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Do It My Vey - Gay Tzu Der Po-Li-Tzei!!!


Brooklyn ‘Rabbi’ Accused Of Molesting Girl Since She Was 12
Community Upset By Charges Against Nechemya Weberman
February 25, 2011

By Pablo Guzmán, CBS 2 News

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A father was convinced his 16-year-old daughter was having a relationship with a 17-year-old boy, so the father set up a hidden camera in the house. What he recorded shocked him — what he saw the daughter doing to please the young man.

They are Orthodox Jews, in Brooklyn. The father had already taken the daughter to seek counseling with Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in years past. Just as he had taken her older sister. It is a common practice in the community for a respected person to be a counselor, or serve as a therapist. Weberman is affiliated, police said, with Brooklyn’s United Talmudic Community, a yeshiva.

Now, the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Rabbi Weberman. The Brooklyn DA’s office has set up special channels of communication to bridge cultural gaps that might be beneficial to both sides. However, the more that investigators talked to the parties involved — especially when they spoke with them separately — the more that there were questions which indicated something was not right. Around Feb. 16, the girl told a counselor at school that the rabbi has been raping her for years. The counselor reported it, and when the investigators talked to her again, she claimed there were at least 16 incidents at 263 Classon Avenue, in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, which serves as Weberman’s home and office. It is where the counseling sessions took place. The girl told investigators it began in 2007, when she was 12; and continued through 2010.

Detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman on Wednesday. He was brought to Brooklyn Criminal Court that night, and told he was being charged with rape, endangering the welfare of a child, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct against a child, and engaging in a criminal sexual act.

The Orthodox Jewish community that has gone to Weberman as a therapist and counselor, especially for young people, are in shock. Reeling. The debate has even gone to blogs on the Internet. But Weberman’s lawyer, George Farkas, told me, people should not jump to conclusions, warning that this all began within what he called “a dysfunctional family,” referring to the father setting up the hidden camera and the possibility that the daughter is striking out in anger against her father, who is trying to shut down her relationship with her boyfriend and slam Weberman in the process.

“The charges (against Weberman) are horrendous. They are disgusting. And they’re despicable. Not just — it’s absolutely awful. But what I will tell you is that this man will die before he’s branded a child molestor,” Farkas said.

Sources in the case said Weberman is not a licensed therapist. But on Friday NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly added one thing more: “The rabbi … is NOT a rabbi! He’s a 52-year-old male arrested for molestation of a young woman who is still a minor.”

After hearing this, I called Farkas, Weberman’s attorney. He took a deep breath.

“Have I asked to see his rabbinical diploma? No. Does he have a congregation? No. Does the Gentile world always understand when my world uses the term ‘rabbi’? No. I think you do, Pablo,” Farkas said. “We know each other. But many do not. Now: with that said, have people taken their children for years to see him as a counselor? Yes. Is he viewed as a therapist? Yes. Is he ‘respected’? Yes.”

Another respected member of the Brooklyn Orthodox community told me, “This is all very difficult for us. There is unfortunately a ‘tradition’, if you will, of the pedophile continuing to function, when he is in such a respected position. And the victim being ostracized. We have worked hard to change this. But it has been a long, uphill battle. Now, I do not know this man. But I will say this: since word began circulating, people are talking. Others are coming forward. I believe there may be as many as five other people who are preparing to report their own encounters with this man. We have to see what happens in the justice system.”

Some who are involved in the case have told me that is exactly what’s happening. More evidence is being presented, right now, to a grand jury.

Rabbi Weberman is due back in court March 9. Detectives are gathering information for a possible indictment.

Pediatrician in Abuse Case Killed Himself
Published: February 25, 2011

Dr. Melvin D. Levine, a nationally known pediatrician who was found dead last week, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a medical examiner said on Friday.

Levine, 71, was found in the woods near his Rougemont, N.C., home with a gunshot wound to his forehead. His death was reported a day after a class-action sexual abuse and malpractice suit was filed against him in Boston.

A report by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina said officers went to Dr. Levine’s home the night of Feb. 17 after his wife reported finding a suicide note, but they were not initially able to find his body. The contents of the note have not been released.

