Wednesday, August 15, 2012

And the Jews Do What?

Penn State Warned by Accreditation Panel

Published: August 14, 2012

Pennsylvania State University has been warned that its accreditation is in jeopardy unless it corrects conditions that contributed to sexual abuse of children by a former assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education issued the warning last week, giving the university until Sept. 30 to report what steps it is taking. The commission, which oversees more than 500 schools, issued 32 accreditation warnings in a two-year period ending in June. Such warnings are almost always resolved without punitive action.

Mr. Sandusky was convicted in June of molesting 10 boys.



letoyeles harabim said...

Satmar hashgochos should not allow their food company clients to have convicted sex offenders on the State registry driving trucks for them unsupervised.


Camp Shalva in South Fallsburg had a problem a few years ago when convicted Boro Park molester Moishe Pinter got inside the bunks which is why they installed locks & hired a security guard. Last week, the Golden Taste food company under 'Sachdis & Itzu Glick's cousin Rav Glick in Monsey had one of their delivery trucks in the area. The driver Yoely Oberlander is a convicted sex offender on the NY State registry. He should not be working in an unsupervised position like this. Someone, allegedly Oberlander, entered the camp in the middle of the night & molested several campers. The camp called Dayan Tauber of Bobov who told them they are mechuyev al pi halacha to call the police. The camp ignored the dayan & the halacha. R' Feivel Cohen's nephew Ben Hirsch happened to find out so he called the authorities. When the camp found out State Police troopers were on their way, they destroyed the videotape. There are also suspicions that the camp is blaming Oberlander as a convenient scapegoat to cover up for someone else. In the the meantime, R' Bentzion Halberstam shlita, the Rebbe of Bobov 48 was upset there was a cover up and ordered the camp to fully cooperate with the police.

Bobover Bimbo said...

If you want to see something funny, check out how Shmarya is attacking Jewish Whistle Blower of all people for his coverage of the Shalva incident. Shmarya is using his attacks on JWB to prop himself up as some Pulitzer grade investigative reporter who thinks there is a cover up in accusing Oberlander. Shmarya of course broke nothing since R' Nuchem Rosenberg was the first one to report that the real molester might be someone else.

Kleinman and the Tonka do the honky tonk said...

What is the connection between Ely Kleinman and the Tonka Rebbe of Flatbush (Isac Friedman) that Kleinman is going all out to build him a new shull, that will cost a few million bucks? Does Kleinman owe the Tonka anything, like helping him out with the heter mei'ah rabbanim to let his son marry his Sotah?

Anonymous said...

The Tenker is around Ave O & East 21st. Could Kleinman be davening there occasionally? In any case Kleinman likes getting his name on as many buildings as possible. He is a publicity hog like Donald Trump. The Tenker's brother is "Taliban" Friedman who ganged up with Avremel Schorr to sabotage the Lipa Schmeltzer concert and be mafsid people a lot of money through forged signatures and dishonest hysteria. The Tenker's father was a big tzaddik who joined R' Avigdor Miller to fight Kolko & Margulies.

Mendel the mouse said...

Kleinman announced at the siyum Hashas that he is a Kerestirer. They are the most superstitious of the Hungarians. If you think the Lubavitch Meshichistim are weird with their Rebbe pictures, these Hungarians put up pictures of R' Shayale Kerestirer in their homes which they say wards off rodents.

The Kerestirers in Boro Park all stick together and have a reputation of being very materialistic & feinschmecky even by Hungarian standards.

Sammy said...

>The Kerestirers in Boro Park all stick together and have a reputation of being very materialistic & feinschmecky even by Hungarian standards.<

That's saying a lot you know!