom was in his custody.

Jerusalem police found him carrying a note in Hebrew that was allegedly used to lure children.

The suspect, whose identity has not been released, came to Israel as a tourist 11 years ago, married an Israeli citizen and began the process to obtain Israeli citizenship.

During the five-year process, the man and his wife divorced after she discovered he was wanted by authorities. Interpol received information about his alleged criminal acts in 2007.

Despite the divorce, the Hungarian national continued living in Israel and apparently impersonated an Orthodox Jew.

He worked at a large beverage company and had in the past filed a request to convert to Judaism. A special committee at the prime minister's office for conversion denied his request.

The man then appealed to the High Court of Justice regarding his conversion but was also turned down.

After his arrest on Wednesday, immigration officials asked police to check for unsolved sexual abuse cases involving children to see whether the suspect was allegedly involved.

Skver said...


(July 26) was the Wedding of Michoel Schnitzler's son, at "Ateres Charna" in the Holy town of New Square, NY. There was a large band of musician, plus an assortment of singers of all kinds, some chasidic some with funny uniforms and long hair. The place looked like a mixed bar, a whole group of Chasidic women (covered heads) entered the men's side and clapped and danced along to the tunes. Outside in front of the hall hung out groupies of Bachurim (boys) and Meidlach (girls), drinking "booze" and smoking "weed" (yes the girls too). In a different area outside there were a group of Chasidic men - relatives of the Kallah, who claimed that is is not allowed to stay inside because of the pritzus that is going on in there - Shame on you Michoel - your father must be turning over in his grave.

In square the men and women a segregated to different sides of the street, so why do you allow this kind of behavior? Is the answer the same reason, why 12 year old girls lost already their virginity? Is this also one of the Squerer Kepeides?

Munkatcher Putz said...


The Munkatcher Rebbe expelled S.B Taub from his Shul, for asking Meir Lebovits to pay for his son's treatment, he also returned a Sefer Torah that Mr. Terkeltaub (Taub) once donated. - Can you imagine - Lebovits molests Terkeltaub's kid, and the Munkatcher menuval throws out Terkeltaub - Shame on you Moshe Leib, yor father was a saint, compared to you.

Woodridge said...

Is this at the luxury Regency colony that Applegrad got Kolko into?


A Mega Menuval was arrested and arraigned yesterday (July 22) in Fallsburgh, NY. He used to bring boys and girls of all ages to his villa, and you can just imagine what was going on in there. He put up a 15 year old boy for Shabbos, who was inebriated and drugged and then carried up to his bedroom and raped r"l. This coming Wednesday evening, he has to be back in court.

Rabbi Yaakov Tuviah Weiser, rebbe by Veretzky Ave L / Rav Landau said...

After Weiser was kicked out of Kiryas Yoel, he was appointed a dayan in Dinov by the Rabinowitzes who are related to the Munkatcher.


There is a Magid Shiur making the rounds from Yeshivah to Yeshiva (when he is let go from one he moves on to the other). He is a fantastic teacher with a wonderful talent for explanation, he learns privately with bachurim and builds them up till they really shteig, he teaches them to defy their parents, and finally he performs with them homosexual acts r”l.

He is at present a Magid Shiur at Veretzky Yeshivah in Flatbush, Rabbi S. N. Landau was called by a chosuve Rav, but he never returned the call.

I appeal to the Flatbush community, have pity on your children, and get rid of this menuval.

His name is Rabbi Yaakov Tuviah Weiser

Anyone that has any additional information on him, or is a victim of this “wolf in sheeps clothing”, please CALL THE POLICE – not only is it not mesirah – it is a great mitzvah.

Charlie Hynes said...


Dear Rabbi Rosenberg,

My name is ---. Rabbi --- told me to be in touch with you.
During the night of January 1, 2008, my future wife was living in an apartment in Flatbush. Her super, who lived across the hall from her banged on her door around 1:30 am. She opened and smelling alcohol tried to close the door, but he forced his way in. He then ripped off her clothing and proceeded to rape her for the next 5 hours. He was arrested the next day and was released on $50,000 bail.

We are still waiting trial. We are on our 3rd ADA.

The defense attorney has been able to delay the trial again and again. 2 years, 6 months so far.

We went in erev Shavuos to talk about the case with the ADA and his Chief council to review her testimony. At the end she was told that since the defense was that it was consensual, that she was looking for a payday, and since the jury will be made up of mostly blacks and Latinos there’s a good chance that he can walk. 50-50. The defense offered 10 years probation and to be a registered sex offender. That’s it. He wasn’t prepared at this stage of his life to go to jail.

