Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Brooklyn criminal courtroom resembles nightclub as members of the Satmar Hasidic Jewish sect show up to support Nechemya Weberman

Weberman aka THE ANIMAL in court today

Weberman took the stand to defend himself against charges that he sexually molested a beautiful Satmar teenager while he was supposed to be her therapist. Lubavitcher and Modern Orthodox Jews showed up to support the woman, sequestered in another room, quietly celebrating, if you could call it that, her 18th birthday.

With a costumed crowd pressing against velvet ropes begging to be let in, the Brooklyn criminal courtroom resembled a nightclub Wednesday.

The iconoclastic garb of the Satmar Hasidic Jewish sect was unmistakable as members showed up to support Nechemya Weberman when he took the stand to defend himself against charges that he sexually molested a beautiful Satmar teenager while he was supposed to be her therapist. Lubavitcher and Modern Orthodox Jews showed up to support the woman, sequestered in another room, quietly celebrating, if you could call it that, her 18th birthday.

Ladies in wigs and hats, with long skirts and arms and legs covered, sat apart from the men in dark suits, wearing yarmulkes, their hair in forelocks, as the jury as diverse as Brooklyn itself stared out over the insular community and got a lesson in Hasidism 101 from the testimony.

Like the fact that what you wear is no joke, as the alleged victim found out when she began to break the dress code with short skirts and sheer tights, and when she began to share pop songs like “Love Can Kill You” and sneak off to Hollywood movies.

The recalcitrant teen had come to the attention of an internal committee of men called the Va’ad Hatznius, which helps enforce modesty rules — among 613 commandments Satmar members believe must be followed.

According to the testimony of another young woman who'd taken the stand Wednesday morning, you don't want to mess with Va’ad Hatznius.

“Isn't it true that masked individuals came into your bedroom in the middle of the night and seized your cell phone?” no-nonsense prosecutor Kevin O'Donnell asked Baila Gluck. “And that this is the type of action Va’ad Hatznius takes when Satmar don't follow the rules? And wasn't it traumatic for you?” Yes. Yes. And yes.

But it was nothing like the trauma Weberman's accuser said she suffered as he allegedly forced her to perform oral sex and recreate scenes from porn movies. She had been ordered by her religious school's principal, Weberman's cousin, to go to Weberman for therapy, which he had no license to provide. And her parents were forced to pay for it.

If she didn't get therapy, she would be thrown out of the school, Weberman admitted. Though Weberman adamantly denied ever molesting her, the girl says the abuse went on for three years.

A young Satmar woman dressed modestly but wearing green nail polish against her husband's wishes told the Daily News, “I don't have time to come here, but I'm compelled to listen for myself. I need to know the truth.”

The victim of molestation for five years as a child, Debbie Teller set up the website adkanenough.com — Enough is Enough — to post names of sex offenders in the Orthodox community worldwide. Since the Weberman trial began, her site’s visitors have spiked by the thousands.

Sex abuse isn't greater within the Hasidic community than outside, said social worker Carole Sher, who helps run the SOURI Hotline, Support Orthodox Victims of Rape and Incest.

But there's been a lot of covering up in the past. But now with more receptive rabbis and greater communication, that's changing.”

The Brooklyn jury learned that if a Jewish person reported another Jewish person to the police, they would be labeled a “moser” — informer — and ostracized as strongly as a Mob rat.

With the Internet, the thin black line of silence in the religious community has been erased, agreed Joey DiAngello, perhaps one of the most colorful people attending the trial.

Born Yoel Deutsch into the Satmar sect 32 years ago, DiAngello, a heavy-metal drummer with Slayer and Iron Maiden tatoos on his arms, told The News he was raped at the age of seven in a mikvah, or public bath. He's set up the Facebook pages War on Vaad Hatznius and Survivors for Justice.

“I've gotten tweets from people calling me a self-hating Jew, but I really want to help Jewish kids in the same situation I was in,” he says. “It's like metal. I have something to say, and if you don't like it, I'll turn it up even louder.”



Anonymous said...

Very nogaya for mayser kessafim as well as the viability of many tzedaka organizations going forward.

