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Hershel Schechter/RCA - What Religion Did You Convert Trump To? - Mushchasim That You Are - הסוטים של היהדות!

Ivanka Trump lights up Baltimore, Submitted by peek on Tue, 11/23/2010 - 10:38am.


(Ivanka Trump and Maggie Cordish at Tatu Asian Grill, Baltimore’s newest hot spot adjacent to Power Plant Live!)

Ivanka Trump was recently a guest at TATU ASIAN RESTAURANT in Baltimore's POWER PLANT LIVE. Restaurant. TATU has quickly become one of Baltimore's newest hot spots to see and be seen. Whether for a cocktail pre or post dinner or a concert or a 3 hour meal, TATU is a great choice. Wonderful location, valet parking (just next to Ruth's Chris on Water Street. CITYPEEK calls TATU- "a hot, sexy, sushi bordello!"

And you NEVER KNOW WHO you will see.

TATU Baltimore,
614 Water Street
Power Plant Live
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 244-7385
Types: Asian Fusion, Bar Scene, Dancing-Nightclub, Neighborhood favorite, Notable Wine List, Romantic
Hours: 5PM - 12AM
Days Closed: Monday

TATU Baltimore, an explosive celebration of Asian cuisine featuring three of the most popular styles of cooking from the Orient and bringing them together on a powerful stage set. The menu is separated into three distinct categories: Chinois Pan Asian, the artful combination of Asian ingredients with French technique; Hunan and Szechwan Chinese, traditional Chinese classics and Japanese Sushi. TATU showcases a plush sake lounge, private tatami rooms and a full sushi bar, all captured in an intoxicating 1930’s Deco Shanghai setting in Baltimore's Power Plant Live.


Anonymous said...

Who put Donald and R' Herschel together?

Far Rot-away said...

Did anyone else notice the disgusting scene at the chanukas habayis for the new binyan of Yeshiva Darkei Torah?

R' Yankel Bender should know better than to place Margo on the most important of the three dais tables right near the podium.

R' Yankel Bender was at the original meeting of rabbonim convened over Kolko molesting at Torah Temimah.

For shame! "Darkei Torah" and "Torah Temimah" my foot!

Flatbush SY said...



French Bastard from Le Marais said...

Does Belsky know zat zee big shot lawyer Ben Brafman is on zee case?


The managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was taken off an Air France plane at Kennedy International Airport minutes before it was to depart for Paris on Saturday, in connection with the sexual attack of a maid at a Midtown Manhattan hotel, the authorities said.

Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62, who was widely expected to become the Socialist candidate for the French presidency, was apprehended by detectives of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the first-class section of the jetliner, and immediately turned over to detectives from the Midtown South Precinct, officials said.

The New York Police Department arrested Mr. Strauss-Kahn at 2:15 a.m. Sunday “on charges of criminal sexual act, attempted rape, and an unlawful imprisonment in connection with a sexual assault on a 32-year-old chambermaid in the luxury suite of a Midtown Manhattan hotel yesterday” about 1 p.m., Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne, the department’s chief spokesman, said.

Mr. Strauss-Kahn was being housed at the police department’s Special Victims Unit.

Early Sunday morning, Mr. Brafman said that his client “will plead not guilty.”

Mr. Browne said that the suite, which cost $3,000 a night, had a foyer, a conference room, a living room and a bedroom, and that Mr. Strauss-Khan had checked in on Friday.

At some point during the assault, the woman broke free, Mr. Browne said, and “she fled, reported it to other hotel personnel, who called 911.” He added, “When the police arrived, he was not there.” Mr. Browne said Mr. Strauss-Kahn appeared to have left in a hurry. In the room, investigators found his cellphone, which he had left behind, and one law enforcement official said that the investigation uncovered forensic evidence that would contain DNA.

5 Towns said...

Darkei Torah seated Margulies next to R' Elya Ber. The only personality missing was Leib Tropper. Maybe he had a prior "engagement".

Moshe Hikind said...

Don't tell my younger brother Dov

Richmond County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-001125-11/RI
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Consumer Credit
Filing Date: 01/18/2011

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...


2 Monsey sex offenders live at new address.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

Due to my schedule, and Blogger's system crash, hundreds of comments are gone or have not been posted.

