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What About The Father's Right To Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness?



The Kollel Argument
From the other side of the bench
by David Seidemann

Issue of August, 13, 2010/ 3 Elul, 5770 - The Jewish Star

Not once but twice, in recent weeks, I’ve encountered a situation where a father has claimed that he is financially unable to support his wife and children. No, he wasn’t in a dead-end job nor was he unemployed. In both instances, his excuse for not being able to support his soon-to-be ex-wife and their children was that he was learning in Kollel.

It is not my intention to debate the pros and cons of young married men learning the Talmud for a few years after they get married. Nor will I utilize this space to comment on whether these young men are actually spending their time learning. Perhaps Kollel should be reserved for those that demonstrate unyielding commitment to the demands of the program and for those that can financially afford to sit and learn without bankrupting present and future generations.

One has to wonder if the concept, as originally conceived, can continue for future generations. Who is going to support the children of the couple that is learning in Kollel when they decide they also want to learn in Kollel? The parents that are sitting and learning, unless they get a job, will not be in a position to support their children.

What really irked me this week was when a father wrote to the court that his wife, my client, was violating his religious freedom by forcing him to leave Kollel and seek employment in order to pay his child support obligations. There is something patently offensive about that.

In other cultures, the fathers simply deny being the father (ask comic George Lopez). In those instances the court simply orders DNA testing. But this new argument, what I call “The Kollel Argument,” defies logic and I can only hope is an anomaly that won’t be repeated.

Being reminded of our duties as fathers and husbands come at strange and unanticipated moments. When I first moved into this neighborhood approximately 10 years ago, one of my new neighbors approached me and asked, “What you do at 4:45 every morning?” I responded, “Like most people, I’m sleeping.” “Not anymore,” he said. For the next nine years, on an almost daily basis, I arose at 4:30 in the morning and joined a group of businessmen learning in what is called “The Morning Kollel” at Yeshiva Sh’or Yoshuv in Far Rockaway. Yes, I did miss a morning from time to time, but by and large I was a regular attendee learning Talmud under the direction of Rabbi Moshe Dov Stein. After Rabbi Stein’s unfortunate death, the daily learning continued under the direction of his son, Rabbi Tzvi Yaakov Stein, and Rabbi Binyamin Cherney.

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of learning with a few different study partners, most recently with a wonderful oncologist by the name of Dr. Michael Bashevkin. No matter how unproductive the rest of my day might be, the time I spend learning in the morning, while the rest of the world is sleeping, is exhilarating.

But something happened this past June, something I can’t put my finger on, that caused my attendance to lapse. I missed a day, then a week, then a month, then a month-and-a-half.

This past Shabbos while sitting at the table, I asked my 12-year-old daughter what type of man she wanted to marry. She told me that she wanted to marry a man with a job but who also went to yeshiva every morning to learn like I do. Those words pierced my heart. While I lay in bed the past month, sleeping at five o’clock in the morning, my daughter thought I was in yeshiva learning. I instantly felt the great divide that existed between who my daughter thought I was and who I actually am. I felt both ashamed and motivated.

This parenting thing is very complicated. We have a duty to raise our children and to guide them along the path that will ensure they be all that they can be. But we also have the same duty to make the most of ourselves: to be what our children believe us to be and act in accordance of their expectations.

So I got up in the wee hours of the morning yesterday, grabbed my Talmud that sat on the shelf for six weeks and made my way back to yeshiva. I am not naïve enough to believe that I will never miss another morning over the next few years. But now, I know how important it is for me to arise before the sun and how important it is for my children. We all need to be reminded how to be effective parents. Sometimes that lesson comes from our children.

David Seidemann is a partner with the law firm of Seidemann & Mermelstein. He can be reached at (718) 692-1013 and at ds@lawofficesm.com

From The UOJ Classics - More relevant today than in 2007 when it was originally posted!


A naked man darted from a car into a Borough Park office building at lunchtime yesterday and then jumped to his death from the top floor, officials said.

The man double-parked in the 4800 block of 13th Av. about noon, bolted from his still-running gray 1980 Chevrolet, dashed past a crowd on the street and ran into the lobby of an office building, witnesses said.

Police were still trying to identify the man yesterday and to determine why he jumped. Witnesses also were trying to sort out what happened. The man had no apparent connection to the building, according to people who work there.

"He didn't even have shoes on," said Zalman Teitelbaum , who was working as a temporary security guard at the building until the Satmar mess gets straightened out. Sitting behind the security desk, Teitelbaum first saw the man from the waist up and thought maybe he was a rather strange jogger. But then I stood up and saw the rest of him, and realized he was very Jewish. "I was even able to recognize the mohel, (rabbi that performs the circumcision) by his unique cut", said Teitelbaum. "This man was definitely bent out of shape."

The man told Teitelbaum that he was "desperate and broke," asked him for 50 cents to make a phone call and then spoke incoherently, mumbling something about not being able to support his son in-law in kollel, Teitelbaum said.

Then the man ran to an elevator. Minutes later, he emerged from a stairwell on the top floor. The fire alarm had been set off, presumably by the man, and the office doors on that floor were open as people began to file out, witnesses said.

The man pushed his way into one of the offices, where he said "kollel, kollel, kollel," several times while charging toward a window, witnesses said. He smashed the glass and jumped through the window, falling onto a parapet between two buildings. Some local workers and shoppers saw him fall.

Borough Park firefighters and emergency medical service personnel arrived at the scene, and police quickly cordoned off the block. Women with baby carriages were visibly upset that they could not continue shopping. One woman with a hat on top of her wig lamented, "he could have waited until the stores closed."

Workers in the top floor office said they had not seen the man before and did not believe that he had ties to the offices there. They didn't hear anything he said other than "excuse me, I need money to support my son in-law in the Lakewood kollel" a witness said.

Before it became apparent what was taking place, the city's parking enforcers reacted to the abandoned car, which had badly torn seats, New Jersey plates and no sign of clothing inside other than a beat up Borsalino and a jacket with a shatnes label. They slapped a flyer on the windshield inviting people to attend a parlor meeting for the Lakewood Yeshiva.

The police met with all the various Bobover Rebbes and was told that the man had seven married daughters and was acting strange as of late. Recently the man was seen in shul naked except for a towel on his shoulder, screaming why they moved the mikve.

These acts of desperation have become rather common in the Orthodox Jewish community, since fathers with daughters are expected to support their sons in-law whether they have the ability or not.

Many social workers in the community have noticed a dangerous increase in mental disorders particularly by men over fifty.

We interviewed eight young men who were in the local pizza parlor, all of them noticably obese. We asked them about their reaction to the increase in mental and emotional disorders in men over fifty, particularly by the men with daughters.

We had similar reactions by all eight young men. One fellow said it was "not my fault that the poor putz doesn't know how to make enough money to support thirty people. Summer camps, expensive houses, cars, jewelry, Pesach in Cancun, and tuitions are a father in-law's obligation, even if he has to work three jobs, or steal from his employer." They're just a bunch of whining lazy bums."

Another young fellow said "I am sick and tired of hearing these BS stories from fathers in-law. If they produce the kids, they MUST support them, period, no excuses." This fellow who was not more than twenty years old, was wearing a gold Rolex. I complimented him on his watch; he turned angry and said "he told the shadchan that I would get two Rolexes, one for daily use and one for Yom-Tov, and the SOB finked out on me; what a piece of garbage father in-law I wound up with. If I would have known that, I never would have married his meeskite (extremely ugly) daughter." He said he had to leave, and drove off in a brand new Cadillac Escalade.

The reaction by the others were similar, ranging from anger to dismay about the lack of appreciation and gratefulness to God exhibited by their fathers in-law. They all felt that they could have married anyone in the world, and if their father in-law ever decided to stop giving them "serious" money they would return their daughters to them in a heartbeat, blackmail the family in order for him to give a Get, and get a father in-law who really understands what a catch they are.

Particularly interesting was how they all agreed that they never intended to ever get a job, regardless of how many fathers in-law jumped off buildings. They saw it as a dirty trick and didn't believe the guy was really dead." I find it very interesting that these shameless fathers in-law would go to any lengths to avoid their obligations to us", said the fellow who was the most obese, weighing about three hundred pounds and was not more than five foot three inches tall.

Calls to the rabbis of the Lakewood Kollel were answered by a taped recorded message.

"If you are attempting to join our prestigous institution, the only requirement is that you must be proficient in filling out lengthy government aid forms. These forms are available in all languages and can be filled out at any Lexus dealer in Borough Park or Flatbush; or available on the Internet by the shgatzim uremasim (low-lifes) who have Internet access."


The Vaad to expose the Queens Vaad said...

Now Jacobson, Zohn & VHQ have even more incentive to rip mesim out of the ground to steal & resell their plots.


For the dead, however, virtually no amount of money will secure a final resting place in the heart of a city that is fast running out of graveyard space.

And in the parts of town where a burial plot is still available, the cost has in some cases more than tripled in less than a decade

The largest Jewish graveyard in Brooklyn, Washington Cemetery, ran out of land in the winter after tearing up roads and pathways to utilize every cubic inch of ground. Evergreens and Cypress Hills, also in Brooklyn, may sprawl, but not enough, and dozens of smaller cemeteries spread across the five boroughs are squeezed, too.

More than 50 years have passed since a major cemetery was established within the city, and no new burial grounds are planned. But New Yorkers continue to die, some 60,000 a year.