When my wife heard this she broke down and cried for the next 8 hours, right into yomtov. At this point we are willing to take the probation. On the other hand, there is a good chance that he, or one of his chevra, now knowing how to play the system, and knowing also that no frum woman will testify, this brutal act will be repeated. Not one person in the building was willing to give even written testimony, even after they had left the building. He had made many threats against people in the building. None came forward to comfort her and her ex landlord, a Chassid, worrying about a lawsuit said he would advertise what happened to her and that she would never be able to marry.

But my wife, we married that September, is afraid that if found guilty this goy will be able to walk right up to her and laugh in her face, or worse. She has been terrorized and victimized by this animal, the community and the justice system.

Rabbi --- said you might be able to help.

Please call me at --- if you can do anything.


Crown Heights said...

Both the bungalow colony and 669 Crown St in Brooklyn where Barber lives seem to be owned by Sholom Schwartz.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

It would be too funny if Chaim Berlin uses Weiser as an excuse to revive their matzronus din Torah against Veretzky.

Anonymous said...

These were boys & girls fooling around. Because they were also high on drugs, police in the Catskills are running a dragnet all over for dangerous driving.

(Sunday, July 11th, 2010)

Fallsburg, NY - An early morning car crash left one Frum teenager in critical condition, YWN has learned.

The accident occurred at approximately 4:00AM, on Route 42 just near the 4 Corners Bakery & bagel store.

Arriving Catskills Hatzolah units reported a vehicle overturned with 6 teens injured, with one of them ejected from the vehicle and critically injured.

Dozens of Hatzolah members were called to assist in treating the injuried, along with Sullivan EMS, Fallsburg PD, and FD. The 16-year-old critically injuried passenger was transported to Westchester Trauma Unit by ground. (A chopper was unable to fly due to bad weather conditions.) Some of the others were reportedly seriously injured.

Bnei Brak said...


Wonderful. A serial rapist who targets girls as young as 4 years old.

Munkatcher Putz said...


Munkatch Camp!!!

A bochur counslor sodomized young boy - 20 boys left camp

Joe Putz said...

Tell the gabbai at Landau's you put a cent in the pushka until they get rid of Weiser.

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...

One time a modern orthodox guy came to Landau's shul to say kaddish for Yortzeit. They actually still have some of those idyotten living in Flatbush. Anyway, he had a dog with him so the gabbai kicked him out that he can't bring a dog in the beis medrash.

It makes perfect sense to me that a hundt ken men nisht arein brengen ober a molester, yo!

Landau's shul gabbai said...

"Finneff toizent molesters lemitzvos!"

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

July 29, 2010

In a recent article published in the Yiddish Forward, journalist Rukhl Schaechter reports on the problem of unreported abuse and cover-ups within the Charedi community.

וואָס באַשטראָפֿט מען ניט די סעקסועלע באַלעסטיקער פֿון ייִדישע קינדער?
אויף דער פּאָפּולערער ייִדישער ראַדיאָ־פּראָגראַם אין ניו־יאָרק, "זאבֿ ברענער שאָו" האָט מען פּלוצלינג דערהערט אַ רירנדיקע רעקלאַמע. אין אַ היימיש־חסידישן ייִדיש זאָגט אַ פֿרוי:

"איך בין די מאַמע פֿון יואלי ענגלמאַן. יואלי איז אַ מיטגעמאַכטער פֿון ׳מאָלעסטיישאָן׳ [סעקסועלע באַלעסטיקונג], אַלס קינד, פֿון זײַן מנהל אין חדר מיט 15 יאָר צוריק. דער זעלבער מנהל איז הײַנט אַ מלמד פֿון ייִנגלעך אין זעלבן חדר, און די הנהלה טוט אים אומפֿאַרשעמטערהייט באַשיצן...

Pedophiles in the Jewish Community Are Going Unpunished

Listening to the popular New York Jewish radio program, "The Zev Brenner Show," one suddenly heard the following commercial narrated by a woman speaking in authentic Hasidic Yiddish:

"I am the mother of Yoeli Engelman. Yoeli is a survivor of sexual molestation. 15 years ago, when he was a child in cheder (elementary school), he was molested by his principal. This very principal today teaches in the same cheder, and the administration unashamedly defends him. This terrible crime and severe chilul Hashem (desecration of God's name) can only be dealt with by the Child Victims Act, which will force the administration to protect the innocent children instead of the guilty teacher. Fathers and mothers, Remember! Our children need us! Thank you."

This commercial, aired by the SFJ (Survivors for Justice) -- an organization that combats sexual abuse in the orthodox world, mentions only one example of a serious problem in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world: Countless numbers of children, specifically boys, are sexually molested by their teachers, rabbis and other authority figures in the community, but little is being done to punish the perpetrators...

In the words of Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis "Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants."


