Tuesday, December 31, 2019

I Will Be On A Live Podcast With Luke Ford --- This Coming Sunday January 5, 2020 at 9 PM EST. You Are Invited To Participate In The Discussion!




Lamdan of Muckrakei said...

Any "mareh mekomos" for the "shiur"?

If tantalizing enough you'd better make sure Luke has enough bandwidth!

Boorrro Parrrk said...

In the dor before Yankel Beepers with their flashing lights & other toys, hockers would attend relatively small meetings under the auspicies of the Agudah Fressers. When your site started making huge waves, an alter Fresser at such a meeting in Lakewood asked "vhat is a blog"? Shreck did the entries that followed here to change the world ever provide the answer!

Soon they will ask "vhat is a podcast"?

Leopold Margulies said...


Shoyn langeh tzeit vus Ich rrredt nisht mit Bungalow Putz Neuhoff, oberrr oyb errr macht episs a hacking tze me'akev zein dee pudkast mit alleh shekerrr v'chuzuv she'boi, tze vet zein a gitteh zach.

Shea Fishman said...

Oh crap! Another event where I have to wet suit up & shelter in place under my bed. Like I've got nothing better to do on a Sunday.

Rabbi Samuel Kaminetzky said...

Podcasters resign!

Avi L Shafran said...

What do you expect from these chevra? Noch a yerida, now from tawdry tales to putrid pods

Dr Tuvya Chaim Charles Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...

I'm trying to remember takka what Belsky's guidance was on the emerging pod technology. Maybe that's the one where I'm supposed to call in pretending I have a pro-"victim" question, then suddenly break out with flatulence noises, trying to imitate Margo after he's devoured a whole pot of goulash.

I can't wait to boast about my coming conquest here in my Yated psychobabble column!

And oh yeah, I am against molestation of any pod.

Avremel Schorr haBor said...

@ Margo & Bungalow Putz,

I'm on it.

Let me know if you can figure out a way that I can chapp aus the microphone.

Veggy Maryles said...

Oh brother! I don't know how life can go on if UOJ nails Shalom Tendler again!

Fishman, make room under your bed!

Return of the Jedi said...

It was complicated to post live questions in YouTube's system so allow me to post questions here.

We heard a mellow UOJ last night. Where is the old UOJ with a brenn who has child abusers cowering in fear?

Torah Temimah eventually collapsed thanks to you, under new management with Margo kicked to the curb.

There are some real bad guys & places still out there. What can be done for example to take down Chaim Weiss's murderers at Long Beach (child molestation is reported to be part of that monstrous scandal) and the Neos Yaakov yeshiva in Lakewood (Shlomo Lesin from Long Beach)?

Borat said...


Paul Mendlowitz said...

Mr Jedi shlita:

It was a conscious decision to tone it down in the midst of the violence and hate being spewed at us - acheinu bais Yisroel.

Cheers said...

I can hardly hear your grunting, Shraga. See, even Google automatic subs do not show up when you talk. Do the world a favor, rabbi: Give a link to some transcript.

I do not know what you said there but – do not get offended – the world is better off without your Lashon Hara.


Paul Mendlowitz said...

Dear Mr. Cheers:




Shea Fishman said...

Is it safe to come out yet?

Bayswater Molester said...


Anonymous said...

Nice but when are you comin' back, we need you.
Just look how virtually no one is cover how J David Bleich is covering for greer (see frum follies), but you are the leader in this field, get back in!

YU Agudah Fresser? said...

J David Bleich has a financial interest in Greer's compound. Along with the Gettingers, Bleich is an officer of the yeshiva. Greer grew up in Upper Manhattan.

If the victim clawbacks are successful, Bleich will take a hit in his wallet. So it makes sense if he takes the Agudah Fresser position of who cares what the Torah says, protect your money first.

Bizayon Hatorah said...


At the Torah Umesorah dinner this past June at the Brooklyn Marriott, eishis Aharon Friedman hanikra Tamar 'hazoyna' Epstein with the fremdeh man she lives with, Adam Fleischer, put an ad on page 692 in the dinner journal linked above in honor of their patron shadchan Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky!

