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Call for OHEL Leadership Change!

Press Release - Ohel Jewish Childrens Home and Family Services

Call for OHEL Leadership Change

CONTACT:The Voice of Justice - VoiceOfJustice613@gmail.com
Sunday, February 27, 2011

The recent revelations about OHEL Jewish Children’s Home and Family Services in Brooklyn written by Hella Winston of the Jewish Week on February 24, 2011 were, without question, profoundly disturbing, but sadly, not entirely unexpected.

For many years OHEL has been awash with rumors and allegations regarding their staff not reporting incidences of sexual abuse to proper authorities as required by law. In addition, many supervisors at OHEL have reportedly instructed staff not to report the allegations of sex abuse. These allegations of OHEL’s non-compliance with Federal and state reporting guidelines put the entire organization in jeopardy of losing its government funding and non-profit status. It also puts senior staff and Board of Directors in jeopardy of possible criminal prosecution.

Further, serious concerns have surfaced in the community concerning the partnership and relationship between OHEL and KOL TZEDEK, which is a project of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, created to combat sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community. KOL TZEDEK's mission statement calls for providing support and assistance to victims and their families. Unfortunately this relationship appears to be a political one, without any substance at all. OHEL, a major partner with KOL TZEDEK, has not provided any emergency support to victims or families of the victims, especially in the recent high profile sex cases in the community, all of which resulted in convictions.

Neither David Mandel, the CEO of OHEL, nor any one of OHEL’s staff, have ever been present at any of the court trials relating to sexual abuse in our community, nor have they reached out to any of the families involved with any compassion or assistance. OHEL, which is one of the largest non-profit agencies in the New York City area, providing mental health and foster care services, should have reached out and offered its services to victims, alleged victims, and their families.

As Rabbi Yosef Blau, a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University, pointed out, OHEL is an extremely important institution in our community and operates vital programs that are crucial and needed for the families in our community. However, these troubling issues cannot be swept under the rug. They must be dealt with in order to banish the dark clouds that impede OHEL’s overall effectiveness and compliance.

We respectfully ask OHEL’s Board of Directors to initiate an external investigation. A team of independent professionals, not associated with OHEL, must be invited in to carry out these duties. The external investigation and the implementation of their suggestions will hopefully bring about reinvigorated and honest leadership to the helm of OHEL. This investigation should be similar to the investigation of the Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (OU) wherein confidence was successfully restored, (specifically after the Baruch Lanner scandal), resulting in the hiring of a new executive leader. We hope for similar results in this matter.

We firmly believe that bring new leadership to OHEL, specifically a CEO with clinical experience, to guide the agency through this pivotal and difficult period in the agency’s history, will help to restore OHEL’s original vision and vital mission of protecting Jewish children and strengthening Jewish families.***

Excerpts from The Jewish Week's piece by noted author Hella Winston PhD:

Rabbi Yosef Blau, mashgiach ruchani (spiritual adviser) of Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary and a longtime advocate for abuse survivors, told The Jewish Week referring to the mother’s case as well as others of which he has knowledge.

“They have been the point men for the community [on this issue] and they have accepted the approach of the community, which is never to go to the police. They endlessly [hide] behind technicalities,” Rabbi Blau continued.

“Because [Ohel is] an agency that does wonderful things for children,” Rabbi Blau added, referring to the homes and services Ohel provides for foster children, it is not an agency he would like to see disappear. However, with respect to the handling of child sexual abuse, Rabbi Blau believes that Ohel “is the problem, in a nutshell. They [have shown that they are] not able to deal with the situation that they are legally required and morally required [to deal with]. The workers are all sincere people,” the rabbi added. “Solutions [to the current problem] would involve changing [Ohel’s] leadership. [And] you will know there’s change when they start reporting.”


Berlusconi and Tropper are hated by the women they tricked and demeaned said...

The Telegraph:

"Silvio Berlusconi's party women 'terrified of catching Aids at bunga bunga parties'

The women who attended parties hosted by Silvio Berlusconi [Leib Tropper] were terrified of contracting Aids and other sexually-transmitted diseases from him, according to evidence gathered by Milan [Monsey] prosecutors.

