Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Time For Reflection & Introspection...

To My Friends and Readers:

As we are approaching the yimei hadin, I have decided that I will suspend writing on this Blog;  thanking HKBH for giving me the wisdom and opportunity to drum the horrible issue of abuse into the moral consciousness of the Jewish people, the failure of Jewish leadership to do anything about it, and worse, lied continuously about its existence and went out of its way to coverup these crimes, and seeing the Jewish community taking small steps to address this scourge. In that zechus I pray that my family, children and grandchildren and their children will merit a favorable gezeira from HKBH for the coming year and forever.

I will be taking time off to assess my role going forward how best to serve the Jewish community, and take a much needed break from being notified on a daily basis of the horrors that are going on in the Jewish community in front of our eyes.

I intend to travel more, spend more quality time with my family, my outstanding children and grandchildren, and disconnect for the most part from the Internet.

It has been 14 1/2 years since I went online --- March 5, 2005 --- and I must tell you that I am still affected by every heinous crime today, with the same horror, as I was when I began writing.

My hiatus, and my decision on how to best make a difference will probably be decided in about 60 - 90 days. I need some quality private time to gather my thoughts on my self-imposed communal obligations.

I will check my emails about once a week --- a_unorthodoxjew@yahoo.com

Wishing all members of the Jewish community and humankind my heartfelt good wishes, and pray that others will step in aggressively to make amends of a leadership that has run afoul of the laws of God and man.

With all of my heart and soul I urge you to keep up the good fight, for the right reasons!

Shana Tova u'Metuka

Paul Mendlowitz


Anonymous said...

Hashem bless you, and may you be successful in all you wish to become and do.

Hashem bless all your family ... Amen.

I have visited your blog many times, and thank you for opening eyes of even non-Jews like me... realize the sadness of our whole world in general..

May Hashem help each and all of us who seek to follow Him.. Amen and Amen.

Happy 5780..

a non Jew.

Garnel Ironheart said...


Anonymous said...

Three years ago Shmarya Rosenberg "sold" his blog to henchmen who basically killed it. At that time you said you did not know the reason he did so. The same question we can ask you now. We acknowledge you are busy with family, etc. (like all of us), but the Jewish nation, nay, the entire world, needs your blog: לא עליך המלאכה לגמור, ולא אתה בן חורין ליבטל ממנה!‎ 14 1/2 years is a lot of time — but, nevertheless, it is too little too: Jew-criminals have not changed, and the Orthodox society is no less corrupt. If you stop writing (or just reposting), or if your blog goes offline — that will be a tremendous loss for everyone upright and a sure victory for all criminals worldwide. And some hypocrites like Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt, who once "eulogized" Shmarya, will write a tribute for you too. And what about us — your extended family? For the past decade we always counted on you, and you became a household name for everyone, our ol' beloved "Reb Paul." Your holy ancestor Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz Z"L said quoting Jeremiah 20:9: "But what can I do? A fire is burning within me and hopefully within thousands of Jews like me." Paul, please do not let that fire be extinguished! Please keep your blog afloat! Otherwise, what will you tell Hashem not only this Rosh Hashana but after 120 years too — that you did not try enough, that you did not care enough?

UOJ has left the building said...

UOJ in the news


UOJ has left the building said...

ourteen years ago, an anonymous blogger calling himself Un-Orthodox Jew (UOJ) lit a fuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish world when he began posting sexual abuse allegations concerning a Brooklyn yeshiva teacher named Yehuda Kolko. As the blog's hit counter climbed into the hundreds of thousands and the comments piled up, it became clear to anyone reading that Kolko's alleged behavior spanned several decades and was not exactly a secret in his community. It had even been the subject of an inquiry by a religious court in the 1980s, a proceeding that reportedly was derailed by threats made by the head of the yeshiva where Kolko taught to the dozen or so people who had come forward to give testimony. (Among ultra-orthodox Jews, going to the police to "inform" (mesira) on another Jew was and largely remains taboo and can result in ostracization or worse.)

But until that day in 2005, nobody had ever discussed the details of the saga in a public forum.


UOJ has left the building said...

Torah Temimah strikes again


A rabbi once accused of sexually molesting a student in Brooklyn is now a principal at a New Jersey yeshiva — which touts his “wisdom and experience” on its website, The Post has learned.

Rabbi Joel Falk is named by a former Yeshiva Torah Temimah student in a new lawsuit, one of the first against a rabbi under New York’s Child Victims Act.

Baruch Sandhaus, now 52, claims Falk “would inappropriately touch” his penis in 1980, shortly after he started ninth grade at age 13, according to the lawsuit.

Falk, 74, who still lives in Brooklyn, now serves as the principal of Hebrew studies at Toras Zev, a Lakewood, N.J. yeshiva.

Sandhaus, a Florida businessman, said he is horrified that Falk is working with boys.

“It is devastating for me to hear that Falk is still working at a yeshiva. This man should not be around kids. I don’t want any children to suffer the way I did,” Sandhaus told The Post.

While in the ninth grade, Sandhaus confided in Falk that he had been abused by fellow Rabbi Joel Kolko in elementary school. Falk spent time counseling the troubled teen — and then abused him as well, he alleges.

Sandhaus complained at the time to the Midwood yeshiva, but a dean warned the family to keep quiet about the allegations or he “could not guarantee the safety” of the boy and his siblings, he contends.

The yeshiva kept Falk as a rabbi and principal until 1989. He was never criminally charged.’

Enlarge ImageRabbi Joel Falk
Rabbi Joel Falk
But it settled with two other former students who alleged abuse by Kolko, paying them a total $2.1 million in 2016, The Post reported. Sandhaus also names Kolko in his suit.

Reached at the Lakewood yeshiva, Falk refused to discuss the allegations, telling The Post, “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to take this call.”

Sandhaus filed suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court under the Child Victims Act, which opened a one-year window for people of any age to seek damages against their alleged abusers, no matter how long ago the abuse happened.

Survivors for Justice, an NYC-based advocacy group, sent a copy of the lawsuit to the Lakewood yeshiva — and urged it to take precautions.

“It would be unfortunate if Toras Zev joined a long line of ultra-Orthodox yeshivas covering up allegations of child sex abuse and protecting the reputations of child molesters in their employ,” said spokesman Ben Hirsch.

He called on the school to immediately notify parents of all current and past students during Falk’s employment — and to keep Falk away from children until the suit is resolved.