Anonymous said...

the yeshiva gedola in montreal has told parents that no one told them about rabbi tzvi schmeltzers groping problem from mimi and had they known that his wife wasnt moving to montreal they never would have taken him
schmeltczer has been a huge problem for there otherwise good reputation

Boruch said...

@anonymous 5/15/11 12:22 p.m.

I, and possibly the hundreds of others who peruse this blog, should have a copious dubious hemmorhage over the "no one told them". Perhaps, with the bans on the internet, newspapers, TV, radios (only FM), walkie talkies, sonar, radar, cell phones, Lipa, blogs, normal people who try to eke out a Jewish life, bicycles, tricycles, SUVs, wonder wheels, space walks, (the list and the beat goes on) the good folk in Montreal missed this. Oh I know, it wasn't in French - so the Francophiles (no intent to be prejudiced) wouldn't look for a translation.

Why did Hershel and company convert Ivanka? Why not? Why didn't the Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal do a cursory background check or at least Google the guy's name? Why should they? We've always come up with excuses - just ask the 80% of Egyptian Jews that never got to the last makka.

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

For Hershel Schechter to sign off on this is scandalous, or he's lost it completely. He knew she was living with Kushner at the time of the conversion process; so she gets her "teudas geirus" and sleeps with Kushner that night, and every night until the "Jewish wedding"?

Unforgivable blemish on Schechter, the RCA, and all involved!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

And, as of this moment, there are
79,888 regular followers of UOJ.

One Year Since Troppers Fall 28 said...

EJF director and founder Rabbi Leib Tropper, who reportedly had an improper relationship with a woman he was converting. Audiotapes of his phone conversations with the woman suggestive of sexual relations between himself and her, and possibly other men he knew, were posted on the YouTube website.

Canadian Jewish News:

"Orthodox conversion dispute goes public

By JANICE ARNOLD, Staff Reporter
Wednesday, 13 January 2010

MONTREAL — Mainstream Orthodox congregational rabbis in Montreal allege that the haredi-dominated Vaad Ha’ir is trying to undermine their authority in conducting conversions, dissuading prospective converts to Judaism from going to them and influencing the chief rabbinate of Israel that their conversions are not as halachically sound as those of the Vaad.

A dispute that has been brewing for a few years has become public with a letter signed by six rabbis of major Orthodox synagogues, including the Montreal president of the Rabbinical Council of Canada (RCC), and published in The CJN Jan. 7, that’s critical of the U.S.-based organization Eternal Jewish Family (EJF), with which the Vaad is associated.

Vaad executive director Rabbi Saul Emanuel said he wasn’t aware of any defamation of the RCC rabbis. “I see no bad feelings whatsoever,” he said.

The letter was issued in the wake of the resignation last month of EJF director and founder Rabbi Leib Tropper, who reportedly had an improper relationship with a woman he was converting. Audiotapes of his phone conversations with the woman suggestive of sexual relations between himself and her, and possibly other men he knew, were posted on the YouTube website.

The six Montreal rabbis who signed the letter, as well as Rabbi Reuben Poupko, believe that this revelation is evidence that EJF is not a credible organization and that the Vaad, in Rabbi Poupko’s words, shows “poor judgment” in aligning with it.

The Vaad’s Rabbi Emanuel said the association is more accurately described as the independent EJF’s “endorsing us, rather than the Vaad choosing to affiliate with EJF” and that approval is due to the Vaad having built up “an exceptionally good reputation around the world over many years. Its conversion program been used as a model by other communities.”

He added, “We are not taking any instruction from EJF. All we’ve done is attend its conferences.”

Rabbi Poupko, of Congregation Beth Israel Beth Aaron, said the issue is not that the mainstream rabbis object to the Vaad doing conversions, it is that they want the “delegitimization” of those performed by RCC-affiliated rabbis to stop.

Rabbi Poupko feels the Vaad and EJF are co-operating to wrest Orthodox conversion out of the hands of the mainstream rabbinate. “EJF and the Vaad are working hand-in-glove. The Vaad has touted its endorsement by EJF like the Good Housekeeping seal of approval.”

The mainstream Orthodox rabbis contend the dispute is not about standards, but rather politics and power."

One Year Since Troppers Fall 29 said...

EJF director and founder Rabbi Leib Tropper, who reportedly had an improper relationship with a woman he was converting. Audiotapes of his phone conversations with the woman suggestive of sexual relations between himself and her, and possibly other men he knew, were posted on the YouTube website.