By Josephine McKenna, Rome 6:20PM GMT 27 Feb 2011

The claims, based on text messages sent between the women, cast further doubt on the Italian [Israeli] prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] insistence that the "bunga bunga" parties at his villas [yeshivas] in Milan [Monsey] and Sardinia [Horizons] were nothing more than light-hearted [shaloshseudos] dinners filled with [purim] jokes and [shabbos] songs.

A long-running tax [tzedaka] fraud trial against Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] resumes on Monday and in April he faces a further trial over allegations of sex with an under age [[wannabe convertee] prostitute Karima El-Mahroug [Shannon Orand], known as Ruby the Heart Stealer [Shannon the Dallas Hottie].

According to evidence submitted by prosecutors, several women last year exchanged text messages in which they expressed their relief after medical tests cleared them of any sexually transmitted diseases.

"Have you done it? Is everything okay?" asked one unidentified woman in a message sent on Jan 8 2010. "All ok. White blood cells ok, there is no AIDS."

"Did you have any doubts?" the first woman then asked.

"Well you know when someone goes to bed with 80 women, you never know in life [no kidding]," the second woman responded.

In other text messages and phonetaps, showgirls and other women who attended the prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] parties [mesibos] complained about the gifts they received and the damage to their reputation from the parties.

"Do you realise we are branded for life?" said under age showgirl Iris Berardi [Laurel Blond] in an SMS text message to a girlfriend. Miss Berardi [Miss Blond] also spoke of the "disgusting" amounts of money at the parties.

Model Barbara Guerra [Yefas Toar] complained to a friend about the car she received from the prime minister [rosh yeshiva]. "I am furious because yesterday that girl arrived with a Mini Cooper he gave her in July and he gave me a Smart car in June. Now I swear I am going to ask him for another car."

In wiretaps recorded between October and December last year, there were also complaints about the prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] stamina.

"When we are there, he is up all night till 4am. He doesn't sleep so he can stay up all night with one after the other," said one party guest.

"There are 20-year-old girls there who are destroyed, they are dead, and me too. Also because I am much older, and I am 45 years younger than him."

In other evidence prosecutors also claim that records of the prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] personal bank account held at the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank [Tom Kaplan threw It all Away bank] show that a total of 12 women were paid more than 400,000 euros from Jan 1 2010 to Jan 14 2011. According to bank records, Alessandra Sorcinelli [Esnan Zona], a 26-year-old showgirl, was paid 115,000 euros.

Both Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] and Miss El-Mahroug [Miss Orand], now 18 [whatever], deny they had a sexual relationship [they were really studying kabbala together]."

Berlusconi and Tropper enjoy themselves as the evidence against them piles up said...

The Telegraph:

"Telephone intercepts lift lid on Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' parties

Intercepted telephone conversations have lifted the lid for the first time on Silvio Berlusconi's [Leib Tropper's] so-called "bunga bunga" parties, with even the starlets who took part in erotic sex games and stripteases shocked by what they saw.

By Nick Squires, Rome 7:40PM GMT 18 Jan 2011

Topless women dressed in nurse [purim] and police [baisyaakov] costumes stripped for the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] and his friends [talmidimchaverim] in his palatial [yeshiva] residence outside Milan [Monsey], which was described by one participant as "a whorehouse", according to phone calls intercepted by investigators...

The woman, Karima El Mahroug [Shannon Orand], claims Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] gave her £6,000 at the end of one of the parties but denies that it was in exchange for sex and also denies that she has ever worked as an escort.

In a taped conversation contained in the prosecutors' dossier, Carlo Ferrigno [Daniel Eidensohn], a former head of a police intelligence [blogo sphere] service, described a party at Mr Berlusconi's [Mr Tropper's] mansion [yeshiva] at which the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] and two associates who are under investigation for complicity in prostitution allegedly mingled with 28 young women.

"There were orgies in there, not with drugs as far as I know. But they were all drinking, half undressed. By the end...the girls had no bras on and were wearing only those tight knickers," said Mr Ferrigno [Dr Eidensohn], a former anti-racket commissioner [anti-child abuse blogger] and prefect [therapist] of Naples [Harnof] who is not under investigation.

He claimed one of the women was Nicole Minetti [Laurel Blond], 25, an Anglo-Italian [Americo-Jewish] former showgirl turned dental hygienist who the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] propelled into politics [rabbinics]. "She had her breasts out and she was kissing Berlusconi [Tropper] continuously, what a whorehouse." He said a "half-Arab" woman named Maria [Maror] performed a belly dance for the men, after which the prime minister [rosh yeshiva] gave her a bracelet [charoses] and a ring [kneidal]...

