Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Suffering In Silence! (NO MORE!)


Courtesy of Survivors For Justice

Ben Hirsch - President - Founder

World Briefing | Europe
Germany: New Guides for Reporting Clergy Sex Abuse
Published: August 31, 2010

New guidelines issued Tuesday by Germany’s Roman Catholic Church require prosecutors to be informed of any suspected cases of sexual abuse by members of the clergy. The guidelines are in response to hundreds of allegations of such abuse that earlier this year rocked the church in Germany, Pope Benedict XVI’s homeland. Earlier guidelines only “advised” priests to contact prosecutors in “proven cases” of abuse. Critics said the new guidelines do not go far enough, fail to clarify issues of financial compensation for victims and allow offending clergy members to continue to serve within the church.


Perhaps the German Church should have discussed these new guidelines with Rabbi Yisroel Belsky of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in Brooklyn, New York - before issuing them!

Trust Belsky for anything? I don't think so! An evil, corrupt and sick mind - the so-called head of a yeshiva and kosher decisor? We get the leaders and rabbis we deserve!



From the Depths of RBS said...

Yes UOJ this exists all over the frum world.

In my own community of RBSA we have a plague of abuse and "great" rabbis like Malinowitz and Kornfeld tell people to NOT go to the authorities but to come to them.

Their involvement only increases the abuse.

Anonymous said...

The ruling of Rav Elyashiv needs to be made known and followed; these people have the din of rodef and the authorities should be used to protect our children.

Archie Bunker said...

You should have seen Shmarya SQUIRM & lash out when someone called him out for ignoring the murder of Yosef Robinson hy"d.

It drives Shmarya mad that a Black man left the riches of Hollywood behind to become a frum Jew and he chews off the head of who dared to say it.

In case you missed out, the murderer was a lowlife Black goy who Robinson was kind to when the goy bummed around outside the wine store.

Michael Litigant Hersh said...

Analyzing Hersh in his own words, 4

Thank you EFF for posting Hersh's Plaintiffs' First Amended Verified Complaint [35 page, PDF, 2.77 MB] that allows the public to read and figure out this legal hodge podge brew concocted by Hersh's lawyers based in Hersh's hallucinations.

Point 2 of the so-called "Preliminary Statement" alleges that by the "conspiracy" in point 1, whereby Miriam Greher Hersh's sister, Rebecca Greher Hersh supposedly "brought together" 15 named no-goodniks and 18 so-called cyber John Does as well as potentially hundreds more posters on blogs and sites online to do Michael Hersh in, and thereby allegedly cause him problems with business relations, "contracts," and "tortious" interference (obviously a legal jargon not rooted in reality, certainly not in this case!) and because of all this there is now presto a demand by Hersh for "damages" (he will let everyone know it's $411 million in good time in this case, he is such an important man you know) and because they allegedly also lost their jobs and suffered emotionally since as Hersh alleges that is what everyone he's attacking wanted for him.

What a load of hogwash and foolish lies!

No one gives a hoot about Michael Hersh or his life or his way of trying to make a living and that never was or is the point of what went wrong or still is very wrong.

The CORRECT and HONEST starting point would be to "start at the very beginning" (as Mary Poppins would say) and no, not at Creation, but at what makes Michael Hersh tick!?

As both Michael Hersh's parents and Miriam Hersh's parents have testified in court, Michael Hersh is not ok. He displayed this openly when his parenting skills failed him openly, dramatically and publicly as he tried to lasso and cram his twin sons Isaac and Sol into a mold they refused to be crammed in to. This is not an uncommon event in parenting, especially for children of baalei teshuva returnees to fundamentalist Orthodox Judaism who quite often have troubled and conflicted histories of their own and don't have the faintest clue about how to deal with their children's quest for autonomy.

What is lacking from Hersh's lawyers' legal lies and twisting is a little more psychological and sociological honesty and awareness. Until such time they can display a grasp and appreciation for the REAL underlying psychological, religious and pathological elements at the root of Michael Hersh and at the root of this case, they will continue to come across as the bumbling liars and fools that they prove themselves to be!

Shmarya groupie said...

Hee hee hee!


The NYPD Hate Crimes task force is investigating an anti-Semitic scrawl at NYU Law.

Cleaning staff found “Damn Orthodox Jews” scrawled in a first-floor men’s room at 40 Washington Square South at 1:45 p.m. Monday.

