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This Man (Rabbi Malinowitz) is a Danger and Must Be Stopped!

Dear UOJ,

I am a member of Bais Tfilla Yona Avraham, the shul of Rabbi Malinowitz in Ramat Bet Shemesh. As you know Rabbi Malinowitz has put a cherem on Lema'an Achai, the great chesed organization of our city.

His ban has to do with his strong opinion of not reporting child abuse to the authorities. David Morris, the founder of Lema'an Achai is an advocate for children safety and protection. This has put him at odds with Malinowitz.

Instead of making a personal issue with Morris, Malinowitz has chosen to punish David through a ban on Lema'an Achai. Although I continue to support tham I do know that most of our shul follows the ban and this has hurt Lema'an Achai in a serious way.

Well it looks like someone has finally had enough. I received this letter in the mail which addresses the issue and provides a letter of support for Lema'an Achai that Rabbi Malinowitz signed before david Morris became invloved with child abuse.

It is simple then that the ONLY reason Malinowitz has banned them is their founder's stance on child protection.

This man (Malinowitz) is a danger and must be stopped.




Dear Fellow BTYA Member,

A terrible situation exists in our community and the time has come to address it. For way too long the exceptional organization, Lema'an Achai, has been banned from official fundraising inside BTYA. The time has come for us to open our hearts to this noble cause and the great work that they do in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

ולא שת לבו גם לזאת

Our Rav, a well known תלמיד חכם doesn't allow Lema'an Achai to actively fundraise in our shul. This is the case even though there are members of BTYA as well as scores of RBS families who receive assistance on a regular basis from them. The Rav is aware of this and yet….
ולא שת לבו גם לזאת

Why doesn't the Rav allow them to fundraise? Why does he encourage people to give elsewhere? Only because he has a personal issue with a board member of Lema'an Achai. And what is the issue? The policy of whether or not to report child abuse to the authorities. So rather than agree to disagree agreeably with this board member our Rav has decided to punish him through Lema'an Achai and the poor of our community.

ולא שת לבו גם לזאת

New members to our community who don't know the history mistakenly think that there is something inherently wrong with Lema'an Achai. Nothing can be further from the truth. The Rav has openly supported Lema'an Achai in the past as the attached letter proves. He now uses this campaign against Lema'an Achai simply as a tool of revenge.

ולא שת לבו גם לזאת

Lema'an Achai has nothing to do with this issue and yet the Rav continues to ban them from the shul. The Rav must know that we can hold him as our rav and posek and still disagree with his policy against a most worthy tzedaka and chesed organization. We can support the Rav and Lema'an Achai. Let us use this time of the שובבי''ם to fix the avla being carried out in our community. Lema'an Achai doesn't discriminate in who it helps because of the person's shul. We shouldn't discriminate against Lema'an Achai because of our shul!

Ask yourself…am I doing all that I can and should for Lema'an Achai?


BTYA Members Who Love the Rav and Lema'an Achai


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Rav Malinowitz who works for Artscroll?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Yes it is.

I suggest contacting ArtScroll's Nosson Sherman and tell him the Jewish community worldwide will not tolerate Rabbi Malinowitz's untenable position, against Rav Elyashiv's psak, that child molesters must be reported directly to the police!

A ban on any purchase of ArtScroll material,is definitely an option I'm thinking about, and publicized on every reasonable Jewish blog and publication.

Yes, this is a warning!

Phiosopher - Aristotlus said...

Regarding your consideration for a call to ban the reading of Artscroll, would you call for a ban on reading Aristotle who indulged in all of these practices that Malinowitz protects.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...

MTV and it's parent company Viacom are owned by Sumner Redstone and family who used to come to the Chaim Berlin dinner by virtue of Redstone's daughter being married to Chaim Berlin talmid Yitzchok Aron Korff. Old Sumner is in the process of getting divorced from a shiksa about 40 years his junior.


Brian Stelter reported that on Tuesday, the day after the pilot episode of “Skins” was shown on MTV, executives at the cable channel were frantically meeting to discuss whether the salacious teenage drama starring actors as young as 15 might violate federal child pornography statutes.

UOJ gets results said...


Court Says (Rahm-Bo) Emanuel Is Not Eligible to Run for Chicago Mayor

4:00 PM

Good tzu shtell said...

The Vilna Gaon's vort on Aristotle also applies to the ra-bonim.

"Yoda Boro, umechaven limrod bo kedai lemalei taavaso"

Insanity! said...


A bunch of rabbonim gave Leib Tropper a kabolas ponim a week ago when he visited Israel.

How could these rabonim, including Rav Elyashev's grandson R' Lipa Israelson, be mechabed such a notorious menuval?

Fartscroll said...

UOJ is kidding right? Like Nosson Scherman really gives a rat's behind about Malinowitz when he publishes Eisemann from Baltimore and Leib Pinter. He also sat silently at YTT all the years that Kolko was molesting.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Nosson Sherman is absolutely certain that I don't kid around (about these things), he knows me too long.

Tropper is Troubled said...

Something IS rotten in the State of Israel

Well, well, well. Talk of the devil and he is sure to appear. Who else but disgraced Leib Tropper just got a hero's welcome in at least one part of Haredi Jerusalem.