Rabbi Zev Eidelman, the school’s founder and chief, did not return emails and calls seeking comment.

Anonymous said...

UOJ, I cannot live without you. Please stay online...

David Framowitz said...

Shalom Chaver.

Thank you for all that you have done.

Gmar Chatima Tova.

Best regards,

David Framowitz

Microsoft Edge said...

>> Even Microsoft Edge needs you. The web just isn't the same without UOJ! <<

Anonymous said...

א גוטען מועד רב שרגא פייוול שליט"א! “I urge you to keep up the good fight,” you wrote. But how can we fight Evil without your comment platform to express our thoughts? You are literally the last of the Mohicans who has proudly spearheaded us, your צאן, toward the brighter Jewish future! Please keep posting at least every now and then!

Rivki said...

OMG!!! NO! I just came back after Sukkos and wanted to read my favourite blog! Come back, UOJ!!!!!!!!!!

bMokom sheAin Ish said...

Gezunte hait, spend more time with mishpocho but you're still needed at the very least as the "mashgiach yotzei venichnas" to instill fear in all the bad actors out there.

Avi L. Shafran said...

"Victim" advocates resign!

Birds of a Feather said...

The aforementioned bad actors like to stick together.

Nassau County Police detectives told WPIX 11 TV News that Shlomo Lesin is a leading suspect in the Long Beach inside job murder of Chaim Weiss Hy"d. Why would anyone, even a depraved sicko, murder a young boy with an ax to the head on a Shabbos night? Let's just say someone was very rattled lest a young boy reveal what he knew about a molestation scandal.

And the readers of this esteemed blog are no strangers to the sad saga of Shea Fishman stabbing all kinds of victims in the back while doing the dirty work of Margo & the Agudah Fressers.

Well folks, Pinny Lipschutz not long ago trumpeted in the Yated a simcha announcement with pictures from the chassunah that the Lesin & Fishman mishpochos are now mechutonim. If there were ever people who deserve each other ...

Od yeshama b'arei Sdom va'Amora ...

UOJ FOREVA!!! said...

Ben Weich
October 25, 2019 10:58

'They don’t believe someone with a long beard could do this'
Victims of alleged child sex abuse in the Charedi community describe how a culture of witness suppression, a fear of secular institutions, deference to rabbinic authority and strict sexual taboos kept them from speaking out.

uvChutzos the YTT Boiler Room said...

Is that so? The Lesin clan were already mechutonim with the miserable SOB Lipa Geldwerth, who couldn't decide from month to month who he was publicly trashing as the "real" UOJ. One 'little' technical problem however was that not only he never managed to finger the correct "culprit", but he never issued an apology for all his carpet bombing in search of who in his demented dimyonos was "public enemy #1".

Yoeli Adams said...


Please don't go!

Monsey Yevonim said...

Pinny's 'hood, the aptly named Olympia, is full of some rather unique fellows who like to play the mach zich a rosh yeshiva game. Among others is one of Belsky's homeboys from the shakedown rackets, the gangster Gimpel Wolmark. And another, who has the reputation of a shverra baal davar, is Pechter who is eidim by Shlomo Lesin.

It's Pechter's daughter who is married to Geldwerth's kid. She's been running a pre-school age summer camp where her Olympia neighbors had older sons with nothing to do so they were just draying arum there and physically beating the toddlers. When the counselors insisted she must stop it, she grunted she is doing nothing because the interloper delinquents are sons of her friends. Then she took steps to cover it up.

And boy does she grunt! Ask around if she is rudest person people have ever met or what!

The Associated Press said...

October 23, 2019
By The Associated Press
Australia Asking Israel to Return Educator Malka Leifer in Sex Abuse Case

Anonymous said...

Chofetz Chaim said that when one Jew in Vilno does not speak properly about others, another desecrates Shabbat in France. In other words, our actions influence our brethren. I thought about Chofetz Chaim’s words when I read your statement above, Paul. The moment you stopped blogging, another American by the name Fred Donaldson appeared (“a former professor of University of Washington and California State Hayward and California School of Professional Psychology”). This is how he describes himself: “Fred Donaldson is recognized for his ongoing research and use of play with children and animals for over forty years.... His playmates include special needs children, gang members, refugees, and street kids, prison inmates, cancer patients, dolphins, whales, lions, grizzly bears, wolves, baboons and butterflies. He travels extensively throughout the world.”

Mr. Donaldson runs the site “Original Play,” which offers “workshops [that] prepare adults to effectively participate and join children and teenagers in play”. Take a good look at these alarming images: 1, 2, 3, 4. And how Mr. Donaldson and other adults roll with kids on the floor — not with their kids!!! A German site has a much disturbing video involving children about “Original Play” and calls this program “Anleitung für Pädophilie” (Instructions for Pedophilia). And just a few days ago an English-language site suspected “Original Play” in child abuse too.

When the [UO]Jew on the West Coast stops blogging, someone miles away starts violating children through “Original Play”...

Passaic said...

another mashchis in the tradition of her grandfather, but different execution, is a younger pechter daughter who is single, commutes from monsey to teach girls. she is passive aggressive, has done some very nasty things, but the arrogant twit gets away with it because of the see no evil attitude around here

Spanky said...

Hey Passaic, you don't know that she's engaged & probably married by now to some 'lucky' guy with a very unusual name among Jews?


Same last name as the long time 'Affirmative Action' executive who was Chairman of Citigroup, Time Warner, the LA Clippers, the Rockefeller Foundation & CBS. (Among the politically incorrect he's called "Buckwheat", as in the colored boy from "Little Rascals".)

Now the niggun is complete: Oid yishoma bArei Sdoim vaAmoira uveChutzois Yerusholoyim ... kol chosson vekol kallah

Anonymous said...

Long Beach is a sick place. Detectives can't close the Weiss murder case because all the talmidim besides Kushner are brainwashed by the cult and have lawyered up. They refuse to say a word. The poskim are unanimous that in a murder case you tell the police what you know. But it's allegiance to the cult uber alles.

Alfalfa said...