The Kaminetzkys are now being mevazeh the roshei Torah Umesorah R' Dovid Feinstein & R' Malkiel Kotler who along with all the gedolim were moyche against the mamzerus stunt which R' Shmuel claimed he was being "mevatel daas" to R' Dovid. Yeah, "right"?

Shame on the Kaminetzky enablers within the Torah Umesorah "Nesius" whom this outrage only gets by with their support: Pinny Lipschutz, Shmuel Bloom & Zvi Bloom.

And this is mamash a slap in the face to Torah Umesorah founder R' Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz ztl who must be having agmus nefesh over this travesty in the next velt!

No wonder why the Freimaner Ruv in Williamsburg & his fellow dayanim in Satmar's machaneh, just recently were moyche against fake "bittul" kiddushin and when he was asked vus episs, he said the krank has already infected kreizen close enough to heisseh Chassidishe that it's not so veit to chalila make a jump to their oylam already.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I'm considering returning to the public arena after Pesach, by way of a weekly blog post (not weakly) with original thoughts on the events of the previous week, and perhaps a monthly radio show with guests and call in!

Moshe Eisemann said...

How does UOJ do it?

One day he just gets the ball rolling against Philly for shipping molesters off to Ner Yisroel. And before you know it there are rabbonim the world over who can smell every scandal coming out of Drexel from 1000s of miles away, from supporting R' Nosson's silly book to the pay-for-play mamzerus scandal with bittul kiddushin.


These Williamsburg poskim argue Philly needs to be bashed even though their oylam can't find Philly yeshiva on a map.

This is actually the 3rd round of Hisachdus hammering the Kaminetzkys. In round one, the Menahel of the Beis Din Itzu Glick called the Kaminetzkys out by name. In round two, they were led by the zkan haposkim Rav Chatzkel Roth shlita to issue a written psak posseling Philly co-conspirator Nota Greenblatt from any function in rabbonus.

Philly class of 2015, programmed robot T1625x said...

Oh yeah?! Well, UOJ had better watch it! Moreinu veRabbeinu Shmuel Kaminetzky l'oylam vo'ed is a new incarnation of the Shechina. And if you aren't shaking in your boots yet, Sholom Kaminetzky has a son acting as personal bodyguard who when they get hostile confrontations in Lakewood from followers of the gedolei Eretz Yisroel he starts whipping out all kinds karate chops & kicks!

I have asked R' Yehuda Svei that the next time he brings in a shmooz from R' Elya Lopian mocking Doktor Rabbiners that B Hay M Hay (Litvish havorah of B.A. + M.A.), dos haisst a behaymah, he should be mamshich against UOJ that Cucamonga, dos haisst a Kook Monger.


He tells me that Rajchenbach introduced him at an event to R' Arnie Schwarzeneggar who proposed programming a new improved class of robot talmidim who can be sent back in time to either argue against R' Shraga Feivel or sabotage the publisher of his teshuva that halacha is mechayev being mefarsem on corrupt rabbonim. The Agudah hasn't found a way yet to shlog up UOJ so we really like Arnie's einfall. Arnie is also displeased with UOJ because he was once criticized on the blog for cheating on his wife with the cleaning lady.

Philly Class of 1990, model T prototype said...

Arnie needs a better plan. UOJ has a lot of supporters who keep under the radar. Even many Briskers are currently quiet supporters of UOJ & the resistance. There's a history there. R' Elya only ended up by R' Aharon Kotler because the Brisker Rov didn't accept him. And generally speaking, R' Avrohom Yehoshua has not accepted Philly bochurim.


What are we going to do if some Brisker or other supporter happens along to bail out one of our targets on the UOJ side?

Arnie said...

I knew it was just a matter of time until UOJ also found out about the pedophilia stuff. But I'll be back!


Gigi Jeffers (aka Gigi Goyette) claims she was a tender 16-year-old acting in Little House on the Prairie in 1975 when Arnold had his way with her.