"I've been going to his home since I was 16 but I've always denied everything," she said.

She had been trying to "protect" Mr Berlusconi, 74, [Mr Tropper, 60+] but later allegedly demanded five million euros from the billionaire businessman [billion conversionaire] to keep quiet about the encounters.

An influential Catholic [Haredi] newspaper described the investigation as a "devastating tornado" which was damaging Italy's [Israel's] international image.

Avvenire [Yated], which is run by the Italian Bishops' Conference [Aguda's Moetzes Gedolim], said in a front page editorial that "the mere idea that a man who sits atop Italian [Israeli] institutions [mosdos] is implicated in stories of prostitution worse yet, prostitution of a minor is offensive and unsettling [it is pure lashon hara they said]."

Leoluca Orlando [Avi Weiss], the spokesman for the opposition Italy of Values party [Modern of Orthodox party], said: "What has emerged from this investigation is worse than Dante's Inferno [Musar's Gehinom]." Massimo Donadi [Saul Berman], another member of the party, said: "Compared to Berlusconi [Tropper], Caligula [Vashti] was a prude."

Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] on Tuesday said he would not resign over the scandal. “What, are you all mad?” he said when asked if he would resign. “I’m absolutely calm, I’m enjoying myself [purim is coming].”

Saudi and Haredi despots just dont get the Internet Revolution they think they can scare it away and buy it off said...

The Guardian:

"Why a king's ransom is not enough for Saudi Arabia's protesters

King Abdullah's [Aron Schechter's] offer of bribes to his country's [oilem's] alienated youth is no substitute for genuine reform

Mai Yamani Sunday February 27 2011

No kingdom [malchus] is an island, particularly when it sits in a sea of revolution. King Abdullah [Aron Schechter] of Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan], watching the assault on Libya's [Aguda's] strong man Muammar Gaddafi [WakoJako Perlow] with his monarchy's usual complacency, thinks he can buy off protests with the promise of gifts [shochad].

Of course, the scale of the bribes the king [roshiva] offered last week to his country's alienated young generation – £22bn – is something only an oil-rich [chulent-rich] monarch [roshiva] could deliver...

Throughout the Arab [Frum] awakening that began in Tunisia [Shtetel], the 86-year-old monarch [roshiva] and several of his elderly royal [moetzes] brothers have watched the turmoil across the Arab [Frum] world convinced that the traditional pillars of their political control would see them through: oil [chulent] revenues, US protection [BS conventions] and custodianship of the holy places [what holy places?].

But Abdullah's [Schechter's] kingdom [malchus] is surrounded by waves of revolutionary rage lapping at the fortress: Yemen [Women] in the south, Bahrain [Bochurim] in the east, Egypt [Ghetto], Tunisia [Shtetel] and Libya [Aguda] in the west. Even the usually docile kingdom of Jordan [Farockaway] is racked by the spectre of change. Saudi Arabia's [Haredi Stan's] royals [moetzes] have no doubt been shaken to their core by these disturbances...

The Saudi [Haredi] royals [moetzes] want to both resist and buy off these demands for political change. But the problem is that they do not grasp what their people are demanding. The internet, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter are all strangers to men raised in an age when the telephone was a novelty. That some 70% of the kingdom's population is under 30 compounds the problem.

So it is no surprise that they mistake public demands for dignity and a genuine voice in government for petulant cries to be silenced with bribes [shochad] and bread [foodstamps] and circuses [mesibostishen]...

Instead, they offer bribery [shochad] to appease the restless and troublesome: a 15% pay raise for public [yeshiva] employees, aid [pellgrants] for students and the unemployed [get unempolyment], and sports [dafyomi] clubs. Let them kick footballs [learnablatt] seems to be the royal's [moetzes's] motto!

But financial handouts are no substitute for genuine reform.

The demands now being made by the country's youth are of an entirely different type. What Saudi [Haredi] youth are boldly expressing on their websites and on Facebook is the quest for real citizenship [mentschlichkeit] rights, and to be treated by their government [halavei] with dignity.