Established halacha (Jewish Law) places a pedophile in the category of rodef (an imminent threat), in part due to a recidivism rate well in excess of 50-percent. In his 2004 psak (ruling) on this issue, Rabbi Shalom Yosef Elyashiv writes that one should report those who sexually abuse children directly to the police and that doing so is of benefit to society. Click here to read a partial translation of this ruling.

For additional information please visit our website at www.sfjny.org.

SFJ | Survivors For Justice | New York | NY | 10001

Anonymous said...

the rabbonim in miami and nyc all know about the barber case and cover it up because his brother shimmon barber pays them

it is a disgrace that this behavior is going on without people screaming out to stop this behavior

whats with the barber family

wasnt there a brother who died by suicide

Archie Bunker said...

Get cracking Shmarya. You need to figure out a bogus rationale of how Charedim are responsible for Minority underachievement.


Applying new, tougher standards, state education officials said Wednesday that more than half of public school students in New York City failed their English exams this year, and 54 percent of them passed in math.

Archie Bunker said...

That Rabinowitz clan employing Weiser is an interesting bunch to say the least.

One of the Dinovers went to jail for some kind of fraud or theft.

The Munkatcher, who was once the shortstop on the Telz Cleveland baseball team puts on a nice Rebbishe trance act while their are investigations about molesters and Pell grant fraud, etc.

A former Munkatcher was a real Tzioni who the Hungarians called "Mach Shmoy".

The Partzever, a Chaim Berliner who once owned Boychiks restaurant and is currently a glorified tour guide, was caught by Scranton's Professor Shapiro plagiarizing a sefer from an 1800s Reform rabbi in Germany. A major dayan poskened the sefer should not be used and added there must be something seriously screwed up about Rabinowitz.

And that jerk David Kelsey who is friends with Shmarya claims he is the real heir to one bloodline of these idiots.

SHQUEEZE said...

There is a Lubav rabbi in the Bay area who competes with Tropper for intermarrieds. But he only targets the wealthy ones. He reportedly had no luck with Oracle chief Larry Ellison who is said to have a God complex.


SAN FRANCISCO — The Justice Department has joined a whistle-blower in accusing Oracle, the business software giant, of defrauding the federal government by overcharging for software.

Moetzes Resign! said...


July 29, 2010, 10:24 AM

New Toyota Recall Involves About 400,000 Vehicles


Toyota, the Japanese automaker, said Thursday that it was recalling almost 373,000 of its Avalon sedans made from 2000 to 2004 because of a steering problem that could cause a crash.

In addition the automaker said it was recalling about 39,000 2003-7 Lexus LX 470 sport utility vehicles for a different steering defect.

Boog gets results said...


WASHINGTON — In laying out 13 charges of ethical violations committed by Representative Charles B. Rangel, the House ethics committee set the stage for a rare public trial of the Democratic Congressman this fall, a potential embarrassment for the Democratic leadership during the election season.

Anonymous said...


The gelatin saga is nearing a close. Strauss Dairies will not have to admit it produced non-kosher food, but will compensate consumers for having used gelatin.

Nearly four years ago, mother and daughter Tova Nagler and Revital Mann, from Bnei Brak and nearby Givat Shmuel, respectively, filed a class action suit against Strauss Dairies. The two claimed that as consumers who wish to eat only kosher foods, they were misled between the years 1999 and 2004 into purchasing Strauss products that were made with gelatin.

The products, “Milky” and “Daniela” chocolate puddings, bore the Chief Rabbinate’s kosher authorization, yet also included gelatin made from ground animal bones. Gelatin made in that manner has long been a controversial issue in the world of kashrut (Jewish dietary rules); the Israeli Chief Rabbinate approved it for a while, but later ruled that it was not acceptable.

Apparently, the new ruling took a while to filter down, and in the meanwhile, many consumers were enjoying certified kosher Milkys and Danielas that in fact were made with gelatin the Chief Rabbinate had ruled was unkosher.

The two women sued Strauss, on behalf of all kosher consumers, to the tune of 12.3 billion shekels – including an estimated 3,000 shekels worth of damages for each of 1.9 million consumers.

“The products bear a Chief Rabbinate seal of kashrut,” the suit stated, “even though the Rabbinate did not approve the gelatin in the products.”

Strauss and the two women have now apparently agreed on a much smaller compromise settlement, worth 8.5 million shekels.

Asked why the Rabbinate is not assumed to bear some responsibility for the mistake, and/or is Strauss accused of deceiving the Rabbinate, the women’s attorney, Keren Tager, told IsraelNationalNews that she does not wish to discuss the case until the compromise is approved by the courts, which could be three months from now. “We did not accuse Strauss of deceiving the Rabbinate,” she agreed to say, however, and added, “We originally included the Rabbinate in our claim, but there is a technical problem with class action suits against the Rabbinate, so the claim was filed only against Strauss.”

