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A Teachable Moment For The Orthodox Jewish Community - Eat Herring With Your Rabbis - Go To Doctors For Medical Advice!

 MARCH 12, 2020 -----  KEEP YESHIVAS OPEN ---- "It is our opinion, at least as of now, and at least in cities or municipalities where public and private schools are not required to close, that yeshivos and day schools should remain open. The koach haTorah generated by tinokos shel bais rabban is inestimable, and is urgently needed in times like these.
The general consensus among health officials at this time appears to be that schools may remain open, as evidenced by the fact that most local health authorities have not at this point ordered the wholesale closing of schools, neither public schools nor private schools. We do not think that yeshivos and day schools need to hold themselves to a different standard than that determined appropriate for neighboring public or private schools."

The (Jewish) Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant, who warned of pandemic in 2006, says we can beat the novel coronavirus—but first, we need lots more testing.

Larry Brilliant says he doesn’t have a crystal ball. But 14 years ago, Brilliant, the epidemiologist who helped eradicate smallpox, spoke to a TED audience and described what the next pandemic would look like. At the time, it sounded almost too horrible to take seriously. “A billion people would get sick," he said. “As many as 165 million people would die. There would be a global recession and depression, and the cost to our economy of $1 to $3 trillion would be far worse for everyone than merely 100 million people dying, because so many more people would lose their jobs and their health care benefits, that the consequences are almost unthinkable.”

Now the unthinkable is here, and Brilliant, the Chairman of the board of Ending Pandemics, is sharing expertise with those on the front lines. We are a long way from 100 million deaths due to the novel coronavirus, but it has turned our world upside down. Brilliant is trying not to say “I told you so” too often. But he did tell us so, not only in talks and writings, but as the senior technical advisor for the pandemic horror film Contagion, now a top streaming selection for the homebound. Besides working with the World Health Organization in the effort to end smallpox, Brilliant, who is now 75, has fought flu, polio, and blindness; once led Google’s nonprofit wing, Google.org; co-founded the conferencing system the Well; and has traveled with the Grateful Dead.

We talked by phone on Tuesday. At the time, President Donald Trump’s response to the crisis had started to change from “no worries at all” to finally taking more significant steps to stem the pandemic. Brilliant lives in one of the six Bay Area counties where residents were ordered to shelter in place. When we began the conversation, he’d just gotten off the phone with someone he described as high government official, who asked Brilliant “How the fuck did we get here?” I wanted to hear how we’ll get out of here. The conversation has been edited and condensed.

MORE: https://www.wired.com/story/coronavirus-interview-larry-brilliant-smallpox-epidemiologist/?utm_source=pocket-newtab


Anonymous said...

If you feel misled by your rabbis, rosh yeshivas, and poskim over these last few weeks, you are not alone. The rabbinic establishment in the frum/chareidi/chasidic community failed their constituents on a massive scale. When the world over already knew the dangers of the coronavirus, the frum leaders buried their heads in the sand and did nothing! Purim should have been completely canceled this year! Instead, it was business as usual. Tragically, it now seems the virus spread virulently throughout the frum community over purim. To this day, there are still certain yeshivas and shuls that refuse to shut down.

However, know this: you are not the first to feel betrayed by your leaders and rabbis. In the midst of the horrors of the Holocaust, there was a brave rabbi named Yisachor Teichtel, who castigated his fellow rabbis for betraying their communities. Rabbi Teichtel blamed the slaughter of Hungarian Jews on the rabbinic establishment for misleading their followers. Despite all odds, in 1943, Rabbi Teichtel published his book Eim Habanim Semaicha. Don't be surprised if you haven't heard of this book, as the current rabbinic establishment would rather you don't know about it.

For too long, the chareidi community has worshiped their leaders, rabbis, rebbes, gedolim and poskim. They mistakenly believed that their rabbis are experts in all fields, halachic or otherwise. The events of the past few weeks make plain for all to see, rabbis and rebbes are not authorities on anything outside of the four cubits of halacha. DO NOT consult your rabbis on scientific, medical, and economic matters.

