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This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to a friend to pass on to the rabbis.


There's very credible evidence coming in on another large yeshiva doing exactly what Torah Temimah has done. I do not want to start taking down yeshiva after yeshiva, but I will, if need be.

Before I go public with anything further, perhaps you want to set up a meeting with the Moetzes/Torah Umesorah and tell them the following:

1- Lipa Margulies must be removed from Torah Temimah. I don't care how it's done. He can't EVER again be involved in the chinuch of children. Let him open a restaraunt and get Kolko as head waiter, and Belsky as mashgiach for all I care. When Margulies is removed and Shustal or that caliber person becomes rosh yeshiva, with an administrative board like the Chaim Berlin and YTV model, I will move away from the Torah Temimah issue predicated on the following:

a- An independent sex registry is set up for all the yeshivas and Bais Yaakov schools, administered by frum professionals, NO RABBIS!

b-An independent professional panel of ten (men & women) are put together to hear allegations of abuse. They can meet on Sundays on a rotating basis. Three people need to show up once in 3 weeks.

c- If the above happens by August 3rd-Tisha B'Av, they will avoid the third self destruction of the Jews brought on by their own evil behavior.

I'm in the process of retaining a high profile PI, a former NYPD detective, to investigate ALL allegations of abuse, and go STRAIGHT to the media and the authorities with his findings.

Please get back to me by June 10th.

Your Chaver,

My friend responds that he's having a problem with the direction the blog is taking.

This is my response to him.

I can appreciate your concerns about the direction of the blog. I'm also very glad to hear about your progress with the pending bill, but it's still pending and so is the registry by Torah Umesorah.

Why not a statement from Torah Umesorah that they are working on one?

Look, you have valid points, I agree that some of the language is questionable, even mine.

But look at the results because of the worthiness of our cause! Kolko is gone and Margulies is ruined!

Do you really think anything would have happened if there was not a lunatic out there ready to take down all the yeshivas that are rotten, and harboring sick, abusive and ill rebbes?

"Rabbi"......is a monster, I verified it over a two week period before I put it up.

I screen 100 posts that have a name on it before I put up one. The masses are enraged, I feel it in their language.

I know people, the best deals and best results are made under pressure and deadlines. YESHIVA.......... is next, if the organizations don't act.

I too feel that I am NOT permitted to go away until major changes are implemented; not promises, not want to, not going to, but implemented permanently.

My dear chaver, (I mean that)...I will go away when the changes are in place NOT A MOMENT BEFORE. I don't trust them and neither should you. They've proven themselves to be rishaim, yes, teshuva is possible, but so far it's a bunch of talk.

Please get back to me by June tenth with a "written" letter of intent agreeing to yesterday's demands, I will then go on hiatus until Aug. 3rd.

If not...they'll be sorry, very sorry.....you know that!

Good Yom-Tov...All my very best,


Anonymous said...

I'm glad this issue is finally being discussed. I know several people that were abused in chassidish and litvish yeshivas. Most were too afraid to tell, and the one that did was punished and derided. If every single person that was abused came forward, the numbers would unfortunately be staggering.

Anonymous said...

What about shidduch date rape? a girl that tells is damned either way.

Anonymous said...

OUJ, you're an amzazing person. I nominate you for President! Who else in this god forsaken community has the chutzpah to finally speak up and be heard while our innocent children are molested by trusted rebbeim?? Thank you, and kol hakovod for brigning the issues out from under the rug and into the open where they belong! You should have continued success in brining about the help that the Jewish people need because no one else is willing to take a stand anymore, except a few like yourself.

Anonymous said...

i agree with what you trying to do.
what bothers me is what if rabbi kolko is innocent?
what if other "accused" are innocent??

it should all be done in secrecy and privacy with lawyers and gedolim.
why in public humiliate a potential innocent person???

I was not molested by rabbi kolko, neither were u, that being the case how do you know any of this as fact??

let a bes din decide. let a judge decide
who r u or i to ruin a persons life?
when u go to sleep at nite it doesnt bother u "what if im wrong" and u potentially destoryed someones family? someones life??

this is very dangerous..mamash sakanot nefashshot.

when u do these post do u review it with a rav first??

Anonymous said...

If u feel that there is a molester in a yeshiva then u have an achrius to address the issue now.
in the kolko case he hasnt touched any1 in 25 yrs (if he touched any1 at all) if there is a current issue, thats an issue that should be adressed. did u call the yeshiva?
did u go to a rav to discuss it??

Anonymous said...

Is it a Baltimore yeshiva?


Rabbi Yehuda "yidi" Kolko is a good man.

He taught thousands and thousands of kids throughout the years. Some1 in his position, if he wanted to molest kids, and had that disease in him there would be hundreds if not thousands of kids pressing charges. he had the bait in front of him, surrounded by bait day in and day out yet he didnt act on it.
I strongly believe that UOJ or some1 else is out to destroy tt for 1 reason or another.
UOJ do u have any other motive? how come u woke up regarding the kolko case 25 yrs after the fact?
please explain ur logic in waking up now.
out of curiousity what r u? a shrink? a cop? a lawyer? a concerned parent?
tell us about urself...

Shlomo said...

You are one highly disturbed sick individual. I wish you only what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the many corrupt and illegal practices besides possible sexual deviance that exists amongst so-called Gedolei Hador? How many Rabbonim are there that you would trust? There doesn't seem to exist transparency that we now find in goyshe circles.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee said...

It's hard to believe that these naive simpletons are still posting this drivel here. There has been a kol following Yudi Kolko around for 40 years. Look up teshuva seforim on the relevant halochos for G-d's sake. These Chelmer Chochomim don't realize that Kolko is no dummy. He was surrounded by fresh meat to prey on and wanted to keep it that way. After he was booted out of Stolin for being indiscriminate in who he groped and abused, he started focusing on vulnerable victims like boys from broken homes and others where he could more easily control the situation.

Josh Fishman Watch said...

"Why not a statement from Torah Umesorah that they are working on one (sex offender registry)?"

After the public letter was issued by Elliot Pasik, I was one of the few calls that made it through to Shia Fishman before the receptionist got the order to even stop answering the phones. After Fishman seemingly misrepresented his dealings with Pasik to me, he claimed that he is a (belated) "big fan" of the sex offender registry, but that Torah Umesorah would not be issuing any statements because of the current "stormy climate". Now that Fishman has done something right by resigning, maybe the new generation will set the record straight.

Anonymous said...

Please, please don't fall for these pnonies. Until every molester is eradicated don't even consider these terms for them. Are victims going to have to wait another ten years for these boards to determine who is a true molester and who "didn't penetrate"? For the mental sake of long suffering victims don't deal with the toilet "gedoilim" or any askonim. The courts and the cops or bust.

UOJ, I thought we finaly had a spokesman who would champion our cause. How can u even offer to go on a hiatus. It will just enable them to regroup and find another spin.

Kolko for NAMBLA President said...

Any Jew that thinks Kolko is innocent, please do us all a favor and either have yourself chemically castrated or have your tubes tied, and then do whatever you want. Because you are not responsible adults capable of raising healthy children in a healthy environment.

Anyone with a pulse can produce a child, but it takes real men and women to raise them - Kolko's supporters are neither real men and women nor are they capable of objective thinking and putting the best interests of the children in the fore.

None of Kolko's behavior is consistent with that of an innocent man. All of his actions, let alone the rumors that have followed him since Johnson was President, speak toward the reality that he is a child molestor.

Anonymous said...

Get a life

Yasser Margulies said...

Phew, so I'm not the only target in UOJ's gun scope. I thought I would be all alone, me, the Chairman of the Hungarian-Palestinian YTT Authority.

Lipa Arafat said...

"Shlomo said...
You are one highly disturbed sick individual. I wish you only what you deserve."

Didn't the "Editor" from Detroit already out blogger Shlomo as a Detroiter who is himself accused of pedophilia?

There must be a common cause rally of all perverts rallying to my defense and that of Yudi Kolko.

Leopold "Abu Molester" ArabFart said...

"There has been a kol following Yudi Kolko around for 40 years."

You'd better believe it. A kol of yesomim and other young innocent victims of abuse whose cries pierce through Shamayim like Tekios Shofar.

Lyndon Baines Johnson said...

Although I was born in the town of "Stonewall", Texas, I have no relation to Kolko and Margo.

Lady Bird Johnson said...

Make America Beautiful by removing molesters and enablers from YTT & elsewhere.

Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky said...

President Johnson,

Maybe you can give me some tips on how to deal with Margo who did nothing but stonewall me when I tried to help victims who were abused by Kolko for 40 years.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Anonymous concerned about my going on hiatus,

Please DO NOT WORRY! These boards will be monitored very carefully and be reporting directly to a lawyer and a private investigator.

There will be absolute transparency, managed by people that are close to me.

Don't hold your breath though, I'll probably have to take down a few more yeshivas before these guys realize that I mean business.


Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin said...

Ich bin der tzvayter rosh yeshiva that was stonewalled by Margo. We should use all our influence to have him thrown out on his fat tush like R' Shmuel Dishon threw Kolko out of Stolin many years ago.

Rabbi Aron Twerski said...

I was the third dayan on Rav Kaminetzky's beis din that was stonewalled by Margo. What a chutzpa that Margo thinks he can feif on a Rebbishe meyuchas and Dean of Hofstra Law School. I hope some of the boys from Bobov go down there and rough him up for this shreklicha bizayon Hatoyra.

Anonymous said...

Dearest UOJ,

Thanx for you response and for all the times u care to respond to me. Here is a post by Chaptzem.blog and is a strong case why u should not let up for a second:

"Gerer Mesivta closes down its dormitory"

"Due to 'certain' problems with its Bocherim, the Gerer Mesivta in Boro-Park has closed down its dormitory. The Yeshivah Bocherim now have to find a place to sleep on their own every night. The closing of the dorm comes after allegations were made of hanky panky going on between Bocherim of the Yeshivah and only a little while after the Rosh Yeshivah, HaRav Leizerowitz, was sent away from the Yeshivah and was forced to go to Israel for allegedly molesting many Bocherim."

Political Scientist said...

Can UOJ or some other blogger juxtapose pictures of Yasser & Margo side by side so we can see the uncanny resemblance?

gross said...


I have retained the sevices of an expert analyst that has figured out the following equations:

Margulies = garbage
Kolko = garbage
Entire TT hanhala = garbage
Parents who choose to keep their children in TT = sickos
People who adamantly maintain Kolko is innocenet = reshaim
People who still innocently maintain Kolko is innocent = nebach slow
People who don't care at all = drek
Torah Umesorah = irrelevavant
Agudah = less than irrelevant
Silent Gedolim (Pretty much all of them) = meaningless


You have givene more chances than you should have. "Go for broke" and attack without further warning removing the drek that runs our communities and yeshivas. If you need to publicly humiliate them then so be it. Show no mercy and you will see continued success!