The compromise offer includes the free supply of a large selection of Strauss dairy products to Bnei Akiva yeshiva high schools and ulpanot, as well as to Emunah Women daycare centers. In addition, Strauss will provide a certain amount of products to children’s centers and welfare associations.

Strauss will also grant across-the-board discounts of 12% on its Milky and Daniela products during the course of two weeks in 2010 and in 2011. Finally, Strauss will donate a half-million shekels to the children’s departments of hospitals outside central Israel.

Strauss says that its products have not included gelatin for the past six years.

Michael Kashi said...


Why can't 60 year old millionaires get their joys with underage girls?

Menachem Youlus said...


People are wondering if the Agudah or someone got to the Maryland AG because he didn't impose any criminal charges, financial penalties nor did he bar me from raising funds as a charity despite finding fraud.

Alter bochur said...


A judge’s frustration boiled over Wednesday as the case of a Jewish doctor who is suing a matchmaker for not finding him a suitable Jewish mate neared the one-month mark.

“Both of you are determined to waste the court’s time,” said deputy judge William Salem.

Dr. Shoel Rosenhek, a former cardiologist, is seeking the full refund of a $10,000 retainer he paid Heidi Gottlieb, a Toronto-based matchmaker and social worker.

The civil trial is now past its 29th day and there are more than 60 exhibits. Both he and Gottlieb have chosen to represent themselves.

Wednesday’s proceedings consisted of Gottlieb taking the stand and giving her evidence — with frequent objections by Rosenhek.

Salem’s exasperation was plain.

Noting that the length of the trial is “costing taxpayers a ton of money,” Salem said the case has degenerated into Rosenhek and Gottlieb’s pursuit of revenge.

Rosenhek retained Gottlieb in 2006 to find him a well-educated, professional, Jewish woman with no children and no marriage history.

According to Rosenhek, the matchmaker introduced him to only two women.

Gottlieb said Rosenhek never called other potential matches that were provided to him, even though they were “of the highest calibre.”

She said his difficult behaviour impeded the matchmaking process.

She testified that Rosenhek misrepresented himself by not telling her that his hospital privileges had been revoked.

Gottlieb said that after 40 accumulated hours of work trying to find Rosenhek a mate, their matchmaker-client relationship had deteriorated beyond repair — so she sent him a letter with a $6,000 cheque as a partial refund.

Rosenhek denied receiving such a letter.

Salem repeatedly reminded Rosenhek that he would have the opportunity to address Gottlieb’s testimony in cross-examination. “It’s not going to further your position by standing up every 30 seconds and say she’s not telling the truth.

Gottlieb said she is now seeking to keep the entire $10,000 retainer as compensation for the stress and hardship caused by Rosenhek’s efforts to destroy her professional reputation.

She said he lodged formal complaints about her with the Ontario College of Social Workers — the licensing body of her profession.

She said his efforts to discredit her have led to her being scheduled for a disciplinary hearing in November.

She said Rosenhek also contacted York Regional Police and Metropolitan Toronto Police trying to have her charged with fraud.

Salem at times thumped his desk to punctuate his words.

“I’d really like to ask you people, Do you have any semblance of reason?”

Anonymous said...


Just one day after pleading guilty to defrauding investors in his hedge fund, WG Trading’s Paul Greenwood has settled Securities and Exchange Commission charges stemming from the same allegations.

Greenwood, who has agreed to
testify against his former partner, Steven Walsh, was barred from future securities law violations and will pay disgorgement and penalties, which have yet to be set. At his plea hearing on Wednesday, Greenwood, who was a principal of hedge fund Westridge Capital Management, admitted to defrauding investors of $545 million in a scam that collected nearly $900 million.

As part of his criminal plea, Greenwood has already agreed to forfeit $331 million and pay an $83.5 million fine.

Greenwood and Walsh were top executives with the New York Islanders hockey team in the 1990s. Shortly after leaving the Islanders, the two men set up WG and began skimming hundreds of millions of dollars from investors for their own personal use, according to prosecutors. The scheme began as early as 1996, with the two using the money to buy, among other things, collectible teddy bears and an apartment for Walsh’s ex-wife, prosecutors said.

Greenwood, who also served as town supervisor of North Salem, N.Y., pleaded guilty to six counts of conspiracy and securities fraud.

Archie Bunker said...

2 fags that are "married" to each other have been arrested for mortgage fraud in the gay hotspot Fire Island.

Shmarya recently made the false claim that orthodox Jews are behind most of the mortgage fraud in NY.