Another unimpressive mechuton to the Parsons is a career kollel guy who got sipuk from running to snitch to the roshei yeshiva whenever bochurim were organizing mincha minyanim in the dorm


I am 35 and have been dating Orthodox Jewish men for the past 15+ years. Yet I am still single! No, I am not that picky, but I happen to meet guys who are — how to say that? — wrong men, I guess, truly wrong men... Now I received a $250 flyer from Suzy Tawil (248-483-9797 / FindMyBird@yahoo.com) prepared by her husband (I think he is also an anesthesiologist, who took that “do not harm” Hippocratic Oath) Robert Tawil of Michigan.

The flyer directed me to fill out an online form: “Meet in Motown! A Shabbos of meeting and mingling for Orthodox Jewish professionals, 30s and 40s, December 13-15, 2019” (archived replica). The form demanded a “copy of an ID” to be mailed to MeetInMotown@gmail.com. Besides, I had to agree to the following waiver: “Shabbaton organizers are not responsible for any personal injuries that may occur over the December 13-15, 2019 weekend. Although we ask for references, participants are responsible to check references and conduct background checks on anyone that they would like to have continued contact with after the Shabbaton.”

I was shocked: Under “Religious affiliation,” the form listed “Modern Orthodox (liberal),” “Modern Orthodox (machmir),“ and “Yeshivish.” In short, Jewish men and women who are Orthodox and Yeshivish can do physical harm and damage to one another through the Shabbaton! True, eight times it happened that “religious” men dating me tried to rape me too. But I always thought they were miserable exceptions, not the rule. Now it turns out that in 2019 even Shabbatons attract criminals!

That’s not my exaggeration: Another question people had to answer was: “If divorced, do you have both a civil divorce and get?” In other words, “religious” attendees fool other participants about their legal status! Hey, they are cheaters and frauds! They lie about their age, about their identity, they sneak to Shabbatons and try to rape and swindle the innocent, they aren’t religious of any kind at all! And the Tawils, like dozens of other modern matchmakers, ignore these obvious dangers in their greedy quest of making more and more money off poor singles!


What would the Gedolim of the previous generation say to us? When contemporary rabbis are daily accused of all kinds of crimes and misconduct? We became what anti-Semites keep accusing us of: BEING THE WICKED NATION!!!

Fech Pechter said...

Interesting that a third Pechter daughter is the Director of Camp Chaviva:



My almost 12 year old wants to go to Camp Chaviva because that is where some of her friends are going? Does anyone know anything about this camp?


My daughter went last summer and I was not impressed. We heard a lot of good things about it, and thats why we sent her there. The upper staff is not the nicest. I f you child has a little innocent fun, they keep threatening them that they will not be able to return next summer. If there is any problems between friends during the summer, noone really get involved to help. All in all, I spent 2500 bucks and will NOT send there again.


I have to agree with the above poster that did not like the upper staff. I agree. The upper staff are very rigid and judgmental if your daughter is an excellent girl as far as following tsnius to the T, not bringing any cholav stamm then they will like her otherwise you'll be asked not to return next summer. They stereotype girls and listen to outside loshon horah about your daughter. They also make the girls sign a disclosure form that states they will always dress tsniyasdig even when not in camp.


u asked...

I found the upper staff to be very fake. They talk to you nicely and then will speak about you behind their back

Long Beached Whale said...

Shmuel "Boom Boom" Bloom, who was quietly pushed out of the Agudah because he was so much of a pro-molester fanatic that he generated bad PR for the Fressers, has a Long Beach son in law named Lazar. Until a crash diet a few years ago Lazar weighed in at some 400+ lbs. He was brought in to, supposedly, take the modern school in Clifton to transform it into a yeshivishe cheder. He was raising a lot of eyebrows with the oylam & some rabbonim asking if there was a method to his madness of hiring Brisker rebbeyim but otherwise maintaining & even adding to the roster of modern orthodox women who work in the place. Some of these women are to the Left of YU and actually have a sinah of bnei Torah. Especially the machshayfa pre-school director he handpicked who is a bezunder nasty person. Never mind the bankrupt hashkofos that these yentas bring. Lazar resigned 6 months ago after messing the place up gantz fein.

Echter Lowlives said...

Daughter of suspected murderer Lesin & mother of the vicious Pechter girls is Rebbitzen Chani Pechter who is Director of Marketing for the Pine Valley nursing home in Spring Valley / Hillcrest, owned by Uri Koenig & Shteif. Koenig, from one of the shady mishpochos in the infamous Frankel's shul of Flatbush, is Board member & Treasurer of YSV. (Has there been anyone on the YSV Board in the last 20 years who is NOT crooked?)

Hey Rebbitzen Pechter, market this!:


Legionella bacteria can cause a serious type of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease.

Pine Valley administrator Yehudah Serle said Legionella disease was detected during yearly testing of the facility's water quality.

The facility cares for older people with physical disabilities and people undergoing rehabilitation.

Serle said the facility has been working closely with the state Department of Health regarding all followup measures. As a precaution, all residents showing any respiratory signs or symptoms have been tested for Legionella and the facility is awaiting the results, he said.

A relative of one Pine Valley resident expressed concern about her mother and feels management downplayed the test results. She said the results were not shared with families and much of the staff.

She said the management put up a notice with small print informing people about the contaminated tap water. Her mother's dentures were soaking in tap water that had been tested.

People at higher risk of getting sick are those 50 years of age or older

National Association for the Advancement of Fat People said...

We've received several complaints from Lipa Margulies that UOJ likes to mock & pick on fat people. Margulies has stressed that even if UOJ has ever been correct about anything - and he does not concede that UOJ has ever been correct - that he's simply too overweight to have been an enabler of Kolko. So why have there been derogatory references on the blog to his physique? Ol' Lipa points out this is just UOJ engaging in a form of red neck racism against the non-emaciated among us.

Alerted by Margulies that Shmuel Bloom's eidim has now been outed here on exactly how much poundage he tipped the scales at, we vociferously protest this as crossing a red line!

Anonymous said...

hi Rabbi's little slut @ 4:40 PM, November 11, 2019!!! i'm kinda divorced & can make a good hubby for *slut* like you. email me your shid resume to cd.doughboy@gmail.com - i am waiting,, Seriously! think it's better to give away $250 for a shabbaton then spending exactly the same $$$ for each 86' Ner Israel annual Dinner reservation [NER in hebrew = 250]; plus they charge $100 for 1/8 of a page; go all the way to $50,000 as Campaign Sponsor. know who gets Ner israel harbotzas Torah award this year?? Yosef aryeh Schachter read about him here https://theunorthodoxjew.blogspot.com/2018/07/hershel-schachters-slippery-slopeyou.html. his daddy made ivanka Trump & karlie Kloss "jew-ish". good Ner israel boy - i got my ex- wife through Ner israel system too. she was 50/50 moroccan-Russian, called the Police many times to get me behind bars etc. B"H i'm now free. GALS: single? divorced? email me!!