Anonymous said...

Uo, you are or only hope.Please help us get rid of those MOFOS with homburgs and kapotas that have destroyed Clall Yisroel.There may still be time to regroup.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

R' Gross,

Your analyst is cerainly an expert.

When history judges this generation, they will view the "leadership" with the disdain it deserves.

Remember all the doubters we had?

I challenge these people to prove to the world that Judaism is not a farce, controlled and run by evil people.


UOJ Correction Dept said...

"Parents who choose to keep their children in TT = sickos"

Make that HUNGARIAN sickos

The UOJ blog regrets the error.

100 Blacks in Law Enforcement said...

We smell discrimination here. Discrimination by Margo against those victimized by sexual predators and by the old boys network at organizations who let Margo get away with it.

Anonymous said...

We need you in Israel to weed out those reponsible for the child abuse going on here. I wish you luck and success.

ftjt letter to edito said...

Dear Editor,
Rav Aryeh Zev Ginzberg’s article
“Reading Is Believing” (on the cover of last week’s Five Towns Jewish Times)correctly warns us about the dangers of lashon hara and slander that is readily available in newspapers, magazines,
and websites. He points to Rav Chaim
Volozhiner’s comment on the juxtaposition of the clauses of Lo seileich rachil regarding not speaking slander and Lo sa‘amod al dam rei‘echa regarding not taking another’s life: Don’t cause harm through your speech.

However, he could also have quoted
the Netziv (See Ha’amek Davar;
Ha’amek She’eilah, Parashat Vayikra
68:2) who explains that although there
is a prohibition of defamation (clause
1), that prohibition is overridden by
the obligation to save another or to testify in his behalf (clause 2). Thus, the verse should be read, “You shall not go up and down as a slanderer among your people; but, nevertheless, you shall not stand by the blood of your neighbor (and you must speak out in order to prevent harm).”

I do not challenge Rav Ginzberg’s
sensitivity to the laws of shemiras
ha’lashon, chas v’shalom! I am, concerned, however, that there is more to the issue than he allows in his article.

Lashon hara is a tool of abuse—both
when derogatory speech defames innocent people, destroying their reputations, but also when warnings to
refrain from derogatory speech are
used to silence victims of abuse who
cry out for help. As careful as we must be not to speak, listen to, or repeat disparaging information when it is forbidden, we must not allow the threat of speaking lashon hara to silence the cry of innocent victims.
Victims of abuse need to speak out,
for all kinds of personal reasons, in
order to help themselves. Their supporters need to speak out in order to help them. And the community needs
to speak out in order to hold the perpetrators responsible and in order to protect other innocents from potential harm. All must be diligent in meeting the conditions required for such speech, including knowledge of or verification of the facts, proper motivation, the curbing of personal animosities, no exaggeration, and the like.

Allowances must be made for persistent
rumors and circumstantial evidence
when their credibility meets
halachic standards.

Too often, our community, its leaders,
and its institutions have failed
those who were abused. I know this
firsthand from speaking to many credible victims. These victims have felt ignored by the establishment and feel they have no place to turn but to the media. Some are appalled by this public exposure of our failings in the newspapers and invoke the principle of
hillul Hashem, the desecration of G-d’s Name, a value that obliges us to live in ways that protect and enhance the reputation and integrity of Hashem, His Torah, and the Jewish people. Airing our dirty laundry, they argue—especially in the general press—is deplorable.

Not surprisingly, this is one of the arguments these very same people use to prevent victims from coming forward
and speaking out in the first place.
I disagree with their argument. The
hillul Hashem was not perpetrated by
the victims and those that speak out in their defense; it was committed by
those rabbis or teachers when they
abused. The hillul Hashem was perpetrated when those in positions of
authority and responsibility refused to come to the aid of the victims. The
hillul Hashem was perpetrated when
Jewish law was misinterpreted and
misapplied. The hillul Hashem was
perpetrated when vulnerable girls and
boys, men and women, were sacrificed
on the altars of individual, institutional, and communal interests. Articles such as those in New York magazine and discussions on the web—and this very article—would have been unnecessary if our community leaders would have acted responsibly in the first place. That is the real h
illul Hashem!

Ultimately we will be judged by how
we respond to the cries of victims and
what we do to protect them—or to protect ourselves. When we fail our people and we undermine our faith, we
will be condemned. But while the
judgment of the general community
may be harsh, the judgment of Heaven
will be even harsher.

Rabbi Mark Dratch
West Hempstead

David Kelsey said...

A Call for Submissions – The Other Ba’al Tshuvah Stories

[Although this post will appear on Jewschool as well, I just wanted to give a personal note of thanks for this opportunity to UOJ. As some of you may know, I was a writer here before joining Jewschool, and it was here on UOJ that I first began speaking about my own earlier experience as a Jewish fundamentalist, and my problems with famous and powerful kiruv institutions, such as Ohr Somayach. This was a hard thing for me to do, in part because of my own lack of pride in many aspects of that experience. As I expected, I was attacked as crazy, a loser, and weak minded for listening to rabbis in the first place. This from Ultra-Orthodox Jews! But UOJ himself and the core writers of the early days of this blog were very supportive, and most surprising, quite understanding. And I discovered it wasn’t the end of the world to talk about what I thought was wrong in Ultra-Orthodox kiruv, or even what went wrong for me. In the end, I felt a lot stronger. This was made possible by UOJ. I had never spoken about such things publicly. I was finally facing my past as a Jewish fundamentalist.

All too often, the Orthodox community is uninterested in alleviating a frequently destructive situation for so many ba’alei tshuvahs. It is a cold numbers game, and control over as much of their lives as possible is considered ideal, even paramount. The secular Jewish community is all too frequently ignorant about what the problems are, and when they resist what is happening to their children and their friends, end up discussing “hashkafa” issues, which is right where the kiruv masters want the discussion.

What UOJ has proven with his stunning success is that the Orthodox community cannot be trusted to police itself properly, but enforcement must be imposed from outside. And although much of his readership are committed Ultra-Orthodox Jews, there are others, many who may be appropriate for this new project, or know others. ]-- DK

It was only a matter of time before current or former ba’alei tshuvahs banded together to oppose their radical policies and excesses. That time is now.

If the Ultra-Orthodox compilations and movies about Ba’alei Tshuvah are to be believed, most stories follow a similar arc. Secular Jew discovers Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Rejects secular world in its entirety. Marries like-minded newly religious spouse. Lives very fulfilling and meaningful life, and achieves higher and higher spiritual levels.

What is not discussed is the socio-economic devastation to middle-class recruits, the lies, the discouragement of secular education, the dissatisfaction in performing low level jobs for those who listen, the discouragement of vocational ambition, the lack of intensive hard skills offered such as the Hebrew and Aramaic language, the preference given to those from wealthy families, the encouragement of stringency, the encouragement of neurotic and obsessive behavior, marriages arranged not on love but on a value system assimilated usually for only a couple of years, the push for isolation from friends and all but immediate family, and the eventual massive dropout rate of ba’a’lei tshuva.

They must have had a hard time finding anyone with such problems.

That’s why Failed Messiah (Shmarya Rosenberg) and David Kelsey are joining forces. We want to help! And since there are obviously very few such cases judging by all the success stories, we are teaming up together to find these very, very few and isolated cases of dissatisfaction, in the off-chance there are any.

And since the ultra-Orthodox world is so confident of the superior lifestyle they are advocating for secular Jews, we know they won’t mind us compiling a book that raises the difficult issues they must have forgotten to ask in their never ending releases about how much happier everyone is who joins the ranks of Jewish fundamentalism, and presents them to the secular Jewish community. In fact, we know the Ultra-Orthodox kiruv institutions will be thrilled to have Jews who experienced first-hand the joys of Ultra-Orthodox ba’al tshuvah living express how they think things should be different, and what went wrong. And what they think about the institutions and faculty they attended.

If you or anyone you know is a ba’al tshuvah or former ba’al tshuvah, we want to hear his/her story. The unedited version. The version not fit for the holy Artscroll. Essays needed as well! Specific topics preferred.

Please contact us. For more information, please go to http://www.kiruvstories.com/.

Or email us @ kiruv.stories@yahoo.com.

We need your help!

boog said...


I think now is the worst time for you to go on hiatus.

You got your heel on the jugular; keep applying the pressure.

The cracks in the dam(n) wall are widening. Victims are summoning courage to come forward. Would the Gerrer Dorm
have been closed last year for homo hanky-panky before you went to town against margo-koko and YTT? Doubtful. Would Gerrer Menahel leisorowitz have been fired? Doubtful, again.

If you are going on vacation, keep it to yourself. The scum need to know and fear you looking over their shoulders.

Anonymous said...

If Rabbi YIDI Kolko did as some claim 30 years ago, got help, and hasnt touched a kid in 25 years or more then what the point in embarassing him and mortifying him in public.

i personally dont think rabbi YEHUDA kolko did do any of this. I have extremly fond memories from camp of rabbi kolko. he has been around tens of thousands of kids. “Rabbi Kolko” has been active in our community for years. I think who ever is doing this against rabbi yidi kolko is doing for alterier motive. they are on a vendetta against temimah or against rabbi kolko for something other than the alleged crime.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


I'm doing this "hiatus" thing for the RECORD! What are the chances that these guys are going to do something actually important for Judaism?

They're too busy yanking themselves around at their conventions and dinners.

Hey..contact Sruli Singer to get involved...maybe they'll listen to him, he's embezzled millions of dollars, a worthy member of the Shevet Levi club.

boog said...

Enjoy your hiatus!

Auto Report World Editors said...

Lipa Arafat said Didn't the "Editor" from Detroit already out blogger Shlomo as a Detroiter who is himself accused of pedophilia?

I want to clarify a few points. The Detroiter in question has never been accused of pedophilia. No victims have come forward. His behavior, among other things his attention to adolescent males, has raised red flags that have been noticed by many people in the community, people with far better reputations and credibility than yours truly. The person in question does use the Hebrew name of Shlomo, and the Shlomo here does seem to be from Detroit. Some of the posts he's made here, plus the LH that was posted anonymously about me here but most likely by the same poster, contained clues to me that the Shlomo here and the Shlomo I suspect is a pedophile are one and the same person.

Speaking of Detroit, btw, I had a very pleasant encounter with a Yeshiva Gedola bochur. As I was saying, there are some nice young men there among the yutzes. Yesterday a bochur from YGAM approached me at ma'ariv at the Machon. He asked if I was the guy who was arguing in the yeshiva a while back and I told him yes. He tried to explain how his classmate who said he was better than Conservative Jews didn't mean that he was a better person, just that he was better in his Jewish observance. It was sweet how he was trying to defend a classmate, and he was very menschlich. I wasn't buying his clarification, but I respect his intentions. He also said that his other classmate who's been harassing me, calling me an apikores (because I cited R.Aryeh Kaplan/Ramchal/Saadia on the stone-too-heavy-for-God-to-lift question) was wrong and that I was correct. The aforementioned yutz walked up just then, and the mensch bochur proceded to give him mussar in front of his friends about being narrow minded. A hearty yasher koach to this unidentified YGAM student - he's one of the good guys.