Accordingly, per square foot, burial plots in centrally located cemeteries rival the most expensive real estate in the city.

“We have people who would like to disinter Mom and Dad and sell the graves back to make some money,” said Richard Fishman, the director of the New York State Division of Cemeteries.

There are state laws limiting the profits on resold graves, but the fact that people would be willing to go to such lengths, Mr. Fishman said, illustrates just how valuable burial plots have become.

Anonymous said...

This post was most interesting, pointing to serious flaws in the “kollel” system. The trouble is that we have succeeded in entrenching the concept in every faction of the frum community, to the point that the bochur that is not the “learning boy” is a second rate shidduch. We have thrown out the baby (bochur) with the bath water. I am sure that many will challenge this with the profound statements about תלמוד תורה כנגד כולם, but that does not spell kollel for everyone. There are those among us who need to have careers, whether the professions, whether the blue collar workers, whether the business entrepreneurs, etc. These individuals are not less precious to HKB”H than those who comprise our כלי קודש. Just as one can operate a business or profession and be קובע עתים, one can wear the garb of a כלי קודש and possess otherwise awful traits. (Out of respect, I will not enumerate.)

It is hard to buy that the gedolim who initiated the kollel movement expected it to choke the rest of the frum community, by withholding from the workforce those who are sorely needed, and by creating a generation that is totally dependent on others to subsist. I do not argue that kollel is bad Ch”V. It is great. But it is not for every bochur to claim as a future at the expense of the families and the community.

May I share a brief vignette? A kollel couple learned to tolerate when the kollel check arrived late. But the kollel experienced a trying few months, and there were no checks for the yungerleit. Both the husband and wife were completely aware that their parents had their own financial challenges, and they avoided sharing this information with them. Even with difficulty, they would have found a few dollars to insure the couple can put bread on the table. They spent a few months in total suffering, crying with each other, and often on the phone with other family members (who were convinced there were shalom bayis problems). Eventually, kollel checks came through, but with some consequences that were really unnecessary. Must we create a system that sentences young couples to begin their homes and families with suffering?

I don’t know what the alternative is, but the current system is broken. Do we have leaders that will guide us to something more tolerable?

Ahavah Gayle said...

Violates his religious freedom to have to support his children?

When he decided to get married and have children, he voluntarily assumed the responsibilities of a husband and father, and that obviously includes supporting his kids. It's not anybody else's job - it's his job. Now he has to make good on the duties he willfully chose to enter into when he made his marriage vows. If he fails to support his wife and kids, he's guilty of oath-breaking, in my opinion.

The moral of the story, ladies, is to not marry a man who isn't employed. When these dudes who want to sit in kollel are laughed at by prospective brides, then the situation will change pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It has been difficult to understand the changes that were either permitted or directed by the gedolim of past generations. We have a directive gemora that states as follows:

תנו רבנן אשר בנה אשר נטע אשר ארש, לימדה תורה דרך ארץ שיבנה אדם בית ויטע כרם ואח"כ ישא אשה וכו' (סוטה מ"ד ע"א

I would not question our gedolim who will proclaim that there are individuals who are exceptions to this, despite my inability to understand how they choose to not apply what our chachomim said. But to nullify it for an entire generation boggles my mind. The current “system” is wrought with problems. We are now reaching the place where we have second generation yungerleit, and poverty is genetic. What’s the answer?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top:
Who gives the hashgocha on the cherry?

The e-mails are about 70% begging me NOT to post the rest of the story. I'm torn -- between getting the story out so the klal understands how much every mossad must have a set of checks and balances, and family and friends who feel the damage outweighs any good this information will reap.

I'm inclined to put it up anyway!

So please be patient, I need to get clarity that I'm absolutely doing the right thing l'tovas haklal, and not c"v farkert.

I understand the olam's right to know, and that weighs heavily on me.

Needless to say, once out, no rosh yeshiva will ever be trusted again, I mean none!

Also...Rav Schorr was my rebbe, played chess with him in the summer months, took the bus to yeshiva together, had Avremel in my bunk in CTV, and spent many a Shabbos at his table...rather than going to Pirchei...

The words I've written are tearing my heart out!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Hazman Katzar, Hamlacha Meruba... has left a new comment on your post "Rav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz zt"l - In Memoriam - ...":

Please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top:

UOJ, we want, we need, we must have the whole story on YTV. Ad mosay?
My above response was to this comment left on the previous post.

Shmarya groupie said...


Reconstructionist Jewish congregation B'nai Havurah has hired Denver's first openly lesbian rabbi.

After a year-long search, the 50-year-old congregation of about 250 families announced last week that it has hired Rabbi Evette Lutman and welcomed her partner, Shari Abramowitz.

Long Time UOJ Chassid said...

To the Editor,

Regarding the article about an observant Jew who has been allowed to keep his religion in jail (http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/kosher_jail_perks_for_pervert_hRE6OJU8IIGdEv4gIvq6VK), we must respectfully express disappointment. At a time when New York City's government has shown great sensitivity and understanding to other religions in allowing them to build their places of worship in controversial places, it is highly inappropriate to single out a law abiding member of the Jewish community for special criticism, when he is simply trying to practice his religion.

Our Council of Rabbinic Sages is hardly enamored of child sexual abuse and the rape and sodomy of innocent children. Judaism does not teach or promote this misbehavior, although we do find it perplexing why child safety is given such a high priority by some segments of society.

Nevertheless, we believe that everyone in America is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, and that even when proven guilty there is still an appeal process that must be allowed to fully run its course, and the Post should not bias this process with petty reports of tawdry tales. The scnadalous sentencing of another law abiding Orthodox Jew Rabbi Shalom Meir Rubashkin shows clearly how unjust our so-called justice system can be.

We also believe in the idea of personal redemption and "Teshuva" that is the heart of the upcoming Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Rabbi Lebovitz should be lauded for the great sacrifices he is making in adhering to the strictest approach to our holy dietary laws as part of his repentance and soul searching for his sins. (For more on this concept, see Rabbi Shafran's editorial about Bernie Madoff being more repentant than Captain Sulzberger). As was made abundantly clear at his sentencing, Rabbi Lebovitz has decided to dedicate himself to a life of contrition and ammends (despite the fact that he refused to apologize to any of the people he hurt).

Finally, if the Government would have heeded our call for alternative approaches to dealing with Orthodox child predators, this situation could have been avoided. In a NY Times article in October of last year, Rabbi Zweibel pointed out that Orthodox men are different than those from other religions and ethnicities in that they are needed by their families as bread winners.

Therefore, we have suggested that they not be jailed, and should be allowed to walk the streets despite any danger this may create for children. Our holy institutions, yeshivas and synagogues, the lifeblood of our community, also need as many breadwinners as possible to support them in these tough economic times.

In the same NY Times article, Rabbi Zweibel warned out that the District Attorney should not be seen as doing a "power grab from the rabbis." This is also why the Agudah has lobbied strongly together with the Catholic Church against having New York join other states that discriminate against religious leaders by making clergy mandated reporters of child sexual abuse. Our religious practices forbid, according to most of our sages, under the "Halacha" of "Mesirah" one Jew turning in another Jew to the police for any crime.

Please, keep in mind in the future, the prinicples of religious freedom and tolerance that should be extended to everyone including "Perv Rabbis".

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel, Executive Vice President, Agudath Israel of America
Rabbi Avi Shafran, Spokesman, Agudath Israel of America

Long Time UOJ Chassid said...
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Duvid Niederman said...


Baruch Lebovits, a once-respected Satmar rabbi from Brooklyn, gets the special food brought straight to his Rikers Island cell, even though the jail already provides kosher dishes for its Jewish prisoners.

Apparently, they aren't blessed enough for Lebovits, 59, who has been moaning for months that he couldn't eat the food because it hadn't had proper rabbinical supervision, sources said.
Lebovits' adherence to holy law apparently didn't preclude repeatedly sexually abusing a 16-year-old classmate of his son, a heinous crime for which he was sentenced in March to up to 32 years in prison.

The Brooklyn rabbi is on Rikers awaiting trial in another sex abuse case.

On Thursday, a Rikers jail captain was ordered to pick up $60 worth of glatt kosher canned meals for the sicko, including Salisbury steak, stuffed shells, cheese ravioli and barbecued chicken wings from Alle Processing in Maspeth, Queens, an e-mail obtained by The Post shows.
The company offered to mail the food, but because of a delay, the captain went in person to pick up the package.

Lebovits' special daily diet also includes dry cereal, a box of matzo, four ounces of kosher grape juice and fresh fruit and veggies -- provided to him uncut, lest they were touched by a knife that cut non-kosher food.

Paulette Johnson, the Correction Department's head of food services, approved the arrangement.
Lebovits' own influential Satmar rabbi, Moshe David Neiderman, played a key role in convincing jail officials.

"This is not a privilege or an accommodation -- it's a right," said Neiderman, president of the United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg.

But a Jewish advocate said: "That's a big chutzpah."

"They are bending over backwards to help this molester," said the advocate, who asked to remain anonymous.

"None of the other Jewish inmates can get that same food," he said.

Rabbi Marc Schneier said...


A rabbi to the stars was busted by his jilted wife for smooching a sexy gal pal on an Israeli getaway, according to blockbuster court papers obtained by the Daily News.