Steve said...

Schachter? As your flier says, the main Ner Israel Oscar, “HONORED YESHIVA FAMILY,” goes to Dr. Yoel Julian Jakobovits:

Every morning Rabbi Wolk studied the Talmud with previously mentioned Dr. Julian Jakobovits, his personal physician. Then Rabbi Wolk suddenly died. Again, some claim he was sick. Others question that and think he just knew too much.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! There is another Yoel Jakobovits who spells his name exactly the same way who was in a Ner Yisroel branch that is not Baltimore. I just looked him up & see he now lives in Texas with a rather significant change of last name.

What's up with that?

Texas Ranger said...

Got news for y'all that his father Rabbi Sol Jakobovits is also living in Texas now and also with the name change. After the bizarre divorce where his wife threw him out of the house and he was bunking with the similarly divorced party animal talmid of R' Aron Kotler, they both got remarried. Yale Butler from Pittsburgh-Teaneck has been bragging he was the remarriage shadchan. He is the brother of the late controversial Chief Doctor Rabbi, Sir, Baron, Lord, Knight of the British Empire, Putz of the Round Table, etc

They were always a mystery. Rumor was Sol was originally a rich oil man in these here parts in the 1950s before he became a cheder menahel up in Canada where the boys would giggle & call him "the Penguin". If he never forfeited the real estate that could explain why they came back.

Anonymous said...

Probably not: Julian Jakobovits is a son of Baron Immanuel Jakobovits, Chief Rabbi of England. Wikipedia has an article about him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immanuel_Jakobovits,_Baron_Jakobovits (Julian is listed in the Personal/Children section). Lord Immanuel was a highly controversial man (Wiki removed most references to that, but look, for example, what "The Guardian" has to say: https://www.theguardian.com/news/1999/nov/01/guardianobituaries1): He spoke out against Israel fighting to hold on to the occupied Arab territories and believed Jewish law required that the Israelis should leave much of the West Bank; he invited into his home rabbi Louis Jacobs who suggested that not every word of the Torah was actually dictated by G-d (blasphemy in accordance with Jewish Law, in another article on Hershel Shachter, RCA and the Trumps the comment elaborated: "The rabbonim of England did not get along with Lord Dokter Rabbiner Jakobovits. They would ignore him even when in the same room at official functions. The current Chief Rabbi of the British Empire says things that are apikorsis"); he also remarked that genetic engineering should be used to prevent the birth of homosexual children. Another Wiki article says:

"OutRage!'s protest against Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits, who supported the idea of genetic engineering to eliminate homosexuality, led to accusations that Tatchell was antisemitic, following OutRage!'s leaflets citing the similarity of Jakobovits ideas for the eradication of homosexuality to those of Heinrich Himmler were distributed outside the Western and Marble Arch Synagogue on the Rosh Hashanah in September 1993."

The funny thing is that the Jakobovits and the homosexual Eisemanns (of the same German-British-American pedigree) have been the best friends! And Julian Jakobovits is the family doctor for rabbi Moshe Eisemann, a notorious Baltimore pedophile and a teacher at Ner Israel. About Julian some say that "for his outstanding service to the Yeshiva /three Rosh HaYeshivas dead/ he got his new spacious apartment" on Ner Israel campus. And last year he said at his wife's funeral that people should just read the Book of Psalms instead of going to doctors. What a hypocrite!

Sruly Orzel said...

"Has there been anyone on the YSV Board in the last 20 years who is NOT crooked?"

Good question!

But don't just focus on me. Leave me the hell alone already & go talk to the double identity bum named as the unindicted co-conspirator in Barkany's ponzi scam, Zellinger, the dog food huckster son in law of the OU's Tzvi Hersh Weinreb.

Across the Pond said...

When Lord anochi Immanuel Jakobovits walked into a room, the Charedishe rabbonim of London-Manchester-Gateshead would walk out. There was less of a reaction when in front of the Queen or Members of Parliament at official functions, but he still got the silent treatment.

Leopold Margulies said...

"Putz of the Rrround Table"


Merrrlin vas takka trrrying to varrrn me back den vus er hut gezen b'itztagninis sheloi dat a grrroissen trrroublemakerrr vus rrrift zich "UOJ" vet mich machen a sach tzurrris.

Anonymous said...

Incredible how Lippy Geldwerth found these Pechters who are scum of the earth just like him. The description here of what happened in the (illegal) backyard camp they call "Mighty Men" is pretty tame if you know the full sickening depth of what went on.

Kushyos Atzumos said...

The replacement in Clifton for Yonah Lazar is another Long Beach guy. He might not be as crooked & underhanded as Bloom-Lazar but his story sure is a weird one for the books. The new fellow grew up in a wacko baal teshuva Meshichist home in Crown Heights but wants nothing to do with Chabad. His father is a maniac who has been running blogs attacking Litvisher rabbonim from the Vilna Gaon & on. I don't understand who is in charge in Clifton. Is it the Russian baal teshuva who acts like he owns the place? (Maybe because he does own the place, I dont know). With all the weirdos and/or sadistic people they hire in the Cheder, is there simply no screening process or do they specifically seek them out? Someone just told me a real shocking story about that demonic pre-school director who some call "Medusa" to replace her first name Melissa. I'm still trying to absorb this one. Dear UOJ, what would the downtrodden do if you didn't start taking a stand (when no one else did) against all the animals who have infiltrated Klal Yisroel's klei kodesh?


I recall moldy bread and vegetables with sand we ate at Ner Israel. Every day after supper dozens of students with stomach cramps gathered in the infirmary and then in single file went to Dr. Julian Jakobovits’ home on campus. The former inmates who run the kitchen (yeshiva thought that was thrifty) under the leadership of Bill the mashgiach and that one-legged former whore never washed off sand, and I asked Dr. Jakobovits if plain, boiled or roasted sand was bad for my gut. He smirked and scholarly answered, לבטל ולהוי הפקר כעפרא דארעא, little sand עפרא can’t hurt. Oh, almost forgot, he preferred to be paid in cash for on-campus visits.