Seems he held a reunion for some old Kol Yaakov alumni and that he somehow managed to fenaigel some good PR for himself for the same price.

The full report is in the Israeli בחדרי חרדים "Bechadrei Chareidim" news blog at http://www.bhol.co.il/article.aspx?id=23666 24/01/2011, with four glossy photos of Tropper waving his fists and looking very smug.

Here is a translation of the report:

"The Voice is the Voice of Yaakov. Gathering with the Rav. After a long absence, Rabbi Leib Tropper arrived in Israel. He got chizuk (encouragement) from Gedolei Yisroel and met with tens of alumni of Yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov'. Photographer Yosi Pormansky

By Shmuel Klein.


[Photo: Rabbi Tropper lectures]

Tens of people gathered motzei Shabbos Shira in a bais medrash in the Bucharan section Jerusalem with the founder of yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov' Monsey, Rabbi Leib Tropper from New York.

It's hard to believe that all the participants at the event, bnai Torah in full, are baalei teshuva. One was a doctor, another a sportsman - and so on. All had been far from Torah and mitzvos. Until they got to yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov', where their Jewish spark was ignited.

Two events brought Rabbi Tropper to visit Israel: He came to visit the fresh grave of his father Rabbi Yehuda Tropper z"l who died about two months ago and upon the completion and publication of the sefer [book] of the 'Taharas Yisroel' with the added commentaries of Rabbi Tropper.

Rabbi Lipa Yisraelzon, grandson of Rav Elyashiv, affirmed before the students, as one who has accompanied Rabbi Tropper on his Israel trip, on the warm connections he has merited in the homes of Gedolei Yisroel.

So, on his trip, Rabbi Tropper came to the homes of Gedolei Yisroel. Aside from the Halachic questions that he placed before Gedolei Yisroel, he received their blessings for his holy work.

At the main lecture Rabbi Tropper conveyed, that he expanded the importance of prayer as preparation for greeting our righteous Moshiach.

[Three large photos show a happy Tropper talking to about twenty five Charedi men and boys.]"

This is such sickening tripe that it's laughable.

Tropper was forced to quit in disgrace as head of Kol Yaakov yeshiva. He even signed an agreement with leading Monsey rabbis to move out of Monsey but he has reneged (naturally) on flimsy excuses (he's good at excusing him, while he accuses others). He was booted off the EJF he founded and his name is mud. He is still caught up in a number of legal fights.

But, as noted in a recent post, Tropper IS definitely smiling a lot more nowadays. The folks in Jerusalem he hangs out would not dare to take a look at the incriminating videos of Tropper cavorting, slumming with and blackmailing Shanon Orand in exchange for converting her.

The above "report" says that one guy did "teshuva" from being a doctor, since when does one do teshuva for that? It is not a sin or crime to be a doctor, or a sportsman as another guy is described before he went to Tropper to become...what? A pervert? Who knows.

One thing we do know is that, as we see, Tropper makes up his own rules and own realities, and he can always count on visiting his favorite gedoilim, "talk in learning" with them and thereby make them think there's nothing wrong with him, after all a dude who can quote gemoras like Tropper must be "innocent" which is how all those perverted rabbis create alibis and covers for all the misdeeds they can cram in under their belts.

Stay tuned, Tropper has more lives than the Joker in a Batman movie!

UOJ gets results said...


Child & Domestic Abuse book to be sold at Eichler's Flatbush

Artscroll Ban said...

Although most Charedi Jews will follow their Gedolim into the gates of hell with their molested children in tow, Artscroll also does significant business in the Modern Orthodox community and even in the Reform and Conservative communities as well, who do not have anything nearly as big to translate Jewish writings into English.

A seriouls campaign to expose the publishers as actively supporting molesters like Moshe Eisemann, covering up for molesters like "Bishop" Malinowitz, and convicted felons like Pinter, would probably harm their business enough to make them take notice.

However, it would not be enough to post the "ban on Artscroll" on websites. Some investment in advertising in newspapers like the Jewish Week, the Forward, etc. would be necessary in order to do the trick. A Facebook page would be helpful as well, for free.

There is only one language these Rabbinic gangsters understand.

"We must protect first and foremost the financial integrity of our institutions." the Novominsker Rebbe at the Aguda convention.

Former BTYA said...

I USED to daven in the shul of "Rabbi" Malinowitz.

That ended when my wife, along with other women of the kehilla, attended a talk from him about child abuse and reporting.

In the middle of his speech he commanded everyone to "turn off your tape recorders" and said you should never go to the police or authorities about a molestort but "come to me".

My wife told me that she could never ask him a shailoh again. We left for another shul although we do daven there for simchaos once in a while.

It doesn't surprise me that he made a ban against Lema'an Achai..he has a bad temper and a big ego so he feels this is the easiest way to strike at David Morris.

It doesn't surprise me that his kehilla follows. Although they know that Lema'an Achai does amazing work they would do anything that the "rav" says.

What surprises me is that Malinowitz is the rabbinical advisor to a growing Anglo cheder. How can parents send their children to the school of a man who cares not for the safety of their children?