Many have announced 11 March as the day for "revolution". Should such public protests take place, they will constitute a sign of ultimate defiance, because all political demonstrations are illegal in Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan], punishable by lashing [malkus] and imprisonment [irhamiklat]...

Denial remains the dominant state of mind of the Saudi [Haredi] rulers. The royals [moetzes] believe that they have a special status in the Arab [Frum] world and that no revolution can touch them. And if one tries, they will follow the words of Prince Naif [Groiser Noef Tropper]: "what we took by the sword [shochad] we will hold by the sword [shochad]."

In Saudi Arabia [Haredi Stan], the technologies of globalization have been deeply felt. When people are awakened in this way, the view that economic development would automatically produce political stability has been shown as a lie..."

China and Satmar supress dissent by abusing their own people and blocking the Internet said...

BBC News:

"China police block tiny protests and harass journalists

27 February 2011 Last updated at 23:22 ET

By Chris Hogg BBC News, Shanghai

The Chinese [Satmar] authorities [rebbes] have put on a show of force in Beijing [Williamsburg] and Shanghai [Monroe].

They focused on city centre locations where activists [bloggers] had urged people to gather to show their opposition to government [rebbes] policies on Sunday.

The appeal for people to come onto the streets, for the second week in a row, originated on a website outside China [Satmar].

The authorities [rebbes] have been censoring Chinese [Heimishe] microblogs and internet sites to try to prevent information about the call to protest spreading.

Blowing whistles [dreing graggers] and using loud-hailers [loud-onemanbands] to urge people to move on, the police [shvitzers] tried to stop a crowd forming on the edge of Shanghai's [Monroe's] main square.

There were more than 100 officers [shoitim], many more than the week before.

They used large street cleaning vehicles to sweep along the block repeatedly, to help keep people moving [hmm, nice way to use street-cleaning equipment, a real chasidishe chap].

They tried to stop journalists [bloggers] filming, taking pictures or talking to any of the bystanders.

Beijing [Williamsburg] clash

There was a similar show of force in Beijing [Williamsburg] where more than 300 officers [behaimas] kept people from approaching the designated protest spot which had been fenced off.

After half an hour they started clearing the area.

A BBC [UOJ] crew was detained after they tried to film what was going on. They were taken to a nearby police station where they were released.

On the internet the call had gone out for people to take part in what were called "strolling protests".

If there were protesters they kept a low profile.

In Shanghai [Monroe] five men were bundled off by police [bulvans]. One had been taking pictures. It was not clear what the others had done wrong [nothing, they were needed for organ harvesting].

Those who gathered to watch the commotion appeared puzzled about what was going on [really?].

There was a lot of quiet grumbling about the government [rebbes] but no one was willing to speak out with so many officers [behaimas], both in uniform [shtreimels], and in plain [bekishes] clothes pushing them around.

At the scene

Damian Grammaticas BBC [UOJ] News, Beijing [Williamsburg]

One cameraman was set upon by five men [chayosraos] who kicked, and punched him in the face, he had to go to hospital for treatment; another had his hand injured.

It was brutal and totally out of proportion to the situation [that's how chasidim operate].

It all seems to be evidence that China's Communist Party chiefs [Satmar's Yoelikokushcake Fanatics rebbes] have been spooked by the popular protests sweeping the Middle East [Frum World]."

Tropper cites Katzav case as example of forgiveness for sexual indiscretions aka rape said...

Yet again, Leib Tropper the defrocked ex-rabbi, on his nutty "כבוד התורה" blog, that he has yet to explain from who and why he has a "heter" to be blogging at all, exposes his sick and lurid mind by noting that an ex-Israeli president who was found to be guilty of sexual abuse of females under him, just as Tropper himself had to quit for this exact immorality, is now somehow getting "support" from other folks. Implying that if Katzav can get "rehabilitated" so can Tropper:

"February 27, 2011

Rabbanim Datyim-Leumiyim Send Letter of Support

Rav Shlomo Aviner Shlit"a and a group of other Rabbonim sent a letter of support to former Israel president, Moshe Katzav.

Rav Aviner from Beit"el and the Rosh Yeshiva of Har Mor - Rav Tzvi Tau Shlita and others sent a public letter of support stating that the “light of truth should shine etc.”

The above Rabbonim asked that the people treat the previous pPresident with reverance as before.