That was before he married Kennedy scion Maria Shriver. Then it all gets a little sticky. E! Online says Gigi claims to have had an encore engagement with Arnold around 1989, three years after he married Maria.

It goes on to say that Arnold coughed up about $20,000 in 2003 to ensure Gigi didn't blab about their coupling during his run for California governor in 2003. (The site also mentions that the former body-builder has been cruelly disinvited from attending the opening of a Singapore theme park this weekend, thanks to the sexcapade scandal.)

Filthydelphia said...


If the Agudah is serious, any repudiation should be signed by their honcho, RSK. Vemayvin yovin!

Agudah Fresser said...

The hour is late but I have no choice but to put in a call to awaken Sol Werdiger & Chaskel Bennett over this outrageous rip off of our Convention


this might even be in violation of copyright laws!

Galachter said...


Click the play button on the alter Yid under the big magnifying glass symbol.

Is he one of the boys from Old Torah Vodaas or Beis Medrash Elyon? Someone said this was the reaction after he was told that Margo was finally forced out of YTT

Agudath Two Faced Anti Vaxx of America said...


After all the two faced double talk, the Agudah has now officially caved to Philly and launched a stealth lobbying attack that successfully killed vaccine legislation in New Jersey. So much for Rav Elya Brudny saying at the Fresser Convention that it's against the Torah, the gedolim, and that it's frankly insulting that there are haymishe Yidden in the anti-vaxx machaneh.

Agudah NJ Director Avi Schnall took a break from shoveling more kokosh cake in his mouth to tell the Jerusalem Post: "We are relieved that the majority of the state legislators were willing to be bold enough and strong enough to stand up for religious freedom."

Thank you Agudah FRESSERS for endangering immunocompromised kinder with yenner machala and for really endangering the gantzeh Klal at a time of rampant anti-Semitic violence no less. The Taz in Yoreh Deah 167:8 poskens that a counterfeiter of money who by definition is endangering the lives of all Yidden may be handed over to goyishe authorities who will execute him. He has a din roydef altz the anti-Semitism he causes. R' Moishe Shternbuch shlita in his written teshuva to R' Malkiel writes that unzerra anti-vaxx create chilul Hashem, getting the goyim upset at us.

Avi Schnall said...

Please pass more kokosh


im ain kemach, ain Agudah

Skverrorist said...

Who cares if New York State bail "reform" is turning all the violent anteh-Semitten back on the streets to attack over & over?


We mutched Cuomo the Homo & alleh anderreh zoyna politicians for it so that one of our criminal home boys from Willy can have a "get out of jail free" card.

The heck with everyone else!

Warning said...


this molester has been hanging around the OU cholov Yisroel bakery cafe in Lyndhurst NJ

POTUS imitates UOJ said...


Marmorosher get results said...


The original mohel Fisher who was banned by NYC Health has spent years performing secret illegal metzitzos enabled by at least one corrupt, ignorant Rebbela

Harvey Weinstein said...


UOJ, I know your long arm was episs areingemisht in here somewhere! You haven't heard the last from me! I'm gonna tell all the Rikers chevra that your blog sucks!

Leopold Margulies said...


Gam UNOICHEE mitzturrref!

finking out said...

Rabbi Reuven Fink who just tested positive to Coronavirus now muses: "I said to myself, “but at all of those places [with voluntary Coronavirus quarantine] we were performing mitzvos.” To be davening in shul, attending a funeral, attending bar and bat mitzvah celebrations - all are good deeds, mitzvot!”"

Fink has been hobnobbing with Art$croll and its criminal gang for decades. (BTW, fink = informer, as you know.) That is where he probably learned that "whoever keeps the commandment shall know no evil thing, and the heart of a wise man knows time and justice."

Really, why frum Jews get sick, they are so pious, God must protect them! But He or She did not protect them during the Holocaust either. Maybe because He or She knows that all they publicly do is just fakery and pretending. Or maybe because He or She does not even exist.