Also, in Detroit, on the first night of Shavuot, some self appointed guardian of the community's tznius distributed an anonymous pamphlet, Kedushas Hakehilla, decrying, among other things, men and women leaving shuls by the same exits, kiddushes with men and women in the same room, going to major league baseball games, and using little known hasgachas, plus the typical anti-internet frum stuff. Gee, I wonder what the author would think if he/she knew about the serious shmutz on the net - hell, other than a couple of techie frummies around here like RM or the aforementioned Shlomo, most of the frum community doesn't even know about usenet binaries (not that RM would ever d/l usenet binaries that weren't kosher - he's as yashar yashar as they come, but Shlomo probably hangs around alt.binaries.erotica.teenboys). The author is perturbed over "deep emotional conversations" that apparently take place in the foyers and vestibules of our shuls and the "sotah like situations" that can spiral out of carpool plans. I can't tell you how many times that I've seen such behavior - open fornication on top of the kiddush table indeed.

Another hearty yasher koach goes out to Rabbi Schwab, the Rosh Kollel. According to one report, he confiscated every copy that was left at the kollel. How dare they question the frumkeit of the kollel community?

I think it's ironic. Well intentioned troubleshooters like UOJ get pilloried for criticizing dysfunctional aspects of the orthodox community. At the same time, lunatic frummies like KedushasHakehilla@gmail.com can openly question and criticize erlichen Yidden. They both are anonymous, but for different reasons. UOJ must be anonymous because we well know how frummies counterattack with personal destruction. He's being prudent, not a coward. KedushasHakehilla doesn't need UOJ's anonymity - I'm sure that he/she is a solid frummie with no fear of retribution. KedushasHakehilla has no need to hide, so I have to assume that he/she is just insecure about their beliefs.

Anonymous said...


What do you think the typical response of girls' school principal would be to a report from a parent of lesbian activity in the bathrooms?

Girls' School Principal said...

Above Anonymous,

The typical response from a girls' school principal to lesbian activity would probably be:

OY!I can't believe this. Are there witnesses? The witnesses would have to be two males who viewed the penetration, or one principal, preferably me, who will be happy to view anything.

boog said...

Keep it clean, people.

Lakewood Yid is watching.

Anonymous said...

I taka don't understand - besides the internet - every mode of justice was available to all those abused over the past 40 years. what happened now, that caused all hell to break lose.
As far as UOJ I thinkit bizarre that he supports Tendler De'Metzizhah, andopposes this holy ritual, and does not see the connection to the fact that HIS TWO sons are both entrapped abusing the same equipment. More suprising, UOJ opposes the two Tendler abusers.

Anonymous said...

has anyone spoken to rabbi kolko directly?
what is his and or temimahs official response??

Anonymous said...


I believe from a marketing perspective you should use a different term to decribe your current strategy of "taking down Yeshivas."

I say this although I AGREE 100% that CORRUPTION needs to be removed from the Yeshivas; however, there are many parents in YTT (let's call them simpletons or average Joes) whose children are learning well and are generally happy and the parents don't want to upset the apple cart.

In a sense, WE can understand their position - and even if it is frustrating to see parents act like this, certainly the children are INNOCENT and can not be blamed for not taking action against Margulies.

When these parents, which I believe to be a majority of the YTT parents, hear "taking down their Yeshiva," they grow very defensive. Rightly or wrongly, these are their sentiments.

I believe that the focus should be on "removing the CORRUPTION or CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS from their YESHIVAS" rather than "TAKING DOWN THEIR YESHIVAS." I believe the masses will support the cause to a greater degree and feel less threatened that you are trying to destroy their Yeshivas. Explain to them how it is their responsbility to join together, form parent groups and demand that Margulies step down, etc. THey have a responsibility of "ARAVUS." Otherwise, they will share in the guilt with MArgulies and can't claim that they were innocent bystanders. Keep on hammering away at this point (which you IR Hanidachas post focused on), but stay away from "taking down your Yeshiva" which seems to "upset" these parents.

I understand that you may not feel that the support of these people is necessary, but I do feel that it is important to have the support and good will of the people because ultimately the more parents and laymen that join and agree to your ideas, the better off we will all be.

Yes, it is just a matter of semantics, but why infuriate the masses when the same can be accomplished using equally effective, but less incendiary terminology.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
the girl next door said...

Hello everyone. I just wanted to clarify somthing. I am a married lady in my low 30's.
From 8th grade through 11th grade i was part of a group of girs that had lesbian sexual relations which took place in school.
It was initiated by another girl and she convinced me to join this "club".
I was not raped nor molested. I had consensual lesbian sex for 4 years with friends in school.

My point? Yes these things DO exist in frum girls schools. BUT they are perfectly ok.
My husband knows about this and he agrees that the school should not be held accountable whatsoever.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

For accuracy sake, the Gerrer Me-suck-ta dorm closing happened the past 2 weeks (same time A.M. Oral-Sex Leizerowits went packing)not last year.
Talk is now that boys confess being coerced to giving him bloozers in his office and other venues.

boog said...

Is this what your contribution to Ichud Mosdos Gur gets you? And they ban the Internet? These are the "menahalim" you parents want leading your kids?

Gimmee a Break.

How many more Yeshiva dorms have this Homo Hanky-Panky going on?

If we had a Registry in place with fingerprinting, we would be able to weed out these sickos.

the guy next door said...

In response to the girld next door:

Guess what? Ever heard of Telz? Peekskill? Long Beach?

Well to put it nicly,,,,,,,there is alot of consensual....uh.....um....motzei zerah livatala going on.... It's not rape either....but it sure is SICK.

ger chossid close to the rebbe said...

leizerowitz in Ger took off when ouj contacted the Ger Rebbe and told him what was waiting for him in the U.S.A. if Leizerowitz was not removed immediately.
The Ger Rebbe already knew of the Kolko story and sent him packing.
I hope OUJ posts this, its to everyones benefit to know how important ouj is to yiddishkeit. People believe him although he wrote nasty stuff about the rebbe, people are afraid to not listen to him.

Anonymous said...

hey j,

if you take a hiatus, does this mean you hate us?

Anonymous said...

My prediction - the arrogant bastards do nothing, and UOJ takes down another one. This means one thing - prayer really does work!

And anyone who thinks the gedolim remaining silent is a good thing better get help right now.

Wait till UOJ gets to crookedness in business and domestic abuse!

blackhatisfake123 said...

Wait till the outcome then point fingers. If it turns out he is innocent you all will rot in hell for a very very long time

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


"Hiatus" does not mean this blog stops reporting the facts, all it means is that IF I'm convinced they are actually setting up the programs, I give them a chance to make it work.

There's got to be some incentive for these losers to get it right, it's certainly NOT "yiras Shomayim". (fear of heaven/God)

boog said...

My prediction: No programs or changes will be instituted. Margo "Rosh Yeshiva", Gerrer mesifta, and who knows what other yeshiva's currently unknown to us see the 'lull', hiatus, as a signal that the storm has passed and continue the cover-ups.

These dogs don't hunt.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...


I don't disagree, I'm not going anywhere, nor can I be fooled by these guys. I've got their number and the IRS's phone number as well.

I also am compiling a list of donations by people (almost everyone) who receive kickbacks to avoid taxes...I'll show them what it means to play hardball.

They're going to get it right or they've seen nothing yet!


boog said...

Well, now we have leizerowitz joining Mondrowitz in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Betcha that the Homos & Lesbos seek Chareidi legitimization by asking these 2 pieces of drek to be Honorary Marshals to lead their Gay Pride Parade through the streets of Jerusalem this coming August.

Hey Guys, save a spot for koko.

boog said...

I applaud you, UOJ. Don't back down.

Anonymous said...

"I also am compiling a list of donations by people (almost everyone) who receive kickbacks to avoid taxes...I'll show them what it means to play hardball"
How does one get access to such info?

Anonymous said...

if the purpose in ur blogging is to prevent molestation, then y would u try to bring down others who have nothing to do with ur cause??
i dont have children in ytt, but have been following ur blog, i am trying to figure out if u r a hateful person who hates everything to do with religion or if u really care about the community

Anonymous said...

Dear UOJ

I am aware of Rebbi (currently employed in a big Yeshiva) whose a pervert and an abuser. How do we get him away from our kids.


Anonymous said...

hey, where's the SY guy? we need his take on "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR". Haazit! seems like these jejes were neeking each others kelbes. Ert! it gives me a big dahak just thinking about it. where are you, sullying arbit? counting your floos? what a haramiye.

gross said...

SY guy is probably busy neeking a real nishach e-jay. Haazit...he lost his bizz.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Dear AG,

Kindly e-mail all credible information in detail to:


gross said...

Wait till the outcome then point fingers. If it turns out he is innocent you all will rot in hell for a very very long time

I really can't believe that people still think there is a chance Kolko is innocent. Are you living in a bubble?

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

I was able to get rid of Leizerowitz without bringing down the house of Gur.

One phone call was all it took.

Margulies received that same phone call.

The Agudah got that phone call.

Torah Umesorah got that phone call.

Shmuel Kaminetzky got that phone call.

Anonymous said...

the irs got that phone call.

mesirah at its best.

mesirah lishmah.

a kosher get.

I hired my own PI said...

UOJ, your sanctimonious bullshit will come to an end soon. You speak of tax deductions and kickbacks, but deep down, you know that your "fortune" is as ill-gotten as anyone else's. Don't worry, we know who you are, and soon we'll show how your father and grandfather were as big swindlers as anyone. And how you are not as squeaky clean as you make yourself out to be.
Keep it up. When you fall, people will be as eager to point fingers at you and sneer. "whatta ganif he was!"

Anonymous said...


If it is true that you got rid of Leizorowitz with one phone call, what did you really accomplish?

He fled to Israel to continue his dirty work. How come you didn't expose his bosses? How can you let him off the hook so easily?

Auto Report World Editors said...

i hired my own pi,

Why is the first response of frummies to engage in ad hominum attacks? In case you had a yeshiva education, ad hominum means at the person, if I'm not mistaken. It means avoiding the substantive issues by attacking your opponent personally.

I'm pretty much immune to their attacks because I already have a bad reputation. But like David HaMelech said, no man is completely righteous, no man. Nobody is perfect and nobody needs to have their own dirty laundry aired just because they took up a good cause, so I can understand why UOJ and others chose to be anonymous. They attack you, your children, and your extended family.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Above Anon,

Good question!

I need to choose my battles, that was the agreement.
There's more to that story, another time.

Sickened said...