Now is the time for a serious reckoning in the frum community. We can only hope that those with eyes to see and ears to listen, will finally come to their senses. Otherwise, the future is indeed bleak.


Shelly Silver said...

I've never seen eye to eye with UOJ on molesters & most other topics. Heck, I even kept blocking the Child Victim Act in the Assembly at the behest of my shiksa mistress who is lobbyist for the Vatican.


But I really appreciate the advice here on fressing herring!

Anonymous said...

Not fair if you actually read it they are saying that you should listen to doctors etc but in places where regular school is staying open so should we

The general consensus among health officials at this time appears to be that schools may remain open, as evidenced by the fact that most local health authorities have not at this point ordered the wholesale closing of schools, neither public schools nor private schools. We do not think that yeshivos and day schools need to hold themselves to a different standard than that determined appropriate for neighboring public or private schools."

Paul Mendlowitz said...

1 - The Archdiocese of NY ordered all their Catholic schools closed as of March 5.

This was recorded March 5 ---- Dr. Aron Glatt warned them for a full month to close all the yeshivas!


Fresser Frasker said...

7:45 PM completely missed the boat.

Take Yeshiva of Spring Valley who for PR reasons take their marching orders - when it suits them - from Torah Umesorah / Agudah Fressers / Shmuel Kaminetzky. These YSV bastards kept the kids hostage in the Corona petri dish until the last possible day that they wouldn't be arrested. The public schools were already closed. See the comments to the previous UOJ post. There were a bunch of odd press releases from TU-Agudah trying to cover up for Mad Vaccine Pro-Fresser Rabbiner Kaminetzky after he ended up looking so bad. But the worst was the YSV letter that was full of outright LIES as they hemmed & hawed to cover up for both Kaminetzky & themselves.


And this is hot off the Fresser press: Kaminetzky didn't want to prevent infections - except when it comes to closing down Pesach hotels & watching the hoteliers go broke. Not really a contradiction he will tell you as it fits with the Philly yeshiva agenda to criticize Pesach hotels as overindulgent (even though many such hotels fall short of the excesses at the Agudah Fresser Convention, which as far back as the 1950s, Rabbi Mendlowitz can fill you in on how the gourmand stuffing of faces there is utterly traumatizing!)

Philly Kaminetzkys get results said...


“A Fake Pandemic”: Antivaxxers Are Spreading Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Paul Mendlowitz said...

Beth Din relaxes dietary requirements for Pesach
Centuries of strict religious law eased in unprecedented move to help kosher shoppers during coronavirus crisis.


Anonymous said...

GLAD you are back,we need you.
For instance, that horridly lame "joint" organizational statement must be taken down--- all it says is dont go to FL!

Warning to Agudah Fressers said...


Florida said...

One impetus for the Agudah Fresser-Modern Ortho joint communique was they knew a bunch of their own were going to try to weasel around the decree the Gov of Florida already made which would have ended in tremendous bizyonos & chilul Hashem


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he will issue an executive order requiring anyone flying into the state from New York, New Jersey, Washington, or California to undergo a “mandatory 14-day self-isolation” period in response to the coronavirus, The Orlando Sentinel reports. During a press conference, DeSantis said there were currently over “190 direct flights from the New York City area” to Florida, and he believed there was at least one positive case per flight.

(Could this be a sign from Shomayim that it is disgusting that there has been at least one molester in almost every yeshiva?)

Prince Charles said...

There was no "unprecedented" move by the London Beis Din kashrus division except for the journalist who penned that false sensationalism.

Yes, there was a minhag since the late Rishonim to provide special supervision to Pesach essen but in a time of magaifos even R' Yisroel Salanter was mattir kitniyos in gantzen which KLBD is only allowing in a couple of narrow instances - pretty shvache "move". The minhag in Schweiz is to be mattir some kitniyos in a time of war. They were never mevatel the minhag even now so many years after the last war which they were not even directly involved in.