Canadian Jewish News:

"Orthodox conversion dispute goes public

Rabbi Michael Whitman, one of the signatories to the letter, said EJF began “bad-mouthing” the RCC’s conversions almost immediately after the RCC’s Montreal branch founded its own beit din for conversions. “Their agenda is not to improve conversions or to establish universal standards… It’s to establish who is in and who is out. They want haredim in charge of conversions and no synagogue rabbis involved… Not only do they not accept us, they bad-mouth us.”

They think it would be wise for the Vaad to reconsider its association with EJF, which was founded by Rabbi Tropper in 2005 as an independent organization in Suffern, N.Y., with funding from a private U.S. philanthropist. According to its public information, the EJF’s goal is to standardize conversion procedures, ensuring that they strictly adhere to Jewish law and are acceptable to Israel’s chief rabbinate, which has the power to deem who is a Jew in Israel.

The batei din of the Vaad, as well as of those headed by Rabbi Dovid Shochet in Toronto and Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock in Vancouver, are among the 19 rabbinical courts in the world endorsed by ETJ as meeting “universally accepted standards.”

The EJF website page that listed endorsed batei din was altered slightly last week with the addition: “This list does not imply that other batei din are not reliable.”

Rabbi Dovid Jacobs, ETF’s U.S. executive director, stated, “We do not seek to defame anyone.”

“Batei din are endorsed because they have been researched and we know their standards are universally recognized… I was told the Vaad’s program is over 20 years old and has been very successful.”

The controversy over Rabbi Tropper “does not speak to our policies or standards or directly affected our operations… Has there been PR fallout from it? Obviously, yes.”
EJF’s leading halachic overseer is Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, who has reaffirmed the organization’s mission.

About six years ago, the RCC-affiliated rabbinate in Montreal formed its own beit din for conversions, Rabbi Whitman said, with the approval of the then-chief rabbi of the Vaad’s beit din, the late Rabbi Avraham David Niznik. Up until then, most Orthodox conversions had been done by individual rabbis, Rabbi Whitman said, but it was felt a more centralized approach would be better.

In 2005, Rabbi Yonason Binyamin Weiss, a chassid from Bnei Brak, Israel became deputy head and then head of the Vaad’s beit din upon Rabbi Niznik’s death. He has been a speaker at EJF conferences.

Besides Rabbi Whitman of Congregation Adath Israel Poale Zedek, the letter’s signatories are: Rabbi Schachar Orenstein of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Rabbi Chaim Steinmetz of Congregation Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem, Rabbi Ira Ebbin of Beth Zion Congregation, Rabbi Mordecai Zeitz of Congregation Beth Tikvah and Rabbi Asher Jacobson of Congregation Chevra Kadisha-B’nai Jacob, the RCC president."

One Year Since Troppers Fall 30 said...

EJF director and founder Rabbi Leib Tropper, who reportedly had an improper relationship with a woman he was converting. Audiotapes of his phone conversations with the woman suggestive of sexual relations between himself and her, and possibly other men he knew, were posted on the YouTube website.

Canadian Jewish News:

"Orthodox conversion dispute goes public

They contend Rabbi Tropper and EJF “expended much effort trying to delegitimize others. Through the alliance of individuals and organizations in Montreal with EJF, they have become a dangerously divisive force here in our community.” They write that the RCC’s conversion program has been “relentlessly defamed by EJF for purely political reasons.” The RCC is affiliated with the Rabbinical Council of America.

While the Vaad isn’t named in the letter, Rabbi Whitman confirmed in an interview that this is the local organization being referred to.

The tensions between mainstream congregational rabbis and haredi-dominated groups over conversion is not unique to Montreal, and it mirrors the increasing power of right-wing Orthodoxy in Israel and the intense focus on Jewish authenticity in that country, particularly since the influx of large number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Rabbi Whitman said there’s no doubt that the Vaad and EJF have a “very close relationship” and that he met Rabbi Tropper when he came to a Vaad program in Montreal. Rabbis associated with the Vaad are also engaged in the same defamation, he said.

“This is a large Jewish community, it is not homogeneous and there is room enough for two conversion programs,” Rabbi Whitman said. “We have no objection to the Vaad maintaining their program. We are just asking for mutual respect.”