The Boston lawsuit charges that Dr. Levine performed unnecessary genital exams on 40 boys while at Children’s Hospital Boston from 1966 to 1985.

Although Dr. Levine, a Rhodes scholar, had long been dogged by charges of sexually abusing young male patients, he had maintained that he was innocent. He was never convicted on any abuse charge, and never faced criminal charges.

On Friday The Boston Globe reported that several men who said they had been molested as young boys had described encounters in which they said Dr. Levine groped, fondled or performed oral sex on them. One recalled a trip on which he and Dr. Levine were in the same bed, saying that when the doctor took off his clothes, he put his arm around the boy and fondled him.

Christopher Dean, now a 50-year-old architect in Roslindale, Mass., said Friday that for four years, starting when he was 9, he went twice a year to Dr. Levine’s office for a “checkup” that was simply an occasion for molestation.

“It started when he came to my school in Brookline, saw me in the nurse’s office, fondled me, and then said he would like to see me as a private patient,” said Mr. Dean, a plaintiff in the Boston suit, which will proceed against Mr. Levine’s estate. “I came out in tears and in shock, but didn’t tell anyone.”

Several plaintiffs said that Dr. Levine’s abuse had clouded their lives, and that they hoped for resolution in the lawsuit.

“It left me feeling very awkward; I never forgot it, and I always kept track of Dr. Levine,” said Donald Roy, now 46, who said he was abused by Dr. Levine at age 10, when he was having surgery at Children’s Hospital. “My mother knew what was going on because Dr. Levine invited me to visit his house, and I said I just wasn’t going to go, and I explained why. But she didn’t know what to do with it.”

Carmen Durso, a Boston lawyer for the plaintiffs in the class-action lawsuit, filed his first suit against Dr. Levine in 2005, and followed with four more complaints before holding a news conference in 2008 at which he announced the charges. Those charges were resolved, but last week Mr. Durso held a news conference announcing the new complaints.



Berlusconi and Tropper compared to worst of the worst by leading men said...

The Telegraph:

"Umberto Eco compares Berlusconi with Hitler

Umberto Eco [Moshe Sternbuch], one of Italy's [Israel's] best known novelists [poskim], has prompted anger at home and abroad by comparing Silvio Berlusconi [Leib Tropper] to Adolf Hitler [Eisav Harasha].

By Nick Squires, Rome 7:00AM GMT 26 Feb 2011

He was responding to a question [shaylo] on whether there were parallels to be drawn between Italy's [Israel's] prime minister [rosh yeshiva] and Hosni Mubarak [Shabtai Tzvi], the recently deposed president of Egypt [Mitzrayim], or Libya's [Aguda's] Muammar Gadaffi [WakoJako Perlow].

"Intellectually [Halachically] speaking, a comparison could be made with Hitler [Eisav], who also rose to power with free elections [bechira chofshis]," said Eco [Sternbuch], who recently took part in an anti-Berlusconi [anti-Tropper] protest in Milan [Monsey].

The author of "The Name of the Rose" [Moadim Uzmanin Behalacha] was at the Jerusalem Book [seforim] Fair when he was asked his opinion about the refusal of Ian McEwan [Berel Wein], the British [Jewish] novelist, to boycott the event because of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians [Reshoimgemurim].

"I have so much to say against the Italian [Edom] government [finally!] that I have no time to speak about the Israeli government," Mr Eco [Rav Sternbuch] said.

"But Berlusconi [Tropper] is not a dictator [roshiva] like Mubarak [Shabtai] or Gadaffi [Perlow] because he won the election with the support of a large majority of Italians [Edom]," he said. "It's rather sad but that's the way it is".

His remarks earned an angry response from members of Mr Berlusconi's [Mr Tropper's] conservative government [moetzes gedolim].

Sandro Bondi [Avi Shafran], the culture [misinformation] minister, said: "It is distressing that a man of culture [halacha] like Eco [Sternbuch] should make such a provocative comparison, offending the truth as well as the sensibilities of millions of Italians [Edomites], and that he did it in Jerusalem."