The cheder is only a couple of years old and there are already stories of inappropriate behavior there.

How can any thinking, caring parent give their precious children into the hands of a man who warns to never go to the authorities???

Anonymous said...

First off I have to say I'm not so impressed by (a) the gratuitous link you gave yourself on someone else's blog that led me here and (b) the style and breadth of let's-slam-everything-that-needs-it-in-one-shot I'm seeing in the comments. While every item listed above is definitely a problem, Successful complainers know that a laundry/gripe list only gets people tuned out.

Regarding Rabbi Malinowitz vs. David Morris, the fundamental issue Rabbi Malinowitz raised was against Mr. Morris' public "attack" against him after the fact. Since it was via the media, it's quite possible that JPost used even worse language than Mr. Morris would himself, but there are appropriate ways of expressing opposition and there are unseemly ways. Unfortunately some of the media representations - in the name of Lemaan Achai, hence the association/partial ban - were much closer to unseemly, and not specific enough to highlight that the fundamental issue is reporting vs. Rabbinic oversight.

Not that Rabbi Malinowitz' use of media or communication was above-board either. And not that Rabbi Malinowitz has avoided answering why he has yet to approve of a legal reporting method that achieves the objectives: proper, discreet handling and evaluation of alleged incidents, so that victims can be protected and helped quickly.

But David Morris made some wrong steps in the aftermath of the first two highly gossiped-about child abuse incidents in the schools by making it a crusade to get Rabbi Malinowitz to admit his wrong. Better to move forward and make a future plan. Especially now that there are better systems in place (yes thanks in great part to David Morris).

If instead of harping on the past David can take a quieter back seat and let someone else from the new Magen approach Rabbi Malinowitz to get his approval/involvement, this issue might be able to die down.

BT Archipelago said...

Not only through MTV and CBS but through such abomination as "Showtime"(r'l), etc., etc.does Viacom spread filth and degeneracy and creates abusers and victims. Rabbi Korf should disassociate himself from Redstone name

Yudi Kolko said...


I'm very angry at Yudel Shain for publicizing that all NJ court records are now online. Now everyone can see all the lawsuits against my Lakewood relatives and their Torahville day camp going back years and how they still have outstanding judgments against them.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

"First off I have to say I'm not so impressed by (a) the gratuitous link you gave yourself on someone else's blog that led me here and (b) the style and breadth of let's-slam-everything-that-needs-it-in-one-shot I'm seeing in the comments".


My Friend:

I'm truly sorry you're not impressed with links that never were gratuitously posted with my knowledge. I post NO LINKS anywhere, I never comment on any sites but my own, and daily refuse lucrative advertising requests.

So....I urge you, if anything on UOJ offends you, go back to the site that sent you here and log your gripe with that site owner.

One day the FCC under Obama may give you limited options on what you can watch, read and listen to, but we are not there yet.

In short my friend, no likey what you see, take your Jewish sizeable yashvan outta here.

Michael said...

Anon of 3:37 said:
"Unfortunately some of the media representations - in the name of Lemaan Achai, hence the association/partial ban - were much closer to unseemly, and not specific enough to highlight that the fundamental issue is reporting vs. Rabbinic oversight."

Neither David Morris or JPost ever mentioned a rabbi's name. Period. He never condemned rabbis. he spoke of situations in which "a rabbinical authority" seemed to respect the suspect over the victim.

Lema'an Achai is in the business of helping poor so why does Malinowitz continue to ban them? Ban Magen. Ban Morris.

The only reason is that Malinowitz is his immaturity and temper chooses to be a baby and hurt David through Lema'an Achai.

He is a rav, dayan and posek and should behave more becoming of his status.

Baltimore, the city that breeds said...

No doubt Tropper was sent by the "rabbonim" to give chizuk to Krancer sitting in a Meah Shearim "prison", unable to go out for fear of lynching from us. Can't wait to see this gathering of heilge yiden in a couple of frum newspaper centerfolds.

Yudi, you really have nothing to worry about. Didn't you know that there was a recent ban on using the internet?

Leib Glanz said...


In an incredible act of chutzpah, a cocaine-crazed career criminal who crashed a speeding stolen car and killed a lawyer is suing the dead man's employer -- the Nassau County Attorney's Office -- for cash, medical bills and an apology.
The colleagues of slain attorney John Carney, 62, were outraged when The Post told them about a federal lawsuit by Robert Feder -- who seeks damages because he was the alleged victim of persecution for his religion and disability.

Feder claims that on days he went to court in Mineola, he did not receive a kosher lunch and had to crawl in and out of a car and on a stairway because of his bad back -- self-inflicted injuries.

The Post informed Nassau County Attorney John Ciampoli of the lawsuit, and Ciampoli -- whose office will fight it in court -- responded with disgust.

"It sounds like the run-of-the-mill, frivolous lawsuit by pond scum," said Ciampoli. "I'm sorry he didn't get a stiffer sentence" than the 16 years behind bars Feder received for vehicular manslaughter last month.

Ironically, in 2009, Feder squealed on cushy conditions given to Jewish inmates at Manhattan's Tombs prison under jail chaplain Rabbi Lieb Glanz.

A RBS Resident Who Cares said...