The money Ner Israel saved on its students and their food never got lost: We may still suffer from abdominal pangs, but what a great feeling it is that our money helped Jonathan Ringo (married to Ner Israel rabbi Beryl Weisbord’s daughter Dvora Meira and living on Ner Israel campus) graduate from a medical school and become an obstetrician-gynecologist and then Baltimore Sinai Hospital’s senior vice president and president-COO, or that our money was used for Anne “Chani” Neuberger (Yehuda Neuberger’s wife) to become the first Orthodox Jewish woman who is the head of the US National Security Agency’s (NSA) Cybersecurity Directorate! We, poor yeshiva boys, helped make America great again!

Anonymous said...

A shaila with no teratz: if Anne Neuberger could not put an end to Edward Snowden -- will she be able to do it to this blog? Teiku...

Wannabe Tishbi answering kushyos and abayos said...

It depends who's in the White House. When it was a Liberal aka leftist tinhorn dictator like Barack Hussein Obumbum, the behemoths controlling blogs & social media like Alphabet did the regime's dirty work. Meshumod-Putz Zuckerberg was even caught on hot mic enthusiastic about the idea of censuring Facebook comments critical of the Muslim sleeper cells & 5th column infiltrating the Western World as "refugees"

Passaic said...

"Medusa" running the Clifton preschool. That's a good one! She was such a mediocre teacher at Hillel, and that's a generous description, it's major weird why they hired her to top spot. On the one hand, some have suggested that Lazar may have liked the idea of cultivating a harem of modern orthodox women employees, but she is butt ugly, both inside & out. Haven't seen her husband around Ahavas lately. How is customer service boy doing? It's always good to enjoy your calling in life. After he took some bird courses in YU he becomes a life long schlepper for B&H

Forshay said...

Orzel, you piece of garbage! It's not just because of your predecessor Moish Finkel that YSV transformed from a formidable yeshiva into what some now appropriately call "the root of all evil"!

Shmuel Bloom said...

Where can I file a brief in support?


Heck, if I have to I'll even go down to the Court & throw my Fruit of the Loom briefs that I haven't switched out of since last erev Shabbos to throw it in the judge's face!

March of the Cafones said...

That's how the Rebbe R' Bob Grant teitched up blithering idiots in Italian.

Are the parent body of Clifton Cheder brain dead? How did Lazar & his puppet masters get away with sinking all their donation money into a black hole for the supposed new building? They get one shot a year at the City hearing where after blowing legal retainers & big bucks to consultants, they are laughed right out in a minute flat & back to square one. Are they really so clueless that they forgot to follow the basic legal protocols or is this some kind of sadistic joke they inflict on you year after year? Meanwhile your kids are in super cramped quarters on INDUSTRIAL EAST getting radiated by the toxins that leach through the ground. What do you think was previously in that very building now fitted with classrooms? Someone tipped off the State as to the illegal conversion a long time ago but with inept Jersey bureaucrats who knows when they will finally get around to acting for child safety.

Medusa Levit filled the shoes of Mrs Isaacs who may have generally been better liked but in some cases where also eager to follow orders of higher up dirty work, was only nominally more humane. Isaacs, another type of modern orthodox. Her husband davens in a place that if they were on the West Bank they would be machine gun toting settlers of the Chardal right wing Dati Leumi persuasion. Good riddance, but you have to pity the kids in Elizabeth where she went that selfish interests are her main priority. No question though that Levit should be in the top 10 national list of who needs to be removed as an "educator" of children. There are horror stories with her that will make your heart sink & blood curdle.

Anonymous said...

I know that Rabbi Yudel Shain in Lakewood was the first 20 years ago with the foresight to pronounce the rishus that Yeshiva of Spring Valley has become. He was eventually followed by some of the very choshuve Monsey Rebbes & rabbonim but who are not very public about it because they are terrified of YSV's powerful & vindictive reach.

I was shocked to recently hear from a Teimanisher yungerman that one of the top Teimani chachamim in Eretz Yisroel has also been shouting against Yeshiva of Spring Valley even all the way from there. Not just upset that their oylam in Monsey was also nichshol for many years in treif thanks to YSV-empowered Finkel but also because their kehilla is suffering disproportionately among the many other kids with no yeshiva in Monsey. YSV are of course the biggest heartless bastards in that parsha out of all the other Monsey places that act like behaymos instead of mosdos Hatorah.

Mendel Zilberberg said...

Does anyone know if UOJ still has that hobby of passing incriminating dossiers on Agudah Trustees to the Attorney General?


Just curious

Yeshiva of Lebensborn Valley said...

Not fair that only the Board of YSV are getting lashed when various of their hired stooges can't show any human compassion either. That means Yudi Frankel with his stone cold eyes as Yiddishe mothers cry rivers to him that their child has no yeshiva. If they come back for more outpouring of anguish, Yudi threatens he will throw out their other kids who are already there. Is the old Mrs Frankel from the Judaica store on 16th Ave in Boro Park sure that she took the correct baby home from the hospital?


Could there somehow have been a switch from the Lebensborn breeding program? It's not just the zero rachmonus and lack of ability to even feign compassion. He's even got the right color hair & eyes.

Stern rarely gets involved in anything outside of the money but he has also proven himself difficult to square with the Chazal of Rachmonim haim.

There are some major problems in the girls building too, the most complex & sick being that nutty baalas teshuva Fraidy J who after inexplicably being appointed assistant Menaheles is on a rampage to abuse her power.

Prodfather said...

Hey Zilberberg, you putz-thief!


"Nice" work there getting the Agudah to provide a support network for the Mendel Epstein shakedown racket.

And I thought the Agudah Fressers had at least the smallest sense of shame

passaic-clifton said...

al is not exactly the brightest bulb. the question is if he has any clue what kind of grave his "better" half melissa is digging for herself. are the comments here hinting at the same thing i recently heard? someone criticized her as unfit for chinuch so he flew into a rage threatening to have the fellow falsely arrested. sorry to confuse al about who really deserves to be arrested but a therapist who goes in the cheder told us she saw melissa being way too physically rough with a toddler she was known to pick on. otherwise that's amusing that the place is sized up as a modern orthodox harem, maybe starting with the modern orthodox woman who sits in reception. even another modern orthodox woman who worked there describes her as "you know that bitchy lady who sits in the front? what's her name again?"