Cops are poring over surveillance videos.

Successful Messiah said...

They should put Shmarya in a straightjacket as a precaution before Cunin starts his annual Chabad telethon hosted this year by Larry King.


A gunman shot dead by police after he took hostages at the Discovery Channel headquarters in the United States said he hated its television shows because they promoted population growth and environmental destruction.

Bob Grant said...

Have Chabad lost their minds asking Larry "Fish Face" King to emcee the telethon? The only worse thing they could do is bring on Andrew Cuomo, the son of the Sfacim or Al Sharpton.

evanstonjew said...

If this is any solace, here is a little comment from the funny and sophisticated blog Cassandra Does Tokyo:

Things formerly with integrity now seemingly compromised...

Professional Cricket
Professional Cycling
High-Frequency Trading
Professional Baseball
Professional Tennis
Municipal Bond Underwriting
The Catholic Church
US Congress
UK Parliament
Analyst Research
Credit Ratings
Newtonian Physics
The Stock Market
The Food Pyramid
Incentive Stock Options
Reinsurance Brokerage
Lou Dobbs
The Mortgage-Backed Securities Market
Hedge Funds
Social Security
Government Balance Sheets

Vito Lopez said...


This is crazy! How are the Old Order Amish starting to report molesters to police if they don't have internet connections to read UOJ?

I have to tell Chaim Dovid Zweibel about this!

Moetzes Resign! said...


Months after the revelation that he helped cover up for one of Ireland's most notoriously abusive priests, the country's top Catholic churchman, Cardinal Sean Brady, says he has "moved on" and will not resign.

"I've moved on there, I think, and I got a lot of support in my decision," he told CNN in a rare interview.

OU Crony Watch said...


Does the OU have any principals?

OU certified Alfred Wolff Inc was charged Wednesday in a 70 page Federal indictment for selling honey tainted with dangerous drugs.

Genack has given us a bunch of false piety about how the OU draws the line with criminal activity.

Genack didn't keep his word with Rubashkin. Will he look the other way to the holy greenback with Alfred Wolff too? Alfred Wolff are Germans by the way. The way the indictment reads sounds like they used sophisticated Nazi efficiency to deceive government inspectors. They sound like "model" citizens to be approved by a kashrus agency.

Shmarya groupie said...


There's no evidence that David Flores was flashing orthodox women & children around Maimonides hospital. The racist Shomrim patrol profiled him because he is Hispanic and probably planted a gun on him after firing all those shots. I wouldn't put it past you despicable orthodox Jews to shoot yourselves just to frame a Black or Hispanic.

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

We need to hire these lawyers to defend Yossi Kolko. Blaming the victims is the way to go!


In the three years since his wife and two daughters were killed at his home in Cheshire, Conn., Dr. William A. Petit Jr. has become perhaps the most passionate and visible advocate for the death penalty in Connecticut. More than once he has indicated that the ultimate punishment ought to be imposed on the two longtime criminals who are charged with killing his family.

Now, as the trial of one of the men, Steven J. Hayes, is set to begin on Sept. 13, defense lawyers are publicly showing their frustration with Dr. Petit. It is a tactic that is fraught with danger for them: This is a man, after all, who is often described as enduring unfathomable loss. Criticism of him has been virtually unheard of since the crime made him the subject of widespread sympathy. Also, if they publicly rebuke him, they could violate a court order directing them not to comment publicly.

But some say the defense has little choice. Dr. Petit’s advocacy of capital punishment, experts on the death penalty say, presents as much of a threat to the goal of avoiding that outcome at trial as anything the prosecution is likely to present in court. Dr. Petit’s feelings have been so widely reported that they may well reach the ears of jurors, swaying their opinions.

In legislative testimony and interviews, Dr. Petit has said that his wife and daughters already received the death penalty at the hands of the two men charged in the 2007 home invasion and that people who commit such crimes “no longer have a right to exist in this society.”

You heard it first on UOJ said...


Widespread Fear Freezes Housing Market

Boog gets results said...

Rangel Should Leave Office, Manhattan Voters Tell Poll


14 minutes ago

The poll revealed a reversal in public sentiment toward Representative Charles B. Rangel in light of charges of ethical violations.

Dr. Bungalow Skunk Neuhoff said...


Skunks Making A Big Stink In New York City