To the idiot who wrote about date rape - why are you crazy?
DO you think there is such a thing in the frum world?
I'll tell you - NO.
SHidduchim aren't set up in an hour, and no buy is raping a girl on a date.
What kind of sick people do you have here on this?
It is sick.

The Real Editor said...

Why is the first response of frummies to engage in ad hominum attacks? In case you had a yeshiva education, ad hominum means at the person, if I'm not mistaken. It means avoiding the substantive issues by attacking your opponent personally.
The editor, does that mean that you are not a frummy?
what in heaven's name does that mean anyway.
And for someone who is adverse to ad hominum attacks, it sure is interesting that you and your friends here continue to attack opponents personally and not deal with the important issues.
It is time to take a look in the mirror, don't you think?

Anonymous said...


Re: Leizorowitz

That was the agreement

Doesn't sound like you!

Another Time

When will that be? Give us a hint.

Auto Report World Editors said...

The editor, does that mean that you are not a frummy?
what in heaven's name does that mean anyway.

I hope I'm not a frummie. I aspire to be an honest Jew. Frummies are people who care more about being frum than acting and believing in authentically Jewish ways.

And for someone who is adverse to ad hominum attacks, it sure is interesting that you and your friends here continue to attack opponents personally and not deal with the important issues.

When the important issue is corruption in positions of communal authority, the first step in dealing with the important issues is to identify the miscreants and attack them personally. Then you can institute systemic changes to prevent the problem from recurring.

It is time to take a look in the mirror, don't you think?

Once again, every time a frummie is challenged by well-intentioned criticism of frum nonsense, he/she responds by pointing the finger. I could be the biggest menuval in the universe but when I say 2+2=4, I'm 100% correct. Likewise, when we loving critics and skeptics point out the flaws in the frum community, the fact that we have our own blemishes doesn't mitigate the frum flaws one iota.

What is so hard about saying Chatati? Or for the matter, Chatasi? Why can frum Jews never acknowledge any wrongdoing? Not by themselves. Not by their rebbeim. Not by their gedolim. Not by all the great rabbis of history. Not even the biblical personages whose flaws are part of the narrative. Yehuda apparently patronized prostitutes. Avraham put Sarah, his wife, at risk for rape, twice, to protect his own neck. David sent a man off to his certain death in order to have sex with his wife. Frummie hagiography sanitizes all of these acts.

exposemolesters said...

Thank you UOJ for saving our children from the grips of the evil. Your mission is a courageous one. May Hashem repay you for your efforts.

It is sad to see "a concerned parent" posting such rubbish blabber. "concerned parent" ought to be slapped with a summons for polluting our environment with stupidity!

the guy next floor said...

some people dont believe indate rape period. (bob grant?)

homo behaviour between boys in yeshiva dorms is disgusting but not illegal.

as for girls playing with each other,,, i mean who are we kiddin? most guys think its hot.

truthteller said...

geez dude lighten up, despite what some reporters are telling you you're not a crusader, you're just an angry nutjob who has trouble spelling basic english words

maybe the real thing you have against the yeshivas is that they failed to teach you elementary english?

Anonymous said...

Editor, you're right. We should stand by idly while UOJ calls everyone ELSE in the Jewish community a thief and a swindler while hiding behind a shield of anonymity that protects HIS ill gotten fortune from deseerved ill repute. Swing away, unorthodox.
Sorry, bong boy, but its one thing to target sex offenders and another to start calling the IRS on your neighbor because you dislike him. ESPECIALLY when its clear that you're not clean yourself. And I know what ad hominem means, do you know what long winded and self righteous means?

Anonymous said...

Why all the flack about ad homonum attacks? Isn't the whole point to show the homo faigs that we ain't gonna take it (so to speak) no more? All this modern ortho liberal crap about accept the poor little faigalahs because they can't help it. What? You mean you were compelled to plug someone else's hairy poop shoot with your shvantz?

Anonymous said...

"When Margulies is removed and Shustal or that caliber person becomes rosh yeshiva, with an administrative board like the Chaim Berlin and YTV model, I will move away from the Torah Temimah issue"

Based on the post, you seem to hold of Rav Shustal as a resoectable rav. If that is the case, why do you refer to him as Shustal, not as Rav Shustal? Why not show some respect to one of the few rabbis that you seem to be ok with?

Anonymous said...

Report ad hominem attacks to the awareness center.

Anonymous said...

"another time. Give us a hint." "Doesn't sound like you?"

give us a hint another time.

fan of uoj

Leib Pinter, Ganev-in-Chief said...


Instead of going after the average Joes who get a kickback for their "donations", why not first target embezzlers who hang around yeshivas to play big macher?

Auto Report World Editors said...

Sorry, bong boy,

U.S. Patent # 4,253,475 - a patent, btw, that I wrote up, applied for and was granted without the use of a patent attorney. I may be an insane pothead, but I'm not stupid. If I make a statement of fact, it's probably correct.

So far I have yet to find any mention of cannibis being prohibited in classical Jewish sources. Tobacco either smoked or as snuff has been popular in some traditional Jewish circles for centuries.

but its one thing to target sex offenders and another to start calling the IRS on your neighbor because you dislike him. ESPECIALLY when its clear that you're not clean yourself.

UOJ wasn't threatening his neighbors because he didn't like them. His discussion of donation kickbacks was in the context of parents who continue to support corrupt institutions. I don't think he was talking about Average Joes, unless the Average Joes continue to endorse the corruption.

If you will only accept charges from people whose hands are completely clean, than there are no charges that you will accept.

And I know what ad hominem means, do you know what long winded and self righteous means?

As Dovid said, ain't no man righteous. I'm a deeply flawed person. I lie. I cheat. I steal. I hector and I lecture. I'm human. My flaws don't mitigate frum nonsense one whit.

Would the world be a better place if I, RJS, concentrated all my efforts on making myself a better person who serves others? Doh!

Is my anger at corruption in the frum community displaced anger at my own personal corruption? Probably.

So tell me, Mr. Anonymous Tzadik, who in the frum community can I use as a roll model in correcting my behavior? What rabbi or godol has admitted to sinning and can teach me something about the process of tshuvah? Perhaps you can share with us how you have overcome your own sins?

NP: Born Under A Bad Sign - Cream '05 Royal Albert Hall

Take a Hike, Crackhead said...

"So far I have yet to find any mention of cannibis being prohibited in classical Jewish sources."

It's an issur d'Oraysa to put yourself in a state of complete intoxication wether with alcohol or drugs.

There is also the mitzvas asay of Ushmartem es Nafshosaychem that prohibits frying your brain.

It's ok Dude. No need to reply with a slurred speech comeback.

Pulitzer Committee said...

Wow. We're really raising the bar here with this guest blogger, and admitted drug addict from Detroit, positing his pseudo-intellectualism. He must have been maintaining a pretty lonely outpost before UOJ came along to provide him with a platform.

ytt alum. said...

Keep up the good work.

Only one thing bothers me, that Kolko will be
gone, and that Hungarian Baal Bos fat slob Margo will still be in TT.
Becuase the suits arent against the fat slob personaly. Calling himself
'Rosh Yeshiva' to boot. I remember when he first started calling
rosh yeshiva. Since every one called him Menahael, he decided to STOP
answering unless you called him Rosh Yeshiva. You should stick a pin in
him, and the pompous overblown jerk will pop!!

YTT Alum.

gross said...

Pulitzer Committee:

Cheap shot at the editor. At least he came clean (no pun intended) and put his cards on the table. Don't attack him for that while you remain behind a pseudonym. I'm sure you have your own set of "qualities" that you're not too proud of. It's obvious he is intelligent and articulate so to poke fun and call him pseudo-intellectual is just silly.

For the record, it has not been proven that marijuana is addictive so unless he has admitted to using truly harmful and addictive substances, calling him an addict is a stretch. Loosen up and don't be such a prude :)

tt alum. said...

I had Kolko in 1st grade. Never molested, but I know all the stories, which is why the New York article reads so true. I remember the jokes about getting rides in his go kart, but was to naive to figure it out then.

Pulitzer Committee said...

We had seen the Editor refer to himself as a "pothead". We had not seen any earlier posts stating that he is "cleaned up" which would be commendable. He does however still seem to insist there is nothing wrong with cannabis use. Even if it is proven to be non-addictive as Gross claims, it can still induce a state of intoxication, presenting a danger to both the user and others.

You have a right to your opinion about the Editor, as do we. We believe he is starting to evolve here as a blowhard from the Gil Student School of "Intellectuals".

Hardy Har Har said...

Joseph Pulitzer was Hungarian. Maybe the committee can nominate Margo for that crapjob letter sent to YTT parents.

Elvis Presley said...

Have there been any sightings of Kolko at Weinfeld's lately or has he skipped town yet?

Laurel and Hardy said...

Did Kolko pay for the shul expansion? Maybe that's why Weinfeld won't boot out his pedophile a$$.

The Three Stooges said...

Woo Woo Woo Woo. How any anyone now take a yeshiva like Torah Temimah seriously?

Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk

Anonymous said...


I need some clarification on the Leizorowitz issue - so bear with me.

What are your goals?

Obviously, the removal of all molestors from Yeshiva and camps and the setting up of a system to prevent this sort of thing in the future.

However, it appears that you are (and correctly so) attempting to bring to justice those that have abused the system in the past. Margulies is a prime example of this. It is for this reason why I am having difficulty understanding why Leizorowitz's bosses were allowed to get off the hook so easily.

Aren't they as guilty as Margulies? True, they listened to you when you made that one phone call, but are you saying that any ENABLER who gets rid of a MOLESTER after you call them is then allowed a FREE RIDE despite years and years of abusing the system and permitting a molester Rebbi to stay in his Yeshiva so that the Rebbi can continue to abuse chldren?

Why is Margulies different than Leizorowitz's bosses. Big deal that they listened to you when you called them - they were afraid of the consequences. The facts remain that they basically acted the same way as MArgulies did for all the years that they allowed Leizorowitz to remain on board.

And again what about Leizorowitz himself - fleeing to ISrael to join Mondrowitz is only a small victory if any at all - unless you have info that you are not sharing that would change the way we would view the matter.

I understand that you have an agreement and you need to choose your battles, but why is that battle less important than MArgulies. Are Leizorowitz and his ENABLERS less culpable than MArgulies and KOLKO?

I would appreciate if you can explain your thinking on all of this.

Thurston Howell III said...

(Don't forget that Shia Fishman is said to be afraid of "stormy climates.")

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip. That started from Satmar,
with one hell of a greedy prick.

The mate was a mighty molestin' man, the skipper depraved and sure.
Five victims set sail that day,
for a three hour tour, a three hour tour………

The weather started getting rough,
Yudi's Plymouth was tossed.
If not for the "courage" of the feckless Torah Umesorah-Agudah crew, YTT would be lost; YTT would be lost.

