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Falsus in Uno, Falsus in Omnibus - False in one, False in All.


You may consider this as my magnum opus indictment on Bais Din! All Batei Din! - (in the plural)

 Three is a chazaka, and according to the Talmud, one may make assumptions on a particular mazik or predator based on three separate independent incidents of intentional damage. We know the example the Talmud uses for the "ox that gores." He loses his status as a Tam, or accidental/happenstance predator, and becomes a shor ha'Muad on the third goring.  One must assume that an ox that gores three times is a danger to society, and the owner is put on notice that he is fully responsible for all the damages caused by his ox, not merely chatzi nezek, or partial damages.

So if I were to bring a suit against "Bais Din", on behalf of Klal Yisroel, I have my three undisputed cases of intentional harm inflicted on the Nation of Israel, by three independent incidents of intentional abuse of the bais din system, by three independent batei din - recognized  perhaps by many Jews as reputable batei din, but not by me. Truth be shared, I have scores of cases of bais din abuse in my files, accumulated over the years.

The first one is well known; the case of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, acting on behalf of the bais din he heads, issuing a subpoena or a hazmana to Eli Greenwald, to appear before him and his tribunal; the charges alleged were "defamation of character" or motzei shem ra for attempting to call a parent meeting at Yeshiva Torah Temima regarding the then allegations leveled against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko for child molestation.


One does not have to be a nuclear scientist to come to the conclusion, that Belsky was using bais din, the present day replacement of the Sanhedrin, as a personal tool to scare Greenwald off. Belsky had known for years that Kolko was a danger to children, he was called before the "Scheinberg" bais din decades earlier and heard testimony leveled at Kolko from none other than his good friend Rabbi Shmuel Dishon of Yeshiva Karlin Stolin, who tossed Kolko out of Stolin for these very allegations of child rape.

In addition, the Talmudic adage of "kolo d'lo pasuk", or the stories never cease,...applied to allegations against Kolko for pedophilia since he was a teenager in Camp Agudah, the camping arm of the Agudath Israel of America, that Belsky heads.

To add additional salt to our collective wound, Belsky came to "rescue" Kolko's nephew of Lakewood, who was accused of child rape, claiming loudly that no one could go to the police in Yossi Kolko's case lest they be excommunicated from the Jewish community. The child that was molested and came forward to file a police complaint, was a child of a rabbinic family who would have none of Belsky's supposed halacha, or rulings. The father lost his job at Beth Medrash Govoha, and the innocent victimized child was not permitted to attend any yeshiva in New Jersey. Literally, the rabbinic hangmen posse, rode these innocent souls out of Dodge.

It is clear now to the masses, finally, after pouring my heart out to anyone who would listen, that the plague of child rape, is not only a disease of society at large, but embedded deep into the inner school system of yeshivas and girls'schools, and the clergy leadership of the Jews. Belsky, to me, is the driver of Kolko's getaway car, after Kolko bombed a yeshiva to smithereens and killed hundreds of its innocent kids. What we are dealing here is with dinei n'fashot, one must sacrifice themselves rather than directly be involved, or be an accessory to murder.  Belsky, at the very least, is an accessory to murder of God knows how many innocent children!...And he is the head of Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, with hundreds of vulnerable children under his spell.

The second case is just as glaring in its own right, throwing Yahadus to the dogs, up for bid for either personal sexual pleasure or other reasons that have nothing to do with the meritocracy of becoming a converted Jew; and aiding in the destruction where Leib Tropper left off, converting undeserving gentiles to Judaism for personal benefit.

 The rabbinic head of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Hershel Schechter,  under the auspices of the RCA, the Rabbinical Council of America, "converted" Ivanka Trump to "Orthodox Judaism", knowing full well that she was living with her boyfriend Jared Kushner during the two year Process, who observes NOTHING! Rabbi Moshe Feinstein's well known psak regarding these conversions, is posted on the UOJ sidebar as well for anyone that cares.

A Trump Family Christmas - December 2011



Max said...

1) The very advocates of the system know it's garbage. Aron Shachter had no problem giving Reb Moshe the finger when sent a hazmanah. There are countless similar stories of yishivas and chassidic sects going to secular court. i have no problem with this; the trial is much more likely to be fair. We all know beis din is a joke.