Rabbi Marc Schneier, the founder of the star-studded Hampton Synagogue, was slapped with shocking photographic proof of the affair by his fourth wife as they met for a drink at the Four Seasons.

Tobi Rubinstein-Schneier - whose complaint claims her husband impregnated his lover - this week petitioned a Manhattan court for a legal separation from the high-profile rabbi, who pals around with Russell Simmons and makes the scene in the Hamptons.

"My client did not know things were not good in this marriage until late in the day," said Susan Bender, a lawyer for the rabbi's wife of nearly four years. "This behavior by an Orthodox rabbi is an embarrassment to Orthodox Jews."

A private eye for Rubinstein-Schneier snapped several pictures of the randy rabbi getting up close and personal in Israel with Gitty Leiner, a stunning speech pathologist and a congregant at the Hampton Synagogue.

On Valentine's Day, court papers say, Schneier showed up with a bouquet of roses for his wife and pledged his love to her before departing for a San Francisco tryst with Leiner.

He's also accused in the court papers of putting Leiner up last summer in housing across the street from the Hampton Synagogue. And in July, the suit says, the scorned wife found out her husband had gotten Leiner pregnant.

And Schneier allegedly pitched a fit at an 80th birthday celebration for his dad, Rabbi Arthur Schneier, at Manhattan's Park East Synagogue.

"During the luncheon, defendant became enraged because his father 'is an egomaniac, and I am the great one,'" according to the complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Arthur said...

The mosque at ground zero.A must listen.


Successful Messiah said...

I'd love to see Shmarya's reaction when he reads what kind of life Adam Haston left behind to become a Chabad meshulach!


Adam Haston

I grew up in a family of 4 kids in El Paso, TX ... one of my childhood memories is marching for civil rights in Washington DC, as my father had worked on the PR for the NAACP of New York.

Villiamsburg said...

Duvid Niederman is a scumbag who UOJ needs to take down.

After protecting pedophile Reichman, he showed up at the protest led by Vito Lopez and stood with the Catholic Church supporters who were throwing pennies, in classic anti-Semite style, at the Chassidishe abuse survivors.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

Chaim Schwartz vesiyato were making fun of "madahniks" who worry about the Queens Vaad protecting Bryks. But Schwartz vesiyato should concentrate first on the super-moderner from Queens Vaad shuls who think they are too choshuv to go to the Catskills so they hang out with goyim and Rabbi Schneier in the Hamptons. Having a multi-million dollar home in the Hamptons is the ultimate status symbol in the very modern Queens Vaad shuls and these chevra are defending Schneier.

Gitty Leiner is a lapsed Boro Park girl just like many of the moderner in Queens Vaad shuls used to be much more frum in Brooklyn & Kew Gardens. The Queens Vaad won't push normative kashrus standards because they don't want to get people angry who are "buttering their bread".


A randy rabbi accused of cheating on wife No. 4 was back before his Hamptons congregation Saturday, heading a Sabbath service before bolting from the synagogue.

While Rabbi Marc Schneier had no comment on his brewing scandal, worshipers at The Hampton Synagogue defended their hot-to-trot leader.

"Rabbis are human beings," said Marshal Weintraub, a 71-year-old retiree and member of the Westhampton Beach synagogue.

"They're susceptible to temptation like everybody else - maybe more so," he continued. "Rabbis cheating on their wives? That's nothing new in the Jewish religion."

During the service, there was a mention of the exclusive Daily News report about the oft-wed Schneier's canoodling with a female congregation member during a trip to Israel.

"Whatever you do today, don't read the paper," one member of the congregation quoted another rabbi as saying.

The rabbi's wife, Tori Rubinstein-Schneier, claims in court papers that the woman caught in an overseas clench with her husband is now pregnant with his child.

Speech pathologist Gitty Leiner, the accused other woman, is a member of the synagogue founded by Schneier in 1990.

Their coast-to-coast affair included trysts in the Hamptons and San Francisco, court papers alleged.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who detects a smug look on Niederman's ugly face every time he is on TV?

Shmarya groupie said...

Mike Bloomberg was off to a good start by pushing through summer concerts disturbing the shul minyanim next door in Brighton Beach and backing the Mosque at Ground Zero, but he deserves a flogging for this outrage:


Triumph Fades on Racial Gap in City Schools

Gitty Leiner said...


Who is calling me a lapsed Boro Park girl?

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...


Penguin Poo seen from Space

Colmo the Homo said...


Lebovits also wants to get from Schick's Bakery that is pas Yisroel instead of the Riker's bakery.

Maybe David Schick's uncle Arthur can come to start a riot.

Town Car Putz Lefkowitz said...


The government has a new rating system for nursing homes.

I got the lowest score in Brooklyn with one star, which is even less than the Frankel's shul ganuvim.

Life is good as an Agudath Israel of America Fresser trustee!

Hazman Katzar... said...

"Nobody will ever trust any Rosh Yeshiva again...."

And this is a bad thing because?....

Dr. Bungalow Vantz Neuhoff said...


1 in 10 New Yorkers has grappled with bedbugs in their home

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

"Nobody will ever trust any Rosh Yeshiva again...."

And this is a bad thing because?....


When the present group of misfits die out, I'm hoping the next generation will have RYs we can trust...

South Fallsburg said...


What they probably won't know is that the unnamed guru is a hugely controversial figure who has disappeared from public view amid allegations of manipulation, financial misconduct and intimidation. And as that guru's organization, the Siddha Yoga Dham of America (SYDA), has come under fire, her own guru (yes, gurus also have gurus), the "old lion," has been accused of sexual abuse, molestation and sexual intercourse with minor girls.

SYDA is headquartered in a large complex in South Fallsburg, N.Y., a town set in the Catskill Mountains. In the 1980s and '90s — the decades during which the SYDA reached its height of popularity — the foundation was said to have some 70,000 followers across the world. Its devotees, mostly the wealthy and well-educated, included celebrities like Melanie Griffith, Isabella Rossellini, Diana Ross and Don Johnson.

In 1983, an exposé by journalist William Rodarmor in CoEvolution Quarterly (a Stewart Brand magazine that eventually became Whole Earth Review) suggested that before his death, Muktananda had been having sex with several young girls in his ashrams. The septuagenarian guru, said the piece, used to stand behind a curtain and spy on girls in the female dormitory. He even had a special area equipped with a gynecologist's table that was used for his sexual dalliances. In public, he announced that he was celibate, insisting that sexual acts took away from spiritual energy. But in private, a parade of girls would be trooping in and out of his bedroom all night. The story even describes the violence and intimidation used by Muktananda to control his devotees. There are accounts of him beating hapless Indian peasants outside the ashram grounds, of stabbing his valet with a fork, and of sending burly enforcers to take care of devotees who refused to toe the party line.

The organization tried hard to keep the New Yorker from publishing the story, even threatening it with litigation. According to Marta Szabo, a one-time devotee of SYDA who wrote the book "The Guru Looked Good," Shetty once called a secret meeting to chant and perform "weird Reiki" against Lis Harris and the New Yorker's then-editor, Tina Brown. "When the article finally came out, they took every copy of the magazine that they could find and burnt them in a great pile," Harris says.

Gerus blogger said...


What can be done about a NY area beis din's troubling track record on gerus?

Eli Weinstein said...


Eliyahu Weinstein: Trust in him led to loss of millions

Both versions of the story are correct said...


Even after a former actress in erotic films had accused Hewlett-Packard’s chief executive, Mark V. Hurd, of sexual harassment, the company’s board stood behind him.


Even after Yudi Kolko was exposed as a child molester who Margo had covered up for for 30 years, the YTT board led by Willy Wiesner wrote a letter to parents that they have nothing to worry about while Kolko continues to prey on their little sons.

The world's smallest violin said...

Nearly one year after entering the Maasiyahu Prison in Ramla, former Minister Shlomo Benizri (Shas) left the jail Sunday for his first 24-hour vacation on the occasion of his son's engagement.

Benizri, who was sentenced to four years in prison by the Supreme Court, recently asked President Shimon Peres to pardon him.

I ask of you, honorable president, to take into consideration my long years of contribution to the State of Israel and alleviate the punishment that is too heavy for me to carry," Benizri wrote in his appeal.

He also complained of his conditions in prison, and his associates claimed he was "getting cold food and sleeping with many people in a crowded room."

Benizri was convicted in April 2008 of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, committed during his tenure as labor and welfare minister.

Moshav Komemiyut said...


Six years after the abuse apparently ended, residents of a Haredi moshav have finally begun to testify about the alleged sexual attacks of two male residents on the community's children. Those who complain are being shunned.

The police suspect that over the course of many years, children and teens were sexually abused by one of moshav's residents, Shimshon Walzer. For some two decades, according to the suspicion, the suspect acted freely - and there are also claims that some of Walzer's victims have gone on to abuse other children, younger than themselves.

Walzer, however, has not been indicted, since in April he flew to the United States to raise money for the moshav's Talmud Torah (elementary school ) and synagogue. Apparently, when he realized the noose was tightening around him, he preferred not to return to Israel and even missed his son's wedding in Bnei Brak on May 26.

The State Prosecutor's Office decided recently not to request an extradition order from the U.S. against Walzer - in part due to the fact that some of the offenses are no longer prosecutable, under the statute of limitations.