The Plymouth took ground on the shore of this uncharted Ocean Pkwy isle, with Yudi, Margo too, the Millionaire Willy Wiesner, and his Wife, the enablers, the Fressers and Mary Ann, here on Kolko's Isle.

So this is the tale of YTT's castaways, they've suffered for a long, long time. They'll have to make the best of things, it's an uphill climb.

The first mate and his skipper too,
will do their very best, to make the others uncomfortable,
in the molestation nest.

No yashrus, no peace of mind, no sanity, not a sign of humanity.
Like Sdom and Amora, it's wicked as can be.

So join us in the boiler room my friend, you're sure to get abused.
From many stranded Castaways,
Here on Kolko's Isle.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Thurston...you outdid yourself...definitely got talent.

Above Anon regarding Leizerowitz,

I respect your reasoned and thought out comment.

I am not an "organized" group as of yet. My primary concern is getting sick people away from children. Leizerowitz was a very real immediate danger. If I would have pulled a "TT" it could have been months or longer to get kids off his "knee".
A deal is a deal, and the "velt" needs top know I'm not out to destroy institutions/yeshivas.

Margulies had the same promise from me back in January.
I, at that time, offered him the EXACT SAME DEAL!
The behaima blew me off.

So now he wishes he listened, he's a momzer and has no right being in chinuch. From my vantage point, TT had to happen.

Gur is different in a way. If they did not remove Leizerowitz IMMEDIATELY, I would have been forced to do the same.

So I had a decision to make; get rid of Leizerowitz immediately or keep him around kids indefinitely.

I chose the former. I hope you can appreciate the mindset. Only God knows if that was the right decision, I think it was.

gross said...

I have never stated that it was *proven* that marijuana is not addictive. It simply has not been proven that it is addicitve and probably never will be.

*Intoxication* from marijuana is pretty much harmless to the user and to those who encounter the user. Nobody ever harmed themselves as a result of just marijuana. Someone "under the influence" of marijuana is hardly a danger to anyone. The ability to operate machinery is probably increased (but that's another story.)

OrthoRev said...

“Frum Is A Mental Disorder” (yes, title blatantly stolen form Michael Savage)

1. Jewish leaders (rabanim) who strongly spoke out about the harmful effects and severe wrath of God to be suffered if one drinks water with micro super-bugs BUT… the same rabanim conceal and deny the destruction of our youth by Yudi “the rub” Kolko. Frum is a Mental Disorder.

2. Yeshiva Ketana (Passaic) asks important question of “do you have a tv” (wouldn’t want violence in the home would we) BUT…. no questions regarding how one treats wife and children, cheating on taxes, cheating in general. Frum is a Mental Disorder.

3. Moshe Meir Weiss- supposed jewish ‘leader’- amount of words (in last weeks JP) dedicated to ‘exposing’ the yetzer hara’s tricks to get you to have a coffee before davening = app. 1250- amount of words exposing child molesters = 0. Frum is a Mental Disorder.

4. As opposed to the ones who supposedly follow the merciful torah investigating, helping, assisting and doing everything they can in the strongest way possible to protect our children and care for the welfare we need a ‘radical blogger’ is required to exist to ‘expose’ anal rape by caregivers. Frum is A Mental Disorder.

5. Bal Teshuvas going to bed at 8:00 pm (instead of spending time with family) so they can be first one in Mikvah at 4:25 (before davening Va’sikin). Frum is a Mental Disorder.

Dear all:

After months of losing sleep I have realized that there is, and cannot be, any other answer to the actions of the leaders and many ‘followers’ of 'Brooklyn Judaism'. They just must be insane-for real- they must have some neurological disorder that causes them to act in such ways. Frum is a Mental Disorder – is the ONLY explanation for Brooklyn Judaism as it exist today.

It high time we start living in the real world. Judaism is NOT a suicide pact. Loshen Hara is not a suicide pact. UOJ does not, and should not, play ‘nice and use language that might be viewed as ‘offeeennsssiivvee”. The Yeshiva system should be ‘taken down’ and ‘destroyed’- with proper chinuch for our children (in all respects) instituted in its place. ‘The Rub’ should ‘rot in jail’ and get ‘molested himself in jail’ (ayin tachas ayin’ to throw in a random non-sensible biblical term (like the so very ‘frum’ do) that means absolutely nothing when taken in such singular focus).

To the extent that UOJ is successful in his campaign that is the extent that Jewish religion will have a chance at survival.


ProudChossid said...

Uoj does not have the balls to go after GUR. You know and I know how they would respond. Why is it okay for you to let him lose in Israel. Do we only have to protect americans? Do we need another M.W.?

Anonymous said...

Orthorev, you come on here and complain, and you make some good points, but you have no solutions. Give us something practical and then we'll talk. Otherwise, it's just rambling.

UOJ - don't worry about the idiots ripping you for your handling of Lazerowitz. They're Margo's boys trying to discredit you.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your response regarding Leizerowitz.

I understand that these decisions are tough and that the primary goal of protecting children must ALWAYS be accomplished while the secondary goal of going after the ENABLERS sometimes may not be accomplished.

However, I am concerned that the GUR ENABLERS may not have learned their lesson and should another molester be discovered in their system, they may act in the exacrt same COVER UP mode as they did with LEIZEROWITZ.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Just to add to your comment. Why do the rabbi's ask children if they have a tv or not? if they do, they get kicked out, if they don't, they stay. Wouldn't they lie if they did indeed have a tv in thier home.
I remember being asked the same question and my parents warned me that if I was ever asked, to say NO! I lied. Dont you think these rabbi's knew that we did have them in the house? Of course they did. What they wanted to hear was no and life goes on.
I believe there is truly a difference between Brooklyn yeshivas and outside Brooklyn yeshivas in terms of catering to the not so orthodox families.

Karl Rove said...

"Orthorev, you come on here and complain, and you make some good points, but you have no solutions."

Sounds like the John Kerry Democrat of the Heimisher Velt. If he had any solutions he would be named Ortho-Rove.

John Stuart Mill said...

UOJ's belief is effecting great changes.

Shrink in the House said...

Orthorev is pretty confidant in diagnosing everyone else. The question is what obscure syndrome does he suffer from?

Anonymous said...

Chossid you have nothing to be proud of. One can't blaim UOJ for not wanting a new pair of cement boots.
UOJ - I hear Lazerson went to Israel for a family simch and will be back shortly.

Anonymous said...

Is anything being done to pressure the D.A. to change his ways and to begin to address the criminality in the frum community? Maybe we need to go not only to the press, but to the goyishe voters who will not appreciate this bias. I myself feel its not bad for the frum community would push its political weight around, if they did it for good, like say...to protect their children... but when they are using it to disgrace clal yisroel by protecting molestors like Mondrowitz, et.al., then maybe its time that the politics get balanced.

Dick Cheney said...

I'm coming up to Flatbush on my next duck hunting trip. Can someone get me the exact addresses of the fat katchke on Ocean Parkway and the big mouth molester on East 22nd St?

OrthoRev said...


1. If rambling relives some of my emotional torture- why do you take issue with it.

2. The only solution is in the masses.

If enough Jews get with the program- the dictators will be toppled (they thought it couldn't be done in Russia either).

For example:

When the big fat rabbi (with unwashed hands stroking the lice infested beards) says: "TV is very very very bad- very very influential on kids- will destroy their minds- shows is very very un-frum".

The congregation should reply in unison:

"Rabbi, you are a crazy f**k- we have children leaving Judaism in droves, parents/teachers are completely and totally non-emotionally responsive to their needs (at best, at worst they are masturbating them)- the Jewish God taught in the molestation asylums (i.e. yeshivas) is being represented as a 'behaima' who is constantly on the watch to catch people not adhering to chumras so he can cast them to hell, a whole generation of kids hate god, are turning to drugs, don't keep shabbos, the thought of davening makes them heave chunks of projectile vomit- etc. etc."

Meanwhile- the neb reb- is all pissed since he doesn’t have a tv, has no money, has absolutely nothing EXCEPT power over his 'k'helia'- who he must preach down to about the un-relevant constructs of Judaism and back them up with cute quotes form the parsha of the week- when it is all irrelevant.

Moshe Mier Weiss is a prime example (see JP article of last week, apologies for harping on this, but in its unique way shows how very very insane ‘frum’ is)- how stupid a dumb f**k is he--

If any kid today gets up and actually puts on tefelin and attends minyan for non-neurotic reasons he should be praised and commended again and again- to think that God will punish and smite him for eating breakfast beforehand and that the yetzer hara is just reveling in his pre-minyan breakfast- is insane (frum is insane- remember this always).

Weiss is NOT frum. He is just as frum as someone taking a dump in front of the idol B’al Pe'or.

The issue now is not TV- where are their brains- where is their focus. They are really, truly deeply and clinically insane They live with their heads literally, literally, in their a**.

May the masses become un-blinded- and may a real Judaism rise-up from the ashes of fake 'brooklyn orthodoxy.'


John Kerry said...

What happened in YTT is forever seared in my mind. Now just bear with me while I give one of my typically long-winded non-solutions to this problem.

Oh well, you know, you have to support victims of Kolko and Margo, and you have to do what's necessary to try to make UOJ's mission successful, but I have to wait until I'm president and sit down with them and see where we are.

I can't hypothesize as to what I am going to find -- whether I'm going to find a complete disaster or whether I'm going to find a yeshiva that's moving towards a future without Margo. That depends on what the D.A. does now.

But I think the leadership has been arrogant and disastrous.

I do not intend to increase the pressure. I intend to get the process in place that I described, and I believe as a new president, with new credibility, with a fresh start, that I have the ability to be able to change the dynamics on the ground.

UOJ beleiver said...

Anon - After all that he has done you realy think UOJ is scared of a bunch of Gerrorirsts? I am also very let down that after UOJ beat YTT into submission that he does not take up Gur and it's problems. Maybe they should institute some Taakonos in their schools. However I doubt it has to do with him being a chicken.

Howard Dean said...


Kolko and Margo just get me so angry !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gee, can it be Toras Moshe?

What a shocker!

Lois Lane said...

The Rabbi's couldn't stop it, the vitims couldn't stop it, well

"Golly" "This looks like a job for UOJ!"

UOJ, disguised as Clarkala Kentstein, "Wild Mannered" blogger for a Great Metropolitan Jewsite

Before transforming into the Jew of Steel, you could often here him call out, "Up, up, and F. Youuuuuuuuuuuuu! " as he took off in flight to post a new blog addressing "Truth, Justice, and the Jewish American Way"

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall tale telling Yeshiva buildings with a single key stroke!" Look, up on the computer. It's a bird, it's a plane, no, It's UOJ!!!!

"Golly! "Jeepers," I think I'm in love with you UOJ.

Don't tell Clarkala...he'll be crushed!

boog said...

