Friday, December 07, 2012

Weberman teen abuse trial questions Jewish group's customs

Webernan aka the ANIMAL in Court
 If Weberman had a guilty look in his eyes, the jurors never saw it. He didn’t look at them once as the prosecutor gave graphic details Thursday of the 88 counts of sexual torment he allegedly wrought upon a teenage girl he was paid to help.

If Nechemya Weberman had a guilty look in his eyes, the jurors never saw it. He didn’t look at them once as the prosecutor gave graphic details Thursday of the 88 counts of sexual torment he allegedly wrought upon a teenage girl he was paid to help.

If the jury finds Weberman guilty — now that lawyers have wrapped their case — the leaders of the insular Satmar Hasidic sect to which he belongs must ask themselves the same questions that dogged the Catholic Church in the wake of its own pedophilia scandals.

They must ask, did we enable him? Do our methods of reigning in rebellious young girls run counter to American law? Do we deny these girls freedoms they are entitled to, treating them as prisoners despite more than a century of hard-fought victories by women’s rights activists?

Instead, it seems this Williamsburg-based sect is operating under its own rules, some of which run counter to the law.

Satmar girls who break the sect’s stringent rules for modesty and behavior are sent by rabbis, teachers or their parents to “therapists” for “counseling” — more like one-on-one reeducation camps.

At the age of 12, Weberman’s beautiful blond accuser dared show her girlfriends a dance video from the family’s computer, a no-no for Satmars forbidden TV, radio and nonbusiness uses of the Internet.

“She lived in an insular, male-dominated society that forbade any contact with the outside world,” prosecutor Linda Weinman told the jury Thursday. “Accept your fate. Never question authority.”

The girl, already in the sights of the Satmar “modesty committee” — known to enter girls’ rooms to seize offending cell phones and clothing — was sent by her principal, Weberman’s cousin, for “therapy.”

Her counselor’s qualifications? He had been a worker in a pants factory, after leaving school in the 11th grade.

Oh, and he had also been a driver, albeit for the sect’s then-Grand Rebbe Moshe Teitelbaum.

Weberman wasn’t a licensed therapist at all.

But that was considered a positive thing, since Orthodox Jews believe any Jewish person who informs police or government agencies about a fellow Jew is a loathed informant, a “moser.”

Licensed therapists are required by law to report child molestation and domestic violence incidents.

As a nonlicensed therapist, Weberman could keep anything he heard within the Satmar community to himself.

Padlocking this girl even tighter in his grip, the young woman testified she would be expelled from her school if she tried to leave “therapy.” Her parents were forced to pay Weberman $150 an hour for this service.

But for three years, starting in March 2007 when she was 12 years old, he grotesquely manhandled her young body, Weinman told the jury as Weberman looked into a corner of the courtroom.

“I’m not doing anything wrong,” he allegedly told the girl.

She finally told a licensed therapist outside the community , who promptly reported Weberman to authorities.

Why hadn’t the alleged victim reported it to the top rabbis?

“I didn’t think they would believe me,” she testified in court.



England said...


Giluy daas against Kedassia's Chaim Halpern signed by R' Chanoch Ehrentreu, R' Menachem Gelley, R' Yonosson Abraham, R' Shimon Weingarten & R' Yissochor Knopfler

Kedassia is *now* setting up a beis din to "investigate" when multiple batei din have already found Halpern guilty. It sounds like Kedassia might be repeating what Margulies did to cover up for Kolko.

Boruch said...

If we were to start a chaburah of learning the laws of Pidyon Shevuyim and Moser, who would come? Who would endorse it? I always thought that the hallmark case of pidyon shevuyim was where the government or group seized a Yid for the purposes of blackmailing a community and that by any means that Yid had to be saved. Where's the seizure here? A criminal report was filed by a licensed therapist and the legal system is acting on it. Bernie Madoff didn't get a fund raiser, he's Jewish, and he stole anywhere between 10 million and 60 billion dollars (depending on which fact finding news source you believed). Where's pidyon shevuyim for Bernie? Bernie Goetz shot 4 guys trying to mug him on a subway (Bernies have issues :-)), where was his fund raiser? How many Rabbonim stood up for him? Moser is another issue, when done anonymously - calling up a menahel to tell him that one of his boys is seeing a girl friend - it's muter. Telling the same menahel that the boy is drunk at kiddush on Shabbos and smoking Friday night, is moser. How? Moser is also called setting the story straight depending on the story and the shmo that you're telling it about. She was worried she wouldn't have been believed by the heliger kliger and she has no worries now? The story is out and she's the moser? How much chulent should I make for the chaburah, we'll do it weekly, Friday night, no smoking allowed.

Leopold Margulies said...

Don't tell anyvone dat Rabbi Scheinberg is geshtorben. I vant to say dat he is on any beis din exonerating Halpern.

Anonymous said...

The mother of Yossi Kolko has been calling around to out-of-Lakewood rabbonim to get the millionaires who daven by them to bankroll the legal defense. When the out-of-Lakewood rabbonim call in-town rabbonim to ask whether it is a real case of pidyon shvuyim, the in-town rabbonim are saying that the fetter Yudi Kolko is takka a molester but that the nephew Yossi Kolko is "innocent" and that the kid accusing him is "meshugah".

Is there anyone reading this from JBAC or SFJ who can comment as to the validity of this assessment from the Lakewood rabbonim?

Mordechai Tendler said...


At least no one ever accused me of murder on top of everything else

Beiresh said...

Well Rabbi Gavriel Finkel Who Heads Vaad Hadayonim in Lakewood will not Take any Public Stand Against Kolko.Finkels son Avi who Fixes computers Has been accused of Secluding himself with other woman and Flirting with Them when their Husbands are Not Home

Boruch said...

Weberman found guilty on 60 counts.


What does it all mean in the long run? Did justice prevail or did the animus toward everything Jewish tip the scales? Unfortunately we'll never know. I'm not a supporter of abusers and I think that this case stunk to the highest of heaven. I hope she sues them civily and gets a load of money from the mosdos. I hope other mosdos examine their policies and really try to help and not cover up abuse. And more than anything else I hope that we, within the boundaries that HKBH gave us, allow our kids to grow up and become ehrliche Yidden.

Anonymous said...

I Guess it runs in the Family A few Years ago The BMG Roshei Yeshiva Put Out a Kol Korei To Shut Down The Capitol Hotel Which Is owned and Run By Avi Finkels Uncle,Micheal Bursztyn,gED Due To all the Prostitution and Drugs That Was going on there.