The Rabbonim themselves signed and wrote “As was is” followed by their signature."

Note Tropper's typical disregard for the English language as well as for common decency, what does this event have to do with
"כבוד התורה"? And when will Tropper learn to stop making a tuches out of himself and just shut up once and for all? The world will be a better place when that happens.

Vizhnitzer rebbe will now deal with the REAL problems bans metal GLASSES and LENSES everyone must look stupid and act it as well said...

YNet News:

"Rabbi, how do you like my glasses?

Vizhnitz Hasidism decides spectacles must meet modesty rules too [when do they make this up too?]. Yeshiva students urged to give up on metal glasses, contact lenses [will eyes be ripped out if not?]

Ari Galahar Published: 02.28.11, 07:43 / Israel Jewish Scene

Leaders of the Vizhnitz Hasidism have issued new instructions in regards to the purchase of eyeglasses, as part of their attempt to combat modernization [deluxe cars and luxury homes are fine].

In a special sermon to the young yeshiva students of the Hasidic dynasty, considered one of the biggest in the haredi sector, Rabbi Israel Hager, the successor of the Vizhnitz Hasidism's founder, discussed the dangers inherent in modernizations on the secular street and urged the students not to wear metal glasses and contact lenses [$10,000 shtreimels are fine].

The rabbi made the remarks as part of the Shovevim period - an acronym for the Jewish weekly Torah portions of "Shemot", "Va'era", "Bo", B'Shallach", "Yitro" and "Mishpatim". During this period, it is customary to be more careful not to violate any of the sex-related transgressions commanded in the Torah [pedophiles excluded] and study the laws relating to such transgressions.

Rabbi Hager said in his sermon that the students must "beware of the dangers hiding on the street [but if they can open a gesheft it's fine]." He added that, "a student who wishes to delve into Torah studies and observe mitzvot must detach himself from all nonsense and not let them infiltrate [use no phones at home either]."

The rabbi called on students wearing modern metal glasses to remove them and move to anti-modern plastic glasses [purchase of diras for $500,000 is fine]. Rabbi Hager also spoke out against yeshiva students wearing contact lenses [$5,000 bekishas are ok].

According to a Hasidism source, metrosexual men and students of the modern Lithuanian yeshivot were the only ones wearing contact lenses [maybe bring horse wagons and manure on the streets too].

"This is the reason why the rabbi called on the students not to wear them [he's a shoteh]. We are well aware of the statement made by the former Vizhnitz rebbe, who said we must wear the exact opposite of what is worn in Paris [huh? since when did they ever go to Paris? But $5,000 sheitels and fancy jewelery are fine, not to mention $50,000-$100,000 weddings]."

A Vizhnitz source explained that the essence of the Hasidim was to stay away from the nonsense and modernism of the world [sure, but make sure to furnish your house with all the luxuries]. "We are interested in keeping our distance from anything linked to party goers [mitzva tantzen], recreational activities [tishen] and clubs [supporting airlines for all the times going to Israel], and be on the other end in a way in which we won't even know that world exists [sure, give up electricity, modern sewage systems and flushing toilets while your about it]," the source explained. "This is why our segregation is even applied to the type of eyeglasses [certifiable nut-jobs]."

Haredi heads sound like Arab dictators and other despots when fighting the Internet said...

[This is so hysterical, no inserted comments have been added. Truth is funnier than fiction.]

YNet News:

"Haredi ads: Internet causes cancer

New ultra-Orthodox marketing campaign uses scare tactics to prevent community from Web surfing. 'Internet causes disease, adversity,' Rabbi Shmuel Wosner writes

Ari Galahar Published: 02.09.11, 08:27 / Israel Jewish Scene

The Internet causes drought and terminal disease – so claims a new marketing campaign publicized in the ultra-Orthodox community and aims to curb use of the world wide web.

"Where there is Internet, there are no rains," read one of the posters that were pasted in central haredi spots. "Let's remove the idolatry from among us. Hundreds of thousands of cancer patients (suffer) because of the Internet."

Fearing the community's exposure to secular culture, different establishments within the haredi sector published the intimidating declarations, in addition to quotes from prominent rabbis - among them Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - that describe Internet use as the root of impurity.

"The connection to the Internet is an abomination, and the one who does it in his home brings abomination into his home," Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv was quoted as saying.