It can also be said that Corona has everyone as sofek choyla. There are grounds to be mattir kitniyos for this reason also if there is a shortage of food, which there is unless engaging in vadai sakonna of looking in every supermarket. And if doctors tell you to consume vitamins to ward off the virus that overrides the takonas Geonim as all kosher vitamins contain kitniyos even when not chometz. In pre-virus years the Volover Ruv told people who medically (as per a doctor) needed vitamins, which kitniyos vitamins he certifies that they can eat on Pesach.

KLBD is making a huge mistake regarding quinoa however. They focus on the machlokes of whether or not it's kitniyos while ignoring that quinoa is not only thoroughly infested with insects but also notoriously contaminated with chometz gomur which greedy Star K took a lot of flak for being the first to jump $$$ into it.

Anonymous said...

Oftentimes I think of the greatness and piety of this man, Paul Mendlowitz, who has been single-handedly fighting Jewish criminals for close to 15 years. Many smiled and smirked at what he said and did, but years prove that he has been right every time and in every statement! So when UOJ recently wrote that "2-4 week supply is a good idea, being a gun owner with a registered firearm and plenty of ammunition is important, now, and was always" — he prophetically predicted our near future:

Coronavirus Is Revealing A Major Flaw In The Systems We Rely On To Get Food

And I know that when hordes of criminals squealing "¡Mata a todos los judíos!" attack him and his family for that gallon of milk and roll of toilet paper, he'll keep shooting into the thick of them dying as a hero rather than a golus yid!

Rabbi Rambo said...

There is no steerah of a Golus Yid doing hishtadlus to protect his family. When gedolim assered firearm training it was only applicable to klei koydesh who learn all day. Community patrols made up of baal habatim can protect them while they focus on learning.

There is a takonas Kadmonim actually that when random goyishe criminals killed Yidden in early Medieval Europe where authorities did not expend resources to track down the killers, askonim should do it & hand the killer over to authorities or kill him themselves.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

I have been trained over many years, and have become proficient in the use of firearms. Only under these circumstances should one consider owning one.

Paul Mendlowitz said...

3:43 PM, March 25, 2020

Too kind, thank you.

Fasting Fresser Paradox said...

Gedolim were moyche today's "taanis" as against Shulchan Aruch, against gezunt & against common sense.

The Agudah Fressers claim to have heard the "psak" from R' Chaim Kanievsky. It wouldn't be the first time they put words in his mouth. And if he really said it he was obviously manipulated & there was zero explanation attached.

What else have the Fressers been up to? That joint statement with the biggest Lefties in Modern Orthodox is a case of the blind leading the hungry. Oh yeah, everyone has to buy food only online or at least from a pick up zone. It sounds good in theory but they should have done some basic investigation to see if it's feasible. Even before the Fresser-Lefty 'brainstorm', people spent hours on end every day for a week trying to arrange food deliveries but got nowhere. The larger public demand is so overwhelming that the major players like Amazon, Instacart, Wal-Mart, are scrambling to hire a combined 700,000 NEW workers! Many supermarkets are not even fully cooperating with these middlemen for competitive reasons. And most heimishe supermarkets that I know of had stopped doing deliveries - period - BEFORE the announcement.

Anonymous said...

Instafart has been useless in my experience.

If they are farkoyfing goods from Shmerel's Supermarket, Shmerel's keeps much of it for themselves, so Instafart is a giant bait & switch where after you click away for let's say high end organic canola oil, they pressure you to instead buy non-organic generic. Sometimes you end up with the unwanted items in your cart without even realizing. Then if you are flipping between pages & took too long for their liking, they delete all the items. Do the idiots actually want to sell anything?