A federal grand jury indicted three area residents on mortgage fraud charges that resulted in $500,000 in losses to financial institutions.

Charged in the 11-count indictment are Steven J. Kottage, 44, formerly of Weston currently in state custody on an unrelated charge and Genaro R. Hathaway, 46, of 13 Waterbury St., Weston, and Mary Ellen Durso, 53, 25 Avalon Drive, Milford.

The indictment alleges that Kottage and Hathaway, who are married, conspired to commit wire fraud in the sale of a home on Fire Island, N.Y. The pair allegedly purchased and financed the home in Kottage's mother's name through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Hathaway, a former lawyer, served as the closing attorney and subsequently purchased the home from the woman's estate using financing from H & R Block Home Mortgage. Rather than pay off the Wells Fargo mortgage, the pair used the proceeds to pay off another real estate transaction.

Anonymous said...

That alter bochur story sounds familiar. He reminds me of an alter bochur in Flatbush who can't possibly be serious anymore about really getting married so he wastes his life fighting and arguing with everyone as an outlet for being mad at the world.

Monsey said...


There's just something really sick about this pervert dressed up like this and giving out free hot dogs.

Baltimore, the City that breeds said...

Regarding the gays in Fire Island. It was reported on Rabbi Shain's blog that the Conservative temple there is led by a talmid of gedolim in Eretz Yisroel who went off the derech and that they have a Star-K certified caterer on premesis. Because the Star-K won't miss an opportunity to make a few bucks (have you seen their 990 filings on Guidestar?), they even do gay "weddings" with their mashgiach disguised not to look frum.

Clarence Thomas said...


Another case with Nat Lewin involved. Let's see if he pisses off the judges with an up-your's attitude like he did with Rubashkin when he appeals to SCOTUS.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


In California, the authorities recently seized a shipment of counterfeit Angel Soft toilet paper.

Colmo the Homo said...


State and local borrowing, once thought of as a way to finance essential infrastructure, has mutated into a source of constant abuse. Like homeowners before the housing bubble burst, states and cities have gorged on debt, extended repayment times, and used devious means to avoid limits on borrowing—all in order to finance risky projects and kick fiscal problems down the road. Though the country's economic troubles have helped expose some of these unwise practices, the downturn has brought not reform but yet more abuse. Even as Tea Party protesters and taxpayer groups revolt against excessive government spending and taxes, they are paying too little attention to the gigantic state and local debt bomb. If it can't be defused, we're all at risk.

Back in 1990, New York State faced a deep budget crisis, but Governor Mario Cuomo didn't want to borrow money to fund day-to-day spending—a fiscal no-no. Instead, he sold Attica Prison to an authority, the New York State Urban Development Corporation, for $200 million—which the authority raised through a bond issue—with the understanding that the state would continue to use the prison over the next 30 years by making yearly payments to the authority. This fiscal trick amounted to the state's borrowing the money itself, of course, but it didn't look as improvident. Then, piling irresponsibility atop chicanery, the authority frequently refinanced the debt, so that it still owes $300 million on the original offering, even after paying bondholders $242 million.

Chabad of Boynton Beach said...


You have to hand it to Rabbi Sholom Ciment, leader of an Orthodox Jewish congregation west of Boynton Beach.

Boxed in by a lender's foreclosure action, Ciment took the unusual action of putting the Chabad Lubavitch into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection two months ago, as a way to halt the foreclosure. Officials with Stonegate Bank, the Chabad's lender, said it was the first time they had ever encountered such a move by a house of worship.

Now Ciment is out of the box with a different tool to aid his congregation's financial troubles.

Taking a page from corporate America, he announced an initial public offering by the Chabad. According to an e-mail sent last month to congregants, about 360 shares of AAA stock are being offered at $10,000 each. Full sale of the IPO would equal $3.6 million, about the amount of debt on the 6-acre campus.

The debt is a major problem for the Chabad, which has alleged in litigation that Stonegate committed fraud and conspiracy in making the loan. Stonegate fired back with a foreclosure lawsuit, placing liens on the worship center and a vacant parcel next door, at El Clair Ranch Road.

Now Ciment is turning to a higher authority to help resolve the debt dilemma. For one, he has announced that the IPO's underwriter is the Almighty himself.

Additionally, "We are looking for 360 special angels to step forward during this time of economic crisis," Ciment wrote. "A Burning of the Mortgage celebration is within our reach - with your one-time major investment and partnership in this capital campaign."

This fund-raising move, which mirrors actions by for-profit corporations, certainly is a clever idea in this struggling economy.

But maybe the move was too clever by half. Ciment issued a subsequent e-mail to congregants, in which he explained that the Chabad is a charity and therefore has no actual shares to sell.