Osvaldo Napoli [Nochum Eisenstein], an MP [PIPI] in Mr Berlusconi's [Mr Tropper's] People of Freedom party [Horizons of Kol Yaakov EJFamily], said Mr Eco [Rav Sternbuch] had "managed to offend Italians [Edomites], Israelis [really?] and Italy's [Edom' nebechdikke] Jewish community [mostly now in Nazi graveyards]".

Maurizio Ronconi [Marlon Brando], an MP [YSH] with the opposition Christian Democrats [Goyisha Kep], a conservative [farfrumte] Catholic [Chnyok] party, said the award-winning writer had "made a fool of himself" and "lost his head".

They said it was outrageous to make a comparison between Hitler [Eisav], who set about demolishing Germany's parliamentary democracy after being appointed Chancellor in 1933, and Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper], who had been freely elected three times by Italians [Edomites] [and who had set about demolishing any rabbis and institution that stood in his way and bribe the rest].

In other remarks, Mr Eco [Rav Sternbuch] supported Mr McEwan's [Berel Wein's] decision not to boycott the book fair and to accept an award, the Jerusalem Prize, for his work. [Mazel Tov, Berel Wein deserves a prize!]"

Berlusconi and Tropper bring international shame and disgrace to their own people said...

The Telegraph:

"Silvio Berlusconi 'has made Italians a laughing stock'

The sex scandal swirling around Silvio Berlusconi [Leib Tropper] has made Italians [Israelis] a laughing stock around the world, the country's bestselling Catholic [Frummie] publication said on Wednesday.

By Nick Squires, Rome 11:30PM GMT 26 Jan 2011

"Our young people abroad are called 'bunga bunga' Italians [Israelis] and that is not a flattering definition," the Famiglia Cristiana (Christian Family) [Jewish Mishpacha] magazine said in an editorial.

Antonio Sciortino [Noson Sherman], the editor, said Italy's [Israel's] image had been "damaged around the world" as a result of the so-called "bunga bunga" scandal, in which Mr Berlusconi [Mr Tropper] is accused of paying for sex with "several" prostitutes during wild parties at his villa [yeshiva] near Milan [Monsey]. He has denied any improper behaviour.

Father Sciortino [Zeidy Sherman] was responding to four pages of letters in which readers expressed indignation over the prime minister's [rosh yeshiva's] conduct and the harm it was doing to Italy's [Israel's] image.

One of Italy's [Israel's] biggest selling daily newspapers, La Repubblica [The Jewishblogosphere], has set up an online forum in which Italians [Israeli's] living abroad are invited to write about how the country is being perceived in the wake of the sex scandal.

Thousands of Italians [Israelis] have sent messages to the site, saying they are ashamed and embarrassed by what is unfolding back home [nu, so let them do something about it!]."

Cruelty of Libya and Aguda exposed by the Internet said...

Los Angeles Times:

"Telling Libya's story over the Internet

An ad hoc network of information smugglers uses social media, accessed from across the border in Egypt [Ghetto], to share videos and firsthand accounts of the violence.

By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times

February 27, 2011

Reporting from Umm Saad, Libya [Con Vention, Aguda]

Suleiman Zjailil [Shmarya Rosenberg] is a modern-day town crier. He spends his days driving his battered car back and forth across the border with Egypt [Ghetto], smuggling out grainy cellphone videos so the world can see the news from his quarantined land.

Zjailil [Rosensberg], an engineer [blogger] in the Libyan [Aguda] coastal city of Tobruk [Tzubrochen], is determined to deliver visual proof of President Moammar Kadafi's [Nasi wakoJako Perlow's] bloody tactics against a mounting populist rebellion.

Armed only with thumb drives and CDs, he downloads videos taken by Libyans [Agudians] and makes the 95-mile trip from Tobruk [Tzubrochen] to Egypt [Ghetto].

"I don't even know how to fire a gun, but I have the most powerful weapon of all: the media," Zjailil [Rosenberg] said Friday as he rested with a glass of hot sweet tea after another punishing trip.