Even IF you manage to get through all the hurdles, they tell you there are no more drivers available for today's deliveries. Ok, fine, so then put me on tomorrow's deliveries. But no, because the fartzelach don't allow you to input it. You have to come back tomorrow & redo the whole process.

Amazon, I was long suspecting that Bezos shvantz was going to one day pull the plug on 3rd party vendors, to sell everything himself at higher profit. He just did it now while hiding behind the excuse of National Emergency. He argues that mentchen darfen der ershter zach, dehaynu essen & toilet papir, so all 3rd party vendors are kicked off for 'at least 5 or 6 weeks'. How many of these vendors will go broke holding on to warehouses of stuff that they now can't sell?

Anonymous said...

Latest Scientific Breakthrough: Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky שליט"א Has Developed $900 Vaccine For COVID-19!

Anonymous said...

Part 1 (JEWISH)
Part 2 (GOYISH)

ALLAH said...

צדיק גוזר והקב"ה מקיים

Anonymous said...

Lipa Friedrich, a Satmar bus driver from Monsey, was a perfectly healthy 39-year-old man with no prior medical condition. He tested positive for COVID-19 3 days ago and was in isolation at home. This morning he felt severe shortness of breath, was rushed to the hospital and died 2 hours later leaving behind his wife and 6 children (the youngest is just 5 weeks old).


snake oil said...

snake oil

Gentile reacts to shitas Shmuel Kaminetzky said...


Fresser Checkpoint said...

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Saturday announced the creation of an Interstate 95 checkpoint on Florida’s northern border to screen motorists traveling from the New York City area, in an effort to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Saturday’s announcement came a day after DeSantis said he was setting up a similar checkpoint in Northwest Florida, targeting travelers from Louisiana.

The I-95 checkpoint is an expansion of screenings already underway at certain Florida airports aimed at people coming from the tri-state area around New York City, one of the nation’s “hot spots” for COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus.

Anonymous said...

USA now is like Poland in 1985 (gazetawroclawska.pl). Thirty-five years have passed, different countries, different peoples... same approach...

Anthony Fauci said...

Dr. Anthony Fauci: “I WOULD SAY BETWEEN 100,000 AND 200,000 AMERICANS WILL BE DEAD!

Anonymous said...

‘Situation In Bnei Brak Is Like ‘Italy’. Nearly Every Chareidi Who Is Checked Is Positive’

Little Italy said...

OUR NEAR FUTURE IN THE US: "Coronavirus: Italy becoming impatient with lockdown - and social unrest is brewing. Police descend on a supermarket after reports people have stolen food to feed themselves, as patience turns to desperation.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Pastor Rick Wiles Says Coronavirus Spreading in Synagogues is God's Punishment to Jews for 'Opposing' Jesus Christ!
Are pogroms next?

UOJ gets Results said...

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas joined other states Thursday in imposing quarantines on travelers from the New York area, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S., and put similar restrictions on people arriving from nearby New Orleans as the number of cases there surges dramatically.

By requiring anyone arriving by plane from New Orleans and the New York area — including New Jersey and Connecticut — to quarantine for 14 days, Texas became the latest state to race to isolate travelers coming from places where the coronavirus crisis is most severe. Governors in Florida and Maryland announced similar restrictions this week pertaining to New York.

(after publication Mass, R.I. & NC also started quarantining New Yorkers because secular Upper East Side Fressers can be just as selfish as Agudah Fressers and operate with even less sechel because there are no ICU beds in Martha's Vinyard for example if they get sick)

Shmuel Kaminetzky gets results said...


Ohn ken seichel said...


the latest from the "genius" solution proposed in the joint statement of the Agudah Fressers & Modern Orthodoxy's talking heads.

נָפְלָה עֲטֶרֶת רֹאשֵׁנוּ אוֹי נָא לָנוּ כִּי חָטָאנוּ said...