It is very important that people from Ramat Bet Shemesh and Baid Tfilla read the Jerusalem Post article.

There is NO "attack" on Rabbi Malinowitz...neither he or anyone else is named.

It is an observation of those times that a rabbinic authority in a school kept a suspected molester in school or basically believed the teacher over the children.

It is important to note than any and all progress on the subject of child abuse and molestation in RBS is due to the efforts of David Morris.

It is sad that he personally has been named and attacked by the apologists and enablers of molesters.


Anonymous said...

How about supporting Lemaan Achai and David Morris


If Malinowitz wants to see it fall, we will make it very successful

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

Tachlis, the question is if it allows for stuffing more mezuman $$$


In Hard-Fought Mattress Wars, Sealy Adopts a Simmons Technology

Ariel Ephraim Varsanyi said...

This putz lives in Wilkes-Barre near Scranton. He has a long criminal history that includes arrests for cocaine distribution, assault, fraud & theft. Sometimes he is arrested in the company of shiksas.


Attorneys for the Luzerne County prison have filed court papers denying allegations made by a former inmate who sued the facility, alleging his civil rights were violated because he was denied kosher food in accordance with his religion.

Ariel Ephraim Varsanyi filed suit against the prison in October, alleging his health was being harmed because he was relegated to eating only fruit, milk, bread and water after prison officials refused his demands for a special diet.

Varsanyi, who has since been transferred to a state prison, was temporarily housed at the county facility pending a hearing on assault charges for the August 2009 shooting of Norman Walker of Wilkes-Barre. Those charges were dismissed in November after a judge ruled Varsanyi had not been brought to trial in time.

In his lawsuit, which Varsanyi authored himself, he claims he is an Orthodox Chassidic Jew, which means he can only consume kosher foods. Varsanyi said he advised prison officials of this, but they refused to accommodate his needs.

OU Eyepopper said...

The oylam seems to have missed the scandalous news last week that Dokter Rabbiner Stephen (Simcha) Katz was installed as the new President of the OU. This is the lowlife friend of Menachem Genack who was caught selling treif veal in the 1980s, subsequently failed to respond to hazmonos from R' Moishe Feinstein and sued the Jewish Press newspaper for defamation when they reported it. Shortly after the veal scandal, Genack brought Katz on board as Chairman of OU Kashrus in an attempt to rehabilitate his name.

How can anyone really trust a hashgocho run by these types of people?


He even got a boost from the shameless Pinchos Lipschutz who found a picture of the modern orthodox Katz in a black hat.

The installation ceremony was part of a one day conference featuring a session chaired by the OU's Rabbi Efrem Goldberg who was once arrested for lewdness in Florida for exposing himself to people in a public place.


Simcha Katz

The Jewish Week caught up with him this week.

Q. With your expertise as chair of the OU’s Kashrut Commission, what unique challenges do your kashrut supervisors face in inspecting the growing number of plants in China, a huge country where Jewish dietary practices are virtually unknown?

A. There is an absolute need for the OU to certify ingredients manufactured in China. China continues to grow as a leading manufacturer of many products, and the food industry is no exception, particularly in the area of raw materials used by kosher-certified companies around the world. However, the Chinese have a very weak understanding of religion and religious dietary laws. Moreover, their understanding of certification and what is entailed is extremely limited. We, therefore, > try < to limit certification in China to plants where the probability of violation of these rules is less likely to occur.

you don't say said...


WASHINGTON — The 2008 financial crisis was an “avoidable” disaster caused by widespread failures in government regulation, corporate mismanagement and heedless risk-taking by Wall Street, according to the conclusions of a Congressional inquiry.

The report itself finds fault with two Fed chairmen: Alan Greenspan, a skeptic of regulation who led the central bank as the housing bubble expanded, and his successor, Ben S. Bernanke

Israel Belsky SHLITA said...

I guess I'm really in the safe & clear now with a guy like Katz heading the OU!

Rav Elyashiv said...

Everyone knows that the gentiles do not intend to take upon themselves a thing from the essence of the religion, neither the Sabbath, kashrut nor family purity laws. And everyone knows that the gentiles do not intend to embrace Judaism.

Rabbi Leib Tropper said...

Rav Elyashiv never had himself a geshmake shiksa, so of course he's upset.

Moetzes Resign! said...


A Consolidated Edison manager has been charged with accepting some $4 million in kickbacks from a contractor, federal prosecutors announced today.

Anonymous said...


U.S. Home Prices Slump Again, Hitting New Lows

Tropper is Troubled said...

One year ago! Never Forget: Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!, 1

"Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!

By Tropper is Troubled:

A serious poster on Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn's Da'as Torah blog has called it like it is by asking the most solid Halachic questions (shaylos) and comes up with the most obvious answer:

"Tropper - Why the Rabbis were silent: Anonymous said...First of all, this is not about one community. Second of all, the pulse of the community is beaten by us, not by the Rabbonim in the shuls. Third of all, Purim is coming up. We need a resolution. Those who live near Grove Street or Maple Avenue need to know where their children can go to deliver mishloach manos. As a family with teenage daughters, we need to know if Kol Yaakov bochurim should be allowed to dance in our house this year. When bochurim go shteeble hopping, do they go to Kol Yaakov? Do we drop by the purim shpiel? What if a shidduch is red with a Kol Yaakov bochur? Without any answers or at least progress reports, I think the de facto answer will be to isolate anyone having to do with Kol Yaakov..."