Moshav rabbi Mendel Mendelson declined to answer questions from Haaretz. The wife of the Talmud Torah principal, Rabbi Haim Knopfelmacher, said on his behalf that he submitted to police questioning "because there's no choice, but we will not cooperate with the press."

Ben-Zion Miller, suspected of having given three narcotics-filled suitcases to ultra-Orthodox drug-runners in 2008, is under house arrest there.

One resident, who like all those interviewed here asked that his name not be published for fear he would be ostracized, said the place never developed because of the "defilement that prevails in it."

Meanwhile, it is hard to explain how, in a community with just 340 inhabitants - fewer than 40 families, who belong to the large Gur, Belz and Vishnitz Hasidic sects - no one knew about the suspected abuse. Especially because, according to one resident, and confirmed by the police, there is hardly a home in which there isn't a victim.

Walzer's alleged sexual abuse began 19 years ago, when he was rabbi of the Talmud Torah. From the investigative material it appears that a kind of deviant sexual culture arose among some of the boys on the moshav, which included sexual activity, sometimes consensual and sometimes forced, and also that a special language developed around this activity. The expression "to beat up," for example, was used as code for groping and touching of a sexual nature, which often led to forced acts. One resident in his 20s related that instead of playing cops and robbers, the moshav's children invented a game of tag called "Shimshon Walzer."

Moshav Komemiyut said...

part 2

Many of the witnesses, now married and living outside the moshav, were not willing to make official complaints, for fear they would be exposed. The acts were apparently frequent, and committed in abandoned barns and chicken coops, or surrounding fields.

From the testimony collected by the investigators, it emerges that the patterns of action of the two suspects were similar: molestation of minors aged 9, 10 and above, most from families with a lower status on the moshav. Walzer would pick them up from the school or the synagogue in his car, and sometimes molest them in the mikveh (ritual bath ).

Over the years, residents say, people lowered their voices when they spoke about incidents they had seen: the flash of naked bodies through the windows of a parked car, a boy groping with Walzer among the bushes, suspicious movements near the mikveh.

Some claimed with self-conviction that their children weren't among the victims. "I have girls and he abused boys," said one woman, though the suspicion is that Walzer abused both sexes.

"I worked in the cow barn all day. My main concern was always supporting my family," said another resident. "I am shocked. But the truth is, I don't dare ask my children whether they were molested."

Children were warned to stay away from Walzer. "From a very young age, we knew he was dangerous," related one inhabitant.

Complaints were made, however, to the moshav's rabbinical establishment. From the testimony, it emerges that they were silenced time after time with the pretext that the matter would be dealt with, or that the incidents were not current.

In fact, parents' protest led to the termination of Walzer's work as a teacher 18 years ago. Instead, he was given offices in the school building where he established a workshop for making tefillin (phylacteries ).

One witness told investigators that when the parents protested yet again, a functionary was brought in from Jerusalem and put in charge of dealing with Walzer. However, in the end, say investigators, it was decided to distance Walzer from the moshav and he was sent abroad to raise money.

As long as the police were not let in on the secret, however, the acts continued, according to the suspicion.

Moshav Komemiyut said...

part 3

The police visited the homes of people who might have been abused as children and asked them to testify; they also went to yeshivas in Bnei Brak where there are people who may have been in contact with the suspect. Many did not cooperate. Others, who agreed, changed their minds after they were apparently threatened.

Parents of minors did not cooperate for fear their testimony would harm their sons' chances of a good marriage match. As a result, most of the complainants in the case are adults who have no connection with the moshav now, and some have given up a religious lifestyle.

Only today, 20 years later, has one of the complainants against Walzer told what exactly happened. He was 9 years old when Walzer offered him a ride home from the synagogue. "It was in the evening, but I didn't suspect anything because he had been my 'rebbe' the previous year," he relates. "The truth is, I was even glad to ride with him in the car."

Walzer did not take him home, but rather to a chicken coop at the edge of the moshav. "I was a naive child," relates the complainant. "He started to take off my pants and play with my body. When I resisted, he took his gartel (a thin belt worn by Hasids ) and tied me to him. I don't remember how long it lasted or how I got home."

He did not reveal what he already knew - that "it was a routine thing to go with [Walzer]," as he says. "Friends talked about what they did with him; sexual things that shouldn't be happening to children."

"Until we heard about what happened to our son, I didn't know there was such a thing," relates one woman, whose son complained. "My big sons wanted to beat him up and kill him, but we felt sorry for his wife and his children."

Moshav Komemiyut said...

part 4

Despite the acts of which he is suspected, about which everyone supposedly knew, Walzer was put in charge of the synagogue and renovated it at his own expense.

One local person commented bitterly: "Apparently in order to get respect in the moshav, you have to rape children."

The finger of blame in the moshav is now pointed at the accusers. They are being shunned. They are not called up to say the blessings from the Torah in the synagogue on the Sabbath. No one is speaking to them. Their children have no one to play with.

Nor does the complainant against the other suspect feel relief as a result of the indictment. He will soon be 20 years old. According to the charges, for about four years, from age 9 to 13, he would be called over by the suspect during se'udah shilishit (the traditional late-afternoon meal on the Sabbath ) in the synagogue, and undergo abuse behind a hedge near the mikveh.

He says he was raped twice, and each time the suspect warned him to keep mum.

Anonymous said...

nobody cares about torah vadas anymore. it was a davar sheano miskayim. the whole silly idea of mixing "bais halevy and kedushas levy" was a gimmik that had no chance at all of success no matter what.

Eli Weinstein said...


Over the past five years, a New Jersey man allegedly amassed a personal multimillion-dollar collection of jewelry, clocks and watches through a $200 million scam that targeted Orthodox Jews.

The collection included manuscripts and antique Judaica items valued at about $6.2 million; a jewelry and clock collection that cost about $7.6 million; and jewelry and watches valued at $6.2 million, including items from Bulgari, Cartier, Omega and Harry Winston, according to a criminal complaint unveiled on Thursday.

The items were stored in New Jersey, New York, Florida, and Israel, according to prosecutors in Newark who brought the charges.

Eliyahu Weinstein, 35 years old, of Lakewood, N.J., allegedly used his contacts in the Jewish community to meet potential investors and falsely represented that he owned or could purchase properties.

"It is always offensive when someone steals from others to finance his own luxurious lifestyle, but it is especially galling to exploit a community with whom one shares an inherent trust," said Paul Fishman, the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey.

Mr. Weinstein was ordered held without bail pending a detention hearing next week.

Mr. Weinstein often claimed to investors that he had another party lined up to buy or rent the property and they could earn a healthy profit in a short period, according to the complaint. The "buyers" were actually other members of the scheme, prosecutors said. When investors tried to collect earnings from their investments, Mr. Weinstein allegedly ignored them, made promises to pay or paid out a smaller amount, according to the complaint.

Many of the alleged victims were from New Jersey, New York, Florida, California and overseas. But he also allegedly defrauded a Chicago bank out of $6 million related to the purchase of a property in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn in 2006, prosecutors said.

Mr. Weinstein and his company, Pine Projects LLC, have been the subject of several civil lawsuits by Orthodox Jews who claim they were duped into real-estate investments.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

was a gimmik that had no chance at all of success no matter what.


Bet you never went to Torah Vodaath high school!

It only took the Conservative putzes 4 months said...


The board of Temple Beth Sholom of the East Valley has asked for Rabbi Bryan Bramly's immediate resignation as the Conservative congregation's spiritual leader. The request was announced in a press release e-mailed Aug. 9.

Bramly has been on paid administrative leave since he was arrested March 23 in the Chandler synagogue's parking lot. He is facing trial on one count each of statutory rape and sexual abuse of a 7-year-old girl in an incident alleged to have occurred in March 2000 in New York, according to records of the New York State Supreme Court, Criminal Term.

Bramly has denied these allegations through his attorney and in a conversation this week with Jewish News.

Asked about the timing of the board's decision, Joel Munter, TBS-EV's board president, told Jewish News: "There was no specific timing that precipitated it." He added, "We've been evaluating and deliberating in the four months since the rabbi's arrest."

Munter said that the board had done its due diligence and announced its decision in an effort to be as transparent as possible for the congregants.

In the press release, Munter was quoted as saying, "(After) a four-month review of all issues related to Rabbi Bramly, it became clear that he has lost the confidence of the board of directors and a percentage of the congregation."

Reached by Jewish News after the press release was issued, Bramly said, "I have done nothing wrong. I have denied these false allegations. The board has done no investigation."

He said the board based its decision to seek his resignation on secondhand information from media reports and the Internet.

"I have a contract that runs four more years, through June 30, 2014," he said. "The contract protects the congregation's rights and it protects my rights, and I am intending to defend my rights under the contract."

Affidavit of Joshua Hersh against his brother Michael Hersh said...

Index No. 00617012009
I hereby affirm under penalty of perjury, as follows:

My name is Joshua Hersh [...] I am the brother of the plaintiff Michael Hersh and the uncle of Isaac and Sol Hersh, From the time Isaac and Sol Hersh were born, my family and I had a unique and loving relationship with them. We saw them regularly and were an integral part of their young childhood. These boys were loving, sweet and intelligent children. The boys behaved as any normal children of their age would behave, contrary to any assertion that they were psychologically damaged. My parents, my brother. Paul; and I loved them dearly, and still do.