נָפְלָה עֲטֶרֶת רֹאשֵׁנוּ אוֹי נָא לָנוּ כִּי חָטָאנוּ!!!!!!!!!!!‏

Anonymous said...

i do not want to die! i was never married, i tried doing mitzvos. they all lied! all these rabbis, teachers!!! all they can do is lie-lie-lie from their pulpits! they have never protected us, they just want money and they keep lying! i daven but i am scared. moshe died last week, sorelle is dying now, i do not want to die!! i want to live!

UOJ Gets Results said...


Rabbonim warning Modern Orthodox & Agudah Fressers that Florida's Governor is on to all their resourceful tricks to evade the checkpoints so he has just enacted an emergency law being mevatel all rentals of properties and outlawing occupation of any such property with STIFF CRIMINAL PENALTIES for anyone caught, no matter what kind of written agreement they furnish! Anyone who owns their own property will be quarantined there under supervision with each violation of quarantine subject to 60 days imprisonment & a $500 fine.

Shmuel Kaminetzky said...



You know nothing in medical yedios next to my Rebbitzen who spent years studying every conspiracy website on the internet!

Doctors resign!

Dov Hikind imitates UOJ said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Rabbi Mendlowitz!
I have an important question for you. I am at a loss. I need your guidance because there is nobody to trust today but you! I have started questioning my faith: The entire world prays, Jews and non-Jews; the Pope even forgives the sins of worshippers affected by the coronavirus; the head of the main Kabbalistic yeshiva in the world conducts holy rituals. Yet the pandemic only intensifies! Hashem does not listen to anyone’s prayers: neither adults, nor children (according to Talmud, He should listen to children). Never before in the history of mankind so many people happened to be affected and afflicted at once: There were times when Orient countries suffered, when Europe suffered, but the entire world — never! Even the Holocaust did not affect all Jewish communities!
How must we approach this?
Does this situation prove God does not exist?
Or that we all have believed in a wrong god?
Because had He existed, He would surely listen to the prayers offered by billions of men, women and pure children!
But if He does not, than there is no point in praying x-times a day, in keeping commandments, etc.
Because then these holy decrees are only man-made and not holy at all!

Yes, some surely say that people dying now are sinners or their reincarnations as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef once said about the Holocaust victims. Many will accept that notion. But I cannot! What should I do? I want to believe in God, but I feel that I no longer believe in Him!!!

Anonymous said...


Paul Mendlowitz said...

I will, I need to find the right words.

Maxim Kantor said...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(thinking aloud)

No matter what happens today (pandemic, biological warfare, financial frauds, world political reorganization — or all at once and simultaneously, as it usually in history) — the habit of thinking aloud remains.

Over the past thirty years, with the complete victory of capitalism in the world, the population has been persistently taught the idea of inequality.
Usually they phrase it like this: “There should only be equality of social opportunities, and the rest is just luck.”
Since there is no equality of social opportunities and that requirement never existed in the world, except under the conditions of barrack (bad) socialism, only the last part of the phrase is true.

With astronomical riches around, the required number of hospitals was not built in the world.
Yet cruise yachts were.
This inequality is justified by progressive capitalism.
Does anyone think otherwise?
You can safely die knowing that the winners of the market are now drifting in their yachts. And why are yachts being built?
Then everything is in order: The selection has been made.

Capitalism convinces people to throw away sentiments.
Thus, one has to throw away sentiments.

In 1994, in Rwanda, the Hutu tribe killed one million Tutsi people. Now thirty thousand people have died in the world. But, of course (I am afraid that sarcasm is only deliberate here), every white European is worth a thousand barbarians in the eyes of the civilization.
This is a common, healthy inequality. People are used to this.

Seventy years have passed since the Second World War, but it is not known exactly how many people died in the Soviet Union. Either 19 millions, or 27 millions, or 40 millions. A gap of 10 millions is the norm there. While in France nobody is forgotten.
Normal, healthy inequality.

It is significant that communism (in various regimes) also introduced inequality — hunger and labor/death camps. And there seems to be nothing to choose from.