Nor is the Chabad licensed to sell security. Rather, the IPO "offering" is a novel campaign program designed to spur interest in contributing, as well as outline a specific money goal needed, Ciment explained.

Ciment said in an e-mail that he wrote the clarifying e-mail to the congregation because the original message was taken too literally by some who didn't realize the IPO was really a charitable campaign.

Oh, well. It was a bright idea.

Ephraim Bryks said...


Pittsburgh Diocese Sued Over Alleged Abuse Victim's Suicide

Steve Levy said...


STEPHEN MICHAEL LEVY, also known as Reallybad@aol.com, also known as Steve Levy, Defendant-Appellant.

No. 09-2965-cr.

United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.

July 14, 2010.

AVROM ROBIN (Ira D. London, Meredith S. Heller, on the brief), Law Offices of London & Robin, New York, New York, Appearing for Appellant.

ADAM S. HICKEY, Assistant United States Attorney (Michael D. Maimin, Assistant United States Attorney, on the brief), for Preet Bharara, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, New York, New York, Appearing for Appellee.

Present: REENA RAGGI, GERARD E. LYNCH, Circuit Judges, NICHOLAS G. GARAUFIS, District Judge.

Defendant Stephen Michael Levy was convicted, after a jury trial, of both producing and distributing child pornography.

Levy contends that the evidence was insufficient to convict him of producing child pornography because it could not establish beyond a reasonable doubt that he used his cellular phone to photograph "a live visual depiction" of child sexual conduct

Yirmiyahu Barber said...


A British student who was branded a pedophile by a former friend on Facebook won a £10,000 ($16,000) payout, a U.K. newspaper reported Wednesday.

Jeremiah Barber, 24, posted a pornographic image on Raymond Bryce's Facebook page in November 2008 with the comment, "Ray, you like kids and you are gay so I bet you love this picture. Ha ha," the Daily Mirror reported.

The post -- which was made after Bryce and Barber had a falling out over a small debt -- was removed from Facebook within 24 hours.
Barber later pleaded guilty at Stafford Crown Court to making and distributing an indecent image of a child. He was ordered to do 150 hours of community service.

Boy Scouts said...


All kinds of Boy Scout leaders are starting to get arrested for molesting boys. This case in Michigan is one of many.

John Gotti Jr. said...

This putzola will get whacked faster than Belsky can write a hazmana. The familia does not tolerate pedophiles.


Joe Lodolce, 69, a man linked to the Rochester mob back in the 70's and 80's, pleads guilty to sex abusing a 15-year-old boy.

Successful Messiah said...

Jose Ronald Joseph, 48, of 7957 Rue Cartier in Montreal, Quebec

This is in the Villeray neighborhood just north of heavily Chassidish Outremont but he is a Haitian shvartza.

Sorry Shmarya.


Champlain, N.Y. - U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced the apprehension and arrest of a 48-year-old Canadian man wanted in Greenwich, Conn., on first degree sexual assault of a minor.

Jose Joseph, a Canadian citizen from Montreal, Quebec, was arrested at the Champlain Port of Entry on May 21. Record checks conducted on Joseph revealed that there was an active warrant of arrest for him for one count of sexual assault in the first degree and two counts of risking injury to a minor, in Greenwich, Conn.

Archie Bunker said...

Go to the article to see the video clip.

The bill is actually a Democrat publicity stunt that will give money to undeserving "victims". The Zadroga guy who it is named after died of a drug overdose but his family blames WTC toxins after 9/11.

This article also has a long quote from Rabbi Shimon Hecht of Park Slope's B'nai Jacob defending Weiner's outrageous behavior. What's weird is that Weiner is a member of this Chabad rabbi led shul when he is a goy with an Italian mother who himself married an Arab woman last week.


Weiner explodes on the floor of Congress!

The Brooklyn Paper

The venomous spectacle — part Hollywood, part Homecrest, all YouTube — caused veins to pop from the neck of Weiner, who gesticulated, scowled and slammed an angry finger on a lectern during a debate over a bill that would have provided billions of dollars of aid to responders sickened by World Trade Center dust.

The tirade occurred late on Thursday night, after Rep. Jerry Nadler (D–Coney Island) yielded one minute “to the distinguished gentleman from New York,” who then launched into anything-but-distiguished behavior.

“He should have kept his cool,” said a Midwood resident who would only give the name Mary B. “I have a quick temper — but he’s supposed to be professional, right?

Down in Brighton Beach, 89-year-old Sylvia Fields offered some sage advise. “You’ll catch more bees with honey,” she said. “He shouldn’t yell.”

Fields struggled to explain her congressman’s rant.

“Maybe he should have married a nice Jewish girl,” she offered.

Archie Bunker said...