2) I sometimes feel like you intimate more than detail, and the devil is in the details. If R' Sholom Tendler did something wrong, please spell it.

3) What's with all your references to catholic and other sex offenses? We have enough to think about with our own issues.

What REALLY landed Belsky in hospital said...

...does ANYONE really know the truth???

Expatriate Owl said...

An illiterate village chief in the Amazon rain forest is perfectly capable of issuing a Solomonic decision in a dispute between two women over a baby -- provided that he has not interest in the outcome of the case.

The standard for employees of the Federal government is to avoid even the APPEARANCE of a conflict of interest; indeed, I had occasion to recuse myself in several cases (including one where the government contractor was a neighbor of my mother-in-law and was on the guest list of my sister-in-law's wedding).

The problem with the batei din is that the dayanim are too close and cozy socially with one or more parties, so even where they genuinely are objective, nobody believes it.

Otisville Putz said...

With all the money at Frankel's shul they can't even pay the electric bill?

Kings County Civil Court
Index Number: RE-401322-11/KI

Wassup yo said...

Wait until Shmarya finds out about this:

New York County Civil Court
Index Number: CV-064819-11/NY
Case Name: Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Of America vs. Orchem Corporation
Case Type: Civil
Classification: Commercial
Filing Date: 12/06/2011


The OU is suing a Black company.

Fact Checker said...

What do you mean that Yossi Kolko's victim was driven out of Lakewood by BMG? BMG backed the victim when Kolko refused to come to beis din and were condemned in a letter by Belsky over it. Belsky had a blog in Lakewood sympathetic to him pull the letter after the Ocean County Prosecutor warned him that threatening letters & hazmonos will land him in criminal court.

Fact Checker said...

Can you explain? You said that Union would not pursue Tendler over violating sexual boundaries yet your letter to Union indicates that the RCC beis din was already mazmin Tendler. So how then did the RCC investigation start before being abandoned?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious story that happened last week. A bunch of Long Beach yeshiva bochurim approached a Hispanic guy outside a bodega and offered him $2 to buy them booze & cigarettes. He gave them musser that how could they as yeshiva bochurim? They were stunned they he could speak heimish so they ran away. He is the Shabbos goy for one of the biggest talmidei chochomim in America.

Anonymous said...

UOJ how ironic that you mention Union and Herschel Schachter who for bribes came after Meir Kin unjustifiably right about the same time that Meir Kin summoned gershon Bess to a Din - Torah for falsely shaming him in public. Its very suspicious that the RCC could not get a 3rd signature on a Seiruv so they go across the country to get herschel Schachter to sign. What happened union and sauer couldnt get anyone else in LA to sign!!! see rabbiniccorruptionatrcc.blogspot.com

Alan Litman said...


Rabbi Shalom Tendler talks to a guest and her son outside a sukkah during a Sukkot garden party at the home of Alan and Sharon Litman.

Boris Sinofsky said...


Boris Sinofsky was approached last year by Rabbi Shalom Tendler of Mesivta Birkas Yitzchok (MBY). The school wanted to offer physiology to the one or two students who requested it, but clearly could not create an entire course for just those students. That is, in fact, what they did. Instead of looking for uncredentialed recent college grads at a cut rate price, they searched for someone whom they knew could reach the students. Mr. Sinofsky is a local retired teacher who served LAUSD for thirty years. Many area residents know him for his years as a science teacher at Hamilton High School. Now in his 80’s, Mr. Sinofsky has returned to teach part time in his “retirement.” MBY was quick to realize they had a wonderful resource in the neighborhood, and took advantage by offering Mr. Sinofsky part time work.

Aish Hatorah said...


Aish LA - Fri/Sat Feb 3-4
Shabbos With Rabbi Yaakov Salomon
In honor of R’ Noach Weinberg zt’l’s yahrzeit. Rabbi Salomon together with Rabbi Shalom Tendler will be conducting a Q&A session on Kiruv on Shabbos after kiddush.

Anonymous said...