For the last week, an ad hoc network of smugglers such as Zjailil [Rosenberg] has been delivering videos and word-of-mouth accounts of protests, chaos and killings [misasbeisdin] in Libya [Aguda]...

"I'm an engineer [blogger], not a journalist," he said. "I'm just a patriotic man who wants the world to know exactly what this crazy man Kadafi [Perlow] is doing to my country."

Zjailil [Rosenberg] a middle-aged man dressed in a shiny blue tracksuit, had dark circles under his eyes and yawned constantly. He said he had not slept much since the revolt against Kadafi [Perlow] erupted.

He seemed driven by his task. It requires boldness, guile and a working knowledge of the Internet. It also helps, he said, to nurture good relations with Egyptian [Ghetto] security officers [grobnyaks] who let him pass through the clogged border post.

Because the Libyan regime [Aguda moetzes] has severely restricted access to the Internet, the smugglers use Egypt [Ghetto] to post videos on Libyan-centered [Aguda-shtik] Facebook pages and to television websites, particularly that of Qatar-based [Manhattan-corrupted] Al Jazeera [Jewish Week]...

Bedouins [Mechanchim] and others along the border are relying on social media to rally and chronicle support and assistance for the rebellion and civilians caught in the chaos.

Aymann [Yaakov] Shweky, 40, a gaunt Bedouin with a clipped silver beard, uses Twitter to share news of events in Libya [Aguda] and to report on aid efforts.

Before the rebellion erupted, Shweky said, he had cranked out 28,000 Twitter posts on Egyptian [Ghetto] politics. But now he is focused on Libya [Aguda].

He informed his 2,000 Twitter followers Friday of 200 cars passing into Libya [aguda] carrying food and supplies donated mostly by fellow Bedouins [Mechanchim] along the desert coast. Another tweet described 700 liters of donated blood heading west.

"It's our duty to help them," Shweky said.

Zjailil [Rosenberg] said the defining purpose of his video-smuggling efforts is to expose and publicize the killings [misasbeisdin] by Libyan [Aguda] soldiers and militias [reshoim and banditen], and especially the mercenaries [rotzchim].

"If you want to enrage a Libyan [Agudian], just bring in a foreigner against him," Zjailil [Rosenberg] said.

With his latest batch of videos uploaded and delivered to the world, Zjailil [Rosenberg] made preparations for the long drive back to Tobruk [Tzubrochen] to collect more news.

"The story,' he said wearily, "is not over [no kidding!]."

Arab and Frum world learning the hard way it cannot fight the Internet said...

Gulf News:

"Sowing the seeds of the next media revolution

Abdel Bari Atwan writes: It is the new, independent, mostly internet-based mass communication medium that is transforming the region

By Abdel Bari Atwan, Special to Gulf News

Published: 00:00 February 27, 2011

For many years, the Arab [Frum] media was dominated by Egypt [Ghetto] and Lebanon [Gelechter]. These great stars' influence began to wane in the 1970s, largely due to domestic politics and conflicts which started to dictate the content and adversely affect the quality of both print and broadcast journalism...

In these days of uprisings and political change throughout the Arab [Frum] world, we are witnessing the nascent shoots of the next media revolution.

There is a new drive for truth and freedom which seems to be infectious...

In reality, it is the new, independent, mostly internet-based media that is transforming the region [finally smelling the coffee].

Over 56 million Arabs [Frum] are regular cybernauts and the number is rapidly increasing...

The region's growing middle-class — many of whom have studied abroad and speak European languages — understand the benefits and mechanisms of democracy and this informs their internet blogs and postings. It is mostly this class — together with workers' unions in countries where they are allowed — that have been organising and driving the current uprisings; and they will be crucial to the nation-building process that will ensue. In eastern Libya [Aguda], which is now out of Muammar Gaddafi's [WakoJako Perlow's] control, they have already established governing committees, a new newspaper and radio station.