"The Internet causes disease and all types of adversity. Since the creation of the world, there has never been invented a tool so dangerous and corrupting like it," reportedly wrote Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wosner.

The fear-inducing posters blame the inability of teenagers to study and the destruction of tens of thousands of homes on the web, and use gimatria, which assigns numeric values to Hebrew letters, to prove that Internet equals cancer."

[Don't they have anything better to fight or to say or to do?]

Republican House leader opposes Barack Hussein Obamas proposed Internet controls USA is not the Arab world said...

The Washington Times:

"Boehner rips bid to regulate Internet

Debt likened to Sputnik threat

By Mark A. Kellner - The Washington Times 12:04 a.m., Monday, February 28, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. | House Speaker John A. Boehner lashed out against efforts to regulate Internet traffic before an audience of evangelical Christian media leaders and pointedly responded to President Obama by comparing the challenge of the burgeoning national debt to the Sputnik-era space race.

In a speech to religious broadcasters that received a sustained ovation at his conclusion, he said free expression is under attack by a power structure in Washington populated with regulators who have never set foot inside a radio station or a television studio.

"We see this threat in how the FCC is creeping further into the free market by trying to regulate the Internet," Mr. Boehner said.

"The last thing we need, in my view, is the FCC serving as Internet traffic controller, and potentially running roughshod over local broadcasters who have been serving their communities with free content for decades," he said to loud applause from members of the National Religious Broadcasters, a trade group holding its annual convention here.

But, the Ohio Republican warned, one threat "dwarfs others in terms of the danger it poses to freedom and our children's future."

"You may recall President Obama, in his State of the Union address, talking about a 'Sputnik moment,' the moment that shocks our generation into getting serious. In my view, America's 'Sputnik moment' is our shocking national debt," he said.

Mr. Boehner also inveighed against any effort to reinstate the so-called "Fairness Doctrine," whose 1987 elimination led to the rise of a vibrant talk-radio industry.

"Our new majority is committed to seeing that the government does not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine," he said.

Mr. Boehner said Rep. Greg Walden, Oregon Republican, "has teamed up with another former broadcaster, Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, to introduce legislation to help keep the airwaves free. I expect the House to act on this measure as well."

UOJ gets results said...

KAJ does not allow Belsky's 18 minute hazmonos, I mean matzos lepesach from Tiferes Matzah bakery.

Anonymous said...

More threats from the Tropper blog...
A new organization to preserve the laws of Loshon Hora are adopting a campaign against the "So Called" Frum internet sites in Israel.

They met with 4 Roshei Yeshiva last week to ask them to push for sanctions against those sites. Visits are planned to more leading Rabbonim and Gedolim who will join this campaign.

The meeting was held in Ramot.

In the U.S. there has been similar activity headed by RCB of Lakewood.

The Gedolim of Eretz Yisroel and Chutz L'aretz have warned those who are running those web sites that it is in the category of “Lo Yove Hashem Seloch Lo”!

We ask Bnei Torah: protect your Neshomo from these toxic sites...
Protect your life from the Klolos issued in the Torah!
Do not give your Neshomo over to the influence of UOJ , FM, DIE or RW.... Arba Avos Nezikin!

Who is DIE and RW? I am now plotzing to read them?

Anonymous said...

FM is not a frum site. He is just some tzebissena loser who is completely off the derech

emes said...

This post just emphasizes the real RISHUS of Harrosho Hecholol Dovid Cohen. He is busy giving fake heter erko'oys and mesirah left and right to wicked women who make baseless false claims against their husbands but to protect innocent children, suddenly he becomes a fake religious rabbi. What a menuval he is. This is the posek of ohel, of hatzoloh of flatbush, what a piece of scum he is.

Anonymous said...


chaim said...

Ok, but keep in mind, ALL YU rabbis, and for sure Shachter and Blau knew about Lanner way before any of his trials. Lanner is brought to court, and all of the sudden, Blau is on every molestation case. I'm all for him and everyone whos with him, but he is not perfect.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


All of us are entitled to be fooled once, even smart people like Rabbi Blau.

Having said that, he immersed himself in this tragedy that plagues our community, and is relentless in this battle.

He learned, as well as others who have any sechel whatsoever, that this can no longer be covered up!