By BaltimoreJewishLife.com / Rabbi Elchonon Oberstein

Posted on 02/09/12

Baltimore, MD - Feb. 9 - 16 Shevat - I have just returned from the funeral of Rabbi Yosef Tendler

His younger brother, Rabbi Shalom Tendler, who is 11 years younger, stated with deep emotion that he decided as a teenager to pattern his own life on that of his older brother because he was an “Ish emes”

Rabbi Noah Shafran, a son-in-law and rebbe in the Mechina spoke of the “simchas hachaim” in the Tendler family, the wonderful relationship between parents and children and the joy that each received from their relationship with one another.


I believe that Noach Shafran who is the 11th grade rebbe in Ner Yisroel pictured here is Avi Shafran's brother. That would explain Shafran and his disciples from the Agudah like Chaim Schwartz acting as if the Tendlers are innocent. That jerk Schwartz who is now at the Queens Vaad has even attacked all the yeshivishe & chassidishe rabbonim who proclaimed Mordechai Tendler a pervert and mocked the halacha teshuva written about it by Rav Wosner.

Red Alert! said...


This seems to be a current staff list at Ner Yisroel.

Moshe Eisemann was brought back to an official capacity as "Shoal Meshiv, Former Mashgiach"

And let's hope the Ahron Tendler who is a Rosh Chabura in the kollel is Yosef's son and not the son of Shalom who moved to Baltimore from L.A.

Anonymous said...

I think this is Yonason Tendler's wife

Kings Civil Supreme
Index Number: 010535/2005
Case Type: Other Torts
Track: Complex

Anonymous said...

Brother of Mordechai & Aron

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 009563/2005
Case Type: Medical Malpractice
Track: Complex

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 006679/1989
Case Type: Medical Malpractice

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 004683/1987
Case Type: Contract

Anonymous said...

Rockland Civil Supreme
Index Number: 000476/1991
Case Type: Other ("Not One Of The Above")
Track: Unknown

Anonymous said...

In a week from now the trial resumes in State Supreme Court between Mordechai Tendler & his old shul suing each other.

Lower East Side said...

The father of Moses, Yosef & Shalom Tendler was R' Isaac Tendler who learned in Radin. When he immigrated to NY he enrolled in YU and married the only orthodox lady at the time (1920s) who had earned a law degree. He became the rov of the Kaminetzer shul and was giving shiurim in Bachurei Chemed until getting a shteller in RJJ where he remained for 43 years.

When Yosef Tendler was in YU he would visit Lakewood during the summers. R' Elya Svei grabbed him in a headlock and dragged him over to R' Aron Kotler who asked him to switch from YU to Lakewood. Yosef became an eidim by the alter Slabodker R' Menachem Mendel Perr. Rav Perr was the rov in Ozone Park north of JFK airport that was all shvartzas & secular Jews. Only 4 people came to shul on Shabbos morning. 3 mechalel Shabbos Jews and a shvartza who wanted to convert.

Baltimore, the City that breeds said...

Sholom Tendler has a great nephew by the same name who is one of kashrus administrators at Star K.

Bungalow Yenta said...

Was Marvin Schick in RJJ the same time as Shalom Tendler?

The Odd Couple said...

The Sholom Tendler at Star K is the grandson of Moses. What's really weird about that is Rav Heinemann has dismissed Moses Tendler on kashrus matters and publicly denounced him as having "no ne'emanus". Why in the world would they want to work with each other unless Sholom has disowned his own grandpa?

Anonymous said...

You are a very bright guy. Why in the world would you try to get a Bais Din to subpoena their own Dayan?
Additionally, why not just go to secular courts if you are so fed up with Bais Din? You might actually get some justice.
An Admirer

Shlomo Dwek ratted him out too? said...


What idiots. Ramapo Lighting & Electric in Spring Valley is owned by a Hungarian guy Schwartz from Monsey and a Satmar guy Heshy Fisher from Monroe. Schwartz has had other businesses in the past where he screwed suppliers out of money and closed up. At Ramapo they recently closed the branch in Lakewood NJ before things got wild. They took out a $1 million loan from Signature Bank (division of Bank Hapoalim) which they almost immediately defaulted on. Then the FBI came by to ask why Fisher is running $100,000s through a "charity". Schwartz told them he doesn't know about any laundering but that he assumes the money is being stolen from him so he kicked out Fisher and dissolved the shutfus. The bank came after Fisher because he signed a personal guarantee. He wants to make sure they can't garnish any wages so he is bringing doctors notes to court that he can't work due to "chronic fatigue syndrome". Meanwhile, Schwartz has some weird sounding taynah that he does have to pay because the bank has "dirty hands". Amazing how Hungarians come up with every excuse when they don't want to pay money they owe.