This is what it's come to. The above was in response to the interview in the 5 Towns Jewish times by Rabbi Ribiat of Forshay in Monsey NY : "Leib Tropper - Why the Rabbis Were Silent: 'If True - A Venomous Snake in our Midst'" January 24, 2010.

The masses of Torah Jewry are about to take the law into their own hands.

They must.

They HAVE TO protect their daughters, and sons, who can easily be "role played raped" as Tropper told Shannon Orand he could do, by Tropper or one of his henchmen.

The dangerous Tropper cult is practiced in OUTWARD frumkeit and chumras but INWARD sexual depravity and sex-crazedness. They think that sexual misdeeds are just "opportunities" up the rung of the next act of "teshuva", they are morally meshuga and the Jews of Monsey where the Tropper wolf's lair is dug in are the most worried because they have werewolf Tropper and she-wolf Leba with fangs dripping on YouTube for the world to hear and see on their doorstep.

The time for fun and games is over.

Word has it that the people at Agudath Israel are going to continue stonewalling, they are going to act dumb and dumber and have bozo articles written by Avi Shafran to have the wool pulled over the oilem goilem's eyes, but they can forget about it.

Just listen to the underlying fear in the tone of that heartrending shaylo from a Monsey resident. Amcha is calling.

It's going to be a people's revolt against Tropper and the rabbanim are going to look like a bunch of frightened castrated caged rabbits imprisoned in Tropper's basement."

Tropper is Troubled said...

One year ago! Never Forget: Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!, 2

"What do you do when you a have an unmasked werewolf and rabbinic dracula like Tropper posing as the "rabbi next door"? Ever seen a werewolf or dracula movie? You have to be brave and defang him, (just don't show him a cross r"l or maybe that is just what apikores Tropper needs to be shown he is a false messiah like Yoshke)

It's not a joke and no one is laughing!

Behind the scenes the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America is in deadlock over how to react to the Tropper scandal.

Since the ruling Moetzes is controlled by a troika of old-time octogenarian talmidim of the late R Yitzchok Hutner led by Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva and abetted by Aron Feldman of Ner Israel with the supposed Agudah head Yakov Perlow of Novominsk bringing up the rear, and of course they can count on Dovid Feinstein brother of Reuven Feinstein to protect their interests, and Shmuel Kaminetzky is probably dithering somewhere in the middle because in the past he was the only one who stood up to Shechter in the kidnapping affair of Isaac Hersh and he also backtracked from the forged "kol koreh" against LIPA the singer, so maybe now too Kaminetzky is knocking his head against the wall that Shechter does not want to cut his losses and Kaminetzky may be the only lonely voice pleading that Agudah say something more clear. He will have no problems dumping Tropper once and for all and not have that darned place in Monsey Kol Yaakov associated with his late father's holy name.

So what do they think these Agudist Moetzes mighty men? That people don't know what's going on? Or that America is like Meah Shearim and you can stop people from reading and writing on blogs? Or that freedom of the press does not apply to Jewish newspapers that can get some good mileage out the Tropper/EJF sex scandal? Just how dumb do they think people really are?

Maybe they are trying to save the name of the near defunct EJF organization by passing the buck to dumbo megalomaniacs like Suchard of Gateways according to some reliable rumors. But they are clearly out of date and out of their depths here as this scandal will never go away until Tropper's own rabbis, not the BADATS that already wiped its hands of Tropper years ago, or the RCA that condemned him the minute the scandal became public, but these same dunder heads at the Moetzes must show what they are made of and not act like Nixon's cover-up squad.

The Über-Agudists are the ones who got the millions from Tropper, like Reuven and Dovid Feinstein and those who have been in cahoots with Tropper for decades like Aron Shechter must now do the avoda of the kohen gadol and send the Tropper se'ir la'azazel and be done with him once and for all, or else risk a massive destruction of every last vestige of respect that anyone has for so-called "gedolim" who cannot even go by the simple logic of "if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck -- it's a duck" and get rid of the Tropper monster duck once and for all and not act like a phony Sanhedrin of shotim gemurim.

In light of everything, the fact that there is irrefutable proof that it is none other than Leib and Leba Tropper's voices on those tapes committing those abominations and depravities, as well as much else that is both common knowledge and behind the scenes knowledge about Leib and Leba Tropper:"

Tropper is Troubled said...

One year ago! Never Forget: Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!, 3

"1. Leib and Leba Tropper must be put in CHEREM immediately! There are enough good rabbonim to do so. Tropper must PERMANENTLY give up all positions in the rabbinate. No more "rosh yeshiva" of anything no more "rabbi of this and that" and all the titles he collected like a tin pot dictator. Preferably the Tropper family must leave Monsey and settle in place like Switzerland (Tom Kaplan can buy them a chalet near a minyan) or in Florida (they have friends there) as PRIVATE CITIZENS stripped of all rabbinic rank, power and influence!