There is much negotiating lately between Obama & Republicans on eliminating or drastically limiting tax deductions for charitable donations. Right Wing Conservatives who are against touching this deduction & are against other Obama intentions have lost their power in a struggle where center leaning Republicans have taken control of the Republican Party and want to cave in to Obama so that the public does not blame them for anything the next time they come up for re-election. This is probably the reason why Conservative Senator Jim DeMint announced this morning he is quitting the Senate effective in 3 weeks.

The NY Times had a major article yesterday on the tzedaka tax deductions & mentioned that many organizations have swooped into Washington to twist the arms of Obama's inner circle to leave the deduction alone. The paper mentioned that one Obama stooge who is being surrounded is Obama Chief of Staff Jacob Lew. Lew is a Left Wing Modern Orthodox Liberal who grew up davening at a Queens Vaad shul in Forest Hills. The Times quotes unnamed tzedaka organization officials describing Lew as not giving any ground with the talking point that Obama's Socialist programs have to be funded from somewhere, so if it comes down to even tzedaka money, then so be it. Lew has previously been profiled by the Times as a fierce Lefty who drives Republicans insane during negotiations because he refuses to budge an inch while being moser nefesh for Obama's Socialism.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Lew is not the only modern orthodox lefty in the Obama administration.

Rahmbo Emmanuel davens by Asher Lopatin, who is likely the most radical left rabbi in the OU network. Emmanuel is allowed to daven in that OU shul and receive aliyos & kibudim despite that his wife is l'halacha a shiksa and his children are goyim. Lopatin claims its "none of my business who he's married to". Lopatin was also mattir Rahmbo making phone calls on Rosh Hashana for economic matters which he poskened is "pikuach nefesh" for "national security". Lopatin bases his "psak" on the premise that his rebbe Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik at YU was "machmir altz shitas Brisk of pikuach nefesh"

Rahmbo's brother Ari Emmanuel is the chief architect of Obama's health care plan and the originator of the immoral idea that old & terminally ill people should not be treated, as a way to save money for other socialist programs.

The father of Rahmbo & Ari, who like them is Israeli, but unlike them is not a yored, is so disgusted that he does not speak to either of his sons as reported in the newspapers.

And then there is OU's Menachem Genack's cousin, Julius Genachowski, who was appointed as Chairman of the FCC. Obama the Dictator has been threatening to use the FCC to shut down conservative viewpoints on broadcast radio. (Did the Genack branch of the family have their surname shortened by an INS officer at Ellis Island or did Rabbi Genack shorten it in the style of Conservative rabbis who prefer less Jewishy last names?) Genachowski was raised in a shul on the Queens-Nassau border whose rabbi is Pesach Lerner's brother and a former Vice President of the Queens Vaad.

Maybe the Queens Vaad troll who often spreads his VHQ propaganda on Yudel Shain's blog can remind us again how proud he is that the Queens Vaad has a chinuch division overseeing all the Jewish schools in the area. Very interesting track record that they produce these kinds of luminaries masquerading as orthodox Jews who are the brains behind the Marxist sonei Torah veYisroel Obama Administration.

Anonymous said...

Correction, the doctor brother of Rahmbo is Yechezkel Emmanuel who the White House calls an "ethicist" in appointing him to the National Institutes of Health, despite being an immoral shvantz who is void of ethics.

Ari Emmanuel is a 3rd brother who is a big menuval in Hollywood. Ari was actually exposed this week by the NY Times as being behind what looks like a scam to suck millions of dollars from Michigan taxpayers. The big question is if he used White House connections to get the State government to fall for it. What he did in Michigan is technically not illegal but no one understands how the state agreed to such ridiculous terms that allow Ari Emmanuel & his "William Morris Agency" to laugh all the way to the bank.

The Emmanuels are an old Yerushalmi mishpocho named Auerbach who changed it to Emmanuel to be more Tzionish. Binyomin Emmanuel who was a gunman in the Irgun married a Shmuelevitz girl who is a vilda anti-war protester in 1960s Chicago alongside the kind of violent Communists who inspire Obama. She shlepped her sons along to the radical protests as well as on civil rights marches for shvartzas. This explains why the 3 sons are such chayos. Print media has mentioned how Ari was diagnosed as hyperactive. Rahmbo is known to argue & yell all the time while pulling out a hunting knife & impaling the blade tip into the table. At least once he also mailed a dead fish to someone he didn't like.