When the boys turned approximately 5 or 6 years old, my family received less and less access to the children. Eventually, the entire immediate family was forbidden to see the children as well for no reason. I cease any communication with my brother Michael around that time. Shortly after this period, I discovered that Michael moved his family to Israel. I lost track of the children. during those years since I am not a member of the orthodox community and my only source of .information was my immediate family. As the years progressed, I began to hear from my parents whispers of problems between Michael and the boys. I also heard that other families were assisting the twins in Israel. My parents, however. were sparing with specific information of the boys' exact history because they did not want to further antagonize my relationship with Michael.

Although I do not remember the sequence of events exactly, I recall Isaac coming back to the United States when he was approximately 15 years old. 1 believe he called me out of the blue and I was shocked and thrilled to hear from him. I raced to where he was staying and scooped him up in my arms and cried. This was the first time in approximately eight years that I had seen him. I spent some time with him that day and thought he was a wonderful boy who retained humor, kindness and love.

Affidavit of Joshua Hersh against his brother Michael Hersh said...

Despite a strong desire to remain close to Isaac, I warned to avoid an inevitable confrontation with my brother Michael. I was not involved with his community and only heard from Isaac intermittently through this period. It always impressed me that Isaac never lost his lovable persona. At one point Isaac informed me that his mother, Miriam Hersh was taking him to Hershy Park. I hoped it was a positive moment for him.

Several days later , my brother Paul and I visited my parents home together and that is when my parents informed us that they had heard Isaac was abducted by two men at three o'clock in the morning from Michael's Midwood home in Brooklyn. My parent's also told us that he was in handcuffs and thrown into a van while screaming for help.. This reportedly came from eyewitnesses in the neighborhood. Isaac has since confirmed this story.

I was first ill, then shocked and then outraged. I called my brother Michael's home and expressed my shock that any father could do such a thing to a wonderful boy like Isaac and demanded that he bring Isaac back immediately from wherever he was.. Every member of' my immediately family, including his two Paul called Michael with the same message. My anger was very palpable on my phone call, however it was spurred by the horror of picturing Isaac dragged away to some horrible undisclosed location. The reality was as bad as I pictured it to be. Several days later, Michael drove up to the police station in Stamford at three O'clock in the morning and prompted the police to come to my apartment. I contacted my brother Paul who joined me in my explanation to the police who then appropriately left my apartment and no further action was taken. Michael's outrageous behavior was designed to intimidate me into inaction.

Michael's current action against the defendants is unconscionable. Rivka and Rafeal have lovingly cared for both Isaac and Sol. Aryeh and Zahava (Wolbe) were selfless in their assistance to Isaac. Tzvi was instrumental in bringing Isaac home. All the others attempted to help a helpless young boy.

This difficult and tragic situation is painful enough without the harassment of those individuals who were caring enough to race to the aid of a vulnerable teenager placed in a dangerous environment in a foreign country.

Michael Hersh the dysfunctional baal teshuva said...

The sub-text of this testimony, and of other testimony from Hersh's relatives, clearly reveals that the entire Hersh story, from top to bottom, every aspect of it, is a dramatic baal teshuva (Hebrew, singular for returnee to Orthodox observance) drama.

ALL the so-called "legal" issues held by Hersh, like the frivolous police complaints that Hersh has a bad habit of filing against his own family members and others who cross his path of easily stirred wrath (where did he learn to file police complaints when he's upset with someone?), are ultimately NOT the point and are NOT the main issues regarding Hersh at all!

But rather, the Hersh saga has all the factors that baalei teshuva (plural: newly religious Orthodox Jews) go through, from:

*How to adjust to their new identities as very religious "new-born" or "re-born" religious Jews after having led a thoroughly secular lifestyle;

*Relationships with non-Orthodox parents and relatives (it's mush easier to cut all contacts with former secular and and gentile friends) and especially how much time and access to allow to non-religious or less-religious and perhaps even possibly anti-religious family members especially grandparents and siblings who are entitled, sometimes even BY LAW, to have some visits with their grandchildren;

*Falling prey to a virtual induced amnesia about their past secular lives and imagining that the world at large has also wiped the slate clean and thinking that people can't see through them;

*How to raise children in a well-balanced religious Orthodox way when one's own childhood and life's experiences provide no examples to follow;

*Over-reliance and submissiveness to new religious and spiritual "near-Messianic" guides (yes, sometimes the whole scenario displays cult-like symptoms from every angle) who are not capable of understanding every last petty religious conflict or nuance of everyday life's-struggles for the newly religious and fail to see their limitations as experts in this field, while there are genuine experts in how to grow in new-found Orthodox life they are real KIRUV, Jewish outreach experts who, while not as learned as rosh yeshivas, yet they deal with these kind of baal teshuva issues daily and can fix them before they lead to catastrophes as in the Hersh case;

*Most seriously, the astute observer and truly caring guide and rabbi needs to have the ability to identify and deal with the real psycho-social and perhaps even other deeper personality, emotional, and characteralogical issues coming from profound inner-conflict, guilt, anger, self-destructiveness, self-centeredness, and many complex factors that must be resolved in the growth and making of a harmonious, well-balanced and peaceful baal teshuva, and to know when to guide baalei teshuva to get THE RIGHT KIND of rabbinical advice, or psychotherapy or counseling and not to have situations where there is abuse and manipulation of the rabbinical world, law enforcement, the legal profession, and the judicial system just to get one's way in fits of misdirected anger and spite that waste everyone's time, spin everyone's wheels and will accomplish absolutely nothing for the baal teshuva in question.

Shea Fishman said...

A rural Alaska couple accused of domestic terrorism compiled a hit list of 20 targets, including members of the military and media, and had moved to the operational phase of their plan, according to documents filed in federal court Monday.

Paul and Nadia Rockwood of King Salmon have pleaded guilty to lying about the list and making false statements to the FBI in May.

Prosecutors alleged that Paul Rockwood, also known as "Bilal," converted to Islam about a decade ago and began studying the teachings of American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who has professed hatred for the United States and supports acts of terrorism. The couple then moved to King Salmon, where he worked for the National Weather Service.

Anonymous said...

This is funny. Jail staff generally hate it when goyim demand kosher food. Goyish prisoners usually want it because it tastes better than regular jail food which the staff view as taking advantage as it should only be reserved for Jews.

Look what happens when an Arab putz demanded kosher food in a Nebraska jail:


On March 5, 2008, El-Tabech's attorneys arranged for and accompanied a rabbi's tour of TSCI to evaluate the defendants' compliance. Rabbi Jonathan Gross reported in a letter to counsel "that the food prepared as prescribed by the protocol and based on my personal observations is kosher according to the highest standards," and that "prison kitchen staff is being needlessly stringent."

On April 15, 2008, El-Tabech discovered feces wrapped in plastic in a vegan entree prepared and delivered by TSCI staff. He filed an emergency grievance and advised his attorneys.

Anonymous said...

College English professor Lynne Rosenthal was threatened with arrest yesterday when she caused a nasty scene at a Starbucks on Columbus Avenue at 86th Street. Rosenthal's offense? Refusing to submit to Starbucks' corporate-speak, which requires customers to purchase "Tall" or "Venti" coffees. But Roshenthal is fed up with the chain's irritating idiom, and the Post reports that on Sunday she decided to make a stand. Over a bagel.

Granted, Rosenthal's first mistake was going to a Starbucks for a bagel when she was on the Upper West Side. But after ordering her multigrain bagel, she was peppered with the irksome question, "Do you want butter or cheese?" And that's when she snapped. "I just wanted a multigrain bagel," Rosenthal tells The Post. "I refused to say 'without butter or cheese.' When you go to Burger King, you don't have to list the six things you don't want. Linguistically, it's stupid, and I'm a stickler for correct English. I yelled, 'I want my multigrain bagel!' The barista said, 'You're not going to get anything unless you say butter or cheese!' "

But Rosenthal refused to submit, and would not leave. So the manager summoned the NYPD, who told her she could either exit the Starbucks or be arrested. "It was very humiliating to be thrown out, and all I did was ask for a bagel," says Rosenthal. "If you don't use their language, they refuse to serve you. They don't understand what a plain multigrain bagel is." An employee says Rosenthal called a barista an asshole, a word that should also be incorporated into the company's corporate vernacular.

Birenbaum from Toldos Aharon said...


There is a fellow by the name Birenbaum from Jerusalem (he blongs to Toldos Aharon), he goes around to Camps and Bungelow Colonies and shows tricks with animals and snakes - he himself is a snake - this past Thursday he was arrested in Monsey for taking a bochur for a ride in his car and sodomizing him beside showing him porn movies. Somebody put up for him $25.000 and had him released.

Be forewarned and don't let him in to your Camp or bungalow Colony, he is dangerous, any child he attacks, may suffer for the rest of his life.

tuff luk · לפני יום אחד
he molested a bochur in a yeshiva in monroe and his rosh yeshiva was told by the dayan to go to the police i think it is a mitzva to publicize the name of the rosh yeshiva and dayan so we know who is the true godol batorah who cares for the children and teenagers of our communities

NuchemsHotline 36p · לפני יום אחד
According to my information, the bochur learns in a Yeshivah in Monsey, and the Dayan is not in Monroe. He is one of the LagLag Rabonim that signed my Cherem, but it seems that he is coming around - If he comes out with this p'sak in public, I will post it with a positive comment

tuff luk · לפני יום אחד
the dayan might b from monsey i did not say he wasnt
however the boy learns in monroe
u will c im right
dig deeper and u will b amazed by the details

Yitzchok Belsky said...