2. EJF must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

3. Kol Yaakov yeshiva in Monsey must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

4. Horizons outreach program must be shut down PERMANENTLY!

5. The Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation must be shut down PERMANENTLY !

6. Menachem Lubinsky of LUBICOM must be boycotted PERMANENTLY for the damage he facilitated by acting as EJF's PR and propaganda czar.

7. Tom Kaplan and his wife Dafna Recanati, the enablers of Tropper/EJF/Horizons in these last years, must be kept out from the Orthodox and Charedi community (they are not religious Jews in any case and don't care much about wanting to be religious) and not one more cent must ever be accepted from them by anyone in the Torah world, PERMANENTLY!

8. No more funds should be accepted in the Orthodox and Charedi world from Guma (he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov) and Jamie Aguiar, and Guma's mother Ellen Kaplan Aguiar and the Aguiar family or their Lillian Jean Kaplan Foundation -- PERMANENTLY. They were also originally Tropper's enablers with the EJF scheme.

9. Rav Reuven Feinstein must be put on notice to STOP his support of the immoral and corrupt Leib Tropper AT ONCE and NOT harass and instigate problems against those from Rav Sternbuch's side who have had the courage to speak the truth when it was not popular. Had R Reuven Feinstein heeded the advice of those from the BADATZ he would not be in the sick situation he is in now. He only has himself to blame. When you sleep with the dogs you catch fleas."

Tropper is Troubled said...

One year ago! Never Forget: Shut down Tropper/EJF/Horizons/Kol Yaakov PERMANENTLY: A 12 Step Program!, 4

"10. Aron Shechter of Chaim Berlin yeshiva in Brooklyn must be put on notice that the world will NOT tolerate his tyrannical irrational and damaging support for Tropper that must stop once and for all and cut of all contact with Tropper PERMANENTLY. Shechter's disciples are called upon to protect Shechter from himself and from the dragging Chaim Berlin into irreversible shame and disgrace. Shechter is in remission from cancer and he should have a refuah sheleimah bekarov but he would be well advised to stay home in Brooklyn and end his days in happiness surrounded by his family and zombie talmidim and stop his delusions of protecting sickos like Tropper and Michael Hersh. Shechter has already caused lots of damage by his stubbornness in protecting his crazed BT disciple Michael Hersh who sent his own son to the island of Jamaica with Shechter's blessings and support. Maybe the earthquake in Haiti was a sign from Hashem against that. What if Isaac Hersh would be now on Haiti under ten feet of rubble, would that make Shechter and Michael Hersh happy? Who knows.

11. The Jewish Press newspaper should be boycotted, and Dennis Rapps Esq its legal counsel who wrote all the pro-EJF/Tropper drivel and lies in it should become persona non grata in the Torah world, for their appalling shameful support of Tropper at every twist and turn and glorifying EJF from its inception and helping to bring about the ensuing international Chillul Hashem disaster by giving Tropper/EJF legitimacy! At least if anyone really has to, buy the English YATED because its editor stuck to his guns and boycotted Tropper and EJF in spite of pressures on him, and the Yated now publishes a weekly column by Rav Moshe Sternbuch of Yerushalayim who is the first and so far only gadol and posek to 100% oppose and fight Tropper and EJF for years.

12. And finally, Agudath Israel of America must speak out STRONGLY to condemn and shut down any vestige and trace of Tropper and his organizations. The Agudists are so dumb for not seeing what's going on here. Wake up Agudah and smell the Tropper poison-laced coffee, before Klal Yisroel starts organizing demonstrations against all of you, running away from you, and the worst fate you deserve, just IGNORING you the way you are ignoring the festering and still spreading Chillul Hashem of the Tropper/EJF cancer.

Wake up, before it's too late!

It may already be too late, so much damage has already been done by your Agudist ilk and brother Leibel Tropper der menuval shebemenuvalim, as Rabbi Rothkopf referred to him in Yerushalayim recently when students at YU in Israel asked what should be the reaction to the Tropper sex scandal!

Every corner of the Jewish globe is aware of this scandal as each day goes by more get to know about it, and only you, Tropper's Agudist rabbis can bring it to proper closure by putting Leib and Leba Tropper & Company (vechol abizraihu) in Cherem and shutting them down PERMANENTLY!

Or else face the wrath of history as you too and the whole Agudah world become disgraced for your cowardice, greed and cover up of the Leib and Leba Tropper/EJF sex scandal -- and members of Agudah will be called upon to resign from this disgraceful hypocritical organization, once founded by Giants of Torah Jewry now infested with meek mice who fear predatory cats like Leib and Leba Tropper more than they fear Hakadosh Baruch Hu and the Emes (Truth) !!!"

Shmarya groupie said...


You Jews should leave this Santomauro guy alone already. Although Shmarya hasn't yet said it befeirush, when he said that Ukranian anti-Semitism is the Jews' own doing he meant to include Nazi anti-Semitism too. How could it be any other way with pre-War Europe mostly Orthodox?

Anonymous said...

R.Malinowitz behaves like an imbecile.

Several months ago (Shavuos time), in front of our whole shul Malinowitz called Morris (who had had the chutzpa of wishing R.Malinowitz a gud shabbos)a "rosha" and a "jackass".