After the autocracies (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Salazar, Franco, etc.) were defeated in the world, for some time it consoled itself with the thought: To build a “social state,” a state of equality.
A kind of pre-socialism, laboratory communism, quasi-capitalism.
Christian, so to speak, democracy.
Still, that intention did not last long. Probably five to ten years.
Then they began to build a world of inequality.
Because it is progressive! And it leads to the development of civilization.
It seems that everyone agreed that inequality is progressive, is not it?

After all, was it possible to build not yachts and palaces, but hospitals? Especially if one knew about epidemics?
Yet that would not be so progressive.
That would be regressive.
And we were convinced of that.
Usually they said this: “Would you like to ‘take everything and share’? Like doggy communists?”
Of course, that is wrong! A new progressive doggy communist was born, who proclaimed: “Steal everything!”
This slogan seemed progressive.
So, everything goes according to the plan.
Inequality is primarily expressed in the opposition of “living” and “dead.”
The Lord, deciding the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, acted strictly in accordance with the wishes of the people themselves.

UOJ readership was vastly undercounted by Bungalow Putz Neuhoff said...


(AP) — Background checks required to buy firearms have spiked to record numbers in the past month, fueled by a run on guns from Americans worried about their safety during the coronavirus crisis.

According to figures from the FBI, 3.7 million background checks were done in March — the most for a single month since the system began in 1998.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Bernard Freundel who secretly videotaped nude women at a Jewish ritual bath in Washington has been released early from prison amid the coronavirus pandemic!

Anonymous said...

Sar HaTorah Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Encourages People to Buy Letters in the Coronavirus United for Protection Sefer Torah!

Abba - Money, Money, Money

Aron Tort Putz Twerski said...

I called my old friend Margo this week to see how he's doing. Something was strange, I had to call back a few times. I didn't understand why he was bowling over with so much laughter that he pushet couldn't speak. When he finally regained enough composure to give me a brief explanation, he explained as follows. He has been taking a lot of flack for always being rude and dismissive of UOJ. Even the Agudah tried reasoning with him for years that just a drop of phony diplomacy will go a long way to fool the public that maybe UOJ is the bad guy, not he & they.

Then it dawned on him he can start using a new shprach in response to all of UOJ's posts from now on.

Kol haCovid (19)

If anyone sneers that his new shprach is veiter more of the same sinah he always displays, he will deadpan to them, vus meinst dee? This is the havureh from my back alleyway in Satmar in der Heim, how it was pronounced over there!

Vaxx Aus said...


Are Authorities looking into whether some of the threats made on the internet against Dr. Fauci were written by R' Samuel Kaminetzky's rebbitzen? She's a gantz tog "researching" her conspiracy theories on crackpot websites & she despises the medical profession, bifrat infectious disease experts.

חילול השם said...

חילול השם

Anonymous said...

Avrohom Aharon Rubashkin is dead from COVID-19!
Empire Kosher produces COVID-19 chickens!

Death Of Daas Torah said...


It's a shocking thing for believers in Daas Torah to accept. It's not just that Torah turns out not to protect against coronavirus. It's that the mouthpieces of Torah, the living embodiments of Torah, the guiding lights of the community, gave utterly disastrous guidance, with fatal consequences. As I pointed out in my post "The Death Of Daas Torah," what is "Daas Torah" worth, when the average non-charedi, non ben-Torah, was correct, and Daas Torah was wrong, in a life-and-death matter?!

Agudah Fresser said...

Der ershter zach is the essen. You can worry about the dead & dying later.

And as long as food is the tachlis, go ahead & line up with all the Blacks & Hispanics in the loooong lines at the pick up points where the virus needs as little as 5 minutes to infect in close proximity.

Eem ain kemach, ain Agudah!


NYC has been providing three “Grab and Go” meals a day for all children under the age of 19 for many weeks now. However, according to NYC “all” does not appear to include children who keep kosher.