Nursie Nurse Kolodny said...

Remember the NY Times expose not long ago about the Agudah Lefkowitzes covering up the severe outbreak in their run down nursing home of a deadly fungus?

NY State just released today a comprehensive report of all the others who have been covering up their own outbreaks. I haven't digested it yet but I did read immediately that this Koenig YSV shvantz who is a person of interest on the blog has got his nursing home on the list.

I shudder to think how many Fressers may be on this list. How much room does the State think is in the Agudah archives to burden tatty with?

Now I know you UOJ cronies can be really cynical but please don't make fun that I'm in a profession for veiber. The Agudah archives only have aisle room for one Kolodny at a time.

Old Timer since 2006 said...

Wow, the blog reads & flows just like it did in it's prime!

Ok, settled! UOJ can't go anywhere!

Besides, you're part of the nightly ritual for all the chayos out there like Margo who don't try to catch some sleep until they've taken one last peek for the day to see if anything new is written about them

Clifton Roto Rooter said...

Let's clarify things further.

Yonah Lazar is a snake who is not man enough to claim his own maysei dreck so he hides while having his zoynah underlings carry it out. He's a snake like his brother in law Zvi Bloom at Torah Whora Mesorah, the shik yingle for the Platinum ponzi scheme and the front man propped up by his Agudah buddies as "owner" of Seasons supermarkets that turned out to be a huge scam to siphon Supersol's money into their own pockets before declaring "bankruptcy". Check out the fraud complaint in Federal court

I'm not quite sure how many followers Lazar has at his shul or the exact makeup. I do know one of his chassidim is according to most poskim a literal mamzer. He's always insecure & terrified people will find out, this on top of his deep seeded psychological problems. And actually, one of the sketchy rabbonim who helps him conceal his mamzerus secret doubles as one of the rabbonim who stopped good guy Eli Greenwald from taking down Kolko, Margulies & Belsky.

It is indeed a very troubling situation with Melissa Levit which the comments are only scratching the surface of her destructiveness. Her appointment was a fraud on many levels & extends to the fact that she double dips at a Reform temple school where the heretic admins think she is just swell.

"Bitchy lady" certainly induces a good laugh but it is too mild of a description for Tali Goldfarb who has inflicted plenty of gratuitous damage lehachiss on bystanders who don't always know she instigated it.

Yitzi Kagan usually with a cheerful disposition but watch out when he starts getting passive aggressive for money to the point of chamsan.

The ex-Meshichist Lubav Yosef Seldowitz is another empty suit who when need be will quietly utilize the Nuremburg defense of just vollowing orders.

Sholom Kaminetzky they consider to be the Cheder's rov. He must be happy that the mamzer is around just in case the mamzerim he makes in Philly with his pay for play marriage "annulments" can't find shidduchim.

Baltimore, the City that Breeds said...

There was also a scandal with OU Weinreb's medical doctor son molesting his women patients. Something doesn't smell right that Maryland put him back in good standing after a brief suspension.

How far do the Neuberger tentacles reach into State government? And who else could've been a fixer?

NNJ said...

Malicious Melissa Levit was also in the Kushner yeshiva in Livingston. I hated her. I heard a head of school in right wing circles said they don't know what they are doing in Clifton.

How many times has she been married by the way?

Fox meet henhouse said...


Similar to this is the Agudah with Sherer & Bloom declaring martial law against any mention of molesters to protect Tress.

And Scheinberg making up phony piskei halacha to protect molesters in case incriminations reach his own grandson.

Clifton Neurosis said...

One thing that Lazar and his Wicked Witches of the East (Industrial) have been completely nuts about is demanding full time shadows on any kid who has the slightest non-consequential issue. There was even a sweet little girl that wouldnt' hurt a fly, would not step out of line, who they forced it on.

But when you are corrupt like Clifton Cheder are, there is a huge double standard. An expat South African parent who is a professional film producer provides the dinner & promotional videos for free which is probably worth about $100k a year. So his son with severe disability who belonged in a public school program did not have to have full time shadow. This despite that the kid would constantly scream at the top of his lungs and run out in the parking lot / street with so many staff members in pursuit it was difficult to count them.

Lazar was totally fine with these massive disruptions & waste of resources because you have probably never seen a Menahel like him who is attracted to money like a moth in pursuit of a lit bulb.

If Mr. Afrikaans was a ben Torah that would be one thing, but the bum produced a movie about a Boro Park / Flatbush seminary girl having a hard time in shidduchim who starts having an illicit affair with the grubber Italiano garbage man on her route. Hypocrite Lazar coddles a menuvol who broadcasts this filth but sat on his oversized derriere & didn't lift a finger to stop the witches persecuting actual bnei Torah for whatever whims of rishus. In fact he often encouraged the persecution.

The filthy movie hypocrisy has been raised before. Once they figured out the public started getting an inkling of it, Mr. Afrikaans was seemingly told to scrub it from his sites and elsewhere on the internet. He did a good job because today there is no trace of it online.

UOJ Gets Results said...

Page Six is reporting that the lowlife billionaire Wexner is shutting down the annual Victoria's Secret porn show aka Runway. He's in danger of being ousted by the Board especially after it emerged that he had pedophile Epstein in charge of it. Page Six doesn't get it that Epstein was the secondary point. Wexner was scared of UOJ who was on the case due to supposedly frumma avaryonim like Josh Kushner using the Runway to land Yfas Toar shiksas.

Paramus said...

Rabbi Shabsi Horowitz is a yeshivish guy from Passaic, long time rebbi at the modern orthodox Yeshivat Noam in Paramus. Most of the time he comes across seeming like a nice guy but he is an expert in vicious, below the belt character assassination of both kids and adults alike. There is a side to him of arrogant maniac who just likes to hear himself talk no matter what he's doing to destroy people. When a Reform Jewish reporter at Newsweek wrote an article demonizing his own brother who had been chozer biteshuvah, Horowitz wrote a letter to the editor that they published, piling on to further badmouth that frum Jew. Horowitz wanted to convince the public that frum Jews like me Horowitz are cool, normal people so you the public should not use a demented weirdo as an example of a frum Jew.

Horowitz, you are a sick man because it was clear even before investigating that at least some of reporting on the brother was a pack of lies. You could not call out the lies in aid of a shomer Torah Jew? All you could do was join in the slanderous assault like some kind of pathetic Kapo?