A man and a teenager from Brooklyn were arrested and charged with drug possession Friday, said Monticello police.

Yitzchok Belsky, 18, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and having an open container, and Efraim Levy, 17, with felony fifth-degree criminal possession of controlled substance.

Both were arrested after village police patrolling North Street around 3:20 a.m. stopped to investigate a group of people sitting on a stone wall with beer bottles.

Police say they found a clear plastic baggie containing cocaine near Levy's feet and were in the process of arresting him when Belsky approached carrying a bottle of whiskey. A search of Belsky's wallet turned up a clear plastic baggie containing marijuana, police say.

Levy is being held in Sullivan County Jail on $2,500 bail. Belsky was released and ordered to return to the Monticello Village Court on Aug. 27.

Mamash a chutzpa! said...

I bet the Israeli police are not asking to extradite Walzer because they are trying to cover up how they bungled the case for 20 years.

Will NY authorities at least put him under surveillance because of the evidence that he is a pedophile?

Chassidishe lowlives imitate Bungalow Putz Neuhoff and Belsky said...


They are running a blog where they attack R' Nuchem Rosenberg.

Now they have named 2 rabbonim who they say are helping R' Nuchem and invite the lynch mob to go after them.

The rabbonim are heros who lowlives call "yemach shmum".

Their names are R' Shulem Yida Gross, who happens to be the Av Beis Din of Halmin, and R' Shmiel Nesanel Blum.

They lowlives say they have reshus from a posek and attorney to "out" the rabbonim helping R' Nuchem.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Is that the grandson of the infamous Belsky or the Chaim Berliner rosh yeshiva from Memphis? VIN removed the names from the article and Eckstein completely left it off YWN.

Shmarya claims without adding any details that Levy is also from a rabbonishe family.

Boog's "Sick out there and getting Sicker" file said...

Remember in the last year or two, there was a website that catered to heimishe lowlife married people to commit adultery? The administrator was approached by undercover askonim posing as buyers who then shut down the website and went after all the avaryonim who used it.

Fast forward to this week.

Someone wrote a threatening email to R' Nuchem Rosenberg, that they were going to post stuff against him on the anti-Nuchem blog. R' Nuchem decided to do some detective work with the email address. There are 2 new sites that popped up for heimishe adultery and the same email address is associated with them.

One blogger alleges that the culprit is Berel Ashkenazy from Spinka, an ally of pedophile Burich Lebovits, who would then have a thing for married veiber besides little kids.

Jewish Agency cheapskate said...


After Mandy-Jo Levy's husband was shot dead two years ago during a car hijacking in Johannesburg, she decided to come to Israel offer her two children a better life. But when she disembarked from the plane last week, she thought she was going to die herself. Suffering from a bad case of gastroenteritis and confused, she was brought to a hospital by Telfed deputy director Dorron Kline because she was too ill to be taken to her new home.

The 38-year-old widow, who is currently recovering in her father-in-law's apartment in Netanya, is one of several South African immigrants who arrived in Israel last Tuesday and complained about stomach problems immediately following their flight. But rumbling tummies were apparently not the only problem with the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Johannesburg, which made a stopover in Addis Ababa. Many of the 54 new immigrants aboard complained about frozen and inedible kosher meals, a smelly and dirty cabin and the staff's general unhelpfulness. A number of passengers implied some airline personnel were intoxicated.

"You cannot believe how many people were sick on the plane from the food," said Mandi Gottlieb

The Jewish Agency discontinued its contract with El Al as its official carrier for aliyah flights late last year, citing a unilateral five percent increase in airfares. Ethiopian's airfares are generally more than 30 percent lower than El Al's

The cab, a Jewish Agency minivan, never made it to Netanya. Afraid she might throw up in the car, the taxi driver had her moved to the car of Telfed's deputy director, Dorron Kline, who had been following her. He then brought her to a hospital near Jerusalem. Her children were brought to Netanya by a Jewish Agency worker.

While Levy says she appreciates the organization's financial concerns, she feels aliyah flights are the wrong place to cut. Rather, she told Anglo File, the agency could pare down its festive welcoming ceremonies. "It's very bad when you're telling people to make aliyah and then have them fly Ethiopian," she said.

Anonymous said...

August 16, 2010
VidYid.com has received confirmed reports of the closure of Yeshivas Bais Hatorah.

Sources are telling us that the primary reason behind the closure is insurmountable financial difficulties.

As this is a developing story, more information will be posted as it becomes available.

A raffle brochure from a recent Bais Hatorah raffle carries the following message:

With an enrollment of 350 students in 16 classrooms, Yeshiva Bais Hatorah is imbuing future generations with the fundamentals of broad-based Yedias Hatorah by utilizing a unique approach that provides a solid grounding in the entire Chumash, Sifrei Nevi’im, Mishnah and Gemara.

Bais Hatorah’s curriculum promotes mastery, proficiency, and retention of Torah learning in children from a very young age through a primary focus on chazorah.

Shmarya groupie said...

It must be a bunch of lying Orthodox Jews from Johannesburg that are trying to cast Ethiopian Airlines in a bad light.

Saying lashon harah on Ethiopians is of course the worst type of lashon harah possible. The Chofetz Chaim left that out of the sefer because he is a racist.

Monsey said...

I didn't have the stomach to look last night at Eckstein's YeshivaWorld for the fire at Blueberry Hill.

Let me guess ...

He had updates every 30 seconds about how many hockers picked up the call on their radios and how many gallons of water had been used so far by the firefighters.

Or maybe we should look at it as a public service that Eckstein keeps all the losers busy with news about nothing.

Low Klass said...


This is weird. Gershon "the shvindler" Tannenbaum is running a charitable organization together with a non-orthodox UTJ rabbi from the Chicago area.

And what exactly do they claim to be collecting for?

Free lunch said...

WASHINGTON — Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, kicking off a half-day conference on housing finance, said Tuesday that it was important for the federal government to continue guaranteeing mortgage loans.

Shlemazal imitates Avi Shafran said...


After Trousers Vanish, a Man’s Frantic Search Begins

Chicago Observer said...

Low Klass:

Rabbi Mehler is a Chaim Berlin musmach from Rav Hutner's days.

This fraudulent organization is not registered tax free.

Rabbi Makevetzky said...


I am a dayan who sits on the Shevet Mishor Beis Din with Pinchos Rabinowitz from Tropper's EJF beis din.

Here is the letter I wrote attacking Nuchem Rosenberg for exposing Berel Ashkenazi as a pedophile, even though it was the government who publicly made the allegation in court.

I added that anyone who believes Ashkenazi is a molester is a fool.

Arthur groupie said...

Don't forget there was also a rov in Crown Heights who had his hoyzen stolen from the mikva after he spoke against the Meshichisten.

Rabbi Peter Mehler said...

Yes Chicago Observer, I am originally a Chaim Berliner but that does not mean I am still orthodox as a current board of directors member of UTJ.

David Hartman was in Chaim Berlin and is not currently orthodox.

David Sheinkopf was in Chaim Berlin but has been a Conservative rabbi his whole life and certifies chazir treif gelatin as kosher.

The list goes on.

Anonymous said...

Nu? Which Belsky is that who was arrested?

Camp Shmorris said...

It's not like the current Chaim Berliner administration is orthodox either. According to the Shulchan Aruch, Shlechter and Frucht have a din mecharfim & megadfim on Toras Moshe for ignoring the summons of the gadol hador R' Moshe Feinstein.

Margo gets results said...


All remaining charges against pedophile Boruch Lebovits have been dismissed.

Satmar Peasant said...


Joel Wertheimer, 27, of Monroe, was charged with second-degree unlawful imprisonment, a misdemeanor, and second-degree harassment, a violation. He was issued an appearance ticket.

I'm told the background to this arrest is as follows:

Two Aroni followers of Rabbi Ahron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Joel, accosted a Zalmi follower of the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum and took his cellphone because he took photos of the Kiryas Joel Satmar rebbe without permission.

Wertheimer is one of those two Kiryas Joelers.

The other, Mosha Simone, 34, of Monroe, was charged with second-degree unlawful imprisonment, a misdemeanor. He was issued an appearance ticket on August 5.

Rubashkin truck driver said...

According to a blogger named TheTruthAsItIs:

There is every type of rumor floating around one can imagine.

I have no way of knowing if Tyson or some other Packer/Buyer plans on buying the Postville Plant anytime soon. We can only hope though. I am sick of hearing how Friedman is going to "save us all". He is a classical example of how it is better to be lucky than good. He has no clue how to run a beef packing plant and it is beginning to show.

Agri Star is having trouble keeping truck drivers (through its subsidiary PrimeStar) as it is having trouble keeping many types of employees because frankly they are treated like garbage and ridiculously underpaid. What Friedman likes to do is get in front of a camera and boasts how he starts his production workers at a higher rate than the previous owners. What he doesnt tell people is that his administrative staff is underpaid, treated poorly (especially the female employees). Several plant staff ranging from shipping to safety to HR to a CFO (hand picked by the owners themselves) have quit out of frustration with how the place is operated. Another interesting thing to note is that the UCFW is back trying to form a union there. If Friedman thinks running the place now is a headache wait till that union gets a foothold.