Nor can we underestimate the role played by the internet in informing — and galvanising — the Arab [Frum] street. The unprecedented freedom of information available in cyberspace has helped fuel resentment. WikiLeaks [UnorthoDoxJew] detailed the nouveau-riche excesses of the Tunisian [Shtetel] regime, for example, while impoverished and oppressed Libyan [Agudian] cyber-surfers discovered that their national wealth was being squandered abroad by Gaddafi's [Perlow's] sons who allegedly paid popstars millions of dollars to perform at private parties...

In terms of logistics, social networking via the internet has helped protesters organise and gather support with unprecedented rapidity. Slim Amamou [Yerachmiel Lopin], who became known as the Tunis Blogger [Frum Follies], told reporters that the brisk toppling of Zain Al Abidine Bin Ali [Yehu Daa Kol Koo] was due to text messaging and the Internet: "information was immediately available," he said, "people could instantly synchronise their actions"...

More than 8.3 per cent of Facebook users are in the Middle East [Frummie Land] and North Africa [Gor Frum] — Egypt [Ghetto] alone has 1,820,000 on Facebook — and together with Twitter, it is the source of most real-time news from Libya at the moment...

In Tunisia [Shtetel], 69 year-old Prime Minister Mahmoud Gannoushi [Gelt Macher Gedalya Weinberger] (who has been in office for 11 years) is trying to prolong his period of grace by engaging with the cyber-fraternity. He has appointed the Tunis blogger Slim Amamou [Yeshiva World] Secretary of [Lies] State for Youth and Sport and a few days ago invited dialogue on his newly created Facebook page. He instantly received a barrage of discouraging responses best summed up by this one from a certain Zouheir R: ‘DEGAGE et prend Slim Amamou avec toi là où tu ira' (Get lost and take Slim Amamou with you).

Nevertheless, Weinberger is on the right track [but it won't help him.]. This new dynamic of freedom and truth will have to inform the future direction of any Arab [Frum] media, mainstream or independent, that pretends to serve the interests of the people rather than its rulers.[good morning, dopey]"

China and Satmar still think they can outsmart the truth on the Internet said...

USA Today:

"Chinese police swamp 'Jasmine Rally' locations


By Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY

BEIJING [Williamsburg] — For the second Sunday in a row, Ronald McDonald [Kiegel NkIshkaa] was at the heart of a major security operation in central Beijing [Williamsburg]. With roadblocks, video cameras and a heavy uniformed and plain-clothes presence, Chinese [Satmar] police [machers] swamped the area around a well-known McDonalds [NkIshkaa] restaurant Sunday. Similar tactics were employed in Shanghai [Monroe].

The crackdown highlighted China's [Satmar's] resolve to deter any would-be protestors from responding to an online call for "Jasmine ["Internet"] Rallies" in China's [Satmar's] capital and other cities nationwide. Echoing the "Jasmine ["Internet"] Revolution" in Tunisia [Shtetel] that helped spark protests throughout the Arab [Frum] world, the U.S. [UOJ]-based website boxun.com [unorthodoxjew.com] last week posted a call for citizens to gather every Sunday at specified locations in each city, including the Beijing [Wiliamsburg] McDonalds [NkIshkaa].

By "strolling, watching, or pretending to pass by", Chinese [Satmar] people can support demands including an independent judiciary [bateidin] nd a curb on corruption [shochad], read the rally organizers' anonymous letter, posted Monday, that expanded on an earlier statement carried by the Chinese [Hangarian] language website, which is blocked in China [Satmar]. Events Sunday followed a similar pattern to that first seen February 20, but with far larger police numbers, and increased harassment of foreign journalists [Jewish bloggers]...

There was no mistaking how seriously the Chinese [Satmar] government [rebbes] is responding to the challenge, after days of increased Internet censorship. Outside the [heimish] restaurant, and in all approach roads, uniformed and plain-clothes [black kapottes] security personnel, many with video or still cameras, monitored and controlled the crowds. Police detained several Chinese [Satmars], at least two in Beijing [Williamsburg] and four in Shanghai [Monroe], reported the Associated Press, and several foreign journalists were also detained.