Shakedowns R Us said...

If Clifton Cheder wasn't annoying enough to sic the non-Jewish FACTS company on the parents that adds extra fees on credit card payments & quickly puts late payers in collection.

The Cheder also pressures you to give money for regular interval presents to office staff & even outside "consultants" who never step foot in the building. This even extends to low rung back-office paper pushers when they are making a simcha.

Meanwhile teachers complain the Cheder is the stingiest employer among yeshivos who force them to cover all kinds of classroom costs from their own pockets.

Monsey Ganovim said...

Poel yotze hanikra timtum from the treif of the Yeshiva of Spring Valley / Moish Finkel tag team.

There is more genayvishe shtick in Monsey than Brooklyn + 5 Towns combined. And that's saying a lot since it was not exactly the frummest element of Brooklyn that populated the 5 Towns.

I thought I've seen everything already.

Now Slice n Spice pizza store on Saddle River Rd is charging "service fee" on everything, even if you self-serve a can of soda from the fridge and don't sit down.

Is that even legal?

Justice for George Finkelstein and Mondrowitz victims said...


UOJ, don't let us down! We need you!

Anonymous said...

Likely the ONLY rabbi in US history convicted by jury of sex abuse of minor AFTER WEEK LONG TRIAL
will be sented in Connecticut Superior Court 11/20 9:30 am in New Haven--- Daniel Greer (lives in New Haven AND
Newport RI)

He was a spokesman of Aguda Israel, testifiedon its behalf in Conn. Legislture.
His school was part of Tora Umesora
Likely a member of many rabbinical organizaions-- RAA? RCA? Union of Orth Rabbis, Conn. Board of Rabbis??
Attended YU
Boasted of his children going to Yale, then sued Yale and attracted national attention (the "Yale 5")
Was prominent NYC official in 1960s
Wide connection in jewish world, Providence RI, New York
Touro Temple in Newport RI obtained no trespass order against him

Not a single organization has condemned his conduct or reached out to his several victims.
And no one has written a comprehensive article on Greer and abuse at his schools.

Wink n Stare said...

Greer was also a youth leader at Lincoln Square Synagogue but par for the course is not one word from the nutjob & hypocrite rabbi Emeritus Shlomo Riskin

Anonymous said...

There was a Clifton Cheder Morah for the younger kids who sadly has serious problems & oft times looked disheveled. She was not much of a teacher but as the old adage goes, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Clifton is not the most generous on shelling out peanuts, so they take what they can get. Weirder still, there is an old newspaper article about her mother founding a club for mothers to pass around each other's babies to breastfeed. Membership not limited to Members of the Tribe. The Shulchan Aruch of course issues a scary warning about the results from such an ugly practice.

Anonymous said...

I’m surprised you started censoring comments: The info posted was 100% true. Did not expect that from you, UOJ…

UOJ Gets Results said...


Yeshiva of Dung Valley said...

Sperka on the YSV Monsey Board and his teacher wife who can be rather odd at times, and not in a good way.

Another family who think they are G-d's gift to mankind Agudah macher types.

But just who are they?

The grandfanther Rabbi Joshua Sperka in Detroit, after semicha from Skokie, was a Left Winger Zionist who worked for the Conservative when it suited him.

Sperka was eidim by Nathaniel Peiman, a closet Maskil in Charedi levush, who sold Yiddishist kefira in his Judaica store along with mezuzos that he was mevazeh by selling them to superstitious Black folks who wore them around their necks as good luck charms! Peiman encouraged the future Mrs Sperka to hang out in gentile social clubs which she continued to do as Rebbitzen.

Rabbi Sruly Motzen attacks Joshua Sperka in this post on his shul's website:


when Joshua Sperka was the rabbi of Bnai David Detroit he was mechabed the notorious Purple Gang murderers with Mizrach vant & other kibudim. Rabbi Motzen rips Sperka to shreds that how immoral could he be to coddle these gangsters with blood on their hands, who were more ruthless than the Italians under Al Capone?! Rabbi Motzen actually launched into this as a public attack on Sperka during a Yom Kippur drosha!

Sources for the other parts of the story available on request

Fasten your seat belts said...


Another Telzer Loser said...


Notis from Telz is still defending child rapist Greer.

Notis skipped New Haven where Greer was his yeshiva's landlord after Noodles tipped off State authorities that Notis could not legally operate his yeshiva there. Notis then transplanted his yeshiva to Amish country in Lancaster County PA.

Pinny Lipschutz has been farkoyfing the yeshiva in Lancaster & even trying to convince baal habatim to move out there. But Pinny gives zero indication the yeshiva is for oisvorff and dropout types, some with substance addictions.

What kind of Torah or Mesorah said...


First National claims that Seasons mispresented its financial condition when it got the loan. The month before the deal, the complaint states, an $8.3 million court judgement was entered against Seasons and its bank accounts were frozen.

By failing to disclose the judgment, the bank claims, the Seasons affiliate and its president, Zvi Bloom, (who is also head of Torah Umesorah & son of former Agudah head Shmuel "Boom Boom" Bloom) had committed a fraud and Culinary Depot had “retained the funds and has refused to return them.”

El Al said...


Yeshiva of Dingaling Valley said...

Yes, the principal Fraidy Jakubovics in Yeshiva of Spring Valley girls building is NUTS & DANGEROUS.

But there is another junior principal in that building, Mrs Levy who commutes from Passaic, who is also flakey and destructive at times without it being as apparent as with Jakubovics. Even the upper hanhala is not happy with Levy's out to lunch m.o.. I've heard them complaining aloud about her.

Anonymous said...

you gotta come back, we need you!
But maybe a more sedate, low key approach will make your vital work more palatable and help avoid burnout

Yeshiva of Swing Valley said...

the ACHZORIM running YSV Monsey keeps kids of Torahdik mishpochos with no yeshiva on the street

they won't lift a finger to free up all the open space they have which includes the entire basement in the boys building


but this Ari Nagel MENUVOL is one of their choshuveh graduates because YSV is impressed that his father is a macher in Moses Tendler's shul

Paul Mendlowitz said...

But maybe a more sedate, low key approach will make your vital work more palatable and help avoid burnout.

I hear you....Thanks.

OU Eyepopper said...

What kind of Hefkerus is this?!