Gur has a new Takona in place:

No more Takonos. The cupboard is full.

Clark Kent said...


Jeepers Lois, What does UOJ have that I don't got?


Lois Lane said...

Balls of Steel my dear Clarkala

or in other words,

juevos grandotes,

Yossel Fefferkorn said...

"But look at the results because of the worthiness of our cause! Kolko is gone and Margulies is ruined!"

Am I missing something??
I pass by TT every day. The Yeshiva is open and running. Lipa is acting as if everything is Copasetic. All the Yeshiva has done is send a one page letter mumbling about some Lawsuit.

Which planet are you on OJ?
As far as I see no one is ruined or gone, everything is business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Aside from offering our moral support, I'm sure I speak for many in asking, dear leader, UOJ, what can we, your loyal following do to help you in your fight for THE CAUSE? How can we pitch in to further the education of the community, and the accountability of its leaders?

Please answer and continue to lead us with Hatzlacha.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

Aside from offering our moral support, I'm sure I speak for many in asking, dear leader, UOJ, what can we, your loyal following do to help you in your fight for THE CAUSE? How can we pitch in to further the education of the community, and the accountability of its leaders?

Please answer and continue to lead us with Hatzlacha

Everyone must demand that their shul rabbis, school rabbis, take a position; you're either with the molesters and enablers or with the human race!

My two cents said...

OrthoRev, you are out of your mind. 95% of teens-at-risk are the way they are because of poor parenting skills. The Yeshivos are MAYBE guilty for the other 5%. Until parents wake up to the reality that (here is a chidush) they are responsible for their kids, the problems will continue. Yes, sometimes bad things happen in Yeshivos (as can be read on OUJ) and even that is the parent's responsibility. Hey parents, step back from the computer, speak to your kids, maybe you will save their lives.

Anonymous said...


You're right on in your assessment of the yeshiva system today. That said, how do you reconcile that with the tochacha, where God says, in no uncertain terms, that if you don't keep His commands, these terrible things will happen?

Auto Report World Editors said...

The self appointed Pulitzer Committee zocht (in the Royal We):

We had seen the Editor refer to himself as a "pothead". We had not seen any earlier posts stating that he is "cleaned up" which would be commendable.

T'shuva is a three fold process that involves vidui, confession, charata, regret, and not repeating the faulty behavior. I'm working on the third. Perhaps the Committee will share with us its own experience with t'shuva.

He does however still seem to insist there is nothing wrong with cannabis use.

I never said that. All mood altering substances can cause problems if misused. Furthermore there is the general danger of smoking. What I said was that classical Jewish sources are mute on the subject of marijuana and its derivatives.

Even if it is proven to be non-addictive as Gross claims, it can still induce a state of intoxication, presenting a danger to both the user and others.

Unquestionably addictive. As for the state of intoxication, it varies with %THC, experience, and frequency of use. Even an experienced marijuana user will experience [at least subjectively] a higher level of intoxication from the same dose if they haven't used for a few days or more. However, if someone is more of less continuously under the influence of marijuana they can get to a point where smoking more will not yield any higher [subjective] intoxication, unlike alcohol which will eventually cause you to pass out. To know how impaired someone is at that point, I suppose you'd have to run some standard tests. Anecdotally, though, I've known some very serious pot smokers and unless you are a complete novice, no amount of marijuana will get you as impaired as three drinks will.

There have been some reliable studies indicating that heavy marijuana use may impair the ability to solve higher math problems. During use, certainly, short term memory is impaired. The jury is out on chronic effects on memory and motivation.

What was I talking about?

Seriously, I think I know more about marijuana intoxication than you do. From what I understand of the halachas of intoxication regarding alcohol, smoking a joint doesn't approach that level of intoxication.

Regarding "teens-at-risk", I'm not sure that we aren't giving a new name to a very old phenomenon. Orthodoxy has always lost Jews. Supposedly, all the Jews alive today are descended from 2% of the Jews who were alive in the 8th century CE.

exposemolesters said...

As I think about Leizorowitz fleeing to Israel to join another fellow child molester that fled, Mondrowitz,I am sickended to my stomach, over the thought of these beasts, preying on young children in Israel.

Yes, Leizorowitz and Mondrowitz no longer live here, but what if they are now sexually molesting kids in Israel, where they now are living as fugitives from justice?

What if a molester like (Rabbi)Yudi Kolko of YTT, or (Rabbi) Yehuda Nussbaum of YOB, continue to molest little boys, unbeknownst to the inhabitants there, that these monsters are accused child molesters? We need something in place (like a sex registry) that will alert the public of sex sadists who are believed living in your neighborhood.

Remember, Child Molesters have a sickness and desire to sexually be with a child. If people are not made aware that in their midsts lurks a perverted sick individual, who will unfourtanetley find a child victim to screw up for life, then this offender will continue to offend without ever being stopped.

I think we all have a responsibility to advise communities of the danger they are faced with, when a child molester is freely roaming the endless possibilities of his next child victim. What a shame if we would allow these molesters to be successful in their hunting.

Efforts will be made to expose and bring to justice any sex offender, and insure they never have an opportunity again to molest our kids. You can run but you cannot hide. Certainly not from the one above.

Talmid d' Kletzk B'America said...

As a past Talmid of Lakewood, I would like to talk to Reb Matisyahu Solomon about the issue of abuse in yeshivas. But before I approach him and try to get a meeting, I wanted to know if anyone has experience with him and if anyone knows whether its worth the try?

Anonymous said...

Yes. Of course. How could we be so blind? Thank you.

Now, we understand. 95 percent of kids at risk are caused by child molesters and the rest are the result of parents who haven't stepped back from their computers.

Get real.

boog said...


If you want to be taken seriously, Make sure you get the new Kosher cell phone before you walk into the meeting.

Otherwise you're dead meat (Neveilah).

The Brady Bunch said...

Here's the story,
Of a lascivious Yudi,
Who was feeling up three very lovely boys.
All of them had hair of gold,
Like their mother,
The youngest one with payos in curls.

Here's the story,
Of a man named Lippy,
Who was busy with three boys of his own.
They were four men,
fattening up all together, but they were all alone-.

Till the one day when Kolko met this Margo,
and they knew they was much more than a hunch.
That this group,
Must somehow form a family.
That's the way we all became the Molester Bunch,
The Molester Bunch- the Molester Bunch
That's the way- we became the Molester Bunch.

boog said...


You said ah good thing. A Pedophile and Child Abuse Registry is a definite must for our community.

It's interesting that we have a registry for screening Shidduchim (Dor Yeshorun), but nothing for sex pedophilia and child abuse.

The lack of such a registry and the resultant tzorus is only now really hitting home with the impact of this UOJ Blog. Which yeshiva's dirty laundry will air next?

The latest homo hanky-panky scandal at the Gerrer Mesifta is a case in point.
Don't tell me that the gerrer hanhala were not aware or apprised of the goings-on at their dormitory. Swept under the rug.

Moshe Fogel, Duvid Olewski, where the heck are you? Too busy making up new kaka Takonos to keep the Oilam in line?
Too busy running around schnorring gelt for the Ichud?

What did you tell the Bochurim that were molested? It was their imagination? Take a Toivel in ah heise Mikvah? No penetration in the Ucher, no harm, no foul?

For shame.

Yad Hachazaka said...

"T'shuva is a three fold process that involves vidui, confession, charata, regret, and not repeating the faulty behavior. I'm working on the third."

Shtayt in der Rambam that azivas hachait is the first thing that must be done, so you would appear to have the steps of teshuva backwards. Charata & Viduy without stopping the problem behavior was the way of Esav who always returned to the same sins even though he cried with tremendous remorse.

Yeshivishe Looking Yungerman said...

I'm new around here. I'm looking for a minyan for mincha. Before shkiyah, of course. Oh, you daven after shkiyah. No, I'm looking for a minyan before shkiyah. Do you know where I can find one? There isn't one in this area? I'll have to daven beyichidus. Can't daven when it's nacht. Watch me shokel, while I daven before shkiyah. Are you sure there is no minyan before shkiyah ? No yeshivisha minyan? Only balbaitshe minyanim, ha ha. I can't wait, I'll have to go daven before shkiyah. Did I mention that I have to daven mincha before shkiyah?

proctologist said...

Talmid Of Kletzk,

Solomon has his head up his ass so deep, his mussar shmussin smell like a subway toilet.

Rav Solomon Scoop said...


I happen to have some information you may find useful. I prefer not to post it here because it's not clear to me wether Rav Solomon has been misled or not in certain cases. I am giving him the benefit of the doubt while the lynch will not.

Do you have an email address that I can contact you with?

EMES said...

Dear Rabbeim,Laymen,Men & Women of all hashkafas(or haskafot) and communities,

We are witnessing a historical revolution in Jewish life, the likes of which have not been seen since Moshe Rabbeinu descended.
Pedophiles,ganovim,menuvalim,and all those criminals who would seek to harm ourselves or our children have been able to hide under the veil of our frum communities for far too long. With no threat to their livelihoods, their good names,or their authority, they have been able to operate with astonishing success and impunity.
Moreover, we have enabled them to continue their actions by dismissing incidents we hear about as "children's tales", ridiculing those accusers who have come forth, and, in perhaps the biggest perversion of halacha, inculcating a societal fear of speaking to others about these creatures of prey because "it's lashon harah"(The Chofetz Chaim Z"L is spinning in his grave!)
We have no Navi, we have no Bais Hamikdosh, we have no Sanhedrin,and we have no universally accepted and revered gadol hador.
But we DO have one of the most powerful tools in the world today, and it's sitting right in front of you at this very moment:

Your keyboard and mouse.

With these, you can join the World Wide Beis Din of Public Opinion, the single most powerful machine, especially for a frum person, in today's world.

Ever wonder why all of our yeshivos, mosdos, "gedolim", are SOOOOOOOO anti-internet?? Sure, there's pornography, and a whole host of vile, disgusting,and unwholesome things to be seen on the web - if you seek them. And you should NEVER,EVER let your kids go online unsupervised and without a good filter.

But last I checked, there was also an incredible amount of fantastic Jewish things on the internet. There are more Divrei Torah than you could read in a lifetime, on every conceivable subject!! There's zmanei t'filah and hadlaka for anywhere on the globe you may be, daily updated listings of Kosher restaurants and mikvaos around the world, Rabbeim who will answer shailos online, Jewish music and seforim that can be purchased, live views of the Kosel and other holy places to be seen, shul,school, and community bulletins and reminders, instant communication with your friends and relatives anytime, anyplace.

All the negativity of the "Gedolim", the Jewish Observer,Yated, Yeshivos - it just doesn't seem to make sense.(Torah U'mesorah is as confused as anyone - while maintaining it's own website, they say on their very own site, " We do not condone the internet" - go figure!)It just doesn't make sense.

Ah, but it does!!

Now, it all makes sense!!