At 2pm Sunday, the rally time suggested on boxun.com [unorthodoxjew.com], McDonalds [NkIshkaas] employees locked the front doors...

In Shanghai [Monroe], at one end of the city's People's Square [Rebbes Hoifen], uniformed [shtreimeled] police [bulvans] blew whistles [dreid graggers] nonstop and shouted at people to keep moving, reported AP [LOL]. While many other Asian [Sephardic] cities witness regular protests critical of their nations' democratically elected governments, China's [Satmar's] one-party system [two-rebbe system] permits no such gatherings. Ahead of the 2008 Summer Olympics [Rebbishe Split], Beijing [Williamsburg] bowed to international [chasidishe] pressure and announced three "protest parks" [tishen pletzer]. But local police [bulvans] approved no applications [heterim] to hold protests, and detained some applicants [a typical chasidishe chap]...

The clampdown shows "the government is very nervous, and their reaction is to pre-empt social discontent merging with the mobility of activists, and the power of the Internet, as happened in the Middle East,"...

The idea of a Jasmine [Internet] Revolution occurring in China [Satmar] is "absurd," said Zhao Qizheng [Zalie Teitelbaum], who heads the [Wliamsburg] foreign affairs committee of China's [Satmar's] top advisory body, Xinhua [Deryid] reported last week. On Sunday, in an online chat with citizens, Chinese Premier [Satmar Rebbe] Wen Jiabao [Aron Teitelbaum] vowed to address key public concerns such as rising food [foodstamp] and property [sectioneight] prices, a yawning rich-poor [oisher-oni] gap, and official abuse of power [by himself and his brother]"...

chaim said...

Wasn't weberman the head of the Vaad Hatznius in Williamsburg? Shows how 'tzanua' they are.
They let it happen and they don't talk about it to their children. This is their idea of tznius - how sick and preverted.

Boruch said...

Let's never jump to conclusions and let's conclude that a dysfunctional family is the reason for all the scrutiny. Let's not ask for credentials (not that credentials are an automatic pass to decency)and let's conclude that since everyone respects you, you're respectable. It's like the old joke - everyone eats there it has to be kosher, even the shrimp salad.

We live in a very open and indelicate age. The changes have come and will come faster and more furiously. We've got our pet issues, the internet, the cell phone, the gashmiyus, the lack of respect, the poritz geder, the casting off of the yoke, etc.

And we forget who's in charge, all day, all the time.

So the pundits and defenders will come out and tag the willful accusers of a witch hunt of a noble man. They'll come up with tales of what a baal mofes he is and how he turned wine into water (or whatever that other guy didn't do). They decry the lack of evidence and where are the others; it's only one disturbed family. We'll sit through it again and again, until we realize that the enemy is not the phony with the sign sitting in the basement of a house or in a office in a building. It's not the credentials or the lack of them. It's not the internet. It's us - we are the enemy. We've made ourselves into mindless, brainless, talentless, followers of Johnny one-notes who can't even fend off the attrition of Yiddishkeit themselves. We go to shiurim and read books and are inspired; in reality we worship hero-fication and hero-fiction. The Eybishter will save us from ourselves? The despotic tsunami starts with the nations and eventually will hit us. Self-enemies be aware. Yiddishkeit enemies be afraid.

Boruch said...

If I hear another speech about how the internet is the sam Hamoves I'm going to throw up over the speaker's shoes. I shouldn't put myself in these predicaments. Does the use of the internet explain how the Spinka Rebbe got caught up in a money laundering scheme? Does the use of the internet explain how Leib Tropper plies his indiscretions? Does using the internet explain how two boys wind up in a Jamaican hell-hole? Does A.M. Schechter use the internet and does that explain how he defends a menuvil? Does C.P. Scheinberg use the internet and would that explain his comments on molestation?

NO. Now it's the internet, then it was television, before that it was radio. The yesod of a bum has nothing to do with the medium of communication popular at the moment. Yiddishkeit is not going to Hell in a handbasket because of texting. It's heading where it is heading because the geshmak for Yiddishkeit is waning and it's waning because we have excuses and deflections from reality. We need a Pinchus to take up a lance and skewer the likes of these Nesiyum who are lying to us.