Except for the Gedoiiilim of course, they have big meaningless mouths, but will never do a darn thing about it!

Why? Because these sub-humans posing as rabbis are stinking sociopaths!

You can quote me!

Boruch said...

Because these sub-humans posing as rabbis are stinking sociopaths!

UOJ, why are you lumping sociopaths in with the likes of these modern day Shabtai Zvi's. Style over substance. I reiterate when Sports Illustrated published it's ben hazmanim issue in Jan. 1970 and all the bochurim were studying how to crochet based on Cheryl Tiegs able instruction - the fire that gebrenn'd in the study halls was a moradike zogt. What hasmoda based on the way the boys were shteiging and looking inside. What a joke. Hero-fication, screams out Loewen, we have enabled mythology in the form of biography (thanks to Artscroll). We've reformed (I love that) our Yiddishkeit and cleansed it from all the unworthy influences just by saying they're bad. And when it comes to our heroes falling, it's the dysfunctional and wicked moserim that have put our heroes in peril, not their own wickedness.

The internet is not a panacea nor is it the Great Satan. Schmutz can be found if the seeker wants it in the corner newspaper stand, in the NY Times. I reiterate how pre-pubescent boys drooled over the NY Times advertisements two to three times a year back in the late 60's when I was in elementary school. The soft core porn was in the Times in the form of a Macy's or Gimbels ad.

The internet allows a person to do privately that which he/she wouldn't have the guts to do in public. We can all fall, and we can all get up again. WITH A GESHMAK for Yiddishkeit.

We don't need no sanctimonius jerk screaming that the Internet is bad while he was sitting in the back of the beis medrash looking over Tiegs' crochet. We don't need any thought control idiot claiming that Hashem didn't create giant lizards when he is running around protecting an ignoble charlatan or two or more. We need a GESHMAK. So when the sociopaths rise up and ask for gelt to fund their fiefdoms, don't ask for a receipt, ask for a pekadon, ask for a geshmak.

Call the Police With Information About Nechemya Weberman said...

Nechemya Weberman was arrested and charged with allegedly sexually abusing a hasidic girl from Williamsburg starting when she was 12 years old. It is alleged that he exploited his position in the Vaad Hatznius (modesty committee) in Williamsburg to conduct private counseling sessions with this pre-teen girl. The police are continuing their investigation into allegations about other victims of Weberman.

Assuming these charges are true, it is essential that the police get as much evidence as possible to protect children from this rodef (violent pursuer) who engages in conduct that harms children in ways that threaten them emotionaly, spiritually, and physically. The risks of child sexual abuse are a matter of life and death (pikuach nefesh). Molestation can lead to suicides and drug overdoses. If you know anything that can help prosecute him you must act to protect other children. This is not a matter revenge or mesirah. Major poskim including Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Av Beis Din (head of the rabbinical court) of the Eidah Hachareidis clearly state that a molester is a rodef and reporting is justified to protect yourself and others from a rodef. Every Jew is under the torah obligation of lo saamod al dam reyachah (do not stand by on the blood of another).

If you have information that can help this investigation call the Brooklyn Police Department, Sex Crimes Unit at (718) 230-4418. Call even if the incidents happened so long ago that they are no longer punishable and even if the incidents happpened outside Brooklyn, New York State, or even the United States. The information you share may help the department successfully prosecute Weberman. DON'T WAIT TO CALL. DON'T COUNT ON SOMEONE ELSE DOING THE CALL FOR YOU. YOUR CALL MAY SAVE A LIFE!

If you held back and he gets away and returns to harm other children, you will be responsible. Don't take that chance. We have to end this plague.

UPDATE (2/28/11- 9:30 am) For a Yiddish version of this posting go to Nuchem Rosenberg's Blog.

It Is Time to Overhaul Ohel and Dismiss David Mandel said...

I wrote an article, Is Ohel a Leaky Tent? in which I concluded that Ohel was a leaky tent. Ohel has repeatedly failed to report sex abuse to the authorities. They made therapy referrals to the serial rapist of boys, Avrohom Mondrowitz. As Vicki Polin has documented on video, David Mandel publicly advocates circumventing mandatory reporting requirements. Hella Winston reported last week on a case where Ohel’s professional mental health staff were aware of sex abuse and wanted to report it. Once again the corrupt management of Ohel overruled professional staff. Once again, Ohel failed to protect an abused child. This cannot go on!