You see,now, for the first time ever, they are culpable and they are vulnerable. Thanks to blogs such as this one,and input from all of you, there's no place left to hide! Yeshivos are VERRRRRRRRYY nervous about the internet - and with good reason. With a few simple strokes of the keys, you or I could destroy them. Instantly. Without even divulging your true name or identity! Just a single alegation of any misconduct, or one livid parent of an abused child whose ordeal is posted online, is enough to get law enforcement to launch a full investigation, and to shred the reputation of any institution. Nobody but kings and tyrants have ever wielded this kind of power. The World Wide Beis Din of Public Opinion works wonders! It is a formidable threat to every institution that still shrouds itself in secrecy,and they are completely defenseless against it.

I truly feel sad for all the pedophiles out there. After all, they did not choose to be this way, and they really, really cannot help themselves - anymore than you or I can stop breathing. They are certifiably deranged individuals. Having said that, if any of them touched my kids, I'd be sitting in jail right now doing forty years for murder in the 1st degree.
But the Rabbis who hide, employ , and defend these people are who I turn my anger to. There is no greater evil - and there is not a low enough level of Gehinnom for these people who betray our trust and endanger our children.

To you, UOJ, I say that if one child has been saved because of you, If only one Yeshiva begins to screen all their employees through an objective third party,or if only one more perpetrator is ever caught - you're efforts will have been worthwhile!! Just please have the right kavonah, and do mind your language, as challenging as that may be.

Howard Hughes said...

I haven't seen Kolko in person since his beard turned white, but I'm pretty sure it was him I saw heading to Mincha yesterday at Weinfeld's. We have to do something to wipe that confidant smile and smug look off his face. It was pretty sickening to see him walk down East 22 like he owns the place.

And Chaim Weinfeld had better smarten up about this deviant that he surrounds with children.

Sleazy frum insurance agent said...

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When you go to be menachem ovel, you can kvell that you are a genius and made a great investment.
Don't forget to give a kvetch, that oy there are so many tzurus by yidden. Also if someone asks you if this is a right thing to do, tell him that you asked a rav and he told you that it is segula for arichas yomim.
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If your not well, we will constantly check up on you, that's a promise. If you have the audacity to hang on for a long time, there will be many people who will be very upset, so be a good sheffeleh and just pack it in as quickly as possible.

This has been as public service announcement for your friendly insincere sleazy frum insurance agent.

Anonymous said...

I was a victim of physical abuse (not sexual) while attending yeshiva day school (Yeshiva Soloveitchik in Washington Heights) during the 60’s and 70’s. Hitting children was commonplace and accepted to a large degree by parents, perhaps because they themselves experienced similar treatment as children, perhaps because they were mostly Holocaust survivors. Such behavior would land an educator in jail today.

Leib Pinter, Ganev-in-Chief said...

Great idea! In the aftermath of the Feds shutting down my Olympia Mortgage, I should look into scamming people with life insurance. I'm always on the prowl for the next big fraud. This could be huge.

Another YU Cover Up said...

There was a molester years ago that was not removed from access to children. Some YU rabbis at the top had a very strange excuse as to why they swept it under the rug. They said that the guy is a ger and therefore "doesn't understand."

Talmidim of these YU rabbis who themselves are senior rabbis today, cannot comprehend what that was supposed to mean.

Jacob Schonberger said...

Does Kolko's "leave of absence" include this upcoming summer at Silver Lake? Will Margo at least let Kolko stay as a guest in Silver Lake? If Silver Lake is not an option, will Chaim Weinfeld or someone pull strings to sneak Kolko into a bungalow colony? Maybe they've got a spot lined up for him at a nice cozy Hungarian patch like Luxor or Forestburgh.

Simcha Klor said...

I figure Kolko is desperate to get in somewhere, so I may as well offer him a spot in Loch Sheldrake if he's willing to pay eight times the normal price. He should like it there with those little modern orthodox boys across the street in their bathing suits at Vacation Village.

OrthoRev said...

Let me be very clear--

Outside of extreme tramatic events (i.e. Yudi 'the rub' doing his thing)- Parents are almost always the root cause of a childs Issues (i.e. depression, hating God etc.).

However, there is a lot to be said that the yeshiva system functions as great enablers and triggers for these bad parents to operate.


Telephone call to a ‘ffrrruuummm’ parent:

Mr. Shmeindrick- we are calling to tell you that your 14 year old has came late to shacharis three times this week…..

What was that you say? oh yes a 14 y/o must always come to shacharis despite having mishmar to 10:45 the night before…...

What was that? Oh he said he was tired? Well tell him that he will be REALLY tired of the flames of hell when god gets a hold of him…...

Oh yes, I think that's a great idea…. take away all his privileges (he shouldn't be having any fun anyhow- he is 14- he should be dedicated to avodas hashem yisboruch ha’kodesh Ve’Hanorah) (or else he will be mad- god that is).

Jewish Parents = Crazy
Yeshiva = Crazy


Not a catch-line- 'frum' really really is a serious and dangerous mental disorder.

Although my website has had absolutely no traffic- it remains open (www.takingbackjudaism.com). On the website you can link to Dr. Sortzkin's website- the only psychologist in Brooklyn worth anything. He has helped thousands realize the path to saneness post a 'frum' upbringing (fyi for the wackos- he is very frum, speaks with the shities regularly (i.e. Matisyahu- "throw you on the street if your parents have internet" Solomon) but this doesn’t effect his view on what is right).

Additionally, my unsuccessful blog is looking to copy (yes, copy) what UOJ has done for the entire Brooklyn community- in Passaic.

If anyone has any information about any corrupt practices of Hirth, Yeshiva K'tana, BTU (i.e. "But Tuchus University")-- whether it be the atrocious attitude displayed to our young children in the yeshiva ketana (recent story: kid who was 75% percent deaf - was purposely put in the very back of the class (where he could hear NOT one thing) so he wouldn’t ‘bother’ the teacher- principal thought it was a great idea- CONFIRMED STORY)- please drop me a line at…...


Now.. let the flaming begin...


sleazy frum insurance agent said...

Leib Pinter, Ganev-in-Chief said...
Great idea! In the aftermath of the Feds shutting down my Olympia Mortgage, I should look into scamming people with life insurance. I'm always on the prowl for the next big fraud. This could be huge.

Could be huge. It is huge. All the rich Hungarians are into it big time. Where have you been? You should be stripped of your title, ganev-in-chief. You are a loser, you get caught.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ortho,

I have to admit I find you one of the more interesting characters in this drama. I'm not sure if the fine line you tread is the result of clever calculation or the accidental residue of your particular form of paranoia. In any event let's see if we can sort this out.

1) You say Frum = Crazy as an absolute axiom

2) You cite insitence on things like davening on time, eating before shacharis, etc. as examples of crazy frum

So to be clear is it Halachos that you find crazy?

Or is it the priorities of people in chinuch who can't see fit to bend the Halachos on occasion when it may be justifed to accomodate a a teen who is troubled (or tired)?

Your rants (and your website) might find a broader audience if you cleared up this subtlety. You claim to fighting the casue of Torah M'sinai and Toras Emes. A poster on one of the sites (who claimed to know you) dismissed you as a flat out apikorus. An unequivical statement that you respect Halacha - at least as stipulated in the Shulchan Aruch if not as interpreted by many contemporary rabbonim - might help.

New York Times said...

Any relation to people by the same name in certain shul on East 21 btwn I & J ?


June 6, 2006
For Law Firm, Serial Plaintiff Had Golden Touch
When it came to investing, Howard J. Vogel seemed to possess a perverse kind of Midas touch.

In early October 1997, he bought 50 shares of Oxford Health Plans. Three weeks later, the stock nose-dived, and Mr. Vogel lost about $3,000 of his investment. Still, Mr. Vogel reaped $1.1 million.

How was that possible?

Mr. Vogel was a plaintiff in a shareholder lawsuit filed by the New York securities litigation powerhouse Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach against Oxford Health. In 2003, the company, along with other parties that were sued, paid $300 million to settle.

Most of the investors received pennies on the dollar for their losses. But Mr. Vogel, then a real estate mortgage broker in Englewood, N.J., was not just a hapless investor who bought the wrong stock at the wrong time.

Mr. Vogel now says, according to a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, that he and members of his family were actually linchpins in a long-running arrangement that helped Milberg Weiss snare the lucrative lead counsel position in the Oxford Health and many other securities lawsuits, reaping hundreds of millions of dollars in legal fees.

Mr. Vogel, who has since moved to Florida, is a central figure in the government's case against Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman, as the law firm is now called. Last month, a federal grand jury in Los Angeles indicted the firm and two of its name partners on several criminal charges, including racketeering conspiracy and money laundering. The firm is accused of making $11.3 million in illegal secret payments to Mr. Vogel and two others who served as plaintiffs in more than 150 lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Does Kolko's "leave of absence" include this upcoming summer at Silver Lake? Will Margo at least let Kolko stay as a guest in Silver Lake? If Silver Lake is not an option, will Chaim Weinfeld or someone pull strings to sneak Kolko into a bungalow colony? Maybe they've got a spot lined up for him at a nice cozy Hungarian patch like Luxor or Forestburgh.


Kolko has paid in full for his summer rental of a home in Regency Estates which is located a balls throw from Camp Silver Lake. He did this it with the help of his good friend Yaakov Applegrad who intervened on his behalf.

Do the math.

Steve Zakheim said...

Nachman Kanovsky built Regency Estates. Is Tabak the owner? Or who else should everyone be giving flak for letting pedophile Kolko near their kids this summer?

Jewish Defense League said...

It's time that Yaakov Applegrad face the music for aiding and abetting a pedophile. Besides the community venting their outrage at him (has YTT disabled his voicemail yet?), Applegrad needs to "get the message." We have a couple of "creative ideas."

boog said...

koko in the regency this summer?

you stuck-up hungarian a-holes will probably hire him as your kids lifeguard.

Mordechai Levy said...

That's really a chutzpah that Kolko's going back to Regency. Watch Margo let him prance around Silver Lake like nothing happened.

And I thought Kolko was just gay. Who knew that he's also a Sado-Masochist who wants to hang out in a place where he's already been beaten up at a bris and is likely to get beaten up again.

boog said...

Applegrad is only "following orders".

I Hate Hungarians said...

According to this, someone with an OnlySimchas.com user name of psiluvu is in charge of hiring lifeguards at Regency. Hungarian names usually end with "U" like Itchu.

John Harlan Amen said...

"Just vollowing orders" was the standard excuse at Nuremburg but they still faced the hangman. Does Margo have any cyanide pills hidden away for his cronies to cheat the gallows?

SeriousJew said...


I'm new to this blog, my bro just refered me to it.

It seems thst most of the stuff you post have substantiated evidence. It's scary to think about what's going on out there.