Check out this spectacle of Shmarya self-destructing in anger when the readers catch him lying.

Archie Bunker said...


And here is Shmarya patting some vicious British anti-Semites on the back for bashing Jews. Shmarya pretends to offer the opposing view with one very weak rebuttal from the London Jewish Chronicle, while omitting how several journalists have lambasted these anti-Semities for being outright Jewish-hating bigots. The only shmucks coming to Shmarya's defense are his fellow Chabad drop outs like WoolShtinkCotton who might be a bigger self-hating Jew than Shmarya himself. The guy can't let a day go by without some outburst about Black hat wearers being the only people who commit crimes.

Leib Shmukler said...

It's a primary season, and, despite their rhetoric and brainwashing about "kedusha" and "tznius", Agudistn/Activistn will support any anti-traditional values, anti-decency, pro-gay politico(examples of Aguda support are Schakowsky in Chicago, Sander Lewin in Detroit, Anthony Weiner of OHEL(!).
AFAIK, above-mentioned menuvolim transfer the pork gelt DIRECTLY into the pockets of the Mehnahalim, "Moisdos", etc.Why were the girls from JDBY in Chicago brought to the DC office of Schakowsky who supports abortion and lesbianism?

Leib Shmukler said...

Rav Archie Bunker, Anthony Weiner "represents" in Congress the 9th District of New York, that includes Agudaaa Capital of East Midwood, by the way. Extremely left-wing on social issues, he provides a handsome support to "OHEL". Rav Joel Kolk(o) AND Queens Vaad(redistricted in 2002) are constituents of this menuval.

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...


Burglar uses doggy door

Boog gets results said...


First Charlie Rangel is brought up on ethics charges, now Maxine Waters.

Shmarya groupie said...



Calif. Chabad synagogue vandalized

Shmarya groupie said...



A five-year custody battle ended recently when a 17-judge panel at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasberg determined that Noam Shuruk, whose mother kidnapped him to Switzerland after his father joined the Chabad community, is to remain in her care.

The decision gave rise to claims of anti-Semitism and miscarriage of justice by both the State Prosecutor's Office and the father, who say the judges ruled in favor of the mother because the father is Israeli and ultra-Orthodox.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't R' Malkiel stay in Hunter or Tannersville every summer?


The Town of Hunter was asked Tuesday night to step up its enforcement of the Village of Tannersville’s no parking law.

Tannersville resident Roger Armstrong told board members there are streets in the village which have cars consistently parked on prohibited sides, and also have them facing the wrong way, into traffic.

He specifically cited South Main Street and Tompkins Street, which both see a heavy volume of parking each summer, apparently in connection with a seasonal influx of Hasidic residents who worship at a schul on the corner of Tompkins and South Main.

He said cars are also parking illegally on Main Street (SR 23A), both in terms of no parking zones and exceeding limited parking hours.

Citing a copy of the applicable Tannersville local law regarding the no parking prohibition, Armstrong said that fines could range from $50 to $250, and that he feels the town is losing money it should not be.

Press Release said...

Midwest Region of Agudath Israel of America & Agudath Israel of IL extend a heartfelt tzeischem l'shalom to Rabbi & Mrs. Yehiel Kalish & family as they move to Far Rockaway where Rabbi Kalish will assume the position of Eastern Region Director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. On behalf of all the employees, members & communities that have both worked with Rabbi Kalish and benefitted from his leadership, we wish him hatzlacha in his new position. May we continue to hear great things from his efforts for the Klal.

Son of Boog said...


WASHINGTON — Representative Maxine Waters admitted to another House member in late 2008 that she probably would have a conflict of interest if she intervened on behalf of a bank in which her husband owned stock — but she did so anyway, according to a report by the Office of Congressional Ethics released on Monday.

Shmarya gets results said...


Two Brooklyn landlords were nabbed in an undercover sting after they brazenly told black apartment hunters that no suitable units were available, while rolling out the red carpet for potential white tenants, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo charged yesterday.

Investigators posing as would-be renters discovered that rental agents at two Ocean Parkway buildings routinely showed apartments to white applicants while telling black applicants none were available, according to court documents.

In at least two cases, two sets of black would-be tenants were blatantly turned away from the 71-unit housing complex at 1648-50 Ocean Parkway hours before a white couple was invited to apply.

"Discrimination is alive and well in America today," Cuomo said at news conference to announce the action.

Cuomo filed suit in Brooklyn federal court accusing the building's Great Neck, LI-based owner, Ronald Swartz, and its management firm, Golden Touch Management, of violating federal civil-rights and fair-housing laws.
Harry Pupovic, the building superintendent who allegedly turned away black investigators, was also named in the suit.