NYC is in the midst of a health and economic crisis. Families who keep kosher are struggling alongside the rest of NYC. Yet NYC leadership has not yet provided meals for the children in these families.

Please share this post with all your families and urge them to email Mayor DeBlasio and tell him that children who keep kosher also deserve to eat in times of crisis.

To email Mayor DeBlasio, click here.


Deborah Zachai and Ami Bazov, Agudath Israel of America

Is R Shmuel Kaminetzky a Chinese Agent said...

Compare this article to Shmuel "blood on his hands" Kaminetzky fighting to keep all the yeshivos open until administrators were threatened with arrest. And then pretending through the Fressers at Agudah-Torah Umesorah that he's on board with the restrictions + the mechaber of assorted frumma shtick to save lives, as if that was always his agenda. Read to the end.


Leading US manufacturers of medical safety gear told the White House that China prohibited them from exporting their products from the country as the coronavirus pandemic mounted — even as Beijing was trying to “corner the world market” in personal protective equipment, The Post has learned.

Now, the Trump administration is weighing legal action against China over its alleged actions, a lawyer for President Trump said Sunday.

“In criminal law, compare this to the levels that we have for murder,” said Jenna Ellis, a senior legal adviser to Trump’s re-election campaign.

“People are dying. When you have intentional, cold-blooded premeditated action like you have with China, this would be considered first-degree murder.”

Ellis said the options under consideration include filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights or working “through the United Nations.”

Executives from 3M and Honeywell told US officials that the Chinese government in January began blocking exports of N95 respirators, booties, gloves and other supplies produced by their factories in China, according to a senior White House official.

China paid the manufacturers their standard wholesale rates, but prohibited the vital items from being sold to anyone else, the official said.

Around the same time that China cracked down on PPE exports, official data posted online shows that it imported 2.46 billion pieces of “epidemic prevention and control materials” between Jan. 24 and Feb. 29, the White House official said.

The gear, valued at nearly $1.2 billion, included more than 2 billion masks and more than 25 million “protective clothing” items that came from countries in the European Union, as well as Australia, Brazil and Cambodia, the official said.

“Data from China’s own customs agency points to an attempt to corner the world market in PPE like gloves, goggles, and masks through massive increased purchases – even as China, the world’s largest PPE manufacturer, was restricting exports,” the official said.

Wessell also said that while China had recently begun easing exports of PPE, “they’re using it for soft power, essentially saying it’s a humanitarian gesture to try to curry goodwill with American people when some of the problems we’re facing are the direct result of Chinese policies.”

Anonymous said...

The Novominsker rebbe Yaakov Perlow (his picture is atop this post) has died from COVID-19.

Leopold Margulies said...

Oy, mein tayerrra chaverrr Rrr' Kim!

Mirrr darrrfen mispalel zein!


US monitoring intelligence that North Korean leader is in grave danger after surgery

Shmuel Kaminetzky said...



Virus Shutdown Could Trigger Deadly Surge in Measles

Greedy Fresser Camp Operator said...

Don't you suckers see what's coming?

We are sending you the phony letters how we are working with government officials & the national camp association to be able to open up.

This is mamash brilliant on our part because when we can't open we will pull the same excuse out of our hats as the Pesach hotel operators that we invested much time, koyach & gelt into trying to open, so memeila we have no chiyuv to give you your money back.

The first question beis din will ask is if there was any reasonable expectation we were soimech on to think we might open. We are covered thanks to the phony politicians who keep making empty indications of opening the economy so that citizens don't get restless, only to keep pushing off the date. Everyone knows this is just politicians being phony politicians, but try proving it in beis din while we line our pockets with your hard earned money!

UOJ Bais Din said...

The only shaila to us, Greedy Fresser Camp Operators, Is it Genaiva or Gezaila!

Non FDA compliant just like Rubashkin fleish said...


Agudah Fresser said...


the worst news since the onfang of the pandemic!