Is there anyone we can trust? is there one worthy Rabbi? You seem to bash everybody but isn't there someone good out there?

Are there any Rabbonim who are taking you seriously or supporting you?

Teach us UOJ, this whole blog is actually pretty discouraging. Is there no normal Rabbi or Frum leader out there?

Anonymous said...

Rabbi M Solomon is a paid employee, a brilliant, erudite, educated employee.

If you want action, lakewood guy, you should beg for an audience with your gedoilim who control him.

And besides, who in their right mind would advocate anything but taharah in a makom kadosh? What do you expect Rabbi MS to tell you?

Use your own sekhel and you've learned something from this blog.

Learn from UOJ.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Kolko at the end of the day will iyh be vindicated...
he has 2 charges against temimah,
one who wont show his face the other who is in israel...
both cases are VERY old and more than likely untrue...
why after 30 yrs are these stories beinf brought up again??
is it possible that some1 wants to take him down for a different reason?
mabye they dont even want kolko???
mabye its margulis? mabye kolko is the way to margo?? mabye they dont care about either? mabye they want $? mabye its some sort of challenge or game for uoj?

no one knows...
the rebono shel olam does...

this case will go through rabonim and courts and i guess we will all know the outcome... but until then we should let those in charge make press releases NOT us..we dont know and are only spreading lashon hara, motzai shaim ra and stuppidity on these pages... as far as any of us know as a fact is that rabbi kolko has been a rebbe for 30 years with thousands and thousands of talmidim. many of his fellow rebbies and past talmidim only have positive to say,

there is more than meets the eye in this case, being that rabbi kolko served our community for 30+ yrs mabye give him the benifit of the doubt until the story is definitive...
right now i dont know and u dont know whats up, UOJ and others are posting "ifs" and "mabyes" as fact or as close to fact as possible...mabye every1 before hiding behind the web and posting lashan hara and crap should ask their rav if its ok to post negative stuff?
Remember the web offers a fake annomity, god knows what we all do.. Wether or not the accused is guilty or not we have no buisness hurting him..no one made us rabonim, no one made us judges.. Rabbi Yidi Kolko is a rav, and until proven otherwise should be treated as such.
Many people are afraid to write good because they simply dont know..i would bet that 99% of the ppl writing bad on these pages never met rabbi kolko and prob never heard his name b4 UOJ.

If everyone who really knew rabbi yehuda kolko would speak up and voice how they feel about him the positives would outway the negatives many times over...

Remember what goes around comes around... if u use the web to hurt some1 it will come back to hurt u.. if u use it to help some1 it will come back to help u..
u might be in ur bed on a laptop, or at work on ur bosses time reading this right now...but remember god is watching what u do... and speading loshan hara and motzai shaim ra, will come back to haunt you... Regardless of the outcome in this case, the web has so much good to give, but can hurt some1 so much faster... what u post can affect somesones life... remember a person can post as a ghost attacking rabbi kolko today...but tommrw he might be attacking you for something u r completly innocent of...

GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING...dont write about some1 else what u wouldnt want done to u....

OrthoRev said...


You actually asked the jackpot question- I really do appreciate it (no sarcasm at all). Now to attempt to adequately explain what may be a somewhat amorphous (and hard to explain) position.

Query: If one was locked in a closet from the ages of 2- 16 and repeatedly raped with a sidur while the raper was wearing tefilin- in such a case, if that such child can never bear even the thought of davening- is he committing an ‘averah’? Well, it IS a positive commandment to daven/wear tefelin-- so will God send him to hell for this?

Now- if you say the answer is yes- then I have nothing further to say to you as you are undoubtedly (yes, you guessed it) crazy. And, you view the god you supposedly serve as a sick, sadistic, disgusting, vile, evil, be’haima, piece of slime garbage.

However, if you understand the tension between 'life circumstances' and what is 'Min Hadin' asur- you will start understanding the basis of all my posts.

Brooklyn Orthodoxy trounces upon the whole concept of bechira and that is why there is no Judaism being practiced in Brooklyn (maybe such religious practice would qualify as B'al Peor-ism).

Judaism Facts Not Recognized By Brooklyn Apercursim:

1. One does NOT get punished for every 'averah' that one commits (as stated, you do not have bechira not to do every averaih).

2. In fact, you do NOT get punished for most ‘averaihs’--


If you were a king and sent out 100 armed soldiers who faced off against 150 equally trained and armed opposing soldiers- and your soldiers lost the battle- could such a king possibly have any complaint?? Of course not! You were out-maned and out-armed- what should you, what could you have done? [Again, unless this is the sick twisted behima- as the Bal Peor-ism in Brooklyn claim- such a vomit god would be able to dream-up a ‘taneah’).

In fact, the king could never have a ‘taneah’ unless it was an EQUAL and EXACT fair fight. Such a 'fight' occurs quite infrequently (note to crazies- it is here where you can go nuts and whine “why- god can make all these 'exact' 'equal fair fights, all the time, every second of the day).

3. Kidud Av Vi'am does NOT apply to abusive/crazy parents. Here is where the crazies again go crazy. That G'marah-- (which they stupidly site) about the tanah who still respected his mother even though she spat and cursed at him-- proves MY point. See tosfos there (which they conveniently ignore), that the ONLY reason he was to honor her was because she was 100% PHYSICALLY INSANE TOTALLY (i.e. very bad case of Schizophrenia that requires a mental institution). Of course, if she was just a disgusting mother, who had no basic respect for her son’s emotional well being (and not clinically insane) then of course, of course, one should not listen at all (see your local rabbi- if spitting back is appropriate).

More to come...let the flaming continue...


boog said...

"Just Following Orders"

For some, the ends justify the means.

Or to paraphrase the late great Barry Goldwater:

Moderation in the pursuit of Evil is a vice; Extremism in the enabling of Evil is a Virtue.

Un-Orthodox Jew said...

(Judaism coming apart at the seams-UOJ)

Yeshiva students attack income tax officials


Haredi rioter in Bnei Brak: We pelted them with tomatoes, smashed windscreens, and slashed tires
Buki Naeh

Income tax investigators came under a violent attack in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, on Monday afternoon, and it is believed that police saved the lives of the officials.

The Tax Authority has launched a campaign against severe violations in the ultra-Orthodox sector, and investigators raided four haredi charity centers used as fronts for changing money where hundreds of thousands of dollars have disappeared.

One of the well known centers raided usually has dozens of people seeking interest-free loans and cashing in dollars at the lowest cost in the market.

On Monday, however, the party was over, when tax officials raided the premises and photographed all the checks in the facility. At that point, however, a riot began. Rumors of the raid spread around the city, and within minutes hundreds of yeshiva students arrived.

'Things got messy'

The neighborhood residents who arrived on the scene snatched documents from the hands of the officials, attacked their vehicles, beat them, threw them on the floor and kicked them.

"All the guys from the yeshiva came and then things got messy. We bought tomatoes and threw them at the officials. The officials took

shelter in one of the houses. In the meantime we broke their windshields and slashed all of the tires. We didn't leave one windshield whole," one rioter boasted.

The tax officials called the police, who came to the rescue of the besieged investigators. One of the officials was hospitalized at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, where she was treated for shock.

A senior Tax Authority official said: "We are acting throughout the sector without fear, and we view these attempts to harm the officials with severity."

Dudi Nissim, Haim Levinson, and Gad Lior contributed to YNET

Don't throw away your olam habah said...

New York Times said...

Any relation to people by the same name in certain shul on East 21 btwn I & J ?


They haven't moved to Florida(read the article).

Does everyone here see how easy it is to start a rumor...after all, if someone on this blog asks a question, then it MUST BE TRUE.

I suggest that everyone here review hilchos lashon harah...especially the part about motzi shem rah. Don't throw away your future life lihasid lavoh.

P.S. Your lame excuse about doing it "for the children" will not hold water in shamayim.

Anonymous said...

To the schmobagel who keeps dissing Orthorev:

He's not bashing the halachos - he's bashing the rabbis who overemphasize the halachos while ignoring more important issues. And derech eretz comes before the Torah!

Anonymous said...

all u people should try to have more ahavas yisroel and maybe we can bring moshicah closer

holy man said...

kolko has been in Regency for the last 8 years, even before he was in sliver lake. After he left manavu he spent a few summers in laurel ledge and then went to regency.

NY Times Publisher said...

Ohn Shooldiks to Mr. Don't Throw Away.

We will try to refrain publishing any story that someone might even remotely connect to Frankel's Shul. The truth is though that you should have read what the blog comment actually said before working yourself into a shvitz. The comment asked if there is any relation, which is a valid shaayla, especially considering that the Frankel's people in question already have at least one other indicted felon in their family. That sir, is not motze shem ra.

P.S. I take that back. Frankels shul gives us too many front page stories.

Chaptzem said...

Margo's son was sending out bochurim to wreck the Boro Park eruv like a groise kanoyee. Halevay the Margo clan should care even half as much about pikuach nefesh for abuse victims.

Boro Park Riot said...


Anonymous said...

Wheter Kolko did what he is accused of doing, is just indicative of what is happening to yiddishkiet today. The Roshei Hayeshiva are clowns, one bigger than the next.They are only interested in kovod hatorah, walking in backwards, talking in the third person etc. The Rabbonim or better known as "Melave Malka Rebbes are on the most part idiots interested in their own kovod and who says krias sh'ma the longest and kvetches the loudest, in addition who can come in the latest to a simcha..since later means more bachovodik. The ADMORIM have absolutly NO CLUE at all. They take their clues from their shammosim who are total IDIOTS.

Why do these cretins worry about 7 year old girls riding bicycles and women talking on cell phones.(as per signs posted all over Boro Park and Williamsburg) when our children are being destroyed by total incompetence and lunacy. Our leaders are leading us and our children down a path of destructions.Are we that stupid that we cant see what is happening? Why are we allowing this to continue?

Anonymous said...

i wont defend a child molester, but i am quite sure that Mondrowitz has not been molesting kids in Israel since his arrival because if he did, he would be either be in jail or on the run and without a country to flee to. meanwhile it seems he has been making a good impression (based on the guy who said he ate at his house on Shabbos once). so what can one do now 20-odd years post-de-facto? you can meet up with him yourself when you visit jerusalem, and take it up with him. legally? i doubt there's anything else one can do.

Rabbi Kimmel is Real said...

You're Throwing out The Baby With the Bathwater.

Condemning all Orthodox Rabbis because of the actions of one is ludicrous.

Your writing reveals a hatred towards all Rabbis. That's a pity because there are some really great ones.

Should all Jews be made to pay for actions taken by Levi Aron who killed Liebe Kletzky?

Remember that for every Levi Aron there are thousands of Jews (some who drove hundreds of miles on the most brutally hottest day of the year) who helped search for the missing child.

Oh did I mention there were many Rabbis in their midst?

There is nothing more noble than a sincere religious Jew ... or Rabbi