Meanwhile, the owners of 1750 Ocean Parkway, Morris and Elsa Bistricer, and their management firm, Eilat Management Corp., agreed to pay $40,000 in damages and provide discrimination-prevention training to rental agents as part of an out-of-court settlement.

North Miami Beach said...

Attorney Michael H. Lubin, 16831 N.E. 15th Ave., North Miami Beach, disbarred effective 30 days from a June 24 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1981) Lubin misappropriated a portion of the funds he received from a client to hold in trust.

Talmidei Belsky said...

Attorney Robert Joseph Ratiner, 3225 Aviation Ave., Suite 600, Miami, suspended for 60 days, publicly reprimanded and placed on probation for two years, following a June 24 court order. (Admitted to practice: 1990) During a deposition, Ratiner’s behavior was disruptive and intimidating to the witness, opposing counsel and other persons present. While on probation, Ratiner is required to undergo mental health counseling and prepare and mail letters of apology to those who were present during the deposition at issue. Further, Ratiner shall be accompanied by co-counsel approved by the Bar during depositions and other legal proceedings or he shall ensure that such appearances or proceedings are video-recorded.

Gateway Pundit II said...

"We had (his son’s) bar mitzvah scheduled on the calendar, but I think they’ll be moving to D.C. But, we will definitely follow the family and their simchas — their joyous times — wherever they go".

This quote from Rabbi Lopatin regarding Rahm would imply that Amy Rule and children are Jewish al pi halacha. If so, why was Rabbi Lopatin so vague and non-committal when answering to this on Failed Messiah?

Talmidei Margo said...


Former bus drivers' union president pleads guilty to extorting more than $500,000

Anonymous said...


FALLSBURG - Police say a Lakewood, N.J. woman injured by lightening on Morningside Lake Sunday afternoon is in stable condition at Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla.

Laya Feiner, 23, and her would-be rescuer, Devin Corbett, 20, of Loch Sheldrake were both injured after lightening struck near a boat stranded on the water. Feiner’s condition improved overnight and she remains in critical, but stable condition, Fallsburg police say.

Milwaukee said...


A Milwaukee lawyer who converted about $70,000 from three estates to his own use has been suspended for two years

The Office of Lawyer Discipline had recommended that Harvey Goldstein's license to practice law be revoked, but a referee recommended a one-year suspension, which the Wisconsin Supreme Court doubled in its ruling Wednesday,

Goldstein (Marquette, '77) has repaid the money and will pay about $3,000 in interest as restitution, according to the ruling.

According to the opinion, Goldstein used money from one estate to pay back other estates he was raiding for money he used for personal and business expenses, including an Arizona business venture.

Goldstein's scheme was discovered after an OLR investigator began looking into a complaint from a process server that Goldstein hadn't paid for about $19,000 worth of services of a period of years.

Anonymous said...


A Trevorton man described as a talented organist will not be spending three months in a federal prison because he lied to his probation officer.

U.S. Middle District Senior Judge James F. McClure Jr. on Thursday altered the sentence of Philip Maue, 62, as requested by his lawyer. The government did not object.

Maue's supervised release was revoked because he did not give truthful answers when his probation officer on May 14 and June 4 asked him his whereabouts. And, on May 14, he claimed he had access to only one computer instead of five.

Maue was the musical director of a Lakewood, N.J., church in 2005 when he pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of minors for possessing child pornography on a computer. He was sentenced to 27 months in prison followed by three years' supervised release.

Anonymous said...


Investigators used a grocery store rewards card to help them track down and arrest a man who allegedly took inappropriate photos of customers inside the store.

Police said 48-year-old Earl Long used his cell phone to covertly take photographs or videos up the skirts of two female customers. The incident happened in mid-July at a grocery store in Middletown, near Harrisburg.

Police say Long was identified through his store rewards card.

Long was arrested Friday and charged with invasion of privacy. The Manheim man is being held on $5,000 bail at the Dauphin County Prison.

5 Towns said...


Just when you thought a story couldn't get any weirder.

Reform Jew Jeffrey Locker from North Woodmere was thought to have been killed by friends of a black zonah he frequented in Harlem as part of a robbery.

What really happened is that Locker was an accomplice in the ponzi scheme of pedophile Lou Pearlman and the Feds were coming after him so he took out a huge life insurance policy to support his family and paid a hoodlum to murder him.

The insurance company is now refusing to give the payout.

Before you use the ATM said...


Here's What A Card Skimmer Looks Like On An ATM

Dr. Bungalow Hundt said...


Is Queens Chinese Restaurant Serving Dog Meat?

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

Gothamist.com is asking why Hersh and his wife are suing critics when the better question is why are they not in jail for child abuse.

I did not link to the article because it contains foul language.