"All of our food is Kosher, and is prepared in the Bnos Malka Academy kitchen, which is under the Kashrut supervision Va’ad Harabonim of Queens OR under the Kashrut supervision of our dedicated mashgiach, who is under the authority of OU and STAR-K"

Does the OU agree with this description?


this company owned by Jonathan Hartig is a leader & official caterer of a group called "Kugel"


Kugel's "Rabbinical advisor" is this OU rabbi

another OU affiliated rabbi working with Kugel is Elchanan Poupko

it's one thing that it doesn't irritate these rabbis that the Kugel founders are flaunting the issur negiah on the About page of their website


but it's something else entirely when they bring the velt's menuvol Ari Nagel of Tendler's shul to promote his Dor Hamabulnik lifestyle of having babies from over 50 shiksas & counting!


This sick guy is banned from entering Eretz Yisroel and even the Liberals running both NY State & NYC are trying to stop him for being a threat to public health!

Fartscroll said...

Nosson Scherman must have wet his finger to stick up in the atmosphere again to get a feel for sentiments in the heimishe public. It's all about what he thinks will translate into better sales at Fartscroll and to make sure it doesn't get blacklisted by the heimishe establishment.

After claiming with a straight face that he "tried to stop Kolko" after no one ever remembered a single whimper from him in protest, he is now boldly attacking victims & anti-molester advocates.

Pinny Lipschutz had Scherman pen the primary hespid in the Yated for his late employee, molester surrogate extraordinaire Rabbi Malinowitz whose Beit Shemesh shul is a haven for several notorious molesters whom he fought hard to protect.

Scherman lauds Malinowitz for standing strong, not backing down, in the face of protesters & picketers, ie the molestation victims & anti-molester advocates who Scherman insults as "aberrations".

Anonymous said...

Koenig's mother, Mrs Esther Koenig from the Flatbush den of thieves known as Frankel's Shul, was running a cover up campaign in the 1990s for the alleged Ponivizher child molester Cheifetz when he disappeared from Lakewood while dark rumors were swirling around. The Koenigs & Cheifetzes are mechutonim.

Erev Rav hijacking yeshivos said...

al pi the Chazal brought by 3 gedolei Achronim

In this week's Yated there is a Yiddishe mamma suffering shtark agmus nefesh who writes a letter to the editor about the behaymishkeit of administrators at Monsey yeshivos ketanos, that not only they don't give a hoot about the large numbers of kids with nowhere to go but they pile on with cruel, hurtful innuendo in lobbing verbal digs at the victimized mishpochos

R' Pinchos, yasher koyach for having the courage to do the right thing to expose those gangsters by printing that letter.

The oylam should know that a huge scam at Monsey yeshivos is appointing a Rabbonishe Board in addition to the baal habatish one. It is calculated to dupe parents & donors into thinking that they actually give a darn about Daas Torah. You can't even count how many times the gangsters have totally ignored, feifed on, and even made major choyzek & bizyonos from the gedolim & senior rabbonim whose names they fraudulently affix to themselves. I don't understand why the rabbonim haven't quit. Some of the rabbonim have confided to me several instances where they gave shtark musser to the gangsters after they did the opposite of what they were told they are mechuyev to do. I once witnessed a cheder menahel & his children being very disrespectful befarhesya to a rosh yeshiva who is not only very senior in rank but who has also done them tremendous toyvos. I was shocked and asked the rosh yeshiva how he could even look at them again after what they just did to him. Because he is an adam gadol meod in aneevus, he replied like a shepsela that he doesn't bear grudges. Ober laaniyas daati & according to the daas of those much greater than ani hakotton, it is time to stand up for kovod haTorah & to put these gangsters in their places - even remove them from chinuch - after all the destruction they cause while ignoring all gedolim in both America & Eretz Yisroel!

Chevra Chazerim said...


oyf der veg to the Agudah Fresser convention or a Pesach hotel?

The Pope can Poop but he cant hide said...


Moetzes Resign! said...

@ the Pope can Poop but he can't hide

this week the top honcho from the NY Archdiocese came to visit the tiflus in Spring Valley

Is that the same guy that pictures are circulating of him mit a groissen tzeilem hanging 'round his neck, huddling with Chaim Dovid Zweibel?

Desmond Pupu said...

I feel like I should cross denominational lines & come to the aid here of a fellow galich


I guess I should create a distraction by doing what I do best, and badmouth the Jews again!

Winnie the Poopoo Mandela said...

Desmond, all of a sudden you're the guardian of the Catholics?


Just admit it already, it was politically beneficial for you to cover up for a child abuser like me

The Poop Chronicles said...

The Maggid R' Sholom Shvadron used to say over a mayseh from the Alter Yishuv that's a very good tzu shtell to combative Agudah Fresser molester surrogates like Avi Shafran & Shmuel "Boom Boom" Bloom.

If you think that Roto Rooter is messy & putrid, there was a cess pool system in the Old City that every so often an Arab crew would have to come to clean it out. Those low class Pereh Adams would actually remain in it to eat their lunch despite the unbearable stench that is unlike anything in modern civilization. Someone who could not fathom that anyone would choose to remain there while eating, stopped to zog them arein. The Arabs got angry & told the guy to take a hike.

Zogt der Maggid, it's actually poshut that the Arabs would fir zich azoy and react angrily to the opinionated passerby because when you surround yourself mit dreck a gantz tog, for you it is the new normal. Shafran & Bloom were in the Ner Yisroel dorm where many infamous molesters were part of their chevra. Every so often I find out about another molester's yeshiva background who I didn't realize went through Ner Yisroel, the latest revelation being Bryks.

Bill Clinton said...


Ah reckon I can use all the help I can get if any of these here galochim or rabbis have any more good lines up their sleeve in the oyfan of Rochel bitcha haketana. Because "that woman" hefsek "Monica Lewinsky" is getting stale already

Loose Lips Sink Ships said...

Look who YSV invites to play Mashgiach Ruchni after the fishy attack (even Pinny's Matzav site calls it fishy) on the Forshayer that is connected to the previous Monsey attack despite Cuomo's denials


Lippy Loose Lips Geldwerth who savagely attacked multiple people bifnei am v'aida for the "crime" of being the guy who outed Kolko but didn't apologize to them when the real mechaber of UOJ publicly IDed himself

Fed Up In Peoria said...

This site always had the best comments. Honest and sardonic.