The Vaad’s Rabbi Emanuel maintains, “There is absolutely no competition with anyone [in conversions]. If they are adhering to true, authentic Torah law, they are welcome.”

He said the existence of two such batei din in Montreal “does seem to be working” and people are free to go to whomever they wish.

RCC converts are accepted in Israel today, Rabbi Whitman said, but it may take some persuasion.

“The situation in Israel is terribly political and the chief rabbinate is not a bastion of integrity. If you ask someone there if our converts are accepted, they will say no. If you ask someone else they say OK. It takes repeated phone calls. The bottom line is they are accepted, but with effort.

“I have had converts who made aliyah or married in Israel, and I have officiated at weddings."

Anonymous said...

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. Ivanka Trump's fraudulent "conversion" could be spotted from a mile away. This is all about money, politics, and fame. It has nothing to do with Judaism.
Jared Kushner split up with Ivanka Trump because she REFUSED TO CONVERT to Orthodx Judaism. Secular Jared didn't care about Ivanka "converting", it was all due to pressure from his parents. Jared reconciled with Ivanka when she was promised that it wouldn't be a real conversion. The Kushner's, Mr. Yaskel Lookstein, not a real Rabbi, and the RCA were all involved in this sham.
Ivanka has shown from the beginning that she was never serious about becoming an Modern Orthodox Jew. Ivanka's obviously not worried about the reprecussions because she bought her "conversion."
Ivanka's not kosher, deftinately doesn't dress tznius, more like a stripper, and doesn't observe the Sabbath.
I don't know what religion Ivanka "converted" to but it definately wasn't Orthodox Judaism.

The links below show what a fraud Ivanka is:




"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

So now she's having a Gentile baby Hershel Schechter - and you wait and see all HELL break loose if (I truly hope not) Kushner/Trump eventually wind up in Family Court.

The wrath of the Donald will be vented on those "MOFO" Jews! (Quoting Donald's outburst regarding the Chinese)

Great job you idiot bozos!

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! Unfortunately there are hundreds of so-called Rabbis like Tropper and Shechter out there.

Son of Boog said...

Moishe Scheinerman was at that first Kolko meeting with Yankel Bender.

itchiemayer said...

Let us not forget that Jared's daddy ain't no saint either. Trump, Haskel the Rascal, and Daddy Kushner...what a tag team.

ORA Watch said...

WARNING to all married Jewish men: One phone call to Herschel Schachter's feminist ORA organization by your wife or her friends could result in the destruction of your family, G-d forbid!

I'm glad UOJ is finally focusing some attention on Herschel Schachter and his corruption. But know that all the conversion scandals, including Tropper, absolutely pale in comparison to the evil being committed by ORA ( the Organization for the Resolution of Agunot ).

The ORA feminist mafia led by Herschel Schachter from YU, under the phony guise of rescuing "agunot" (very few of them are), has been waging all out war against numerous innocent Jewish men caught up in horrible divorce wars. Many of these men are being jailed, robbed of their children and assets, and destroyed in the feminist non-Jewish courts while their evil moser wives are coached on the sidelines by ORA's cronies. ORA's goons work in the shadows using vicious tactics against Jewish men such as attempting to them fired from their jobs, get them evicted from their apartments, harass their families, and destroy their reputations.

ORA's feminist war against Jewish men may be even more destructive to the Jewish community than the molestation problem. Many Jewish families are being destroyed, and numerous pasul gittin and mamzerim are resulting. UOJ, please focus your spotlight on ORA and Schachter more intensely. http://rabbischachter.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

just asking

in miami beach how many beis yaacov girls were pregnant this year

the early guessing is that over two girls were pregnant

but the rabbis are covering it up

Boruch said...

The wrath of the Donald will be vented on those "MOFO" Jews! (Quoting Donald's outburst regarding the Chinese)

Are we really worried about the Donald (Duck or Trump - is there a difference)? God gives and God takes, tomorrow the guy could be shining shoes in front of GCT. However this sham got past the MO or YU chevrah isn't worthy of that much press. What are we (the Jews that are left to practice Judaism as God (the real power) wants it done) going to do to protect ourselves. Is the sefer yichus movement dead?

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

We're not talking about the OU on laundry detergent R' Baruch, this is the guy (Schechter) that was suppose to control and oversee all the recognized conversions in the USA by the ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Israel.