The internet allows us to do in private what we would be terrified to do publicly. It allows us to hide in our clothes and behind our seforim. We still have the bochurim, now grandfathers, who hide the Sports Illustrated in the gemorrah during daf yomi. We aren't stupid. We're chicken hearted. We need leadership that can provide a geshmak for Yiddishkei. To hell with being a light to the world, we need a light for ourselves. The bloggers shouldn't be condemned for outing the riff-raff and the deceitful. But bloggers can't bring a geshmak to Yiddishkeit.

dovy said...

this article is a little confusing. what did the father see on the videotape? why does the lawyer claim that the father is out to get weberman? why would he be out to get him? what is weberman's position in the yeshiva? is it a satmar yeshiva?
can anyone answer these questions? thanks.

Puzzled said...

There seems to be some information missing here.

1) Who was with the girl in the video? the suspected boyfriend or Weberman?

2) We are told that the father went to the Brooklyn DA’s office with the tape, and Weberman. Why would Weberman be going along with the father to the DA's office if he was "the star" of the tape?

3)If he wasn't in the tape, why would he be involved with the girls tryst with her boyfriend?

4) We are told that detectives assembled sufficient preliminary evidence to start a case; and arrested Weberman on Wednesday. at the end of the article we are told that detectives are gathering information for a possible indictment. - If they don't have enough evidence yet for an indictment, then how could they arrest him?

For the lack of answers to the above questions, I will leave my mind open to the distinct possibility that the claim of Weberman's lawyer is correct, which is that the daughter is striking out in anger against her father who is trying to shut down her relationship with her boyfriend, and decided to slam Weberman in the process.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Just some clarity about Weberman.

1. Officially he is a layman. Officially a lot of mobsters are respectable businessman who spend their time in the kitchen of their small restaurant that is their front.

2. Officially, the Vaad Hatznius of Williamsburg does not exist.

3. Now, getting to reality:

4. Weberman used to work for David Niederman for years. David Niederman is the Satmar Williamsburg point man for securing outside funds for local programs. In less polite terms, he is the numero uno poverty pimp in chasidish drag in Willi. There is important overlap between the complex of Satmar Yeshivas in Willi and Niederman's operation (for the larger Satmar Willi faction loyal to R. Zalman Leib)

5. Officially/Unofficially, everyone knows that the big name connected to the Vaad Hatznius is Yosef Dovid Kraus. Weberman is a well known activist.

6. When a rumor reaches the Vaad that a girl, loy aleinu was found talking to chasidish boys, Weberman is often the guy who contacts the parents offering them help in not getting their daughter kicked out of school. The package deal solution is get them into therapy with a Weberman approved therapist. Weberman provides a one stop service. He sets the rate, collects the money, pays the therapist and in effect decides when the payola was large enough and the girl is cured.

7. It seems in this case Weberman decided to stop outsourcing and giving away a lot of the shakedown. Instead he kept it himself and became the "therapist." He is as qualified to do therapy as I am qualified to fly space shuttles.

8. Besides ripping off the parents he seems to have used the therapy role to sexually exploit this girl between ages 12 and 15. The parents never realized it.

9. Suddenly their "cured" daughter is caught involved sexually with a young man only two years older. This time they involve Weberman for help with a tznius problem again.

10. Weberman gets busy going to the police to charge the young man who was guilty of statuatory but consensual sex with a girl 2 years younger. Weberman has to do this to deflect attention from his rape over a period of three years.

11. At some point the police figure out the real story and arrest Weberman.

Unconvinced said...

Nice theory Lopin.

Any evidence to support this whole long "shpiel"?

Yerachmiel Lopin said...


My version of the story is a mixture of knowledge I have heard from several folks I have found reliable in Willi and the CBS News Report.

A few details come from inside sources close to Weberman. I am sure about what I wrote but I have not yet posted this version because I want some folks who are willing to go on record. In all likhihood you are seeing a first draft of what will be a posting by me down the road.

Anonymous said...

Que frase... Fenomenal