Anonymous said...

A poor girl is waiting three years for a get from her husband, while Machon Le'Horaa couldn't care less. They stretch the case and keep it going forever and ever so that they can continue to pull in the cash from the husband's family.

Geldzahler: Watch out, because people are catching on to who you are.

How many other girls are suffering because of you?

And then you have the chutzpa to come and collect money from the girls' families as well.

Monsey said...

I used to think Mechon was from the few squeaky clean beis dins.

But then someone has been trying to convince me for years that how could they be when the brother of that shvantz ganav Ezriel Tauber is there. I don't know any shmutz on the brother but my friend swears there is. (Want to see a funny reaction? Mention R' Dovid Cohen's name to Ezriel Tauber and see how how terrified he gets)

Mechon also has a dayan Braunstein, a Vizhnitzer chossid. There is a major crook in Lakewood named Moishy Kizelnik who steals from all over in gesheft. He refuses to go to any Lakewood beis din but is willing to go to Mechon. Lakewood dayanim have warned toivayim that Kizelnik's brother learns bechavrusa with Braunstein so insist that he cannot sit on your case if you go there.

Binyamin said...

Kind and compassionate friends:

Rabbi Belsky is now in critical condition.

If you believe, as do I, that the Almighty is a God of mercy, PLEASE take a few seconds and ask Him to spare the life of Yisroel ben (Hebrew for "son of") Chana Tzirel.

If you can immediately do some extra act of kindness in his merit, all the more so!

The power of prayer is more than a bumper sticker slogan.

PLEASE act now!

Please forward this note and post it to social media.

May the One who is the True healer, bless you in kind for your kindness,
Binyamin L. Jolkovsky,
Editor in Chief,

Anonymous said...

From Matzav

Mutar to report fireworks, but you are a moser if report a child molester.

Fact Checker said...

Don't you dare smear Rav Wosner & Rav Karelitz shlita with your false insinuations.

The Bnei Brak dayanim have written teshuvos under the tutelage of these poskei hador that molesters must be reported to the police even if there was "no penetration".

Anti-molester askan Ben Hirsch (R' Feivel Cohen's nephew) has a major teshuva from them scanned on his Survivors for Justice website.

Hilluk said...

Fireworks are inanimate. You don't destroy their lives if you make a false accusation.

Mordechai Tendler said...

I love shopping in the Ramapo store in Spring Valley. One of those heimishe guys has festeh dirty jokes that he tells over.

Leopold Margulies said...

Yeah yeah, sure. Ben Hirsch vilt noikem zein oif Yidi Kolko und dus macht er shoin a groiseh "askan". Da last time dee Agudah vas giving me a kibud, Ich hub gemacht ess al tenai dat dey not listening to der poskei hador vus zei dreyen a kup about "molesters".

Monsey Maven said...

That jokester is right. I avoid going to Ramapo because of the filthy jokes.

Queens Vaad Baloney Monitor said...

That Queens Vaad nudnik on Yudel Shain's blog who was outed as being former Agudah employee Chaim Schwartz, lies all the time that there is no such thing as molesters or psak to call the police. After the link was made to the teshuva on Ben Hirsch's website, the jerk slightly changed his tune to "ok, so there are very, very 'rare' instances where 'maybe' a kid was raped but if you call the cops for anything less you are the rotzayech becuase the gedolim never gave a blanket heter". Never mind that they did when there is even just a raglayim ledavar.

The nudnik was also making fun of an American ger tzedek who has semicha from Rav Karelitz which happens to be dozens of issurei Oraysah per incident. It makes if it was Chaim Schwartz considering that Schwartz hates UOJ betachlis hasinah and hates that RSFM wrote against corrupt rabbonim in a michtav from 1923. What's the connection to the ger? He was megayer by RSFM's eidim Rav Greenbaum. Schwartz is also a narrow minded yeshivishe maniac so if it's him it makes sense he made fun of the ger for going to college in Monsey after leaving Bnei Brak, even though he needed it for parnossa.

Anonymous said...

Join the war!