Mordy Tendler said...

the early guessing is that over two girls were pregnant

Sounds like you have a Tendler problem in Miami

Anonymous said...

What's with the story of a very important Rav Mechanech/Mashgiach from Betar being arrested last week in Ramat Bet Shemesh and the Rabbonim now trying to cover it up?

Boruch said...

Reb UOJ,

Then we need to rethink who's a Rabbi, not who's a Jew. Because I wouldn't let the OU hechsher on laundry detergent or water (ludricrous as that is) sway me regarding what to buy, how much more so a hechsher on conversions regarding who's a Jew.

Just as with other professions, the money talks and all else walks. The rabbinate is a profession comprised of fund raisers and skirt raisers (occasionally a Rov). These days it doesn't mean go to a conservative shul as the Rabbi but don't use the microphone or the parking lot on Shabbos and Yom Tov. Yiddishkeit has many streams of money making (Robert Allen learned?).

It goes back to a fundamental question - who's a Rabbi? Why do we, as Jews abrogate our Yiddishkeit, to such people. The Trump deal, and it's a deal, benefits who? Ivanka could've lived with the guy and not gotten married. Jared, what was his benefit - divorce and a large payday? I'll say that a pre-nuptial agreement will prevent that.

Who won? The Jews lose when they don't protest these toeva marriages (yeah they are abominable). UOJ keep doing what's right, protest, don't let up. The money made off of this was treif, and the conversion is not a conversion. We can protect ourselves - sefer yuchsin. We must protect ourselves, learn, not Artscroll learning, but learn in order to do. It's the way it was meant to be. We've seen the enemy and it is us - Pogo was and is right.

Anonymous said...

79,888 regular followers of UOJ.

This blog is my only link to what is left of the Judaism I was raised in.

Everything else is money laundering, corruption, molestation and other perversions.

Anonymous said...

your right
it is not who is a jew but what is a rabbi

these clowns who call themselves rabbis the gropers rabbi schmeltzer (the new teacher in montreal ) the molesters (mondorowitz, kolko, webbermans )
adulterers tropper tendlers
and the corruption the list is endless

thats why you need 600000 molesters

but i agree lets not teach beis yaacov girls about marraige and pregnancies lets teach them gemora so when thet run off ot shabbatons and are pregnant (as occured in beis Yaacov of MIami we hush it up

RBS Parent said...

Heh - UOJ!

You're missing a big story in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

Another rebbe (mefakeach in this case) has been arrested for allegedly molesting pupils.

Reports indicate dozens of other kids were also molested, HY, over a period of years.

However, an in-house 'investigative' team has been put in place by the minahel, to bury the scale of the disaster.

All this under the supervision of the rabbi of the cheder, none other than Rabbi Elimelech Kornfeld. (See UOJ's past).

Where's UOJ on this one?!

"UOJ" - "The Un-Orthodox Jew" said...

RBS Parent:

Please send me the details, I've been globe-trotting.


Anonymous said...


we need to get up to 600000 members to combat these reshayim who are so called rabbis

the mondorowitz's kolkos, schmeltczers troppers and others need to be removed from the community

any yeshiva that harbors them needs to be investigated

while ramat beit shemesh is a hot bed for these crimes so is nyc and miami and now montreal

parents be afraid very afraid

Anonymous said...

Another scandalous picture emerged today of Ivanka Trump. Bazaar magazine released a photo of Ivanka Trump in a very tight black, backless mini dress with a slit on the side. In addition Ivanka's wearing fishnet stockings and Playboy bunny ears. Oh, and she's also sporting a baby bump. Keep it classy, Ivanka.
Ivanka has been making a mockery of Judaism for years now and hardly anyone cares. Enough is enough! Revoke her phony "conversion" now.
Everyone should write to Haskel Lookstein and the RCA and ask them how long this travesty will be allowed to go on.

Anonymous said...

Ivanka Trump pregnant playboy bunny


Anonymous said...

Hershel Schechter, Haskell Lookstein and a Chassidishe Rav from Monsey sat on Ivanka's Beis Din L'Giyur.

Arthur said...

Has anybody seen this and guess where? In San Fransisco.


Anonymous said...

Aside from sounding like nazi wanna bees, all the people here sound like they are in need of ritalin.