Agri star is having trouble selling meat. Why wouldnt it?!? Friedman kept all the Rubashkins employed there except Sholom (who wound up in jail as we all know.) Think about it. When Agriprocessors went broke, many of these mid size kosher distributors hired independent rabbis to kosher their meat on a "as needed basis". If you can get your own supply of Kosher meat, why trust a company filled with many of the same "management" that faked invoices and got you dragged into court, with all your records, to some obscure place like Sioux Falls, South Dakota? Why even chance the headache again?!?!? Unless Friedman joins planet Earth and gets rid of the Rubashkins many of those Kosher customers wont come back (they may not anyway)

2 years out "Agri Star" will either be owned by someone who truly wants to run a meat packing plant or it won't be running at all.

DA Charles Hynes said...

All remaining charges against pedophile Boruch Lebovits have been dismissed.

Only some counts, not all, were dropped on August 4. His sentencing is scheduled for September 15. He is already serving 10.5 to 32 years.

Anonymous said...

The e-mails are about 70% begging me NOT to post the rest of the story. I'm torn -- between getting the story out so the klal understands how much every mossad must have a set of checks and balances, and family and friends who feel the damage outweighs any good this information will reap.

I'm inclined to put it up anyway!

So please be patient, I need to get clarity that I'm absolutely doing the right thing l'tovas haklal, and not c"v farkert.

I understand the olam's right to know, and that weighs heavily on me.

Needless to say, once out, no rosh yeshiva will ever be trusted again, I mean none!

Also...Rav Schorr was my rebbe, played chess with him in the summer months, took the bus to yeshiva together, had Avremel in my bunk in CTV, and spent many a Shabbos at his table...rather than going to Pirchei...

The words I've written are tearing my heart out!

I know it's tough for you. But keep this in mind. If you don't do it. Artscroll will.

If you didn't come out against Harosha Hayeshiva Chief Vantaz, Head Vasertreiger and Protector of Menvulim Lipa Margolies, Artscroll would have started writing his biography right after his death. They would have started his bio way before the chevra kadisha would have measured his body for tachrichim. Now obviously they won't do it.

The truth shall set you (and all of us) free...

From the MalachHamovies !!

Both versions of the story are correct said...


For almost half a century, an unfinished Nazi propaganda film of the Warsaw Ghetto, simply titled “Das Ghetto” and discovered by East German archivists after the war, was used by scholars and historians as a flawed but authentic record of ghetto life. Shot over 30 days in May 1942 — just two months before deportations to the Treblinka extermination camp would begin — this hourlong silent film juxtaposed random scenes of Jews enjoying various luxuries ...

Like the flickering shadows in Plato’s Cave, these images were subjected to a radical rereading with the appearance of another reel in 1998: 30 minutes of outtakes showing the extent to which scenes had been deliberately staged. Over and over, in multiple takes, we see well-dressed Jews enter a butcher’s shop, ignoring the children begging outside. In a similar scenario, prosperous-looking passersby are directed to disregard the corpses abandoned on the sidewalk. The propagandists’ manipulation of their half-million prisoners was now clear, even as its eventual purpose — perhaps more than just to manufacture scenes showing callousness on the part of wealthy Jews toward their less fortunate brethren — remained as murky as ever.


Ohel CEO David Mandel & Tort Putz Twerski, at the behest of Lipa Margulies, staged an "informational" session at YTT to cover up Yudi Kolko's 40 years of molesting.

Similarly, the Agudath Israel of America paraded children around the ballroom during a staged event at their annual dinner to create the impression that they are working to end child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Boruch Lebovits's nephew Mechele owns a business called MR. SIGN USA, which according to R' Nuchem Rosenberg is a source of messages promoting a website that advocates not to report molesters to the police, and fights Child Advocates - Shame on him

Anonymous said...

ALBANY — New York Gov. David Paterson violated ethics laws by soliciting five World Series tickets last year from the New York Yankees, a registered lobbying organization, and he should pay the maximum penalty of $93,000, lawyers for the state's Public Integrity Commission said today.

Shmarya gets results said...


Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the conservative talk radio commentator under fire for repeatedly using a racial epithet, announced on Tuesday that she was ending her long-running radio show.

Dr. Schlessinger has been under intense pressure in recent days following an exchange with a caller on her radio show last week in which she used the racial epithet — the so-called N-word — 11 times. The caller, a black woman, was complaining that she was married to a white man whose friends and family members frequently made racist comments in her presence. Dr. Schlessinger responded by arguing there was a “confusing” double standard — that blacks could use the epithet freely while whites could not.

Even after the caller complained — “I was a little caught back by the N-word that you spewed out, I have to be honest with you” — Dr. Schlessinger repeated it a number of times, insisting her caller had “too much sensitivity.”

A day later, as the show was generating controversy on blogs and cable news shows, Dr. Schlessinger issued an apology.

“I was attempting to make a philosophical point, and I articulated the ‘n’ word all the way out — more than one time,” she said. “And that was wrong.”

In 2000, gay activists launched a Web site, StopDrLaura.com, and organized protests and boycotts in response to her comments about homosexuality, which she referred to as a “biological error.” They were also angered by her outspoken stance against adoption by same-sex couples, and remarks in which she said that a “a huge portion of the male homosexual populace is predatory on young boys.”

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about an alleged molester Shloime Aron Kellner who is going on trial in NY?

Even the losers who bash Nuchem Rosenberg on that blog are mostly in agreement that he is a molester.

They talk about some other alleged molester named Turenheim who the judge supposedly threw out the case against him for lack of evidence.

Anonymous said...

There is a possibility that the anti-Nuchem gang made up the story against Kellner because they also accuse him earlier of giving information about molesters to Nuchem.

And in the style of Bungalow Putz Neuhoff, they "outed" two people for the great sin of being seen talking to Nuchem and probably giving him information, a Bentzion Waltzer who davens in Faltishen & Bobov and a Shulem Rosenberg, affiliation unknown.

Anonymous said...

The anti-Nuchem gang says that R' Yisroel Hager in Boro Park had a lawyer review the cherem on Nuchem and change some wording before signing so that he couldn't get sued.

Which lawyer was it? The sexual deviant Kenneth Gribetz from Monsey.

The anti-Nuchem gang claim they are working with a lawyer who goes by the Yahoo handle Esq Eric P

Mordechai Tendler said...


Here is another blog from illiterate chassidishe guys bashing Nuchem Rosenberg who they call "Nuchesh".

It reminds me of the blog I started to attack Rav Yosef Blau after he learned I was a sexual predator.

Arthur said...

"Selective Outrage: Israeli Facebook Photos Spark Media Circus
Part one
Why is the media so obsessed by one former Israeli soldier's Facebook post at the expense of major Mideast news stories?

Israel is all too often held to different standards of behavior expected of other nation states, particularly western liberal democracies. Israel is, of course, far from perfect, yet individual blemishes are magnified under the intense glare of international media coverage to create a disproportionately negative image of the country as a whole.

We do not intend to get into an extended debate on the many issues surrounding the very public exposure of former Israeli soldier Eden Abergil's Facebook photos of her posing with blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian prisoners.

Abergil's Facebook photos are a legitimate story, but we have to question whether the stupidity and naivety of an individual IDF soldier warrants such intense international coverage. Even serious media outlets such as the Financial Times, which would usually avoid sensationalist material, have seen fit to publish the story.

Media Motivations

The quiet summer months are often referred to in media circles as the "silly season" where stories that would not normally warrant much attention become news in the absence of really solid material. The Mideast, however, is rarely void of interesting and relevant stories of importance to the region and the wider world.

For example, at the same time as the Facebook story was breaking, the Lebanese parliament voted to grant the country's 400,000 Palestinian refugees the right to work in the same professions as other foreigners, lifting a decades-old ban that had relegated the refugees to the most menial jobs.

Or perhaps the announcement that Iran will begin building a third facility for enriching uranium in 2011?

Not to mention a horrific suicide bombing in at an Iraqi Army recruitment office in Baghdad or Israeli PM Netanyahu's visit to Greece and the subsequent upgrading of military relations between the two countries.

One can speculate that much of the media's coverage of Abergil's Facebook photos may be motivated by an agenda that promotes stories that fit the framework of Israel as, at best, a flawed society, and, at worst, a gross abuser of human rights.

And the media likes nothing better than to portray the IDF as an immoral army. The BBC's Paul Wood in a short piece of "analysis" states:

The IDF likes to think of itself as the most ethical army in the world and so condemned the photographs in strident terms. (They are also no fools when it comes to public relations).

For most young conscripts, and young Israelis who have completed their military service, I suspect the reaction will not be outrage but a simple shrug of the shoulders."

Arthur said...

Part Two

"Wood even manages to include an insidious dig at the IDF's public relations as if there is something sinister surrounding it. (Rarely mentioned by the BBC and other media outlets are the lack of press freedom in the Palestinian territories or the strident and well-coordinated campaign of demonization from anti-Israel activists.)

One can also consider where the Facebook photo story came from in the first place - the Israeli media and bloggers who exposed Abergil's stupidity and sharply criticized her, not for soiling Israel's and the IDF's image, but for the ethical issues that the photos raised.

For the media to imply that Abergil is the product of a flawed society is to ignore the fact that Israel is deeply self-critical and has the capacity to address any ethical issues that arise from the Abergil affair.