I saw it with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears... though I still don't believe what I saw and heard. That man is a talmid chacham and a dayan. And I ask him my shailos...even now.

It's so confusing.

R.Malinowitz has decreed a cherem on Lemaan Achai, the most admired tzedaka and chesed org in town, which Morris founded, SOLELY as a way to intimidate Morris, and stop Morris from better protecting the neighborhood's chilren from abusers.

B"H Morris is not so easily chased off the path of righteousness.

"Magen" is a new organization, also established by Morris, to help those affected by child abuse, and to raise awareness and protect our children.

The organization already has the backing of many community rabbonim and leading professionals in Israel and abroad.

R.Malinowitz and his primitive cult must not stand in the way of progress!! Our kids safety comes before his arrogant "kovod"!

Anonymous said...

How could you still ask your shaylos to or daven by Malinowitz?

There is a rosh kollel in Queens who although he does not trust or eat from Queens Vaad kashrus, is b'lev echod with them that all the bloggers including rabbonim who blog are reshoyim arurim. (This holds true even though the Queens Vaad once attacked him in public for questioning the kashrus of one of their mikvos). He also supports the cherem on R' Nuchem Rosenberg, Lipa Schmeltzer being stabbed in the back and all the other corrupt garbage.

I left this place where I davened for years and never stepped foot inside again. I found out after leaving that his baal korei every Shabbos, who makes a million mistakes during leining (uncorrected because they are scared of him and the rosh kollel uses his private mikva), is a convicted criminal who is guilty of a very unique and sickening form of child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Talk about a long time coming! It is intolerable that the shul agrees to keep this man on. My wife was also at the women's meeting where women were told that it is assur to report molesters to the police. I heard from a board member that there is a molester in the shul itself. The Rav screamed obsenities at David in front of the aron Kodesh in a full shul on Shabbes and no one has ever held him to task for this. The shul has become a cult. They should be ashamed of themselves.

RBS resident said...

I am not happy with what is happening with Rav Malinowitz and Lemaan Achai. But some people here, including members of his shul, are saying things that are simply not true. There is no cherem on Lemaan Achai - they are just not allowed to publicly fundraise in the shul. And it is not because of their stance on going to the police - it is because Rav Malinowitz took personal offense at David Morris'es statement in the Jerusalem Post which accused rabbonim of believing perps instead of victims, which Rav Malinowitz took as referring to him, and which he vociferously denies.

Rav Malinowitz is not out to protect or enable molesters. He just believes that automatically going to the police is not the best way to address the problem. Even David Morris agrees that going to the police can cause problems; he just thinks that it is still much better than the alternatives. I think that David Morris is correct, but reasonable people can disagree.

I'm not saying that Rav Malinowitz has done nothing wrong here. But to claim that he banned Lemaan Achai because of their stance on going to the police is just not true.

Shea Fishman said...

Noch a mol?


January 26, 2011, 12:32 PM

City Declares Weather Emergency. Again.

Rodef Tsedek said...

There's a Rabbi Efrem Goldberg who is Senior Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue. He is a vice-president of the RCA, and was a speaker at the recent OU Convention.

There's a Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg, who was Director of Planning and Allocations, Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County. The media reported he pled guilty to exposure in a Palm Beach, Florida mall.

Two different people.

Bim Bam identity said...


Deficit at $1.5 Trillion, a Postwar Record

inyana deyuma said...


Rashi indicates one's children are punished for not fighting molesters

Shemos (22:21-23)

Rashi states that this punishment of wife and children applies to all cases where a helpless victim is ignored. It is important to note this is not addressing the punishment of the tormentor but those upstanding citizens who ignore the cries of the helpless and do nothing.

The Malbim says that Rashi is following the view of Rabbi Yishmael that the verse is referring to all those who have no protector - which obviously includes victims of molesters who are defenseless and are ignored.

Yasher koyach! said...


Child & Domestic Abuse vol I & II are selling nicely

The first delivery of books has been made to stores this week and
interest seems high. It is now available in stores in Brooklyn, Boston & Baltimore. The fears of the stores stocking it seems to have been overblown. It will take a few weeks to stabilize supply and demand. It is still available online at Amazon if your local store doesn't have it.

Avoda Zara is Assur in All Forms said...

For many the problem with Malinowitz centers around 2 issues:

1) He runs a popular anglo cheder (why people would trust their kids to him is beyond my scope)
They are afraid of upsetting the apple cart with their kid's school.


2) They have built their Judaism around him. he is a talmid chochum, he is brilliant, he is our rav...how could we question him.

Unfortunately we have others in our history who weren't questioned and challenged like: Shabtei Zvi, Jacob Frank, etc.

When one's behavior moves out of the realm of normalcy it is time to think, question and challenge.

OU Eyepopper said...


It's still not clear to me if there are two Efrem Goldbergs. If there are I apologize to the one from the OU. They would both be living in the same city and both affiliated with the Young Israel movement. Efraim was the rabbi of Young Israel of Boca Raton at the time of his arrest. Efrem is currently the rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue and an official of YICR, a division of National Council of Young Israel.

OU Eyepopper said...