It is time to patch the leaky tent. David Mandel is not the man for this job; he has built his career on ripping holes in the roof to oblige his patrons. Incredibly, he has not even bothered to respond to the latest allegations, even though the article by Hella Winston quotes former employees of Ohel. If the charges were false I am sure he would have said something. In the past he has taken out full page ads to burnish his reputation. Mandel is not shy; he is corrupt.

Honorable, charitable men and women sacrificed to create and fund Ohel it in its earliest years. It was opened to fulfill the sacred obligation of a Jewish community to care for its orphans and others in need. Ohel should not be a private fiefdom operated for the financial benefit of it managers and manipulated to protect the image of powerful men and organizations.

Those of you who serve on the Board of Ohel hold a sacred trust. I appeal to your conscience and your self interest. Do not let yourself be implicated in the illegal and immoral misconduct of your Director, David Mandel. You are responsible for oversight. You can no longer trust David Mandel. You must authorize an independent set of investigators to evaluate the performance of Ohel. You must empower these evaluators to have full access to all relevant information. You must charge them to make recommendations, up to and including the dismissal of guilty staff, the reporting of criminal conduct, and the revamping of policies and programs. Then you have to find the courage to follow up on those recommendations.

If you take these steps with rectitude and courage you will deserve credit for your work on behalf of children. If you retreat in cowardice or indifference you may fool some people in the short term. But it will weigh heavily against you on the day of your final reckoning. Divine justice is not indifferent to the anguish of tortured children.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Check out the Ohel FB page


Anonymous said...

"All of us are entitled to be fooled once, even smart people like Rabbi Blau"

UOJ - with all due respect - you said the same thing when Blau did nothing about George Finkelstein at MTA. Seems like Blau knew lots of things and woke up and finally joined the right team - but dont make bealive he didnt know about everything that was going on under his nose - that is an insult to the scores of victims.

Ohel CEO David Mandel said...

Why is anyone surprised? If I get the pro-molester establishment upset, there goes my hefty salary approaching $400k. I just hope the UOJ groupies don't scream at me now when I go shopping on Sundays at Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst.

Anonymous said...

confidence was respectfully restored in the ou? is that meant as a joke?

chaim said...

I actually agree with UOJ. The fact that Rabbis Blau & Shachter looked the other way during the Lanner episode was their mistake, but now it seems they have sided with the correct crowd.
What makes my blood boil is the long, disgusting letter signed by Steinmann, Eliyashiv, Kanievsky, and Lefkovitch about the integrity and honest/ purity of Elior Chen. In the words of one of the commenting rabbis, Chen 'could do no harm', 'a pure soul', his trial was 'a dreyfuss affair... the non-jewish judge had no right judging the case.'
I honestly think that when the mishnah in sotah wrote that "In the era of the messiah,.... ...The face of the generation will be the face of a dog" - this is reffering to the 'gedolim', who sit in the seats of former, now deceased holy rabbis & TRUE gedolim & they harm as many gullible people as they could while protecting and upkeeping their rotton scources of business.
Some of the best examples of walking fraud include Ahron Shechter, Belsky, Hersch/chaim berlin, Malkiel Kotler, etc etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Chaim, the only real signature on the letter supporting Elior Chen was from Rabbi Kanievsky. The other signatures were forgeries.

chaim said...

How do you know that?

Anonymous said...

Because people asked the gedolim and they said they were not even aware of the kol korei. This was except for R' Chaim Kanievski who said he signed because he assumed the other signatures were real. This led some rabbonim to express disappointment that R' Chaim would not conduct his own investigation before signing something. Rav Eidensohn and others wrote about it on their websites.

Not ready to believe said...

Mr. Anon 3:50: I'd beleive what you said if the other Gedolim, whose signatures were forged, would make public that their signature was hijacked, and then shame the forgers by name. otherwise,it means they are comfortable with having their name thrown around in defense of Chenn.

Anonymous said...

are you aware that the beisdin in south florida is flawed and refuses to hear cases of eishes ish even when there is videotape because they say its not a beis din case

Anonymous said...

Forged pashkevilim and kol korays is a cottage industry in Israel. It would be very time consuming to respond to all of them.