The False Abu-Ghraib Comparison

The Associated Press writes:

The photographs were a reminder of snapshots taken in 2003 by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq that showed Iraqi detainees naked, humiliated and terrified. In that case, some soldiers went to prison after the photos came to light.

As if to prove the point, the UK's Daily Mail included the following photo and caption in its coverage of Abergil.

The Sydney Morning Herald also published a photo from Abu Ghraib, which was subsequently removed after one alert reader sent in a complaint - but not before taking a screenshot of the offending web page, part of which can be seen here.

This is further evidence that the media itself recognizes that the inclusion of such images from Abu Ghraib in the Abergil coverage is merely a tool for "sexing up" the story at the expense of credible journalistic values. That the SMH removed the photo so quickly appears to back this up.
It is left to Sky News Foreign Affairs Editor Tim Marshall to provide a voice of reason:

A thick Israeli girl publishes her photographs of herself making fun of Palestinians who have been arrested and fails to see what is wrong with so doing. What does this signify? That a thick Israeli girl has published her photographs and shown the world her cruelty. Anything else? Well, you could make a decent argument that the snaps are emblematic of a generation which has not been educated in empathy for 'the other'. You could even go as far as to argue that they are part of a body of evidence of the routine humiliation of the Palestinian people. But to jump from there to Abu Ghraib?

Abu Ghraib: Systematic, long-term torture and humiliation encouraged at a high level, involving officers, hundreds of photographs, a dark place utterly out of bounds to the media, mostly hidden from the human rights groups, which, when uncovered, sparks a fierce debate in the USA with a significant minority of people arguing that 'it ain't that bad'.

Israel: One girl, Eden Abergil, on one occasion, gurning in front of detainees, which when uncovered, horrifies popular opinion in her country where she is now ridiculed as 'one hell of an idiot'. ...

... there are photos and video of just about every army in the world, including the British, where soldiers behave in a way they shouldn't - and they are not always taken as being symbolic of a corrupt nation. ...

to compare Abergil to Abu Ghraib, and to elevate it to a global story is just plain sloppy thinking, or worse, selective outrage.

The Eden Abergil Facebook photos is a case book study in how easy it is for the international media to take a negative story from the free and very critical Israeli press and to turn it into yet another stick with which to beat Israel.

Is criticism of Abergil warranted? Certainly. Does this mean that the IDF is any less moral than other western armies? Certainly not. Is this a story that warranted international attention and outrage?"

Australian Agudah Fresser said...


JEWISH families have asked for manual toilets in parks in St Kilda East and Caulfield North because they can’t use automated facilities on holy days.

“The toilets in Allnut Park (Bentleigh) are always filthy, with many mums choosing to toilet their children in the garden areas rather than risk standing/sitting in someone else’s mess,” one resident wrote.

Referring to the loos in Princes Park, Caulfield, another said: “I have seen parents encourage their children to pee on the garden behind it.”

Of the 19 submissions, 10 were from Jewish residents who felt excluded from Greenmeadow Park in St Kilda East because of its toilet, which has an electronically-operated door and flush.

Orthodox Jews cannot use electronic devices on Sabbath or festival days.

Mayor Steven Tang said the frequency of toilet cleaning would be reviewed.

“But due to the benefits that automated toilets provide for safety and preventing anti-social behaviour, we will persevere,” Cr Tang said.

Rabbi Kenneth Auman said...

Rabbi Yisroel Belsky stated this week regarding his grandson, who was arrested early Sunday moring in the Catskills for possesing illegal drugs; "I know my grandson very well. He is a very sweet boy and he was most certainly not in possession of illegal drugs, as the police assert i their report. I intend after I finish at Camp Agudah to personally go around to the community shuls and raise a million dollars for his defense." Rabbi Belsky additionally stated that there is presently in the plans to call a rally for next month at the Beis Yaakov of Boro Park, in support of his grandson and where he will appeal to the public to contribute to his grandson's legal defense fund.

Anonymous said...

Who said that gelatin is chazir treaif? In Europe it was not a problem as the gelatin was inedible and only became edible after it was mixed into food. Staying over a year is ?

Kashrus said...

R' Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, who not every posek agreed with, said that bones that sat dry for a year are kosher & pareve like wood.

Current manufacturing processes use moist remnants that even R' Chaim Ozer prohibits.

Sea Gate said...

Who owns the yeshiva under investigation for laundering Eli Weinstein's money?

Sea Gate people don't want to talk about it, saying only that the yeshiva owner has made aliyah to Israel.


For example, on June 4, June 5 and June 8, 2007, respectively, Weisbrot claimed that financial records show that Weinstein sent $2.2 million, $5.2 million and $3.95 million to the Yeshiva Gedolah of Seagate, in Brooklyn. Then on each of the same days, the yeshiva sent, respectively, $3.2 million, $2.1 million and $2.7 million to Weinstein, his affiliates or his investors, according to Weisbrot's claim in court.

Weisbrot also claims that between June 1 and June 8, 2007, Weinstein sent $6.9 million to a charity called Vaad Lehakomos Kollelim, and that from June 11 to June 13, Weinstein, his lenders or entities controlled by him received $4.1 million.

Rubashkin fresser said...


5 Towns Jewish Times gets a lot of paid ads from Rubashkin's Tevya's Ranch which is why they are returning the favor by giving a free ad disguised as a news article.

No mention of Rubashkin's affiliation (they chas vesholom wouldn't want the bankruptcy court to know about it) or how the South American plant is completely closed to scrutiny, more so than in Postville.

Gumshoe said...

There were yeshivos in Sea Gate that are not really functional anymore although they likely still exist on paper.

One is owned by Yudi Kolko's pal Yonason Tendler, related to the Trinity of Human Garbage.

The other is owned by Yehuda Pollack from South Fallsburg, the brother of Lakewood's Yankel Pollack.

There is a 3rd yeshiva that may still be operating where some Flatbush rabbonim were hired to give shiurim. Not sure who owns that one.

Connecticut said...

Perlitz might sound Jewish but he is Christian and part of a pedophile ring of wealthy & influential Catholics.


NEW HAVEN -- The once-inspiring story of a Fairfield University graduate who gave up the good life to help clothe, feed and educate homeless Haitian boys came to a shattering end Wednesday when Douglas Perlitz, the founder of the humanitarian project, acknowledged sexually abusing at least eight of his underage students.

A new indictment contends that Douglas Perlitz used his relationship with an unidentified religious leader, who sources say is the Rev. Paul Carrier, as well as unnamed influential wealthy Catholics in Fairfield County, to help him remove two computers and a safe from his rented home in Cap-Haitien and return them to Connecticut. This allegedly occurred during an early stage of the probe into the sexual allegations against Perlitz. Carrier, who once served as Fairfield University’s chaplain and director of campus ministry, has not been charged with any wrongdoing, nor have any of the unidentified area residents.

5 Towns said...


"Larry" Gordon, the once Crown Hts Lubavitcher turned super Modern Orthodox, and his 5 Towns Jewish Times are a disgrace.

They have a write up here for vacationing in the Caribbean and encourage the oylam to daven at Beth Israel in Aruba which a Conservative synagogue!

Mikve Israel in Curacao might also be Conservative because it is affiliated with Bnai Brith.

It is unlikely that the synagogue in Jamaica is frum since the Jews there long ago intermarried with the shvartzas.

What a disgusting article in a newspaper that everyone here reads!

Cyrus Sibert imitates UOJ said...


Project Pierre Toussaint probably would not have existed without the Rev. Paul Carrier, a charismatic Jesuit priest, close mentor to Perlitz and the longtime director of Fairfield University's Campus Ministry program. He has not been charged with any wrongdoing, but his role in setting up the charity that raised millions of dollars for Perlitz's programs -- and where that money went -- has aroused the interest of federal investigators.

And Perlitz might not be behind bars save for the work of Cyrus Sibert, a Haitian journalist who says he ignored threats and refused bribes to expose allegations that the boys of The Village were being abused.

Ahava Dairy said...


OGDENSBURG — A kosher cheese plant's protracted dispute with dairy farmers and the city over unpaid bills is coming to a head.

The city manager has imposed an Aug. 21 deadline on rent, water and sewer bills. Dairy farmers have complained to the state Department of Agriculture and Markets about milk bills that the plant had not paid.

City Manager Arthur J. Sciorra said that the company owes roughly $200,000 for sewer charges, back rent and other utilities.

If the company doesn't make good on its utility bill, the city will shut off water and sewer services to the plant — a court-granted right, Mr. Sciorra said.

The plant is also in hot water with dairy farmers.

Two dairy farmers in July notified the state Department of Agriculture and Markets, which regulates the milk industry, that the company owed them money, department spokeswoman Jessica A. Ziehm confirmed. If a milk buyer is 30 days behind payments to a milk producer, the producer can file a formal complaint with the department.

Mr. Bistritsky offered a different account, said the company has paid back both producers. He also said he is mulling a lawsuit against one of the farms, Demko Farm in Lowville, claiming a breach of contract after the farm went to the Agriculture Department before 30 days were up.

Calls to the Demko family were not returned Tuesday.

The latest developments are part of an ongoing battle between the city and the owners of the cheese plant. The site's previous owners were shut down due to sanitation violations

Pesach hotel fresser said...

The shul in Jamaica was recently taken over by Chabad but the Aruba one is definitely Conservative.