Regardless, the Efrem Goldberg of the OU and Boca Raton Synagogue is an enabler of child molester Baruch Lanner.

Anonymous said...

Must be making UOJ's blood boil:

WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve policy makers used their first meeting of the year to vote unanimously on Wednesday to continue the central bank’s controversial $600 billion plan to spur the recovery by buying government bonds.

Chaim Berlin = My Way or the Highway said...


Hersh Case: Judge throws out Hersh's request for bloggers' identities from Google & Yahoo

This last Friday Michael Hersh was given another bitter dose of reality when the court rejected his request that Google and Yahoo reveal the identities of those who made comments about him (and Chaim Berlin and the Agudah) on various blogs - including mine. This is additional proof of the absurdity of the $411 million lawsuit of Michael Hersh against those who helped his son. Not only has the court rejected his fishing expedition to find out the
identities of those who made comments about him on blogs, but they have also already rejected the case against most of the defendants and his lawyers have quit for missing a payment of $93k.

When are his advisers at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin going to tell him to stop. He is destroying not only his reputation but that of his family and by association Rav Aaron Schecter, shlita and his yeshiva. How many more hundreds of thousands of dollars are going to be wasted on lawyers in this case before it is stopped.

Guatemalan guy from Rubashkin's said...

Filed at 4:36 p.m. EST

WASHINGTON (AP) — A high-level immigration official says it costs $12,500 to arrest, detain and deport each person removed from the U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement deputy director Kumar Kibble has announced that cost at a House subcommittee hearing. Wednesday's hearing focused on whether the Obama administration is doing enough to round up people working illegally in the U.S. ICE deported almost 393,000 people from the U.S. in 2010. At $12,500 per person the cost to remove them was almost $5 billion.

An estimated 11 million people are in the U.S. without proper documentation.

Didan notzach said...


Hamodia caves in to Lubavitch.

Did Lubavitch threaten a boycott of the newspaper like they implemented for years against the Yated until Pinny Lipschutz caved and went soft on them?

Rabbi Moshe Katz, the menahel of the Las Vegas yeshiva ketana wrote in the paper that there is no Yiddishkeit in Henderson, Nevada.

Check out the backlash this generated from Lubavitch and Hamodia's retraction starting here on page D36.

For years until Pinny became the newfound best friend of Lubavitch, you could not buy the Yated in many cities because Lubavitch organized a boycott of any store that sold it. Pinny learned from his mi$take$ the hard way and Hamodia must have took notice. Now that you have Pinny Lipschutz sitting on the dais at high profile Lubavitcher simchos, it might be just be a matter of time before he pinches the back of his Borsalino abee to sell more papers.

What would the fetter R' Elya say?

Poor Shmarya said...

Filed at 6:09 p.m. EST

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A former Harlem Globetrotter elected to the Arkansas Legislature has resigned after he was found guilty in a felony theft case.

A judge ruled that Fred Smith is guilty of theft of property

Another RBS Resident said...

RBS resident,

Read your post again and consider this.
YOU, a baal habayis can agree to disagree agreeably.
Rabbi Malinowitz, a talmid chochum, rav,posek, dayan, etc. who considers himself to be aligned (even though no mention is made of him) keeps Lema'an Achai out of the shul for almost 2 years now. He makes his personal crusade against David Morris through Lema'an Achai. David doesn't even run Lema'an Achai!

While I don't daven at his shul I do know many people who do and they have chosen to follow this ban by not giving to Lema'an Achai. So yes, in effect, Rav Malinowitz has banned them and caused the poor that they support damage.

Doesn't this seem unusual to you?

Anonymous said...

As a person who lives in Boca Raton I want to make it clear Rabbi Efrem Goldberg is the Rabbi of the Boca Raton Synagogue.

Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg is a lay employee of Jewish Federation and a member of the Young Israel. He is not the Rabbi there. The Rabbi of Young Israel is Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky.

Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg is a member of the Board of Directors of the Torah Academy of Boca Raton and was their dinner honoree last year. His pleading guilty to a sex offense has not lead him be be barred by the community from leadership positions. Teenage boys of the Chofeitz Chaim yeshiva in North Miami Beach are frequently sent to his home on out shabbosim. The parents are not informed that he has pled guilty to misdemeanor sex crime.

Both Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and Rabbi Eliyahu Rabovsky fully support Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg being involved with communal leadership including those involving children.

Boca said...


Picture of Rabbi Ephraim Z. Goldberg here


A planning director at the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County exposed himself to an undercover West Palm Beach officer in a Palm Beach Mall restroom, police said.

Ephraim Goldberg, 41, of Boca Raton, was charged with one misdemeanor count of exposure of sexual organs and issued a notice to appear in court on July 8.

On a police report, Goldberg lists his occupation as a social worker at the Jewish Federation on Community Drive. But Jeffrey Klein, executive vice president of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, said Goldberg is a planning director. Klein declined to comment further.

On a Web site for Young Israel of Boca Raton, Goldberg was referred to as a rabbi and a past president of the synagogue.

A person answering the phone at Young Israel on Wednesday said, "We're not interested in commenting."

West Palm Beach police say Goldberg was one of three men arrested Monday during an operation aimed at cracking down on sex in public restrooms.